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^ lOJ^ U lUOD 4o»y 

WHO'S Who IN America 

A Biogicaphical Dictionary of Notable Living Men and Women 
of the United States. Established, 1899, by Albert Nelson 
Marquis. Revised and Reissued Biennially. 

"Who's Who in America" aims to give a brief, crisp, personal 
sketch of every hving man and woman in the United States 
whose position or achievements make his or her personaHty of 
general interest, and tells just the things every intelligent person 
wants to know about those who are most conspicuous in every 
walk of life. 

A valuable feature of the book will be found in the appended 
addresses. No other work has ever attempted the laborious 
task of finding and furnishing the addresses of leading Ameri- 
cans in all parts of the world. Thus, the book possesses not 
only the best attributes of a Biographical Dictionary, but is 
also a handy Directory of those living people of the United 
States in whom almost everybody is interested. 

"Who's Who in America" is thoroughly revised, brought 
down and reissued biennially. No one who aims to keep abreast 
of the times can afford to be without a copy at his elbow con- 
stantly. The edition for 1908-9 contains 16,216 personal 
sketches and 2,400 pages. The price of this edition is $4.00 
per copy. The price of future editions will be $5.00 per copy. 

Sent post paid to any address upon receipt of price 

A. N. Marquis & Company 











PRICE :: $5.00 


A. N. MARQUIS & COMPANY, Publishers 

Copyright, 1909, by Albert Nelson Marquis. 


In this volume are gathered Hfe-sketches of the nearly Ten Thou- 
sand leading New Englanders. The aim has been to include, as nearly as 
possible, all the living men and women who, at the present time, occupy 
places of distinctive creditability in the New England states — the men 
and women whose worth and work count for most in all worthy lines of 
effort; and the sketches contain just those things every intelligent per- 
son wants to know about conspicuous New Englanders in every walk 
of life. Each sketch is a plain narration of facts, shorn of verbiage. 
There is not a word of praise or criticism in the volume ; no fulsome 
eulogy, no unnecessary comment. The fewest words possible have been 
employed to present the salient features in each career, with a view to 
combining brevity with lucid statement. r^''tl'f .^S^^"? 

Nearly two years of painstaking labor have been consumed in 
bringing together these personal data, and although the task has been 
both tedious and difficult" it is confidently 'believed that the result, here 
presented, will not only justify the large expenditure of time, labor and 
money required to produce the volume, but will also meet the reason- 
able expectations of those for whom the compilation is intended to 
serve as a useful book of reference. 

There have been numerous biographical compendiums, so called, 
pertaining to the New England states, separately and collectively, but 
none has approached the present volume as to the number of its repre- 
sentative living subjects, nor as to the completeness and authenticity of 
essential details concerning them. 

The thousands of persons who are familiar with Who's Who in 
America (and who is not familiar with it?) will at once recognize in 
that well-known standard biographical dictionary of notable living 
Americans the prototype of Who's Who in New England. That 
publication is, indeed, the model upon which Who's Who in New 
England has been fashioned, with one distinct difference : Who's Who 
in America has to do with the notable men and women of all the states 
in the union — living Americans of national and international promi- 
nence — whereas Who's Who in New England deals only with resi- 
dents of the New England states, or with persons who are closely 
identified with the interests and activities of those states. It will be seen, 
therefore, that while the present volume owes its inception to its more 



pretentious predecessor, it by no means attempts to supplant or super- 
sede the latter, but aims, rather, to serve as a useful supplement and 
companion to the larger work. This will be better appreciated when it 
is known that Seven Thousand and Seventy of the personal sketches in 
the New England book are not contained in the national volume, and 
indebtedness is acknowledged for nearly Twenty-five Hundred sketches 
borrowed from Who's Who in America. 

With Who's Who in America and Who's Who in New England 
side by side on the reference shelf, any library, private or public, will be 
enriched with biographical data, many of which are nowhere else in 
print, and most of which are nowhere else accessible for reference pur- 
poses in any form. 

The information contained in this volume has been procured, almost 
without exception, from first hands. Each sketch was submitted for 
revision and correction, and in nearly every instance received the ap- 
proval of the subject of the sketch. 

Persistent effort has been made to procure the requisite data from 
all persons entitled to a place in the book, and if names are missing 
which should appear, the fault must be charged to those persons who 
failed to furnish the necessary information, although frequently re- 
quested to do so. Instances of this kind, however, have been compara- 
tively few, and a large majority of the persons applied to courteously 
and generously responded. 

It is the present purpose of the publishers to make such periodical 
revision of Who's Who in New England as may seem to be called 
for by those who find the book useful. With this purpose in view, 
suggestions of appropriate new names and other improvements are 
invited. Such suggestions will be thankfully received and given due 

Many valuable helps and suggestions have been extended to the 
publishers of Who's Who in New England and occasion is here 
taken to express grateful recognition of these favors. Among those 
who have extended special courtesies are the following : Gen. Charles 
H. Taylor of the Boston Globe; Mr. Marquis F. Dickinson and 
Mr. James E. Cotter, well-known lawyers of Boston; Edwin A. 
Grosvenor, LL. D., Amherst College ; Mr. B. O. Flower, editor of The 
Arena; Mr. Nathan Haskell Dole, author: M. H. Richardson, M. D., 
and Clarence J. Blake, M. D., Boston. 


A. A. A.S American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science. 

A.B.C.F.M... American Board of Commis- 
sioners for Foreign Missions 
(Congregational) . 

A.B. (also B.A.) Bachelor of Arts. 

Acad Academy, academic. 

a.d.c. Aide-de-camp. 

adj adjutant; adjunct. 

adm'r Administrator. 

adv Advertising. 

A.P. of L American Federation of Labor. 

Agr Agriculture. 

Agr'l Agricultural. 

agt agent. 

Ala Alabama. 

A.Li. A American Library Association. 

Am American. 

A.M. (also M.A.) Master of Arts. 

A.M.E African Methodist Episcopal. 

A.N. A Associate National Academician. 

Anat Anatomical. 

ann annual. 

Anthr op Anthropological. 

Antiq Antiquarian. 

appnit appointment. 

apptd appointed. 

a.-Q.-m assistant quartermaster. 

ArchsBol Archaeological. 

Ariz Arizona. 

Ark Arkansas. 

arty, (or art.). artillery. 

asstd assisted. 

Assn Association. 

asso associate. 

asst assistant. 

Astron Astronomical. 

Astrophys.. Astrophysical. 

atty attorney. 

Aug August. 

Av Avenue. 

b born. 

B.A. (also A.B.) .Bachelor of Arts. 

B.Aj^r Bachelor of Agriculture. 

Bapt Baptist. 

Bd Board. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

Bibliog Bibliographical. 

Bibl Biblical. 

Bios Biographical. 

Biol Biological. 

bkltpr Bookkeeper. 

B.Li. (also L.L..B.) Bachelor of Laws. 

Bids Building. 

B.Ii.S Bachelor of Library Science. 

Bot Botanical. 

Boul Boulevard. 

B.Pd. or Pd.B. Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

bris brigadier. 

Brit British, Britannica. 

Brit. Assn. Adv. Science 

British Association for the Ad 
vancement of Science. 

B.S. (also S.B. or Sc.B.)Bachelor of Science. 

bull ..bulletin. 

bns business. 

bvt brevet. 

bvtd brevetted. 

Calif California. 

Can Canada. 

capt captain. 

cav cavalry. 

C.E Civil Engineer. 

Ch Church. -. "" 

Cheni Chemical. 

ch-irnrg- chirurgical. 

Cbmn Chairman. 

civ civil. ^ 

Clin clinical. 

Co Company ; county. 

col colonel. 

Coll College. 

Colo Colorado. 

com committee. 

comd commanded. 

comds commanding. 

comdr commander. 

commd. or comm'd. commissioned. 
commn. or Comm'n. Commission. 
Commr. or Comm'r. Commissioner. 

Conf conference. 

Confed Confederate. 

Cong'l Congregational. 

Cons'list Congregationalist. 

Conn Connecticut. 

consol Consolidated. 

const'l constitutional. 

constr'n construction. 

contb'r contributor. 

conv convention. 

Corp'n corporation. 

corr correspondent, corresponding. 

cos companies. 

C.S.A. or (C. S. Army). Confederate States 

C.S.N, (or C. S. Navy).. Confederate Plates 


Ct Court. 

cyclo cyclopedia. 

D.Asr Doctor of Agriculture. 

D.A.R Daughters of the American 

d. (or dan.). . daughter. 

D.C District of Columbia. 

D.C.L Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D Doctor of Divinity. 

D.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery 

dea deacon. 

Dec December. 

des (degree. 

Del Delaw^are; delegate. 

Dem Democratic. 

dep deputy. 

dept department. 

dermatol.. . . dermatological. 

dir director. 

dist district. 

div division. 

D. Litt. (also L-.H.D.). . Doctor of Literature. 

D.V.S Doctor of Veterinary Surgery. 

E East. 

Econ Economic. 

E.D Doctor of Engineering. 



ed educated. 

edit edition. 

ed'ii education. 

ed'nl educational. 

E.E Electrical Engineer. 

E.JE. & M.P.. Envoy extraordinary and minis- 
ter plenipotentiary. 

Eg-yptol Egyptological. 

elec electrical. 

electroclieiii. electrochemical. 

electropliys. electrophysical. 

Ency Encyclopasdia. 

Eiig- England. 

ens'r engineer. 

eng'ring engineering. 

Entoinol.... Entomological. 

estab established. 

Etiiiiol Ethnological. 

Evans- Evangelical. 

Exam examination. 

Exb'ii or Exhb'n. ..Exhibition. 

exec. com.. . executive committee. 

expd'n expedition. 

Exp'n Exposition. 

Expt Experiment. 

Feb February. 

Fla Florida. 

frt freight. 

Ft .....Fort. 

Ga Georgia. 

G.A.R Grand Army of the Republic. 

g.d grand daughter. 

seii general. 

Geneal Genealogical. 

Geod Geodetic. 

Geog- Geographical, geographic. 

Geol Geological. 

Gov Governor. 

Gov't Government. 

grad graduated, graduate. 

y.s grand son. 

Gynecol Gynecological. 

H.I Hawaiian Islands. 

H.Ty. or H.T.. Hawaiian Territory. 

Hist Historical. 

Homce Homoeopathic. 

bon honorary, honorable, honorably. 

Ho. of Rep.. House of Representatives. 

Hort Horticultural. 

Hosp Hospital. 

Hydrog- Hydrographic. 

la Iowa. 

Ida Idaho. 

Ill Illinois. 

Illus Illustrated. 

inc incorporated. 

Ind Indiana. 

Ind. Ty Indian Territory. 

inf infantry. 

Ins Insurance. 

Insp Inspector. 

Inst Institute. 

Internat.... International. 

Inst'n Institution. 

Instr instructor. 

instr'n instruction. 

intro introduction. 

Jan January. 

Jour .lournal (in name of paper). 

J.D Doctor of Jurisprudence. 

Jnd Judicial. 

J.U.D Juris Utriusque Doctor. Doctor of 

Both (Canon and Civil) Laws, 

Kan Kansas. 

Ky Kentucky. 

lang-. and lit... language and literature. 

La Louisiana. 

Laryngol.. . .Laryngological. 

Li.H.D Doctor of Literature (also D. 


lit literary. 

Litt. B Bachelor of Letters. 

liitt. D Doctor of Letters. 

L.L,. B Bachelor of Laws (also B.L.). 

LiL. D Doctor of Laws. 

It lieutenant. 

It.-gov lieutenant-governor. 

Lutb Lutheran. 

m married. 

M.A. or A.M.. Master of Arts. 

M. Agr Master of Agriculture. 

Mas Magazine. 

maj major. 

Mass Massachusetts. 

Matb Mathematical. 

M.B Bachelor of Medicine. 

mcbt merchant. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

Md Maryland. 

Me Maine. 

M.E Master of Engineering, Meth- 
odist Episcopal. 

Meeh Mechanical. 

M.E. Ch Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Med Medical. 

mem member. 

Met Metropolitan. 

Meteorol.. . . Meteorological. 

Metrol Metrological. 

Metall Metallurgical. 

mf s Manufacturing. 

mf r. Manufacturer. 

mfrd manufactured. 

mgr manager. 

Mich Michigan. 

Micros Microscopical. 

Mil Military. 

Minn Minnesota. 

Miss Mississippi. 

M.Li Master of Laws. 

Mile Mademoiselle (Miss). 

Mme Madame. 

mns managing. 

Mo Missouri.' 

Mont Montana. 

M.S Master of Science. 

Mt Mount. 

Mns. B Bachelor of Music, 

Mus. D. or Mus. Doc... Doctor of Music. 

3Ius Museum, musical. 

Mnt Mutual. 

mycol mycological. 

N North. 

N.A National Academician. 

Nat National. 

N.B New Brunswick. 

N.C North Carolina. 

N.Dak. or N.D.. .North Dakota. 

IV.E Northeast, also New England, 

N.E.A National Educational Associa- 

Neb Nebraska. 

Nev Nevada. 

N.G National Guard. 

N.G.S.N.Y.... National Guard State of New 

N.H New Hampshire. 

N.J New Jersey. 

N. Mex New Mexico. 

Nov November, 

nr near. 

N.S Nova Scotia. 

N.T New Testament. 

N«mis Numismatic. 


N.W Northwest. 

N.Y New York (state). 

O Ohio. 

obstet obstetrical. 

Oct October. 

Okla Oklahoma. 

Ont Ontario. 

Ophtlial.. .. . Ophthalmological. 

Oi'e Oregon. 

org- organized. 

Ornitliol — Ornithological. 

org'n. organization. 

O.S.B Order of Saint Benedict. 

O.T Old Testament. 

Otol Otological. 

Pa Pennsylvania. 

pass passenger. 

path pathological. 

Pd.B Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Pd.D Doctor of Pedagogy. 

P.E Protestant Episcopal. 

pharni Pharmaceutical. 

Ph. B Bachelor of Philosophy. 

Ph. D Doctor of Philosophy. 

Phila Philadelphia. 

Philol Philological. 

Philos Philosophical. 

Ph. M Master of Pharmacy. 

photog- photographic. 

Phys. & Surg.. Physicians and Surgeons or 

physician and surgeon. 
physiol. ..... Physiological. 

P.I Philippine Islands. 

PI Place. 

p.-m paymaster. 

polit political. 

Poly Polytechnic. 

Poniol Pomological. 

P.Q, Province of Quebec. 

prep preparatory. 

pres president. 

Presb. (or Presby'n). ..Presbyterian. 

presd'l presidential. 

prin principal. 

proc proceedings. 

prod produced (for production of 


Prof Professor. 

prop'r proprietor. 

pros, att'y. .prosecuting attorney. 
pro tem pro tempore (for the time 


Psychol Psychological. 

pub public, publisher, publishing, 


Publ publication. 

pvt private. 

q.m quartermaster. 

Q,uar Quarterly. 

Q,ue Quebec (province). 

q.v quod vide (which see). 

R.C Roman Catholic. 

Rd Road. 

R.E Reformed Episcopal. 

i*ec recording. 

regt regiment. 

rep representative. 

Rep Republican. 

res resident. 

Rev ...Review (in title of periodical), 


Rhinol Rhinological. 

R.I Rhode Island. 

R.P Reformed Presbyterian. 

R.P.D Rerum Politicarum Doctor (Doctor 

of Political Science). 
R.R Railroad. 

Ry Railway. 

y son. 

S South. 

S.A South America. 

S.A.R Sons of the Am. Revolution. 

S.B. (also B.S. or Sc.B.). . Bachelor of Science. 

S.C South Carolina. 

S.C.A.P.A Society for Checking the Abuses 

of Public Advertising (En- 

Sc. D Doctor of Science. 

sch school. 

S.Dalt. or S.D.. South Dakota. 

S.E South-East. 

Sec Secretary. i ,, 

sect section. 

Sem Seminary. ; 

Sept September. 

Sergt Sergeant. 

S.J Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 

Soc Society. 

Sociol Sociological. 

sp'I special. 

Sa Square. 

S.R Sons of the Revolution. 

S.S Sunday School. 

St Saint; Street. 

Sta Station. 

Statis. or statist. ..Statistical. 

S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Theology. 

S.T.D Doctor of Sacred Theology. 

S.T.L Licentiate in Theology. 

Sup Supreme. 

supt superintendent. 

suptg superintending. 

Surg Surgical. 

S.W South-West. 

tech technical, technology. 

technol technological. 

Tenn Tennessee. 

Tex Texas. 

T.H Territory of Hawaii. 

Theol Theological. 

Topog. topographical. 

Tp Township. 

trans transactions. 

transi translations. 

treas treasurer. 

Ty. (or Ter.).. Territory. 

U.B United Brethren in Christ. 

U.CV United Confederate Veterans, 

Univ University. 

U.P United Presbyterian. 

urol urological. 

U.S United States. 

U.S.A United States Army. 

U.S.C.T U. S. Colored Troops. 

U.S.N United States Navy. 

U.S.V United States Volunteers. 

Va Virginia. 

Vet Veteran. || 

Vol Volunteer: Volume. 

v.-p vice-president. 

vs versus (against). 

Vt Vermont. 

W West. 

Wash Washington (state). 

W.C.T.U Woman's Christian Temperance 


Tvh wholesale. 

W.I West Indies. 

"Wis .Wisconsin, ' 

"W. Va West Virginia. 

Wyo Wyoming. 

Y.M.C.A Young Men's Christian Assn. 

yrs years. 

Zool Zoological. 


A.,T.4&S.P.Ry Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. 

B.«fc3I.R.R Boston & Maine R. R. 

B.4fcO.R.R.Co Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Co. 

C.&A.R.R Chicago & Alton R. R. 

€.,B.«fc<i.Ry.Co Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Ry. Co. 

C.,C.,C.&St.L,.Ry.. Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Ry. 

C.&E.I.R.R Chicago & Eastern Illinois R. R. 

C.G.W.Ry Chicago Great Western Ry. 

C.,H.&D.Ry Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Ry. 

CjI.&L.Rf Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Ry. 

C.jM.&St.P.Ry Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. 

C.&N.-W.Ry. Chicago & Northwestern Ry. 

C.,R.I.&P.Ry Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. 

C.,St.P.,>I.&O.Ry..Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry. 

D.,L,.&W.R.R Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. R. 

G.N.Ry Great Northern Ry. 

I.C.R.R Illinois Central R. R. 

L.E.&Tl^.R.R Lake Erie & Western R. R. 

L.&N.R.R Louisville & Nashville R. R. 

L.S.&M.S.Ry Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ry. 

M.C.R.R Michigan Central R. R. 

M.jK.&T.Ry Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry. 

Mo.P.Ry Missouri Pacific Ry, 

N.P.Ry Northern Pacific Ry. 

N.Y.C.&H.R.R.R...New York Central & Hudson River R. R. 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R. New York, New Haven & Hartford R. R. 

Pa.R.R Pennsylvania R. R. 

P.4&L..E.R.R Pittsburgh & Lake Erie R. R. 

SX.&S.F.R.R St. Louis & San Francisco R. R. 

S.P.Co Southern Pacific Co. 

U.P.R.R Union Pacific R. R. 


The letters and figures appended to the titles of books listed in numerous 
personal sketches in this volume are intended to indicate the publisher. These 
key symbols have been used whenever the requisite information has been fur- 
nished by the authors. Thus, under the name of "Churchill, Winston," will be 
found in the list of his books : "The Crisis, 1901 ML." This indicates that the 
book was published in 1901 by The Macmillan Co., of New York. The Key is 
the list which follows, the name of The Macmillan Co. being found under the 
letter "M" and No. 1 under that letter. 

\ American Book Co., New York. 

2 D. Appleton & Co., New York. 

3 Arena Publishing Co., Boston. 

4 American Unitarian Association, Boston. 
g Allyn & Bacon, Boston. 

6 American Economic Association; The Mac- 

millan Co., Agts., New York. 

7 Published by Author. 

8 The Abbey Press, New York. 

9 Henry Altemus Co., Philadelphia. 

10 American Bible Society, New York. 

11 Art Lithograph Co. 

12 Arnold & Co., Philadelphia. 

13 Allen, Lane & Scott, Philadelphia. 

14 American Tract Society, New York. 

15 American Board of Commissioners for 

Foreign Missions, Boston. 

16 John B, Alden, New York. 

17 Abbatt, William, New York. 

18 Advance Pub. Co., Chicago. 

19 Alliance Pub. Co., New York. 

20 Am. Acad. Polit. & Social Science, Phila. 

21 W. H. Anderson Co., Cincinnati. 

22 Am. Museum of Natural History, New 


23 A. C. Armstrong & Son, New York. 

24 American News Co., New York. 

25 Proceedings, A. A. A. S. 

26 Am. Statistical Assn. 

27 Joseph Armstrong, Boston. 

28 Armour Institute, Chicago. 

29 Am. Sunday School Union. 

30 Am. Library Assn., Boston. 
American Baptist Publ. Society, see B4. 


1 Baker & Taylor Co., New York. 

2 Henry Carey Baird & Co., Philadelphia. 

3 Banner of Light Publishing Co., Boston. 

4 American Baptist Publication Society, 


5 A. S. Barnes & Co., New York. 

6 Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 

7 The Burrows Bros. Co., Cleveland. 

8 P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Philadelphia. 

9 Baker, Voorhis & Co., New York. 

10 Banks Bros. & Co., Albany, N. Y. 

11 Richard G. Badger & Co., Boston. 

12 Botanical Supply Co., Cambridge, Mass. 

13 The Beacon Press, Boston. 

14 Drexel Biddle, Philadelphia. 

15 Bancroft-Whitney Co., San Francisco. 

16 Bigham & Smith, Nashville, Tenn. (Agts. 

Pub. House of M. E. Church, South). 

17 I. A. Bradley & Co., Boston. 

18 The Brandur Co., New York. 

19 Benzinger Bros., New York, Chicago. 

20 W. Atlee Burpee & Co., Philadelphia. 

21 C. W. Bardeen, Syracuse, N. Y. 

22 Boston Music Co., Boston. 

23 Biglow & Main Co., New York, 

24 Wm. Ballantyne & Sons, Washington, D. C. 

25 E. H. Butler & Co., Philadelphia. 

26 Robert Bonner's Sons, New York, 

27 Brentano's, New York. 

28 Breitkopf & Hartel (music). New York. 

29 Alfred Bartlett, Boston. 

30 Frank M. Barton, Cleveland. 

31 Butler, Sheldon & Co., Philadelphia. 

32 Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia. 

33 Bonnell, Silver & Co. 

34 Matthew Bender, Albany, N. Y. 

35 Milton Bradley Co., Springfield, Mass. 

36 Geo. Brumder, Milwaukee. 

37 Sol Bloom (music). New York. 

38 George Barrie & Son, Phila. 

39 C. C. Birchard & Co., Boston. 

40 Published at Berlin, Germany. 

41 Baptist Book Concern, Louisville. 

42 F. M. Buckles & Co., New York. 

43 A. L. Burt Co., New York. 

44 S. Brainard Sons Co., New York (music). 

45 Boston Book Co. 

46 Blue Sky Press (Langworthy, Stevens & 

Co.), Chicago. 

47 Boericke & Runyon (medical). New York. 

48 John Byrne & Co., Washington. 

49 R. L. Bryan Co., Columbia, S. C. 

50 Bloch Pub. Co., New York. 

51 E. H. Bacon Co., Phila. 

52 Banks Law Pub. Co., New York. 

53 Edmund D. Brooks, Minneapolis. 

54 Consolidated Retail Booksellers (Book- 

lovers Press), New York. 

55 Baltimore Book Co. 

56 James H. Barry Co., San Francisco. 

57 Brethren Pub. House, Elgin, 111. 


1 Cassell & Co., New York. 

2 The Century Co., New York. 

3 The Robert Clarke Co., Cincinnati. 

4 Henry T. Coates & Co., Philadelphia. 

5 Copeland & Day (see Small, Maynard & 

Co.), Boston. 

6 Congregational S. S. & Pub. Society, Bos- 


7 Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., New York. 

8 The Calvert Co., Seattle, Wash. 

9 David C. Cook Publishing Co., Chicago. 

10 Published in Canada. 

11 Central School Supply House, Chicago. 

12 S. E. Cassino & Co., Boston (out of busi- 


13 Catholic World Pub. Co., New York. 

14 The Clarendon Press. 

15 Caliaghan & Co., Chicago. 

16 Century Pub. & Engraving Co., Chicago. 

17 The John Church Co., Cincinnati. 

18 George Q. Cannon & Son, Salt Lake City. 

19 Cumberland Presbyterian Pub. House, 

Nashville, Tenn. 

20 Coin Publishing Co. (out of business). 

21 Confederate Pub. Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

22 Central Law Journal Co., St. Louis. 



23 Columbia University Press, N. Y. 

24 G. W. Carleton & Co., New York. 

25 Chemical Pub. Co., Easton, Pa. 

26 Christian Literature Co., New York. 

27 Otis Clapp & Son, Boston. 

28 Christian Publishing Co., St. Louis. 

29 W. B. Clive & Co., London and New York. 

30 Crane & Co., Topeka, Kan. 

31 E. H. Colgrove & Co., Chicago. 

32 Chautauqua Press, Cleveland, O. 

33 C. M. Clark Publishing Co., Boston. 

34 W. B. Clarke & Co., Boston. 

35 H. M. Caldwell Co., Boston. 

36 W. B. Conkey Co., Chicago. 

37 Chicago Medical Book Co. 

38 Cushing & Co., Baltimore. 

39 George F. Cram, Chicago and New York. 

40 Columbian Pub. Co., Chicago. 

41 P. F, Collier & Son, New York. 

42 A. H. Clark & Co., Cleveland. 

43 C. N. Caspar Co., Milwaukee. 

44 Curtis & Cameron, Boston'. 

45 Contempt)rary Publishing Co., New York. 

46 M. Curlander, Baltimore. 

47 Croscup & Sterling Co., New York. 

48 Civic Publishing Co., New York. 

49 Christian Witness Co., Chicago. 
60 Curtis Pub. Co., Philadelphia. 

51 Cameron, Blake & Co., New York. 

52 Concordia Publishing House (Evangelical 

Lutheran), St. Louis. 

53 Carnegie Institution, Washington. 

54 Chappies Pub. Co., Boston. 

55 Christian Century Co., Chicago. 

1 G. W. Dillingham Co., New York. 

2 Oliver Ditson Co., Boston. 

3 Dodd, Mead & Co., New York. . 

4 E. P. Button & Co., New York. 

5 Doubleday & McClure Co. (see Doubleday, 

Page & Co., successors). 

6 Doubleday, Page & Co. 

7 Deseret News, Salt Lake City. 
& DeWolfe & Fiske Co., Boston. 
9 F. A. Davis Co., Philadelphia. 

10 Doxey's, San Francisco. 

11 R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co., Chicago. 

12 M. A. Donohue & Co., Chicago. 

13 T. C. Davis & Sons, Philadelphia. 

14 Damrell & Upham, Boston. 

15 Dodge Publishing Co., New York. 

16 Edwin W. Dayton, New York. 

17 Wm. J. C. Dulaney Co., Baltimore. 

18 George S. Davis, Detroit. 

19 Dickerman Pub. Co. 

20 James T. Dougherty, New York. 

21 L. S. Dickey Co., Chicago. 

22 Duffield & Co., New York. 

1 George H. Ellis, Boston. 

2 Estes & Lauriat (see Dana Estes & Co.). 

3 Dana Estes & Co., Boston. 

4 Edwards & Docker, Philadelphia. 

5 Examiner Co., New York. 

6 Electrical Technical Book Co. 

7 Eldredge & Bro., Philadelphia. 

8 Educational Publishing Co., Boston. 

9 United Society of Christian Endeavor, Chi- 

cago and Boston. 

10 Episcopal Publ. Society, New York. 

11 Elder & Shepard, San Francisco. 

12 Excelsior Publishing Co., New York. 

13 Eng'ring & Mining Journal, New York. 

14 Editor Publishing Co., Cincinnati. 

15 Eng'ring News Pub. Co., New York. 

16 Electrical World and Eng'r, New York. 

17 G. P. Engelhart & Co., Chicago. 

18 Edinburgh Publication (Scotland). 

19 Peter Eckler, New York. 

20 A. W. Elson & Co., Boston. 

21 James H. Earle, Boston.. 

22 Engineering Magazine Press, New York. 

23 Everett Press, Boston. 

Eaton and Mains; see Methodist Book 
Concern, M4. 

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15 Published in Germany. 

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111., and Cincinnati, O. 


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and Cincinnati (see also Methodist Book 

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Moulton), Buffalo, N. Y. 



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Merrymount Press (see D. B. Updike, U36) 

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3 The Neale Publishing Co., Washington. 

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1 Out of Print. 

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Co.), Boston. 

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9 Presbyterian Committee of Publication 

Richmond, Va. 

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New York. 

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ner Co.), Akron, Ohio. 

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42 Published in Scotland (outside Edinburgh) 

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45 C. Soerchinger (music), New York. 

46 Scott-Thaw Co., New York 

47 Edw. Shuberth (music). New York 
Angus Sinclair Co., see L19. 

1 Ticknor &. Co. (out of business) 

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3 J. W. Taylor Co. (out of business). 



4 Town Topics Pub. Co., New York. 

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11 United Brethren Publishing House, Day- 

ton, Ohio, 

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19. U. S. Census Publication, 

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& Millet Co.), 

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Akron, Ohio), 

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and A. Wessels), New York. 

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33 Wynkoop, Hallenbeck, Crawford Co., New 


34 World Railway Publishing Co., Chicago 

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Westminster Press; see Presby'n Bd. of 


37 Winona Pub. Co., Chicago. 

38 Clarence E. Wolcott, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Westminster Press; see Presby'n Bd of 

Publication, P6. 
Whittet & Shepperson, Richmond, Va. ; see 

Presby'n Committee of Publication, P9. 
Western Methodist Book Concern (see M25- 

also Jll). 


1 Privately published. 

1 E. & J. B. Young & Co., New Yon.. 

2 Young Churchman Co., Milwaukee. 

3 Y. M. C. A., Internat, Com. of Publ. 

4 Wm. H. Young & Co., New York. 

1 P. W. Ziegler «B; Co., Philadelphia. 



AliliEN, Edward. Ellis, educator of the 
blind; b. W. Newton, Mass., Aug. 1, 1861; s. 
James Theodore and Caroline Augusta (Kit- 
tredge) A.; ed. W. Newton English and 
Classical Sch. (Allen Brothers) ; 2 years' 
residence abroad, 1 yr. in pvt. sch., Zurich, 
Switzerland (German language) ; again at 
W. Newton English and Classical Sch.; stu- 
dent summer schs., Harvard and Amherst; 
A.B., Harvard, 1884; student Harvard Med. 
Sch. 1 yr. ; m. Springfield, Mass., July 9, 
1891, Katharine Francena Gibbs. Teacher, 
Royal Normal Coll. for the Blind, London, 
Bng., 1885-8, Perkins Inst'n for the Blind, 
1888-90; prin. (supt.) Pa. Inst'n for the In- 
struction of the Blind, 1890-1907 (during 
which time the sch. was removed to new 
bldgs. in suburbs of Phila.); dir. Perkins 
Inst'n for the Blind since 1907; apptd. by 
Gov. Guild mem. Mass. Comm'n for the 
Blind, Dec. 30, 1908. Clubs: Pi Eta (Har- 
vard) ; Twentieth Century, Monday Evening 
(Boston). Address: Perkins Inst'n for the 
Blind, Boston. 

AMSDEjV, Charles Hubbard, mfr. ; b. at 
Boscawen, N. H., July 8, 1848; s. Henry H. 
and Mary (Muzzey) A. ; ed. common schs. 
and Appleton Acad.; m. Penacook, N. H., 
Oct. 29, 1870, Helan A. Brown, who died Aug. 
6, 1891. Began active career under his fa- 
ther in furniture business and became mem. 
H. H. Amsden & Sons; after death of other 
members of the firm, conducted for more 
than 20 yrs. the largest furniture mfg. busi- 
ness in New England; also mem. firm of 
John Whitaker & Co., lumber dealers; one 
of organizers Concord Axle Co. and mem. 
Bd. of Dirs., Granite State Fire Ins. Co.; 
retired from business on account of finan- 
cial reverses of 1893; alderman. City of Con- 
cord. 1873-4; mem. N. H. Senate, 1883; Dem. 
candidate for gov., 1888, 1890; pres. State 
Bd. of Comm'rs, World's Fair, Chicago, 
1892-3; deputy naval oflBcer, Boston. Bap- 
tist. Knight Templar. Home: Concord, N. 
H. OfUce: Custom House, Boston. 

BARTLETT, Charles Griswold, educa- 
tor; b. Old Lyme, Conn., Dec. 25, 1848; 5. 
Shubael Fitch and Fannie R. (Griswold) B. ; 
early ed'n, common and dist. schs., Old 
Lyme, Conn., and at Hartford High Sch.; 
studied, Yale, 1868; A.M., Yale, 1888; . 1st, 
E. Windsor, Conn., Oct. 3, 1871, Annie P. 
Terry, d. Roderick and Sarah P. Terry (wife 
died Feb, 9 1896); w. 2d, Old Lyme, July 6, 

1897, Harriet Butler Banning, d. Wm. Josiah 
and Lucy (Lay) Banning. Founded Black 
Hall Sch. for Boys, 1876, and is still prin. 
Address: Black Hall, Conn. 

BATTIS, EdTvard Clarance, lawyer; b. 
Salem, Mass., Aug. 20, 1855; s. John and 
Mary Ann (Wilson) B. ; pub. sch. ed'n; LL. 
B., Boston Univ., 1880; m. Boston, June 1, 
1897, Marie A. Woodruff. Began practice at 
Salem, 1881; mem. City Council, 1881; chmn. 
Bd. of Registration 19 yrs.; justice First 
Dist. Court of Essex. Republican. Unita- 
rian. Mason (33°) ; Odd Fellow. Mem. S.A. 
R., Soc. Colonial Wars, Soc. of War of 1812. 
Club: Salem. Address: Salem, Mass. 

DEWEY, George Tufts, lawyer; b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Sept. 12, 1858; ^. Francis Hen- 
shaw and Sarah Barker (Tufts) D.; prep, 
ed'n, Mt. Pleasant Inst., Amherst, Mass., 
1870-5; B.A., Williams Coll., 1879; student 
Harvard Law Sch., 1881-2; admitted to bar, 
1882, and since practiced at Worcester; m. 
Worcester, June 28, 1898, Mary Linwood 
Nichols. Mem. Law firm of Kent & Dewey, 
1883-1907; dir. and gen. counsel Washburn 
& Moen Mfg. Co., 1888-98; dir., treas. and 
gen. counsel Wright Wire Co., 1900-6; gen. 
counsel and dir. Worcester Electric Light 
Co., Graton & Knight Mfg. Co., Worcester 
Cold Storage and Warehouse Co. (also treas- 
urer), Mass. Corset Co. (also treas.), Haa- 
sam Paving Co. ; dir. Columbia Nat. Life 
Ins. Co. Mem. Worcester County Bar Assn. 
Clubs: Worcester, Commonwealth, Tatnuck, 
Quinsigamond, Economic, Twentieth Cen- 
tury. Residence: 54 West St. Ofhce: 311 Main 
St., Worcester, Mass. 

FITZ, Adeline Frances; b. at Chelsea, 
Mass., July 12, 1861; d. David Slade and 
Elizabeth (Wilson) Whitaker; ed. Miss Car- 
oline Johnson's Finishing Sch., Boston; m. 
Chelsea, Nov. 20, 1884, Frank E. Fitz, a law- 
yer. Elected, May, 1908, pres.-gen. D. R., 
for 2 yrs. (has served as Mass. state regent 
and 1st v.-p.-gen.); chmn, com. for placing 
tablet in Boston Pub. Library to commemo- 
rate writers of patriotic verse and song. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Professional Woman's 
(Boston); Kosmos (Wakefield, Mass.). Song 
writer and author of "America, Columbia," 
the ofl5cial song of the State Soc. D. R. of 
Mass. Address: Lakeside, Wakefield, Mass, 

GILLESPIE, Edward Thomas TVrigrht, 
editor and pub.; b. in Ireland, 1841; Scotch- 
Irish ancestry; moved to Can., 1856, New 




York, 1858, Stamford, Conn., 1861; m. Belle- 
ville, Ont, Can., 1872, Emma Meudell. 
Served as vol. helper with U. S. Sanitary 
Comm'n during McClellan's Peninsular 
campaign, 1862, also as press corr. ; became 
editorially connected with Stamford Advo- 
cate, 1868, sr. partner pub. firm, 1881; pres., 
since 1906, The Gillespie Bros., Inc., pubs. 
The Daily Advocate. Oflacer Stamford Hist. 
Soc. since 1902. Author: Historical Sketch of 
Stamford, 1892. Writer upon hist, and lit- 
erary subs., also of verse. Address: Stam- 
ford, Conn. 

HAYES, Hammond Vinton, elec. eng'r; 
b. Madison, Wis., Aug. 28, 1860; s. William 
Allen and Elisabeth (Vinton) H. ; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1883, A.M., Ph.D., 1885; studied 2 yrs. 
at Mass. Inst. Tech., class of 1885. Entered 
service of Am. Bell Telephone Co., 1885, as 
head of laboratory and experimental dept., 
and later had charge of mech. and elec. 
equipment of the system, and became chief 
eng'r Am. Telephone & Telegraph Co.; in 
practice as consulting eng'r since July, 1907. 
Mem. Am. Acad, of Arts and Sciences, Am. 
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. Clubs: St. Botolph (Bos- 
ton); University, Harvard (New York). 
Residence: 6 Channing St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Omce: 101 Milk St., Boston. 

INGEJRSOIili, James W. D., university 
prof.; b. Marengo, 111., 1867; s. Charles W. 
and Martha Wernham I.; B.A., Yale Univ., 
1892, Ph.D., 1894. Tutor Greek, 1894-7, asst. 
prof. Latin, Yale, since 1897. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa, etc.; m. Marengo, 111., 1898, Kath- 
erine Barber. Club: Graduates'. Baptist. Ad- 
dress: 139 York Av., New Haven, Conn. 

L.AWRENCB, Charles Richard, bank- 
er; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1872. Pres. Warren 
Inst'n for Savings, Charlestown Gas & Elec- 
tric Co. Address: 21 City Sq., Charlestown, 

L.AWRENCE, Edward J., furniture mfr.; 
b. Fairfield Centre, Me., Jan. 1, 1833; s. 
Capt. James and Anna (Lander) Lawrence; 
pub. sch. ed'n; m. 1st, Portland, Me., 1859, 
Sarah Gerrish (now deceased) ; m. 2d, Car- 
mel, Me., 1868, Hannah M. Shaw. Entered 
employ of Wing & Bates, 1855, and later was 
transferred to Shawmut and placed in charge 
of clerical dept. of the lumber industries of 
the firm; purchased one-third of the firm's 
sawmill property, 1860, and organized firm 
of E. J. & G. W. Lawrence, succeeded by 
Lawrence, Phillips & Co., and later by Law- 
rence, Newhall & Page Co., of which is 
pres.; also pres. Fairfield Furniture Co., 
Waterville Trust Co., Portland & Brunswick 
St. Ry. Co., and Waterville & Oakland St. 
Ry. Co. Democrat. Universalist. K.T. Ad- 
dress: Fairfield, Me. 

liOWELiIi, W. Holbroolc, physician; b. 
Halifax, N. S., Apr. 8, 1875; 5. William L. 
and Fannie A. (Holbrook) L., both natives 
of Me. and in Halifax temporarily; came to 
U. S. July, 1875; A.B.. Harvard, 1898; M.D., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1900; grad. Boston City 

Hosp. and Mass. Charitable Eye & Ear In- 
firmary; m. Windsor, Ont., 1904, Marion Isa- 
bel Symington. Practiced, Boston, since 1904; 
asst. ophthalmic surgeon Boston City Hosp.; 
clinical ophthalmic asst., Mass. Charitable 
Eye & Ear Infirmary; formerly ophthalmic 
physician to^ the Boston Dispensary; oph- 
thalmologist to Children's Mission and Lin- 
coln House, Boston. Republican. Unitar- 
ian. Mem. New England Ophthal. Soc, 
Mass. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn. Address: 
101 Newbury St., Boston. 

O'NEILL., James Bernard, surgeon; b. 
Highgate, Vt., Oct. 26, 1859; .y. Patrick and 
Bridget (Nolan) O'N. ; prep, ed'n Bristol and 
Beeman acads., Vt. ; A.B., Middlebury (Vt.) 
Coll., 1883; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1887; 
house surgeon Carney Hosp., South Boston, 
1886-7; practiced in Portland since 1867; m. 
Portland, Me., June 22, 1888, Nellie Jose- 
phine Lynch. Apptd. asst. surgeon 1st Regt., 
M.N.G., 1896; surgeon Me. Vol. Inf., Span- 
ish-Am. War (rank of major); surgeon gen., 
Me., 1904-8, apptd. by Gov. Wm. T. Cobb; 
same, 1909, by appointment Gov. B. F. For- 
nald. Mem. Portland Med. Club, Me. State 
Med. Assn., Me. Acad, of Medicine and 
Sciences, Am. Acad, of Medicine. Mem. B. 
P.O.E., Foresters, Maccabees, Catholic Ben- 
evolent Legion, Irish-Am. Relief Assn. Re- 
publican. Club: Portland Athletic. Address: 
Portland, Me. 

PERRY, Henry Thomas, missionary; b. 
Ashfield, Mass., May 6, 1838; s. Alvan Perry 
and Sarah Ann (Sanderson) P.; ed. Sander- 
son Acad., Ashfield; grad. Williston Sem., 
Easthampton, Mass., 1858; A.B., Williams 
Coll., 1862, A.M., 1865; grad. Auburn (N. Y.) 
Theol. Sem., 1865; m. 1st, Rolla, Mo., Sept. 
19, 1866, Jeanne Hannah Jones (d. of a home 
missionary), who died Sivas, Turkey, 1884; 
m. 2d, Dec. 7, 1891, Mary Ellen Hartwell, 
missionary for 5 yrs. in Siam, for Woman's 
Board Presby'n Bd. of Missions. Sailed 
from Boston as missionary, A.B.C.F.M., 
1866, and has since served in Ottoman Em- 
pire (principally in Armenia, in field and at 
edn'l inst'ns). Address: Sivas, Turkey, in 

PRIOR, Wright Seth, city official and 
treas. of corp'ns; b. Underbill, Vt., Mar. 30, 
1867; s. Cyrus and Lucy Jane (Mead) P.; ed. 
pub. schs. and Underbill Acad.; C.E., Nor- 
wich Univ., 1889, M.S., 1892; editor Reveille; 
sergt., 1st It., capt.; m. Oct. 1, 1896, Mary 
Elizabeth, d. R. James Tatman. Engaged in 
railroad work, Georgia, 1889-92; asst. eng'r. 
Worcester, Mass., 1892-8; Worcester city 
street comm'r, 1898-04; treas. and mgr. 
Transcendant Light Co., Worcester, 1904-7; 
pres. and mgr. Conqueror Mining Reduc- 
tion & Power Co., of Empire, Colo., since 
1907; trustee Norwich Univ.; mem. Vt, Assn. 
of Boston, Vt., Div. S. of V., Worcester 
Board of Trade, Soc. of Eng'rs, Denver 
Consolidated Stock Exchange, Mason. Re- 
publican. Cong'list. Address: 7 Lenox St., 
Worcester, Mass. 


ABBE], Alansou Joseph, physician; b. 
Abington, Mass., Feb. 18, 1861; ^. Frederic 
Randolph and Mary Thaxter (Thayer) A.; 
grad. Boston Latin Sch., 1877; A.B., 1881, 
A.M., 1885, M.D., 1885, Harvard; m. Ando- 
ver, Mass., June 7, 1888, L. Adelaide Eaton. 
Has practiced in Fall River since 1895; 
ophthalmic surgeon to Fall River Union 
Hosp. ; alderman-at-large, 1903-07, Republic- 
an. Congregationalist. Mason. Mem. Am. 
Med. Assn., Mass. Med. Soc. (sec. and 
treas. Bristol S. Dist. since 1889), Fall 
River Med. Soc. Address: 375 Rock St., 
Fall River, Mass. 

ABBOT, Abiel J., mfr.; b. Westford, Mass., 
Jan. 8, 1850; s. John William and Catherine 
(Abbot) A.; ed. Westfield, Phillips Exeter 
Acads. and Mass. Inst. Technology; m. 
Newburyport, Mass., Apr. 22, 1880, Alice, d. 
Edward S. and Charlotte (Chapman) Mose- 
ley. Engaged in mfr. of edge tools, West- 
ford, Mass., 1868-71; partner and mgr. since 
1876, Abbot & Co., worsted mfrs., Westford, 
Mass.; mem. Exec. Com., Nat. Wool Assn. 
Chmn. Bd. Trustees, Westford Pub. Li- 
brary; trustee and treas. Westford Acad.; 
chmn. Sch. Com. since 1891. Club: Home 
Market. Address: Westford, Mass. 

ABBOT, E:(dward) Stanley, physician; b. 
Beverly, Mass., Dec. 13, 1863; s. Francis 
Ellingwood and Katharine Fearing (Lor- 
ing) A.; grad. Cambridge (Mass.) High 
Sch., 1883; A.B., 1887, M.D., 1893, Harvard: 
asst. in histology Harvard Med. Sch., 2 
yrs., and house officer at Boston City Hosp. 
before taking M.D. degree; m. Fargo, N. 
D., July 5, 1897, Frances E. Lewis Smith 
(died July 16, 1898). Third asst. physician, 
1894-6, 2d asst., 1896-8, McLean Hosp., Wa- 
verley, Mass.; 1st asst. physician North- 
ampton (Mass.) Insane Hosp., Jan. to Dec, 
1899; asst. supt. Boston City Hosp., 1899- 
1904; 1st asst. physician, McLean Hosp. 
since Jan., 1904. Mem. A. A. A. S., Am. 
Med. Assn., Am. Med. Psychol. Assn., Mass. 
Med. Soc, Boston Soc. Med. Sciences, Bos- 
ton Soc. Psychiatry and Neurology, Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Nat. Mu- 
nicipal League, Mass. Soc. S. R., Boston- 
ian Soc, Boston Economic Club. Clubs (so- 
cial): University (Boston), Residence: Mc- 
Lean Hosp., Waverley, Mass. 
ABBOT, Edwin Hale, lawyer, ry. of- 
ficial; b. Beverly, Mass., Jan. 26, 1834; s. 
Joseph Hale and Frances Ellingwood (Lar- 
com) A.; preparatory education Boston 
Latin School, 1846-51; graduated Harvard, 
1855, Harvard Law School, 1862 (LL. B.); 

m. Sept. 19, 1866, Martha T. Abbot, Port- 
land, Me. Practiced law Boston, 1862-76, 
then opened office also in Milwaukee. Man- 
aged many corporation cases through North- 
west and at Washington; became trustee 
many railway mortgages. General solicitor 
and director Wisconsin Central Railroad, 
1873-8, v.-p. and trustee, 1878. Took pos- 
session as active trustee and operated for 
bondholders 1878-89 Wis. Cent. R. R., con- 
structing Wis. Cent. Associated lines and 
effecting entrance into Chicago and erecting 
Grand Central Sta. and terminals, with 
Charles L. Colby; was pres. and treas., 1890, 
Wis. Cent. R. R., Chicago, Wis. & Minn. 
R. R. and Milwaukee & Lake Winnebago 
R. R., until July, 1899, when he retired from 
business. Was dir. in Atchison, Topeka & 
Santa Fe R. R., Northern Pacific R. R., etc., 
1887-93; was law editor Boston Daily Adver- 
tiser 1862-70. Author of Wis. Central plan, 
1879, of corporate organization, by which 
control of corporation was vested in bond- 
holders through reservation to them of vot- 
ing-power on stock, being the first and 
original scheme, out of which many other 
forms of voting-trusts have since grown. 
Contributor to N. Am. Rev., New Jerusalem 
Mag., Am. Law Rev., Harvard Graduates' 
Mag., etc. University lecturer. Harvard 
Coll., Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Calif., etc. 
Active in life ins. reforms, 1905-6; chmn. 
Mass, policy holders com., etc. Residence: 1 
Follen St., Cambridge, Mass. OMce: 14 Bea- 
con St., Boston. 

ABBOT, Griffith E:vans, physician; b. 
Phila., Feb. 7, 1850; s. Charles F. and Eliz- 
abeth (Evans) A., and descendant of George 
Abbott, of Rowley, Mass.; A.B., Univ. of 
Pa., 1871, A.M., 1874; Ph.D., Univ. of Jena, 
1875; M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1879; m. Phila., 
Apr. 29, 1885, Grace Lee Babb. Demonstra- 
tor of chemistry, Med. Dept., Univ. of Pa., 
1877-9; practiced medicine in Atlantic City, 
N. J., Phila. and Bryn Mawr, Pa., Wash- 
ington, D. C, and Hot Springs, N. C, 1880- 
1902; pres. Mt. Vernon Constr'n Co., 1892- 
1904, Washington, Alexandria & Mt, Ver- 
non Ry. Co., 1893-1902; mem. Sch. Com., 
town of Leominster. Republican. Baptist. 
Mem. Am. Climatol. Assn., Am. Acad, of 
Medicine, Coll. of Physicians, Phila., Acad. 
Nat. Sciences, Phila., S. A. R. Clubs: Leo- 
minster, Country, Golf. Address: Leomin- 
ster, Mass. 

ABBOT, Henry liarcoiu, soldier, eng'r; 
b. Beverly, Mass., Aug. 13, 1831; ed. Boston 
Latin School, 1846-50; grad. West Point, 
1854 (LL. D., Harvard). Served in corps 
of eng'rs U. S. A., in all grades to col., in- 
clusive; retired 1895. Wounded at Bull Run, 




1861; comd. siege art. of armies operating 
against Richmond, 1864-5; bvtd. maj.-gen. 
vols, and brig. -gen. U. S. A. Designed sys- 
tem of submarine mine defense adopted by 
U. S., also system of mortar batteries. 
Chmn. group of mil. judges at Centennial 
Exp'n, 1876, and of higher jury Atlanta 
Exp'n, 1895; pres. bd. consulting eng'rs of 
ship canal projected from Pittsburg to Lake 
Erie, 1896; designed new harbor at Mani- 
towoc, Wis., 1886; mem. Tech. Com. and 
consulting eng'r New Panama Canal Co., 
1897-1904. Mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences, Am. 
Philos. Soc, etc. Author: Siege Artil- 
lery in the Campaign Against Richmond; 
Experiments to Develop a System of Sub- 
marine Mines, and (with Gen. Humphreys) 
Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi; 
Problems of the Panama Canal; also vari- 
ous articles on professional subjects in 
Johnson's Encyclopaedia, Encyclopaedia 
Britannica, The Forum, Atlantic Monthly 
and Eng'ring Mag. Mem. bd. consulting 
eng'rs to advise as to plan of Panama 
Canal. Address: Cambridge, Mass. 

ABBOT, William Fitzliale, educator; b. 
Boston, Mass., Apr. 27, 1853; s. Joseph Hale 
and Fanny Ellingwood (Larcom) A.; grad. 
Cambridge (Mass.) High Sch., 1870; A.B., 
Harvard, 1874; m. Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 
28, 1882, Caroline Ward Sewall. Instr. G. 
W. C. Noble's pvt. sch. for boys, Boston, 
1874-6; retired on account of ill health; 
joint prin. Sewall and Abbot Classical Sch., 
Indianapolis, 1877-80; instr., 1880-90, head 
of Latin and Greek Dept. since 1890, Classi- 
cal High Sch., Worcester, Mass. Unitarian. 
Mem. Am. Philol. Assn., Mass. Soc. S. R., 
N. E. Historic Geneal. Soc, Worcester Soc. 
of Antiquity, and various teachers' organ- 
izations. Clubs: Bohemian, Economic, Twen- 
tieth Century. Residence: 38 William St., 
Worcester, Mass. 

ABBOTT, Carroll Waite, physician; b. 
Rumford, Me., Aug. 29, 1855; s. Henry, Jr., 
and Charlotte (Waite) A. ; ed. Oxford Nor- 
mal Inst.; grad. Hebron Acad., 1877; M.D., 
Med. Sch. of Me. (Bowdoin Coll.), 1881; m. 
Albion, Me., Oct. 4, 1882, Georgia A. Wil- 
son. Began practice at Albion, 1881; re- 
moved to Waterville, 1893; supervisor of 
schs., Albion, 7 yrs.; mayor of Waterville, 
1898-9; mem. Bd. of Ed'n, Waterville, 1900, 
1901 (chmn., 1901); dir. Waterville Trust 
Co. Mem. Me. Med. Assn., Kennebec Co. 
Med. Soc, Waterville Clinical Soc. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Mason, K. T. ; mem. I. 
O. O. F., N. E. O. P. Club: Masonic, Ho- 
mita-koda. Residence: 1 Spring St. Office: 
112 Maijj St., Waterville, Me. 

ABBOTT, Edville Gerliardt, physician; 
b. Hancock, Me., Nov. 6, 1871; s. Alonzo 
and Maria B. (Mercer) A.; grad. E. Me. 
Conf. Sem., Bucksport, Me., 1889, A.B., 1896, 
A.M., pro-merito, 1898, Bowdoin Coll.; stu- 
dent at Friedrich Wilhelm Universitat, 
Berlin, Germany, 1900-1901; m. Bucksport. 
Mar. 14, 1893, Sara S. Sargent, M.D., Me. 
Med. Sch., 1898. Practices orthopedic sur- 
gery in Portland, Me. ; surgeon-in-chief to 
The Children's Hospital; orthopedic surgeon 
to Maine General Hosp., visiting orthopedic 
surgeon to St. Barnabas Hosp., Portland; 
consulting surgeon to Sisters Hosp., Lew- 
iston. Me.; consultant to the Me. State 

Sanitorium, Hebron, Me., clinical instruc- 
tor Me. Med. Sch., since 1902. Mem. Am. 
Med. Assn., Me. Med. Assn., Psi Upsilon, 
Phi Chi. Club: Cumberland. Frequent con- 
tb'r to leading med. jours. Residence: 14 
Deering St. Office: Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Port- 
land, Me. 
ABBOTT, Eleanor Hallowell, author; 
b. Cambridge, Mass., Sept, 22, 1872; d. Rev. 
Edward and Clara (Davis) A.; ed. pvt. 
schs.; sp'l student Radcliffe Coll. Instr. 
English, State Normal Sch., Lowell, Mass. 
Contb'r short stories and verse to Har- 
per's, McClure's, Everybody's, Collier's, 
etc. Author of The Sick-a-Bed Lady (win- 
ner of $1,000 Collier prize, Oct., 1905); and 
The Very Tired Girl (same, June, 1907). 
Represented in Howell's Selections of the 
Best Short Stories, HI. Address: 11 Dana 
St., Cambridge, Mass. 

ABBOTT, Frances Matilda, author, gen- 
ealogist; b. Concord, N. H., Aug. 18, 1857; d. 
John and Matilda (Brooks) A.; grad. Con- 
cord High Sch., 1875; took freshman work 
under Moses Woolson, 1876; A.B., Vassar, 
1881. Author: Birds and Flowers about Con- 
cord, N. H., 1906. Wrote section on "Domes- 
tic Customs and Social- Life," in New His- 
tory of Concord, 1903; one of the writers of 
The Genealogical and Family History of 
New Hampshire, 1908; genealogist N. H. Soc 
Colonial Dames, 1908. Mem. Boston Branch 
of Vassar Alumnae, Assn. of Collegiate 
Alumnae, Appalachian Mountain Club of 
Boston (life), Woman's Hosp. Aid Assn. 
(life), N. H. Equal Suffrage Assn.s founder 
of Concord Wild Flower Club (1896) ; original 
mem. Stratford (Shakespeare) Club (1883). 
Address: Concord, N. H. 

ABBOTT, Fredericli Ebenezer, real es- 
tate; b. Barre, Mass., Aug. 2, 1835; s. Ebene- 
zer E. and Augusta (Kendall) A., and de- 
scendant of George A., Rowley, Mass., be- 
fore 1647; ed. in Schs. of Oakham, W^orces- 
ter and Barre, and in acad. at Thetford, 
Vt.; m. Nov. 24, 1858, Harriet A., d. Allen K. 
and Mary Ann (Chase) Monroe. Associated 
with his father in the real estate business, 
186,0-5; since retirement of father has been 
in partnership with G. H. Estabrook, as Ab- 
bott & Estabrook, Worcester; also interested 
in lumber business in the South. Mem. of 
the Old South Church, Worcester. Residence: 
25 Hollywood St. Office: 825 Slater Bldg., 390 
Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

ABBOTT, Frederick Wallace, physi- 
cian; b. Dover, N. H., Mar. 5, 1861; .y. Syl- 
vester and Elizabeth Graves (Wortman) A. ; 
ed. pub. and pvt. schs. of Dover, N. H., 
and Berwick, and S. Berwick, Me., 1866- 
78; A. B., Univ. of America, 1883; attended 
Med. Sch. of Me. (med. dept. Bowdoin 
Coll.), 1884-5; Eclectic Med. Coll. of Me., 
M. D., 1886; A. M., Taylor Univ.. 1891; 
Ph. D., Nat. Normal Univ.. 1901; LL. D., 
Potomac Univ., 1905; m. Boston, Sept. 2, 
1886, Sylvina Apphia Emery. Practiced in 
Taunton, Mass., since 1886; medico-legal ex- 
pert. Lecturer on physiology and hygiene 
in Merrimack Co. Acad., 1892; asso. editor 
Mass. Med. Jour., since 1894, Am. Med. 
Jour., since 1906. Pres. Mass. Eclectic Med. 
Soc, 1894, N. E. Eclectic Med. Assn.. 1900, 
Am. Eclectic Materia Medica Assn., 1905-7; 
v.-p. Boston Dist. Eclectic Med. Soc, 1S96- 




7, Am. Anti-Tuberculosis League, 1907; 
hon, mem. Eclectic Med. Socs. Vt., Me., 
Conn., N. J.; mem. Nat. Eclectic Med. 
Assn., Mass. and Tenn. Surg, and Gynecol. 
Socs. Examiner Boston Mut. Life Ins. Co. ; 
mem. and examiner, many secret fraterni- 
ties. Democrat; trustee Potomac Univ. 
Author: Limitation of the Family, 1891 A7; 
The Education of Youth upon Matters Sex- 
ual, 1895 A7. Address: Taunton, Mass. 

A.BBOTT, Grafton St. Loe, lawyer, trus- 
tee; b. Lowell, Mass., Nov. 14, 1856; s. Josiah 
Gardner and Caroline (Livermore) A. ; prep, 
ed'n Nobles Sch., Boston; A.B., Harvard, 
1877; studied law; admitted to bar, 1880; m. 
Quincy, Mass., Sept. 29, 1890, Mary Adams. 
Has practiced in Boston since 1880; pres. 
Lewiston-Clarkston Co.; v. -p. and dir. Hill 
Mfg. Co.; dir. Atlantic Cotton Mills, U. S. 
Quarantine Stock Yards Co.; dir. and treas. 
Lewiston-Concord Bridge Co. Democrat. 
Residence: Concord, Mass. Office: 84 State St., 

ABBOTT, Gordon, banker; Boston; b. Bos- 
ton, Jan. 18, 1863; s. Jeremiah and Ellen 
(Bangs) A.; prep, ed'n. Nobles Pvt. Sch., 
Boston; A.B., Harvard, 1884; m. Baltimore, 
Md., Nov. 6, 1895, Katherine, d. Louis and 
Madeline (Borland) Tiffany. Mem. firm of 
Abbott, Wheelock & Co., mchts., Boston and 
New York, 1884-93; v. -p., 1893-1900, pres. 
since 1900, Old Colony Trust Co., Boston; 
pres. United Electric Securities Co., Mass. 
Electric Cos.; dir. Bay State Trust Co., 
Fitchburg R. R. Co., Gen. Electric Co., 
State Nat. Bank, Fore River Ship Building 
Co., Elec. Securities Corp'n of New York, 
Chicago Junction Ry. and Union Stock Yards 
Co., N. E. "Mut. Life Ins. Co.; trustee, 1895- 
1905, treas. since 1905, Children's Hosp., 
Boston; mem. Bd. of Statistics of the City 
of Boston. Clubs: Somerset, Eastern Yacht 
(Boston) ; Knickerbocker, Brook (New 
York). Residence: Manchester, Mass. Office: 
Old Colony Trust Co., Boston. 

ABBOTT, Harlan Page, surgeon; b. An- 
trim, N. H., July 10, 1860; .y. John Rand and 
Hannah Osgood (True) A.; grad. Phillips 
Exeter Acad., 1881; A.B., Brown Univ., 
Providence, R. I., 1885, A.M., 1889; M.D., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1889; m. New Bedford, 
Mass., June 25, 1898, Cornelia S. Cook, Has 
practiced in Providence since 1889; in hosp. 
service as interne, externe and mem. staff 
since 1889; first sec. R. I. Hosp. Club; now 
surgeon ear, nose and throat Rhode Island 
Hosp. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., R. I. Med. 
Soc, Providence Med. Assn., Med. Improve- 
ment Club of Providence, Delta Upsilon 
(Brown Chapter). Republican. Baptist. 
Clubs: Providence Art, University. Residence: 
152 Angell St. Offce: 325 Broad St., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

ABBOTT, Herbert Vausban, educator; 
b. Terre Haute, Ind., 1865; s. Lyman and 
Abby Frances (Hamlin) A.; A.B., Amherst 
Coll. ,1885. Asst. and instr., English Dept., 
Harvard, 1894-8; instr. English, Horace 
Mann Sch. and Teachers Coll., New York, 
1898-1905; asso. prof. English, Smith Coll., 
since 1905. Address: Smith College, North- 
ampton, Mass. 

ABBOTT, John, lawyer; b. N. Berwick, 
Me., Feb. 16, 1869; s. John J. and Mary Au- 
gusta (Hall) A.; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 

1891; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1895; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1894; m. Randolph, Vt., 1897, 
Miss Grace R. Sanford. In practice at Bos- 
ton since 1895. Residence: Winchester, Mass. 
Omce: 53 State St., Boston. 

ABBOTT, Jobn Bdward, lawyer; b. Nor- 
ridgewock. Me., Nov. 30, 1845; s. John Stev- 
ens and Elizabeth T. (Allen) A. ; 8th genera- 
tion from George A., who came to Andover, 
Mass., 1643, from Yorkshire, Eng., and 10th 
generation on his mother's side from George 
Allen, who emigrated from England, 1635, 
and located at Sandwich, Mass., 1637; re- 
moved with parents to Newton, Mass., at 14; 
grad. Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., 
1869; read law with his father and was ad- 
mitted to Suffolk bar, 1872, later to U. S. 
Circuit and Supreme courts; m. Compton, 
P. Q., Can., June 12, 1878, Alice Greely Coch- 
rane. Practiced in Boston as partner of his 
father, 1872-7, in New York City, as member 
Abbott Bros., 1877-9; returned to Boston, 
1879, and continued in practice with his 
father until death of the latter, 1881, since 
which time has practiced alone. Has resided 
at Watertown, Mass., since 1879; mem. Mass. 
Ho. of Rep., 1893, 1894; clerk senate com. on 
rules since 1896; town solicitor Watertown 
since 1896; atty. Watertown Savings Bank. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Residence: Water- 
town, Mass. Office: 53 State St., Boston. 

ABBOTT, Leon Martin, lawyer; b. Rich- 
mond, N. H., Aug. 28, 1867; .y. Joseph B. and 
Lydia C. (Martin) A.; grad. Keene (N. H.) 
High Sch., 1885; studied Mass. Inst. Tech., 1 
yr.. Harvard Coll. and Harvard Law Sch. 
class of 1890; m. Boston, Apr. 19, 1894, Flor- 
ence M. Tallman. Has practiced in Boston 
since 1891; mem. firm of Rideout & Abbott, 
1891-1900, Nay & Abbott, 1900-6, Bates, Nay 
& Abbott, since Sept., 1906. Republican. 
Mem. Boston Bar Assn. Mason (33°). Club: 
Boston City. Residence: 1 Cumberland St. 
Office: 1043-1047 Tremont Bldg., Boston. 

ABBOTT, Samuel Appleton Brown, 
lawyer; b. Lowell, Mass., Mar. 6, 1846; 5. 
Josiah G. and Caroline (Livermore) A. ; 
ed. Boston Latin Sch., Harvard Univ., A. 
B., 1866, A. M., 1867; m. Rome, Italy, Mar. 
16, 1898, Maria Dexter. Admitted to Suf- 
folk bar, 1868; since then engaged in prac- 
tice in Boston. Police comm'r, Boston, 1887- 
9; chm'n trustees Pub. Library, Boston, 
1889-92. Dir. Am. Acad., Rome, Italy; 
mem. Loyal Legion. Episcopalian. Demo- 
crat. Clubs: Somerset (Boston); University 
(New York). Residence: Villa Lontana, Via 
Cassia, Rome, Italy. Office: 23 Court St., 

ABBOTT, Sewell Wester, lawyer; b. Tuf- 
tonboro, N. H., Apr. 11, 1859; s. George and 
Phebe Jane (Graves) A., and descendant of 
Walter A., Exeter, N. H., about 1640; grad. 
Hebron Acad., 1878; LL.B., Union Coll. of 
Law, Chicago, 1883; m. Boston, June 19, 
1893, Mr3. Elma (King) Hodsdon. Practiced 
in Chicago, 1 yr. ; removed to Wolfboro, N. 
H., 1885; judge of probate for Carroll Co. 
since 1889; co. atty., Apr. 1, 1903, to Apr. 1, 
1907; dir. Wolfboro Woolen Mills; pres. Bd. 
Trustees, Huggins Hosp. ; mem. Bd. Trus- 
tees, Brewster Free Acad., Wolfboro. Re- 
publican. Unitarian. Royal Arch Mason, K, 
T.; mem. I. O. O. F., Red Men, G. A. R., 
Grange. Address: Wolfboro, N. H. 




ABBOTT, W. H., supt. Lockwood Cotton 
Mills, Waterville, Me. 

ABBOTT, W. Herbert, business man; v.- 
p. Abbott & Fernald Co.; pres. Grey, Clark 
& Engle Co.; trustee Dorchester Savings 
Bank; dir. Liberty Trust Co., N. E, Evan- 
gelistic Assn. Office: 145 South St., Boston. 

ABBOTT, Winthrop Porter, educator; b. 
Brookfield, Vt., July 15, 1868; s. Royal, Jr., 
and Nancy T. (Newton) A.; A.B., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1893; m. Randolph, Vt., Nov. 1, 1898, 
Cornelia M. Pierce. Prin. high sch., White 
River Junction, Vt., 1893-5; prin. high sch. 
and supt. schs.. Proctor, 1896-1907; supt. schs. 
Proctor, Pittsford, Rutland (town) and Chit- 
tenden, since 1907; examiner of teachers for 
Rutland Co. since 1900; mem. bd. of dirs., 
Proctor Y.M.C.A.; trustee Proctor Free Li- 
brary. Republican. Congregationalist. Mem. 
N.E.A., Am. Inst. Instrs., Vt. State Teach- 
ers' Assn. (pres. 1905-6), Vt. Schoolmasters' 
Club. C/m& ; University. Address -.VvoctoTyYt. 

ABEIRCROMBIE:, Daniel Putnam, bank- 
er; b. Lunenburg, Mass., Jan. 21, 1844; s. 
Otis and Dorothy L. (Putnam) A.; grad. 
Highland Mil. Acad., Worcester, Mass., 1862; 
A.B., Harvard, 1866; m. Turners Falls, Mass., 
Oct. 7, 1874, Julia A. Clapp. Connected with 
banking business in Turners Falls since 
1876; treas. Crocker Inst'n for Savings, 1876- 
1903; cashier Crocker Nat. Bank since June, 
1876. Republican. Unitarian. Address: 
Turners Falls, Mass. 

ABE^RCROMBIE:, Daniel Webster, prin. 
Worcester Academy since 1882; b. Boil- 
ing Green, Macon Co., Ala., Nov. 25, 1853; 
s. Milo Boiling and Sarah Carroll (Green- 
leaf) A.; prep, ed'n Cambridge, Mass. Lat- 
in School, 1868-72; grad. Harvard Univ. 
1876; studied Harvard Law School, 1876-7 
(Hon. A. M. Brown, 1883, LL. D., Colby, 
1898); m. Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 23, 1878, 
Emily Foote Brainerd. Has been teaching 
since 1877; has made various trips abroad 
for study and travel; hon. representative 
U. S. Bureau of Ed'n, to examine edn'l 
system of Germany, especially in schools of 
secondary grade. Mem. Harvard Teachers' 
Ass'n, Headmasters' Ass'n, Mass. School 
Masters' Club. Trustee Worcester Acad., 
Newton Theol. Inst'n and Brown Univ. 
Has written various mag. articles on edn'l 
matters. Hon. mem. Harvard A chapter 
Phi Beta Kappa. Address: 81 Providence 
St., Worcester, Mass. 

ABE]RCROMBIEl, Eldward Everett, 
clergyman; b. Woonsocket, R.I., Dec. 17, 
1864; s. Ralph and Susan Cook (Ballou) A.; 
A.B., Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., 
1889; studied at Drew Theol. Sem., Madison, 
N.J., 1889-90; S.T.B., Boston Univ. Sch. of 
Theology, 1892; m. Weston, Mass., June 14, 
1899, Susie Rand. Ordained to M.B. minis- 
try, 1894; pastor Hampden, Mass., 1892-3, 
Southampton, 1893-7, Weston, 1898-9, Hollis- 
ton, 1899-1900, West Warren, 1906-7, Spen- 
cer, Mass., since 1908; bursar of Walden 
Univ., Nashville, Tenn., 1904-5. Mem. N, E. 
Conf., M.E. Ch., Phi Beta Kappa. Address: 
Spencer, Mass. 

ABERCROMBIE, Robert, pres. Green- 
field Sav. Bank. Address: Greenfield, Mass. 

ABORN, Alonzo R., b. Ellington, Conn., 
May 6, 1847; s. Reuben and Amelia (Peters) 

A.; grad. Oxford (Mass.) High Sch., 1866. 
Clerk, 1866-8, prop'r, 1868-90, Norwich 
(Conn.) Grocery Co.; engaged in real estate 
operations since 1890. Was mem. and chmn. 
W. Chelsea (Conn.) Sch. B'd; mem. Norwich 
Common Council, 1884; alderman, 1893; Rep. 
candidate for mayor of Norwich, 1896, and 
was declared elected on recount of Dem. 
votes, many of which were illegal, but re- 
fused to accept office on a technicality; mem. 
Conn. Senate, 1906-8; Republican. Baptist. 
Address: Norwich, Conn. 

ABRAMS, Alva E., physician; b. Duanes- 
burg, N.Y., June 28, 1856; s. J. Danforth and 
Susan (Ladd) A.; prep, ed'n, Little Falls, 
N.Y.; student Cornell Univ. 3 yrs.; student 
Med. Dept., New York Univ.; M.D., Albany 
Med. Coll., 1881; St. Peter's Hosp., Albany; 
m. Brooklyn, July 26, 1877, Jessie Davis. 
Practiced at Duanesburg, 1882-4; removed to 
Hartford, 1884; del. Internat. Med. Congress, 
Moscow, Russia, 1897. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Mem. Hartford Med. Soc, Conn. 
Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., Am. Laryngol., 
Rhinol. and Otol. Assn., Hartford Scientific 
Soc, Health Ed'n League. Clubs: Twentieth 
Century, Hartford Edn'l, Get Together. 
Address: Hartford, Conn. 

ACHORN, Ed^ar Oakes, lawyer; b. New- 
castle, Me., Aug. 20, 1859; s. John Taylor and 
Clara (Rundlett) A.; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 
1881; instr., 1881-3, supt., 1883-4, Whitman 
(Mass.) High Sch.; studied law; admitted to 
bar, 1884; m. 1st, Boston, Sept., 1889, Sophie 
Apenes, of Christiania; m. 2d, Falmouth, 
Mass., Sept. 27, 1906, Alice Gorham Morse. 
Has practiced in Boston since 1884; active in 
politics; organized Scandinavian Rep. 
League; sec. of Embassy, St, Petersburg, 
1896; interested in educational progress of 
Mountain Whites of the South; author of 
articles on ed'n, travel, politics, etc. Unita- 
rian. Trustee Lincoln Memorial Univ., 
Cumberland Gap, Tenn.; trustee Montclair 
Military Acad., Montclair, N.J. Mem. Bos- 
ton Bar Assn., N.E. Historic Geneal. Soc, 
Me. Hist. Soc, Zeta Psi (Grand Chapter offi- 
cer, 1892-8). Clubs: Boston Art, Eliot, Bos- 
ton City, Boston Athletic Assn. Residence: 
Jamaica Plain, Mass. Office: 18 Tremont St., 

ACKERMAN, Arthur "Wilmot, clergy- 
man; b. Medford, Mass., Feb. 27, 1857; .y. Ira 
Philbrook and Eliza Ann (Ames) A.; grad. 
Medford High Sch., 1874, Chicago Theol. 
Sem., 1890; (D.D., Pacific Univ., Forest 
Grove, Ore., 1900); m. W. Medford, Mass., 
Apr. 28, 1881, Ida May Hatch. Ordained to 
Cong'l ministry, 1890; pastor Lombard, 111., 
1888-90, McPherson, Kan., 1890-1, Auburn 
Park, 111., 1891-2, Sheffield, 111., 1892-6, 1st 
Ch., Portland, Ore., 1896-1902, Torrington, 
Conn., since 1902; pres. Torrington Mus. 
Assn. Del. to Cong'l Internat. Council, Bos- 
ton, 1900, to nat. councils, Portland, Ore., 
1898, Portland, Me., 1901, Des Moines, la., 
1904. Republican. Mem. Litchfield North 
Assn., Cong'l Ministers' Assn.; corporate 
mem. A.B.C.F.M. ; life mem. Cong'l Ch. 
Bldg. Soc, Am. Missionary Assn., Am. Bible 
Soc Mem. Royal Arcanum. Club: Univer- 
sity (Litchfield). Address: Torrington, Conn. 

ADAMOWSKI, Josef Felix, musician; b. 
Warsaw, Poland, July 4, 1862; s. Vincent and 
Amiela (Korecka) A.; ed. Warsaw prelimi- 
nary schs. and Conservatory of Music; A.B., 




Moscow Con. of Music, 1883; m. Cracow, 
Galicia, Sept. 1, 1896, Antoinette Szumowska. 
Concert cellist, Warsaw; teacher in mus. 
sch. Cracow, Galicia, 1885-7; removed to 
Boston, Mass., 1888; mem, Boston Symphony- 
Orchestra and Adamowski Quartet, since 
1889; mem. Adamowski Trio since 1896; 
teacher of violoncello and ensemble classes, 
N.E, Conservatory of Music, since 1902; an 
organizer and dir. Boston Symphony Orches. 
Pension Fund Inst. Clubs: St. Botolph (Bos- 
ton); Players (New York), Athletic (War- 
saw). Residence: 163 Walnut St., Brookline, 

ADAMOWSKI, Timotlieas, musician, vi- 
olinist, conductor; b. Warsaw, Poland, 1858; 
s. Wincenty and Mary (Korecka) A.; grad. 
Warsaw Conservatory and then studied with 
Massart in Paris Conservatory; came to 
America, 1878; m. Narragansett Pier, Sept. 1, 
1903, Gertrude Pancoast, of Phila. Began 
mus. career in Boston, 1879; ex-concert meis- 
ter Boston Symphony Orchestra; leader Ad- 
amowski Quartet and Adamowski Trio; ap- 
peared as soloist in London, Paris, Warsaw, 
and other European cities, and played before 
emperor and empress of Russia, in Poland, 
Sept. 8, 1897; now head of Violin Dept, N.E. 
Conservatory of Music. Clubs: St. Botolph, 
Tavern, Country (Boston) ; The Players 
(New York); Bath (London). Residence: 23 
Chestnut St. Office: New England Conserva- 
tory of Music, E^pston. 

ADAMS, Alfred Bdgar, cotton mills agt. ; 
b. Wales, Mass., May 28, 1849; s. Benjamin 
and Mary Etta (Darling) A., and descendant 
of Henry Adams, Braintree, Mas?., 1639-40; 
ed. winter schs., 1856-61; worked in cotton 
mills, 1856-67; m. Emerzette Caroline, d. Ste- 
phen W., and Ada Ann (Young) Avery, of 
Killingly, Conn. In U.S. Army, frontier 
service, 1867-71; overseer Killingly cotton 
mills, 1871-72, other N.E. cotton mills, 1872- 
87; since agt. Whitinsville Cotton Mills and 
Whitin Bros. Cotton Mill; was capt. Me. 
Nat. Guard, also capt. and a.-d.-c. on staff 
of Gov. Joshua L. Chamberlain, 1880-6; 
mem. Sch. Bd., Whitinsville, since 1891, Bd. 
of Selectmen, since 1901. Republican. Ad- 
dress: Whitinsville, Mass. 

ADAMS, Alonzo B., physician and sur- 
geon; b. Wilton, Me., July 8, 1843; s. Charles 
K. and Julia A. (Miller) A. ; grad. Me. Wes- 
leyan Sem., 1866; read medicine under Dr. 
Edmond Russell, of Farmington; M.D., Med. 
Sch. of Me. (Bowdoin Coll.), 1869; m. Wilton, 
July 12, 1870, Mary C. Fletcher. Enlisted as 
pvt. Co. C, 16th Regt., Me. Vol. Inf., Aug. 4, 
1862; wounded in left ankle at Fredericks- 
burg, requiring 2 amputations before recov- 
ery; practiced in Strong 3^/^ yrs., since at 
Wilton; mem. Bd. U.S. Pension Examiners. 
Republican. Methodist. Mason, K. T. ; 
mem, I.O.O.P., Foresters, Order of the Gold- 
en Cross, G.A.R. Address: Wilton, Me. 

ADAMS, Arthur, financier; b. Quincy, 
Mass., May 20, 1877; s. John Quincy (1833-94), 
and Fanny C. A.; prep, ed'n, Hopkinson 
Sch., Boston; A.B., Harvard, 1899. In office 
of Alfred Bowditch, mgr. estates, Boston, 
1899-1902; v.-p. and sec. Adams Trust Co., 
Boston, 1902-6; v.-p. City Trust Co., since 
1906; treas. The Farm & Trades Sch. and 
Sailors Snug Harbor, Boston; sec. Class 
1899, Harvard. Clubs: Somerset, Tennis and 
Racquet, Exchange (Boston); Eastern Yacht 

and several coll. fraternities. Address: Quin- 
cy, Mass. Office: 50 State St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Brooks, author; b. Quincy, Mass., 
June 24, 1848; s. Late Charles Francis Ad- 
ams, statesman; ed. at a variety of schools, 
at home, in Washington and abroad, fol- 
lowing his father's changes of residence; 
grad. Harvard, 1870; studied in Harvard 
Law School 1 yr. ; went as sec. to his father 
to Geneva, where latter was arbitrator upon 
the Alabama claims under "Treaty of 
Washington." Admitted to bar; practiced 
law until 1881; m. 1889, Evelyn, d. Admiral 
Charles Henry Davis. Resumed law prac- 
tice; lecturer Boston Univ. Sch. of Law. 
Author: The Emancipation of Massachusetts; 
The Law of Civilization and Decay, Sll; 
America's Economic Supremacy; The New 
Empire, 1902 Ml; Centralization and the 
Law, 1906. Residence: Quincy, Mass. Office: 
23 Court St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Cbarles DarTvin, prof. Greek, 
Dartmouth Coll., since 1893; b. Keene, N. 
H., Oct. 21, 1856; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 
1877; studied Andover Theol. Sem., 1879-81, 
Ph. D., Kiel, 1891; instr. Greek, Gushing 
Acad., 1881-4; prof. Greek, Drury Coll., 
1884-93. Editor Lyrics, Selected Speeches, 
1906. Pres. Classical Assn. of New England, 
1906-7. Address: Hanover, N. H. 

ADAMS, Charles Day, lawyer; b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., July 28, 1850; s. George and 
Angeline Nelson (Day) A., of Uxbridge, 
Mass.; A.B., Harvard, 1873; m. Aug. 3, 1881, 
Sarah Jane Kelley, of Woburn, Mass. Law- 
yer, Boston and Woburn, Mass., since 1875; 
mgr. trust estates; real estate investments; 
probate practice and conveyancing; mem. 
and sec. Woburn Sch. Bd. ; city solicitor; 
special justice District Court; practices U. S. 
Dist. and Sup. Courts. Mason. Republican. 
Residence: Woburn, Mass. Office: 23 Court 
St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Cliarles E^lislia, mcht., capital- 
ist; b. Lowell, Mass., Apr. 16, 1841; ^. Elisha 
and Sally Howe (Prouty) A.; ed. pub. schs., 
Lowell; m. Dec. 10, 1873, Ida M. Barrett. 
Clerk in hardware store, Lowell, 1856-61; 
pres. Adams Hardware & Paint Co., Lowell, 
since 1868; actively interested in telephone 
and elec. matters. Pres. Bradley Stone 
Electric Storage Battery Co., 1893-4; dir. 
Erie Telegraph & Telephone Co., 1884-99, 
N.W. Tel. Exchange Co., Minneapolis, 1884- 
99, Cleveland Telephone Co., 1884-99. S.W. 
Telegraph & Telephone Co., Texas and Ark.. 
1884-99; pres. Boston & New York Telegraph 
& Telephone Co., 1900-01; now pres. Merri- 
mack River Savings Bank, Lowell, Mass., 
Mass. State Bd. Trade; dir. Wamesit Nat. 
Bank, Lowell, Mass. Rep. in legislature, 
1887-8; pres. Lowell Bd. Trade, 1889-90; U.S. 
alternate comm'r from Mass., World's Fair, 
Chicago, 1893; Mass. commr., Paris Expn., 
1900; chmn. Mass. Comm'n, Buffalo Expn., 
1901. Pres. Mass. State Soc, S.A.R.; mem. 
Soc. Colonial Wars, Lowell Hist. Soc, Pil- 
grims of U.S.; Nat. Paint, Oil & Varnish 
Assn., Boston Stationers' Assn., N.E. Hard- 
ware Dealers' Assn., Royal Arcanum. Ma- 
son (32°). Clubs: Republican, Massachusetts, 
Paint & Oil (Boston) ; Vesper Country (Low- 
ell). Address: 305 Summer St., Lowell, Mass. 

ADAMS, Cliarles Follen, author; b. Dor- 
chester, Mass., April 21, 1842; ed. common 




school. Was in 13th Mass. inf. in Civil War, 
wounded and taken prisoner at Gettys- 
burg. In 1872 began contributing to period- 
icals humorous poems in German dialect. 
Author: Leedle Yawcob Strauss, and Other 
Poems, L3; Dialect Ballads, HI; also book- 
lets—Dot Long-Handled Dipper, Vas Mar- 
riage a Failure? and Der Oak und Der 
Vine, TIO. Address: 59 Waverly St., Rox- 
bury, Boston. 

ADAMS, diaries Francis, hist, writer; 
b. Boston, May 27, 1835; s. diplomat of 
same name; grad. Harvard, 1856 (LL. D., 
1895); m. Nov. 8, 1865, Mary Ogden. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1858; served in Union army 
through Civil War; bvt. brig. -gen., U. S. 
A., May, 1865. Became identified with ry. 
interests; apptd. mem. bd. of ry. comm'rs 
of Mass., 1869; pres. Union Pacific Ry., 
1884; pres. Mass. Hist. Soc, 1895. Author: 
Chapters on Erie and Other Essays; Rail- 
roads, their Origin and Problems; Notes 
on Railway Accidents; Massachusetts, Its 
Historians and Its History; Three Episodes 
of Massachusetts History; Life of Charles 
Francis Adams; Richard Henry Dana, a 
Biography; A College Fetich; Lee at Ap- 
pomattox and other Papers; Three Phi Beta 
Kappa Addresses, etc. Kesidence: S. Lincoln, 
Mass. OfUce: 23 Court St.. Boston. 

ADAMS, Cliarles Francis, II, lawyer; b. 
Quincy, Mass., Aug. 2, 1866; s. John Quincy 
and Fanny (Crowningshield) A.; g.-g.- 
grandson of John Adams; A.B., cum laude, 
1888, Harvard; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1892; read law in office of Sigourney Butler, 
of Boston; was admitted to Suffolk bar, 
1893; married. Began practice with his 
law preceptor, but later with Judge Everett 
C. Bumpus until death of father, 1894; trus- 
tee Adams Real Estate Trust, Boston Ground 
Rent Trust, etc. ; mem. Quincy City Council, 
1893-5, mayor, 1896, 1897; elected treas. 
Corpn. Harvard Coll., 1898. Mem. Soc. May- 
flower Descendants, Boston Bar Assn., Delta 
Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Delta Phi. Clubs: 
Quincy Yacht, Eastern Yacht, Corinthian 
Yacht, Hull Yacht, etc. Residence: Concord, 
Mass. Office: 23 Court St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Charles H., business manager 
Boston Advertiser and Record; clerk and 
dir. Advertiser Newspaper Co. ; pres. and 
dir. Union Trust Co., Templeton St. Ry. Co., 
Peoples Gas & Electric Co., Alpha Invest- 
ment Co. ; trustee and mem. finance com. 
Melrose Savings Bank; dir. Melrose Nat. 
Bank. Mem. Mass. State Bd. of Charity. 
Residence: Melrose, Mass. Office: 309 Wash- 
ington St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Charles HemmenTvay, editor; 
b. Fairfield, Conn., Sept. 26, 1845; .y. Rev. 
Charles Robert and Marion (Scott) A.; B.A., 
Yale, 1866. Asso. editor Hartford Courant 
since 1888. Residence: Sigourney House. 
OfRce: 66 State St., Hartford, Conn. 

ADAMS, Charles Rohei't, banker; b. Wal- 
lingford. Conn., Dec. 2, 1858; s. Robert J. 
and Eliza J. (Leonard) A.; prep, ed'n Wor- 
cester (Mass.) Acad.; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1880 (Phi Beta Kappa) ; m. Boston, June 24, 
1896, Abbie Parker. Asst. prin. Monson 
(Mass.) Acad., 1880-1; in clothing business, 
Holyoke, Mass., 1881-8; trustee and admin- 
istrator estates, Boston, since 1888; sec. Am. 

Boot and Shoe Reporting Co., 1891-1904; 
mem. banking firm of Jose, Parker & Co. 
since 1904. Republican. Protestant. Clubs: 
Brookline Country, Boston City, Chestnut 
Hill. Residence: Brookline, Mass. Office: 78 
Devonshire St., Bos'ton. 
ADAMS, Charles Snmner, physician; b. 
Carlisle, Mass., Oct. 12, 1869; ^. Charles Ed- 
win and Vivian (Brown) A. ; grad. Berwick 
(Me.) Acad., 1891; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 
1894; m. 1st, S. Berwick, Me., Oct. 18, 1894, 
Katherine Oakes; m. 2d, Hillsboro, N.H., 
Oct. 10, 1900, Frances G. Manahan. Has 
practiced in Wollaston, Mass., since 1894; 
med. examiner for 10 life ins. cos. ; dir. 
Wollaston Cooperative Bank. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mefn. Am. Med. Assn., Mass. Med. 
Soc, Norfolk S. Dist. Med. Soc. Mason, 
K.T., Shriner; mem. I.O.O.F., Royal Arca- 
num. Club: Unitarian. Address: Wollaston, 

ADAMS, Clarence Winfred, lumber 
dealer and mfr. ; b. Sutton, N.H., Aug. 30, 
1873; 5. Jacob Kimball and Hattie A. (Hurd) 
A.; grad. Simonds Free High Sch., 1892, 
Eastman Bus. Coll., Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 
bus. course, 1893, stenography, 1895; m. War- 
ner, N.H., June 7, 1898, Luella Chase Adams. 
Began active career as dealer in grain, hay 
and lumber, Warner, N.H., 1896; in lumber 
business in W.Va., 1897-1900; justice of the 
peace, selectman. Republican. Mason (Blue 
Lodge and Chapter) ; mem. Patrons of Hus- 
bandry. Address: Warner, N.H. 

ADAMS, Comfort Avery, educator, elec. 
eng'r; b. Cleveland, Nov. 1, 1868; s. Comfort 
Avery and Katherine Emily (Peticolas) A. ; 
S. B., Case Sch. of Applied Science, Cleve- 
land, 1890, E. E., 1905; student mathematics 
and physics, Grad. Sch. of Arts and Sciences, 
Harvard, 1891-3; ni. Greenfield, Mass., June 
21, 1894, Elizabeth Challis Parsons. Asst. in 
physics. Case Sch. of Applied Science, 1886- 
90; designing eng'r, 1890-1; instr., 1891-6, 
asst. prof., 1896-1906, prof. elec. eng'ring, 
since 1906, Harvard; consulting elec. eng'r 
for Stone & Webster, Boston, 1902-6, Am. 
Tool & Machine Co., Boston, since Jan., 
1905; mem. Internat. Jury of Awards (dept. 
of electricity), St. Louis Exp'n, 1904. Uni- 
tarian. Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and Sci- 
ences; mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs (chmn. 
Boston branch, 1905-6), A. A. A. S., Electro- 
Chem. Soc, Illuminating Eng'ring Soc, Soc 
for Promotion Eng'ring Ed'n, Economic 
Club (Boston), etc. Author: Dynamo Design 
Schedules, H19; also articles on kindred sub- 
jects. Club: Harvard Union. Residence: 13 
Farrar St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Edward S., mcht. and mfr. ; b. 
Fall River, Mass., June 15, 1856: s. Robert 
and Lydian (Stow) A.; grad. Fall River 
High Sch., 1872; Ph.B., Brown Univ., 1879; 
m. Dedham, Mass., 1897, Carrie M. Smith. In 
book and stationery business at Fall River; 
also pres. Narragansett Mills; dir. Mechan- 
ics' Mills, Cornell Mills, Massasoit Pocasset 
Nat. Bank; mem. City Council, Fall River, 
1882, 1883, 1884; mem. Sch. Com. since 1894 
(chmn. since 1904) ; trustee Bradford Durfee 
Textile Sch. ; treas. Home for Aged People. 
Residence: 660 Rock St. Office: 85 S. Main St., 
Fall River, Mass. 

ADAMS, Forrest, optician, apothe- 
cary; b. Dead River, Me., 1869; s. Winfleld S. 
and Helen (Wing) A., and descendant of 




James A., h. Groton, Mass., about 1730; pub. 
sch. ed'n; studied medicine under Dr. Abby 
M. Fulton, Ellsworth, Me., and took two 
courses of lectures at Harvard Med. Sch. ; 
certificate State Bd. of Pharmacy, Me., 1890; 
M.D., Med. Sch. of Wis., 1894; O.P.D., Phila. 

. Coll. of Optics, 1903; m. Jonesport, Me., 1902, 
Ida Lamson. Engaged in gen. practice of 
medicine at Skowhegan, Me., 1894-6; entered 
business of apothecary in Washington Co., 
Me., 1897, and has since combined practice 
of ophthalmology with business of apothe- 
cary and jeweler; mem. med. staff 2d Regt., 
M.V.M., 1890; 1st hosp. steward Ambulance 
Corps, State of Me., 1891-4; trial justice, 
Washington Co., 1908. Mem. K. of P. (Dep- 
uty Grand Chancellor, Washington Co., 1901, 
1902, 1903). Address: Jonesport, Me. 

ADAMS, Franli S., farmer, cattle comm'r 
of Me.; h. Bowdoin, Me., Sept. 19, 1852; .s. 
Samuel and Hannah P. (Wilson) A. ; ed. pub. 
schs. and Bowdoinham High Sch. ; m. Bow- 
doin, Sept. 9, 1880, Ella C. Purinton. Select- 
man town of Bowdoin 12 yrs. (chmn. 6 yrs.); 
mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1895; comm'r Sagado- 
hoc Co. since 1896; state cattle comm'r since 
1898; mem. State Bd. Agri. 6 yrs. (pres. 1 
yr.); pres. State Dairy Assn. since 1904.' 
Republican. Universalist. Mem. Me. Grange. 
Address: Bowdoinham, Me. 

ADAMS, George Burton, educator and 
author; b. Fairfield, Vt., June 3, 1851; .y. Rev. 
Calvin Carlton and Emeline (Nelson) A. ; ed. 
Beloit Coll., Yale and Univ. of Leipzig (B.D., 
Ph.D., Litt.D.); m. 1878, Ida Clance. Prof, 
history, Drury Coll., 1877-88, Yale, since 1888. 
Editor Am. Hist. Rev. Mem. Am. Hist. 
Assn. (v. -p.; mem. Exec. Council, 1891-7, 
1898-1901), Am. Antiq. Soc, etc. Editor: 
Duruy's Middle Ages, H4; Bemont and Mo- 
nod's Medieval Europe, H4; Select Docu- 
ments of English Constitutional History, Ml. 
Author: Civilization During the Middle Ages, 
S3; The Growth of the French Nation, Ml; 
European History, Ml; Vol. II in Hunt and 
•Poole's Political History of England, L4; 
also many articles and addresses. Address: 
57 Edgehill Rd., New Haven, Conn. 

ADAMS, Georg-e Herbert, lawyer; h. 
Campton, N. H., May 18, 1851; s. Isaac L. 
and Louisa C. (Blair) A.; prep, ed'n Kimball 
Union Acad., Meriden, N. H. ; A. B., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1873; m. Meredith, N. H., June 
14, 1877, Sarah Katherine Smith. Began 
practice at Plymouth, N. H., 1876; mem. firm 
of Burleigh & Adams, since July, 1879; pres. 
Pemigwassett Nat. Bank; trustee Plymouth 
Guaranty Savings Bank; dir. Pemigwassett 
Valley R. R., White Mountain Telephone 
Co., Plymouth Electric Light Co. Mem. N. 
H. Const'l Conv., 1876; N. H. Ho. of Reps., 
1883, 1884, senate, 1899, 1900, 1905, 1906; judge 
advocate gen., staff of Gov. J. B. Smith, 
1893, 1894; ins. comm'r, N. H., since 1905. 
Republican. Mem. N. H. Bar Assn. Club: 
Wonalancet (Concord, N. H.) Address: Ply- 
mouth, N. H. 

ADAMS, Ivers W., treas. Am. Net. & 
Twine Co. ; dir. Commercial Nat. Bank. 
.Residence: 98 Washington St., Dorchester. 
Omce: 287 Atlantic Av., Boston. 

ADAMS, James Forster AUeyne, phy- 
sician; b. Boston, Mar. 20, 1844; s. William 
Joseph and Deborah Forster (Chickering) 
A.; ed. Dedham High Sch., 1856-60, Law- 

rence Scientific Sch., Harvard, 1860-2; M.D., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1866; m. Washington, 
D.C., Oct. 20, 1870, Annah B. N. Bailey. 
Acting med. cadet, U.S.A., July-Dec, 1862; 
med. cadet, Dec, 1862-Dec., 1863; acting 
asst. surgeon, U.S.N., Feb., 1864-Feb., 1865, 
has practiced in Pittsfield, Mass., since Nov.. 
1867; chmn. Bd. Trustees Mass, State Sana- 
torium, Rutland, Aug., 1906-Aug., 1907. Mem, 
Mass. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., G.A.R., 
Loyal Legion, S.A.R. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Club: Monday Evening. Address. 
114 Wendell Av., Pittsfield, Mass. 

ADAMS, James Meade, journalist, au- 
thor; b. Nashua, N.H., June 26, 1862; .y. 
James P. and Anna G. (Page) A. ; ed. pub. 
schs., Weare, N.H. ; m. Lynn, Mass., Sept. 
22, 1890, Maria Dame. Worked at printer's 
trade about 1 yr. in N.H. ; since 1883 in news- 
paper work and contb'r of verse and prose 
to many lit. papers and mags. ; asso. editor 
American Young Folks, Manchester, N.H., 
1884; messenger N.H. senate, 1887-90, ser- 
geant-at-arms, 1895-7; statistical agt. for 
U.S. Dept. Agr. for N.H., 1890-3; Republican. 
Editorial writer and editor, Nashua (N.H.) 
Daily Telegraph, 1889-99; 5 months resident 
in pioneer Am. colony in Cuba, 1900. Mem. 
N.H. Press Assn. Author: Pioneering in 
Cuba, 1901 Lll. Residence: N. Weare, N.H. 

ADA3IS, Jolin Chester, educator; b. Lew- 
iston. Me., Feb. 7, 1874; .?. John Samuel and 
Harriet Ada (Marr) A.; B.A., 1896, M.A., 
1898, Ph.D., 1904, Yale; post-grad, course, 
Harvard, 1899-1900; m. New Haven,. Conn., 
Apr. 8, 1901, Mary Elizabeth Munger. Teach- 
er in New Haven High Sch., 1897-8; English 
master. The Taft Sch., 1898-9; instr. English 
literature, 1900-8, asst. prof, of English lit 
erature since 1908, Yale. Club: Graduates'. 
Author of an edition of Carlyle's Heroes. 
1907. Residence: 75 Mansfield St., New Ha- 
ven, Conn. 

ADAMS, Jolin Coleman, Universalist 
clergyman; b. Maiden, Mass., Oct. 25, 1849; 
grad. Tufts Coll., 1870 (B. D. ; A. M., foi 
work done; D. D.) Pastorates: Newton, 
Lynn, Chicago, Brooklyn; mem. Authors' 
Club; trustee Tufts Coll., Universalist gen, 
convention. Author: The Leisure of God; 
Christian Types of Heroism; The Father- 
hood of God; Nature Studies in Berk 
shire; Life of William Hamilton Gibson, 
1901 P2; An Honorable Youth; Short Studies 
in the Larger Faith. Address: 83 Sigourney 
St., Hartford, Conn. 

ADAMS, Manley U., treas. Cabot Mfg. Co., 
Clinton Mills Co., Winthrop Mills Co., 
Fisher Mfg. Co. ; dir. Old Boston Nat. Bank. 
Residence: W. Newton, Mass. Office: 70 Kilby 
St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Melvin Ohio, lawyer; b. Ash- 
burnham, Mass., Nov. 7, 1850; .y. Joseph and 
Dolly W. (Whitney) A., and descended from 
John Adams (soldier of the Revolution), 
Cambridge, 1650; ed. pub. sch. and Appleton 
Acad., New Ipswich, N.H. ; A.B., Dart- 
mouth, 1871; LL.B., Boston Univ., 1874; m 
Jan. 20, 1874, Mary Colony, of Fitchburg, 
Mass. Lawyer in Boston since 1876; asst. 
dist. atty., 1876-86; U.S. atty., 1895-1906; pres, 
Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad; 
v.-p. Liberty Trust Co.; trustee Dartmouth 
Coll.; pres. Trustees, Gushing Acad.; asst. 
adjt. gen., staff Gov. Brackett, with rank of 




col., 1890-1. Clubs: Union, Unitarian, Uni- 
versity, Exchange, Boston Yacht. Residence: 
36 Beacon St. Ofiice: 635 Tremont Bldg., 

ADAMS, Myron A., mfr. and dairyman; b. 
Derby, Vt., Nov. 28, 1849; 5. Auretus F. and 
Jane (Weeden) A.; ed. pub. schs. and Derby 
Acad.; m. Nov. 21, 1873, Clara E., d. Chester 
Carpenter, of Derby. Treas. and ex-pres. Vt. 
Dairymen's Assn.; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 
1896-8; supt. schs., Derby, 1896-1906; mem. 
State Fair Comm'n, 1907-10. Address: Derby, 

ADAMS, Oscar Fay, author, lecturer upon 
literature and architecture; b. Worcester, 
Mass.; ed. in public and private schools, 
Leicester Acad., Mass.; grad. N. J. State 
Normal School. Unmarried. Author: Hand- 
Book of English Authors, 01; Hand-Book of 
American Authors, H5; Through the Year 
with the Poets (12 vols, edited), L9; Post- 
Laureate Idyls, L9; Chapters from Jane 
Austen (edited); Morris's "Atalanta'a 
Race," with Notes (edited); Dear Old Story 
Tellers, L9; The Poet's Year (edited), L3; 
The Story of Jane Austen's Life, L3; The 
Presumption of Sex, L3; Dictionary of 
American Authors (5th edition, enlarged),- 
1905; The Archbishop's Unguarded Mo- 
ment, and Other Stories, P3; Some Famous 
American Schools, E3; Sicut Patribus and 
Other Verse, XI. Am. editor of The Henry 
Irving Shakespeare. Clubs: Boston Authors 
(sec. since 1892), New Hampshire. Address: 
The Hermitage, Willow St., Boston. 

ADAMS, Robert John, clergyman; b. N. 
Granville, N.Y., Sept. 1, 1829; s. John and 
Betsey (Merriam) A.; grad. Williams Coll., 
1853, Rochester Theol. Sem., 1855; (D.D., 
Brown Univ., 1875); m. 1st, Granville, N.Y., 
July, 1855, Eliza Jane Mason; m. 2d, Cam- 
bridge, Mass., May 4, 1899, H. Anna Rich- 
ardson. Ordained to Bapt. ministry, 1855; 
pastor Wallingford, Conn., 1855-1869, Hol- 
yoke, Mass., 1869-86, Stoughton St. Bapt. Ch., 
Boston, 1886-93. Gen. sec. Newton Theol. 
Inst'n and Worcester Acad., 7 yrs. ; treas. 
Northern Bapt. Ed'n Soc. since 1896; sec. 
Mass. Bapt. Charitable Soc. since 1892. 
Trustee and mem. Exec. Com., Am. Bapt. 
Missionary Union; mem. Finance Com., 
Mass. Bapt. Misionary Soc; trustee Newton 
Theol. Inst'n; chmn. Exec. Com., Worces- 
ter Acad. ; sec. Gardner Colby Ministerial 
Relief Soc. Residence: 42 Trowbridge St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

ADAMS, Warren Anstin, educator; b. 
Skaneateles, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1861; s. Emer- 
son H. and Annette (Austin) A.; grad. Yale, 
1886; studied, univs. Berlin and Munich, 
1888-9; grad. student New York Univ., 1890-1, 
Cornell, 1892-3, Yale, 1893-5; Ph.D., Yale, 
1895; m. Chicago, Sept. 2, 1896, Grace Smith. 
Instr. Latin and Roman history, Kenyon 
Mil. Acad., Gambler, O., 1886-7; instr. Ger- 
man, French, Latin and Greek, Montclair 
(N. J.) Mil. Acad., 1889-91; instr. German, 
Cornell, 1891-3; instr. German, Yale, 1893-9; 
asst. prof. German, 1899-1904, prof. German 
since 1904, Dartmouth Coll. Cong'list. Mem. 
Modern Language Assn. of America. Editor: 
Goethe's Hermann und Dorothea; Keller's 
Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe. Address: 
Hanover, N. H. 

ADAMS, Wilbur F.i b. Hopkinton, Mass., 
Mar. 6, 1865; s. Amos R. and Sarah E. (Fisk) 

A., and descendant of Henry A., Braintree. 
Mass., about 1632; grad. Hopkinton High 
Sch. and Comer's Bus. Coll. ; m. Hopkinton, 
Oct. 28, 1888, Hattie A. Phipps. Bookkeeper 
and salesman Norton Door Check and Spring 
Co., 8 yrs.; for 9 yrs. connected with W. A. 
Murtfeldt Co., constr'n of sidewalks, asphalt 
floors, etc.; now with E. R. Taylor Co., 
concrete eng'rs and contractors; mem. Com- 
mon Council, Boston, 1897, 1898, Bd. of Al- 
dermen, 1899-1900; mem. Mass. State Legis- 
lature, 1901-2. Mason. Republican. Address- 
164 Federal St., Boston. 

ADAMS, W^illiam W^isner, clergyman; b. 
Painesville, O., Aug. 15, 1831; s. Rev. Will- 
iam Murphy (Presbyterian clergyman) and 
Sophia Cooley (Farnsworth) A.; A.B., Will- 
iams Coll., 1855 (D.D., 1873); grad. Union 
Theol. Sem., New York, 1858; m. Wells 
River, Vt., Oct. 18, 1864, Mary Augusta 
Cooper, of Beloit, Wis. (died Sept. 2, 1891). 
Ordained to ministry Cong'l Ch., 1858; pas- 
tor, Burlington, la., 6 mos., Como, 111. (home 
missionary), 1860, Presb. Ch., Beloit, Wis., 
1861-3, 1st Cong'l Ch., Fall River, Mass., 
since Nov. 8, 1863; has printed many ser- 
mons; spent 1 yr. in Europe, Egypt, Syria; 
trustee Williams Coll. since 1883; was mem. 
Sch. Bd., Fall River, 15 yrs. Independent 
Republican. Mem. Victoria Inst., London, 
Eng., Am. Economic Assn., Egypt Explora- 
tion Soc, Palestine Exploration Soc. Ad- 
dress: 111 June St., Fall River, Mass. 

ADDEMAN, Josbna Melanctbon; A.B. 
Brown Univ., 1862, A.M., 1865; served in 
U. S. Vols., 1862-5; mustered out as capt. ; 
admitted to bar, 1866, and since in practice 
at Providence. Clerk Common Council, 1867- 
81; sec. of state, R. I., 1872-87; comm'r to 
revise the R. I. laws, 1880. V.-p. Industrial 
Trust Co. Author: Public Statutes of R. I., 
1882; also various addresses on civil and 
mil. subjects, and official publications. 
Address: 49 Westminster St., Providence. 

ADDISON, Daniel Dulany, clergyman, 
author; b. Wheeling, W. Va., March 11, 
1863; s. Thomas Grafton and Marie E. A.; 
grad. Union Coll., 1883 (D. D. 1901); grad. 
Episcopal Theol. School, Cambridge, Mass.; 
m. Feb. 20, 1889, Julia de Wolf Gibbs. Asst. 
Christ Ch., Springfield, Mass., 1886-9; rector 
St. Peter's Ch., Beverly, Mass., 1889-95; All 
Saints' Ch., Brookline, Mass., since 1895; 
pres. Beverly Hosp., 1892-95; trustee Pub- 
lic Library, Brookline; examining chaplain 
to Bishop of Mass.; registrar of the diocese 
of Massachusetts; trustee College of 
Monrovia, Liberia; pres. Brookline Ed'n 
Soc. ; dir. The Church Temperance Soc. 
Mem. exec. com. Archdeaconry of Boston, 
Boston Clericus; v.-p. trustees Donation for 
Ed'n in Liberia; knighted by govt, of Li- 
beria, 1904. Club: Boston Authors,' Twenty, 
Round Table. Author: Lucy Larcom, Life, 
Letters and Diary, 1894 H5; Phillips Brooks, 
1894 Lll; Life and Times of Edward Bass, 
First Bishop of Massachusetts, 1897 H5; All 
Saints' Church, Brookline, 1896 U15; The 
Clergy in American Life and Letters, 1900 
Ml; The Episcopalians, 1904 Bl. Address: All 
Saints' Church, Brookline, Mass. 

ADDISOIV, Julia de IVolf, author, art 
designer; b. Boston, Feb. 24, 1866; d. Frank- 
lin and Ann de Wolf (Lovett) Gibbs; child- 
hood spent in England, where was taught 




by pvt. governess; returned to Boston, 1878, 
attended pvt. schs. ; art student in Eng- 
land, Italy and Boston; m. Brookline, Mass., 
Feb. 20, 1889, Rev. Daniel Dulany Addison. 
Designer of ecclesiastical ornament, metal 
work, mosaic, embroideries, etc. Illumina- 
tor on vellum, heraldic work and other 
decorative material. Dir. Brookline Sch. 
Museum. Mem. Boston Art Students' Ass'n 
(now The Copley Soc), Actors' Church Al- 
liance; incorporator Soc. Arts and Crafts. 
Author: Florestane the Troubadour, 1903 
E3; Art of the Pitti Palace, 1903 P3; Classic 
Myths in Art, 1904 P3; Art of the National 
Gallery, 1905 P3. Also plays: A False Note; 
Blighted Buds. Also music of songs: 
Wouldn't You Like to Know? P21; What Is 
That to You? P21. Music: Amateur Pho- 
tographer, 1885; First Toboggan, 1886; Ca- 
jolerie, 1887; Palinode, 1886; The Night 
Hath a Thousand Eyes, 1888; Art of the 
Dresden Gallery, 1906; and several Easter 
and Christmas carols:— all D2. Address: 
Brookline, Mass. 

ADIEl, AndrcTv, pres. Scotia Worsted Mills, 
Strathmore Worsted Mills; treas.*- Moore 
Spinning Co.; prop'r Saxony Worsted Mills. 
Residence: Chestnut Hill. Office: 157 Federal 
St., Boston. 

ADLiESR, Max, mfr. ; b. Bavaria, Germany, 
Oct. 14, 1840; s. Sigismund and Barbetta 
(Osterweis) A.; came to America with par- 
ents, 1841; pub. sch. ed'n; m. New Haven, 
Conn., Oct. 21, 1866, Esther Myers. Success- 
ively errand boy, clerk, cashier, gen. mgr. 
dry goods store. New Haven; mgr. dry goods 
store, New York, 1859-62; returned to New 
Haven and was mgr. dry goods store, 1862-6 ; 
entered firm I. Strouse & Co., corset mfrs., 
1866; is senior mem. of present firm, Strouse, 
Adler & Co. (factories employ 2,000 hands). 
Served in Conn, militia 7 yrs. ; has been 
mem. New Haven Bd. Ed'n; comm'r to At- 
lanta Exp'n, 1895; comm'r on trade schs., 
reporting to Conn. Legislature, 1905; pres. 
New Haven Permanent Paving Comm'n. 
Trustee New Haven Trust Co., Nat. Savings 
Bank; dir. 1st Nat. Bank, Mercantile Safe 
Deposit Co., New Haven Water Co., South- 
ern N. E, Telephone Co., The Peck Bros. & 
Co., The Conn. Computing Machine Co., etc. 
Republican. Hebrew. Mason. Mem. B'nai 
B'rith. Clubs: Union League, Quinnipiack, 
Harmonic. Residence: 127 Greene St. Office: 
84 Olive St., New Haven, Conn. 

AGARD, William Ansrnstns, pres. Wm. 
Sumner Belting Co.; b. Hartford, Conn., 
Dec. 13, 1848; .y. Ransel Hall and Maria A. 
(Sumner) A.; ed. Hartford High Sch.; grad. 
E. Greenwich (R. I.) Acad., 1869; m. S. 
Windsor, Conn., Sept. 15, 1874, Catherine E. 
Bissell. In collection dept., William Sumner 
& Co., Cincinnati, 1870-5; gen. mgr. Capital 
City Gas Light Co., Des Moines, la., 1876-87; 
mgr. The Underwood Mfg. Co., and The 
Wm. Sumner Belting Co., since 1889, of 
which is also pres.; pres. Savings Bank of 
Tolland; dir. Tolland Aqueduct Co.; mem. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1904, 1905. Address: Tol- 
land, Conn. 

AGASSIZ, Alexander (dumanuel Ro- 
dolphe), naturalist; b. Neuchatel, Switzer- 
land, Dec. 17, 1835; s. late Prof. Jean Louis 
Rodolphe and Cecile (Braun) A.; came to U. 
S., 1849; A B., Harvard, 1855; B. S., Law- 
rence Scientific Sch., 1857; tn. Brookline, 

Mass., Nov. 13, 1860, Anna Russell. Asst. on 
U. S. Coast Survey in Calif., 1859; asst. in 
zoology, Mus. Comparative Zoology, Har- 
vard, 1860-5; developed and was supt., 1865- 
9, Calumet & Hecla copper mines. Lake Su- 
perior; dir. Anderson Sch. of Natural His- 
tory on Penikese Island, 1874; mem. expd'n 
to S. America, 1875, where inspected copper 
mines of Peru and Chili and made surveys 
of Lake Titicaca; curator Mus. Comparative 
Zoology, 1874-85, dir. same, since 1902; has 
made gifts to the museum aggregating over 
$1,000,000; also valuable W. Indian, Central, 
S. America and Pacific zool. collection, 1898. 
Assisted Sir Charles Wyville Thomson in 
classifying the collections of the expd'n of 
the Challenge!' in her voyage of 68,900 miles 
of deep-sea exploration, 1872-6; spent win- 
ters 1876-81 in deep-sea dredging in W. In- 
dies on board U. S. Coast Survey steamer 
Blake; in charge of expd'n to the Sandwich 
Islands, the West Indies, the Fiji Islands, 
the Great Basin Reef of Australia; in 
charge of expd'n of U. S. S. Albatross to the 
Panamic regions and Galapagos, to the cen- 
tral Pacific and to the eastern Pacific. Was 
overseer of Harvard and fellow same until 
1885. Apptd. by Emperor William of Ger- 
many, mem. Order of Merit, 1902; Officer 
Legion of Honor of France, 1896; foreign 
mem. Acad. Science, Paris, London, Vienna, 
Munich, Rome, Stockholm, Copenhagen; 
pres. Nat. Acad, of Sciences; mem. Am. 
Acad. Arts and Sciences (pres. 1898), A. A. 
A. S., etc. Author: Seaside Studies in Nat- 
ural History (with Mrs. Elizabeth Cabot 
Agassiz), 1865; Marine Animals of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, 1871; Explorations of Lake Ti- 
ticaca; Three Cruises of the Blake; Revision 
of the Echini; Coral Reefs of Florida, Ba- 
hamas, Bermudas, W. Indies, of the Pacific, 
of the Maldives; Panamic Deep Sea Echini; 
Hawaiian Echini, Embryological Memoirs 
on Fishes, Worms, Echinoderms, etc. Ad- 
dress: Cambridge, Mass. 

AGASSIZ, Rodolplie Louis, capitalist; 
A.B., Harvard, 1892. Pres. and dir. Tecumseh 
Copper Co., v. -p. and dir. Am. Zinc Extrac- 
tion Co., Frontenac Copper Co., Gratiot Min- 
ing Co., Manitou Mining Co., LaSalle Copper 
Co., Superior Copper Co.; 3d v.-p. and dir. 
Calumet & Hecla Mining Co. ; treas. and dir. 
Ashburton Mining Co., Coeur d'Alene Min- 
ing Co., Contention Mining Co., Marysville 
Dredging Co., N. E. Exploration Co.; sec, 
treas. and dir. Smuggler Union Mining Co.; 
dir. State St. Trust Co., Am. Trust Co., 
Walter Baker Co., Ltd., Wonderland Co., 
United Zinc & Chem. Co., Hotel Somerset 
Co., Centennial Copper Mining Co., Allouez 
Mining Co. Residence: Hamilton, Mass. 
Office: 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

AIKEN, John Adams, jurist; b. Green- 
field, Mass., Sept. 16, 1850; s. David and 
Mary E. (Adams) A.; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 
1874; prin. Northfield (Mass.) Acad.; attend- 
ed Harvard Law Sch.; admitted to bar, 1876; 
m. Baltimore, Md., Mar. 25, 1895, Maria Will- 
ard Dickinson. Practiced with his father in 
Greenfield several yrs., and then alone. 
Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1883; dist. atty.. 
Northwestern Dist., 1890-7; justice since 
1898, chief justice since 1905, Superior Court 
of Massachusetts. Democrat. Clubs: Union, 
Athletic. Residence: Greenfield, Mass. Office: 
Court House, Pemberton Sq., Boston. 




AIKEN, Welliiigtoii Estey, educator; b. 
Benson, Vt., Dec. 30, 1876; s. James Henry 
and Mary Frances (Hawley) A. ; grad. Troy 
Conf. Acad., Poultney, Vt., 1897; A.B., Univ. 
of Vt, 1901, A.M., 1903; post-grad, study 
Chicago Univ.; m. Troy, N. Y., June 14, 1904, 
Lucy Bascom. Head of Dept. of Englisti, 
Mt. Hermon Sch., Mt. Hermon, Mass., since 
Sept., 1901; contb'r to edn'l pubs, and occa- 
sional pub. speaker. Mem. Phii Beta Kappa, 
N.E.A., Sigma Nu. Address: Mt. Hermon, 

AIKEN, William Appleton, mfr. ; b. 
Manchester, Vt., Apr. 18, 1833; s. John and 
Mary Means (Appleton) A., d. Jesse A., 
pres. Bowdoin Coll., Brunswick, Me.; ed. 
pub. and pvt. schs., Lowell, Mass., Dummer 
Acad., Byfield, Mass., Phillips Acad., An- 
dover, Mass., to 1851; m. Norwich, Conn., 
Aug. 28, 1861, Eliza Colt, only child of Hon. 
William A. Buckingham, war gov. of Conn., 
later U. S. senator. Acting asst. paymaster 
U.S.N., 1861-2; q.-m.-gen. Conn., 1862-5; dur- 
ing naval service attached to squadron in 
S. Atlantic under Rear Admiral Dupont; 
participated in first great naval battle of 
Civil War at Hilton Head, Port Royal, S. C. ; 
during the war was entrusted with several 
important special duties in Washington and 
on Southern coast; mem. Lanman & Aiken, 
wholesale grocers, Chicago, 1858-60; treas. 
Norwich Bleaching and Calendering Co., 
Norwich, Conn., 1865-9, Norwich Lock Mfg. 
Co., 1869-78; prop'r Norwich Nickel Works, 
Norwich Nickel and Brass Works; pres. 
Norwich Nickel & Brass Co. Republican. 
Mem. Nat. Geographic Soc, Soc. for Preven- 
tion of Tuberculosis, Am. Acad. Polit. and 
Social Science, Conn. Library Assn., Nat. 
Red Cross, Nat. Forestry Assn., Nat. Civil 
Service Reform League (mem. of Council 
almost from its foundation), Nat. Municipal 
Reform League, Conn. Civil Service Reform 
Assn., G.A.R., Loyal Legion, Army and 
Navy Club of. Conn., Norwich Bd. of Trade; 
trustee Otis Pub. Library, Norwich (for last 
24 yrs. pres. bd.), Broadway Cong'l Ch., 
Maplewood Cemetery. Club: Norwich. Resi- 
dence: 157 Washington St., Norwich, Conn. 

AITKEN, George, farmer; b. Scotland, 
Jan. 5, 1852; ,<r. Thomas and Margaret A.; 
ed. in Scotland; arrived in America, 1873; m. 
New York, Sept. 27, 1875, Margaret S. Ander- 
son. Engaged in farming and dairying in 
Vt. since 1884; state cattle comm'r, 1900-2; 
mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1904; pres. Vt. State 
Agr'l Soc, 1896, and at present time mem. 
Vt. Dairymen's Assn. (pres. 1902-4); mem. 
Bd. of Agr., 1900-Jan., 1908, when resigned 
to go to Africa (sec. 1904-8) ; elected trustee 
Vt. Sanitarium, 1908; elected, 1908, trustee 
Univ. of Vt. for 6 yrs.; chmn. Village Trus- 
tees 10 yrs. ; mem. Conservation Comm'n. 
Past Master of Woodstock Lodge, A.F. & 
A.M. Congregationalist. Address: Woodstock, 

AKERS, Joseph Henry, physician; b. 
Granby, Mass., Nov. 11, 1856; .y. Joseph 
Washington and Lucy A. (Tufts) A.; ed.' 
high sch. and by pvt. instruction; M.D., 
Dartmouth Med. Coll., 1884; post-grad, 
course in New York; vt. Providence, R. I.. 
Sept. 23, 1885, Annie Louise Sholes. Began 
practice at Fiskdale, Mass. ; removed to 
Providence, 1885; was connected for a num- 
ber of yrs. with R. I. Hosp. and for about 
13 yrs. with the Providence Lying-in Hosp. 
Mem. Providence and R. I. Med. socs.. Am. 
Med. Assn. Club: University. Residence: 42 
Cypress St. Omce: 816, N. Main St., Provi- 
dence, R. L 

ALiBEE, Helen Rickey, author, rugmak- 
er; b. Dayton, 0., Mar. 15, 1864; d. James 
and Rosaltha J. (Jones) Rickey; grad. Day- 
ton High School; later studied in New 
York as designer; m. Minneapolis, Feb. 15, 
1894, John Albee. Established, 1897, Abn&- 
kee Rug Industry; 1st rural industry in 
America to develop rug making as a handi- 
craft; has since been prominently identi- 
fied with the Arts and Crafts movement. 
Author: Mountain Playmates, 1900 H5; Ab- 
ndkee Rugs, a Manual on Rug Making, 1901 
XI. Contb'r to various mags, on topics re- 
lating to handicrafts. Residence: Pequaket, 
N. H. 

ALiBEE, Jolin, author; b. at Bellingham 
Mass., April 3, 1833; ed. at Andover and 
Cambridge; lived for many yrs. at New Cas- 
tle, N. H.; now of Chocorua, N. H. Author: 
Literary Art, 1881; Poems, 1883; History of 
New Castle, N. H., 1884; Prose Idylls, 1892; 
Biography of Henry Dexter, sculptor, 1898; 
Remembrances of Emerson, 1900. Address: 
Chocorua, N. H. 

ALiBERS, Homer, lawyer; b. Warsaw, 111. 
Feb. 28, 1863; s. Claus and Rebecca (Knoop) 
A.; A.B., Central Wesleyan Coll., Warren- 
ton, Mo., 1882; LL.B.. Boston Univ. Law 
Sch., 1885; admitted to bar, 1885; m. Fredo- 
nia, N. Y., June 26, 1889, Minnie B. Martin. 
Has practiced in Boston since 1885; lecturer 
on law at Boston Univ. and Mass. Inst. 
Tech.; declined appmt. justice Mass. Supe- 
rior Court. 1903; mem. Mass. State Bal- 
lot Law Comm'n, 1899-1905; dir. Coastwise 
Transportation Co., Trinity Copper Co. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Clubs: University, 
Art, Brae Burn Country, Commonwealth 
Country. Residence: 84 High St., Brookline, 
Mass. Office: 199 Washington St., Boston. 

ALBERTSON, Ralpli, social worker; b. 
Jamesport, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1866; .y. Richard 
and Sarepta Y. (Aldrich) A. ; ed. Greenport 
(N. Y.) Acad., 1880-4, Oberlin Coll. and 
Theol. Sem., 1888-91, and by pvt. study; m. 
1st, Greenport, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1886, Irene Mul- 
ford; 2d, Inez, Ky., May, 8, 1904; Miss Hazel 
Hammond. Ordained to Cong'l ministry, 
1890; pastor Penfield, O., 1889-91, Springfield, 
0., 1891-5; took a leading part in organization 
and management of the Christian Common- 
wealth, Andrews, N. C, and Commonwealth, 
Ga., 1895-1900. Editor: Social Gospel, 1897- 
1900, The Am. Co-operator, Lewiston, Me., 
1902-4; now on staff of The Arena. Now con- 
nected in social and civic work with Civic 
Service House, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood 
House, Boston Equal Suffrage Assn. for 
Good Gov't; sec. Nat. Public Ownership 
League, Nat. Federation for People's Rule, 
Co-operative Assn. of America, Nat. Sch. 
City League, also edn'l dir. in Filene's store, 

■ Boston. Club: Economic (Boston). Residence: 
64 Greenwood Av., Jamaica Plain. Office: 5 
Park Sq., Boston. 

AL.BIN, Jobn Henry; b. Randolph, Vt, 
Oct 17, 1843; s. John and Emilv. (White) A.; 
A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1864, A.M., 1867; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1868; m. Henniker, N. H., 
Sept. 2, 1872, Georgia A. Modica. Has prac- 
ticed in Concord, N. H., since 1868; now 
senior mem. of law firm Albin & Sawyer: 
mem. N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1872, 1873. 1876. 
Pres. Concord St. Ry., Sullivan Co. R. R. ; 
dir. Conn. River R. R., Vermont Valley 
R. R. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Medico Legal 
Soc. Republican. Episcopalian. Past grand 
master Grand Lodge of N. H., grand repre- 
sentative and grand marshal Sovereign 




Grand Lodge, I.O.O.F. ; author of Patriarch's 
Militant Degree in Odd Fellowship, and of 
Its ritual. Address: 88 N. Main St., Concord, 
N. H. 

ALiBION, James F., clergyman; b. Cohoes, 
N. Y., Sept. 11, 1860; .y. Joseph and Maria 
(Greenhalgh) A.; A.B., Tufts, 1887; B.D., 
Tufts Divinity Sch., 1890 (D.D., 1903); m. 
Worcester, Mass., Nov. 28, 1892, Alice Marion 
Lamb. Ordained to Universalist ministry, 
1890; pastor. Palmer, Mass., 1890-2, Fitch- 
burg, Mass., 1892-6, Maiden, Mass., 1896- 
1904, Portland, Me., since 1904. Mason, K.T. 
Clubs: Fraternity, Civic, Portland Country, 
Twentieth Century (Boston). Residence: 21 
Deering St., Portland, Me. 

AL.COTT, Ralpb Waldo Emerson, 
physician; b. Oriskany Falls, N. Y., Oct. 20, 
1850; s. Junis S. and Nancy Jane (Pritchard) 
A.; prep, ed'n pub. and pvt. schs. of Conn.; 
M.D., United States Med. Coll., New York, 
1881; m. Simsbury, Conn., Aug. 25, 1897, 
Tinney E. Latimer. Began practice at Avon, 
Conn., 1881; removed to W. Hartford, 1895. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Hartford 
Co. and Conn. State Med. socs.. Am. Med. 
Assn. Royal Arch Mason. Address: 23 S. 
Main St., W. Hartford, Conn. 

ALfCOTT, William Penn, clergyman; b. 
Dorchester, Mass., July 11, 1838; s. William 
Andrews (M.D.) and Phebe Lewis (Bronson) 
A.; A.B., Williams Coll., 1861; grad. An- 
dover Theol. Sem., 1865; m. 1st, Peacham, 
Vt., 1868, Sarah J. Merrill; m. 2d, Boston, 
1878, Lucy R. Davis. Ordained to Cong'l 
ministry; in charge of pastorates since 1868; 
pastor, Ipswich, Mass., since 1887. Mem. 
Williams Coll. Greenland Bxpd'n, 1860; asst. 
editor Shaff's Bible Dictionary and The Book 
of Esther, for Lowell Hebrew Club; contb'r 
to Good Health and other mags. ; frequent 
lecturer on scientific subjects; presented 
herbarium of 3,000 species to Syrian Protest- 
ant Coll., Beirut; v. -p. Boxford Library 
Assn. ; pres. Boxford Nat. Hist. Soc. ; mem. 
Am. Vegetarian Soc. Prohibitionist. Vege- 
tarian. Address: Boxford, Mass. 

ALiDEN, Cbarles H., pres. and treas. 
Charles H. Alden & Co., boots and shoes. 
Residence: Brookline, Mass. Oifice: 12 High 
St., Boston. 

AliDEN, G. Edward, pres. Internat. Rub- 
ber Co., Internat. Automobile & Vehicle Tire 
Co. (Milltown, N. J.), Newton Rubber 
Works; v.-p. Seamless Rubber Co. (New Ha- 
ven, Conn.); dir. A. H. Alden & Co. (Lon- 
don, Eng.), New York Commercial Co., East 
Boston Co. Residence: Wellesley, Mass. 
O^ce: 60 Chauncy St., Boston. 

ALiDEN, George Ii*a, mech. eng'r; b. Tem- 
pleton, Mass., Apr. 22, 1843; B.S., Harvard, 
1868; M.M.E., Cornell, 1890. Head Dept. 
Mech. Engr'ng, Worcester Poly. Inst.. 1868- 
96; treas. and consulting eng'r Norton Em- 
ery Wheel Co. and Plunger Elevator Co., 
Worcester, since 1896; mem. Worcester Sch. 
Com. since 1894. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Eng'rs. Address: 48 Queen St., Worcester, 

ALDEN, H. Bingley, pres. India Mut. Ins. 
Co. Address: 72 Kilby St., Boston. 

ALDEN, Jolin, textile chemist; b. Ran- 
dolph, Mass., May 9, 1856; 5. Adoniram and 
Mary Elizabeth (Wentworth) A.; B.S., Mass. 
Inst. Technology, 1877; in. Lawrence, Mass., 

Apr. 23, 1883, Rosa Robinson. Instr. chemis- 
try, Mass. Inst. Technology, 1877-8; in 
charge of the chemical dept. Pacific Mills, 
Lawrence, Mass., since 1878. Mem. Am. 
Chem. Soc, Soc. Chem. Industry, A.A.A.S., 
Soc. Dyers & Colorers (Eng.), Am. Blectro- 
chem. Soc, Chemists' Club (New York), 
Technology Club. Residence: Andover, Mass. 

AliDEN, Jolm E., pres. South Boston Sav- 
ings Bank. Residence: Newton, Mass. Office: 
368 W. Broadway, S. Boston. 

ALDEN, Lewis, manufacturer; b. E. Ran- 
dolph, Mass., Apr. 29, 1848; s. Lewis and 
Abigail (Belcher) A. ; ed. pub. grammar and 
high schs.; w. June 24, 1874, Harriet S. 
Hammond, of Boston. Worked in shoe fac- 
tories, 1865-78; engaged in mnf'g boots and 
shoes since 1878; dir. Holbrook Co-operative 
Bank. Trustee Holbrook Public Library 12 
yrs. Methodist. Address: Holbrook, Mass. 

ALDRICH, Albert Clinton, physician; b. 
Lisbon, N. H., Aug. 27, 1857; .y. Simon and 
Martha (Carleton) A.; A. B., Harvard, 1879, 
M.D., 1883; m. 1888, Julia, d. Hon. Jonathan 
and Eliza Ann (Carpenter) Ross, of St. 
Johnsbury, Vt. Physician, R. I. Hosp., 
1883-4; practiced in St. Johnsbury, Attleboro, 
and since Nov., 1885, in Somerville. Asst. 
surgeon 8th M.V.M., 2 years. Mason. Mem. 
Charlestown Artillery. Clubs : Central (Som- 
erville); University (Boston). Address: 262 
School St., Somerville, Mass. 

ALDRICH, Auretta Roys, author; b. 
Fletcher, Vt., 1829; d. Benedict and Melissa 
Roys; ed. in Mass.; also studied in Ger- 
many, 1879-80; m. 1850, Andrew J. Aldrich, 
Woonsocket, R. I. Author: Kindergarten 
Hand Book, 1877 B35; Children, Their Mod- 
els and Critics, HI; Life and How to Live 
It, 1900 B14. Directed translation of Bertha 
Meyer's Education of the Child; contribut- 
ed to Henry Barnard's Child Papers; also 
to various mags, and papers. Edited "Moth- 
er Queries" dept.. Childhood. Address: 
Springfield, Mass. 

ALDRICH, Charles Francis, lawyer; b. 
Worcester, Mass., Dec. 8, 1858; .y. Peleg Em- 
ory and Sarah (Woods) A. ; ed. Worcester 
pub. schs.; A.B., Yale, 1879, M.A., 1885; Har- 
vard Law Sch., 1883. Has practiced in Wor- 
cester since 1883; trustee and solicitor Wor- 
cester Co. Inst'n for Savings; referee iu 
bankruptcy. Clubs: Worcester, Quinsiga- 
mond Boat, Tatnuck Country, Grafton Coun- 
try; University (New York). Residence: 59 
Elm St. Office: 340 Main St., Worcester, 

ALDRICH, Clarence A., lawyer; b. Kil- 
lingly, Conn., Aug. 9, 1852; s. Anan and 
Abbie A. (Burgess) A.; collateral descend- 
ant of Roger Williams; grad. Lapham Inst.. 
N. Scituate, R. I., 1871; taught sch. 4 yrs.; 
law with Benjamin N. and Simon S. Lap- 
ham, Providence; admitted to bar, 1879; m. 
Providence, R. I., Jan. 25, 1887, Adeline M. 
Kennedy. Has practiced in Providence since 
Sept., 1879; asst. atty.-gen. of Rhode Island, 
1887-91; mem. R. I. Gen. Assembly, 1887, 
1903; mem. State Bd. Bar Examiners since 

1900. Clubs: Pomham, Elmwood. Address: 
42 Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 

ALDRICH, Edgar, U. S. judge, dist. of 
N. H., since 1891; b. Pittsburg, N. H., 1848; 
attended Colebrook Acad. (A.M., 1891, LL.D.. 

1901, Dartmouth); grad. Univ. of Mich., 
LL.B., 1868; m. Oct. 7, 1872, Louise M. Re- 




mick; admitted to N. H. bar, Aug., 1868; 
practiced at Colebrook, N. H., 1868-81; Lit- 
tleton, N. H., 1881-91; solicitor Coos Co., N. 
H., 1872-4 and 1876-9; mem. and speaker N. 
H. Legislature, 1885; mem. N. H. Constitu- 
tional Conv., 1902. Address: Littleton, N. H. 

ALDRICH, Bpbraim Fred, lawyer; b. 
Littleton, N. H., June 9, 1878; s. Judge Edgar 
and Louisa M. (Remick) A. ; Dartmouth 
Coll. ; studied law with Streeter, Walker & 
Hollis, Concord, N. H.; LL.B., Boston Univ. 
Law Sch. ; admitted to bar, 1902; m. Boston, 
Jan. 6, 1905, Frances Vera Powers. Practiced 
in Boston since 1902. Residence: 90 Corey 
Rd., Brighton, Mass. Office: 53 State St., 

AliDRICH, Fred Davis, teacher, author; 
b. Thompson, Conn., Nov. 12, 1866; s. Law- 
son and Eudora Converse (Davis) A. ; ed. 
pub. schs., Thompson, 1871-82, Dean Acad., 
Franklin, Mass., 1882-4; bookkeeper Slater 
Woolen Co.'s store, Webster, Mass., 1884-9; 
grad. Worcester Acad., 1891; A.B., Brown 
Univ., 1895 (Phi Beta Kappa), hon. A.M., 
1908; post-grad, work, Paris, France, sum- 
mers, 1896, 1897, Berlin and Jena, Germany, 
1898; m. Amherst, Mass., July 2, 1900, Mabel 
Emelyn Morse. Instr. modern languages 
and mathematics, 1895-1900, master in mod- 
ern languages, 1900-6, master in mathemat- 
ics since 1906, Worcester Acad. Mem. N. E. 
Modern Language Assn., Assn. of Math. 
Teachers in New England. Mem. Phi Delta 
Theta. Republican. Address: Worcester 
Acad., Worcester, Mass. 

ALiDRICH, Henry Leprelate, cotton 
goods mfr. ; A.B., Brown Univ., 1876. Pres. 
Aldrich Mfg. Co. Address: 37 Weybosset St., 
Providence, R. I. 

AliDRICH, Jefferson, banker and broker; 
b. Smithfield, R. I., Aug. 10, 1835; s. Burrill 
and Maranda (Ballou) A.; country sch. ed'n; 
m. Woonsocket, R. I., Nov., 1868, Mary Jane 
Hendrick. Raised on farm; in employ wool- 
en mfr., 5 yrs. ; bookkeeper, and later supt. 
lumber, coal and building firm, for 11 yrs. ; 
entered ins. and brokerage business about 
1880, as Sherman, Aldrich & Co., now in own 
name; notary public, justice of the peace, 
8 yrs. deputy sheriff, dir. Citizens Nat. Bank, 
1896, v.-p., 1903, pres. since June 15, 1906; 
treas. County Corp'n Trustees. Republican. 
Friend. Address: Woonsocket, R. I. 

ALDRICH, LeTvis Clarence, physician; 

■ b. Whitefield, N. H., Nov. 29, 1879; s. William 
Frank and Nellie (Burbank) A. ; grad. 
Whitefield High Sch., 1899; M.D., Maryland 
Med. Coll., Baltimore, 1902; resident phy- 
sician Franklin Sq. Hosp., Baltimore, winter 
of 1901-2. Practiced in Whitefield, N. H., 
with Dr. G. H. Morrison, 1902-6, at Jefferson, 
N. H., since. Mem. Coos Co. and New 
Hampshire Med. socs.. Am. Med. Assn. Ma- 
son, K.T.; mem. I.O.O.F., K. of P., Grange, 
Kappa Psi. Address: Jefferson, N. H. 

ALDRICH, Nelson Wilmartli, U. S. 
senator from R. I. Dec. 5, 1881-1905; b. 
Foster, R. I., Nov. 6, 1841; academic ed'n; 
is engaged in mercantile pursuits. Pres. 
Providence common council, 1871-3; mem. R. 
I. legislature, 1875-6, and its speaker, 1876; 
mem. Congress, elected for terms 1879-83, 
but resigned to take seat in Senate; Repub- 
lican. Chairman Committee on Finance, 
and Rep. leader in Senate; Republican. 
Home: Providence, R. I. 

ALDRICH, Samuel Nelson, pres. State 
Nat. Bank of Boston since Dec. 15, 1890; b. 
Upton, Mass., Feb. 3, 1839; s. Sylvanus 
Bucklin and Lucy Jane (Stoddard) A.; ed. 
Worcester Acad., Brown Univ., and Har- 
vard Law School; m. Upton, Mass., Sept., 
1865, Mary J., d. J. T. Macfarland. Ad- 
mitted to bar 1863, practiced Marlborough, 
Mass., 1863-74, after that in Boston retain- 
ing residence in Marlborough; was 9 yrs. 
mem. Marlborough School Com. ; 4 yrs. 
mem. bd. of selectmen; was pres. old Fram- 
ingham & Lowell R. R., later pres. Mass. 
Central R. R. and Central Mass. R. R. 
Mem. Mass. State senate, 1879, 1880, Ho. of 
Reps., 1883; Dem. candidate for Congress 
old 7th dist., Mass., 1880; asst. treas. U. S. 
in Boston, March, 1887, to Jan. 15, 1891. 
Residence: 228 Newbury St. Office: 50 Con- 
gress St., Boston. 

ALDRICH, \iralter J., physician; b. Ly- 
man, N. H., Nov. 3, 1866; s. Albert H. and 
Ruia R. (Tucker) A.; grad. St. Johnsbury 
Acad., 1888; taught in a Kansas Sch., 1889; 
M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., New York, 
1893; m. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Nov. 1, 1893, 
Flor^T Folsom. Has practiced in St. Johns- 
bury since 1893; dir. Brightlook Hosp. Mem. 
Am., Vt., and Caledonia Co. Med. assns. 
Republican. Address: St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

ALEXANDER, Hartley Burr, editor; b. 
Lincoln, Neb., Apr. 9, 1873; s. George S. 
and Abby G. (Smith) A.; grad. Univ. of 
Neb., A. B., 1897; graduate reader in Eng- 
lish, 1898, Harrison fellow in philosophy, 
Univ. of Pa., 1898-1900; Univ. fellow in 
philosophy, Columbia Univ., 1900-1, Ph. D., 
Columbia, 1901; unmarried. Office editor 
and contributor to New International En- 
cyclopaedia. Author: The Problem of Meta- 
physics, 1902 Ml; Pilgrim Alden (anony- 
mous), 1903 E2; Poetry and the Individual, 
1906 P2. Mem. Am. Philos. Soc. Address: 
Care G. & C. Merriam, Springfield, Mass. 

ALEXANDER, James, clergyman; b. 
Scotland, Feb. 24, 1854; ^. Alexander and 
Mary (Mollison) A.; came to America, 1878; 
prep, ed'n in Scotland; grad. Boston Univ., 
1887; grad. Bangor Theol. Sem., 1885; post- 
grad, studies Andover Theol. Sem., 2 yrs.; 
(LL.D.); m. Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 16, 1878, 
Jane Ann Stewart. Ordained to ministry 
Presb. Ch., 1883; pastor, Roslindale Cong'l 
Ch., Boston, 1904-6, 1st Presb. Ch., Boston, 
since Jan. 1, 1906. Chaplain Boston Scotch 
Charitable Soc. Author: The Mystery of the 
Ice Floe. Has written extensively for news- 
papers and mags. Residence: 71 Gainsboro 
St., Boston. 

ALEXANDER, Ma^nns "W., eng'r; b. New 
York, Feb. 17, 1870; 5. Alexander M. and 
Malafka (Jelenkiewicz) A. ; ed. Gymnasium 
Vienna; Acad. Mining and Metallurgy, Leo 
ben; Univ. of Gratz, Austria. Was mech 
eng'r in iron works in Austria, 1891-3; de 
signer for Weston Elec. Instrument Co. 
Newark, N. J., 1893-4, for Westinghouse 
Electric and Mfg. Co., Pittsburg, 1894-1900 
econ. eng'r and eng'r in charge of drawing 
office. Gen. Electric Co., W. Lynn, Mass. 
since 1900. Mem. Am. Soc. Polit. and Social 
Science, Am. Soc. Mechanical Eng'rs, Ger- 
man-Am. Technol. Soc, Verein Deutscher 
Ingenieure, Am. Peace Soc, New England 
Civic Federation, Bostoner Deutsche Gesell- 




schaft, Mass, Reform Club; v. -p. Nat. Soc. 
Promotion Industrial Bd'n. Clubs: Twentieth 
Century, City, Economic (Boston); Tedesco 
Country (Swampscott). Address: Lynn, 

AliPORD, Orlando H., mem. firm Bliss, 
Fabyan & Co.; pres. Bates Mfg. Co., Ed- 
wards Mfg. Co.; treas. Otis Co.; dir. An- 
droscoggin Mills, Cordis Mills, Columbian 
Mfg. Co., Thorndike Co., City Trust Co., 
First Nat. Bank, Merrimac River Towing 
Co.; trustee Franklin Savings Bank. Resi- 
dence: Brookline, Mass. Office: 100 Summer 
St., Boston. 

ALFRED, Frank Edvrard, judge; b. 
Fairfax, Vt., Feb. 25, 1853; s. Samuel Dwight 
and Polly (Smith) A.; ed. New Hampton 
Inst., Fairfax; grad. Harvard Law Sch., 
1876; admitted to bar, 1876; m. 1st, at New- 
ton, Mass., June 10, 1879, Mary Louise Edes 
(died July 27, 1898); m. 2d, Brooklyn, June 
21, 1906, Clara H. Ives. Began practice in 
Newport, Vt., in partnership with Hon. Wal- 
ter D, Crane, 1876-98, since alone; Vt. coun- 
sel Canadian Pacific Ry. ; states' atty. for 
Orleans Co., 1884-8; judge-advocate-gen., 
Vt., 1889-1904; judge of probate for Orleans 
Dist. since 1893. Republican. Baptist. Ad- 
dress: Newport, Vt. 

ALiGER, Jolin Lincoln, educator; b. 
Eaton, Que., Nov. 20, 1864; s. Nathan Willis 
and Mary (Key) A.; A. B., Brown Univ., 
1890, A. M., 1895; m. North Haven, Conn., 
June 30, 1896, Edith Goodyear. Teacher 
high schs., Rutland, Vt., and Providence, 
R. I., 1890-2; instr. mathematics. Brown 
Univ., 1892-5; supt. schs., Bennington, Vt., 
1895-1900; prin. Johnson (Vt.) State Normal 
Sch., 1900-4, Vt. Acad., since 1904. Mem. 
State Normal Sch. Comm'n, Phi Beta Kap- 
pa. Address: Saxtons River, Vt. 

ALGER, William Ellerton, consul; b. 
Boston, Sept. 1, 1856; s. William R. and 
Annie L. (Lodge) A.; grad. English High 
Sch., Boston, 1875; m. Honduras, Nov. 20, 
1896, Mucia Paz. Am. consular agt., Puerto 
Cortez, Honduras, 1891, consul. Mar,, 1902; 
consul at Tegucigalpa, Honduras, since Nov. 
10, 1904. Address: Am. Consulate, Teguci- 
galpa, Honduras. 

ALLAN, William Rice, lumber manufac- 
turer; b. Dennysville, Me., May 24, 1847; s. 
Theophilus W. and Martha R. (Sargent) A 
ed. common schs. and Bryant & Stratton 
Commercial Coll., Portland; m. Dennysville 
Jan. 26, 1871, Helen M. Kilby. Has been con 
nected with lumber business since beginning 
of his active career; mem. firm of T. W 
Allan & Son; mem. Me. Senate, 1893-4. Re 
publican. Mason, K.T. ; mem. Mass. Soc. S 
A. R. Address: Dennysville, Me. 

ALLARD, Frank Ellswortli, physician 
b. Wheelock, Vt., May 14, 1861; s. Horatio P. 
and Harriet (Foster) A. and descendant of 
French Huguenot and early Mass. Colonial 
ancestry; prep, ed'n, Hanover (N. H.) High 
Sch.; B.S., Dartmouth Coll., 1885; served as 
prin. Boston Farm Sch., 1885-9, and prin. 
Maiden evening schs., 1889-97; M.D., Boston 
Univ. Sch. of Medicine, 1892; house surgeon, 
Mass. Homoe. Dispensary for 1 yr. ; m. Nor- 
wich, Vt., May 15, 1888, Ada Eliza Booth. 
Orphaned by death of father at 2 yrs. of age; 
lived with grand-parents and worked on 
farm until 18; worked way through high sch. 

and coll.; supt. Chardon St. Dispensary, 
Boston, 1892-8; instr. in physiology, 1893- 
1904, instr. medico-ins. since 1904, Boston 
Univ. Sch. of Medicine; dir. and med. dir. 
Boston Mut. Life Ins. Co. since 1888; exam- 
ining surgeon Casualty Co. of America, and 
Employers' Liability Corp'n. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Assn. Med. 
Examiners (pres.), Boston Homoe. Med. Soc. 
(ex-pres.), Mass. Homce. Med. Soc, Am. 
Inst. Homoeopathy, Eta Eta Chapter Sigma 
Chi. Clubs: Boston City, Boston Art. Ad- 
dress: 373 Commonwealth Av., Boston. 

ALLBE, Albert Meriam, lawyer; b, West- 
minster, Vt., Nov. 13, 1821; .s. Ellery and 
Hannah (Messer) A.; ed. dist. sch., West- 
minster, Walpole and Chesterfield acads., N. 
H., to 1838; ni. Londonderry, Vt., Dec. 30, 
1845, Mary C. Wait. Began practice at Lon- 
donderry, Vt., 1843; brigade judge advocate 
Vt. Militia, 1845, and for many yrs. there- 
after; representative Vt. Legislature from 
Westminster, 1856; pres. for many yrs., to 
July 1, 1906, Springfield (Vt.) Savings Bank; 
retired from active business, 1906, and re- 
moved to Bellows Falls. Republican. Mason. 
Address: Bellows Falls, Vt. 

ALLBEE, Elmore S., physician; b. Lon- 
donderry, Vt, May 7, 1848; .s. E. H. and An- 
geline Z. (Whitcomb) A.; M.D., Albany Med. 
Coll., 1870; m. Springfield, Vt., May 5, 1881, 
Cara A. Allbe. Began practice at London- 
derry, 1871; removed to Bellows Falls, 1875. 
Republican. Club: Westminster. Address: 7 
School St., Bellows Falls, Vt. 

ALLEN, Amos L., congressman; b. Water- 
borough, Me., March 17, 1837; grad. Bow- 
doin Coll., 1860; studied law Columbian Law 
School; admitted to bar York Co., Me., 1866; 
clerk U. S. Treasury Dept., 3 yrs.; clerk of 
courts, York Co., Me., 1870-83; clerk judi- 
ciary com., U. S. Ho. of Reps., 1883-4; sp'l 
examiner pension bureau, 1884-5; mem. leg- 
islature, 1886-7; delegate at large, and mem, 
com. on resolutions. Rep. Nat. Con v., St. 
Louis, 1896; private sec. Speaker Thomas B. 
Reed, 1893-6; mem. Congress, 1899-1909, 1st 
Me. dist.; Republican. Home: Alfred, Me. 

ALLEN, Bradford, physician; b. E. Bridge- 
water, Mass., Jan. 23, 1857; s. James S. Allen 
and Mary Porter (Churchill) A.; S.B., Am- 
herst Coll., 1878; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 
1883; m. Nashua, N. H., 1885, Miss Mary 
Frances Godfrey. Engaged in practice at 
Nashua, N. H., since 1885; house officer Ro- 
tunda Lying-in Hosp., Dublin, Ireland, 1882- 
83; mem., since 1899, Nashua Bd. ol Ed'n. 
Mem. Am. Med. Assn., N. H. Med. Soc, 
Mass. Med. Soc, Nashua Med. Soc Address: 
Nashua, N. H. 

ALLEN, Calvin Francis (C. Frank Al- 
len), eng'r, educator; b. Roxbury (Bos- 
ton), Mass., July 10, 1851; .y. Calvin and 
Ann Priscilla (Watson) A.; ed. pub. schs., 
Roxbury, Roxbury Lat. Sch., grad. 1868, 
Mass. Inst. Technology, S. B., 1872; m. 
Indianapolis, June 21, 1888, Caroline Eliza- 
beth Hadley. Asst. eng'r water-works or 
sewers. Providence, Newton, Mass., and 
Boston, 1872-8; asst. eng'r A., T. & S. F. R. 
R. 1878-85 (except 1 yr. chief eng'r water- 
works at Las Vegas, N. Mex.). Asst. prof. 
1887, later asso. prof, and now prof, rail- 
road eng'ring, Mass. Inst. Technology. Ad- 
mitted to N. Mex. bar, 1885, Mass. bar, 




1901; city atty., Socorro, N. Mex., 1886. 
Mem. Boston Soc. Civ. Eng'rs (ex-pres.). 
Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, Mass. Highway Assn. 
(ex-pres.), New England R. R. Club (ex- 
pres.), Am. R'y Eng'ring and Maintenance 
of Way Assn., Am. Statist. Soc, Soc. for 
Promotion Eng'ring Ed'n (ex-sec, ex- 
pres.). Technology Club (ex-sec), Alumni 
Assn. Mass. Inst. Technology (ex-sec), etc 
Has been mem. Publication Com., Technol- 
ogy Review; also of Jour, of Mass. High- 
way Assn. Class sec. class of 1872 Mass. 
Inst. Technology since 1871; sch. com., 
Sharon, Mass., 1892-5 (chm'n, 1893-5). Uni- 
tarian. Republican. Author: Railroad 
Curves and Earthworks, 1889 S16; Tables 
for Earthwork Computation, 1893 01; Field 
and Office Tables, 1903 S16. Address: W. 
Roxbury, Mass. 

ALiIjKN, Charles, justice supreme judicial 
court of Mass., 1882-1898; b. Greenfield, 
Mass., April 17, 1827; grad. Harvard Univ., 
1847 (LL. D., 1892). Practiced law in Green- 
field till 1862, after that in Boston. Reporter 
Decisions, Supreme Jud. Court, Mass., 
1861-7; atty. -gen. of Mass., 1867-72; chmn. 
of Comm'n to Revise Statutes of Mass., 1881. 
Author: Allen's Mass. Reports (14 vols.), 
1861-9; Telegraph Cases, 1873; Notes on the 
Bacon-Shakespeare Question, 1900 H5. Chib: 
Union. Address: The Charlesgate, Boston. 

ALLEN, Charles Albert, civ. eng'r; b. 
Worcester, Mass., Jan. 27, 1852; 5. Albert S. 
and Eliza A. (Cole) A. and descendant of 
James A., Dedham, Mass., 1637; ed. pub. 
schs. and grad. at Worcester Acad. ; learned 
the business of civil eng'ring in railroad 
work; m. 1877, Grace T., d. Joseph Chase, of 
Lowell. Civ. eng'r for city of Worcester, 1877- 
93; consulting eng'r, sp'l eng'r and comrhr. 
of sewage disposals for cities, since 1893; de- 
clined appointment to Metropolitan Water 
B'd by Gov. Greenhalze. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Civ. Eng'rs, Boston Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, Wor- 
cester Co. Soc Civ. Eng'rs, N. E. Water 
Works Assn., Mass. Highway Assn. Mason. 
Clubs: Commonwealth (pres.), Tatnuck 
Country, Quinsigamond Boat and Boats. 
Address: 60 Wachusett St., Worcester, Mass. 

ALLEN, Charles Metcalf, instr., eng'r; b. 
Walpole, Mass., 1871; s. Melzar Waterman 
and Martha (Metcalf) A.; B.S., Worcester 
Poly. Inst., 1894., 1894, M.S., 1899; tn. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Mar. 28, 1907, Eva May Tay- 
lor. Formerly instr. experimental, mechani- 
cal and hydraulic en'ring, now prof, experi- 
mental eng'ring, Worcester Poly. Inst. ; also 
eng'ring practice in testing machinery espe- 
cially of water power plants. Mem. A. A. A. 
S., Am. Soc. Mechanical Eng'rs, Soc. Pro- 
motion Eng'ring Ed'n, Nat. Geographic Soc; 
asso. mem. Am. Soc Civ. Eng'rs. Clubs: 
Automobile, Board of Trade, Troopers and 
Trappers (Walpole). Residence: 10 Dean St., 
Worcester, Mass. 

ALLEN, Charles Pluiiimer, lawyer; b. 
Presque Isle, Me., Oct. 21, 1852; ^. J. Augus- 
tus and Lovina (Pratt) A. ; prep, ed'n, 
Presque Isle Acad.; A.B., Univ. of Me., 
1876; studied law; admitted to bar, 1877; m. 
Bangor, Oct. 3, 1881, Annie B. Fenno. En- 
gaged in practice at Presque Isle; co. atty. 
4 yrs. ; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1891; judge 
advocate gen. on staff of Gov. Burleigh; 
trustee of Univ. of Me., 14 yrs.; mem. Rep. 

State Conv., 4 yrs.; pres. Presque Isle Nat. 
Bank, 3 yrs. Unitarian. Mason, K.T. ; mem. 
B.P.O.E. Address: Presque Isle, Me. 

ALLEN, Charles Ricketson, teacher; b. 
New Bedford, Mass., Aug. 6, 1862; s. John A. 
P. and Abby (Chaddock) A.; ed. Friends 
Acad, and high sch.. New Bedford; B.S., 
Mass. Inst. Technology, 1885; post-grad, 
work, Johns Hopkins, 1896; M.A., Harvard, 
1903; m. Hingham, Mass., June 29, 1889, Lissa 
Hobart Hall. Asst. in laboratory of gen. 
chemistry, Mass. Inst. Technology, 1885; pvt. 
asst. Prof. Wolcott Gibbs, Harvard; teacher 
of science. New Bedford High Sch., 1886- 
1907; head of dept. of applied science. New 
Bedford High Sch., since 1908; prin. Evening 
Elect. Sch., New Bedford, 1906-1907; dir. of 
evening industrial courses, New Bedford 
Pub. Sch. since 1908. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc, 
Eastern Assn. of Physics Teachers, N. E. 
Assn. Chem. Teachers, Harvard Teachers' 
Assn.; mem. Sons of Veterans. Clubs: Dart- 
mouth, New Bedford Yacht, Brooks; Tech- 
nology. Address: New Bedford, Mass. 

ALLEN, Charles W., pres. and treas. Al- 
len Chair Co.; treas. Greenville Chair Co. ; 
chmn. Bd. Trustees Twenty-One Associates; 
trustee Arlington Savings Bank; dir. First 
Nat. Bank of Arlington, Arlington Co-opera- 
tive Bank. Residence: Arlington, Mass. Of- 
fice: 112 Canal St., Boston. 

ALLEN, Clarence Jean, physician; b. 
Pomfret, Vt., July 24, 1853; s. Edwin and 
Ruth L. (Keith) A. ; grad. Green Mountain 
Perkins Acad, and Randolph State Normal 
Sch.; M.D., Univ. of Vt., 1884; w. Waitsfield, 
Vt., Aug. 31, 1875, Eva 0. Joslin. Began 
practice at Waitsfield, 1884; removed to Win- 
chester, Mass., 1898; pres. British Am. Land 
& Investment Co. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mem. N. H. State Med. Soc, Mass. 
State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn.; sec. Win- 
chester Bd. of Health; mem. Winchester Bd. 
of Fire Engineers. I.O.O.F. (Past Grand), 
Royal Arcanum. Club: Calumet. Address: 38 
Church St., Winchester, Mass. 

ALLEN, EdTvard Damon, illustrator; b. 
North Reading, Mass., May 28, 1856; .y. 
George and Diantha Brainerd (Weston) A. ; 
ed. pub. schs., Winchester, Mass., and 
Franklin, Pa., Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Mass., and Lafayette Coll., Easton, Pa.; m. 
Franklin, Pa., May 28, 1884, Katharine 
Myers. Was formerly engaged in mercantile 
pursuits; took up study of art in New York, 
1896; removed to Boston; principal work car- 
tooning and illustrating for Boston Traveler, 
Herald and Globe. Mem. Royal Arcanum. 
Residence: 9 Hamilton St., Dorchester. Oflice: 
183 Essex St., Boston. 

ALLEN, Edward Everett, physician; b. 
Gaysville, Vt., Apr. 21, 1868; .s. John Rock- 
well and Lucy (Durkee) A. ; grad. Charles- 
town (Mass.) High Sch., 1886; M.D., Boston 
Univ. Sch. Medicine, 1896, Ch.B., same, 1895; 
vi. Charlestown, Oct. 5, 1898, Eliza Laura 
Tilden. Has practiced in Charlestown since 
1896; physician to Mass. Homce. Hosp. : prof, 
anatomy, Boston Univ. Sch. of Medicine; 
bookkeeper for M. D. Cressy & Co., Boston, 
1885-96; served 1 yr. in Co. A, 5th Mass. Vol. 
Militia. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, Mass. 
and Boston Homoe. Med. socs., Mass. Surg, 
and Geneal. Soc. Mason; mem. I.O.O.F., 
Royal Arcanum. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Address: 32 Monument Sq., Charlestown, 




ALIiEN, Edwin Robinson; b. Windham, 
Conn., Nov. 26, 1840; s. Edwin and Ruth B. 
(Noyes) A. ; educated at Eagleswood, N. J. ; 
m. Hopkinton, R. I., Jan. 1, 1868, Mary E. 
Thayer. Town clerk of Hopkinton, R. I., 
since 1867; merchant; It. gov. of R. I., 1894-7. 
Republican. Baptist. Mem. G.A.R. Address: 
Hopkinton, R. I. 
ALiLiElV, F. Sturges, lexicographer, law 
writer; b. Norwalk, Conn., Oct. 1, 1861; 
5. 'Alfred Burr and Caroline (Sturges) A.; 
ed. Norwalk Center Sch. and Bridgeport 
(Conn.) High Sch., grad., 1880; A. B., 
Yale, 1884; LL. B., Yale Law Sch., 1890-2; 
m. N. Adams, Mass., Apr. 9, 1895, Annie 
M. White. Worked as an editor Webster's 
Internat. Dictionary, 1884-90; admitted to 
bar. Conn, and New York, 1892; practiced 
law until 1903; since then devoted to edi- 
torial work and writing. Edited or abridged 
various smaller Webster's dictionaries, 
1892-8; chief editor (under Dr. W. T. Har- 
ris) of supplement of Webster's Internat. 
Dictionary (published 1900) ; contb'r and 
editor law articles of Johnson's Universal 
Ency. ; contb'r of law dept. of Appleton's 
Universal Ency. Supplement; editor law 
dept. New Internat. Ency. ; contb'r of 
dept. of Pronunciation in same, etc. 
Author: The Principles of Spelling Reform, 
1907. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc, Modern 
Language Assn. America, Bar Assn. of City 
of New York, Phi Beta Kappa. Chtb : Yale 
(New York). Unitarian. Address: Spring- 
field, Mass. 
ALiIiEN, Francis Burke, engineer; b. 
Baltimore, June 1, 1841; s. William Cathers 
and Louisa Bartello (Williams) A.; ed. pub. 
schs., Phila., Baltimore, Portland, Me., Chi- 
cago; apprenticed as machinist, 1857-61; m. 
New York, 1867, Margaret L. Williams. 
Journeyman machinist, 1861; served on 
eng'ring corps U.S.N., 1862-8; resigned and 
was eng'r Novelty Iron Works, New York, 
1868-71; sp'l agt.. New York dept., 1872-82, 
supervising gen. agt., 1882-5, 2d v. -p., 1885- 
1904, v.-p. since 1904, Hartford Steam Boiler 
Inspection and Ins. Co.; dir. Conn. River 
, Banking Co., H. S. B. Insp. & Ins. Co. 
Republican. Cong'list. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Eng'rs, • Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs, 
G.A.R. (Past Junior Vice-Comdr.-in-Chief), 
Nat. Assn. Naval Vets.' of U. S. (Past Rear 
Admiral); dir. Navy League of U. S. Clubs: 
Hartford. Republican. Residence: 61 Willard 
St., Hartford, Conn. 
ALLEN, Francis Richmoncl, architect; 
b. Boston, Nov. 22, 1843; ^. Frederick Deane 
and Mary Richmond (Baylies) A. ; prep, 
ed'n. Public Latin Sch., Boston, to 1861; 
A.B., Amherst Coll., 1865: studied Mass. Inst, 
of Tech., Boston, 1876-7, M. Vandremer's 
Atelier, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1877-8; 
(M.A.. Williams Coll., 1905); m. Boston, Jan. 
5, 1875, Elizabeth Bradlee Wood. In dry 
goods comm'n bus., Allen, Lane & Co., Bos- 
ton, 1865-77; mem. firm of Allen & Kenway, 
architects, Boston, 1878-91, Allen & Vance, 
1895-8, Allen & Collens, Boston & New York, 
since 1904. Principal works: 6 bldgs., Wil- 
liams Coll., including Thompson Memorial 
Chapel and Berkshire Hall; 6 bldgs., Vassar 
Coll., including Thompson Memorial Library 
Bldg. ; Woman's Hosp., State of New York, 
110th St., New York City; Emanuel Ch., 
Boston; Memorial Hosp., Canandaigua, N. 

Y.; Union Theol. Sem. Bldgs., New York; 
residences, mercantile and office bldgs etc 
Independent Republican. Episcopalian V - 
p. Permanent Com.,. Internat. Congress of 
Architects; mem. Bostonian Soc. of Archi- 
tects, Psi Upsilon. Clubs: St. Botolph, East- 
ern Yacht, Oakley Country, Brookline Coun- 
try (Boston); University (New York). Resi- 
dence: 20 Fairfield St. Office: 6 Beacon St.. 

ALLEN, Frank: Dewey, lawyer; b Wor- 
cester, Mass., Aug. 16, 1850; s. Charles Fran- 
cis and OlivQ Ely (Dewey) A.; grad. Yale, 
1873; studied law with Bacon, Hopkins & 
Bacon Worcester, Mass., and later with 
Hillard, Hyde & Dickinson, Boston; LL B 
Boston Univ. Law Sch., 1875; admitted to 
bar, 1878; m. Lynn, Mass., Jan. 9, 1878, Lucy 
Rhodes (died Jan. 4, 1905). Has practiced in 
?oo?*°.^oS^°'^^ ^^^^' ^^em. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
1881, 1882, Governor's Council, 1886, 1887, 1888: 
U.S. dist.att'y, Dist. of Mass., 1889-93; secured 
1st indictment under anti-trust law, 1890; as 
receiver Central Nat. Bank, Boston, 1902-5, 
collected $3,500,000, paid depositors in full 
with 6% interest, and without assessing the 
lonn'^L"^*^^.''^ returned to them approximately 
$200 000; dir. Lynn Gas & Electric Co. Re- 
publican. Cong'list. Mem. Am. and Boston 
Bar assns.. Am. Acad. Science, Lynn Hist 
Soc. Clubs: Boston Art, City, University 
Boston Shakespeare, Park, Bostonian Soci- 
ety, Oxford, Twentieth Century (Lynn) • Sea- 
puit Golf (Osterville, Mass.); Tedesco Golf 
(Swampscott, Mass.). Residence: Lynn Mass 
Office: 417-421 Old South Bldg., Boston. 

ALLEN, Fred John, lawyer; b. Alfred, 
Me., July 27, 1865; j-. John and Caroline P. 
(Hill) A., and descendant on father's side of 
Scottish ancestry; grad. Nichols Latin Sch., 
Lewiston, Me., 1886; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 
1890; studied law in office of S. M. Came 
Alfred; admitted to bar, 1893; m. Sanford, 
Me., June 8, 1892, Ida S. Leavitt. Has prac- 
ticed in Sanford since 1893; dir. and atty. 
Sanford Nat. Bank; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep 
1901-3, State Senate, 1905-8 (pres., 1908). Re- 
publican. Mason, K.T. Address: Sanford, Me. 

ALLEN, Frederick; Baylies, clergyman; 
b. Boston, Nov. 5, 1840; .y. Frederick Dean 
and Mary Richmond (Baylies) A.; attended 
Harvard, 1859-61; grad. Amherst Coll., 1863; 
Andover Theol. Sem., 1866; m. 1st, Boston 
Apr. 24, 1867, Louisa Ripley Vose (died, 1872) ; 
m. 2d, Phila., June 4, 1884, Alberta H. Lewis. 
Ordained to Cong'l ministry, 1866; pastor, 
Newport, R. I., 1866-7, Canandaigua, N. Y., 
1868-73; entered P. E. ministry 1879; asst. to 
Phillips Brooks at Trinity Ch., Boston, 1879- 
88; supt. Episcopal City Mission, Boston, 
since 1888. Republican. Mem. Soc. May- 
flower Descendants, Soc. Colonial Wars; 
founder, 1878, sec. till Jan., 1907, since chmn., 
N. E. Watch and Ward Soc; sec. Mass. 
Bible Soc; dir. Mass. Prison Assn. Clubs: 
University, Oakley Country. Residence: 132 
Marlborough St. Office: 1 Joy St., Boston. 

ALLEN, Gardner Weld, physician; b. 
Bangor, Me., Jan. 19, 1856; .y. Joseph Henry 
and Anna Minot (Weld) A.; A. B., Harvard, 
1877; M. D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1882; un- 
married. Practiced in Boston since 1884; 
passed ass't surgeon, U. S. N., temporary 
service, 1898. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Mass. 
Med. Soc, Am. Hist. Assn., etc. Democrat. 
Unitarian, Clubs: Puritan, City. Author: 




Our Navy and the Barbary Corsairs, 1905 
H5. Address: 419 Boylston St., Boston. 

ALIiEIN, Georgre Austin, physician and 
surgeon; b. E. Stoneham, Me., Nov. 21, 1857; 
s. George F. and Lucy Ann (Stewart) A. ; ed. 
common schs. and N. Bridgton Acad.; M.D., 
Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., 1890; m. 1st, Feb. 
10, 1882, Linnie A. McKeen, of Lovell, Me.; 
m. 2d, Jan. 14, 1905, Mrs. Ella M. Lewis, of 
Lovell. Practiced at Acton, Me., Milton 
Mills, and Conway, N. H,, and Fryeburg, 
Me., to 1905, since at Lovell, Oxford Co., Me.; 
makes specialty of surgery; apptd. examin- 
ing surgeon, 1895, by U. S. comm'r of pen- 
sions and served nearly 10 yrs. Republican. 
Christian Baptist. Mason; mem, K. of P. 
Address: Lovell, Me. 

ALiIiEN, Gideon, Jr., pres. Morse Twist 
Drill & Machine Co. Address: New Bedford, 

AL.L.EN, Glover Morrill, naturalist; b. 
Walpole, N. H., Feb. 8, 1879; j. Rev. Na- 
thaniel Glover and Harriet Ann (Schouler) 
A.; ed. Newton grammar and high schs., 
Harvard Coll., A. B., 1901, A. M., 1903, Ph. 
D., 1904; unmarried. Editor Am. Natural- 
ist, 1905-6. Sec. Boston Soc. Natural His- 
tory since May 1, 1901; mem. Am. Ornithol- 
ogists' Union, Nuttall Ornith. Club, Am. 
Forestry Assn., Am. Soc. of Zoologists, Biol. 
Soc, Washington, Appalachian Mountain 
Club, Nat. Geog. Soc; asso. mem. Harvard 
Natural History Soc; mem. Travelers' 
Club, Naturalists' Club, Harvard. Author: 
The Birds of Massachusetts (with R. H. 
Howe, Jr.), 1901 XI; also various papers on 
birds, mammals, experimental studies on 
heredity, etc. 'Residence: 16 Oxford St., Cam- 
bridge. OMce: 234 Berkeley St., Boston. 

ALLEN, Heman W., dry goods merchant; 
b. Westford, Vt., Apr. 4, 1844; s. John and 
Clarissa (Rice) A.; ed. pub. schs. and East- 
man Bus. Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; m. 1st, 
Burlington, Vt., 1869, Jennie D. Dods (died, 
1875); m. 2d, Burlington, 1881, Juliette W. 
Keeler (died, 1906). Clerk with Edward Ly- 
man, 1864-8; mem. firm Lyman & Allen, 
1868-90 (founded, 1848); H. W. Allen & Co., 
since 1890; v. -p. Merchants' Nat. Bank; pvt. 
13th Vt. Regt., 1862-3; 1st It. Vt. Militia, 
1864-8; inspector rifle practice, rank of col., 
staff of Gov. Woodbury, 1894-6; mem. Vt. 
State Senate, 1896-8; del. to Rep. Nat. Con v., 
1904. Episcopalian. Mem. G.A.R., S.A.R., 
Soc. Colonial Wars. Clubs: Nineteenth Cen- 
tury, Algonquin, Ethan Allen. Residence: 300 
Main St., Burlington, Vt. 

ALLEN, Horace Gwynne, lawyer; b. 
Jamaica Plain, Mass., July 27,1855; s. Stephen 
M. and Anne M. A,; ed, pub. schs. of Boston; 
LL.B., Harvard, 1876; m. Apr. 28, 1881, Grace 
D., d. Hon. Joshua L. and Frances Caroline 
(Adams) Chamberlain and a direct descend- 
ant of Henry Adams, of Braintree, 1633. For- 
merly associated with Nathan Morse in the 
practice of law; mem. Boston Common 
Council, 1888, 1889 (pres., 1889), 1890-91; mem. 
Bd. of Aldermen, 1895-6; mem. Boston Tran- 
sit Commission. Clubs: University, Curtis, 
Merchants', Brookline Country, John Eliot. 
Residence: 1925 Commonwealth Av., Boston, 
Mass. Office: 18 Tremont St., Boston. 

ALLEN, Howard O., physician; b. Broad 
Brook, Conn., Mar. 22, 1854; s. Luke D. and 
Caroline C. (Patchen) A,; ed. acad., Shel- 

burne Falls, Mass., and pub. schs. of Melrose, 
Conn., and academy at Wilbraham, Mass.; 
taught sch. 3 yrs. ; studied medicine 3 yrs, 

in office of Dr. S. H. Hunt, Eatontown, N. J. ; 
M.D., Med. Dept., Univ. of New York, 1879; 
tn. Broad Brook, June 12, 1883, E. Lavinia 
Polhemus. Town clerk and treas., 1891-1909. 
Republican. Cong'list. Mem. Conn. State 
Med. Soc. Address: Broad Brook, Conn. 
ALLEN, Jobn, treasurer Hartford Theol. 
Sem. ; b. New York, Feb. 6, 1831; s. Joshua 
and Nancy (Knox) A.; removed with par- 
ents to Hartford, Conn., 1832; common sch. 
ed'n; m. 1860, Mary Bonner. In real estate 
business many yrs. ; trustee Hartford Theol. 
Sem. since 1885 and treas. since 1896. Ad- 
dress: Hartford Theol. Sem., Hartford, Conn. 
ALLEN, Jolin Eliot, lawyer; b. Clare- 
mont, N. H., June 26, 1873; s. William H. H. 
and Ellen E. (Joslin) A.; A.B., Dartmouth 
Coll., Hanover, N. H., 1894; LL.B., Harvard 
Law Sch., 1898; admitted to N. H. bar, 1897; 
m, Keene, N. H., July 10, 1901, Amy L. Ab- 
bott. Engaged in practice at Keene, N. H., 
since 1898; judge Probate Court, 1899-1906. 
Republican. Address: Keene, N. H. 

ALLEN, Jonathan Hill, physician; b. 
Montville, Conn., Nov. 17, 1858; s. John 
Hastings and Cynthia Ann (Dart) A.; M.D., 
New York Homeo. Coll. & Hosp., 1888; ».. 
New London, Conn., Apr. 18, 1889, Minnie L. 
Newbury. Owing to ill health, went to sea 
at 17 and continued in seafaring life until 
24; was mate of vessel last 3 yrs. at sea; 
practiced at Rockville, Conn., 1888-92, since 
at Norwich. Republican. Methodist. Mem. 
Fraternal Benefit League, N. E. Order of 
Protection. Address: 76 Church St., NorTrich, 

ALLEN, Lamson, physician; b. Woburn, 
Mass., June 2, 1855; s. Leonard Houghton 
and Sarah Richardson (Fowle) A., and de- 
scendant of Ethan Allen; A.B., Amherst 
Coll., 1879, A.M., 1883; M.D., New York 
Homeo. Coll., 1883; m. N. Cambridge, Mass., 
Oct. 15, 1884, Martha Ruth Wyman. Prac- 
ticed medicine at Worcester since 1892; mem. 
surg. staff Worcester Hahnemann Hosp. 
(treas. since 1901). Republican. Cong'list. 
Mem. Worcester Co. Homeo. Med. Soc. 
(pres., 1891-2), Am. Inst. Homeopathy, Mass. 
Homeo. Med. Soc, Mass. Surg. & Gynecol. 
Soc, Worcester Co. Homeo. Med. Soc, 
Alumni Assn., New York Homeo. Med. Coll. 
Hosp. Mason; Odd Fellow. Address: 20 Elm 
St., Worcester, Mass. 

ALLEN, Lew, newspaperman; b. New York, 
Feb. 18, 1852; s. Hugh and Anne (Lipsette) 
A. ; ed. New York pub. schs. ; m. June 25, 
1878, Amelia Urick. Entered newspaper work, 
1875; city editor New Haven (Conn.) Union, 
1884-6; v.-p. and dir. Journal Pub. Co., pub- 
lishers the Meriden (Conn.) Daily Journal 
(of which he is editor), since 1886; mem. 
Court of Common Council, 1880-2. Independ- 
ent in politics. Episcopalian. C/m&; Colonial. 
Address: Meriden, Conn. 

ALLEN, Lyman, physician; b. Burlington, 
Vt., May 21, 1872; s. Charles Edwin and 
Ellen Cornelia (Lyman) A.; A.B., Univ. of 
Vt., 1893; M.D., Univ. of Vt., Med. Dept., 
1896; house surgeon Boston City Hosp., 
1896-7; m. Beverly, Mass., Oct. 11, 1898, Mary 
Cutler Torrey. Has practiced in Burlington 
since 1898; visiting physician to Home for 
Destitute Children, Providence Orphan Asy- 




lum; visiting surgeon Fanny Allen Hosp. ; 
adj. prof, surgery, Univ. of Vt., Coll. of 
Medicine. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Am. Med. Assn., Vt. Med. Soc, Burlington 
and Chittenden Co. Clinical Soc. (pres., 
1906-7), University Research Club (pres., 
1905-6), Univ. of Vt. Med. Alumni Assn. 
(sec.) Clubs: Ethan Allen, Sigma Phi, Wau- 
banakee Golf. Address: 288 Main St., Bur- 
lington, Vt. 
AL.L.EN, Martin Fletclier, merchant and 
farmer; b. N. Ferrisburg, Vt., Nov. 28, 1842; 
.?. Norman Jasper and Sarah (Martin) A. ; 
ed. Troy Conf. Acad., Poultney, Vt, Tilton 
(N. H.) Sem., Eastman Bus. Coll., Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. ; ni. N. Ferrisburg, Sept. 25, 
1867, Eliza F. Daniels. Ry. postal elk., be- 
tween Burlington and Boston, 1869-74; in 
mercantile and other lines of business since; 
mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1882-3, Senate, 1890-1; 
It. -gov. and pres. Senate, 1900-1; Republican. 
Methodist. Mem. Vt. Hist. Soc. Mason, 
K.T., Shriner. Club: Algonquin (Burling- 
ton). Address: N. Ferrisburg, Vt. 
ALLEN, Pliilip Ray, paper mfr. ; b. Wal- 
pole, Mass., July 25, 1873; .?. Melzar W. and 
Martha (Metcalf) A.; ed. Walpole High Sch., 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; A.B., Yale, 
1896. Sales mgr. for F. W. Bird & Son, 
paper makers, E. Walpole, Mass., since 1900. 
Clubs: Boston City, University. Residence: 
Walpole, Mass. 
ALLEN, Samuel \^. K., lawyer; b. North 
Kingston, R. I., Jan. 2, 1842; ed. E. Green- 
wich Acad, and New York Conf. Sem. ; 
LL.B., Boston Univ. Served as 1st serg't, 
U. S. Army, Civil War, and has also served 
as 1st It., capt. and col., R. I. State Militia. 
Mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., 1885-6, 1891-7 and 
1907 (speaker, 1895-7); mem. State Bd. of 
Ed'n; comm'r on John Waterman Memorial. 
Republican. Address: B. Greenwich, R. I. 
ALLEN, Stillman D., mcht. ; b. Warren. 
Vt., 1846; .y. Levi and Betsey (Dana) A.; 
common sch. ed'n; ni. Warren, 1876, Frances 
A. Way. Began in lumber and bldg. bus. in 
Warren, 1876; removed to Barre, Vt., 1888; 
mgr. Allen Lumber Co.; dir. Peoples Nat. 
Bank. Republican. Unitarian. Mason. Ad- 
dress: Barre, Vt. 
ALLEN, Tlioiuas, landscape and animal 
painter; b. St. Louis, Oct. 19, 1849; ed. com- 
mon schools and Washington Univ., St. 
Louis; grad. Royal Acad., Diisseldorf, Ger- 
many, 1877; studied 3 yrs. in France; 1st 
exhibited at Nat. Acad. Design, New York, 
1877; at salons in Paris, 1882, 1887 and 1889. 
Became mem. Soc. Am. Artists, 1880; asso. 
Nat. Acad., 1884; resided in Boston since 
1883; m. 1st, 1880, Eleanor G., d. Prof. J. D. 
Whitney, Cambridge; 2d, 1884, Alice, d. Hon. 
A. A. Ranney, Boston; pres. Paint and Clay 
Club and Boston Soc. Water Color Painters; 
v.-p. Copley Society of Boston; chmn. coun- 
cil, Sch. of Drawing and Painting, Boston 
Mus. Fine Arts. Awarded medals, Boston 
and Buffalo; judge awards. World's Colum- 
bian Exp'n, 1893; chmn. Internat. Jury of 
Awards, La. Purchase Exp'n, St. Louis, 
1904; chmn. Department Jury Fine Arts, 
St. Louis, 1904. Clubs: Union, St. Bqtolph, 
Art (Boston); Country (Brookline); Oakley 
(Watertown). Slimmer address: Princeton, 
Mass. Address: 12 Commonwealth Av., 

ALLEN, Tlioiiia.s, teacher; h. Belchertown, 
Mass., Mar. 29, 1870; .y. Samuel and Lovica 
D. (Sherman) A.; grad. Colgate Acad., 2d 
honor, 1895; A.B., Colgate Univ., 1899 (Phi 
Beta Kappa); m. Belchertown, Aug. 15, 1900, 
Lizzie M. Bartlett. Prin. of high sch., Marl- 
boro, N. H., 1899^902, Powers Inst., Ber- 
nardston, Mass., 1902-7, of Montague (Mass.) 
Agr'l Sch. since 1907. Mem. Beta Theta Pi. 
Address: Montague, Mass. 
ALLEN, TValtei- Algeno, physician; b. 
Boston, Jan. 10, 1869; .y. George and Sarah A. 
(Collins) A.; ed. Hampstead; M.D., Dart- 
mouth Msd. Coll., 1893; m. Haverhill, Mass., 
1895, Grace A. Roberts. Began practice in 
Boston, 1893; removed to E. Hampstead, 
N. H., 1895; mem. N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1899- 
1901, Senate, 1905; chmn. Bd. of Health and 
mem. Sch. Bd. Republican. Mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., N. H. Med. Soc. Mason. Address: E. 
Hampstead, N. H. 
ALLEN, Walter Bateman, ins. ; b. Brook- 
lyn, 1878; s. Francis Burke and Margaret 
(Williams) A.; prep, ed'n, Hartford Pub. 
High Sch.; A.B., Yale, 1901. Has engaged 
in ins. bus. at Hartford since fall of 1901; sr. 
partner Allen, Russell & Allen, gen. ins.; 
mem. council, Dauntless Co. Corp'n. Re- 
publican; del. city conv. Congregationalist. 
Mem. Gamma Delta Psi, Delta Kappa Ep- 
silon. Clubs: University, Hartford Golf; 
Yale (New York), Dauntless. Residence: 61 
Willard St. Omce: 127 Trumbull St., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 
ALLEN, Willis Boyd, author; b. Kittery 
Point, Me., July 9, 1855; son of Stillman 
Boyd and Harriet (Seaward) A.; A. B., Har- 
vard, 1878; LL. B., Boston Univ., 1881; un- 
married. Practiced law several years in 
firm Allen, Long & Savage, Boston. Club: 
University. Author: Pine Cones, 1885 L9; 
Silver Rags, 1886 L9; Christmas at Surf 
Point, 1886 P8; Northern Cross, 1887 L9; 
Mountaineer Series (5 vols.), 1887 P8; Kelp, 
18SS L9; Cloud and Cliff, 1889 L9; The Red 
Mountain of Alaska, 1889 E2; Forest Home 
Series (5 vols.), 1889 P8; The Lion City of 
Africa, 1890 L9; In the Morning (verse), 
1890 01; John Brownlow's Folks, 1891 L9; 
The Boyhood of John Kent, 1891 P8; Gulf 
and Glacier, 1892 L9; Lost on Umbagog, 
1894 L9; Snowed In, 1894 P8; The Mammoth 
Hunters, 1895 L9; Son of Liberty, 1896 P8; 
Called to the Front, 1897 P8; Great Island, 
1897 L9; Around the Yule Log, 1898 P8; 
Cleared for Action, 1898 D4; Navy Blue, 1898 
D4; Pineboro Quartette, 1898 E3; The Head 
of the Pasht, 1900 D4; Play Away, 1902 E3; 
Under the Pine Tree Flag, 1902 P8; Sword 
and Ploughshare, 1904 P8; The North 
Pacific, 1905 D4; Gold Hunter of Alaska (2d 
edit.), 1906 E3. Residence: 477 Commonwealth 
Av. Office: 87 Court St., Boston. 
ALLING, Arthur Natlianiel, physician; 
b. New Haven, Conn., July 1, 1862; s. 
George and Mary (Alverson) A.; ed. Hop- 
kins Grammar Sch., Yale Coll., A. B., 
1886, Sheffield Scientific Sch., Yale, 1886-7, 
Coll. Phys. and Surg., M. D., 1891; m. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Oct. 27, 1887, Francella 
Walker. Practicing medicine in New Hav- 
en Conn., since 1893; practice limited to 
diseases of eye and ear. Was asst. surg. 
5 yrs. in New York Ophthalmic and Aural 
Hosp.; has pursued sp'l studies abroad. 
Prof, ophthalmology, Yale Univ.; chief of 




eye clinic, New Haven Dispensary; opMhal- 
mic surgeon New Haven Hosp. Mem. Am. 
Ophthal. Soc, New York Ophthal. Soc. ; fel- 
low New York Acad. Medicine, etc. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Graduates, New Haven Coun- 
try. Author: Diseases of the Eye, L12. 
Address: 199 York St., New Haven. Conn. 

ALiLING, Jolin Wesley, lawyer; b. 
Orange, Conn., Oct. 24, 1841; s. Charles 
Wyllys and Lucy (Booth) A. ; ed. in dist. 
and high schs., Wilbraham (Mass.) Acad., 
1857-8, Yale, A. B., 1862, A. M., 1864; m. 
1st, New Haven, Conn., Oct. 10, 1867, Con- 
stance Adelaide Parker (died Jan. 11, 1903) ; 
2d, Jan. 25, 1906, Margaret Thompson. 
Studied law, and admitted to bar, 1864; pros, 
att'y City of New Haven, 1871-3; now mem. 
law firm Ailing, Webb & Morehouse. For 
many years past gen. counsel Gas and 
Elec. Assn. of Conn., composed of nearly 
all gas and elec. co's in Conn., and of the 
Southern N. E. Telephone Co. (also dir.); 
dir. and gen. counsel Merchants' Nat. Bank 
of New Haven, United Illuminating Co. ; 
pres. Security Ins. Co. since Oct. 10, 1906. 
Episcopalian. Republican. Clubs: Ansanta- 
wae, Quinnipiack, Graduates, New Haven 
Country, Residence: 30 Mansfield St. Office: 
42 Church St., New Haven, Conn. 

AliLiINSON, Annie Crosby Emery, dean 
Women's Coll. in Brown Univ., 1900-05; b. 
Ellsworth, Me., Jan. 1, 1871; d. L-. A. (chief 
justice Supreme Court, Me.) and Annie 
(Crosby) Emery; prep, ed'n Ellsworth High 
Sch. and pvt. sch., Dresden, Germany; grad. 
Bryn Mawr Coll., 1892; post-grad, studies, 
same, 1892-3, 1894-6, Ph.D., 1896; Univ. of 
Leipzig, Germany, 1893-4; m. Hancock Point, 
Me., Aug. 22, 1905, Francis Greenleaf Allin- 
son. Dean of Women, Univ. of Wis., 1897- 
1900. Address: 163 George St., Providence, 
R. I. 

ALiLiINSON, Francis Greenleaf, prof, 
classical philology Brown Univ. since 1898; 
b. Burlington, N. J., 1856; s. William J. and 
Rebecca W. A.; grad. Haverford Coll., 1876 
(A. M. by exam., 1879); Plarvard Univ. (A. 
B., 1877); hon. A. M., Williams Coll., 1895; 
Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, by exam., 1880; fel- 
low Johns Hopkins Univ., 1877-80; m. 1st, 
Baltimore, Sept. 10, 1885, Mary Irwin Carey; 
2d, Aug. 22, 1905, Annie Crosby Emery. 
Asst. prof. Greek and Latin, Haverford 
Coll., 1880-2; head master classics, Univ. 
School, Baltimore, 1882-91; asst. prof. Greek 
and Latin, Williams Coll., 1892-5; asso. prof. 
Greek, Brown Univ., 1895-8. Author: Greek 
Prose Composition, 1895 A5; has written con- 
tributions to Am. Jour, of Philology, vols. 1 
to 27; trans, and proc. of Am. Philol. Ass'n, 
vol. 27; transl. from Bacchylides, Century 
Mag., April, 1898; Lucianea, Harvard Stud- 
ies in Class, Philology, 1901. Contb'r to 
Studies in Honor of Basil L. Gildersleeve, 
1902 Jl; Lucian (selections), 1905 Gl. 
Address: 163 George St., Providence, R. I. 

AIjLiIS, Wallace Steele, banker; A. B., 
Yale Univ., 1884. Pres. Uncas Nat. Bank. 
Address: Norwich, Conn. 

ALLISON, Geors'e Freeman, physician 
and surgeon; b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Feb. 10, 
1863; .S-. Freeman and Sarah (Soper) A.; prep, 
ed'n, acad. St. Johnsbury; M.D., Med. Dept., 
Boston Univ., 1891; m. E. Providence, R. I., 

Dec, 14, 1893, Eleanor Wood. Has practiced 
in E. Providence since 1892; med. examiner 
for E. Providence since 1893; surgeon at 
Homeo. Hosp. of R. I.; consulting surgeon 
at Homeo. Dispensary. Practices Regular 
and Homeopathic systems. Republican. 
Methodist. Mem. Am. Inst. Homeopathy, 
R. I. Homeo. Med. Soc. (pres.), R. I. Medico- 
Legal Soc. (ex-sec. and pres.), Mass. Surg. 
& Gynecol. Soc, etc. Mason; mem. I.O.O.F., 
Red Men, E. Providence Bus. Men's Assn. 
Address: 56 Warren Av., E. Providence, R. I. 

ALLYN, William Israel, farmer; b. Led- 
yard. Conn., Jan. 20, 1875; s. Israel Allyn and 
Mary Ann (Williams) A.; pub. and business 
sch. ed'n; m. Ledyard, Jan. 20, 1898, Martha 
A. Gardner. Engaged in farming since 1899; 
town elk. and treas., Ledyard, since 1899; 
mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1905, 1907, Senate, 
1909; auditor New London Co., Conn., 1905, 
1906; del. Conn. Const'l Conv., 1902; Repub- 
lican. Sec. Town Clerks' Assn. since 1905; 
pres. Bill Library Assn., Ledyard Cemetery 
Assn. ; overseer Ledyard Grange. Congre- 
gationalist. Chtb: Arcanum. Address: Mys- 
tic, Conn. 

ALMY, diaries, lawyer; b. New Bedford, 
Mass., Jan. 23, 1851; s. Charles and Mary A. 
(Cummings) A., and direct descendant of 
10th generation from William Almy, who 
came to New England, 1634; ed. Friends' 
Acad., New Bedford; A.B., 1872, Harvard; 
prin. Concord (Mass.) High Sch., 1872-4; 
apptd. proctor. Harvard, 1874; LL.B., 1876, 
Harvard Law Sch.; m. Canton, Mass., Oct. 5, 
1882, Helen Jackson Cabot. Became a stu- 
dent in office of Hon. E. Rockwood Hoar, 
Boston, and was admitted to Suffolk bar, 
1877; has since practiced in Boston; asstd. 
in compiling treatise on law of married wom- 
en in Mass., 1878; asst. U. S. dist. attty. for 
dist. of Mass., 1882-6; mem. Mass. Ho. of 
Rep., 1891; lecturer Boston Univ. Law Sch.; 
justice 3d Dist. Court of Eastern Middlesex 
since 1891. Mem. Boston Bar Assn. (hon.), 
Middlesex Bar Assn. Clubs: Union, Oakley 
Country, Cambridge. Residence: Cambridge, 
Mass. Office: 1023 Tremont Bldg., Boston. 

ALMY, Dar-tvin, mfr.. Inventor; b. Tiver- 
ton, R. I., Feb. 28, 1848; .y. Isaac C. Almy and 
Alice Bateman A.; descendant of William 
A., Lynn, Mass., 1631, 1637, Portsmouth, 
R. I., 1644; ed. pub. schs.; m. Providence, 
R. I., 1875, Clara A. Cook. Has been en- 
gaged in steam eng'ring since 1879; invented 
the Almy water tube boiler, 1889, pres. and 
treas., since 1889, Almy Water Tube Boiler 
Co., Providence, R. I. Mem. Am. Mech. 
Eug'rs, Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs, Soc. Naval 
Architects and Marine Eng'rs, Providence 
Mech. Eng'rs, Providence Bd. of Trade, R. I. 
■ Bus. Men's Assn. Clubs: Engineers', R. I. 
Yacht, R. I. Automobile, Bristol Yacht, New 
York Yacht. Residence: Providence, R. I. 
Office: 178 Allen's Av., Providence, R. I. 

ALMY, Franklin Lawton, printer, pub. ; 
b. Little Compton, R. I., July 2, 1833; ^. Ben- 
jamin and Ruth (Lawton) A.: attended pub. 
schs, until 1845; m. 1st, Fall River, Sept.. 
1862, Charity R. Buffington; 2d, Fall River, 
Sept., 1887, Mary K. Cotton. Printer's ap- 
prentice. Weekly News, Fall River, Mass., 
1845-50; journeyman printer, 1850-54; busi- 
ness mgr., 1854-62, prop'r since 1862, Fall 
River News; dir. Flint and Wampanoag 
Mills (cotton); trustee Citizens' Savings 




Bank; mem. Fall River Common Council, ALVORD, Jolm J., mfr. ; &. Greens Farms, 

Address: 685 Rock St., Fall River, 


ALMY, Leonard Ballou, physician and 
surgeon; b. Norwich, Conn., July 17, 1851; 5. 
Albert Henry and Amelia (Ballon) A.; ed. 
Highland Mil. Acad., Worcester, Mass., Ed- 
wards Place Sch., Stockbridge, Mass.; A.B., 
Yale, 1873; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 
1876; m. Norwich, June 21, 1876, Caroline S. 
Webb. Began practice in Norwich, 1877; re- 
tired from active practice, 1906, on account of 
amputation of thigh; late pres., consulting 
surgeon, and gynecologist to William W. 
Backus Hosp., Norwich; formerly med. vis- 
itor to Hartford Retreat, and med. examiner. 
State of Connecticut; maj. and surgeon, 1886- 
91, It. col. Med. Dept., 1891-7, C.N.G.; re- 
tired 1897; maj. and chief surgeon, U.S.V., 
1898. Charter mem. Assn. Mil. Surgeons of 
U. S.; mem. Conn, Med. Soc. (ex-pres.). New 
London Co. and Norwich Med. socs. (ex- 
pres.), Psl Upsilon. Clubs: Army and Navy 
(New York), Residence: 173 Washington St., 
Norwich, Conn. 

AliSBERY, Carl Lucas, educator; b. New 
York, Apr. 2, 1877; s. Meinhard and Bertha 
(Baruch) A.; A.B., Columbia, 1896, A.M., 
1900; M.D., Coll. Phys. & Surg., 1900; student 
medicine, Univ. of Strassburg, 1900-2; stu- 
dent chemistry, Univ. of Berlin, 1902-3. Asst. 
physiological chemistry, 1902-5, instr. biol. 
chemistry since 1905, Harvard Med. Sch. 
Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Physiol, Soc, 
Am. Soc. Biol. Chemists, Am. Chem. Soc. 
Club: Colonial. Residence: 845 Boylston St., 

ALTON, diaries De Laiicey, M, D. ; b. 
Kenosha, Wis., May 9, 1845; s. Conde R. and 
Carolan Esther (Turner) A.; ed, Woodstock 
Acad., Conn., 1863; Phillips Exeter Acad., 
1864-5; civil eng'r, 1867-74; grad. Bellevue 
Hosp, Medical Coll. (M. D,), 1875; interne 
Charity Hosp,, Jersey City, N. J., 1875-6: 
m. 1st, Sept, 3, 1878, Jane Gray Skinner (died 
April 24, 1882); 2d, June 25, 1885, Minnie 
Moore Clarke. Medical referee for U. S. 
of the Conn. Mutual Life Ins, Co. since 
1878. Treas. 10 yrs. Hartford Med. Soc; 
mem. Conn. State Med, Soc, ; Am. Med. 
Assn.; Am. Climatol, Assn.; Assn. of Life 
Ins, Med. Directors, etc. Has written: The 
Therapeutic Value of Mountain Forests, 
1895; State Sanatoria for Tuberculosis Pa- 
tients, 1900; Prophylaxis in Tuberculosis, 
1905. Address: 86 Farmington Av., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

ALVORD, James Cliurcli, clergyman; b. 
Greenfield, Mass., Jan. 24, 1862; s. Daniel 
Wells and Caroline Betts (Dewey) A.; A.B., 
Williams Coll., 1885; grad. Andover Theol, 
Sem., 1888; m. St. Johnsbury, Vt., June 8, 
1898, Lucy Fairbanks. Ordained to Cong'l 
ministry, 1888; pastor, Hamilton, Mass., 
1888-93, Woonsocket, R. I., 1893-1907, Maiden, 
Mass., since 1907; contb'r stories and 
sketches to mags. Residence: 8 Mt. Vernon 
St., Boston. 

ALVORD, John F., mf r. ; b. Torrington, 
Conn., May 9, 1861; s. Charles and Almira 
(Burtis) A. Pres. Excelsior Needle Co., 
The Standard Co., The Progressive Mfg. Co. 
Republican. Mason. Clubs: Union League 
(New York), Union (Boston). Address: Tor- 
rington. Conn. ^ ^ ^K^"^ 

Conn., July 15, 1859; s. Nelson and Mary 
(Jennings) A.; ed. Selleck's Naval Sch.. Nor- 
walk, Conn.; m. Clinton, la., Sept. 9, 1906, 
Ida Irene Penfield. Born and reared on 
farm; connected with father in commission 
business in New York about 6 yrs. and 3 
yrs. with an oil house in New York; repre- 
sentative of H. J. Baker & Bros., Chicago, 12 
yrs.; removed to Bridgeport, Conn., 1896, 
and established the Atlas Shear Co. (mfrs. 
of shears), of which is pres. Clubs: Sea Side, 
Bridgeport Yacht. Residence: Greens Farms, 
Conn. Office: Bridgeport, Conn. 

AMADOIV, Artlinr Frank, physician; b. 
Pownal, Vt., Sept. 10, 1858; .y. Perry Frank 
and Eliza (Mason) A.; A.B., Williams Coll., 
1881, A.M., 1884; M.D., Dartmouth Med. 
Coll., 1891; m. Putnam, Conn., Nov. 25, 1886, 
Mary E. Whitcombe. Teacher mathematics, 
Monson (Mass.) Acad., 1882-4; prin. Pepper- 
ell (Mass.) High Sch., 1884-6, Putnam 
(Conn.) High Sch., 1886-7; prof, mathemat- 
ics, Dewey Coll., Springfield, Mo., 1887-90; 
sec. Sch. Bd., Melrose, Mass., 1897-1902; asst. 
ophthalmic surgeon, Mass. Gen. Hosp., 1893- 
1904; ophthalmic surgeon, Melrose Hosp., 
since 1895. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Mass. 
Med. Soc. Mason. Address: M^ Boylston &t., 

AMEN, Harlan Pase, prin. Phillips Exe- 
ter Acad, since 1895; b. Sinking Spring, 
Highland Co., O., April 14, 1853; .y. Daniel 
and Sarah J. (Barber) A. ; ed. common 
and high schools, Ohio; Phillips Exeter 
Acad., 1872-5; grad. Harvard, 1879; hon, A. 
M., Williams Coll., 1886. Instr. classics, 
mathematics and English, 1879-82; instr. 
Latin and Greek and joint prin. and propr., 
1882-95, Riverview Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y. ; prin. since 1895, and, 1895-9, also prof. 
Latin, Phillips Exeter Acad. Hon. mem. Am. 
Whig Soc, Princeton Univ., 1888; exec, 
com., 1896-1906; New England Assn. Colls, 
and Prep. Schs., 1896, exec, com., 1902-6, v.- 
p. 1904, Head-Master's Assn. and of various 
edn'l organizations; mem. Am. Archaeol. 
Inst., Am. Philol. Soc, Am. Hist. Assn.; 
pres., 1900, Harvard Teachers' Assn.; pres., 
1900, N. H. Assn. Acad. Teachers; hon. 
mem. N. H. Soc, Cincinnati, 1905. Address: 
Exeter, N. H. 

AMES, Adell*ert, soldier, ex-gov. of Miss.; 
b. Rockland, Me., Oct. 31, 1835; grad. West 
Point, 1861; assigned to 5th U. S. art., pro- 
moted through grades to brig. -gen. vols, 
and bvt. maj. -gen. vols.; mustered out of 
vols., April, 18G6; commissioned, July, 1866, 
It.-col. 24th U. S. inf.; apptd. provisional 
gov. Miss., July 15, 1868, under reconstruc- 
tion acts; elected U. S. senator, 1870; elected 

, gov. Miss., 1873, resigning 1876, when he 
removed to New York, later to Lowell, 
Mass.; apptd. brig. -gen. U. S. vols., June 

20, 1898, serving during war with Spain; m. 
to Blanche, d. late Gen. B. F. Butler, July 

21, 1870. Residence: Lowell, Mass. 
AMES, Butler, congressman; b. Lowell, 

Mass., Aug. 22, 1871; s. Maj. Gen. Adelbert 
and Blanche (Butler) A., g. s. Gen. B. F. 
Butler; grad. West Point, 1894; B. A., 
Mass. Inst. Technology, 1896. Engaged in 
mfg. since 1896; mech. and elec. eng'r. Was 
adj. 6th Mass. vols., promoted col. after 




skirmish of Guanica and Yauca road, Porto 
Rico; mem. Congress, 5tli Mass. dist., 1903- 
9; Republican. Unmarried. Address: Low- 
ell, Mass. 
AMES, Cliarles F., supt. "Western Union 
Telegraph Co., Boston Electric Protective 
Co., Am. Dist. Telegraph Co. (N. J.), Holmes 
Electric Protective Co.; dir. Am. Dist. Tele- 
graph Co. (Me.), Internat. Telegraph Co. 
(Me.), Vt. & Boston Telegraph Co., Mut. 
Dist. Messenger Co. ; clerk Franklin Tele- 
graph Co. Residence: Winchester, Mass. 
Uffice: 109 State St., Boston. 
AMES, Cliarles Gox*(loii, Unit'n clergy- 
man; b. Dorchester, Mass., Oct. 3, 1828; 
adopted s. Thomas and Lucy A., Canterbury, 
N. H. ; ed. pub. schs. and, 1847-9, Geau- 
ga Sem., Ohio (D. D., Bates Coll., 1896); m. 
ist, March 28, 1850. Dover, N. H., Sarah J. 
Daniels; 2d, June 25, 1863, Cincinnati, Fanny 
Baker. Ordained, 1849, as Free Bap. ; passed 
in 1859 to the Unitarians; has preached in 
Minneapolis; Bloomington, 111.; Albany, N. 
Y. ; in Calif. 7 yrs. ; more recently in Phila. 
and Boston, succeeding late Dr. James Free- 
man Clarke as pastor of Ch. of the Disci- 
ples, Jan. 1, 1889. Has lectured extensively. 
Editor: Minnesota Republican, 1855-7; Chris- 
tian Register, Boston, 1877-80. Author: 
George Eliot's Two Marriages, 1886; As Nat- 
ural as Life, 1894; Sermons of Sunrise, 1901; 
Poems, 1898 XI; Five Points of Faith, 1903; 
Living Largely, 1904; also sermons serially, 
El. Residence: 12 Chestnut St., Boston. 

AMES, Charles Henry, publisher; b. at 
Boscawen, N. H., Feb. 5, 1847; 5. Nathan 
Plummer and Elvira (Coffin) A.; A.B., Am- 
herst Coll., 1870, A.M., 1873; m. Lakeview, 
111., Sept. 21, 1887, Henrietta Burton Hunt. 
Sec. and dir. D. C. Heath & Co., ed'nl pubs., 
and The Prang Educational Co. Mem. Am. 
Hist Assn., Am. Econ. Assn., Am. Ornithol. 
Union, Am. Forestry Assn., Nat. Geog. Soc, 
N. E. A., Am. Peace Soc, Internat. Concilia- 
tion Assn., Delta Kappa Epsilon, Boston 
Merchants' Assn. Clubs: Sierra Mountain 
(San Francisco), Marama Mountain (Port- 
land, Ore.), Ends of the Earth (New York), 
Tuesday (Newton, Mass.), Appalachian 
Mountain, 20th Century, Boston City, Pud- 
dingstone (Boston). Republican. Cong'Iist. 
Residence: W. Newton, Mass. Office: 120 
Boylston St., Boston. 

AMES, Fisher, lawyer; b. Lowell, Mass., 
Jan. 24, 1838; s. Hon. Seth and Margaret 
(Bradford) A.; A.B., Harvard, 1858, LL.B., 
1860; m. Dec. 19, 1865, Virginia Lee, of New 
Orleans. Admitted to bar, 1861; practiced at 
Boston since 1865. Author of several works 
on whist. Residence: W. Newton, Mass. 
Office: Tremont Bldg., Boston. 

AMES, Frederick Lotlirop, investor; b. 
N. Easton, Mass., July 23, 1876; .?. Frederick 
Lothrop and Rebecca Caroline (Blair) A.; 
A.B., Harvard, 1898; m. New York, May 31, 
1904, Edith C. C. Cryder. Dir. Nat. Copper 
Bank, 1st Nat. Bank of Easton, Eliot Nat. 
Bank, Am. Trust Co., City Trust Co., Butte 
Coalition Mining Co. Clubs: Somerset, 
Knickerbocker, Union (Boston); New York 
Yacht, Eastern Yacht. Residence: N. Easton, 
Mass. Office: Ames Bldg., Boston. 

AMES, Hobart, mfr. ; h. N. Easton, Mass., 
Aug., 1865; s. Oakes A. and Catharine (Ho- 
bart) A.; m. Keene, N. H., June, 1891, Julia 

H. Colony. Pres. and dir. Ames Shovel & 
Tool Co., Ames Shovel & Tool Co. of Texas, 
Oliver Ames & Sons Corp'n, T. Rowland's 
Sons, Inc., Wright Shovel Co., The H. M. 
Myers Co., Elwood Fuel Co., Easton Invest- 
ment Co.; dir. Am. Trust Co., First Nat. 
Bank of Easton, Kinsley Iron & Machine 
Co., Carver Cotton Co. Clubs: Algonquin 
Union, Tennis & Racquet, N. E. KenneL 
Residence: N. Easton, Mass. Office: Ames 
Bldg., Boston. 
AMES, James Barr, dean Harvard Law 
School since 1895; b. Boston, June 22, *l846; 
grad. Harvard, 1868 (A. M., 1871); Harvard 
Law School, 1872 (LL. D., Univ. City of 
New York, Univ. of Wis., 1898, Univ. of Pa., 
1899, Northwestern, 1903, Williams, Har- 
vard, 1904); m. June 29, 1880, Sarah Russell, 
Boston. Taught in pvt. sch., Boston, 1868- 
9; tutor in French and German, Harvard, 
1871-2, instr. in history, 1872-3, asso. prof, of 
law, 1873-7, prof, law since 1877, Harvard. 
Compiled collections of cases on torts, 
pleading, bills and notes, partnership, 
trusts, suretyship, admiralty and equity 
jurisdiction; author of numerous articles in 
Harvard Law Rev. and other law reviews. 
Address: Cambridge, Mass. 
AMES, John Lincoln, physician; b. Jef- 
ferson, Me., Mar. 15, 1863; .y. John Shepherd 
and Hannah (Waters) A. ; prep, ed'n, Wal- 
tham (Mass.) High Sch., 1880-1, Phillips Ex- 
eter Acad., 1881-3; A.B., Harvard, 1887; M D. 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1892; m. Clinton, Mass, 
Oct. 25, 1892, Elizabeth J. McGeachey. Has 
practiced in Boston since July, 1892; asso. 
prof, practice of medicine, Tufts Med. Sch. ; 
1st asst. visiting physician, Boston City 
Hosp. Independent Republican. Episcopa- 
lian. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Soc. for 
Med. Improvement. Club: Harvard Musical 
Assn. Address: 70 Chestnut St., Boston. 
AMES, John Stanley, capitalist; A.B 
Harvard Univ., 1901. Dir. 1st Nat. Bank of 
Easton; trustee N. Easton Savings Bank. 
Residence: 306 Dartmouth St. Office: Ames 
Bldg., Boston. 
AMES, Oakes, botanist; b. N. Easton, 
Mass., Sept. 26, 1874; i-. Oliver Ames and 
Anna Coffin (Ray) Hadwen A. ; ed. Hopkin- 
son's School, Boston; A.B., Harvard, 1898, 
A.M., 1899; m. Lowell, Mass., May 15, 1900' 
Blanche Ames. Asst. in botany, 1899-00^ 
instr. since 1900, Harvard; asst. dir. Bot. 
Garden of Harvard, since 1899 Fellow 
Linnean Society of London; fellow A.A.A.S. ; 
chmn. Sch. Com. of Easton; mem. Soc. of 
Am. Naturalists, Am. Forestry Assn., Am. 
Breeders' Assn., Nat. Geog. Soc, N. E. Bot. 
Club, Mass. Hort. Soc. (past v.-p.), Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist., Washington Biol. Soc, Assn 
International des Botanistes, Sullivant Moss. 
Soc, Linnaean Fern Chapter; mem. cor- 
poration of the N. Easton Savings Bank: 
mem. Battery "A," M.V.M., 1895-8. Patron 
of the New York Botanical Garden. Uni- 
tarian. Clubs: Algonquin, Boston Athletic. 
Mass. Automobile, Boston Art. Author of 
numerous papers, mainly dealing with or- 
chids, in botanical periodicals, and of con- 
tributions to our knowledge of the orchid 
flora of Florida, and of the serial work en- 
titled "Orchidaceae," of which 3 vols, have 
been published. Address: "Borderland," N. 
Easton, Mass. 
AMES, Oliver, manufacturer, financier- A 
B., Harvard Univ., 1886. Pres. and dir. 




Ames Plow Co., Fisher Mfg. Co., Kinsley- 
Iron & Machine Co., Washington Mills Em- 
ery Mfg. Co., Met. Storage Warehouse Co., 
Union Copper Mining Co.; v. -p., treas. and 
dir. Oliver Ames & Sons Corp'n, Easton In- 
vestment Co.; v.-p. and dir. Ames Shovel & 
Tool Co. of Texas, Wright Shovel Co., 1st 
Nat. Bank (Easton, Mass.); dir. C. & N.-W. 
Ry. Co., Oregon Short Line R. R. Co., Union 
Pacific R. R. Co., Old Colony R. R. Co., 
Western Union Telegraph Co., Gen. Electric 
Co., Nat. Shawmut Bank, Old Colony Trust 
Co., Electric Corp'n, Edison Electric Illumi- 
nating Co. of Boston, Mercantile Trust Co. 
(New York), Ames Shovel & Tool Co., Cabot 
Mfg. Co., H. M. Myers Co., Mut. Dist. Mes- 
senger Co., St. Louis Shovel Co., Security 
Safe Deposit Co.; trustee Provident Inst'n 
for Savings; mem. advisory bd. Am. Bond- 
ing Co. (Batlimore) ; trustee Children's Hosp. 
Residences: N. Easton, Mass., and 15 Com- 
monwealth Av. Office: Ames Bldg., Boston. 

AMES, Robert Parker Mai'r, surgeon; 
b. Springfield, Mass., Oct. 20, 1856; s. Samuel 
and Olive M. (Marr) A. ; grad. Springfield 
High Sch., 1876; M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 
1880 (1st prize, $100) ; resident surgeon, Jef- 
ferson Hosp., 1880-1, Blockley Hosp., 1881; 
m. Jersey City, N. J., Apr. 15, 1883, Mary 
Benson. Apptd. asst. surgeon U. S. Marine 
Hosp. Service, Oct., 1881; located in Spring- 
field, 1889; custodian pub. bldgs. ; surgeon 
Springfield St. Ry. Co. Mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., A.A.A.S., Mass. Med. Soc, Hampden 
Med. Soc, Springfield Acad, of Medicine. K. 
of P., Royal Soc. of Good Fellows. Clubs: 
Nayasset, Country. Residence: 26 7th St. 
Office: Cooley Blk., Springfield, Mass. 

AMES, Sarali Washburn, educator; b. 
Canton, Mass., Feb. 1, 1848; d. Ellis and 
Harriet (Tucker) A. ; ed. Stoughtonham 
Inst., Sharon, Mass., Wheaton Female Sem., 
N. E. Conservatory, Boston; studied under 
sp'l instructors, Boston. Instr. music, voice 
culture and French, Salem (N. J.) Collegiate 
Inst., 1873-7; engaged in pvt. teaching, 1878- 
83; instr. vocal music, Howard Sem., 1884-94 
(head Music Dept., 1888-94); pvt. teaching, 
Ganton, Mass., 1897-1903; prin. Sherman Hall, 
Canton, Mass., and Jamaica Plain, Mass., 
since 1904. Address: Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

AMES, William, soldier, mfr. ; b. Provi- 
dence, R. I., May 15, 1842; .y. Hon. Samuel 
and Mary T. Ames; A.B., Brown Univ., 1863, 
A.M., by sp'l vote, 1891; m. 1st, Nov. 8, 1871, 
Henriette F. Ormsbee (who died Feb. 14, 
1875); m. 2d, Apr. 27, 1882, Mrs. Unice Ives 
Carrington Dwight (who died Nov. 10, 1904). 
Entered army as 2d It. 2d R. I. Inf., June 5, 
1861; 1st It., Oct. 25, 1861; capt., July 24, 1862; 
ma.1. 3d R. I. Art'y, Feb. 10, 1863; It. col., 
Apr. 1, 1864; bvtd. brig. gen. vols., Mar. 13, 
1865, for meritorious services during the 
war; hon. mustered out, Aug. 27, 1865. Con- 
nected with Allen's Print Works, 1865-9; col- 
lector U. S. internal revenue, 1st R. I. dist., 
1870-5; agt. and mgr. Fletcher Mfg. Co., 
Providence, 1875-1904, pres. and treas. same, 
since 1904; pres. Blackstone Canal Nat. Bank 

, since 1877; Union Trust Co.; dir. Providence 
Washington Ins. Co., Mfrs. Mut. Fire Ins. 
Co.; trustee R. I. Hosp. Mem. Providence 
Common Council, 1872-3; mem. R. I. Comm'n 
to obtain a site for a new state house, 1890, 
and mem. comm'n to erect a new state 
house, 1891-1904; mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., 

1898-9; chmn. State House Comm'n at pres- 
ent time. Republican. Clubs: Hope, Aga- 
wam. Brown University, University (New 
York), Squantum, Churchman's. Residence: 
121 Power St., Providence. Office: 47 Charles 
St., Providence, R. I. 

AMES, William Hadvreii, capitalist; .?. 
late Oliver (gov. of Mass., 1887-90) and Anna 
Coffin (Ray) Hadwen A. Pres. and dir. Am. 
Pneumatic Service Co., N. Y. Pneumatic 
Service Co., Chicago Postal-Pneumatic Serv- 
ice Co., Boston Pneumatic Transit Co., St. 
Louis Pneumatic Service Co., Lamson Con- 
solidated Store Service Co., South Side Plan- 
tation Co. (New Orleans) ; pres. and trustee 
N. Easton Savings Bank; sec. and dir. Ames 
Shovel & Tool Co. (and subsidiary cos.), 
Oliver Ames & Sons Corp'n, T. Rowland's 
Sons, Inc., Easton Investment Co., The H. 
M. Myers Co.; sec. Wright Shovel Co.; dir. 
Rumford Falls Paper Co., 1st Nat. Bank of 
Easton. Residences: N. Easton, Mass., and 
267 Commonwealth Av. Office: Ames Bldg., 

AMES, Wiwtlirop, capitalist; A.B., Har- 
vard Univ., 1895. Residence: N. Easton, 
Mass., and 66 Beacon St. Office: 100 Boyles- 
ton St., Boston. 

AMEY, Harry B., lawyer; b. Pittsburg, N. 
H., Dec. 21, 1868; .y. John T. and Emily 
(Haynes) A.; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1894; 
studied law at Lancaster, N. H., 1894-8; prin. 
Lancaster (N. H.) Grammar Sch., 1896-7; ad-, 
mitted to bar, 1898; m. Charleston, Vt., May, 
1896, Gracia A. Norton. Practiced in Milton, 
N. H., 1898-1902; mem. law firm Dale, Amey 
& Hunt, Island Pond, Vt., since 1902; Vt. 
atty. Grand Trunk Ry. Co. since 1902; state's 
atty. Essex Co. since 1904; atty. Conn. Val- 
ley Lumber Co. ; dir. and treas. Essex Realty 
Co. ; largely interested in timbered lands and 
industrial enterprises. Mason; K. of P. 
Address: Island Pond, Vt. 

AMORY, Artlmr, business man; b. Bos- 
ton, Feb. 6, 1841; .y. James Sullivan and 
Mary Copley (Greene) A., and descendant of 
Thomas A., the immigrant, Charleston, S. 
C, 1720; prep, ed'n in sch. of Dr. Epes Dix- 
well, Boston; A.B., Harvard, 1862; visited 
Greenland while an undergraduate, with 
exp'dn sent there by Nat. Hist. Soc. of Wil- 
liams Coll.; m. Phila., June 6, 1866, Elizabeth 
Ingersoll. Engaged as elk. in a Boston of- 
fice, 1862-3; entered employ of Upham, Tuck- 
er & Co., 1863, and lived in New York until 
1877, when returned to Boston; admitted as 
partner, 1866, firm n^me Amory, Brown & 
Co. since 1896. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Mem. New England Soc. of N. Y. A. D. 
Clubs: Somerset, Eastern Yacht, Manchester 
Yacht, Lynn Yacht, Harvard of New York 
(one of the 5 founders), Porcellian, Har- 
vard, Alpha Delta Phi, Harvard Hasty Pud- 
ding, Harvard Club of Odd Volumes, 
Wednesday Evening. Residence: 133 Marl- 
borough St. Oftice: 48 Franklin St., Boston. 

AMORY, Cliarles Bean, mfr. ; b. New 
York, N. Y., July 30, 1841; s. Jonathan and 
Letitia (Austin) A.; pub. sch. ed'n; ni. New 
Orleans, La., Apr. 3, 1881, Lily Clapp. Apptd. 
1st It. 24th Mass. Inf., Sept. 2, 1861; capt., 
Nov. 1, 1862; capt. asst. adj. gen. vols.. May 
IS, 1864; bvtd. maj. vols.. Mar. 13, 1865, for 
distinguished gallantry and meritorious 
services in front of Petersburg, Va.; re- 
signed. May 9, 1865. Treas. and dir. Hamil- 
ton Mfg. Co. ; dir. Locks & Canals on Merri- 




mack River, Paper Mill Mut. Ins. Co. Club: 
Somerset. Residence: Milton, Mass. Office: 
70 Kilby St., Boston. 

AMORY, Cliarles "Walter, manufacturer, 
financier; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1863. Pres. 
and dir. Amoskeag Mfg. Co., Great Falls 
Mfg. Co., Fifty Associates; v. -p. and trustee 
Provident Inst'n for Savings; dir. Am. Bell 
Telephone Co., Am. Telephone & Telegraph 
Co., Western Telephone & Telegraph Co., 
Bay State Trust Co., Old Colony Trust Co., 
Merchants Nat. Bank, Western Electric Co., 
Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of Boston, 
Boston Manufacturers Mut. Fire Ins. Co., 
Cocheco Mfg. Co., Lawrence Mfg. Co., Ly- 
man Mills, Mass. Hosp. Life Ins. Co. ; trustee 
Boston Block Trust, of Minneapolis. Resi- 
dence: 278 Beacon St. Office: Ames Bldg., 

AMORY, Francis I., lawyer; b. Boston, 
June 5, 1850; .t. William and Anna P. G. 
(Sears) A. ; grad. Harvard, 1871, Harvard 
Law Sch., 1876; admitted to bar, 1876; m. 
Boston, May 12, 1886, Grace J. Minot. H:as 
practiced in Boston since 1876; pres. Cabot 
Mfg. Co. since 1900. Dir. Fifty Associates. 
Clubs: Somerset, Tennis and Racquet, The 
Country. Residence: 413 Commonwealth Av. 
OfHice: Sears Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

AMORY, Frederic, treas. Nashua Mfg. 
Co., Jackson Co.; dir. State Nat. Bank, Bos- 
ton Mfrs. Mut. Fire Ins. Co. Residence: Bar 
Harbor, Me. Oifice: 85 Devonshire St., Bos- 

AMORY, Harcourt, capitalist; A.B., Har- 
vard Univ., 1876. Treas. Indian Head Mills, 
of Ala.; treas. and elk. Lancaster Mills; dir. 
State St. Trust Co., Am. Mut. Liability Ins. 
Co., Mut. Boiler Ins. Co., Saca & Pettee 
Machine Shops. Residence: 293 Beacon St. 
Office: 40 Water St., Boston. 

A.MORY, Robert, M. D.; b. Boston, May 
3, 1842; grad. Harvard, 1863 (A. M.); M. D., 
med. dept., 1866; and established practice at 
Brookline, Mass.; apptd., 1869, lecturer at 
Harvard on physiol. action of drugs; after- 
ward prof, physiology, med. school, Bow- 
doin Coll. Author of volume on Poisons in 
Wharton & Stille's Med. Jurisprudence, and 
of works on physiology and therapeutics. 
Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences, etc. Address: 279 Beacon St., Bos- 

ANDERSON, Aslier, clergyman, editor; 
b. Flatlands, L. I., N. Y., July 23, 1846; 5. 
John William and Eliza Ann (Duryea) A.; 
A. B., Rutgers Coll., 1870, A. M., 1873; B. 
D., New Brunswick Theol. Sem., 1873; (D. 
D., Iowa Coll., 1904, Rutgers, 1904); iu. 
Freehold, N. J., Oct. 2, 1873, Mary E. R. 
Dorrance. Ordained clergyman, Reformed 
Ch. in America, 1873; pastor Flatbush, N. 
Y., 1873-5, Fishkill, N. Y., 1875-80, Passaic, 
N. J., 1880-5; mem. b'd pub. sch. examin- 
ers, Passaic, 1882-5. Became Cong'l clergy- 
man, 1885; pastor Bristol, Conn., 1885-90, 
Meriden, Conn., 1890-1901; mem. Meriden b'd 
ed'n, 1892-8; registrar Central Conf., Conn., 
1892-1901; chaplain 2d Regt. Conn. N. G., 
1895-9; trustee Hartford Theol. Sem. since 
1895; moderator Conn., State Assn., 1899; 
corporate (hon.) mem. A. B. C. F. M. ; sec. 
Nat. Council Cong'l Chs. in U. S., since 
Oct. 16, 1901. Mem. Chi Phi. Clnb : Boston 
Cong'l. Republican. Mason. Editor Cong'l 

Year Book since 1901; Minutes of Nat. Coun- 
cil, 1901, 1904, 1907. Author of pamphlets, 
etc. Residence: 47A Dana St., Cambridge, 
Office: 14 Beacon St.. Boston. 

ANDERSON, Edward, clergyman; b. Bos- 
ton, Nov. 19, 1833; s. Rufus (D.D., LL.D.) 
and Eliza (Hill) A. ; ed. in Boston schs. ; 
pvt. inst'rs; studied theology with father and 
pastor; m. South Bend, Ind., July 29, 1857. 
Harriet Flora Shumway. Ordained to Cong'l 
ministry, 1858. Pastorates: St. Joseph, Mich., 
1858-60; Quincy, 111., 1874-80; Newark, Conn., 
1858-60; Quincy, 111., 1874-80; Norwalk. 
Conn., 1884-9; Danielson, Conn., 1890-5; 
served with John Brown in Kansas; chaplain 
37th 111. Vols, till after the Missouri cam- 
paign, 1862; col. 12th Ind. Vol. Cav. till close 
of war. Mason (32°); mem. I.O.O.F., Royal 
Arcanum, Am. Order United Workmen, K. 
of P. Residence: 157 Goffe St., Quincy, Mass. 

ANDERSON, Frederick Lincoln, cler- 
gyman, theologian; b. St. Louis, Apr. 14 
1862; .y. Galusha and Mary E. (Roberts) A. 
grad. Univ. of Chicago, 1882, A. M., 1885 
grad. Bapt. Union Theol. Sem., 1888; D. D., 
Brown Univ., 1904; in 1904 and 1905 spent 
10 months studying in German unversi- 
ties; m. 1st, Chicago, 1884, Gertrude B. Ful- 
ler; 2d, St. Louis, 1897, Lydia W. Wolfe. 
Asst. prof. Latin, Univ. of Chicago, 1882-5; 
instr. Latin, Chautauqua Corr. Univ., 1885- 
3; pastor 2d Bapt, Ch., Rochester, N. Y., 
1888-1900; prof. N. T. interpretation, New- 
ton Theol. Inst'n since 1900. Address: New- 
ton Centre, Mass. 

ANDERSON, GalusUa, theologian and 
educator; b. Clarendon, N. Y., March 
7, 1832; grad. Rochester Univ., 1854 (S. T. D., 
1866; LL. D.,1884; alsoLL.D., Madison Uni- 
versity — now Colgate University — 1884) ; grad. 
Rochester Theol. Sem., 1856. Bap. minister, 
Janesville, Wis., 1856-8; St. Louis, 1858-66; 
m. April 23, 1861, Mary E. Roberts. Prof. 
Newton Theol. Sem., 1866-73; pastor, Brook- 
lyn, 1873-6; pastor 2d Bap. Ch., Chicago, 
1876-8; pres. old Univ. of Chicago, 1878-85; 
pastor 1st Bapt. Ch., Salem, Mass., 1885-7; 
pres. Denison Univ., Ohio, 1887-90. Prof, 
in Bapt. Union Theol. Sem., 1890-2; prof, 
practical theology, Divinity School, Univ. 
of Chicago, 1892-1904, retired prof, since 
1904. Author: Ancient Sermons for Modern 
Times, translated from Asterius, 1904. Resi- 
dence: Newton Centre, Mass. 

ANDERSON, Georg^e Weston, lawyer; b. 
Acworth, N. H., Sept. 1, 1861; .y. David 
Campbell and Martha L. (Brigham) A. ; 
grad. Gushing Acad., Ashburnham, Mass., 
1882 (valedictorian); A.B., Williams Coll., 
1886; LL.B., Boston Univ. Law Sch., 1890; 
admitted to bar, 1890; m. Mason, N. H., July 
31, 1897, Minnie Mitchell. Has practiced iu 
Boston since 1890; instr. in equity law, Bos- 
ton Univ. Law Sch., 1891-4; mem. Boston 
Sch. Bd., 1894-1900 (inclusive). Democrat. 
Unitarian. Mason. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 
Suffolk Bar Assn., Am. Acad. Polit. and So- 
cial Science. Clubs: University, Twentieth 
Century, Economic, City (Boston) ; City 
(New York); Jamaica, Eliot (Jamaica Plain). 
Residence: Jamaica Plain, Mass. Office: 43 
Tremont St., Boston. 

ANDERSON, Jerome Sclienck:, insur- 
ance and publishing; b. Phila., Sept. 22, 
1843; .y. Rev. Jerome Schenck and Catharine 




Elizabeth (Douglas) A. ; ed. Stonington, 
Conn.; m. Indianapolis, Mar. 7, 1865, Emma 
Jane Horn. Pres. Stonington Pub. Co., es- 
tablished 1869, pubs. Stonington Mirror and 
Mystic Journal; mgr. Stonington Ins. Agen- 
cy since 1872; justice of the peace since 1874; 
corporal 132d Indiana Vols, in Civil War. 
Republican since 1896. Mason; mem. A.O.U. 
W., G.A.R. Club: Army and Navy (Conn.). 
Address: Water St., Stonington, Conn. 

ANDERSON, John Stevens, stock-breed- 
er and farmer; b. Lysander, N. Y., July 5, 
1836; s. Alpheus and Thankful M. (Stevens) 
A., and descendant of John Anderson, Lon- 
donderry, N. H., 1721 (Scotch Covenanter); 
ed. pub. sch. and Franklin Acad., Shelburne 
Falls, Mass.; m. Shelburne, Nov. 22, 1866, 
Clarinda Rice Barnard. Succeeded to the 
stock-breeding business of Joseph & Robert 
Anderson, to whom he owes his knowledge, 
of stock raising; pres. Franklin Co. Agr. 
Soc. 4 yrs. ; mem. State Bd. Agr. 9 yrs. ; 
justice of the peace 20 yrs. Has nat. repu- 
tation as breeder of short-horn cattle. Ad- 
dress: Shelburne, Mass. 

ANDERSON, Josepli. Cong'l clergyman; b. 
in Ross-shire, Scotland, Dec. 16, 1836; 5. 
William and Mary (Rose) A. ; grad. Coll. 
City of New York, 1854; Union Theol. Sem., 
1857 (D. D., Yale, 1878); m. Jan. 24, 1859, 
Anna Sands Gildersleeve, New York. Came 
to America 1842; in Conn, since 1858; pas- 
tor 1st Ch. Stamford 1858-61, 1st Ch. Nor- 
walk, 1861-4, 1st Ch., Waterbury, 1865-1905, 
now pastor emeritus. Moderator Gen. Assn. 
of Conn., 1877, 1890, Conn. Gen. Conf. (Cong'l 
chs.) 1878; mem. Yale Corp'n, since 1884; 
corporate mem. A. B. C. F. M.; del. In- 
ternat. Cong'l Council, London, 1891; war- 
den borough of Woodmont, since 1904; 
visited Egypt and Palestine, 1907. Pres. 
Conn. Bible Soc, 1884-1904; dir. Missionary 
Soc. of Conn., 1885-1906; mem. Am. Antiq. 
Soc, Am. Hist. Assn., Mattatuck Hist. Soc. 
(v.-p.). Made sp'l study of languages and 
antiquities of Am. Indians. Editor and 
largely author of "The Town and City of 
Waterbury" (3 vols.), 1896 Lll; and author 
of numerous published addresses and poems 
and of books and pamphlets on local his- 
tory, etc. Address: Woodmont, Conn. 

ANDERSON, Lal-z, diplomat; b. Paris, 
France, Aug. 15, 1866; .?. late Gen. Nicholas 
Longworth and Elizabeth Coles (Kilgour) 
A.; lived in Washington in boyhood; A.B., 
Harvard, 1888; spent 2 yrs. in travel around 
the world; m. Boston, June 10, 1897, Isabel 
Perkins. Second sec. U. S. legation, and 
embassy, London, 1891-3; 1st sec. U. S. em- 
bassy, Rome, 1893-7; capt. and asst. adj.- 
gen., U.S. v., during war with Spain, 1898. 
Commdr. of the Order of St. Maurice and St. 
Lazare (Italy) ; Grand Cross of the Crown of 
Italy. Mem. Soc. of the Cincinnati, Order 
of the Loyal Legion, Order of the Spanish- 
American War. Residence: Washington, D. C. 
Country house: "Weld," Brookline, Mass. 

ANDERSON, Wllbert Lee, clergyman; b 
E. Berkshire, Vt., July 21, 1857; s. Ira Stone 
and Elvina (Perley) A.; A.B., Oberlin Coll., 
1879, D.D., 1908; grad. Yale Divinity Sch., 
1882; m. Sandusky, O., Aug. 14, 1883, Dorinda 
Ann Beattie. Ordained to Cong'l ministry, 
1882; pastor, Stowe, Vt., 1882-90, Muskegon, 
Mich., 1890-2, Exeter, N. H., 1893-1907. Am- 

herst, Mass., since 1907. Republican. Mem. 
Amherst Hist. Soc. Clubs: Winthrop (Bos- 
ton); Conn. Valley Cong'l. Author: The 
Country Town; A Study of Rural Evolution, 
1906; contb'r to the Congregationalist and 
The Homiletic Review. Residence: 1 School 
St., Amherst, Mass. 

ANDERSTR5M, Lyndon Laroy, photog- 
rapher; b. Bristol, R. I., May 31, 1861; 5. An- 
drew P. and Louisa Randall (Lake) A.; A.B., 
Brown Univ., 1885, A.M., 1888. Has been in 
the photograph business in Bristol since 
1897; dir. Bristol Y.M.C.A., sec. Bapt. Ch.; 
pres. R. I. Bant. S.S. Conv., 1896, 1897, sec. 
since IggS. Address: 70 Church St., Bristol, 
R. I. 

ANDRETV, Abram Piatt, Ji*., economist; 
b. La Porte, Ind., Feb. 12, 1873; j. Abram 
Piatt and Helen (Merrell) A. ; ed. Lawrence- 
ville (N. J.) Sch., 1886-9, Princeton Univ.. 
1890-3; Ph.D., Harvard, 1900; studied Berlin, 
Paris. Asst. prof, economics. Harvard, since 
1903; expert asst. Nat. Currency Comm'n, 
1908-9; writer on money, banking, and other 
financial subjects in various periodicals. 
OSicier d' Academie, Paris, 1906. Address: 
Russell Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

ANDREW, Henry Hei'sey, lawyer; b. 
Boston, Apr. 29, 1858; 5. Gov. John A. and 
Eliza Jones (Hersey) A.; direct descendant 
of Robert A., who capie to Rowley, Mass., 
1635; ed. Knapp's Sch., Plymouth, Mass., 
1868-72, in sch., Plymouth, Mass., 1868-72, in 
Europe, 1872-5, Symonds Sch., Ossining, N. 
Y., 1876-7, tutor, Stockbridge, Mass., 1877-80, 
Harvard, 1880-1, Univ. of Ga. Law Sch., 1889; 
m. New York, Jan. 16, 1891, Mary Raymond 
Garrettson, descended from John Garrett, 
one of earliest English founders of Md., and 
Col. Nathaniel Littleton (son of Lord Little- 
ton), an early settler in Va. Admitted to 
W. Va. bar, 1890; raised and uniformed 
Andrew Guard, W. Va. Militia, and comm'd 
capt., 1888; raised 2d regt., W. Va. Militia 
and comm'd col., 1889; nominee W. Va. Sen- 
ate, 1898; founder W. Va. News, Ronceverte, 
W. Va., 1898. Hon. asso. John A. Andrew 
Post, G.A.R. , Boston; mem. S.A.R., Mass. 
Sec Colonial Wars, Order of Founders and 
Patriots. Republican. Episcopalian; vestry- 
man P. E. Ch., Union, W. Va. Clubs: Som- 
erset (Boston) ; Army and Navy (New 
York); Metropolitan (Washington), Ad- 
dress: Union, W. Va. ; 507 West End Av., 
New York. 

ANDREWS, Arthur Irving, educator; b. 
Providence, R. I., Mar. 27, 1878; s. Frederick 
William and Elizabeth Hurd (Howard) A., 
both of Gardiner, Me.; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1901; post-grad, study, Wisconsin Univ., 
1901-2, Harvard, 1902-5; Ph.D. (Harvard), 
1905; in Spain, France, Turkey and Northern 
Africa, 1905-6; m. Providence, June 26, 1907, 
Alice La Salle Gladding. Instr. in history, 
Simmons Coll., Boston, since Sept., 1906. 
Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Pol. Sci. Assn., 
Institut de Carthage, Tunis, Delta Upsilon. 
Residence: 157 Elmwood Av., Providence, R.I. 

ANDREWS, Charles G., farmer and lum- 
berman; b. Lovell, Me., May 23, 1833; .y. Ste- 
phen and Betsey (Coffin) A., and g. s. of 
Capt. A., of Revolutionary War; common 
sch. ed'n; m. Lovell, Feb. 23, 1860, Phoebe 
B. Charles. Began active career as a farmer 
and lumberman; removed to S. Paris, 1884; 
has devoted a great deal of attention to 
study of mineralogy and has one of the most 




complete pvt. collections of minerals in Me. 
Republican. Christian. Mason. Address: S. 
Paris, Me. 

ANDRE\¥S, David H., pres. Boston Bridge 
Works; v. -p. Newton Centre Savings Bank; 
dir. Newton Centre Trust Co., Newark Min- 
ing & Milling Co. Residence: Newton Centre, 
Mass. Of/ice: 47 Winter St., Boston. 

ANDREWS, Edward Reynolds, busi- 
ness man and farmer; b. Boston, Dec. 22, 
1831; .y. William Turell and Fanny Mackay 
(Reynolds) A.; ed. Chauncy Hall Sch., Ad- 
ams Sch. and Boston Pub. Latin Sch.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1853, A.M., 1856; m. New Ygrk, Dec. 
6, 1855, Sarah Hannah Addoms (now de- 
ceased). Spent l^/^ yrs. in Europe after leav- 
ing coll. and then on farm for 9 yrs. ; banker 
in Paris, France, 9 yrs. with James W. 
Tucker & Co., and under title of Andrews 
& Co. ; introduced improved methods of cre- 
osoting timber in U. S. and operated in Bos- 
ton, Eiizabethport, N. J., and Norfolk, Va. ; 
now farming at Putney, Vt. ; dir. U. S. Coal 
& Oil Co. Republican. Unitarian. Asso. 
mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs. Clubs: Union, 
Merchants', Mass. Agricultural (Boston); 
Harvard, Union League, Century (New 
York). Residence: 119 Beacon St., Boston. 

ANDREWS, Fannie Fern Phillips, 

lecturer, social worker; b. Margaretville, N. 
S., Sept. 25, 1867; d. William Wallace and 
Anna Maria (Brown) Phillips; grad. Salem 
(Mass.) Normal Sch., 1884; A.B., Radcliffe 
Coll., 1902; attended Harvard Summer Sch., 
several terms; in. Lynn, Mass., July 16, 1890, 
Edwin G. Andrews. Has been active in or- 
ganizing parents' assns. in the Boston schs. 
since 1902; sec. Boston Home and Sch. Assn.; 
lecturer and writer on the internal, peace 
movement and on edn'l topics; sec. Am. Sch. 
Peace League. Mem. N.E.A., Am. Inst. 
Instr'n, Boston branch, Assn. Collegiate 
Alumnae; dir. Am. Peace Soc. Clubs: Twen- 
tieth Century, College. Residence: 378 New- 
bury St., Boston. 

ANDREWS, Frank Howard, gold and 
silver refiner; b. Gardiner, Me., Nov. 23, 
1862; .y. Frederick W. and Elizabeth H. 
(Howard) A.; prep, ed'n. Providence High 
Sch.; grad. student. Brown Univ., 1884-5, 
A.B., 1884, A.M., 1887; m. Oct. 13, 1887, Cath- 
erine M. Baker, of Providence. Chemist 
Silver Spring Bleaching & Dyeing Co., Prov- 
idence, 1885-90; mem. firm of Cornell & An- 
drews, gold and silver refiners, 1890-1906, 
now Andrews & Co. Clubs: University-Pom- 
ham, R. L Chemical, New York Chemists. 
Residence: 181 Carpenter St. Office: 23 Math- 
ewson St., Providence, R. I. 

ANDREWS, George Arthur, clergyman; 
b. Springfield, Mass., May 22, 1870; 5. George 
Clark and Sarah J. (Allen) A.; B.A., Colby 
Coll., 1892; grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 1899; 
m. W. Boylston, Mass., June 29, 1895, Dora 
Knight. Ordained to ministry, Cong'l Ch., 
1899; pastor, Andc -er, Mass., 1899-1904, Hol- 
liston, 1904-7, Monson, Mass., since 1907. 
Mem. Delta Upsilon. Mason. Author: A Sol- 
dier in Two Armies, 1902; Rose of Sharon (by 
Andrew Sheffield), 1908; What is Essential? 
a religious monograph, 1908. Address- Mon- 
son, Mass. 

ANDREW^S, George Fi-ederick, travel- 
er, sociologist; b. Gardiner, Me., Nov. 2, 1867; 
5. Frederick William and Elizabeth Hurd 
(Howard) A.; grad. Brown Univ., 1892 (Phi 

Beta Kappa), A.M., 1895; m. Providence, R. 
I., May 6, 1897, Agnes Alice Klapp. Metal- 
lurgical chemist, Cornell &. Andrews, Provi- 
dence, 1892-7; traveled in Europe, 1897-1901; 
resident in N. Africa, studying N. African* 
polit. and social questions, 1901-7. Fellow 
Royal Geog. Soc. ; mem. Ends of the Earth 
Club, Harvard Travelers Club, Chemists 
Club (New York); Soc. of Arts (London); 
Soc. of International Law, Am. Hist. Soc, 
Delta Upsilon. Social Clubs: University, Prov- 
idence Art (Providence) ; Automobile Club 
de France (Paris) ; City, Crescent Athletic 
(New York) ; Harvard Union, Brown Union. 
Address: The Kensington, Boylston St., Bos- 

ANDREWS, George Wakeman, clergy- 
man; b. New York, June 13, 1851; s. George 
and Marie Therese (Adamson) A. ; grad. New 
York pub. schs., 1863; student New York 
Free Acad, (now Coll. City of New York), 
1 yr.; grad. Walton (N. Y.) Acad., 1875; 
A.B., Williams Coll., 1879, A.M., 1887; grad. 
Hartford Theol. Sem., 1882; Ph.D., 111. Wes- 
leyan Univ., 1902; m. 1st, Poquonock, Conn., 
Nov. 25, 1882, Anna S. Kane (now deceased) ; 
m. 2d, Alexandria, Va., June 25, 1903, Sara 
Dwight Rathbone. Ordained to ministry 
Cong'l Ch., 1882; pastor, Orleans, Mass., 
1882-3, Dalton, Mass., since Oct. 1, 1883; mem. 
Sch. Com. and acting supt, of schs., Dalton, 
1884-8; formerly trustee Piedmont Coll., Ga. ; 
now trustee Mass. Bible Soc, Berk, and Col. 
Missionary Soc; dir. Mass. Total Abstinence 
Soc, Mass. Anti-Saloon League, Mass. Min- 
isters' Relief Fund; mem. Exec. Com., Mass. 
Home Missionary Soc, N. Berkshire (Mass.) 
Ministerial Assn., Sons of Temperance 
(Grand Chaplain Grand Div. of Mass. 2 yrs.. 
Grand Worthy Patriarch for Mass. 2 yrs., 
Most Worthy Chaplain Nat. Div. of X. A. 2 
yrs.). Address: Dalton, Mass. 

ANDREWS, Hiram Bertrand, civil 
eng'r; b. Stetson, Me., Oct. 7, 1867; s. Eben 
and Francena L. (Hurd) A.; ed. pub. schs. 
Stetson, Me., and Wayland, Mass.; grad. 
Univ. of Me., 1888; m. Somerville, Mass., 
May 30, 1890, Anna May Bailey. Asst. in 
office of Edw. A. Buss, mill eng'r, Boston, 
1888-90; with West End St. Ry., Boston, 
and Boston Elevated Ry., 1890-1904, last 8 
yrs. as asst. eng'r surface lines; eng'r for 
Simpson Bros. Corp'n since Dec, 1904, con- 
tractors for reinforced concrete constr'n. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs. Republican. 
Author: Handbook for Street Railway En- 
gineers, 1902 W9. Residence: Melrose, Mass. 
Office: 166 Devonshire St., Boston. 

ANDREWS, Jacob Rohinson, pres. 
Hyde Windlass Co.; b. Bridgewater, Mass., 
Sept. 6, 1862; .y. Thomas Leonard and Arvilla 
L. ; ed. Bridgev/ater High Sch. and Bridge- 
water Acad.; m. Bath, Me., Apr. 4, 1884, An- 
nie Carr Shannon. Pres. Hyde Windlass Co., 
Bath, Me. ; dir. Lincoln Nat. Bank. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, S.oc Naval Archi- 
tects and Eng'rs. Mason; mem. K. of P. 
Clubs: Lotos, Engineers', Lawyers', New 
York Yacht (New York). Address: 1024 Wash- 
ington St., Bath, Me. 

ANDREWS, James Parkhill, lawyer; h. 
E. Windsor, Conn., Oct. 23, 1S54; .t. Samuel 
James and Catharine Augusta (Day) A.: 
B.A., Yale, 1877; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 1879; 
admitted to bar, 1879; m. Ashfield, Mass., 
Aug. 27, 1895, Julia Lincoln Ray. Began 




practice in Hartford, 1879; reporter Conn, 
Supreme Court of Errors since 1894. Repub- 
lican, Congregationalist. Clubs: Hartford, 
University, Hartford Golf. Author: Conn. In- 
dex Digest, 1882, revised, 1895. Residence: 1055 
Prospect Av. Office: State Capitol, Hartford, 

ANDREWS, John, mfr., soldier; b. South- 
mgton. Conn., Sept. 15, 1845; s. William and 
Theodosia (Evans) A., and descendant of 
John A., Southington, about 1650; pub, sch. 
ed'n in youth, and later, student at Hudson 
River Inst., N. Y. ; m. Southington, 1877, 
Mary Elizabeth Graham. Enlisted at 16 as 
pvt. in Co. D, 1st Conn. Vol. Cav. ; detailed 
as orderly to Brig. -Gen. J. B. Mcintosh, and 
at Winchester, Sept. 19, 1864, saved the gen- 
eral (who was wounded) from capture by the 
enemy; received thanks of Gen. Sheridan for 
this act and was comm'd as It.; hon. mus- 
tered out after service of 3 yrs. and 10 mos. ; 
has been identified for many yrs. with As- 
bestos Jr'aper Co., Boston; mem. Somerville 
Common Council, 1893, 1894, alderman, 1895. 
Mason. Mem. Loyal Legion, G.A.R. Ad- 
dress: 33 Hawltins St., Boston. 

ANDREWS, Juditli "Walker, philanthro- 
pist; b. Fryeburg, Me., Apr. 26, 1826; d. Peter 
and Abigail (Swan) Walker; ed. Fryeburg 
Acad. ; m. Jan. 15, 1857, Gen. Joseph An- 
drews, of Salem, Mass. Settled in Boston, 
1863; pres. South Friendly Soc. of South 
Cong'l Ch. (Rev. Dr. E. E. Hale, pastor), 27 
yrs.; chmn. Exec. Com., Ramabai Assn., 20 
yrs.; 1st pres. South End Industrial Sch., 
organized, 1883; one of organizers Dist. Nurs- 
ing Assn., Young Travelers' Aid Soc; 1st 
pres, Nat. Alliance of Unitarian and Other 
Christian Women. Visited India, 1894, in 
behalf of work for child-widows of that 
country. Address: 36 Rutland Sq., Boston. 

ANDREWS, Max -Walter, educator; b. 

Richford, Vt., May 4, 1876; .s. Walter Perkins 
and Azuba Meigs (Davis) A.; A.B., 1899, 
Univ. of Vt., A.M., 1903; attended Am. Acad. 
Dramatic Art, New York, and Sch. of Ex- 
pression, Boston. Prof, rhetoric and elocu- 
tion, and registrar, Univ. of Vt., since 1903. 
Republican, Mem. Phi Delta Theta, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Club: Ethan Allen. Residence: 
215 Pearl St., Burlington, Vt. 

ANDREWS, Robert Day, architect; b. 
Hartford, Conn., March 5, 1857; 5. Samuel 
J. and Catharine A. (Day) A. ; grad. Hart- 
ford High School, 1874; sp'l course architec- 
ture Mass. Inst, of Technology, 1875-6; trav- 
eled abroad as student, 1884; m. Newport, 
R. I., Apr. 20, 1887, Elizabeth Seaman. Firm 
name, Andrews, Jaques & Rantoul. Fellow 
Am. Inst. Architects, Boston Soc. Archi- 
tects. Hon. M. A., Colo. Coll., 1901. Club: 
Tavern (Boston), Century (New York). Oc- 
casional contb'r to professional jours. Resi- 
dence: Brookline, Mass. Office: 50 Congress 
St., Boston. 

ANDREW^S, Robert Robbins, dental 
surgeon; b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 17, 1844; .y. 
Thomas Jefferson and Jerusha (Baker) A.; 
ed. pub. schs. ; D.D.S., Boston Dental Coll., 
1875; (A. M., Dartmouth, 1892); m. Hyde 
Park, Mass., Sept. 14, 1870, Mary Emily Le- 
seur. Served 2 yrs. in Civ. War, pvt. to It. 
and adj., 47th and 60th M.V.M.; prominent 
dental surgeon, Cambridge, Mass., since 1869; 
prof, histology, Boston Dental Coll. (trus- 

tee); trustee Tufts Coll. Prae. Am, Acad. 
Dental Science, and Conn. Valley Dental 
Soc, 1888, Mass. Dental Soc, 1889; mem, 
various dental socs. in New Jb^ngland; corr. 
mem. Royal and other foreign microscopical 
socs. Author: Embriology of the Dental Tis- 
sues, 1900; Kirk's Am, System of Dentistry, 
1900; writer of numerous papers on dental 
histology. Clubs: University, Boston Art; 
Colonial (Cambridge). Address: 1044 Mass. 
Av., Cambridge, Mass. 

ANDREW^S, William Given, P. E, cler- 
gyman; b. Kent, Conn., Oct 8, 1835; s. Rev. 
William Watson and Mary Anne (Given) A. ; 
grad. Marietta (O.) Coll., 1855 (A. M., 1858; 
D. D., 1885); Princeton Theol. Sem., 1859- 
61; w. Washington, Dec. 11, 1895, Caroline 
Caldwell, d. late Rear Admiral T. A. Jenk- 
ins, U. S. N. Teacher (Peekskill, N. Y., 
Fairfield, and Hamden, Conn.), 1855-9; tutor 
Marietta Coll., 1861-2; officiated Princeton 
and Rocky Hill, N. J., 1862-6; teacher and 
clerical asst., Hamden, Conn., 1866-7; abroad 
1867; rector Ch. of Ascension, New Haven, 
Conn., 1868-79; officiated Trinity Ch., Prince- 
ton, N, J,, 1880; rector Christ Ch., Guilford, 
Conn., 1881-1906; rector emeritus since 1906; 
instr. doctrinal theology, Berkeley Divinity 
Sch., 1899. Sec. New Haven Colony Hist. 
Soc, 1873-80; now life mem. same; mem. 
Am. Hist. Assn., Soc. Colonial Wars; pres. 
trustees The Henry Whitfield House, Guil- 
ford (State Hist. Museum), 1900-7. Has pub- 
lished several addresses and articles, chiefly 
on Am. church history. Address: Guilford, 

ANDREWS, W^illiam Pagfe, author; b. 
Framingham, Mass., Nov. 22, 1848; s. Sam- 
uel Page and Rebecca Bacon (Scudder) A.; 
ed. pub. schs. of Salem and pvt. tutor; 
defective eyesight precluded univ. ed'n, 
and health has obliged a residence in Italy 
during greater part of last 10 yrs. ; nt. 
Winchendon, Mass., Sept. 3, 1889, Edith H. 
Weston. Unitarian. Republican. Author: 
Jones Very, a Memoir, 1884 H5; Charles T. 
Brooks, a Memoir, 1888. Contb'r to Atlan- 
tic Monthly, Forum, Nation, Boston Tran- 
script, Christian Register, etc. Address: 
393 Essex St., Salem, Mass. 

ANGELL, Charles E., mfr.; b. Providence, 
R. I., May 4, 1865; ed. in schs. of Providence, 
R. I.; learned the machine business and held 
various positions in shop and office; engaged 
in the manufacture of belt books with S. 
Budlong, 1885-91; as prop'r, since 1891, has 
devoted attention to manufacture of sp'l 
machinery and repair parts for Armington 
& Sims engines. Office: 21 Eddy St., Provi- 
dence. R. I. 

ANGELLi, Edmnncl Randall, chemist; b. 
Scituate, R. I., Oct. 4, 1848; .?. Edmund R. 
and Susan (Dexter) A. ; prep, ed'n, Lapham 
Inst., Scituate; A.M., Bates Coll., Lewiston. 
Me., 1873; student Cobb Divinity Sch., Bates 
Coll., 2 yrs.; m. Lewiston, Me., 1873, Lizzie 
James. Tutor in mathematics. Bates Coll., 
while attending Divinity Sch. and later prin. 
Yarmouth and Hartland acads. and prin. 
high sch., Castine. Me.; prin. Pinkerton 
Acad., Derrv, N. H., 1876-85; analyt. chemist, 
N. H. State Bd. of Health, 1885-1900; mfr. 
acetylene apparatus; instr. in chemistry, 
Pinkerton Acad. Mem. N. H. Ho. of Rep., 
1890, 1891. Republican. Mason; mem. 1. 0.0. 
F., K. of P., I.O.R.M, Address: Derry N. H. 




ANGE^LIi, George Tliorndlke. founder 
and pres. since 1889 Ana. Humane Ed'n Soc. ; 
b. Southbridge, Mass., June 5, 1823; grad. 
Dartmouth, 1846; studied at Harvard Law 
School; admitted to bar, 1851; one of found- 
ers, 1868, and ever since pres. Mass. Soc. 
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; 
editor of "Our Dumb Animals." which he 
founded, 1868; promoted organizations for 
protection of animals in England, Chicago. 
and various States; has caused to be estab- 
lished over 70,000 "Bands of Mercy," and 
printed many millions of pages of humane 
literature in a single year; active also in 
movements for prevention of crime; for pre- 
venting sale of adulterated foods, etc. ; di- 
rector Am. Social Science Assn. ; m. 1872. 
Mrs, Eliza A. Martin (b. Mattoon) of North- 
field, Mass. Address: 19 Milk St., Boston. 

ANGEJjL, Henry Clay, M. D. ; b. Provi- 
dence, Jan. 27, 1829; grad. Hahnemann 
Med. Coll., Phila., 1853; studied 3 yrs. in 
Vienna Univ., Austria, and has since prac- 
ticed in Boston; for 20 yrs. prof, of ophthal- 
mology, Boston Univ.; later pres. Philhar- 
monic Soc, Boston. Author: Diseases of 
the Eye; also other tech. books, and papers 
on literary and art subjects. Address: IG 
Beacon St., Boston. 

ANGELL, Walter Foster, lawyer; b. 
Eminence, 111., Dec. 17, 1858; s. George Man- 
ton and Abby Owen (Evans) A.; prep, ed'n 
high sch., Emporia, Kan., and Providence, 
R. I.; A.B., Brown Univ., 1880; (Phi Beta 
Kappa); studied law; admitted to bar, 1883; 
ni. Boston, Mass., June 30, 1888, Annie P. 
Studley. Has practiced in Providence since 
1883; mem. law firm of Edwards & Angell; 
asst. atty. gen. R. I., 1886-7; gen. counsel 
R. I. Co., 1902-7; pres. Providence & Wor- 
cester R. R. Co. since 1907. Mem. Beta 
Theta Pi. Clubs: Hope, University, Squan- 
tum. Providence Art, Wannamoisett Golf, 
Agawam Hunt. Residence: 165 Brown St. 
OfUce: 170 "Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 

ANGELL, ■\¥illiam C, cashier Westmin- 
ster Bank. Residence: 7 Harvard Av. Office: 
56 Weybosset St., Providence. 

ANNIS, Orieii Sanda, lawyer; b. nr. N. 
Troy, Vt., Nov. 15, 1866; .y. Laurens Koster 
and Ella Melissa (Hull) A.; ed. Westfield 
Acad., Johnson Normal Sch. and under pvt. 
tutors; studied law; admitted to bar, 1890; 
since practiced at North Troy; m. Milton, 
Vt., Dec. 10, 1890, Ida Eleanor Campbell. 
State's atty., Orleans Co., 1894-8; senator, 
Orleans Co., 1902-4; postmaster, Westfield, 
1S87-9; ehmn. Orleans Co. Rep. Com., 1898- 
1908. Mason. Address: North Troy, Vt. 

AlVTHOIIVE, Isaiali Gilmaii, physician; 
b. Windham, Me., Mar. 25, 1846; .y. John and 
Mary Anna (Oilman) A. ; grad. Westbrook 
(Me.) Sem., 1868, Dartmouth Coll., to Junior 
yr., 1872; M.D., Bowdoin Med. Coll., 1874; 
post-grad, course, Boston Polyclinic, 1890; m. 
Antrim, N. H., Jan. 2, 1877, Kate I. Pres- 
ton. Began practice in Antrim, July, 1874; 
was supt. sehs. of Antrim, 1877-82; removed 
to Nashua, N. H., 1892; mem. Nashua Bd. 
Ed'n, 1894-1900; on staff Nashua Emergency 
Hosp. since 1893. Mem. Am., N. H. State, 
N. H. Center Dist. and Co., and Nashua- 
Med. assns.. Am. and N. E. Electro-Thera- 
peutic assns., Nashua Bd. of Trade. Re- 

publican. Methodist. Mason (32°), K.T.; 
mem. I.O.O.F. Residence: 17 Manchester St., 
Nashua, N. H. 

AXTHONY, Alfred Williams, clergy- 
man, theologian; b. Providence, R. I., Jan. 
13, 1860; s. Lewis W. arid Brittania F. A.; 
grad. Brown Univ., 1883, A. M., 1886; di- 
vinity course in Cobb Divinity School, 18ii3- 
5, and Berlin Univ., Germany, 1888-90 (,D. 
D., Bates Coll., 1902); m. 1st, Sept. 15, 1885, 
Harriet W. Angell, Providence (died Sept. 
13, 1899); 2nd, Feb. 26, 1903. Gertrude B. 
Libbey, Lewiston, Me. Entered Free Bapt. 
ministry, 1885; pastor Essex St. Free Bapt. 
Ch., Bangor, Me., 1885-8; since 18^0 prof. 
New Testament exegesis, Cobb Divinity 
School. Trustee (and sec. bd.) Me. Indus- 
trial School for Girls, Hallowell, Me.; mem. 
bd. corporators Morning Star Publishing 
House, Boston. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, 
Am. Philol. Soc, Soc. of Biblical Literature 
and Exegesis, Council 70 Am. Inst. Sacred 
Literature, Maine Acad. Medicine and Sci- 
ence. Author: An Introduction to the Life 
of Jesus, 1896 S6; The Method of Jesus, 1899 
S6; The Sunday School — Its Progress in 
Method and Scope, 1899; The Higher Criti- 
cism in the New Testament, 1901. Editor: 
Preachers and Preaching, 1900 S6; New 
Wine Skins, 1901. Contb'r to religious press. 
Address: Lewiston, Me. 

ANTHONY, Benjamin Harris, publisher; 
b. New Bedford, Mass., Aug. 1, 1863; s. Ben- 
jamin and Eliza Le Dieu (Coggeshall) A.; 
A.B., Yale, 1886; m. New Bedford, Sept. 25. 
1888, Harriet Davis Peirce. Mem. firm E. 
Anthony & Sons, pubs.. New Bedford Even- 
ing Standard (established by grandfather, 
1850); sec. same, 1891-1902, treas. and sec, 
1902-6, pres., treas. and gen. mgr. since 
1906; also treas. Mercury Pub. Co. Repub- 
lican. Unitarian. Clubs: Wamsutta, Dart- 
mouth, New Bedford Yacht, Country. Resi- 
dence: 15 Anthony St., New Bedford, Mass. 

ANTHONY, Ed^ar W^., treas. Smith & 
Anthony Co.; dir. U. S. Trust Co. Residence: 
Brookline, Mass. Office: 52 Union St., Bos- 

ANTHONY, Francis Wayland, physi- 
cian, neurologist; b. Great Falls, N. H., Aug. 
25, 1858; s. Rev. George Nelson and Abbie 
Clark (Stuart) A.; A.B., Harvard, 1879; 
teacher Patten (Me.) Acad., 1879-80, Weston 
(Mass.) High Sch.. 1880-2, Bradford (Mass.) 
High Sch., 1882-5; M.D., Harvard Med. 
Sch., 1888; m. Nov. 12, 1879, Alice Goodhue 
Safford, of Cambridge, Mass. House oflBcer, 
Haverhill City Hosp., 1888-9, surgeon, same, 
1895-1900; physician Hale Hosp. Mem. Brad- 
ford Bd. Health, 1890; mem. sch. bd., 1890- 
1903. Fellow Mass. Med. Soc. ; mem. Essex 
N. Dist. Med. Soc. (censor, 1892), Haverhill 
Med. Club, etc. Club: Fortnightly. Con- 
gregationalist. Author: of various reports 
and papers in leading med. jours.; also con- 
t'br to mags, and newspapers. Address: 
Haverhill, Mass. 

ANTHONY, Gardner Cliace, dean engi- 
neering dept., Tufts Coll., since 1898; b. 
Providence, R. I., April 24, 1856; j. David 
Chace and Sarah (Carpenter) A.; ed. Eng- 
lish and Classical School, Providence. R. I. : 
sp'l course in eng'ring. Brown Univ. and 
Tufts, 1875-8 (hon. A. M., Sc D., Tufts); «:. 
Boston, June 25, 1879, Susan Pearson. Prac- 
ticed eng'ring, 1878-85, since then teaching; 




director mech. dept., R. I. School of De- 
sign, 1886; founded R. I. Tecli. Drawing 
School, 1887; dean Bromfleld-Pearson School 
and eng'ring dept. Tufts Coll., and prof, 
drawing Tufts Coll., 1893-8. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Eng'rs, Soc. for Promotion Eng'ring 
Ed'n. Author: Elements of Mechanical 
Drawing, 1893; Machine Drawing, 1893; Es- 
sentials of Gearing, 1897 H2. Address: Tufts 
College, Mass. 

ANTHONY, John Clinton, educator; b. 
Sauk Center, Me., 1874; 5. Edward P. and 
Mary (Kimball) A.; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1895; (editor Grammar, High and Coll. pa- 
pers, and leader of Brown Symphony); m. 
Fall River, Mass., 1897, Miss Bertha Ever- 
ett. Instr. rhetoric. Brown Univ., 1894-5; 
prin. high sch.. West Bridgewater, Mass., 
1895-6; asst. supt., Farm Sch., Thompson's 
Island, Mass., 1896-7, and since 1897; super- 
vising prin. grammar schs.. New Britain, 
Conn., 1897-9; supt. House of Reformation, 
Boston, 1899-1900; supt. pub. schs.. Ware- 
ham and Marion, Mass., 1900-4, Weymouth, 
Mass., 1904-5, Braintree, Mass., since 1906. 
Author: Course in Elementary Agriculture; 
also numerous articles, sketches and verse. 
Member Chi Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. AUdress: 
Braintree, Mass. 

ANTHONY, Silas Reed, banker; b. Bos- 
ton, August 5, 1863; .y. Nathan and Clara 
Reed A.; ed. Roxbury Latin Sch., Boston; 
m. Boston, June 1, 1887, Miss Harriet P. 
Weeks. Mem. firm of Tucker, Anthony & 
Co., bankers, since 1892; pres. and dir. Man- 
chester (N. H.) St. Ry.; treas. and dir. 
Manchester Traction, Light & Power Co. ; 
dir. Boston Consolidated Gas Co., Common- 
wealth Trust Co., Chemical Products Co., 
Great Northern Power Co., Northwestern 
Power Co. Clubs: Union, Boston Athletic, 
Algonquin, Exchange, New Riding, Country, 
Essex County, Eastern Yacht, New York 
Yacht, Boston Yacht, Manchester Yacht. 
Residence: 113 Commonwealth Av. Office: 53 
State St., Boston. 

APPEL., Daniel Fi-ederick, vice-presi- 
dent N. E. Mutual Life Insurance Co.; b. 
Cumberland, Maryland, June 24, 1857. Was 
engaged in fire insurance work as local 
agent in Pa. and field agent in the West, 
1875-85; appointed Indiana general agent for 
the N. E. Mutual Life Insurance Co. in 
March, 1885; supt. agencies, March, 1895; 
was elected sec, March, 1905, and vice presi-- 
dent in April, 1908. Address: N. E. Mutual 
Life Insurance Co., Boston. 

APPLETON, Cliarles Brooks, mech. 
eng'r; b. Boston, Oct. 1, 1862; .y. Charles 
Henry and Jane Williams (Brooks) A.; S.B., 
Mass. Inst. Tech., 1884; m. Boston, Oct. 12, 
1886, Marion Kingsbury. Asst. instr. mech. 
eng'ring, Mass. Inst. Tech., 1884, 1885, 1890; 
eng'r with E. D. Leavitt, 1887-90, with At- 
lantic Works, 1890-1, and later with Wire 
Rope Machinery Co., Steel Cable Eng'ring 
Co. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Soc. of 
Arts, Am. Free Trade League, Vet. League 
Am. Wheelmen. Clubs: University, Technol- 
ogy, Appalachian Mt. Residence: Brookline, 

APPLETON, Francis Henry, agricul- 
turist; h. Boston, June 17, 1847; A. B., Har- 
vard, 1869. Curator Bussey Inst., 1873-5; 
elected sec. Mass. State B'd Agr., 1887, but 
declined; mem. Mass. legislature, 1891-2; re- 

porter on agr. for Mass, comm'rs, Vienna 
Exp'n, 1873; trustee Peabody Inst., Mass. 
Agr'i Coll. Mem. Mass. State Bd. Agr.; 
mem. b'd of control Mass. Agr'l Expt. Sta. ; 
del. Nat. Rep. Con v., 1892; apptd. insp. rifle 
practice Mass. N. G. with rank of brig, gen., 
1896. Mem. Essex Co. Agr'l Soc. (ex-pres.), 
Mass. Hort. Soc. (ex-v.-p.). Bay State Agr'l 
Soc. (ex-sec), N. E. Agr'l Soc (ex-pres.); 
pres. gen. S. A. R., 1905-6. Address: 251 
Marlboro St., Boston. 

APPL.ETON, Prank, P. E. clergyman; b. 
Providence, R. I., March 19, 1862; s. Benja- 
min and Lillis W. A.; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1890; B.D., Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1892; m. Providence, R. I., 
Dec. 22, 1892, Miss Lena Elizabeth Follett. 
Ordained to P. E. priesthood, 1892; rector 
St. Thomas' Ch.,' Providence, 1891-2, St. An- 
drew's, St. Johngbury, Vt., 1892-7, Trinity 
Ch., Pawtucket, since 1897. Dean of Convo- 
cation of Pawtucket. Address: 50 Main St., 
Pawtucket, R. I. 

APPLETON, Frederick Hunt, lawyer, 
banker; b. Bangor, Me., Jan. 14, 1844; grad. 
Bowdoin Coll., Brunswick, Me., A.M., 1864; 
read law, and admitted to bar, and since en- 
gaged in law practice at Bangor; senior 
mem. law firm of Appleton & Chaplin. Ad- 
dress: 15 Columbia St., Bangor, Me. 

APPLETON. Jolin Ho^vard, prof, chem- 
istry. Brown Univ., since 1868; b. Portland, 
Me., Feb. 3, 1844; grad. Brown, 1863 (A. M., 
Sc D.); instr. chemistry. Brown, 1863-8; 
past pres. Providence Art Club; v. -p. Am. 
Chem. Soc; mem. U. S. Mint Comm'n, 1891. 
Author: The Young Chemist; Qualitative 
Chemical Analysis; Quantitative Chemical 
Analysis; Chemistry of the Non-Metals; 
The Metals of the Chemist; The Carbon 
Compounds, etc. Address: Providence, R. I. 

APPLETON, W^illiam Snmner; b. Bos- 
ton, May 29, 1874; .t. William Sumner and 
Edith Stuart (Appleton) A.; prep, ed'n, St. 
Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H., J. P. Hopkin- 
son's Sch., Boston; A.B.. Harvard. 1896. 
Pvt. 1st corps cadets, M.V.M., for 3 yrs,; 
dir. Gen. Theol. Library. V.-p. Mass, Soc, 
S. R. Clubs: Union, Tennis and Racquet. 
Address: Union Club, Park St., Boston. 

APSEY, Albert Stokes, lawyer; b. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Nov. 27, 1870; .y. William 
Stokes and Jennie (Heermans) A.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1893; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1895; admitted to bar, 1895; m. Cambridge, 
Apr. 2, 1896, Laura Louise Soule. Has prac- 
ticed in Boston since 1895) is executor and 
trustee of various estates; mem. City Coun- 
cil, Cambridge, 1895, 1896, 1897 (pres., 1896-7), 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, Sen- 
ate, 1902-3; pres. Riverbank Court Hotel 
Co.; dir. Mass. Bonding & Insurance Co.; 
trusee Riverbank Court Securities Co.; dir. 
Angelina Orchard Co., Mem. Boston Bar 
Assn., Harvard Law Sch. Assn., Boston 
Real Estate Exchange. Republican. Clubs: 
University, Colonial, Middlesex. Residence: 
Cambridge, Mass. Office: 15 State St., Bos- 

APSIiEY, Lewis Dewart, mf r. ; b. North- 
umberland, Pa., Sept. 29, 1852; s. George 
Apsley and Anna C. (Wenck) A. ; pub. sch, 
ed'n; went to Phila. at 15, and was em- 
ployed in rubber mfg. establishment; re- 
moved to Mass., 1877, and in 1885 established 
the Apsley Rubber Co., of which has since 




been pres. and treas. ; also identified with 
other interests. Mem. 53d and 54th Con- 
gresses, 1S93-7, 9th Mass. dist. (declined re- 
nomination) ; Republican. Was vice-chmn. 
Nat'l Republican Congressional Com., cam- 
paigns of 1894 and 1896. Address: Hudson, 

ARCHER, Oscar Aimer, mfr. ; b. Livonia, 
N. Y., Sept. 23, 1829; s. Benjamin and Clar- 
issa (Day) A.; ed. pub. schs., grad. N. Y. 
State Normal Sch., Albany, 1851; m. Black- 
intou, Mass., Apr. 24, 1856, Helen Mary 
Blackinton. Teacher in dist. schs. and N. 
Y. Conf. Sem., 1851-6; confidential clerk, 
1856-76, treas. since 1876, Blackinton Woolen 
Mills Co., North Adams, Mass.; pres. Hoosac 
Savings Bank, North Adams, since 1874; 
mem. Sch. Bd., North Adams, since 1872; 
assessor, 1888; chmn., Bd. of Selectmen, 1890- 
91; chmn. Civ. Service Comm'rs since 1894; 
organizer and librarian Blackinton Public 
Library. Republican. Address: North Adams, 

ARCHIBALD, Andrew l^Vebster, Cong'l 
clergyman, author; b. New Kingston, N. Y., 
April 10, 1851; j. Robert and Betsy (Hamil- 
ton) A.; grad. Union Coll., 1872, at head of 
class, with literary and oratorical honors 
(D. D., 1891); (elected to membership in 
Phi Beta Kappa); taught in Acad. Pulaski, 
N. Y., 1872-3; grad. Yale Divinity School, 
1876; m. May 18, 1876, Julia Agnes Warren, 
New Haven, Conn. Pastorates in Iowa, at 
Nevinville and Fontanelle (yoked), Stuart, 
Ottumwa and Davenport, 1876-87 and 1888- 
92; at Andover Theol. Sem., 1887-8; pastor, 
1892-7, Hyde Park, Mass.; 1897-1905, of Por- 
ter Cong'l Ch., Brockton, Mass. Trustee 
Iowa Coll., 1889-99; pres. Iowa State Home 
Missionary Soc. ; moderator Boston Cong'l 
Ministers' meeting; dir. Mass. Christian 
Endeavor Union. Author: The Bible Verified 
(4 editions, besides translations into Span- 
ish and Japanese), 1890 P6; The Trend of 
the Centuries, 1901 P8, etc. Address: Brock- 
ton, Mass. 

ARMINGTON, Samnel Wallace, mcht. ; 
b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Feb. 11, 1837; s. Na- 
thaniel Kent and Betsey (Carr) A., and de- 
scendant of Joseph A., the immigrant, Bos- 
ton, 1714; removed in infancy with parents, 
to Holden, Mass.; com. sch. ed'n to 16; elk. 
in store until enlisted in Civil War, 15th 
Mass. Vols. ; served in Va. ; taken prisoner 
and held for more than a yr. at Belle Isle, 
Andersonville, Charleston and Florence; 
honorably discharged, June, 1865; m. Dres- 
den, Me., Oct. 8, 1865, Harriet F. Shaw 
(died, May 22, 1884). In mercantile bus. at 
Holden Center, Mass., since 1865; has lived 
at the Pine Grove Farm since 1873; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1887; postmaster at 
Holden almost continuously since 1866; se- 
lectman, town treas. and town elk. at vari- 
ous times; trustee Damon Memorial and 
Gale Free Library, since 1901. Republican. 
Mem. G.A.R. Address: Holden, Mass. 

ARMSTRONG, Andrew Campbell, edu- 
cator; b. New York, Aug. 22, 1860; .y. Andrew 
Campbell and Isabella Johnson (Sinclair) 
A.; A.B., Princeton, 1881, fellow in mental 
science, 1881-2, M.A., 1884; grad. Princeton 
Theol. Sem., 1885; student Univ. of Berlin, 
1885-6; (M.A., Wesleyan Univ., ad eundem, 
1894; Ph.D., Princeton, 1896); m. Princeton, 
N. J., Sept. 6, 1888, Mabel Chester Murray. 

Asso. prof, ecclesiastical history, Princeton 
Theol. Sem., 1886-7; instr. history, Prince- 
ton, 1887-8; prof, philosophy, Wesleyan 
Univ. since 1888. Asso. editor New Prince- 
ton Rev., 1887-8; co-operating editor Psychol. 
Rev. since 1904; chmn. Section of Meta- 
physics, St. Louis Exp'n, 1904. Mem. Am. 
Psychol. Assn., Am. Philos. Assn. (mem. 
exec, com., 1901-3), Phi Beta Kappa. Inde- 
pendent Republican. Congregationalist. Con- 
tributed to German edits., Falcenberg's His- 
tory of Modern Philosophy, 1898-1905, and 
made translation of it, 1903; contributed to 
Baldwin's Dictionary of Philosophy and 
Psychology, 1901-2; contb'r to philos. jours., 
etc. Author: Transitional Eras in Thought, 
1904. Residence: 166 High St., Middletown, 

ARMSTRONG, Benjamin A., pres. and 
treas. Brainerd & Armstrong Co. Address: 
New London, Conn. 

ARMSTRONG, Benjamin Latliam 
Lloyd, silk mfr.; b. Jersey City, N. J., 
May 27, 1870; s. Benjamin A. and Louise 
Shapley (Smith) A.; prep, ed'n, Bulkeley 
High Sch., New London, Conn.; B.A., Yale, 
1892; m. New London, Sept., 1897, Elizabeth 
Haven Chapell. Began in mfg. bus. at New 
London, 1892; sec. and asst. treas. Brainerd & 
Armstrong Co., silk mfrs. ; treas. C. C.Lewis 
Co., wholesale hardware, Springfield, Mass., 
New London Real Estate & Improvement 
Co.; sec. G. M. Williams Co., retail hard- 
ware, New London; dir. and ofiicer in other 
corp'ns; elected alderman. New London, 
1903, mayor, 1906. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mason, K.T. ; mem. B.P.O.E. 
Clubs: Yale, Thames, Winthrop. Address: 
New London, Conn. 

ARMSTRONG, Emma Dow; b. Washing- 
ton, N. H., Apr. 12, 1846; d. William Mont- 
gomery and Mary Locke (Goodale) Dow; ed. 
pub. schs., Manchester, N. H., and Law- 
rence, Mass., and high sch.; teacher in pub. 
schs., Lawrence, 1865-6; m. Lawrence, Apr. 
4, 1866, George D. Armstrong (merchant). 
Pres. State Federation of Women's Clubs, 
1903, 1904; mem. Library Extension Com. 
Gen. Federation Women's Clubs. Congrega- 
tionalist. Clubs: Sorosis, Wednesday Morn- 
ing, History. Residence: 29 Frye St., Lewis- 
ton, Me. 

ARNOLD, Allen, banker; b. Perth Amboy, 
N. J., Mar. 16, 1858; .y. Gen. Lewis G. Arnold, 

• U. S. Army, and Julia M. (Lowd) A. ; high 
sch. ed'n. Has been in banking and broker- 
age bus., as Allen Arnold & Co. since 1897; 
mem. Boston and New York Stock Ex- 
changes. Mem. Order Foreign Wars of U. 
S., Loyal Legion, Aztec Club of 1847, Soc. 
War of 1812, Order Indian Wars of U. S. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Algon- 
quin, Boston Athletic, Eastern Yacht. Resi- 
dence: (summer) Swampscott, Mass. Office: 
52 Devonshire St., Boston. 

ARNOLD, Ernst Hei'mann, physician; b. 
Erfurt, Germany, Feb. 11, 1865; .y. Johann 
Bruno and Ernestine (Orzakowsky) A. ; ed. 
Realgymnasium, Halle, to 1883, grad. Nor- 
mal Sch. of Gymnastics, Milwaukee, Wis., 
1888; M. D., Yale Univ., 1894; univs. of 
Halle and Leipzig, 1895, physical science 
courses; m. Trenton, N. J., Mar., 1889, 
Marie Nagel. Orthopsedic surgeon, New 
Haven Dispensary; instr. orthopsedic sur- 
gery, Yale Univ., dir. New Haven Normal 
Sch. of Gymnastics. Pres. Anderson Gym- 




nasium Co.; asso. editor Mind and Body. 
Mem. New Haven City, New Haven Co., 
Conn. State, and Am. Med. socs., Conn. 
Acad. Arts and Sciences, A. A. A. S., Nat. 
council Am. Physical Ed'n Assn., New 
York Acad, of Medicine; pres. physical 
training dept., N. E. A. Author: Elemen- 
tary Apparatus "Work, 1896; Manual of 
School Gymnastics, 1898; Gymnastic Tac- 
tics, 1899; Gymnastic Games, 1900:— all A7. 
iMesidence: 46 York Sq. Omce: 307 York St., 
New Haven, Conn. 

ARNOLD, Francis J., physician; ft. Bur- 
lington, Vt. ; .y. Joseph and Mary (Cum- 
mings) A.; M.D., Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., 
1901; house surgeon Mary Fletcher Hosp., 
1901-3; post-grad, work Phila. hosps., 1903-4. 
Has practiced in Burlington since 1904; 
sp'lty, diseases of the eye, ear, nose and 
throat; ophthalmologist and otologist to 
Fanny Allen Hosp. and Providence Orphan 
Asylum and Hosp. Special examiner U. S. 
Bureau of Pensions. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., 
Vt. State Med. Soc, Burlington and Chitten- 
den Co. Clinical Soc. Mem. Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Club: Ethan Allen. Residence: 94 
North Av. Office: 182 Pearl St., Burlington, 

A-RNOIjD, Frank Stewart, paper mfr. ; b. 
Brooklyn, June 17, 1861; .?. James and Marie 
Bourbon (Scotti) A.; ed. pub. schs. and 
Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn; m. July 25, 1882, 
Carrie Lawrence, d. Samuel Lawrence and 
Harriette Cleaves (Peele) Ferguson, of 
Amesbury, Mass. In employ of wholesale 
tin-ware house, N. Y., 1877-9; removed to 
Boston, 1880; salesman, dir., and mng. dir. 
Rice-Kendall Co., paper mfrs., 1880-88; or- 
ganized The Arnold-Roberts Co., paper 
mfrs., Boston, 1898, and has since been pres. 
Mem. Common Council Maiden, Mass., 1897- 
1898, Maiden Bd. of Trade, Paper Trade 
Assn., Boston, N. E. Paper Jobbers Assn. 
(pres.), Boston Merchants Assn. Mason. 
Congregationalist. Residence: Maiden, Mass. 
Office: 180 Congress St., Boston. 

ARNOLD, Fred W., ins. pres. ; b. Provi- 
dence, R. I., 1841; .9. Christopher B. and 
Sarah (Truman) A.; ed. Providence High 
Sch. ; m. Providence, 1866, Miss Josephine 
Keach. Became identified with Equitable 
Fire & Marine Ins. Co., 1861, sec, 1861-75, 
since pres. Residence: 159 Waterman St. Of- 
Hce: 1 Custom House St., Providence, R. I. 

ARNOLD, George Francis, teacher and 
librarian; b. Corfu, Greece, Feb. 7, 1848; .■>. 
Albert N. and Sarah (Allin) A., both of 
Providence, R. I.; ed. Roxbury Latin Sch., 
1863-4; Madison (now Colgate) Univ., 1867-9, 
1870-1, A.B., 1871, A.M., 1873; student, Univ. 
of Chicago, 1869-70; post-grad, study, Univ. 
of Bonn, Germany, 1873-6; m. Brookline, 
Mass., June 26, 1873, Tirzah S. Emerson. 
Teacher in Madison Univ., 1871-3; asst. Har- 
vard Coll. Library, 1878-82; retired, 1882. 
Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Nat. Conf. of Chari- 
ties & Correction, Nat. Geog. Soc, Phi Beta 
Kappa. Clubs: Twentieth Century, Oakley 
Country, Seapuit. Residence: 60 Davis Av., 
Brookline, Mass. 

ARNOLD, George Ulric, librarian; b. 
Bristol, R. I., May 9, 1843; s. Rufus and 
Sarah (Lincoln) A.; ed. pub. schs. and R. I. 
Normal Sch.; m. Richmond, R. I., Apr. 26, 
1866, Sarah M. Anthony. Clk. in dry goods 
store, 1850-60, in drug store, 1860-3, putting 

up medicine chests for R. I. troops; in 
charge of finishing dept., cotton mills, 1863- 
1903; librarian Rogers' Free Library since 
1878; dir. Bristol Co. Savings Bank until 
consolidated with Industrial Trust Co., 1900; 
sec. Sinking Fund Comm'n; mem. Bristol 
Sch. Com. since 1881 (pres. since 1895) ; cor- 
oner of the town since 1905; now moderator 
of town meetings; mgr. Y.M.C.A. since 1867. 
Mem. R. I. Library Assn. Baptist (deacon 
and treas. of ch.). Odd Fellow (Past Grand 
Master of R. I., sec. Lodge, treas. Encamp- 
ment), Rebekas (founder in Bristol); mem. 
Royal Arcanum, S.A.R. (historian Bristol 
Chapter). Residence: 707 Hope St. Office: 
Rogers Free Library, Bristol, R. I. 

ARNOLD, Henry Tncker, clergyman; b. 
Providence, R. I., Mar. 31, 1844; s. George 
William and Mary Parker (Tucker) A. ; 
grad. Providence High Sch., 1862; A.M., 
Brown Univ., 1866; grad. Andover Theol. 
Sem., 1871; m. Providence, Nov. 5, 1879, 
Amelia Victoria Leith. Ordained to minis- 
try Cong'l Ch., 1871. Pastor Cong'l Ch., 
Lyman, Me., 1871-2, North Ch., Providence, 
R. I., 1872-6, Limerick, Me., 1876-7, Provi- 
dence and vicinity, 1877-9, 2d Ch., Wells, 
Me., 1879-83, Tiverton, R. I., 1883-7, Plain- 
field, Conn., 1887-1907, Norwich, Conn., and 
vicinity, since 1907. Mem. New London 
Assn. Cong'l Ministers. Co-editor of Plain- 
field Bicentennial, 1899, and delivered the 
historical discourse at bicentennial of 1st 
Cong'l Ch., Plainfield, Conn., 1905. Repub- 
lican. Address: 43 Williams St., Norwich, 

ARNOLD, Horace David, physician; b. 
Boston, Nov. 4, 1862; 5-. George J. and Anna 
E. (Bullard) A.; grad. Roxbury Latin Sch., 
A.B., Harvard, 1885; M.D., Harvard Med. 
Sch., 1889; m. Waltham, Mass., June 8, 1892, 
Ida P. Lane. Has practiced in Boston since 
1889; prof, clinical medicine. Tufts Coll. 
Med. Sch., Boston, since 1899; asst. visiting 
physician, Boston City Hosp. Mem. Am. 
Med. Assn., Am. Climatol. Assn., Mass. 
Med. Soc, Boston Soc. Med. Improvement, 
Boston Soc. Med. Sciences, etc. Club: Uni- 
versity. Address: 427 Beacon St., Boston. 

ARNOLD, James Newell, author, * pub- 
lisher; h. Cranston, R. I., Aug. 3, 1844; com- 
mon school ed'n, supplemented by private 
study; genealogist and historian. Author: 
The Narragansett Historical Register (S 
vols.); Rhode Island Vital Records (17 vols.), 
-vhe largest geneal. compilation ever made 
by one man in America; now adding other 
vols, of latter and preparing a Digest of 
Probate of Rhode Island. Unmarried. Ad- 
dress: Box 114, Providence, R. I. 

ARNOLD, John Hinies, librarian; h. 
Portsmouth, R. I., Apr. 4, 1839; s. Edmund 
and Sally Jenks (Greene) A. ; ed. Ports- 
mouth (R. I.) pub. schs.. State Normal 
schs. at Providence and Bristol, R. I. ; 
Lyons' Univ. Grammar Sch., Providence, 
R. I. (A. M., Harvard, 1902); m. Ports- 
mouth, R. I., Oct. 30, 1860, Lois Anthony. 
Was teacher in various pub. schs., R. I., 
8 yrs., and afterward associated with 
Joshua Kendall in conducting pvt. sch. for 
boys at Cambridge, Mass. ; librarian Har- 
vard Law Sch. since 1872. Mem. Mass. Re- 
form Club, Free Trade League. Residence: 
10 Frisbie PI. Office: Austin Hall, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 




ARNOLD, 3Ioses N., pres. Abington Nat. 

Bank, M. N. Arnold & Co. ; dir. Fourth Nat. 

Bank, Boston. Address: Abington, Mass. 
ARKOL.D, Newton Darling^, mf r. ; b. 

Millville, Mass., Dec. 8, 1843; s. William 
Buffum and Matilda Webb (Darling) A.; m. 
Providence, R. I., Mar. 21, 1866, Caroline 
Louise Gee. Treas. and gen. mgr. Rumford 
Chem. Works; dir. Nat. Exchange Bank, 
Providence Gas Co. Republican. Mason, 
grand treas. -gen. Supreme Council of Sov- 
ereign Grand Inspectors-Gen. of 33d and 
Last Degree Masons. Club: Hope. Address: 
Providence, R. I. 

ARNOLD, Olney, treas. Rogers Screw Co. ; 
b. Woonsocket, R. I., Sept. 8, 1861; s. Will- 
lam G. and Lucy M. A.; ed. Mowry and 
Goff's Sch., Providence; m. Grace Angell, of 
Providence, Apr. 12, 1889. Treas. and mgr. 
Rogers Screw Co., since Jan., 1899; pres. 
Angell Land Co., Mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., 
1908; Democratic candidate for gov. of R. I.. 
1908. Club: Hope. Residence: 470 Brook St., 

ARNOLD, Oliver Henry, physician; b. 
Coventry, R. I., June 23, 1841; .s. Oliver 
Cromwell Gorton and Elizabeth Margaret 
(Greene) A.; ed. Pierce Acad., Middleboro, 
Mass., Lapham Inst., Scituate, R. I.; grad. 
Univ. Grammar Sch., Providence, 1861; A.B., 
Brown Univ., 1865 (sec. class for more than 
20 yrs.), A.M., 1868; M.D., Harvard Med. 
Sch., 1867; m. Providence, Jan. 15, 1868, 
Emma Josephine Ayer, who died, June 7, 
1908. Engaged in practice at Pawtucket, R. 
I., 1867-83; settled in Providence, 1885. Re- 
publican. Baptist. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoe- 
opathy. Mason, K.T. Address: 275 WsiShing- 
ton St., Providence, R. I. 

ARNOLD, Sai'ali Louise, educator; b. N. 
Abington, Mass., Feb. 15, 1859; grad. State 
Normal School, Bridgewater, Mass., 1878 (A. 
M. Tufts 1902); taught in Mass., Pa., Vt., 
N. H. ; prin. training school, Saratoga, N. 
Y., 2 yrs.; supervisor schools, Minneapolis, 
7 yrs. ; supervisor of schools, Boston, 1895- 
1902; dean Simmons Coll. since 1902. Author: 
Waymarks for Teachers, 1894 S6; Stepping 
Stones to Literature, 1897 S6; Reading: How 
to Teach It, 1899 S6; The Mother Tongue, 
1900 Gl. Residence: Newton Centre, Mass. 
Office: Simmons Coll., Boston. 

ARNOLD, "Warren O., ex-congressman; b. 
Coventry, R. I., June 3, 1839, Engaged in 
mercantile business, Mapleville, R. I., 1857- 
64; mfr. cotton goods, 1864-6, and of woolen 
goods since that time; senior mem. Westerly 
Woolen Co. for over 20 yrs. Mem. 50th, 51st 
and 54th congresses from 2nd dist., R. I., 
and served on committees of Banking and 
Currency, Indian Affairs, Appropriations. 
r)el. Nat. Rep. Conv.. 1884. Residence: Che- 
pachet, R. I, Business Address: Westerly, 
R. I. 

ARNOLD, William R., educator; b. Bei- 
rtit, Syria, of German parents, Nov. 14, 
1872; prep, and coll. ed'n Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ., Delaware, O. ; instr. German same, 
1891-2. A. B., 1892; prize scholar Union 
Theol. Srm., New York, 1892-5, grad. 1895; 
univ. fellow Semitic langs. and lits., Co- 
lumbia Univ., 1895-6, Ph. D., 1896; studied 
Halle and Oxford, 1899; m. New York, Dec. 
22, 1898, Ada Hinde Hart. Curator dept. 
antiquities. Met. Mus. of Art, New York, 
1896-8; lecturer on Old Testament, An- 

dover Theol. Sem., 1902-3; Hitchcock prof. 
Hebrew lang. and lit., same since 1903. 
Mem. Am. Oriental Soc, Soc. Bibl. Lit- 
erature and Exegesis, Vorderasiatische Ge- 
sellschaft. Contb'r to tech. jours. Address: 
Andover, Mass. 

ARVINE, Earliss Porter, lawyer; b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Apr. 19, 1846; s. Kazlitt 
and Mary Ann (Porter) A.; prep, ed'n mil. 
acad., Cheshire; A.B., Yale, 1869; LL.B., 
Yale Law Sch., 1871; m. South Manchester, 
Conn., Sept. 12, 1872, Alice Jane Strong. Has 
practiced at New Haven since 1871; mem. 
law firm of Arvine, Woodruff & Arvine; 
mem. Comm'n for Unification of Laws of 
Conn.; dir. Ball & Socket Mfg. Co., Cheshire. 
Democrat. Club: Graduates. Residence: "313 
Humphrey St. Office: 42 Church St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

ASAK:AWA, Kan-Iclii, educator, author; 
b. Nihonmatsu, Japan, Dec. 20, 1873; ed. 
Pukushima Middle Sch., 1888-92, Waseda 
Univ., Tokio, Japan, 1892-5, Dartmouth Coll., 
B. Litt, 1899, Yale Univ., Ph. D., 1902. Lec- 
turer on history and civilization of East 
Asia at Dartmouth Coll., 1902-7; instr. his- 
tory of Japanese civilization, Yale, since 
Sept., 1907. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc, Am. 
Hist. Assn., Nat. Geog. Soc, Asiatic Soc. 
of Japan, Japanese Hist. Assn. (Shigak- 
kwai). Author: The Early Institutional Life 
of Japan, 1903 S3; The Russo-Japanese Con- 
flict — Its Causes and Issues, 1904 H5. Con- 
tb'r of concluding chapters to new edit, of 
"Japan," edited by Capt. F. Brinkley, 1904 
M35; editor of "Japan" in the History of 
Nations series, 1907 M39; also articles to 
Japanese and Am. periodicals. Address: Yale 
Univ., New Haven, Conn. 

ASHTON, Joseph Nickerson, musician, 
educator; b. Salem, Mass., Sept. 7, 1868; 
A.B., Brown Univ., 1891 (Phi Beta Kappa), 
A.M., Harvard, 1893. Instr. in mus. theory 
and history, 1895-8, asso. prof., 1898-1904, 
Brown Univ. ; faculty editor Brown Alumni 
Monthly, 1900-4; pvt. teacher, Boston, 1893- 
1900 and since 1904; acting asso. prof, music, 
Wellesley Coll., 1907-8; head of dept. of 
music, Abbot Acad., Andover, Mass., since 
1907; director of music Phillips Academy, 
Andover, Mass., since 1908; organist North 
Ch., Salem, Mass., 1896-1904, 1st Baptist Ch.. 
Newton Center, 1904-5, 1st Parish Ch., 
Brookline, since 1905; trustee Salem Athe- 
naeum. Mem. Am. Guild of Organists, Har- 
vard Mus. Club (hon.). Social Club: Univers- 
ity (Providence). Address: 336 Essex St., 
Salem, Mass. 

ASHWORTH, Robert, mfr. woolen goods; 
b. St. Claire, Pa., Apr. 6, 1866; 5. Thomas 
and Hannah (Howard) A., and descendant 
of Richard A., of Milnrow, Lancashire. 
Eng. ; ed. Worcester pub. schs. and Becker's 
Bus. Coll.; m. Worcester, Mass., 1895, Clara 
Richardson. Learned machinist's trade; in 
grocery business. Cherry Valley, since 1897; 
engaged with brother, Charles R., in manu- 
facture of woolen goods at Leicester, since 
1903; postmaster of Cherry Valley, 1897-1907. 
Methodist. Address: Cherry Valley, Mass. 

ATHERTON, Edward Herbert, educa- 
tor; b. Harvard, Mass., Feb. 11, 1856; .y. Al- 
fred and Abbie Maria (Adams) A.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1879; student in geology. Teachers' 
Sch. Science, Boston, 1898-1902; m. Lynn, 
Mass., July 20, 1892, Caroline Ober Stone. 




Taught in schs. of Rutland and "West Med- 
way, Mass., Bethlehem (Pa.) Acad.; prin. 
Shrewsbury (Mass.) High Sch. ; prin. Need- 
ham (Mass.) High Sch., 1881-4; studied 
French in Paris, 1884-5; prin. Hopkinton 
(Mass.) High Sch., 1885-6; instr. Latin and 
French, Roxbury (Mass.) Latin Sch., 1886- 
91; instr. Latin and Greek, Girls' Latin Sch., 
Boston, since 1891. Mem. various teachers 
assns. Republican. Unitarian. Mason. Clubs: 
Harvard Union, Unitarian Club of Boston. 
Residence: 82 Ruthven St., Roxbury, Mass. 

ATHERTON, Ella, Blaylock, physician; 
b. Ulverston, Eng., Jan. 4, 1860; d. William 
and Margaret Schollick Blaylock; came to 
America with parents in 1861; grad. McGill 
Normal Sch., Montreal, 1880; M.D., C.M., 
Woman's Med. Sch., Queen's Univ., Kings- 
ton, Can., 1887; student New York Post 
Grad. Med. Sch., 1896; 7n. Concord, N. H., 
Sept. 8, 1898, Capt. Henry Brydge Atherton. 
Taught sch., 1880-2. Began practice in New- 
port, Vt., 1887; removed to Nashua, N. H., 
1888; on staff Nashua Emergency and St. 
Joseph's hosps. ; attending physician Home 
for Aged Women. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., 
N. H. State Med. Soc, Hillsboro Co. Med. 
Assn. (sec.-treas.), Nashua Med. Assn. 
(pres., 1908), N. H. Surg. Club, Orleans Co. 
(Vt.) Med. Soc. Episcopalian. Club: Fort- 
nightly. Address: 148 Main St., Nashua, 
N. H. 

ATHERTON, Fi'ank Aug^nstns, mfr. ; b. 
Harvard, Mass., Feb. 15, 1849; s. Alfred and 
Abbie M. (Adams) Stacy A., and descendant 
of James A., b. in England, 1626, came to 
Lancaster, Mass., 1653, died Sherborn, Mass.. 
1710; ed. in pub. schs. of Harvard; served 
three mos. in the Federal Army, 1864-5; m. 
Nov. 5, 1873, Inez L., d. John Quincy and 
Harriet L. (Bottom) Adams, of Woodstock, 
•Conn. Purchased his father's wood working 
factory, 1865, which he still conducts. Mem. 
Common Council, 1889-92; overseer of the 
poor since 1893; 32° Mason. Address: 5 Hall 
St.. Worcester, Mass. 

ATHERTON, Mary Alderson (Cliand- 
ler), Mrs., educator and writer; b. nr. Le 
Raysville, Pa. ; d. John and Margaret Alder- 
son; grad. State Normal Sch., Mansfield, 
Pa.; m. 1st, 1881, Willard M. Chandler (died, 
1889); m. 2d, 1903, Frederick Atherton, an at- 
torney of Boston. Began teaching in dis- 
trict schs. of Pa. at 16, and later, after com- 
pleting a normal course, continued teaching 
in Pa., subsequently in San Jose and Oak- 
land, Calif.; arrived in Boston, 1881; founded 
the Home School for Shorthand and Type- 
writing, 1883, the Chandler Normal Short- 
hand School, 1893, the Chandler Thinking 
Club (for the encouragement of independent 
thinking), 1895; started periodical. The 
Thinker, 1898. Mem. Free Religious Assn. 
of America. Author of the Chandler Prac- 
tical Shorthand. Residence: 20 Parker St., 
Lexington, Mass. Office: Chandler Normal 
Shorthand School, 221 Columbus Av., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

ATHERTON, Percy liCe, composer; h. 
Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 25, 1871; ^. William 
and Mary Edwards (Dwight) A. ; ed. Prince 
Sch., Boston, 1882-4, Boston Latin Sch., 
1884-7; grad. Phillips Andover Acad., 1889; 
Harvard Coll., A. B., 1893; student Royal 
High Sch. of Music, Munich, Bavaria, 1893- 
5; unmarried. Studied complete course in 
theory of music, Harvard Coll., grad, with 

honors, 1893; studied with Rheinberger, 
1893-5, with O. B. Boise in Berlin, 1896; 
studied with Sgambati in Rome, winter of 
1900, and later studied orchestration with 
Widor in Paris. Composed comic opera, 
The Heir Apparent (text by Alfred Ray- 
mond), 1888-90 (frequently performed in 
concert version) ; composed in Munich Suite 
for violin and pianoforte; composed, 1897- 
1900, Oriental opera-comique. The Mahara- 
ja (text by Alfred Raymond), performed in 
concert version, 1901, and the Intermezzo, 
twice played by Boston Symphony Orches- 
tra ("Popular Concerts"); has recently 
published Set of 6 Songs, B28; Set of 4 
Songs, B28; Set of 4 Songs, B22; Set of 2 
Sill Songs, B22; Romanza and Rondo 
Scherzando, for violin and pianoforte, B22. 
In MS. Sonata for violin and pianoforte, 
numerous pieces for pianoforte. Suite for 
flute and pianoforte, Cycle of Seven Flower 
Songs, Song Cycle of Child-Life, and about 
40 additional songs for solo voice. Congre- 
gationalist. Independent in politics. Clubs: 
St. Botolph, Harvard Musical Assn., Harvard 
Music Club (Cambridge), Longwood Crick- 
et. Address: 144 Commonwealth Av., Boston. 

ATKINS, Edwin F., mfr. and importer 
Cuban sugars; b. Boston, 1850; s. Elisha and 
Mary E. (Freeman) A.; ed. pvt. schs. of 
Boston; A.M., Harvard, 1903; m. Belmont, 
Mass., 1882, Katharine Wrisley. Pres. Bay 
State Sugar Refinery 1878-88; partner E. At- 
kins & Co., importers of sugars, comm'n 
mchts. and bankers, since 1874; v. -p. and 
dir. Union Pacific Ry. System, 1889-95; pres. 
Aetna Mills, Soledad Sugar Co. (Cuba), 
Trinidad Sugar Co. (Cuba), Boston Wharf 
Co. (real estate); dir. Am. Trust Co., Eliot 
Bank, West End St. Ry., Guarantee Co. of 
N. America. Residence: Belmont, Mass. Of- 
fice: 10 Broad St., Boston. 

ATKINSON, Charles Follen, cotton buy- 
er; S.B., Harvard Univ., 1865. Trustee and 
dir. Adams Nervine Asylum; dir. Boston 
Co-operative Building Co.; treas. Mass. Soc. 
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. 
Club: St. Botolph. Residence: 38 Chestnut St. 
Office: 70 Kilby St., Boston. 

.VTKINSON, Ed^vard Ernest, clergyman; 
b Nev/buryport, Mass., May 15, 1853; .y. Josiah 
(M. D.) and Olivia C. (Bonney) A.; ed. 
Brown High Sch., Newburyport, 1865-9; 
grad. Worcester Acad., 1875; A.B., Brown 
Univ., 1879, A.M., 1882; grad. Newton Theol. 
Inst'n, 1882; A.M., Harvard, 1886, B.D., 1887, 
grad. student, 1895-7; B.D., Episcopal Theol. 
Sch., Cambridge, 1888. Ordained Bapt. min- 
ister, 1882; pastor. Ft. Dodge, la., 1882-3, 
Duluth, Minn., 1883-4; ordained to ministry 
P. E. Ch., 1888; rector, Grace Ch., Chicopee, 
Mass., 1888-90, St. Peter's Ch., Jamaica 
Plain, Mass., 1890-1; abroad, 1891-2; master 
Belmont (Mass.) Sch., 1893-5; in charge 
Christ Ch., Cambridge, 1897-8, St. Thomas 
Ch., Taunton, Mass., 1901-2, 1905-6; master 
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, 1903-5; abroad, 
1906-7. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc, Delta Up- 
silon. Contb'r to various jours, and periodi- 
cals. Address: Cambridge, Mass. 

ATKINSON, Edward Williams, import- 
er; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1881. Mem. firm 
Stoddard, Haserick, Richards & Co.; pres. 
Moore Spinning Co. Residence: Heath Hill, 
Brookline, Mass. Office: 152 Congress St., 




ATTEAUX, Frederick E., pres. F, E. 
Atteaux & Co.; dir. Am. Color & Chem. Co., 
Nowak Mfg. Co., Marietta Mines Co. Resi- 
dence: Broolfliiie, Mass. OfUce : 176 Purchase 
St., Boston. 

ATTWILIL, Henry Converse, lawyer; b. 
Lynn, Mass., Mar. 11, 1872; s. Isaac M. and 
Harriet E. (Sanger) A.; grad. Lynn High 
Sch., 1890; LL.B., Boston Univ. Law Sch., 
189.3; m. Everett, Mass., June 30, 1906, Miss 
Augusta Harris. Asst. dist. atty. of Eastern 
Dist. of Mass. Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
1896, 1897 and 1898, of the Mass. Senate, 1899, 
1900 and 1901. Mason. Universalist. Clubs: 
Oxford, Essex, Lynn, Republican, Address: 
Lynn, Mass. 

AT^WATER, CliflEord J., lawyer; h. Col- 
linsville. Conn., Nov. 8, 1858; s. James and 
Mary G. (Stewart) A.; grad. Collinsville 
High Sch.; A.B., Bates Coll., Lewiston, Me., 
1883; studied law; admitted to bar, 1885; m. 
Seymour, Conn., 1890, Jennie C. Taylor. Has 
practiced in Seymour since 1885; justice of 
the peace and tax collector, 1886-1908; mem. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1898-1900. Republican. 
Mason; mem. 1. 0.0. P., Red Men. Address. 
Seymour, Conn, 

ATWATER, Francis, publisher, capital- 
ist; b. Plymouth, Conn., Dec. 3, 1858; s. 
Henry and Catherine (Fenn) A. ; ed. Plym- 
outh pub. sch. ; m. 1879, Helena J. Sellew. 
Learned printers' trade, was foreman com- 
posing room, Meriden Recorder, at 16; 
founder and publisher Windermere Week- 
ly Forum, Wallingford, Conn., 1879-80; asst. 
foreman, Hartford Courant, 1880; later mgr. 
Red Bluff (Calif.) Sentinel; founder and 
publisher Meriden Sunday News; founded 
Meriden Daily Journal, 1886, and ever since 
pres. Journal Publishing Co. Founded, 
1898, Havana Journal (now Havana Post), 
first ail-American journal in Cuba; bought 
and sold the New Britain Daily News; 
bought and sold Waterbury Daily Repub- 
lican. Ex-pres. Meriden Bd. Trade, ex- 
pres. Meriden, Southington & Compounce 
Tramway; ex-mem. exec. com. Am. Nat. 
Red Cross. Author: Histories of Plymouth 
and Kent, Conn., 1896 A7; Atwater History 
and Genealogy, 1901 A7. Elected State sen- 
ator, 13th Conn, dist., 1906. Address: Meri- 
den, Conn. 

ATWATER, James Billing^s, physician 
and surgeon; b. Westfield, Mass., July 3, 
1858; s. Leonard and Frances (Hedges) A.; 
grad. Westfield High Sch., 1875; A.B., Wil~ 
liams Coll., 1879; M.D., Med. Dept. Univ. 
City of New York, 1882; m. Westfield, May 
14, 1885, Lucy Gould Collins. Began prac- 
tice in E. Longmeadow, 1882; was sec. Bd. 
of Health, 1884; removed to Westfield, 1885, 
where has since resided; town physician, 
1886, 1887, 1888; on surg. staff Noble Hosp. ; 
visiting physician to Shurtleff Mission; sur- 
geon for B. & A. R. R. and N. Y., N. H., & 
H. R. R. at Westfield; local examiner for 
Northwestern Mutual Life, Prudential, U. S. 
Life, Phoenix, N. E. Mut. and Berkshire 
Life Ins. cos. Mem. Westfield Sch. Bd., 
1888-9. Mem. Am. Acad. Medicine, N. Y. 
and New England Assn. R. R., Surgeons, 
Am. Med. Assn., Mass. Med. Soc. Spring- 
field Acad, of Medicine. Mason, K.T.; mem. 
I.O.O.F. Club: Westfield. Address: West- 
field, Mass. 

ATWOOD, Cliarles Augustus, surgeon; 
b. Taunton, Mass., June 12, 1861; s. Henry 
Dean and Alice Brown (Williams) A.; M.D., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1883; m. Taunton, June 
20, 1888, Miss Elizabeth S. Woodward. En- 
gaged in practice of medicine at Taunton, 
Mass., since 1883; surgeon to Morton Hosp., 
Taunton, since 1894; associate med. exam- 
iner. Trustee Taunton Pub. Library, since 
1892. Mem. N. Bristol District Med. Soc, 
Boston Medico-Legal Soc, Taunton Doctors' 
Club, etc Address: 15 W. Britannia St., 
Taunton, Mass. 

ATWOOD, Eugene, machinery mfr. ; b. 
Mansfield, Conn., Sept. 20, 1846; ^. John E. 
and Lydia A. (Conant) A.; twice married. 
Entered the factory of the Mansfield Silk Co. 
(founded by his grandfather, 1821), in youth, 
thoroughly mastering the business; the 
plant being destroyed by fire, 1876, was re- 
moved to its present location at Stonington, 
Conn., was incorporated, 1896, and consoli- 
dated with the Morrison Co., 1898, as the At- 
wood-Morrison Machine Co., of which he has 
since been pres. and treas. Mason. Repub- 
lican. Address: Stonington, Conn. 

ATWOOD, Fred, business man; b. Frank- 
fort (now Winterport), Me., Nov. 12, 1838; s. 
John and Mehitable (Stubbs) A.; pub. sch, 
ed'n; m. Winterport, Nov. 23, 1860, Susan J. 
Coffren. Mgr. of father's bus., dealer in 
masts, spars and ship stock; operated exten- 
sively during the Civil War in furnishing 
supplies to the U. S. Gov't; has been en- 
gaged for many yrs. in dealing in agr'l im- 
plements and in insurance; has been promi- 
nently identified with agr'l development as 
trustee N. E. Agr'l Soc. and kindred organ- 
izations of Me.; formerly mem. bd. of trus- 
tees Me. State Coll. of Agriculture and Me- 
chanic Arts, and trustee East Me. Conf. 
Sem. ; del. to World's Congress Auxiliary of 
the World's Fair, Chicago, 1893; mem. Me. 
Senate, 1875; originator Winterfort Free Li- 
brary; served as asst. q.-m. gen. on staffs 
of Governors Bodwell and Marble; mem. Ex- 
ecutive Council of Gov. Cleaves; pres'dl 
elector, 1896. Republican. Address: Winter- 
port, Me. 

ATWOOD, George 3Ianley, physician; h. 
Portland, Me., Dec. 26, 1855; .s-. Hezekiah and 
Mary A. (Baker) A. ; grad. Me. Central 
Inst., 1880, Portland Sch. Med. Inst'n; M.D., 
Med. Dept., Bowdoin Coll., 1884; course at 
N. Y. Polyclinic, 1887-8, at N. Y. Post Grad. 
x\Ied. Sch., 1889: m. Boothbay, Me., Oct. 30, 
1883, Edith M. Hodgdon. Began practice in 
Madison, N. H., 1884; removed to Haverhill. 
Mass., 1892. Mem. Haverhill Sch. Bd., 1899- 
1904. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Mass. Med. 
Soc. Haverhill Med. Club. Mason; mem. I. 
0.0. F. Club: Veritas. Address: Bradford 
Dist., Haverhill, Mass. 

ATWOOD. George 3Iarion, lawver: h. 
Buckfield. Me., Oct. 6, 1860; .?. William Har- 
ris and Helen Mary A.; grad. Hebron Acad., 
1883; LL.B., Columbia Coll. Law Sch., 1SS5: 
m. Portland, Me., Apr. 5, 1886, Anna, d- 
Hon. E. G. Harlow. Has practiced in South 
Paris, Me., since 1885; mem. firm of Atwood 
& Forbes, printers and pubs. ; treas. Oxford 
Co. since 1889; chmn. Sch. Bd., Paris; editor 
Oxford Democrat; trustee and treas. South 
Paris Savings Bank; dir. Paris Trust Co.: 
pres. Paris Hill Water Co. : trustee and audi- 
tor Hebron Acad. Republican. Mem. Oxford 




Bar Assn. (treas.). Residence: Paris Hill, 
Me. Office: South Paris, Me. 

ATWOOD, HaiTison Heiii-y, architect; 
b. North Londonderry, Vt, Aug. 26, 1863; .s. 
Peter Clark and Helen Marion (Aldrich) A. ; 
ed. pub. schs. of Charlestown and Boston; 
m. Boston, Sept. 11, 1889, Clara Stein. Stud- 
ied architecture in Boston where has since 
practiced; was city architect for Boston, 
1889-91, during which supervised expenditure 
of over $1,000,000 for various depts. Mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1887, 1888, 1889, Rep. City 
Com., 1884-1898 (sec. 4 yrs.), Rep. State Com., 
1888, 1889; mem. Congress, 1895-7; alternate 
del. to Nat. Rep. Conv., Chicago, 1888, and 
since del. or alternate to all nat. Rep. 
convs., except 1896. Mason, K.T. ; mem. I.O. 
O.F. Address: 61 Alban St., Boston. 

ATWOOD, Heiii'y Clinton, cotton goods 
mfr.; student Brown Univ., 1873-7. Sec, 
asst. treas. and resident agent Willimantic 
Mfg. Co.; treas. Williamsville Mfg. Co. Ad-- 
dress: Killingly, Conn. 

ATWOOD, James Artliui*, mfr.. banker; 
h. Wauregan, Conn., May 18, 1864; twin 
brother of John Walter A. ; revolutionary 
ancestry; .y. James S. and Julia A. M. (Has- 
kell) A.; grad. Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Mass., 1881; Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific Sch., 
Yale, 1885; m. Dec. 11, 1888, Helen Louise 
Mathewson. Agt. the Wauregan Co., 1889- 
1908, and of the Quinebaug Co. of Danielson, 
Conn., 1897-1908; in 1908 was made general 
manager Wauregan Co., Quinebaug Co. and 
Lockwood Co., of Waterville, Me.; was pres. 
Williamsville (Conn.) Mfg. Co., 1890-1902; 
pres. Windham Co. Nat. Bank, since 1904; 
pres. Brooklyn (Conn.) Savings Bank; dir. 
Samoset Co. of Valley Falls, R. I., and of 
Ponemah Mills, Taftville, Conn. Mem. Delta 
Psi. Republican. Address: Wauregan, Conn. 

ATWOOD, Jolin W^alter, mfr. ; b. Waure- 
gan, Conn., May 18, 1864; twin brother of 
James Arthur A.; revolutionary ancestry; s. 
James S. and Julia A. M. (Haskell) A.; ed. 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., and Shef- 
field Scientific Sch., Yale; m. June 1, 1887, 
Ethel Alexander. Supt. Wauregan Mills, 
since 1888. Mem. Conn. Gen. Assembly, 1899 
and 1903, State Senate, 1905. Apptd. com- 
missary gen., with rank of brig. -gen. Conn. 
Nat. Guard by Gov. Lounsbury; later apptd. 
paymaster gen. and reapptd. by Govs. Mc- 
Lean and Woodruff. Republican. Address: 
Wauregan, Conn. 

ATWOOD, Lewis Jolin, mfr.; b. Goshen, 
Conn., Apr. 8, 1827; s. Norman and Abigail 
(Woodward) A.; common sch. ed'n; m. Jan. 
12, 1852, Elizabeth S. Piatt, of Waterbury, 
Conn. With others organized the Holmes, 
Booth & Atwood Mfg. Co., 1869, which later 
became the Plume & Atwood Mfg. Co., of 
which he was sec, 1874-90, and has been 
pres. since 1890; was for many yrs., from 
1865, mgr. the Am. Ring Co. Has been 
granted more than 70 patents on devices 
manufactured by his company. Pres. Y.M. 
C.A. of Waterbury. Congregationalist. Re- 
publican. Address: Waterbury, Conn. 

ATWOOD, Tascus, lawyer; b. Auburn, 
Me., Feb. 8, 1854; s. Harrison Atwood and 
Sally Vosmus Atwood A. ; grad. Bowdoin 
Coll., Brunswick, Me., 1876; read law; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1879; m. Lincoln, Me., 1878, 
Helen E. Jameson. Engaged in practice at 

Auburn since 1879; city solicitor and county 
attorney, 1885, 1886. Democrat. Address: 84 
Main St., Auburn, Me. 

ATWOOD, W. E., pres. Williamsville Mfg. 
Co. Address: Williamsville, Conn. 

AUBERT, Alfred Bellamy, educator; b. 
New York, Apr. 29, 1853; s. Conrad and 
Madeline (Thomas) A.; ed. Columbia Gram- 
mar Sch., Sch. Lycee of Strasburg, Prance; 
B.S., Cornell Univ., 1873; M.S., Me. State 
Coll.; at Mass. Inst. Tech., 1899; m. Law- 
rence, Mass., 1903, Miss Lena M. Sheridan. 
Prof, chemistry, Univ. of Me. since 1874, 
Mem. Am. Chem. Soc, Phi Kappa Phi. Con- 
tb'r to Jour. Am. Chem. Soc, Chem. News, 
Chem. Eng'r, Photographic Times, Le Dia- 
tomiste, Revue Generale de Chimie, The 
Microscope, Am. Monthly Microscopic Jour., 
etc. Address: Main St., Orono, Me. 

AUCOCK, Artlinr Moi'gan, clergyman; b. 
Dutchess Co., N. Y., Oct. 11, 1867; s. Jona- 
than and Anne Elizabeth (Morgan) A.; 
grad. Utica (N. Y.) Acad., 1883; B.A., Ho- 
bart Coll., 1887 (Phi Beta Kappa), M.A., 
1890; B.D., Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1890. Ordered deacon, 1890, 
ordained priest, 1891, Episcopal Ch. ; asst. 
minister. All Saints' Memorial Ch., Provi- 
dence, R. I., 1890-8, rector, same, since 1898; 
mem. Standing Com., Diocese of R. I., since 
1901; del. from Diocese of R. I. to Gen. 
Conv. P. E. Ch. in U. S., 1907; pres. The 
Hosp. Sunday Assn. of R. I. Address: 5 
Franklin St.. Providence, R. I. 

AULD, Joseph, editor and publisher; o. 
Prince Edward Island, Can., May 28, 1848; s. 
Robert and Mary A. (Boughton) A. ; country 
sch. ed'n; arrived in U. S., 1868; m. Lowell, 
Mass., Oct., 1880, Annie C. Howe. Success- 
ively reporter, mgr. and editor, Rutland 
Daily Herald, 1870-82; gen. mgr. and asst. 
editor Daily Free Press, Burlington, Vt, 
1882-92; mgr. Rapid Printing Co., New York, 
1892-4; founder, 1894, and since editor and 
pub. Daily News, Burlington, and dir., 
treas. and sec. News Pub. Co. Republicaa 
Unitarian. Clubs: Algonquin, Ethan Allen. 
Mem. Nat. Geographic Society, and Civic 
Federation. Residence: 424 S. Union St. 
Office- 180 Main St., Burlington, Vt. 

AUSTIN, Albert Elmer, physician; h. 
Medway, Mass., Nov. 15, 1877; 5. Henry Cot- 
ton and Leah Martha (Huddlestun) A.; A.B., 
Amherst Coll., 1899, A.M., 1904; M.D., Jeffer- 
son Med. Coll., 1905. Instr. Latin and head 
of Latin Dept., Attleboro (Mass.) High Sch., 
1899-1901; practiced in Medway, 1905-7, since 
at Sound Beach, Conn.; anesthetist to 
Greenwich Gen. Hosp.; physician to the 
pub. schs. and mem. Sch. Com. of Medway, 
1906-7; v.-p. Medway Bd. Trade. Mem. 
Greenwich Med. Soc, Mass. Med. Soc, Am. 
Med. Assn. Republican. Mem. Phi Delta 
Theta, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha 
(hon. med. soc). Club: A. B.C. Address: 
Sound Beach, Conn. 
AUSTIN, Artlinr Everett, physician and 
biol. chemist; b. Boston, Apr. 11, 1861; .s. Da- 
vid Farnham and Mary Josephine (Weaver) 
A.; grad. Augusta (Me.) High Sch., 1879; 
A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1883; M.D., Harvard 
Med. Sch., 1887; sp'l studies in biol. chemis- 
try, Univ. of Berlin, 1895-7, Univ. of Vienna, 
1901-2; m. New York, June 6, 1899, Laura A. 
Etnier. Prin. Somerset Acad., Me., 1884-6; 
practiced medicine in Boston and physician 




to Hebrew Home, 1887-95; instr. in biol. 
chemistry, Tufts Coll., 1893-7, prof., same, 
since 1897. Democrat. Mem. Am. Soc. Biol. 
Chemists, Boston Soc. Med. Sciences, Zeta 
Psi. ■ Residence: 163 Suffolk Rd., Chestnut 
Hill, Mass. Office: 416 Huntington Av.,. Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
AUSTIN, Calvin, steamships; pres. Met. 
Steamship Co., Clyde Steamship Co. of 
Maine; pres. and gen. mgr. Eastern Steam- 
ship Co.; dir. Mallory Steamship Co., Hud- 
son River Navigation Co., First Nat. Bank, 
Boston Ins. Co., Old Colony Ins. Co., Mass. 
Bonding & Ins. Co., Renfrew Mfg. Co. Resi- 
dence: 83 Englewood Av., Brookline. Office: 
368 Atlantic Av., Boston. 

AUSTIN, Henry, lawyer, author; b. Bos- 
ton, Mass., Dec. 21, 1858; practices law in 
Boston. Has been a comm'r of insolvency 
for 6 yrs., and is an asso. justice of the mu- 
nicipal court of Boston (West Roxbury 
Dist.). Author: The Law Concerning Farms; 
American Farm and Game Laws; American 
Fish and Game Laws; Liquor Law in New 
England. Address: 84 State St., Boston. 

AUSTIN, Jolm Osl>orne, author; h. Prov- 
idence, R. I., Dec. 28, 1849; s. Samuel and 
Elizabeth Hanson (Osborne) A.; grad. at 
Union Hall School, Providence (of which 
his father was prin.), 1866; m. Providence, 
June 24, 1878, Helen Augusta, d. William 
and Emma Louise (>^arker) Whitaker. Trav- 
eled extensively, including South African 
diamond fields (1873), Europe several times. 
In wool business until 1883; since then de- 
voted to geneal. and lit. work. Life mem. R. 
I. Hist. Soc. Author: The Genealogical Dic- 
tionary of Rhode Island, 1887 A7; Ancestry 
of Thirty-three Rhode Islanders, 1889 01; 
The Ancestral Dictionary, 1891 01; One Hun- 
dred and Sixty Allied Families, 1893 01; 
The Roger Williams Calendar, 1897 01; 
The Journal of William Jefferay, Gentle- 
man, 1899 01; More Seven Club Tales, 1900 
01; Philip and Philippa, 1901 01; A Week's 
Wooing, 1902 A8. Address: 113 George St., 
Providence, R. I. 

AUSTIN, Warren Robinson, lawyer; h. 
Highgate, Vt., Nov. 12, 1877; .y. Chauncey 
Goodrich and Anne Mathilda (Robinson) A.; 
Ph.B., Univ. of Vt., 1899; studied law with 
C. G. Austin & Sons, St. Albans, Vt., 1899- 
1902; admitted to bar, 1902; m. St. Albans, 
June 26, 1901, Mildred Marie Lucas. Mem. 
law firm C. A. Austin & Sons; state's atty. 
for Franklin Co., 1904-6; city grand juror, 
1907-9; apptd. U. S. comm'r. May 15, 1907, 
term expires 1911; chmn. Rep. State Conv., 
1908. Mem. Kappa Sigma, B.P.O.E. Clubs: 
St. Albans Yacht (pres., 1907-9), Owl. Ad- 
dress: St. Albans, Vt. 

AVBRIIili, Fredericli Benjamin, editor 
and publisher; b. Somersworth, N. H., May 
31, 1872; .y. Joseph Boston and Luella (Fran- 
cis) A.; ed. Dover (N. H.) pub. schs., Tilton 
(N. H.) Sem., Me. Wesleyan Sem., Kents 
Hill, Me.; m. Sanford, Me., Dec. 29, 1905, 
Frances Hayden. Mem. Averill Press, print- 
ing and publishing, established 1893; pres. 
and treas. Tribune Pub. Co., Jordan Spring 
Water Co. Republican. Mason: mem. 1. 0.0. 
F., K. of P., Red Men. Clubs: Sanford, San- 
ford Social. Summer Cottage: Mousam Lake. 
Address: Sanford. Me. 

AVERILL, George Carpenter, banker; 
b. Thomaston, Conn., Oct. 28, 1857; s. Rev. 
James and Sylvira A. (Carpenter) A.; com- 
mon sch. ed'n; m. Boston, 1881, Nellie E. 
Chubbuck. Clk. 1st Nat. Bank, Greenfield, 
Mass., 9 yrs., and teller, 1st Nat. Bank, 
Northampton, 5 yrs. ; removed to Brattle- 
boro, Vt., 1885, as teller, Vt. Nat. Bank, was 
made cashier, 1886, and has been pres. since 
1896; dir. Brattleboro Gas & Electric Light 
Co. ; treas. Home for Aged and Disabled, and 
Austine Hosp. Republican. Congregation- 
alist. Mem. Y.M.C.A. Mason; Odd Fellow. 
Address: Brattleboro, Vt. 
AVERY, Albert Everett, judge; b. Brain- 
tree, Mass., July 8, 1858; 5. Edward and Su- 
san Caroline (Stetson) A.; ed. Adams Acad., 
Quincy, Mass.; Harvard, 1 yr. ; studied law 
at Harvard Law Sch., and in father's office, 
Boston; admitted to bar, 1883; m. Braintree, 
Apr. 26, 1887, Susan Josephine Dowse. Began 
practice with father in Boston, 1883; later 
associated with George M. Hobbs; justice of 
Dist. Court, E. Norfolk, since 1902. Mem. 
Sch. Com., Braintree, 1883-92. Mason. Club: 
Cochato (Braintree). Address: E. Braintree, 
AXTELLiE, Jobn Franklin, physician; 
b. Morristown, N. J., Aug. 28, 1854; 5. Ste- 
phen D. and Nancy (Sutton) A.; prep, ed'n, 
pub. schs. of Minneapolis, Minn.; M.D., 
Long Island Med. Coll., 1878; m. 1st, Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1882, Mrs. Ella M. Norvel; m. 
2d, 1903, Stella D. Waterman. Practiced in 
Hartford since 1879. Mem. Hartford Med. 
Soc, Conn. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn. Re- 
publican. Congregationalist. Mason (32°), 
Shriner; mem. I.O.O.F., K. of P. Address: 
Hartford, Conn. 
AVER, Cliarles Fanning, financier; A. 
B., Harvard Univ., 1887. Dir. Old Colony 
Trust Co., State St. Trust Co., Electric 
Corp'n, N. H. Electric Ry. Co., N. E. Tele- 
phone & Telegraph Co., Southern Mass. Tel- 
ephone Co., Lamson Consolidated Store 
Service Co., Am. Pneumatic Service Co., 
Cripple Creek Central Ry. Co., Am. Invest- 
ment Securities Co., Boott Mills, Tremont 
& Suffolk Mills, Merrimack Mfg. Co., Dis- 
tilling Co. of America, J. C. Ayer Co.; trus- 
tee Oliver Bldg. Trust. Residence: 161 Bay 
State Rd. Office: Oliver Bldg., Boston. 
AYER, Clarence "Waltei*, librarian; h. 
Haverhill, Mass., May 29, 1862; s. Walter 
and Abby West (Stevens) A.; A. B., 1885, 
A. M., 1888, Harvard; m. Brockton, Mass., 
Oct. 1, 1902, Grace Stanwood Blackwell. 
Instr. in languages, Dummer Acad., S. 
Byfield, Mass., 1885-6; pvt. tutor, Cam- 
bridge and elsewhere, 1887-92; acting prof. 
English, Wittenberg Coll., Springfield, O., 
1892-3; instr. English, Coll. for Women, 
Western Reserve Univ., 1893-5, Volkmann 
Sch., Boston, 1895-6; asst. Harvard Coll. 
Library, 1896-9; librarian. Pub. Library, 
Brockton, Mass., 1899-1904, Pub. Library, 
Cambridge, Mass., since 1904. Mem. Mass. 
Library Club (v. -p., 1900-1), A. L. A., New 
England Hist. Geneal. Soc, Harvard 
Musical Assn. Universalist. Republican. 
Residence: 6 Cleveland St. Office: Public 
Library, Cambridge, Mass. 
AYER, Franklin Demingr, clergyman; b. 
St. Johnsbury, Vt., Dec. 19, 1832; s. Nathan 
and Phila Ann (Hallett) A.; A.B., class-day 
orator, Dartmouth, 1856 (D.D., 1887); grad. 




Andover Theol. Sem., 1859; m. Concord, N. 
H., May 30, 1860, Mary E. Kittredge (died 
Sept. 26, 1891). Ordained to Cong'l ministry, 
1861; pastor 1st Cong'l Ch., Milford, N. H., 
1861-7 (with exception of a few mos. in serv- 
ice of U. S. Ciiristian Comm'n) ; pastor 1st 
Cong'l Ch., Concord, N. H., 1867-97, now pas- 
tor emeritus; sec. Gen. Assn., N. H., 1871- 
80; elected corporate mem. A.B.C.F.M., 1881; 
pres. N. H. S. S. Assn., 1886; moderator Gen. 
Assn., N. H., 1887; del. Internat. Prison 
Congress, London, Eng., 1872, Internat. Con- 
gress Cong'l Chs., London, 1891, etc. Ad- 
dress: 3737 Walnut St., Philadelpliia, Pa. 

AYER, Fredericlc, manufacturer; b. Led- 
yard. Conn., Dec. 8, 1822; s. Frederick and 
Persis (Cook) A.; acad. ed'n; m. 1st, Cor- 
nelia Wheaton (died, 1878); m. 2d,. St. Paul, 
Minn., 1884, Ellen Banning. Pres. J. C. Ayer 
Co., Lowell & Andover R. R. ; dir. Am. 
Woolen Co., Bosttjn Elevated R. R., Am. 
Trust Co. (Boston), Internat. Trust Co., 
Lowell Gtentral Savings Bank, Tremont & 
Suffolk Mills. Republican. Congregational- 
ist. Clubs: Algonquin, Brookline, Beacon. 
Soc. i^£'.y/c?^«c^; 395 Commonwealth Av. Office: 
Oliver Bldg., Boston. 

AYER, James Isaac, elec. and mech. 
eng'r; b. Medford, .Mass., Feb. 3, 1854; .s. 
James Benjamin and Harriet Augusta 
(Page) A.; ed. pub. schs. of Maiden, Mass., 
Nazareth, Pa., and Pearl Cottage Sem., 
Elizabeth, W. Va. ; in. Melrose, Mass., 1876, 
Mary Lillian Cleveland. Engaged as civ. 
eng'r on railroad work, 1870-4; mill mgr., 
1874-5, and in mercantile business until 188-1; 
gen. agt. and eng'r, Jenney Electric Co., 
Indianapolis, 1884-9; built and managed the 
Municipal Electric Light Co.'s plant at St. 
Louis, 1889-94; mgr. Am. Electric Heating 
Corp'n and its successor, the Simplex E. H. 
Co., since 1896. Hon. mem. Nat. Electric 
Light Assn.; mem. Am. Soc. Elec. Eng'rs; 
for 15 yrs. mem. Am. Mech. Eng'rs. Ch<b : 
Colonial. Residence: 156 Hancock St. Office: 
Sidney St., Cambridge, Mass. 

AYER, Mary Allette, compiler, editor; 
b. Hampstead, N. H., Sept. 11, 1859; d.- 
Albert Williams and Lydia A. (Hoyt) A.; 
ed. pub. and pvt. schs. Compiler and editor: 
Daily Cheer Year Book, 1903 L9; Joys of 
Friendship, 1905 L9; Heart Melodies, 1907 
L9. Address: Haverhill, Mass. 

AYER, W. M., ry. official, mfr. ; b. Bangor, 
Me., 1856; s. John and Olive A. (Furber) A.; 
ed. Kents Hill, Me., Westbrook (Me.) Sem., 
Dean Acad., Franklin, Mass.; m. Oakland. 
Me., Oct., 1883, Lizzie E. Otis. Mem. firm 
of Ayer & Greeley (established, 1877), coal 
and wood. Lander & Ayer (established, 1904), 
last blocks and lumber; mgr. and dir. Som- 
erset Ry. ; pres. Oakland Woolen Mill, Cas- 
cade Savings Bank; dir. and supt. Dunn 
Edge Tool Co.; dir. Waterville & Oakland 
Electric Ry., Madison Woolen Mill; treas. 
Dodlin Granite Co.; It.-col. staff of Gov. 
John F. Hill, 1900-5; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 
1893, Senate, from Kennebec Co., 1904-9. Ma- 
son; mem. K. of P. Address: Oakland, Me. 

AYER, William Oliver, clergyman; b. 
Sangerville, Me., June 25, 1845; .r. William 0. 
and Jane Farnham (Wade) A.; grad. Bangor 
(Me.) High Sch., 1865; A.B., Colby Coll., 
Waterville, Me., 1868; grad. Newton (Mass.) 
Theol. Inst'n, 1871; m. Waterville, Me., Aug. 
9, 1871, Ella M. Stevens (died Aug. 10, 1905). 

Ordained to ministry, Bapt. Ch., 1871; pas- 
tor, Peterboro, N. H., 1871-4, Skowhegan, 
Me., 1874-84, 1st Bapt. Ch., Everett, Mass., 
1884-90, Livermore Falls, Me., 1890-3, Warren 
Av. Bapt. Ch., Brockton, Mass., 1893-1905; 
acting pastor Bapt. Ch., Braintree, Mass., 
since 1905. Served as pvt. Co. A, 1st Regt., 
Me. Militia, 1864. Mem. Delta Kappa Ep- 
silon. Phi Beta Kappa (Colby Coll.), G.A.R. 
Address: 6 Oak St., Braintree, Mass. 

AYLING, Augustus Davis, military of- 
ficial, retired; b. Boston, July 28, 1840; .y. 
William L. and Margaret (Hurley) A.; ed. 
pub. schs. and Lawrence Acad., Groton, 
Mass.; in. Centerville, Mass., 1869, Elizabeth 
F. Cornish. In employ of J. C. Ayer & Co., 
chemists, Lowell, Mass., until outbreak of 
Civil War; enlisted, Apr. 6, 1861, in Richard- 
son Light Inf., which later became the 7th 
Mass. Battery; commd. 2d It. in 29th Mass. 
Vol. Inf., Jan. 4, 1862, and 1st It., same, Dec. 
6, of same yr. ; honorably mustered out of 
service. May 26, 1864; commd. 1st It. 24th 
Mass. Regt., Apr. 25, 1865, and apptd. adj. 
of regt.; served as a.-d.-c. and judge advo- 
cate on staff of Maj.-Gen. R. S. Foster; mus- 
tered out Jan. 20, 1866; traveling salesman 
with hdqrs. at Nashua, N. H., 1866-9; con- 
fidential elk. to Charles A. Gillis, 1869-79; 
1st It. Co. F, 2d Regt., N.H.N.G., from time 
pf organization, Oct. 23, 1877; capt. July 1. 
1879, until apptd. by Gov. Head, adj. -gen. of 
N. H., serving, July 15, 1879-1907, and for 
yrs. the ranking state adj. of U. S.; by direc- 
tion of State Legislature prepared the "Re- 
vised Register of Soldiers and Sailors of 
N. H. in the War of the Rebellion," 1861-65, 
pub. in one quarto vol. (12^/^x9), 1905; this 
work is one of the most comprehensive of 
the kind that has ever appeared in U. S. 
Mem. Loyal Legion, G.A.R. ; Mason, K.T. 
Address: Centerville, Mass. 

AYLING, Cora Belle, business woman; b. 
Paw Paw, 111., Dec. 16, 1870; d. Alfred Stain- 
brook and Mary Robinson; pub. sch. ed'n; 
m. 1894, Arthur Putnam Ayling, a glass mfr. 
of Milwaukee, Wis. Orphaned at 17 by death 
of father, with mother and 2 sisters to sup- 
port; started as bookkeeper and became 
traveling representative for a Chicago house, 
advancing to salary of $3,000 a yr. and ex- 
penses; removed to Mass., 1898; formerly 
bus. mgr. Boston Brown Book, pres. Auto- 
matic Addressing Machine Co. ; now han- 
dling high-class mining propositions. Chib: 
Woman's Press. Address: Bridgewater, Mass. 

AYLWARD, Jauies Fraucis, lawyer; b. 
Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 4, 1862; 5. James 
and Johanna (Maher) A.; A.B., Boston Coll., 
1884 (A.M., 1892); student Harvard Law Sch.. 
class of 1887, and in law office, Gaston and 
Whitney, Boston; admitted to bar, Aug. 2, 
1887; m. Boston, Sept. 19, 1895, Emma B. 
Barrett. Practicing in Boston and Cam- 
bridge; mem. Com. Council, 1888, Bd. of Al- 
dermen, 1889-92, 1901-2, Cambridge; repre- 
sentative Mass. Legislature, 1903-4; Dem. 
candidate for mayor of Cambridge, Dec. 
1907; defeated by 128 votes. Mem. Knights 
of Columbus, Elks, Royal Arcanum, Chari- 
table Irish Soc, Am. Irish Hist. Soc. Club: 
Clover (Boston). Residence: 259 Harvard St., 
Cambridge. Office: 345 Tremont Bldg., Bos- 
ton, and 671 Mass. Av., Cambridge, Mass. 

AYRES, Lieonard Porter, educator; b. 
Niantic, Conn., September 15, 1879; s. Milan 




Church and Georgiaua (Gall) A.; grad. New- 
ton (Mass.) High Sch., 1897; Ph.B., Boston 
Univ., 1902. Began edn'l work in Porto Rico 
as teacher of English in Peiiuelas, 1902; 
supt. schs. for Gaguas, 1903-4, for San Juan, 
1904-6; gen. supt. pub. schs.. Island of Porto 
Rico, 1906-8; in charge, first section Porto 
Rican teachers, Summer Sch. Bxpd'n at 
Harvard Univ., 1904; author of course of 
study for schs. of San Juan; reviser of 
courses of study in the pub. schs. of Porto 
Rico, with a view to making English the in- 
sular language; in charge, Backward Chil- 
dren Investigation, Russell Sage Foundation, 
New York, 1907-8; grad. studies, 1908, Co- 
lumbia Univ.; lecturer on edn'l statistics, 
New York Univ., 1908. Co-author (with. Lu- 
ther H. Gulick, M.D.): Medical Inspection 
of Schools; speaker and writer on edn'l top- 
ics. Mem, Beta Theta Pi. Address: 1619 
Centre St., Newton Highlands, Mass. 

AYRES, Milan Churcli, editor The Bos- 
ton Daily Advertiser, 1890-1903; b. at 
Lewiston, 111., May 17, 1850; s. Lorenzo 
Dow and Lucy (Trowbridge) A. ; prepara- 
tory ed'n, Independence, 111., 1854-64, State 
Agr'l Coll., Manhattan, Kan., 1864-6; grad. 
Yale Coll., dept Theology, 1879; grad. Nat. 
School Elocution and Oratory, Phila., Oct, 
1876; took post-graduate course Yale Coll., 
dept. Theology, 1880-1; m. Wetmore, Kan., 
Dec. 24, 1871, Georgiana Gall. Teacher Wet- 
more Inst., Kan., 1867-8; home missionary 
preacher in Kan., 1872-6; pastor Cong'l Ch., 
Southington, Conn., 1880-4; journalist and 
stenographic law reporter, Boston, 1884-90; 
Republican. Occasional public lecturer on 
edn'l, lit. and hist, topics; one of Old South 
hist, lecturers for 1901. Mem. New England 
Shorthand Reporters Assn. Club: Twen- 
tieth Century (a founder). Author: Phillips 
Brooks in Boston (with intro. by Pres. 
Tucker of Dartmouth Coll.), 1893 El. Also 
reviews, biog. articles, etc., in mags, and 
journals. Address: Newton Highlands, Mass. 

AYRES. Milan Valentine, elec. eng'r; b. 
Hamlin, Kan., Feb. 14, 1875; .y. Milan Church 
and Georgiana (Gall) A.; grad. Newton 
(Mass.) High Sch., 1893, Mass. Inst. Tech., 

1898. Insp. and designer Gen. Electric Co., 
Schenectady, N. Y., 1898-1902; chief elec. 
eng'r, Boston & Worcester Street R. R. Co., 
since Sept., 1902; inventor and patentee of 
improvements in street cars and of devices 
for prevention of accidents. Contb'r elec. 
articles to tech. pubis. Asst. mem. Am. 
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Am. St. & Interurban Ry. 
Eng'ring Assns. Clubs: Twentieth Century, 
N. E. St. Ry., N. E. Railroad. Address: 
Newton Highlands, Mass. 

AYRES, Philip Wheelock, forester; b. 
Winterset, la.. May 26, 1861; .y. Elias J. A.; 
early ed'n public schools. Villa Ridge, 111. ; 
grad. Cornell, 1884; (Ph. D., Johns Hop- 
kins, 1888); m. Newton, Mass., Aug. 8, 

1899. Alice Stanley Taylor. Tutor Johns 
Hopkins, 1886-7; fellow same, 1887-8; in 
charity organization work since 1888; gen. 
sec. Associated Charities, Cincinnati, 1889- 
95; studied penal and charitable inst'ns, in 
Europe, 1895; gen. sec. Bureau of Asso- 
ciated Charities, Chicago, 1895-7; asst. sec. 
Charity Organization Soc, New York, 1897- 
1900; supt. of the Summer School in Philan- 
thropic Work, New York Charity Organiza- 
tion Soc, 1898-1905; forester of the Soc. 

for the Protection of N. H. Forests, and of 
Dartmouth Coll., since 1900. Mem. Am. 
Forestry Assn., Soc. Am. Foresters. Has 
written articles on charity and on forestry 
in The Outlook, Charities Rev., Proc. Nat. 
Conf. Charities, etc. Residence: Franconia, 
N. H. Address: Concord, N. H. 
AYRES, William Sullivan, clergyman; 
b. Russelville, Ky., Oct. 10, 1862; s. James E. 
and Sarah (Crutcher) A.; Scotch and Hugue- 
not ancestry; prep, ed'n under his father; 
grad. Newton Theol. Inst'n, 1885; m. Green- 
field, Mo., Dec. 11, 1889, Emma Young. Or- 
dained to ministry, Bapt. Ch., 1885; pastor 
Worthen St. Bapt. Ch., Lowell, Mass., 1885- 
91, 1st Bapt. Ch., Portland, 1891-9, Central 
Bapt. Ch., Westfield, Mass., since 1900. Re- 
publican. Address: Westfield, Mass. 


BABB, Thomas Earle, clergyman; b. 
Orange, N. J., Aug. 21, 1840; s. William 
George and Anna (Earle) B. ; A.B., Amherst 
Coll., Mass., 1865; student Bangor Theol. 
Sem., 1865-7; D.B., Andover Theol. Sem., 
1868; m. Bangor, Me., Sept. 28, 1869, Ellen 
Augusta Cook. Ordained to ministry Congl 
Ch., 1869; pastor Cong'l Ch., Eastport, Me., 
1868-71, Oxford, Mass., 1871-7, Presbyterian 
Ch., Victor, N. Y., 1877-83, Cong'l Ch., W. 
Brookfield, Mass., 1883-9, Chelsea, Mass., 
1889-92, Holden, Mass., since 1892. Republic- 
an. Mem. Worcester Central Assn. Minis- 
ters, Brookfield Assn. Ministers, Suffolk 
South Assn. Ministers, Rochester Presbytery 
(N. Y.); Beta Chapter Phi Beta Kappa, 
Gamma Chapter Psi Upsilon. Club: Social 
Economic (pres.). Address: Holden, Mass. 

BABBITT, Charles A., lawyer; b. Barre. 
Mass., Mar. 11, 1851; s. Pliny H. and Lydia 
(Perry) B. ; ed. for teacher at Westfield 
Normal Sch.; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 1879; 
DL.B., Boston Univ. Law Sch., 1881; admit- 
ted to bar, 1882; w. Hudson, Mass., 1883, Ad- 
die F. Packard. Practiced in Orange, Mass., 
till 1888, since in Fitchburg; also engaged 
in shipping and real estate business. Dem- 
ocrat; twice councilman (pres. council 1 
yr.); elected water comm'r, 1889,, mayor, 
1901-2. Pres. Mass. Mayors' Club, 1907. Ad- 
dress: Fitchburg, Mass. 

BABBITT, En^ene Howard, educator; 
b. Bridgewater, Conn., May 8, 1859; 5. Isaac 
and Sarah (Cole) B. ; ed. pub. schs. to 1877, 
Newtown (Conn.) Acad., grad. Conn. State 
Normal Sch., 1880, Phillips (Andover) 
Acad., 1883, Harvard, A. B., 1886; at univs. 
of Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen. 1886-7, 1889- 
90; rn. Concord, Mass., Sept. 16, 1891, Mary 
Brigham King. Taught in dist. schs. from 
1877; prin. Greenwoods pub. sch.. New 
Hartford, Conn., 1880-1: instr. Harvard, 
1885-9, Mass. Inst. Technology, 1887-8, Co- 
lumbia Univ., 1891-1900; prof. Univ. of the 
South, 1900-3; instr. Rutgers Coll., 1903-5. 
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Am. Dialect Soc. (sec. 
and editor Dialect Notes, 1895-9). Author: 
College Words and Phrases, 1900 (Am. Dia- 
lect Soc); also many edn'l and philol. mon- 
ographs. Address: New Preston, Conn. 

BABBITT, Fi'anii Cole. prof. Greek, 
Trinity Coll., since 1899; b. Bridgewater, 
Conn., June 4, 1867; s. Isaac and Sarah 
(Cole) B.; ed. common schools and Phillips 
Acad., Andover, Mass.; grad. Harvard. 
1890; (A. M., 1892, Ph. D., 1895); w. Newton, 




Mass., June 28, 1900, Ethel Hall. Taught in 
common schools, Conn., 1885-7; private 
school, Boston, 1890-5; fellow Am. School 
of Classical Studies, Athens, 1895-6; instr. 
Greek, Harvard, 1896-8; Trinity Coll., Hart- 
ford, 1898-9; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Am. 
Archaeol. Inst., Am. Philol. Ass'n. Author: 
Greek Grammar, 1902 Al; and other papers 
in Am. Journal of Archaeology, and Har- 
vard Studies in Classical Philology. Address: 
65 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 

BABBITT, George Franklin, journalist; 
b. Barre, Mass., Nov. 25, 1848; .y. Pliny Henry 
and Lydia (Perry) B. ; ed. Phillips Andover 
Acad., Harvard, 1872; m. Brooklyn, Mar. 22. 
1905, Eunice Humphrey Allen. Reporter and 
editor on Boston Post until 1877; pvt. sec. 
to Mayor Prince; returned to Boston Post 
and became Washington corr. ; apptd. by 
Mayor Prince mem. Bd. of Health; health 
comm'r, Boston, 1879-1900; editor on Boston 
Herald since 1884. Residence: Hotel Tudor, 
Beacon and Joy Sts. Office: Boston Herald, 

BABBITT, Irving:, educator; b. Dayton, O., 
Aug. 2, 1865; .y. Edwin Dwight and Augusta 
(Darling) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 1889; teacher 
Latin and Greek, Coll. of Montana, 1889-91; 
student, Paris, 1891-2, Harvard Grad. Sch., 
1892-3, A.M., 1893; m. London, Eng., June 12, 
1900, Dora May Drew. Instr. in Romance 
languages, Williams Coll., 1893-4; instr. in 
French, 1894-1902; asst. prof, of French since 
1902, Harvard; mem. Modern Language 
Assn. of America. Chib: Colonial. Author: 
Literature and the American College, 1908. 
Editor: (with introduction and notes) Re- 
nan's Souvenirs d' Enfance et de Jeunesse, 
Voltaire's Zadig, etc. Contb'r to Atlantic 
Monthly, Nation, New York Evening Post, 
Harvard Graduates' Mag. and pubis, of Mod- 
ern Lang. Assn. of America, etc. Home: 6 
Kirkland Rd., Cambridge, Mass. Address: 
Centre Harbor, N. H., R.F.D., No. 1. 

BABBITT, Jolin Edward, manufacturer; 
/). Bellows Falls, Vt. ; s. George Hewes and 
Frances Allen (Johnson) B. ; Ph.B., Brown 
Univ., 1899. Route agt.. Am. Express Co., 
1899-1902; treas. and mgr. The Bellows Falls 
Machine Co. since 1902; v. -p. Robertson Pa- 
per Co. Republican. /4c?(^r(?.j.?; Bellows Falls, 

BABCOCK, Harmon Seeley, lawyer; b. 
New Lebanon, N. Y., Apr. 11, 1849; s. George 
Henry and Sarah Gilbert (Merrill) B. ; ed. 
pub. and high schs. of Lee and Lenox, Mass., 
Brookside Sem., Stockbridge, Mass.; A.B., 
Brown Univ., 1874, A.M., 1877; studied law; 
admitted to bar, 1877; m. 1st, Lenox, Mass., 
June 11, 1879, Eva S. Belden (now deceased) ; 
m. 2d. E. Providence, R. I., Apr. 17, 1902, 
Julia E. Buckmiuster. Teacher Univ. Gram- 
mar Sch., Providence, R. I., 1874-6; prac- 
ticed law at Providence; supt. pub. schs., 
E. Providence, 1879-82; removed law office to 
E. Providence, 1904; town solicitor, 1884-7 
and since 1900, coroner since 1884. Mem. R. 
I. Bar Assn., Beta Theta Pi. Address: 77 
Summit St., E. Providence, R. I. 

BABCOCK, Samuel Gavitt, clergyman; b. 
Newport, R. I., Oct. 8, 1851; s. Stanton and 
Sarah J. B. ; took sp'l courses in coll. ; grad. 
Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 
1891 (B.D., 1897); m. Westerly, R. I., Abbie 
G. Miller. Ordered deacon, 1877; ordained 
priest, 1891; asst. minister Grace Ch., Provi- 

dence, R. I., 1891-2; rector Christ Ch., Hyde 
Park, Mass., 1892-3; archdeacon of New Bed- 
ford, Mass., 1899-1903; archdeacon of Mass. 
since Oct., 1903. Mem. Franklin Lodge, No. 
20, Westerly, R. I. Clubs: Twenty, Blaxtou. 
Kcsidence: 45 Garfield St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Office: 1 Joy St., Boston. 

BABSON, Tbomas McCrate, lawyer; b. 
Wiscassett, Me., May 28, 1847; s. John and 
Sarah (McCrate) B.; descendant of Isabel B., 
Cape Ann, Mass., 1630; ed. Highland Mil. 
Acad., Worcester, Mass.; Chauncy Hall 
Sch.; LL.B., 1868, Harvard Law Sch.; m. 
Gloucester, Mass., June 30, 1890, Helen Ste- 
vens. Began practice in Boston, 1869; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1876, 1877; asst. city so- 
licitor Boston Law Dept., 1879-91; corp'n 
counsel, 1891-5; city solicitor, 1895-1904; 
corp'n counsel since June, 1904. Mem. Bos- 
ton Bar Assn., Harvard Law Sch. Assn. 
Democrat. Clubs: University, Curtis, Ab- 
stract. Compiled statutes relating to Boston, 
1893, and codified city charter, 1908. Residence: 
138 St. Botolph St. Office: 730 Tremont Bldg., 

BACHEL.DER, Nalium Josiiali, gov., 
farmer; b. Andover, N. H., Sept. 3, 1854; j. 
William Adams and Adeline E. B. ; ed. 
Taunton Hill School, Andover, Franklin 
(N. H.) Acad, and New Hampton (N. H.) 
Lit. Inst'n; (hon. A. M., Dartmouth Coll., 
1887); m. June 30, 1887, Mary A. Putney. 
Gov. N. H., 1903-5. Master Nat. Grange, 
since 1905. Republican. Clubs: Wonolancet, 
University (Concord), Derryfield (Man- 
chester). Residence: E. Andover, N. H. 
Office: Concord, N. H. 

BACHEL.DER, Tliomas Cogswell, law- 
yer; b. Gilmanton, N. H., Nov. 6, 1860; 5. 
Samuel Fogg and Martha Badger (Cogswell) 
B.; A.B., 1883, A.M., 1886, LL.B., 1886, Har- 
vard; m. Boston, Nov. 8, 1893, Claudia Wilma 
Crosby. Has practiced in Boston since Dec, 
1880; mem. Boston City Council, 1894, 1895; 
mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1896, 1897; dir. Am. 
Stave and Cooperage Co., Harvard Improve- 
ment Assn. Mem. Mass. Militia, 3 yrs.. So- 
cial Law Library. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Club: Co- 
lonial, of Dorchester (sec). Residence: 19 
Gleason St., Dorchester, Mass. Office: 10 
Tremont St., Boston. 

BACHELLER, Irving, author; b. Pier- 
pont, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1859; s. Sanford Paul 
and Achsah Ann (Buckland) B. ; ed. Can- 
ton, N. Y., Acad. ; grad. St. Lawrence 
Univ., B. S., 1882, M. S.. 1892, A. M., 1901; 
m. Brooklyn, Dec. 13, 1883, Anna Detmar 
Schultz. Actively connected with press of 
New York for years; until recently one of 
the editors of the New York World. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa. Trustee St. Lawrence 
Univ. lAuthor: The Master of Silence, 1890 
WIO; The Still House of O'Darrow, 1894 
CI; Eben Holden, 1900 L9; D'ri and I, 1901 
L9: Darrel of the Blessed Isles, 1903 L9; 
Vergilius, 1904; Silas Strong, 1906 HI. Resi- 
dence: Sound Beach, Conn. 

BACK, Harry E., lawyer; b. Union, Conn., 
July 8, 1869; .y. Roscius and Harriet Cutler 
(Robbins) B. ; grad. Hitchcock Free Acad., 
Brimfield, Mass., 1888; B.A., Boston Univ., 
1892; student Boston Univ. Sch. of Law, 
1893-5; admitted to bar, 1899; m. Danielson, 
Conn., .Ian. 8, 1902, Ella Davenport Hutch- 
ins. Prosecuting atty. for town of Killingly, 




Conn., 1897-1901; prosecuting agt., Co. of 
Windham, 1897-9; comm'r of Bureau of La- 
bor Statistics for State of Conn., 1899-1903; 
judge of Town Court of Killiugly since 1901; 
mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1897; has practiced 
in Danielson since 1899; has acted as dir. 
following electric cos.: Peoples Tramway 
Co., of Killingly, Thompson Tramway Co., 
New Haven, Danielson & Norwich St. Ry. 
Co New Haven, Worcester & Conn. Eastern 
Ry. Co., New Haven Consolidated Ry. Co., 
New Haven, Worcester & Webster St. Ry. 
Co., Worcester, Mass., Webster & Dudley St. 
Ry. Co., Dudley, Mass. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Mason; mem. I.O.O.F., K. of 
P., Elks, Grange. Address: Danielson, Conn. 

BACON, Alice Mabel, author; b. New 
Haven, Conn., Feb. 26, 1858; ed. pvt. schs. ; 
Harvard exams., 1881; taught at Hampton 
Inst., 1883-8, and 1889, at Tokyo, Japan, 
1888-9 and 1900-2; founded Dixie Hosp. for 
training colored nurses, 1890. Author: Jap- 
anese Girls and Women, 1891 H5; Japanese 
Interior, 1893 H5; In the Land of the Gods, 
1905 H5; also editor Human Bullets, a 
Soldier's Story of Port Arthur, 1907 H5. 
Lecturer on Japanese history, character and 
domestic life. Address: 4 Mansfield St., 
New Haven, Conn. 

BACON, Beiijaiuiii Wisiiei', prof. New 
Testament criticism and exegesis, Yale, 
since 1896; b. Litchfield, Conn., Jan. 15, 1860; 
grad. Yale, 1881 (B. D., 1884; A. M., 1891; 
D. D., Western Reserve, 1892; Litt. D., Sy- 
racuse, 1894; LL. D., Illinois Coll., 1904); 
m. May 27, 1884, Eliza Buckingham Aiken, 
Norwich, Conn. Pastorates: First Ch., 
(Cong'l), Old Lyme, Conn., 1884-9; Cong'l 
Ch., Oswego, N. Y., 1889-96. Author: The 
Genesis of Genesis, 1891; Triple Tradition 
of the Exodus, 1894; Introduction to the 
New Testament, 1900 Ml; The Sermon on 
the Mount, 1902 Ml; The Story of ot. Paul, 
1904 H5. Translator: Wildeboer's Kanon des 
Ouden Verbonds; also contb'r to Haupt's 
Sacred Literature of the Old Testament, 
and to various periodicals and scientific re- 
views. Address: 244 Edwards St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

BACON, Clarence Everett, lawyer; b. 
Middletown, Conn., Nov. 11, 1856; .ir. Henry 
C. and Emily B. Bacon; prep, ed'n. Middle- 
town High Sch.; A.B., Wesleyan Univ., Mid- 
dletown, 1878, M.A., 1881; studied law in Mid- 
dletown, 1878-82; admitted to bar, 1882; m. 
Hartford, Conn., Mar. 28, 1883, Katharine 
Sedgwick Whiting. Clk. of Probate Court, 
Middletown, 1881-2; began practice, in Mid- 
dletown, 1882; corp'n counsel, 1884-96; mem. 
State Bd. of Examiners for the Bar since 
1890; mem. Bd. of Dirs. and atty. for Farm- 
ers' & Mechanics' Savings Bank, Central 
Nat. Bank, Middlesex Mut. Assurance Co., 
and other large corp'ns. Republican. Epis- 
copalian; vestryman since 1889. Mem. Conn. 
Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa (treas. 
since 1906). Mem. Bd. of Dirs., The Conn. 
Industrial Sch. for Girls, since 1883, and for 
many yrs. sec. and treas. Address: 271 Wash- 
ington Terrace, Middletown, Conn. 

BACON, Edwin Mnnroe, journalist, au- 
thor; b. Providence. R. I., Oct. 20, 1844; 
academical ed'n (A. M., Dartmouth, 1879). 
At age of 19 became reporter on Boston 
Advertiser; then editor Illustrated Chicago 

News; then, 1868-72, on New York Times; 
1872-3, on staff of Boston Advertiser again; 
editor-in-chief Boston Globe, 1873-8; man- 
aging editor Advertiser, 1878-84; and editor- 
in-chief, 1884-6; 1886-91, editor-in-chief Bos- 
ton Post; editor Time and the Hour, 1897- 
1900. Author and editor of various historical 
works relating to Boston and New England, 
including Boston Illustrated; Bacon's 
Dictionary of Boston; Boston of To-day; 
Walks and Rides in the Country Round 
About Boston; Historic Pilgrimages in New 
England; Literary Pilgrimages in New Eng- 
land; Boston: A Guide Book; The Con- 
necticut River and the Valley of the Con- 
necticut. Address: 16 Pinckney St., Boston. 

BACON, Francis, surgeon; b. in Conn.; 
M.D., Yale, 1853. Surgeon 7th Conn. Inf., 
Sept. 13, 1861; surgeon vols., Aug. 8, 1862; 
resigned, Aug. 25, 1864. Prof, principles and 
practice of surgery, 1864-77, lecturer med. 
jurisprudence since 1899, Yale Univ. Ex- 
pres. Conn. State Med. Soc. Address: 32 
High St., New Haven, Conn. 

BACON, Jolin Lenient, banker; b. Chel- 
sea, Vt., June 18, 1862; .?. John B. and Sarah 
Persis (Morey) B.; grad. Chelsea Acad., 1878, 
St. Johnsbury Acad., 1881; m. Chicago, 111., 
1888, Lizzie Davis. Cashier 1st Nat. Bank, 
Chelsea, Vt., 1881-4; removed to White River 
Junction, 1886, and assisted in organization 
of Nat. Bank of White River Junction, of 
which was cashier until 1906, and of which 
has since been pres.; co. treas. Orange Co.. 
1884, 1885; treas. Town of Hartford, 1889-99; 
treas. State of Vt., 1898-1906; trustee St. 
Johnsbury Acad. ; town representative N. H. 
Ho. of Rep., 1892, 1908; treas. Ottaquechee 
Woolen Co. since 1905. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Mason, K.T., Shriner; mem. I. 
0.0. F. Address: White River Junction, Vt. 

BACON, Jonas E., physician; b. Woburn, 
Mass., Oct. 25, 1853; .s. John and Mary (John- 
son) B.; A.B., 1875, M.D., 1878, Harvard; m. 
Watertown, Mass., Apr. 15, 1880, Mary Rob- 
inson. Has practiced in Brockton, Mass., 
since Aug., 1878. Mem. Mass. State Med. 
Soc, Am. Med. Assn. Mason; mem. Phi Eta 
(Harvard). Address: Brockton, Mass. 

BACON, Lewis Howard, architect; b. at 
Wellsborough, Pa., Aug. 7, 1857; s. James 
and Electa (Sanders) B. : ed. high sch., Ra- 
venna, O. ; m. Ravenna, O., Dec. 4, 1882, Ann 
Smith Hall. Studied architecture in ofiice 
of Samuel Lane, A. I. A. architect, Cleve- 
land, O., 1877-80; draughtsman and super- 
visor of construction in office of Messrs. 
Sturgis & Brigham, architects, Boston, 
1880-6; in building contracting business with 
Whidden, Hill & Co., 1886-8; and in firm of 
Morrison & Bacon, 1888-92. In practice of 
architecture since 1892 at Boston, Mass. 
Mem. Boston Soc, of Architects, Mass. Char- 
itable Mechanic Assn., Sch. Com. and Bd. 
of Aldermen of City of Newton; dir. in local 
institutions. Clubs: Boston City, Brae-Burn 
Country, Middlesex, Beacon and Republican. 
Residence: Waban, in city of Newton, Mass. 
Office: 27 School St., Boston, Mass. 

BACON, Lonis, broker; A. B.. Harvard 
Univ., 1894. Mem. firm Edgerly & Crocker, 
stock brokers. Residence: 925 Boyleston St. 
Office: 53 State St., Boston. 

BACON, Walter 3Iarsliall, pres. Am. 
Tool and Machine Co.; b. W. Newton, Mass., 




Apr. 15, 1854; s. Francis W. and Louisa M. 
(Hagar) B. ; ed. Hasbrouck Acad., Jersey 
City, N. J., Dwight Sch., English Higli Sch. 
and Bryant & Stratton Business Coll., Bos- 
ton; m. New York, 1878, Mary Reed. Was 
bookkeeper Am. Steam Gauge Co., 1873-5; 
' bookkeeper A. G. Smith & Son, 1875-8; in 
charge of auditing and bookkeeping dept. 
for New England of Am. Sewing Machine 
Co., of Philadelphia, 1878-81; gen. pub. ac- 
countant, 1881-6; took charge of financial af- 
fairs of White-Smith Music Pub. Co. (now 
treas.), 1886; pres. Am. Tool and Machine 
Co. since 1894; v. -p. Canadian-Am. Music 
Co., Toronto, Can.; dir. Investors' Real Es- 
tate Assn. ; treas. and dir. Adam Geibel Mu- 
sic Co., Phila.; mem. Exec, and Copyright 
coms.. Music Pubs. Assn. of U. S. Mason, 
K.T. Mem. Harvard Improvement Assn. 
(dir.). Clubs: Colonial of Dorchester (dir.). 
Trade (Boston). Residence: 5 Gleason St., 
Dorchester, Mass. Office: 62 Stanhope St., 

BACON, William Fi'ancis, lawyer; b. at 
Newton, Mass., Nov. 27, 1863; .?. Joseph N. 
and Sarah A. (Woodward) B. ; ed. Newton 
pub. schs.; A.B., Harvard, 1885, A.M., LL.B., 
1889; m. Newton, Mass., June 17, 1891, Bessie 
E., d. Samuel M. Sayford. Admitted to Suf- 
folk bar, 1889; in gen. law practice, Boston, 
since 1889; dir. Newton Trust Co., Citizens' 
Mutual Ins. Co. ; trustee Newton Savings 
Bank; asso. justice Newton Police Court. 
Mem. Boston Bar Assn., Harvard Law Sch. 
Assn. Clubs: Hunnewell, Eight O'Ciock 
(Newton). Residence: 52 Hyde Av., Newton. 
Office: 262 Washington St., Boston. 

BADGER, Charles Louis, granite dealer 
and machinist; b. Bow, N. H., Aug. 17, 1820; 
5. Ezra and Sophia (White) B.; ed. common 
schs. and Univ. of Norwich, Vt. ; m. 1st, 
Norwich, Aug. 10, 1852, Mary C. Loveland 
(died, 1870); m. 2d, at Braintree, Mass., Oct. 
13, 1874, Annie W. French. Began active 
career in architect's offlce and was 2 yrs. in 
ry. work; went to Calif., 1849, with the gold 
hunters, returning to Mass., 1852; entered 
granite business, 1852. Republican. Mason. 
Congregationalist. Address: W. Quincy, Mass. 

BADGER, Walter Irving:, lawyer; b. at 
Boston, Jan. 15, 1859; .y. Brastus Beethoven 
and Fanny (Babcock) B. ; A.B., 1882, Yale; 
LL.B., cuvt laude, 1885, Boston Univ. Law 
Sch.; m. New Haven, Conn., Oct, 6, 1887, 
Elizabeth Hand Wilcox. Has practiced in 
Boston since 1885; has made sp'lty of corp'n 
law. Mem. Boston Bar Assn., Curtis Club 
(law). Clubs: University, Exchange, Coun- 
try, New Algonquin (Boston) ; University, 
and Yale (New York). Residence: 126 Brattle 
St., Cambridge, Mass. Office: 53 State St., 
Boston, Mass. 

BAGG, Liyrnan Hotclilciss, author, jour- 
nalist; b. West Springfield, Mass., Dec. 24, 
1846; s. Richard and Susan (Atwater) B. ; 
grad. Yale, 1869; ed. Yale Lit. Mag., 1868-9; 
ed. College Courant, New Haven, 1870-1; 
wrote weekly "College Chronicle" New York 
World, 1876-82; managed Harvard-Yale boat 
race, New London, 1878-83; librarian Univ. 
Club, Mar. 20, 1889, to Apr. 30, 1900. Author: 
Four Years at Yale, by a Graduate of '69, 
1871 01; Ten Thousand Miles on a Bicycle, 
by Karl Kron, 1887 A7. Wrote: History of 
Yale Boating, in Kingsley's History of Yale, 
1879 H4. Has resided on Washington Sq.. 

New York, since 1876. Summer Residence: 1106 
Riverdale St., W. Springfield, Mass. Address: 
107 Waverly PI., New York. 

BAGG, Rufus Matliei-, Jr., educator; b. 
W. Springfield, Mass., Apr. 19, 1869; s. R. 
Mather B. ; grad. Amherst Coll., 1891, B.A.; 
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1895; m. W. Spring- 
field, Mass., April, 1896, Grace Raybold. 
Prin. high sch., Lubec, Me., 1891-2; instr. 
geology and mineralogy, Worcester Summer 
Sch. for Boys, 1891-2; asst. geology, Johns 
Hopkins, 1895-7; asst. N. Y. State Museum, 
winter of 1897; instr, in science, Colorado 
Springs High Sch.; lecturer on geology, 
Chautauqua of Mt. Lake Park, Md., Aug., 
1900; prof, geology, Colo. Coll., 1898-1901; 
sub-master Brockton High Sch. since 1901. 
Fellow A.A.A.S., Geol, Soc. of America; 
mem. Geol. Soc. of Washington, Nat. Geog. 
Soc; hon. mineralogist to Paris Exp'n, 1900. 
Prof, mineralogy and petrography, N. Mex. 
Sch. of Mines, since 1903. Author of tech. 
articles and papers. Address: 1048 Riverdale 
St., W. Springfield, Mass. 

BAGNALLi, Px-ancis Asbnry, educator; b. 
Chelsea, Mass., Aug. 31, 1866; .y. William R. 
and Sarah F. (Goodridge) B,; grad. Wesley- 
an Acad., Wilbraham, Mass., 1886; A.B., 
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., 1890; in. 
Stafford Springs, Conn., Aug., 1892, Mary F. 
Taft. Prin. Stafford Springs High Sch., 
1891-4, St. Albans (Vt.) High Sch., and supt. 
schs., 1894-1901; supt. schs., Adams, Mass., 
since 1901. Mem. Bd. of Trustees, Adams 
Pub. Library, 1904-8 (chmn. 1907-8). Pres. 
Eastern Conn. Teachers' Assn., 1892, Vt. 
State Teachers' Assn., 1898; sec. Vt. State 
Bd. Normal Sch. Comm'rs, 1898-1901; pres. 
Berkshire Teachers' Assn., 1907, 1908. Ma- 
son (Blue Lodge Chapter, Commandery) ; 
mem. Royal Arcanijim. Chib: Adams' Colo- 
nial. Address: Adams, Mass. 

BAILEY, Albert Edward, educator; b. 
N. Scituate, Mass., Mar, 11, 1871; s. Charles 
E. and Eudora (Turner) B.; grad. Scituate 
High Sch., 1887, Worcester (Mass.) Acad., 
valedictorian, 1890, Harvard, A, B., magna 
cimi laude, 1894; m, Cambridge, Mass., June 
23, 1896, Marion Breed Hall, Instr, class- 
ics, 1894-6, master in English, 1896-1900, 
Worcester Acad. ; owner and head master 
Allen Sch. since 1900. Also specially inter- 
ested in pedagog. side of Sunday sch. 
work; prepared Bible sch. curriculum pub- 
lished in Bibl. World, Chicago, May, 1900; 
has since revised it and is now engaged 
on ethical and scriptural courses under it. 
Edited a series of outline maps for use in 
hist, Bible sch, courses. Makes occasional 
addresses on lit., pedagog. and bibl. subjects. 
Baptist. Mem. Harvard Chapter Phi Beta 
Kappa. Address: W. Newton, Mass. 

BAILEY, Alanson Cooper, surgeon; b. 
Rochester, Vt, Nov. 24, 1850; .y. Clark and 
Susan J. (Cooper) B. ; ed. Randolph (Vt.) 
Normal Sch. and Meth. Sem., Montpelier, 
Vt. ; studied medicine pvtly. and at Univ. 
of Vt.; M.D., Coll. City of New York, 1877; 
m. June 27, 1877, Alice M, Matthews, of S. 
Royalton, Vt. Health ofiicer, Randolph, Vt., 
since 1887; pension examining surgeon, 
1891-3; consulting surgeon, Mary Fletcher 
Hosp., since 1893. Mem. Vt. State Med. Soc. 
(v.-p., 1892), White River Valley Med. Soc. 
Mem. I.O.O.F. (1st Noble Grand, Randolph 
Lodge; Jr. Past Noble Grand). Address: 
Randolph, Vt. 




BAIIiEY, Alden Lee, mfr., banker; b. at 
Comptou, P. Q., Can., May 31, 1845; ^. Lewis 
and Nancy B. ; ed. dist. schs. ; worked on 
farm until 21. Engaged in handling musical 
merchandise at St. Johnsbury, Vermont, 
with a branch at Burlington; pres. Citizens 
Savings Bank & Trust Co. Dir. Y.M.C.A. ; 
Methodist. Address: St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

BAILEY, Andrew Jackson, lawyer; b. 
Charlestown, Mass., July 18, 1840; 5. Barker 
and Alice (Ayers) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 1863; 
served as pvt. in 1861, reenlisted as 2d It., 
1864, 5th Mass. Vols. ; studied law in Boston 
and Charlestown; admitted to bar, 1869; m. 
Charlestown, Jan. 19, 1869, Abby Virginia 
Getchell, Began practice in Charlestown; in 
Boston since 1874; pres. Common Council, 
1869, Charlestown, and mem. Sch. Com., 
1867-70; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1871, 1872, 
1873, Senate, 1874; pres. Common Council, 
1881, city solicitor, 1881-95, corporation coun- 
sel, 1895-1904, Boston. Republican. Unita- 
rian. Mason. Mem. G.A.R., Legion of Hon- 
or, Bunker Hill Monument Assn., Boston 
Bar Assn. ; trustee Mass. Soldiers' Home, 
Howard Funds, in W. Bridgewater, Mass., 
etc. Club: Boston Press. Residence: Hotel 
Bellevue. Office: 43 Tremont St., Boston. 

BAILEY, Alice Ward, author; b. Am- 
herst, Mass., April 30, 1857; d. Horace 
and Mary R. Ward; grad. Smith Coll., 1883; 
m. 1884, Dr. A. G. Bailey. Author: Flower 
Fancies (verse), 1889 P7, 01; Mark Heffron 
(novel), 1896 HI; Outside of Things, a Sky 
Book (verse), 1899 D4; The Sage Brush Par- 
son (novel), 1906 L6; Roberta and Her 
Brothers (juvenile), 1906 L6; contb'r to Har- 
per's Mag., Scribner's, Century, Atlantic and 
other periodicals. Address: Amherst, Mass. 

BAILEY, Anna Leland, club woman; b. 
Somerville, Mass. ; d. John Murray and So- 
phronia Page (Savage) Leland; prep, ed'n, 
Somerville High Sch. (one of first two girls 
to take full classical course in the sch.); 
studied music at N. E. Conservatory of Mu- 
sic and with pvt. teachers; ni. Somerville, 
Feb. 14, 1884, Alvin Richards Bailey. Was 
a successful teacher before marriage; spent 
vacations in travel; organized classes for 
study in various branches, before women's 
clubs were generally recognized. Unitarian. 
Mem. Newton Suffrage League, Newton 
Hosp. Aid and Day Nursery assns. ; former 
regent Paul Revere Chapter and now state 
historian of Mass. D.A.R. and state dir. 
Mass., C.A.R. ; compiled History of Mass. 
D.A.R., 1891-1906; founder of Signal Lantern 
Sec. Children of the Am. Revolution. For 
20 yrs. an officer in W. Newton Women's 
Edn'l Club (3 yrs. its pres.) and former offi- 
cer Social Science Club, Newton, and New- 
ton Federation of Women's Clubs; now sec. 
Shattuck Club, Boston, treas. Fathers' and 
Mothers' Club, Boston; mem. Appalachian 
Mountain Club, N. E. Woman's Club, and 
Edn'l and Industrial Union, all of Boston; 
mem. com. to arrange meetings of State 
Federation of Women's Clubs of Mass. and 
of Local Biennial Bd. of Boston for Gen. 
Federation. Address: Newton, Mass. 

BAILEY, Cliarles Alanson, lawyer; b. at 
Columbia Falls, Me., Mar. 10, 1838; .y. Henry 
and Jerusha (Wilson) B., and descendant of 
Thomas B., Boston, 1643; A.M., Bates Coll., 
1869; LL.B., Albany Law Sch., 1866; m. Old- 
town, Me., Feb. 1, 1871, Frances E. Davis. 

Served as pvt. and q.-m. sgt., 30th Me. Vols., 
1864 to close of war; practiced in Oldtown, 
1866-81, since at Bangor; co. atty. Penobscot 
Co., 1889-97; judge Municipal Court, Bangor, 
1901-5. Republican. Congregationalist. Ad- 
dress: Bangor, Me. 

BAILEY, Charles Emei'son, trustee; b. 
Providence, R. I., 1843; s. William M. and 
Harriet (Brown) B.; student Brown Univ., 
class of 1863 (A.B. by special vote, 1900j ; 
served in U. S. Vols., 1861; m. New York, 
Nov. 23, 1870, Isobel C. McCutcheon. Col. 
and mil. sec. to the gov. of R. I., 1863-5. 
Officer of corp'ns and trustee of estates since 
1870. Address: 2 Gushing St., Providence, 
R. I. 

BAILEY, Charles Hardy, physician; b. 
W. Swanzey, N. H., Sept. 21, 1856; ^. Clark 
and Carolyn C. (Davis) B.; ed. high sch., 
Winchester, N. H. ; B.S., N. H. Coll. of Agr. 
and Mechanic Arts, Hanover, N. H., 1879; 
M.D., Dartmouth Med. Coll., 1881; m. Win- 
chester, N. H., Aug. 14, 1884, Clara E. Morse. 
Practiced, Gardner, Mass., since 1881; mem. 
staff Henry Haywood Memorial Hosp.; mem. 
Bd. of Health since 1892 (chmn. since 1903; ; 
mem. Sch. Com. since 1903. Republican. 
Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Worcester N. Dist. 
Med. Soc. Clubs: Gardner Boat, Monomo- 
nock Sporting. Address: Gardner, Mass. 

BAILEY, Cliarles M., mem. C. M. Bailey's 
Sons & Co., mfrs. of oil cloth. Address: Win- 
throp. Me. 

BAILEY, Cliarles Renben, clergyman; b. 
of Am. parentage, at Magog, P. Q., Can., 
Apr. 19, 1863; s. Charles and Helen Marr 
(Gale) B.; grad. Newbury (Va.) Sem., 1880; 
grad. Newton Theol. Inst'n, Newton Centre, 
Mass., 1886; B.D., Episcopal Theol. Sch., 
Cambridge, Mass., 1896; on examination, 
without residence, Ph.B., 111. Wesleyan 
Univ., 1887, M.A., 1889, Ph.D., 1892; m. 
Woodsville, N. H., June 11, 1884, Etta Ame- 
lia Lord. Ordained to ministry Bapt. Ch., 
1886, serving until 1893; ordered deacon, 1894, 
ordained priest, 1895, P. E. Ch. ; in charge of 
St. Andrew's Episcopal Ch., Manchester, N. 
H., since summer of 1898. Mem. Manchester 
(N. H.) Ministers' Assn. (ex-pres.). Mason; 
Odd Fellow. Address: 31 George St., Man- 
chester, N. H. 

BAILEY, Dndley Perkins, lawyer; b. at 
Cornville, Me., Oct. 24, 1843; .y. Rev. Dudley 
Perkins and Hannah Barrows (Cushman) 
B. ; 8th generation from John Alden and 
Priscilla Mullins; 9th generation from Rob- 
ert Cushman, Plymouth, 1621; grad. Water- 
ville Coll. (now Colby Coll.), 1867; m. Mar. 
2. 1901, Mrs. Adelaide P. Potter. Admitted 
to bar at Portland, Me., 1870; removed to 
Everett, Mass., 1872, where he has since re- 
sided; also maintained office in Boston, 1879- 
1902; has given sp'l attention to real estate, 
probate and corp'n law; oflBcial examiner of 
titles since 1899; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
1886, 1887; has held numerous pub. offices at 
Everett, both when it was a town and since 
it became a city (1893) ; trustee Everett Sav- 
ings Bank, Newton Theol. Inst'n, and of 
Colby Coll. Republican. Baptist (active 
worker in ch. and S. S.). Mason (Command- 
ery). Mem. Middlesex Bar Assn., Sons Am. 
Rev., Am. Statis. Soc, Maiden Hist. Soc. 
Clubs: Middlesex, Pine Tree State, Appala- 
chian. Writer of numerous articles on bank- 
ing and finance for newspapers and mags. 
Residence: Everett, Mass. Office: 154 A School 
St., Everett, Mass. 




BAIIiEY, E:iiza Randall, author; b. at 
Providence, R. I.; d. Samuel R. and Mary- 
Jane Simmons; ed. Providence High Sch. ; m. 
Providence, Prof. W. Whitman Bailey. 
Author: (with Prof. John Manly): The Bai- 
ley-Manly Spelling Book, 1908; writer on 
ed'nl subjects. Address: 6 Gushing St., Prov- 
idence, R. I. 

BAILEY, Ernest W., civil eng'r; b. Som- 
erville, Mass., Dec. 20, 18^6; .y. Albion H. 
and Alcinda (Wason) B. ; prep, ed'n, Somer- 
ville High Sch.; A.B., Tufts Coll.; m. Mel- 
rose, Mass., Oct., 1893, Nellie E. Barrett. 
Became connected with Somerville eng'ring 
dept., 1887, as asst. to city eng'r; has been 
city eng'r since 1895. Unitarian. Mem. Soc. 
City Bng'rs, Boston, N. E. Water Works 
Assn. Address: Somerville, Mass. 

BAILEY, Frederic "William, clergyman; 
b. Brooklyn, Jan. 31, 1858; .y. William Egbert 
and Jane (Sharp) B. ; B.D., St. Lawrence 
Univ., N. Y., 1878; studied at Boston Sch. of 
Oratory; ordained to Universalist ministry, 
Olcott, N. Y., 1879; pastor Universalist Ch., 
E. Jaffrey, N. H., Hightstown, N. J., All 
Souls', Worcester, Mass., up to 1889; con- 
firmed P. E. Ch., St. James' Ch., Cambridge, 
Mass., 1889; pursued sp'l course Gen. Theol. 
Sem., New York, 1889-90, ordered deacon, 
1889, ordained priest, 1890; vt. Jan. 14, 1891, 
Lena Olive, d. Jerome and Susan E. (Blanch- 
ard) Marble, of Worcester. Missionary St. 
Paul's Ch., Natick, Mass., 1890-1; asst. All 
Saints', Worcester, 1891-3; rector Church of 
the Ascension, New Haven, Conn., 1893, mis- 
sionary Christ Ch., Rochdale, and Grace Ch., 
Oxford, 1901-5; established Holy Trinity Ch., 
Southbridge, Mass., 1905. Mem. Conn. Hist. 
Soc, N. E. Historic Geneal. Soc, New Ha- 
ven Colony Hist. Soc, Soc. S.A.R. Editor 
and pub. "Early Connecticut Marriages," 
"Early Massachusetts Marriages," "Bailey's 
Photo-Ancentral Record," etc. Residence: 33 
Harvard St., Worcester, Mass. 

BAILEY, Frederick Harold, educator; 
b. Leominster, Mass., Apr. 24, 1865; .s. Ben- 
jamin F. and Lucy M. (Goodfellow) B. ; 
grad. Fitchburg (Mass.) High Sch., 1882; 
A.B., Harvard, 1887, A.M., 1889. Asst. in 
mathematics, Harvard, 1889-91; instr. math- 
ematics, 1891-3, asst. prof, mathematics, 
1893-1904, asso. prof, mathematics, 1904-7, 
prof, mathematics since 1907, Mass. Inst. 
Technology; instr. in mathematics, Radcliffe 
Coll., 1890-1, Simmons- Coll., 1902-3. Mem. 
Am. Math. Soc. Unitarian. Author: (with 
Prof. F. S. Woods) : Analytic Geometry, 
1897; A Course in Mathematics, 1907. Clubs: 
Technology, Brae-Burn Country. Address: 
33 Rogers Bldg., Boston. 

BAILEY, Gny Winfred, lawyer; b. Hard- 
wick, Vt., May 7, 1876; .y. John Winthrop and 
Laura (Cahill) B. ; grad. Burlington High 
Sch., 1896; A.B., Univ. of Vt., 1900 (sp'l hon- 
ors in Greek); studied law; admitted to bar, 
1904; ni. Essex Junction, Vt., Dec. 22, 1904, 
Mabel G. Brigham. Has practiced in Essex 

- Junction since Oct., 1904; asst. editor Pub. 
Statutes of Vt., 1904-6, comm'r to edit same, 
1906-7; mem. law firm of Martin & Bailey 
since 1908; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1904-6; 
sec. of State of Vt., 1908-9. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Address: Essex Junction, 

BAILEY, Hannali J., National official W. 
C.T.U. ; b. Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y., July 
5, 1839; d. David and Letitia (Clark) John- 

ston, her father a minister of the Friends' 
Ch., descendant on mother's side of Samuel 
Clark, Stamford, Conn., after 1630; ed. pub. 
and pvt. schs. ; taught sch. 9 yrs. ; m. Platte 
Hill, N. Y., 1868, Moses Bailey, a mfr. of 
Winthrop, Me., who died, 1882. Nat. supt. 
Dept. of Peace and Internat. Arbitration, 
W.C.T.U., since 1888; has traveled extensive- 
ly in principal countries of the world, ad- 
vancing the work of the organization; pres. 
Me. Equal Suffrage Assn., 1891-7; treas. Nat. 
Council of Women, 1895-8; twice apptd. to 
represent Me. on Nat. Bd. of Charities and 
Corrections; one of judges Dept. of Liberal 
Arts, World's Fair, Chicago, 1893. Address: 
Winthrop Center, Me. 

BAILEY, Henry Lincoln, clergyman; b. 
Brattleboro, Vt., May 8, 1865; ^. Rev. George 
Hamilton and Caira T. (Bundy) B. ; grad. 
Moravia (N. Y.) High Sch., 1882; A.B., Mid- 
dlebury (Vt.) Coll., 1886 (Phi Beta Kappa), 
A.M., 1889; grad. Hartford Theol. Sem., 1889; 
m. Schroon Lake, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1889, Nelle 
Clute. Ordained to ministry Cong'l Ch., 
1889; missionary A.B.C.F.M. in India, 1889- 
90; pastor Cong'l Ch., Middletown Springs, 
Vt., 1891-1901, 1st Ch. of Christ, Longmead- 
ow, Mass., since 1901; on editorial staff Vt. 
Chronicle, 1896-8; sec. Mass. Gen. Assn. 
Cong'l Chs. since 1908. Republican. Mem. 
Conn. Valley Cong'l Club (pres., 1908-9), 
Longmeadow Hist. Soc. (pres. since 1902), 
Delta Upsilon. Address: Longmeadow St., 
Springfield, Mass. 

BAILEY, Henry Turner, art teacher, 
author; b. Scituate, Mass., Dec. 9, 1865: .?. 
Charles Edward and Eudora (Turner) B. ; 
grad. Scituate High School, valedictorian, 
1882; grad. State Normal Art School, Bos- 
ton, 1887; 7n. Scituate, Mass., Sept. 5, 1889, 
Josephine Litchfield. Teacher of drawing, 
night schools, Boston, 1884-5; supervisor of 
drawing, city of Lowell, 1886-7; agt. State 
Bd. Ed'n, Mass., for the Promotion of In- 
dustrial Drawing, 1887-1903, on leave of 
absence for study abroad, 1898; official rep- 
resentative for U. S. to Internat. Congress 
of Public Art Brussels, 1898. Mem. several 
art and edn'l socs., Soc. Am. Authors. Club: 
Twentieth Century (Boston). Editor of The 
School Arts Book. Author: A First Year in 
Drawing, 1894; The Blackboard in Sunday 
School, 1899 W2; School Sanitation and Dec- 
oration (with Prof. Severance Burrage), 1899 
H2; The Great Painters' Gospel, 1900 W2; 
The City of Refuge, 1902; Official Reports to 
Board of Education, S30; Sketch of the His- 
tory of Public Art Instruction in Mass., 
1900 S30. Contb'r to various jours. Residence: 
North Scituate, Mass. 

BAILEY, Hinman C, real estate b. Lis- 
bon. N. PL, Feb. 5, 1849; s. Israel C. and 
Jane S. B. ; ed. pub. schs. of Concord, N. H. ; 
;;;. Concord, May 1, 1870, May A. Robey. 
Photographer, 1870-93; asst. Harvard Coll. 
Observatory, Arequipa, Peru, S. A., 1893-6; 
art store, Concord, 1896-9; mgr. in charge 
Harvard Coll. Observatory, Arequipa, 1899- 
1902; cashier, Inca gold mine Tirapata, Peru, 
1902-5; in real estate business. Concord, since 
1905. Mei-hodist. Mason; Odd Fellow; mem. 
Grange, Pilgrim Fathers. Address: Concord, 
New Hampshire. 

BAILEY, Hollis Rnssell. lawyer; /;. at 
Andover, Mass., Feb. 24, 1852; s. Otis and 
Liucinda Alden (Loring) B.; A.B., 1877, A.M., 




1879, Harvard, LL.B., 1878, Harvard Law 
Sch. ; studied law with Hyde, Dickinson & 
Howe, Boston; admitted to bar, 1880; tn. Ex- 
eter, N. H., Feb. 12, 1885, Mary Persis Bell. 
Practiced in Boston in offices with Richard 
H. Dana since 1880; pvt. sec. Chief Justice 
Gray, Mass. Supreme Jud. Court, 1880; as- 
sisted in preparing Index to the Pub. Stat- 
utes of the Commonwealth, 1881; chmn. 
Mass. Bd. of Bar Examiners; pres., 1895, 
Bailey-Bayley Family Assn.; contb'r Har- 
vard Law Rev. Mem. Everett Athenum, 
Am. Free Trade League, Bostonian Soc, 
Cambridge Hist. Soc. Democrat. Unitarian. 
Club: Colonial (Cambridge). Residence: Cam- 
bridge, Mass. OfUce: 19 Congress St., Boston. 

BAIL.EY, Horace Ward, U. S. marshal 
for Vt.; b. Newbury, Vt., Jan. 16, 1852; ^. 
William Uriah and Abigail H. (Eaton) B.; 
ed. at Old Newbury Sem., Newbury, Vt. 
Village sch. teacher, 1875-80; supt. schs., 
1884-1904; mcht. in Newbury for 10 yrs. ; 
town elk., 1886-96; mem. State Senate, 1894, 
Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1902; state fish and game 
comm'r, 1894-00; state railroad comm'r, 1902- 
1903; dir. Citizens Savings Bank and Trust 
Co., St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; U. S. marshal for 
Dist. of Vt. since 1903. Republican. Address: 
Rutland, Vt. 

BAILEY, James Aldei'son, Jr., lawyer; 
b. Arlington, Mass., Mar. 25, 1867; s. James 
Alderson and Marietta (Peirce) B., and de- 
scendant of early Colonial stock; A.B., 1888, 
A.M., 1891, Harvard; LL.B., 1891, Harvard 
Law Sch.; admitted to Boston bar, 1890; vi. 
Boston, Feb. 26, 1903, Helen Gage Dolliver. 
Has practiced in Boston since 1890; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1894, 1895, Senate, 1897; 
mem. Met. Sewerage Comm'n, 1900 (chmn.), 
Met. Water and Sewerage Bd. since 1901; 
selectman, Arlington, 1904, 1905, 1906 (chmn. 
last 2 yrs.); v. -p. and dir, 1st Nat. Bank of 
Arlington; dir. Arlington Cooperative Bank. 
Republican. Unitarian. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa, Phi Delta Phi. Mason; Odd Fellow. 
Edited, under supervision of author, an edi- 
tion of Browne on the Statute of Frauds. 
Residence: 114 Pleasant St., Arlington. Office: 
414 Barristers Hall, Boston. 

BAILEY, Josepb. Wliitinau, lawyer; b. 
Fredericton, N. B., Can., May 9, 1865; ^. 
Loring Woart and Laurestine Marie (Mar- 
shall) B.; father a native of West Point, 
N. Y., and mother d. Joseph Marshall de 
Brett Marechal, baron d' Avray, chevalier 
de St. Louis; prep, ed'n, Collegiate Sch., 
Fredericton; B.A., Univ. of N, B., 1884. 
Studied law in Harvard Law Sch. Was con- 
nected with Geol. Survey of Can., 1884-6; has 
practiced in Boston since 1889. Author: St. 
John River in Maine, Quebec and New 
Brunswick, 1894; First Impressions of Eu- 
rope, 1908. Also contb'r to mags, on topog. 
and geneal. subjects. Residence: 40 Pinckney 
St. Office: 16 State St., Boston. 

BAILEY, Leslie Adelbert, educator; h. at 
Dresden, Me., Apr. 7, 1865; ^. Jesse and Mary 
Ann (Nason) B. ; grad. Oak Grove Sem., 
Vassalboro, Me., 1889; A.B., Haverford Coll., 
Pa., 1893, A.M., 1894; post-grad, work, Chi- 
cago Univ., 1895; m. Woolwich, Me., Aug. 24, 
1898, Laura I. Main. Teacher of classics, 
Simmons Coll., Abilene, Tex., 1896-7; prin. 
Raisin Valley Sem., Adrian, Mich., 1897-9, 
Oakwood Sem., Union Springs, N. Y., 1899- 
1900, Bridge Acad., Dresden Mills, Me., 
1900-3, McCulIom Inst., Mt. Vernon, N. H., 

1903-4, Mattanawcook Acad., Lincoln, Me., 
1904-8, Greeley Inst., Cumberland Center, 
Me., since 1908. Republican. Mem. Soc. of 
Friends; Odd Fellow; Granger; Red Man. 
Residence: Dresden Mills, Me. 

BAILEY, Lester V., life ins.; b. Bailey- 
ville. Me., Dec. 9, 1864; s. Benjamin F. and 
Emma M. B.; ed. common schs. and busi- 
ness colls.; m, Portsmouth, R. I., June 21, 
1900, Grace A. Sisson. Began in life' ins. at 
S. Framingham, Mass., as sp'l agt. Provident 
Life & Trust Co., of Phila., 1892; was trans- 
ferred to Clinton, Mass., and to Worcester, 
1895; has been gen. agt., same co., for Cen- 
tral Mass. since 1905; v. -p. Underwriters" 
Assn. of Central Mass., 1905, pres., 1906, 1907. 
Methodist; mem. official bd. Trinity M. E. 
Ch., and treas. of ch. Residence: 46 May St. 
Office: 390 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

BAILEY, Marshall Henry, physician; b. 
Lisbon, N. H., Jan. 24, 1859; s. Israel C. and 
Jane S. (Hunt) B.; M.D., Coll. of Phys. & 
Surg., Baltimore, Md., 1893; m. Concord, N. 
H., June 13, 1894, Emma A. Jones. Began 
practice in Boston, 1894; med. visitor. Har- 
vard Univ.; physician in charge Stillman 
Infirmary. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Cambridge Med. Im- 
provement Soc, Boston Med. Library. Ma- 
son; Odd Fellow; mem. Royal Arcanum, 
A.O.U.W. Address: 1569 Mass. Av., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

BAILEY, Nelson, banker; b. Newbury, Vt., 
Oct. 4, 1863; s. John and Isabel (Nelson; 
B.; pub. sch. ed'n; m. Oct. 24, 1895, Marie 
Louise Whitney. Cashier Nat. Bank of 
Newburv since Nov., 1893; dir. White Moun- 
tain Telephone and Telegraph Co.; town 
treas. Mem. Am. Fisheries Soc, Nat. Geo- 
graphic Soc Address: Wells River, Vt. 

BAILEY, Solon Irving, asso. prof, as- 
tronomy. Harvard Univ.; b. Lisbon, N. H., 
Dec. 29, 1854; s. Israel C. and Jane (Suth- 
erland) B.; ed. Tilton Acad., 1876-7; grad. 
Boston Univ., 1881; A. M., same, 1884; A. 
M. Harvard, 1887; m. Ruth Poulter, Con- 
cord, N, H., 1883. In 1889 sent to Peru, S. 
A., to investigate conditions there in order 
to determine best location for a Southern 
sta. for Harvard Coll. observatory; exam- 
ined west coast from equator to Southern 
Chili. Result, the selection of Arequipa, 
Peru, where Southern observatory of Har- 
vard now is. Has had charge of work there 
for 11 yrs.; established, 1893, a meteorol. sta. 
on summit of El Misti, at 19,000 feet eleva- 
tion, where observations have since been 
carried on; by far the highest scientific 
sta. in world. Various other meteorol. stas. 
have been placed in Peru. Mem. Am. Acad. 
Arts and Sciences, A. A. A. S., Geog. Soc. 
of Lima. Has written many papers in An- 
nals of Harvard Coll. Observatory. Address: 
Harvard Univ. Observatory, Cambridge, 

BAILEY, Taber Davis, lawyer; b. Old- 
town, Me., Apr. 5, 1874; .y. Charles Alanson 
and Frances Ellen (Davis) B. ; ed. Bangor 
City Schs.; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1896; m. 
Bangor, June 17, 1901, Leila M. McDonald. 
Studied law; admitted to bar, 1S98, and has 
since practiced in Bangor, in State and Fed- 
eral courts and one case before Supreme 
Court of U. S.; mem. Bangor City Council, 
1899-1901 (pres., 1901); city solicitor, 1902, 
1903. Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs: 




Madockawando, Niben, Kenduskeag Canoe. 
Kesidence: 93 Montgomery St. OiUce: 4 Co- 
lumbia Bldg., Bangor, Me. 
BAILiEY, Thomas BroTvn; h. Providence, 
R. I., Dec. 6, 1854; ^. William M. and Har- 
riet (Brown) B.; prep, ed'n, Univ. Grammar 
Sch. ; student Boston Univ. (did not grad- 
uate). Unmarried. Identified with corp'n 
interests, Boston, since 1878; dir. Am. Bell 
Telephone Co., Am. Telephone & Telegraph 
Co. Residence: 125 Pinckney St. OfUce: 125 
Milk St., Boston. 
BAILiEY, "Whitman, illustrator; b. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Apr. 2, 1883; s. Prof. W. Whit- 
man and Eliza (Randall) B. ; ed. Univ. 
Grammar Sch., Providence High Sch., Pratt 
Inst., Brooklyn. Has illustrated for N. E. 
Mag., The Bookman, Judge, Browning's 
Mag., etc. Address: 6 Gushing St., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 
BAILEY, Wilford A., Ins.; b. Baileyville, 
Me., Mar. 20, 1863; j. Benjamin P. and Emma 
M. B.; com. sch. and business coll. ed'n. 
Entered ins. business with the Provident L. 
& T. Co., 1888; gen. agt. for Central Mass. 
of Provident Life and Trust Co., 1893-1904; 
1st pres. Life Underwriters' Assn. of Cen- 
tral Mass., 1899; trustee of Worcester Acad. 
Mem. Bailey Soc. Club: Commonwealth. 
Address: Worcester, Mass. 
BAILEY, "William Bacon, educator; b. at 
Springfield, Mass., May 7, 1873; s. William 
Leonard and Ellen Henrietta (Bacon) B. ; 
A.B., 1894, Ph.D., 1896, Yale; m. Syracuse, 
N. Y., June 15, 1905, Sheila Mackenzie Jew- 
ett. Asst., 1897-9, instr., 1900-4, asst. prof, 
polit. economy, Yale, since 1905; instr. Yale 
Divinity Sch., since 1901; editor Economic 
Bulletin. V.-p. and dir. New Haven Organ- 
ized Charities, Foote Boys' Club; mem. 
Council, Lowell House. Mem. Am. Econ. 
Assn., Nat. Municipal League (chmn. com.), 
chmn. Civic Com., Associated Civic Socs. of 
New Haven; pres. Boys' Club Council, New 
Haven; dir. Conn. Soc. for Mental Hygiene; 
mem. Nat. Vacation Bible Sch. Com.; mem. 
Bd. of Dirs. of the Consumers' League of 
Conn., Beta Theta Pi. Club: Union League. 
Author: Modern Social Conditions, 1906. Resi- 
dence: 26 Edgewood Av., New Haven, Conn. 
BAILEY, W^illiam AVhitman, prof, bot- 
any Brown Univ. since 1877; h. West Point, 
N. Y., Feb. 22, 1843; ^. Prof. Jacob Whit- 
man and Maria (Slaughter) B. ; grad. 
Brown, 1864 (B. Ph.; A. M.); LL. D., Univ. 
of New Brunswick. 1900; took special 
course in botany. Harvard; m. March 14, 
1880, Eliza R. Simmons, Providence, R. I. 
Served in Civil war as private, 10th R. I. 
vols.; was botanist, 1867-8, of U. S. Geol. 
Survey of 40th parallel; mem. and sec, 
1896, Bd. of Visitors to U. S. Mil. Acad.; 
director Providence Athenaeum, 1900; mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, pres. R. I. Alpha, 1903-5; 
Psi Upsilon, Sigma Xi, (pres. Brown chap- 
ter). New England Bot. Club, R. I. Hort. 
Soc. (pres. 1902, life mem. 1907), Boston and 
Newport socs. of natural history, Internat. 
Soc. Botanists, G. A. R., S. R., Soc. Am. 
Wars; del. from Brown Univ. to U. S. Mil. 
Acad., Centennial, 1902. Prof, botany, 1877- 
1906, prof, emeritus since 1906, Brown Univ. ; 
sp'l. beneficiary of Carnegie Foundation. 
1906. Author: Botanical Collector's Hand 
Book, 1881; Among Rhode Island Wild Flow- 
ers, 1885 PI; New England Wild Flowers, 

1897 PI; Botanical Note-Book; Botanizing, 
1899 PI; and many articles in journals and 
mags. Kesidence: 6 Cushing St., Providence, 
R. I. 

BAILIE, William, writer, mfr.; b. Belfast, 
Ireland, Nov. 25, 1866; .y. James and Han- 
nah (Maxwell) B.; ed. at Belfast nat. schs. 
and Belfast Sch. of Science and Technology. 
Mfr. willow and wicker goods in Manches- 
ter, Eng., 1887-91, at Boston, since 1893; 
treas. and mgr. Bailie Basket Co. Associat- 
ed with William Morris in the Socialist 
League, and as contb'r to the Commonweal 
(London), and other papers, 1887-91; contb'r 
to Liberty (New York), since 1891 and to 
other reform jours, and mags. ; occasional 
lecturer upon economic and kindred sub- 
jects. Clubs: Boston City, Economic. Author: 
Josiah Warren, The First American Anar- 
chist, 1906 S9. Kesidence: 305 Columbus Av. 
Umce: 82 Sudbury St., Boston. 

BAIRD, Julian "William, chemist; b. 
Battle Creek, Mich., Feb. 14, 1859; ed. pub- 
lic schools, Jackson, Mich.; grad. Univ. of 
Mich., 1882 (M. A., 1883; Ph. C, 1883); M. D., 
Harvard Univ. Med. School, 1890; asst. 
chem. laboratory, dept. pharmacy, Univ. of 
Mich., 1882-3; instr. in chemistry in charge 
of qualitative analysis and assaying, 1883-6, 
Lehigh Univ. ; since 1886 prof, analytical 
and organic chemistry and since 1897 dean. 
Mass. Coll. of Pharmacy. Boston. Mem. 
Am. Pharm. Assn., Am. Chem. Soc, Mass. 
Med. Soc, Soc. Chem. Industry (England), 
Mass. State Pharm. Assn., Boston Soc. Med. 
Science. Address: 102 St. Botolph St., Boston. 

BAKEMAN, Francis "Wales, clergyman; 
b. Brooksville, Me., Apr. 14, 1841; s. Ather- 
ton Wales and Susan Hall (Gardner) B.; 
prep, ed'n, Westbrook Sem. ; grad. Water- 
ville Coll., Me., 1866; grad. Newton (Mass.) 
Theol. Inst'n, 1869; D.D., Colby Univ. (now 
Colby Coll., formerly Waterville Coll.), 1885; 
m. Winslow, Me., Aug. 12, lS69, Ellen Maria 
Stuart. Ordained to ministry Bapt. Ch., 
1869; pastor Newburyport, Mass., 1869-71, 
Janesville, Was., 1871-73, Worcester, Mass., 
1873-76, Auburn, Me., 1876-84, Chelsea, Mass., 
since 1884; trustee Colby Coll., Newton 
Theol. Inst'n (mem. Exec. Com.); corr. sec. 
Northern Bapt. Ed'n Soc ; dir. Mass. Bapt. 
Missionary Soc. (chmn. Exec. Com.). Re- 
publican. Club: C. C. Theological (Boston). 
Address: Chelsea, Mass. 

BAKER, Albert Allison, lawyer; b. at 
Providence, R. I., Sept. 26, 1862; 5. Albert 
Osborn and Anna Maria (Stone) B., and de- 
scendant of early N. E. colonists of English, 
Welch, Dutch and French Huguenot extrac- 
tion; ed. pub. schs. and Classical High Sch., 
Providence; A.B., Brown Univ., 1884; m. 
New Orleans, La., Feb. 1, 1897, Emma Bel- 
knap De Russy. Studied law; admitted to 
bar, 1888, and has since practiced at Provi- 
dence; elk. Judiciary Com., R. I. Ho. of 
Rep., 1888-9; sec. State Bd. of Valuation, 
1889-91; mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., from Provi- 
dence, 1891-2; asst. city solicitor. Providence, 
1892-1906, city solicitor since 1906; judge ad- 
vocate Brigade of R. I. Militia, with rank of 
capt., 1892-1902. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Mem. Am. Bar. Assn., R. I. Bar Assn., 
Providence Bar Club, R. I. Hist. Soc. Clubs: 
University, Central, West Side, Squantum 
and Pomham. Residence: 15 Cabot St., Provi- 




dence. Office: 49 Westminster St., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

BAKER, Benjamin, lawyer; A. B., Brown 
Univ., 1875, A.M., 1878. Teacher high sch., 
Westerly, R. I., 1875-6; prin. high sch., 
Woonsocket, R. I., 1877-9; teacher in classi- 
cal dept., high sch., Providence, 1879-81; 
supt. schs., Newport, R. I., 1890-1900. Studied 
law; admitted to R. I. bar, 1901, and has 
since been engaged in practice at Provi- 
dence. Mem. Am. Acad. Poiit. and Social 
Science. Address: 343 Thayer St., Provi- 

BAKER, Cliarles Francis, lawyer; h. at 
Lunenburg, Mass., Dec. 4, 1850; s. William 
and Olive Rebecca (Boutwell) B.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1872; vi. Apr. 24, 1879, Henrietta, d. 
Jonas and Nancy (Hill) Woods, of Winches- 
ter, Mass. Teacher Fitchburg High Sch., 
1872-3; student law office of Amasa Norcross, 
1873-5; has practiced in Fitchburg since 
1875; now associated with his son as Baker 
& Baker. Was asst. dist. atty., several yrs. ; 
bar examiner of Worcester Co.; dir. Roll- 
stone Nat. Bank, Fitchburg Safe Deposit & 
Trust Co.; Fitchburg & Leominster Street 
Ry. Co.; Fitchburg Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
Trustee Worcester North Savings Inst'n. 
Republican. Alderman, 1893. Mason. Uni- 
tarian. Address: Fitchburg, Mass. 

BAKER, Charles M., mem. firm Chase & 
Barstow, brokers; v. -p. Mattapan Deposit & 
Trust Co. ; trustee Boston Suburban Electric 
Cos., Warren Chambers Trust; dir. West 
End St. Ry. Co., Simpson's Patent Dry 
Dock Co. Residence : LiOTi^vfoo^., MdiSB. Office: 
Ames Bldg., Boston. 

BAKER, Clarence Atwood, physician; b. 
Newcastle, Me., Jan. 3, 1852; s. John P. and 
Abby W. (Ford) B. ; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 
1878, M.D., 1882; studied Univ. of Edinburgh 
and European hosps. ; m. Mary A. Whitman, 
of Providence, R. I., June 4, 1884. In prac- 
tice, Portland, Me., since 1882. Fellow Brit- 

' ish Gynecol. Soc, Am. Acad. Medicine, Me. 
Acad. Medicine and Science, Me. Med. Assn., 
Portland Med. Club. Address: 312 Congress 
St., Portland, Me. 

BAKER, Darius, judge; h. at Yarmouth, 
Mass., Jan. 18, 1845; s. Braddock and Caro- 
line (Crowell) B.; A.B., 1870, A.M., 1873, 
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., (LL.D., 
1906) ; m. 1st, Annie Barker, Providence, R. 
I., Oct. 30, 1878 (died, 1886); m. 2nd, Wood- 
stock, N. B., Oct. 8, 1891, Bertha A. Neales. 
Served in 5th Regt., Mass. Vol. Militia, Civil 
War, 1862, 1863; began practice at Middle- 
town, Conn., 1874; judge of probate, 1877-98; 
municipal justice Newport, R. I., 1879-86; 
justice 1st Dist. Court, 1886-1905; justice Su- 
perior Court, since July 17, 1905. Mem. Am. 
Bar Assn., Psi Upsilou, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Residence: 40 Cranston Av., Newport, R. I. 

BAKER, Edwin, druggist; h. at Hawley, 
Mass., Jan. 18, 1843; .y. Roswell and Bath- 
sheba B. ; reared on farm; ed. dist. schs. 
and Kimball Union Acad., Meriden, N. H. ; 
served in 52d Mass. Vols., 1862-3; m. Aug. 1, 
1867, Emma I. Bannister. Drug clerk, 1864- 
1867; engaged in drug business, Shelburne 
Falls, Mass., since 1867; dir. Shelburne Falls 
Nat. Bank; trustee Shelburne Falls Savings 
Bank. Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1885-6, 
Mass. Senate, 1889-90; truslee and treas. 
Arms Library and Arms Acad., Shelburne 
Falls. Republican. Congregationalist. Mason. 
Address: Shelburne Falls, Mass. 

BAKER, Ezra Henry, banker; h. Boston, 
Sept. 6, 1859; s. Ezra H. and Mary A. (Mar- 
tyns) B.; A.B., Harvard, 1881; m. Nov. 16, 
1892, Martha Gertrude Keyes (died, June 16, 
1896). In employ of Lee, Higginson & Co., 
bankers, Boston, several yrs. from 1882; 
pres. Am. Loan & Trust Co.; ex-v.-p. Union 
Pacific R. R. Co. ; pres. Mattapan Safe De- 
posit & Trust Co., Boston, since 1901; v. -p. 
and treas. Simpson's Patent Dry Dock Co., 
dir. Central Vt. Ry. Co., Hersey Mfg. Co., 
Second Nat. Bank; trustee So. Boston Sav- 
ings Bank. Treas. Radcliffe Coll.; trustee 
Mass. Homoe. Hosp. Chmn. Licensing Bd. 
for City of Boston. Office: 14 Kilby St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

BAKER, Georg-e A., lawyer, business 
man; b. West Dennis, Mass., Dec. 28, 1865; 
s. Calvin F. and Sarah B. (Snow) B. ; pub. 
sch. ed'n; studied law; admitted to bar, 
1897; m. Taunton, Mass., Feb. 18, 1891, Wini- 
fred S. Bumpus. Assisted his father in busi- 
ness until he was 21, and was in employ of 
clothing firm of J. B. Barnaby & Co., Bos- 
ton, next 4 yrs.; was traveling salesman for 
1 yr. and then began for self in clothing 
business in West Dennis; also practicing 
atty.; selectman, 1893-6; apptd. justice of the 
peace, 1895; U. S. deputy collector of cus- 
toms, 1896-9; chmn. Rep. Town Com., 1897, 
1898. Address: West Dennis, Mass. 

BAKER, George Bramwell, banker; b. 
Warsaw, Ind., Dec. 7, 1866; s. Joseph Schoon- 
over and Angeline Rebecca (Runvan) B.; 
grad. Warsaw High Sch., 1883; B.S., De Pauw 
Univ., Greencastle, Ind., 1887; m. Goshen, 
Ind., Apr. 27, 1892, Edith Kelly Thomas. 
Clk., State Bank, Warsaw, 1888; elk. S. A. 
Kean & Co., bankers, Chicago, 1889, and 
bond salesman, same firm, New York, 1890; 
bond salesman, W. J. Hayes & Sons, Cleve- 
land, 1893, and mgr., same firm, Boston, 
1896; became mem. firm of Rollins & Co., 
1899; sr. mem., Baker, Ayling & Co., Bos- 
ton, since 1902; dir. Youngstown Southern 
Ry., Louisville & Eastern Ry., Conn. River 
Power Co. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi (Indiana 
Alpha Chapter). Mason. Clubs: University, 
Exchange (Boston). Residence: Crafts Rd., 
Chestnut Hill, Mass. Office: 50 Congress St., 

BAKER, George Pierce, prof, of Eng- 
lish, Harvard Univ.; b. Providence, R. I.. 
April 4, 1866; grad. Harvard, 1887; m. Aug. 
16, 1893, Christina Hopkinson. Author: The 
Principles of Argumentation, 1895, revised 
edit., 1905 Gl; The Development of Shakes- 
peare as a Dramatist, 1907 Ml. tdiior: 
Specimens of Argumentation, 1893 L4: The 
Forms of Public Address, 1904 H4: Belles 
Lettres Series, Section III (The English 
Drama). H2: Some Unpublished Correspond- 
ence of David Garrick, 1907 H5: also various 
Elizabethan plays. Address: 195 Brattle St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

BAKER, George Taylor, dentist; b. at 
Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 2, 1856; j. John 
Hague and Elizabeth (Hunt) B. ; grad. Chel- 
sea (Mass.) High Sch., 1876; student Brown 
Univ., 1 yr. ; studied dentistry under Robert 
L. Robbins, Boston; D.D.S., Boston Dental 
Coll., 1880; D.M.D., Tufts Coll. Dental Sch., 
1907; m. La Grange, 111., June 7, 1S93, Mar- 
ienne W. Johnson. Began practice in Bos- 
ton, 1880; lecturer on orthodontia, Tufts 
Coll, Dental Sch., since 1904; served in 1st 




Corps Cadets, M. V. M., 1889-93. Mem. 
Mass. Dental Soc, North Eastern Dental 
Assn., Am. Acad. Dental Science, Boston 
and Tufts Dental Alumni assns., Soc. War 
of 1812, S. R. Residence: Highland Av., Win- 
chester, Mass. Ofhce: 149A Tremont St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

BAKER, Hai'i'y Beecher, physician; h. 
New Bedford, Mass., June 18, 1858; 6-. Samuel 
Wells and Mary J. (Brownell) B. ; ed. Bos- 
ton and New Bedford pub. schs. and 
Friends' Acad., New Bedford; M.D., Jeffer- 
son Med. Coll., Phiia., 1880; m. N. Dighton, 
Mass., Nov. 21, 1883, Nellie Cook Lincoln. 
In U. S. Marine Hosp. service, Phila., 1880- 
1881; has practiced in Mass. since 1881; mem. 
staff Morton Hosp.; consultant on eye to 
State Asylum. Republican. Mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., Mass. Med. Assn., various ophthal. 
and otol, socs. Mason (Chapter, Comman- 
dery and Shrine). Chih : Bristol (Taunton). 
Kesidence: Dighton, Mass. OHfice: 59 Main St., 
Taunton, Mass. 

BAKER, Harvey Humplirey, A.B., Har- 
vard Univ., 1891, A.M. and LL.B., 1894; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1894, and has since practiced 
at Boston; now mem. firm Hayes, Williams 
& Baker. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Residence: 
Brookline, Mass. Office: 16 State St., Boston. 

liAKER, Henry Albert, dental surgeon; 
b. Newport, N. H., Nov. 27, 1848; s. Rufus 
and Mary E. (George) B.; ed. pub. schs. and 
Med. Dept., Dartmouth Coll. (non grad.); 
D.D.S., Boston Dental Coll., 1879; m. Nov., 
1874, Julia Wills. Began practice, 1873, in 
Boston since 1878; demonstrator in operative 
dentistry, Boston Dental Coll., 1879-81, and 
lecturer on oral deformities, same, 1880-7; 
invented pneumatic mallet, 1872, artificial 
palate, 1881, device for correcting protruding 
and receding jaws, 1893. Organized Vt. State 
Dental Soc, 1876; mem. Am. Acad. Dental 
Science, N. E. Dental Assn., Mass. Dental 
Soc, N. H. Dental Soc. (hon.). Mason. 
Dir. Mass. Rifle Assn. (holds world's record 
in rifle shooting on Columbia target) ; mem. 
Am. Automobile Assn. Clubs: Jamaica 
Plain Gun (pres.), Dedham Sportsmen's. 
Residence: 110 Bellevue St., West Roxbury, 
Mass. Office: 211 Pierce Bldg., Boston. 

BAKER, Henry M., lawyer; b. Bow, N. H., 
Jan. 11, 1841; .y. Aaron W. and Nancy (Dus- 
tin) B.; attended academies in Pembroke 
and Hopkinton, N. H. ; grad. N. H. Conf. 
Sem., 1859; A.B., Dartmouth, 1863, A.M., 
1866; LL.B., George Washington Univ., Law 
Sch., 1866; unmarried. Served as pvt. U. S. 
Treasury Guards, 1864-5; admitted to bar of 
Supreme Ct. of D. C, 1866, and U. S. Su- 
preme Ct., 1882; began practice in Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1874; has engaged in many im- 
portant cases; judge advocate gen. with rank 
of brig, gen., N. H. N. G., 1886-7; mem. N. 
H. State Senate, 1891-2; representative 2d 
dist. 43d and 54th congresses, 1893-7; mem. 
N. H. Const'l Conv., 1902; mem. N. H. Legis- 
lature, 1905-7, 1907-9; pres. trustees Pem- 
broke Acad., since 1904; pres. Alumni of 
Dartmouth Coll., 1898-1902; trustee Howard 
Univ., Washington, D. C, 1906-9; pres. trus- 
tees of Mary Baker G. Eddy. Mem. N. H. 
Hist. Soc. (v.-p., 1903-7, pres., 1907-8); pres. 
S. A. R. of N. H., 1902-3, 1908; Soc Colonial 
Wars of N. H., and gov. of soc, 1908; mem. 
Anthropol. Soc, Nat. Geographic Soc. Ma- 
son (Blue Lodge, Chapter, Commandery, K. 

T. and Shrine). Author of several hist, 
monographs and addresses. Residence: Bow, 
N. H. Office: (winter) Washington, D. C. ; 
(summer) Bow, N. H. 

BAKER, Hei-bert Leslie, lawyer; b. Fal- 
mouth, Mass., Aug. 9, 1859; 5. Gideon Howe 
and Olive Elizabeth (Crowell) B. ; descend- 
ant of Revolutionary ancestry; ed. pub. 
schs. and business coll.; LL.B., 1884, Bos- 
ton Univ. Sch. of Law; admitted to Suffolk 
bar, 1884; wi. Wareham, Mass., Oct. 22, 1885, 
Mary Alice Handy. Began practice in Bos- 
ton; has given sp'l attention to mercantile 
and corp'n law; mem. Mass. Senate, 1893; 
advocate of abolishment of capital punish- 
ment; pres. Anti-Death Penalty League. 
Republican. Mem. Masonic order (Revere 
Lodge, St. Andrew's Chapter, De Molay 
Commandery, Aleppo Temple), Knights of 
Pythias, Soc. of Royal Good Fellows. Clubs: 
Highland, Winthrop Yacht. Office: 30 Court 
St., Boston. 

BAKER, Josepli A., pres. Chase Mills. 
Residence: 353 Highland Av., Fall River, 

BAKER, Lorenzo Dott, pres. Cape Cod 
Steamship Co., Baker Yacht Basin; dir. Uni- 
ted Fruit Co., Nipe Bay Co. Mem. Corp'n 
Boston Univ. Address: 33 Broad St., Boston. 

BAKER, Lorenzo Dot*-, Jr., treasurer 
etc.; b. Wellfleet, Mass., Sept. 5, 1863; s. 
Lorenzo Dow and Martha Matilda B. ; ed. 
common schs. Wellsfleet; m. West Chester, 
Pa., Dec. 5, 1906, Ethel Cooke. U. S. con- 
sular agt. at Port Morant, Jamaica, W. I., 
1884-1901; acting vice consul for Sweden and 
Norway, at Port Morant and Morant Bay, 
Jamaica, 1889-94; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
1907 (com. Harbors and Public Lands) ; pres. 
Consolidated Weir Co. ; treas. and dir. Cape 
Cod Steamship Co.; treas., sec. and dir. 
Baker Yacht Basin, Inc. ; treas. Wellfleet 
Cranberry Co. Republican. Methodist. Mem. 
Am. Acad. Polit. Science (life). Am. Mos- 
quito Extermination Soc. of New York, Am. 
Civic Assn., Boston Marine Soc. (hon.) 
Royal Arch Mason. Clubs: Boston Art, 
Massachusetts, Republican of Mass., Well- 
fleet Yacht, Quincy Yacht. Residence: Well- 
fleet, Mass. Office: 33 Broad St., Boston. 

BAKER, O. M., pres. G. & C. Merriam Co. 
Address: Springfield, Mass. 

BAKER, Orville Dewey, lawyer; b. Au- 
gusta, Me., Dec. 22, 1847; A.B., Bowdoin 
Coll., 1868, A.M., 1871; LL.B., Harvard, 
1872; admitted to bar, 1872. In practice Au- 
gusta, Me., since 1872; atty. gen. of Me., 
1885-9. Address: Augusta, Me. 

BAKER, Roland M., pres. Nat. Wool & 
Leather Co., Grueby-Faience Co.; dir. Nat. 
Bank of the Republic. Residence: Salem, 
Mass. Office: 76 Lincoln St., Boston. 

BAKER, Smith, clergyman; b. Bowdoin, 
Me., Feb. 18, 1836; s. Smith and Mary 
(Smith) B.; eighth descendant of William 
Brewster of the Mayflower; grad. Bangor 
Theol. Sem., 1860; (D.D., Dartmouth, 1891); 
m. Northumberland, Vt., Sept. 13th, 1860, 
Isabella Ditson. Ordained minister Cong'l 
Ch., 1860; pastor at Veazie and Orono, Me., 
1860-70, Lowell, Mass., 1870-90, Minneapolis, 
Minn., 1890-94, Boston, Mass., 1894-98, Port- 
land, Me., 1898-1907, Atlanta, Ga., 1907-8. 
Corporate mem. A.B.C.F.M. ; moderator at 
different times of Cong'l State Conferences 
of Mass., Minn, and Me.; ex-pres. State S. 




S. Assns. of Mass., Minn, and Me.; ex-pres. 
Minn, and Portland Cong'l clubs; has served 
as mem. five Nat. Cong'l councils, six In- 
ternat. S, S. convs., five Internat. Christian 
Endeavor convs. Author of two vols, lec- 
tures to young people and many pamphlets 
and published addresses covering many 
phases of Church and S. S. work. Delivered 
54 ordination sermons and 42 baccalaureate 
sermons and presided over 63 church coun- 
cils. Residence: Lowell, Mass. 

BAKER, William Cotter, lawyer; A. B., 
Brown Univ., 1881, A.M., 1884; instructor in 
French and German, De Veaux College, 
Suspension Bridge, N. Y. ; read law, and 
admitted to bar, 1884. Engaged in practice 
at Providence, since 1884; senior mem. firm 
of Baker & Baker; supt. pub. schs., N. 
Kingston, R. I., 1884-8; mem. R. I. Ho. oi' 
Rep., 1892-4, 1897-8; mayor of Providence, 
1898-1901. Democrat. Omce: 15 Westminster 
St., Providence. 

BAKER, William Henry, physician; b. 
West Chester, Pa., June 7, 1844; .y. Joshua 
and Ellen B. ; common sch. ed'n; grad. 
Hahnemann Med. Coll., Phila., 1880, and has 
since practiced at Lynn, Mass.; m. Millviile, 
N, J., June 1, 1868, Mary E. Madden. Served, 
Apr. 19-Aug. 5, 1861, private Co. G, 2d Pa. 
Vols.; served in U.S.N, from Aug. 13, 1862, 
for 3 yrs. on Water Witch and New Iron- 
sides; wounded. Med. dir., Dept. of Mass., 
G.A.R., 1897-8, sugr.-gen., 1899-1900; pres. U. 
S. Bd, Examining Surgeons for Pensions, 
Lynn, Mass., for past 10 yrs. Address: 153 
Washington St., Lynn, Mass. 

BAKEWELL, Charles Montasne, edu- 
cator; b. Pittsburgh, Apr. 24, 1867; s. Thomas 
and Josephine Alden (Maitland) B. ; grad. 
Univ. of Calif., 1889 (Ph. D., Harvard, 1894); 
m. Wilkesbarre, Pa., Dec. 21, 1899, Madeline 
Palmer. Traveling fellow Harvard, and stu- 
dent of Berlin, Strassburg and Paris Univs., 
1894-6; instr. philosophy. Harvard, 1896-7; 
Univ. of Calif., 1897-8; asso. prof, philoso 
phy, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1898-1900, Univ. of 
Calif., 1900-3, prof, same 1903-5; prof, phil- 
osophy, Yale, since 1905. Mem, Am. Psy- 
chol. Assn., A. A. A. S., Am. Social Sci- 
ence Assn. Author of various essays in 
ethical and philos. criticism; literary execu- 
tor of late Thomas Davidson, and editor of 
his "The Education of the Wage Earners," 
and "The Philosophy of Goethe's Faust." 
Address: 305 Lawrence St., New Haven, 

BAL.CH, Emily Greene, educator; b. Ja- 
maica Plain, Mass., Jan., 1867; d. Francis V. 
and Ellen M. (Noyes) B.; ed. pvt. schs. in 
Jamaica Plain and Boston; grad. Bryn 
Mawr, 1889; studied political economy in 
Paris, 1890-1, with private direction from 
Prof. Emile Levasseur; studied in Univ. of 
Chicago, 1895, and in Berlin, 1895-6. Semi- 
nary work with Profs. Schmoller and Wag- 
ner; mem. Am. Economic Assn., Am. 
Statist. Assn.; connected with Denison 
House (coll. settlement, Boston) during its 
first winter (1892-3) ; mem. of municipal bd. 
trustees for children (in charge of pauper 
and neglected children, truants and juve- 
nile offenders), June, 1897, to Oct., 1898 (re- 
signed); was instr. economics, Wellesley 
Coll.; now asso. prof, economics and so- 
ciology Bame. Wrote monograph, "Public 
Assistance of the Poor in France," 1893 A6. 

College Address: Wellesley, Mass. Home: 
Prince St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

BALCH, Francis Noyes, lawyer; b. Bos- 
ton, Nov. 23, 1873; s. Francis Vergnies and 
Ellen Maria (Noyes) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 
]896, A.M., 1897, LL.B., 1900; admitted to 
bar, 1900; m. Jamaica Plain, Mass., June 22, 
1904, Miss Pauline Katherine Bulson. At 
Woods Holl Biol. Laboratory, Mass., 1896; 
with U.- S. Fish Comm'n, 1897; Cold Spring 
Harbor Biol. Laboratory, N. Y., 1898-9. En- 
gaged in law practice, Boston, since 1900; 
mem. firm Hunneman & Balch, since 1905. 
Mem. A.A.A.S., Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., Nut- 
tall Ornithol. Club, Am. Folk-Lore Soc, 
Conchol. Soc. Gt. Britain & Ireland, etc. 
Mem, com. to visit University Museum, Am. 
Inst, of Civics, Publication Com. of Good 
Gov't Assn., N. E. Historic-Geneal. Soc, Old 
Planters' Soc, Balch Family Assn., etc. 
Clubs: Union, Boston City, Longwood Crick- 
et. Residence: 52 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain. 
Office: 60 State St., Boston. 

BALCH, Franklin Greene, surgeon; b. 
Jamaica Plain, Mass., Apr. 26, 1864; 5. Jo- 
seph W. and Agnes L. (Greene) B.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1888, A.M., 1892; M.D., Harvard 
Med. Sch., 1892; house officer, Mass. Gen. 
Hosp., 1891-2; m. Jamaica Plain, Nov. 7, 
1894, Miss Lucy R. Bowditch. Visiting sur- 
geon, Mass. Gen. Hosp., since 1906; surgeon 
Faulkner Hosp., since 1903, dept. genito- 
urinary diseases, Boston Dispensary, 1894-6; 
surgeon out-patients, 1895-8, visiting sur- 
geon, 1898-1905, Carney Hosp.; asst. clin. 
and operative surgery 1900-3, asst. surgery, 
1903-6, Harvard Med. Sch. Mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Soc. Med. 
Sciences, Boston Soc. Med. Improvement, 
Boston Surg. Club, etc. Address: 279 Claren- 
don St., Boston. 

BALCH, Gilbert Brownell, publisher; b. 
Topsfield, Mass., Feb. 9, 1856; s. Humphrey 
and Hannah Bradstreet B. ; grad. Dart- 
mouth Coll., Hanover, N. H., 1877; grad. 
Andover Theol. Sem., 1881; m. Georgetown, 
Mass., 1881, Sarah Elizabeth Perkins. En- 
gaged in publishing business at Boston, 
since 1886; pres., treas. Balch Bros. Co., 
since 1897. Residence: Topsfield, Mass. Office: 
36 Bromfield St., Boston. 

BALCH, Joseph, real estate; b. Boston, 
1861; s. Joseph W. and Agnes L. (Greene) 
B.; ed. Chauncy Hall Sch. and English 
High Sch., Boston; m. Melrose, Mass., 1904, 
Abbie M. (ilopeland. In real estate brokerage 
business since 1895; dir. Am. Investment 
Securities Co., Columbian Nat. Life Ins. 
Co.; trustee N. E. Conservatory of Music, 
Dana Lands. Clubs: Somerset, Exchange. 
Residence: Westwood, Mass. Office: 53 State 
St., Boston. 

BAIiCOME, Leander Hilton, printer and 
publisher; b. Ware, Mass., Oct. 13, 1854; s. 
Warren Clark and Amanda Sophia (Hilton) 
B.; ed. in country schs. and printing office; 
m. Uxbridge, Mass., Dec 24, 1877, Miss 
Frances M. Magee. In printing business 
since boyhood; owner Uxbridge Compendium 
since 1879. Republican. Mason, K.T. ; mem. 
I.O.O.F., O.E.S. Address: Uxbridge, Mass. 

BALDWIN, Alfred Carleton, lawyer; b. 
Beacon Falls, Conn., Dec. 5, 1872; .y. Herbert 
Clark and Josephine Helen (Jones) B.; grad. 
Seymour (Conn.) High Sch., 1892; LL.B., 
Yale Law Sch., 1894; admitted to New Haven 
Co. bar, June 27, 1894; m. College Point, N. 




Y., Dec. 10, 1896, Emma Ritta Gillette. Be- 
gan practice at Derby, Conn., 1894; served 
as city atty., 2 yrs., prosecuting atty. town 
of Huntington, counsel for town and bor- 
ough of Shelton, counsel for Shelton Savings 
Bank (also dir.); asst. clerk Conn. Ho. of 
Rep., 1901, clerk, 1903; clerk of Senate, 1905, 
1907; dir. Derby and Shelton Bd. of Trade. 
Republican. Unitarian. Mason, Shriner; 
mem. Sons of Veterans. Club : Union League 
(New Haven). Residence: Shelton, Conn. 
OMce: Derby, Conn. 

BALDWIN, Charles Clinton, treas. Spy 
Pub. Co., 1887-92; b. Woodstock, Conn., May 
4, 1835; s. John Denison and Lemira (Hatha- 
way) B.; ed. pub. schs. ; worked in printing 
and pub. office of his father, in Hartford 
and Boston; m. Oct. 1, 1868, Ella L. T., d. 
Dr. F. H, Peckham, of Providence, R. I. 
Had charge of counting room of Worcester 
Spy and on organization of the Spy Pub. 
Co., Apr, 23, 1887, was made treas. of the 
company; retired from the newspaper busi- 
ness, Nov., 1892. Mem. Worcester Soc. of 
Antiquity, Worcester Hort. Soc. Episcopal- 
ian. Club: Worcester. Residence: 11 Cedar 
St., Worcester, Mass. 

BALDWIN, Charles Sears, asst. prof, 
rhetoric, Yale; b. New York, March 21, 1867; 
s. John S. and Martha J. (Church) B. ; com- 
mon school ed'n in N. J. ; grad. Columbia 
Coll., 1888; fellow same, 1888-91, studying 
in English philology; A. M., 1889; Ph. D., 
1894; tn. Sept. 20, 1894, Agnes Irwin (died 
Jan. 14, 1897); m. June 4, 1902, Gratia Eaton 
Whithed. Author: The Inflections and Syn- 
tax of the Morte d'Arthur of Sir Thomas 
Malory, 1894 Gl; Specimens of Prose De- 
scription, 1895 H4; an edition of DeQuin- 
cey's Revolt of the Tartars, 1896 L4; The 
Expository Paragraph and Sentence, 1897 
L4; A College Manual of Rhetoric, 1902 L4 
(4th edit., revised, 1905); American Short 
Stories, 1904 L4; How to Write, A Hand- 
book Based on the English Bible, 1905 Ml; 
an edit, of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, 
1905 L4; an edit, of De Quincey's Joan of 
Arc and English Mail Coach, 1906 L4; es- 
says and reviews. Address: 57 Wall St., 
New Haven, Conn. 

BALDWIN, Bdith Ella, artist; b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Nov. 19, 1870; d. Charles C. 
and Ella Lois Torrey (Peckham) B. ; ed. 
grammar, high and pvt. schs. of Worcester; 
pupil of Bouguereax and of T. Robert- 
Fleury; of Gustav Courtois in Colarossi 
studios; and pupil of the Julien Acad., also 
of Henry Mosler and Julius Rolshoven, 
Paris, France. Exhibited at Paris, Salon of 
the Soc. Nat. des Beaux Arts, Champ de 
Mars, 1891, New York Soc. of Amer. Artists, 
1898, 1899, and at summer exhibition Wor- 
cester Art Museum, 1903. Episcopalian. 
Mem. Club House Assn, Worcester Woman's 
Club, Worcester Tennis Club. Address: 11 
Cedar St., Worcester, Mass. 

BALDWIN, Edwin Kendriclc, account- 
ant; &. Nashua, N. H., Oct. 4, 1862; s. Edwin 
Thomas and Sarah Chandler (Kendrick) B. ; 
ed. pub. schs., Manchester, N. H. ; m. 
Swampscott, Mass., May 10, 1893, Florence 
Stott Thompson. Clk. in gen. passenger of- 
fice, Boston & Lowell R. R., 1881-5; cashier 
Lowell Morning Mail, 1885-6; gen. passenger 
office Boston & Lowell and Boston & Me. 
railways, 1887-91; paymaster Faulkner Mills, 

Lowell, 1891-9 and has served in same capac- 
ity since absorption of the mills by the Am. 
Woolen Co. (Bay State Mills). Republican. 
Episcopalian; organist and choirmaster St. 
Anne's Ch., Lowell, since 1897. Mason. 
Residence: 92 Holyrood Av. Office: Bay State 
Mills, Lowell, Mass. 

BALDWIN, Ella Lois Torrey, v.-p.. 
Mass. State Federation Women's Clubs; b. 
North Killingly, Conn., Sept. 12, 1846; d. Dr. 
Fenner Harris and Catherine Davis (Torrey) 
Peckham, and descendant of John Peckham, 
Aquidneck, R. I., 1638; ed. pub. schs. of 
Providence; A.B., Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1867; 
tn. at Providence, R. I., 1868, Charles C. 
Baldwin. Organized and for 12 yrs. pres. 
Mt. Holyoke Alumni Assn., Worcester Co.; 
mem. Worcester Art Soc. and Pub. Sch. Art 
League; charter mem. Col. Timothy Bige- 
low Chapter, D.A.R. Founder of Fortnight- 
ly Club, Worcester; pres. Worcester Wom- 
an's Club, 1896, 1897, 1898, (mem. bldg. com. 
and vice-pres. of the corp'n) ; v.-p. Mass. 
State Federation Women's Clubs; pres. Club 
House Assn., 1909. Address: 11 Cedar St., 
Worcester, Mass. 

BALDWIN, Foy Spencer, educator; h. 
Charlotte, Mich., July 6, 1870; .f. Rev. Wil- 
liam Wallace and Caroline (Thompson) 
B.; grad. Boston Univ., 1888 (Ph. D.; Doc. 
Pol. Science, Univ. Munich) ; m. March .5, 
1896, Cordelia Schultz Losey, Elmira, N. Y. ; 
asst. editor Vt. Watchman, Montpelier, 1889; 
master St. Luke's School, Phila., 1890-1; 
studied economics in Germany, 1892-3; instr. 
economics, Norwich (Conn.) Free Acad., 
1894; prof, economics, Boston Univ. since 
1895; also instr. in Simmons Coll. Edi- 
torial writer Boston Transcript. Mem. Am. 
Econ. Assn. Clubs: Twentieth Century, 
Boston City, University. Author: History 
of Mining Legislation in England. Resi- 
dence: West Newton, Mass. Address: 12 
Somerset St., Boston. 

BALDWIN, Frederick Wilton, lawyer; 
b. Lowell, Vt., Sept. 29, 1848; .y. Asa and 
Roselinda (Shedd) B.; ed. Orleans Co. 
Grammar Sch., Johnson Normal Sch., Vt. 
Conf. Sem., Montpelier, Vt. ; studied law; 
admitted to bar, 1872; m. 1st, Barton, Sept. 
24, 1873, Susan M. Grout (died, 1876); m. 2d, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1878, Susan M 
Hibbard (who died Aug. 27, 1906). Settled 
at Barton, Vt., 1872; asst. sec. of Vt. Senate, 
1872, sec. Senate, 1874, 1876, 1878; state's 
atty., Orleans Co., 1880-2; mem. Rep. State 
Com., 1884-92 (sec. 2 yrs. and chmn. 4 yrs.); 
prudential elector, 1892, and messenger to 
carry vote to Washington; mem. Vt. Ho. of 
Rep., 1896, Senate, 1900; vice-pres. Barton 
Savings Bank. Republican. Congregational- 
ist. Mason; mem. O.E.S. Address: Barton, 

BALDWIN, Henry Cutler, physician; b. 
Boston, Oct. 27, 1859; .s. Rollin Mallory and 
Maria Louise (Colton) B.; A.B., Harvard, 
1880; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1884; m. 
London, Eng., Sept. 29, 1894, May Widney. 
Surgical house pupil, Mass. Gen. Hosp., 
1883-5; 2d asst. physician, McLean Hosp., 
1885; physician in Dept. for Nervous Dis- 
eases, Mass. Gen. Hosp. Mem. Mass. Med. 
Soc, Am. Med. Assn., Am. Neurol. Assn., 
Am. Medico-Psychol. Assn. Club: Univers- 
ity. Address: 126 Commonwealth Av., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 




BALDWIN, James Francis, manufactur- 
er; b. Nashua, N. H., July 12, 1843; 5. James 
and Mary (Buttrick) B., and descendant of 
Henry B., Charlestown, Mass., previous to 
1640; pub. sch. ed'n; m. 1st, Manchester, N. 
H., July 12, 1864, Mary Elizabeth Palmer 
(died, 1900); 2d, Brookline, Mass., 1906, Isa- 
bella McPherson. Supt. U. S. Bobbin and 
Shuttle Co. (James Baldwin Company Divi- 
sion) since 1898; dir. 1st Nat. Bank; mem. 
N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1893. Republican. Bap- 
tist. Mason (32°), K.T., Shriner; Odd Fel- 
low. Address: Manchester, N. H. 

BALDWIN, Jolm Stanton, retired editor; 
b. New Haven, Conn., Jan. 6, 1834; s. John 
Denison and Lemira (Hathaway) B.; ed. 
pub. schs., grad. State Normal Sch., New 
Britain, Conn.; m. Worcester, Mass., Oct. 
19, 1863, Emily, d. Albert and Mary (Eaton) 
Brown. Learned printing trade in the office 
of the Hartford (Conn.) Republican, of 
which his father was editor and propr. ; re- 
porter and business mgr. Daily Common- 
wealth, Boston, 1855-60; editor (with father) 
Worcester Daily Spy, 1860-83; propr. and ed- 
itor, same, 1883-98; retired from active busi- 
ness. Served in Civ. War, capt. 51st Mass. 
Vols., 1862; mem. Common Council, 1867, 
1868, 1869, and Sch. Com. 1862, 1863, 1864, 
Worcester; license comm'r, 1906; representa- 
tive Mass. Legislature, 1871-2. Mem. Post 
No. 10, G.A.R., Soc. of Army of Potomac, 
Loyal Legion, Worcester Co. Mechanics* 
Assn., Worcester Mort. Soc. Clubs: Worces- 
ter, Massachusetts, Middlesex. Address: 83 
Chatham St., Worcester, Mass.; summer, 
Marion, Mass. 

BALDWIN, Leon Estyn, lyceum mgr.; b. 
Sacarrappa, Me., Jan. 1, 1875; s. William 
Wallace and Carrie (Thompson) B.; ed. 
Cushing Acad., Ashburnham, Mass., 1888-90, 
Murdock Sch., Winchendon, 1890-2; B.A., 
Boston Univ., 1897; student Boston Univ. 
Law Sch., 1897-9; m. Boston, Dec. 31, 1907, 
Ethel Beatrice Webster. Practiced law, 
1901-6; organizer, 1892, and mgr. University 
Male Quartet; owner and mgr. Britt Lecture 
& Musical Agency; dir. and treas. Boston 
Fire Patrol Co., The Crystalix Co. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Mem. Theta Delta Chi, 
etc. Club: Boston City. Residence: 860 Hunt- 
ington Av. Office: 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

BALDWIN, Samael W., pres. Conn. Nat. 
Bank; mem. firm T. Hawley & Co. Address: 
549 Water St., Hartford, Conn. 

BALDWIN, Simeon Eben, jurist; b. New 
Haven, Conn., Feb. 5, 1840; s. Roger Sher- 
man and Emily (Perkins) B. ; A. B., 1861, 
A. M., 1864, Yale; studied law at Yale and 
Harvard law schs. (LL. D., Harvard, 
1891); admitted to bar, 1863. Mem. faculty, 
Yale Law Sch. since 1869; now prof, const'l 
and pvt. internat. law, same; mem. 
comm'n to revise gen. statutes, Conn., 1873; 
mem. comm'n and drew report for better 
system of taxation, 1885; asso. justice, 1893- 
1906, chief justice since 1906, Sup. Court of 
Errors, Conn. Pres. Am. Bar Assn., 1890, 
Am. Social Science Assn., 3897, New Haven 
Colony Hist. Assn., 1884-96, Internat. Law 
Assn., 1899-1901, Am. Hist. Assn., 1905, 
Assn. Am. Law Schs. and of Conn. Soc. 
of Archaeol. Inst, of America. Author: 
Baldwin's Connecticut Digest; Baldwin's 
Cases on Railroad Law, 1896 W15; Modern 
Poltical Institutions, 1898 L6; (co-author) 

Two Centuries' Growth of American Law, 
1901 S3; American Railroad Law, 1904 L6; 
American Judiciary, 1905 C2. Address: 44 
Wall St., New Haven, Conn. 

BALDWIN, Tlioma.s Tile.ston, lawyer, 
trustee; b. Boston, Apr. 21, 1863; s. Jacob 
and Eleanor Tallman (Tileston) B.; grad. 
Boston Latin Sch., 1881; A.B., Harvard, 
1886; studied Harvard Law Sch., 1886-8; m. 
Boston, Oct. 24, 1889, Edith Perkins. Prac- 
ticed in Boston since 1888; editor Green Bag, 
1901-5. Democrat. Unitarian. Clubs: St. Bo- 
tolph. Papyrus, Country, Harvard (Boston), 
Harvard (New York). Residence: Chestnut 
Hill, Mass. Office: 53 State St., Boston. 

BALDWIN, William Alpheus, educator; 
b. Volney, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1859; .s. Reuben C. 
and Josephine R. B.; grad. Oswego (N. Y.) 
Normal Sch., 1884; student Cornell Univ.; 
A. B., Harvard, 1897; studied Univ. of Chi- 
cago; m. Springfield, Mass., 1893, Jennie M. 
Skinner. Prin. Hyannis (Mass.) Normal 
Sch. since Sept., 1897. Address: Hyannis, 

TV/Tq CC! 

BALDWIN, William Pitt, physician; b. 
New Haven, Conn., May 12, 1867; s. Charles 
Amos and Hannah Pitt (Smith) B.; A.B., 
Yale, 1888, M.D., 1890; New York Homce. 
Med. Coll. & Hosp., 1890-1; Ward's Island 
Hosp., N. Y., 1891-2; Univ. of Vienna, Aus- 
tria, 1893-4; m. 1st, Stamford, Conn., Oct. 10, 
1895, Gertrude Louise Lockwood (died, July 
12, 1896); m. 2d, Brooklyn, May 10, 1902, Lulu 
Kenyon. Practiced at Greenwich, Conn., 
1892-3, New Haven, since; attending surgeon 
and mem. prudential com., Grace Hosp. 
since 1894. Mem. Am. Homoeo. Med. Soc, 
State Med. Examining Bd., New Haven Co. 
Clinical Soc, Phi Beta Kappa (Yale). Ma- 
son. Club: Union League (New Haven). 
Address: 1145 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn. 

BALES, George Edward, lawyer; b. Wil- 
ton, N. H., Sept. 14, 1862; .y. Charles Albert 
and Frances M. (Hardy) B. ; grad. Phillips 
Acad., Exeter, N. H., 1883; student. Har- 
vard, 1 yr. ; LL.B., Boston Univ. Law Sch., 
1888; m. Wilton, N. H., Oct. 16, 1889, Abbie 
French Bales. Practiced at Wilton since 
1888; pres. Wilton Telephone Co.; trustee 
Granite Savings Bank, Milford, N. H.; state 
railroad comm'r, since 1904; mem. State For- 
estry Comm'n, 1900-5; mem. N. H. Ho. of 
Rep., 1895, 1897; trustee Wilton Pub. Li- 
brary. Democrat. Unitarian. Mem. N. H 
Bar Assn., Phillips Exeter Acad. Alumni 
Assn., Boston Univ. Alumni Assn. Mason, 
K.T.; Odd Fellow. Club: Derryfield (Man- 
chester, N. H.). Address: Wilton, N. H. 

BALL, Clarence Franklin, physician; b. 
South Lancaster, Mass., Feb. 24, 1878: s. 
Alonzo E. and Lizzie C. (Rice) B. ; ed. Troy 
(N. Y.) High Sch., South Lancaster Acad.; 
M.D., Am. Med. Missionary Coll., Chicago, 
1902; m. South Lancaster, Sept. 21, 1902, 
Mary Marsh. Has practiced at Rutland, Vt., 
since Mar., 1904; health officer, Rutland. 
Sec. Rutland Co., Med. & Surg. Soc. Ad- 
dress: Rutland, Vt. 

BALL, George Frank:, manufacturer; b. 
Keene, N. H., 1860; s. George W. and Mary 
H. (Stearns) B. ; pub. sch. ed'n; »;. Keene. 
Aug., 1886, Katharine E. Abbot. Mfr. of 
brick as Geo. W. Ball's Son, since 1890; 
local agt. Citizens' Mut. Ins. Co. of Boston. 
Republican. Address: 35 Balls Block, Keene, 
N. H. 




BALL, Josiah Warren, dentist; h. Hol- 
den, Mass., June 28, 1841; s. Josiah and 
Elmira (Fales) B.; ed. Holden High Sch. ; 
m. 1st, Roxbury, Mass., Elizabetti B. Far- 
rington; m. 2d, at St. John, N. B.. Oct., 
1879, Edna E. Smith. Served in Civ. War, 
1861-5, in 3rd Battalion Mass. Militia, 1st 
and 2d cav. rgts., and was promoted to a 
lieutenancy (Josiah Warren Ball is carried 
on all army records as Warren J. Ball) ; 
studied dentistry under Dr. Tourtellot, of 
Worcester, Mass. ; went to Ala. and was 
associated with brother, Dr. S. Ball, for 3 
yrs. ; removed to Boston and grad. from 
Boston Dental Coll., 1870. Mem. Mass. Den- 
tal Soc, N, E. Dental Soc, Charitable Me- 
chanics' Assn., Loyal Legion, Soldiers' Hist, 
and Benevolent Soc, etc. Club: Boston Art. 
Address: 160 Newbury St., Boston. 
BALLANTINE, William Gay, educator; 
b. Washington, Dec. 7, 1848; s. Rev. Elisha 
B.; grad. Marietta Coll., 1868 (D. D., 1885; 
LL. D., Western Reserve Univ., 1891); grad. 
Union Theol. Sem., New York, 1872; m. Aug. 
17, 1875, Emma Frances Atwood, Waupun, 
Wis. Studied Leipzig, 1872-3; mem. Am. 
Palestine Exploring Expd'n., 1873; prof, 
chemistry and natural science, Ripon Coll., 
1874-6; asst. prof. Greek, Univ. of Ind., 
1876-8; prof. Greek and Hebrew, 1878-81; 
prof. Old Testament language and litera- 
ture, Oberlin Theol. Sem., 1881-91; pres. 
Oberlin Coll., 1891-6; resigned and went 
abroad for study in Greece; prof, in Inter- 
nat. Y. M. C. A. Training Sch., Springfield, 
Mass., 1897; an editor of the Bibliotheca 
Sacra, 1884-91. Author: Inductive Logic, 1896 
Gl. Address: 321 St. James Av., Springfield, 
BALLARD, Addison, prof, logic N. Y. 
Univ., Nov. 13, 1893-1904; b. Framingham, 
Mass., Oct. 18, 1822; s. John and Pamelia 
(Bennett) B. ; grad. Williams, 1842 (D. D.); 
entered Cong'l ministry; has been tutor 
and prof, rhetoric Williams; prof, natural 
philosophy and astronomy. Marietta Coll., O. ; 
prof. Latin and mathematics, Ohio Univ. ; 
prof. Christian Greek and Latin, and of 
moral philosophy, Lafayette; nastor First 
Cong'l Ch., Williamstown, Mass., 1857-65: 
First Cong'l Ch., Detroit, 1866-72. Married. 
Author: Arrows, or Teaching a Fine Art, 
B21; From Talk to Text, 1904 L4; Through 
the Sieve, 1906-7; also various published dis- 
courses. Address: Pittsfield, Mass. 
BALLARD, Harlan Hogre, librarian; b. 
Athens, O., May 26, 1853; s. Rev. Addison 
and Julia Perkins (Pratt) B. ; grad. Wil- 
liams, 1874; m. Aug. 20, 1879, Lucy Bish- 
op Pike, g.d. Judge Henry Walker Bishop, 
Lenox, Mass. Prin. Lenox (Mass.) High 
School, 1874-80- urin. Lenox Acad., 1880-6. 
Organized, 1875, and trustee Agassiz Assn. 
for Study of Nature, which has had over 
1,000 branches; librarian Berkshire Ath- 
enaeum since 1888. Mem. Am. Library 
Assn.; fellow A. A. A. S.; sec. Berkshire 
Hist, and Scientific Soc. Author: Three 
Kingdoms, 1882 A7; World of Matter, 1892 
H2; Open Sesame, 1896 P3; Re-open Sesame, 
1897 P3; Virgil's ^neid, B'ks 1-6, tr. into 
English Hexameters, 1902 H5. Joint author: 
American Plant Book, 1879; Barnes Read- 
ers, 1883 Al; One Thousand Blunders in 
English, 1884 L3. Address: Pittsfield, Mass. 

BALLARD, Henry, lawyer; b. Tinmouth, 
Vt., Apr. 20, 1839; .y. Jeffrey B. and Amelia 
(Thompson) B.; A.B., Univ. of Vt., 1861, 
A.M., 1864; pvt. Co. I, 5th Vt. Vol. Cav., 
1861-2; LL.B., Albany Law Sch., 1863; m. 
Annie J. Scott, of Burlington, Vt., Dec. 15, 
1863. Admitted to bar, 1863, and since prac- 
ticed at Burlington. Mem. Vt. Senate, 1878- 
1879, Ho. of Rep., 1888-9; city atty., Burling- 
ton, several years.; del. Rep. Nat. Conv., 
Chicago, 1884 (chmn. Com. Credentials). 
Mem. G.A.R., Loyal Legion, Am. Inst. 
Civics, Home Market Club, Boston, etc. Ad- 
dress: 174 Main St., Burlington, Vt. 
BALLOU, Daniel R., lawyer; b. Smithfield, 
Rhode Island; son of Arnold and Roxa 
(Ross) B.; ed. pub. and pvt. schs. and 
Brown Univ.; admitted to bar, 1864; m. 
Greenville, R. I., Oct. 31, 1860, Ellen Re- 
becca Owen (now deceased). Served as pvt. 
and It. 12th Regt., R. I. Inf., 1862-3; returned 
from service and comm'd as col. of regt. of 
militia; mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., 1865-7; 
1882-4; elk. Court of Common Pleas, 1867-75; 
mem. City Council, 1886, Bd. of Aldermen, 
1891-4 (pres., 1893, 1894); nominated for atty. 
gen. but declined; now U. S. marshal for 
Dist. of R. I.; chmn. R. I. Bd. Bar Exam- 
iners. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Loyal Legion, 
G.A.R. (Dept. Comdr., 1895). Residence: 58 
Jackson St. Office: U. S. Custom House, 
Providence, R. I. 
BALLOU, Harry Matnrin, musician; b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., Sept. 6, 1856; s. Henry 
Greene and Sarah Little (Fales) B., and d'^- 
scendant of early Colonial ancestry; graa. 
English and Classical Sch., Providence, R. 
I., 1873; A.B., Brown Univ., 1877; studied 
music, headmaster St. James Acad., Mason, 
Mo., 3 yrs.; in charge of dept, of English at 
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H., under Dr. 
H. A. Coit, 6 yrs.; at Woonsocket since 
1894, as teacher of voice and piano, organist 
and choirmaster. Republican, Episcopalian. 
Residence: 279 Bernon St. Studio: 102 Main 
St., Woonsocket, R. I. 
BALLOU, Henry Lincoln, clergyman; b. 
Wallingford, Vt., Sept. 22, 1865; s. William 
Sabin and Esther (Andrews) B. ; grad. Vt. 
Acad., Saxtons River, Vt., 1888; student Am- 
herst Coll., 1888-90; prin. Pleasant Hill 
(Tenn.) Acad., 1890-2; grad., Hartford 
Theol. Sem., 1895; m. Saxtons River, Sept. 3, 
1891, Carrie May Hubbard. Ordained to 
ministry Cong'l Ch-., 1895; pastor, Chester, 
Vt., since 1895; supt. schs. of Chester, 7 yrs.; 
trustee Whiting Free Library. Republican. 
Mem. Vt. Legislature, 1908-9. Mem. Delta 
Upsilon. Mason; Past Master Olive Branch 
Lodge, No. 64; Past Dist. Deputy Grand 
Master, Dist. No. 1; Past Grand Lecturer 
Grand Lodge of Vt. ; Deputy Grand Master 
Grand Lodge of Vt. ; Capt. Gen. Holy Cross 
Commandery No. 12. Address: Chester, Vt. 
BALLOU, Hosea Starr, investment bank- 
er; b. North Orange, Mass., Feb. 9, 1857; .?. 
Rev. Levi and Elvira Bliss (Goodell) B.; ed. 
Harvard, 1877-9; Univ. of Berlin, Germany, 
1880-1; College de France, Paris, 1881-2; m. 
Boston, June 1, 1885, Mary Farwell. Organ- 
ized firm of H. S. Ballon & Co., investment 
bankers, Boston, 1884, and has since been 
its head; pres. The Industrial Securities 
Co., The Palmer Co., since 1902 (pub. of 
mag.. Education). Mem. Am. Hist. Assn. 
New England Historic-Geneal. Soc, Am 
Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Soc Colon 




ial Wars, Bunker Hill Monument Assn., 
Universalist Hist. Soc. (pres.), Ballou Fam- 
ily Assn. of Am. (v.-p.), Starr Family 
Assn. (treas.), Brookline Music Com. 
(chmn.), Westfield Normal Alumni Assn. of 
Eastern Mass. (pres.), Bostoner Deutscher 
Gesellschaft. Republican. Universalist. 
Author: Life of Hosea Ballou, 2nd, D.D., 
1896; wrote a series of studies of European 
schools, a paper on Measures of Municipal 
and Industrial Credits, which appeared in 
volume of proceedings of Congress of Bank- 
ers and Financiers, Columbian Exp'n, Chi- 
cago; has delivered numerous occasional ad- 
dresses upon hist, subjects. Residence: 
Winthrop Road, Brookline, Mass. Office: 82 
Devonshire St., Boston. 
BALiLOU, Joseph C, manufacturer; b. at 
Becket, Mass., Feb. 26, 1872; .s. Monroe E. 
and Emma M. (Pulsifer) B. : grad. Wesleyan 
Acad., Wilbraham, Mass., 1888; student Le- 
high Univ., 1889-92; m. Becket, Mar. 14, 
1894, Gertrude M. Smith. Began active ca- 
reer 1892 in basket factory etsablished by his 
father; jr. partner and mgr. M. B. Ballou & 
Son. Republican. Baptist. Mason. Address: 

BGCk6t IM3.SS. 

BALLOU, Latimer Willis, mfr. ; b. at 
Woonsocket, R. I., Oct. 8, 1872; 5. Henry 
Latimer and Susan A. (Cook) B.; grad. 
Mass. Inst, of Tech., 1895; post-grad, study 
at Cornell Univ., 1896; m. Detroit, Mich., 
Apr. 23, 1902, Miss Bamford. Began business 
career as agt. of the Guerin Spinning Co., 
mfrs. of woolen and merino yarns, Woon- 
socket, R. I., in which has continued. Resi- 
dence: 17 Harris Av. Office: Social St., Woon- 
socket, R. I. 

BALLOU, Murray, pres. Am. Powder 
Mills, Am. Smokeless Powder Co. Residence: 
Concord, Mass. Office: 131 State St., Boston. 

BANCROFT, Cecil Kittredge, teacher, 
registrar; b. Lookout Mountain, Tenn., Dec. 
15, 1868; s. Cecil Franklin Patch and Fannie 
Adelia (Kittredge) B.; ed. pub. schs., An- 
dover, Mass., 1877-82; Phillips Acad., An- 
dover, 1882-7; Yale Coll., 1887-91. Teacher, 
Morris Acad., Morristown, N. J., 1891-3; in 
Europe, 1893-5; tutor and instr., Yale, 1895- 
1906; registrar Phillips Acad., since 1906. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Mem. Am. 
Philol. Soc, Phi Beta Kappa. Address: Phil- 
lips Acad., Andover, Mass. 

BANCROFT, Charles O., pres. Maine 
Savings Bank. Address: Portland, Me. 

BANCROFT, Charles Parker, alienist; 
b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Jan. 11, 1852; 5. Jesse 
Parker and Elisabeth (Speare) B. ; A.B., 
Harvard, 1874; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 
1878; m. Newton Centre, Mass., 1884, Miss 
Susan C. Wood. Has been house officer, 
Boston City Hosp.; asst. physician, 1878-9, 
supt. since 1882, N. H. Insane Hosp. ; phy- 
sician Boston City Dispensary, 1880. Mem. 
Am. Med. Assn., N. H. Med. Soc; pres. N. 
E. Psychol. Soc, 1898-1901, Boston Soc. 
Psychiatry & Neurology, 1905, Boston City 
Hosp. Alumni Assn., 1904, Am. Psychol. 
Assn., 1908. Contb'r to Woods' Handbook of 
the Medical Sciences, also various mono- 
graphs and articles in med, jours. Address: 
Concord, N. H. 

BANCROFT, Eben Draper, mfr.; b. in 
Hopedale, Mass., Aug. 27, 1847; s. Joseph 
Bubier and Sylvia Willard (Thwing) B., and 
descendant of John and Jane B., Lynn, 
Mass., 1632; ed. pub. sch., Milford, and in 

civ. eng'ring in pvt. sch., Providence, R. I.; 
m. Sept. 9, 1874, Lelia, d. Alonzo and Eliza 
Curtis (Jones) Coburn. Bookkeeper for his 
uncles, E. D. & G. Draper, Hopedale, Mass.; 
was made dir. Hopedale Machine Co. and 
asst. treas. of the corpn., later merged as 
Draper Company of which was made dir., 
purchasing agt. and asst. clerk; for many 
yrs. treas. Glasgo Yarn Mills, Conn., Glasgo 
Thread Mills, Worcester, Mass., Hopedale 
Elastic Goods Co.; dir. Milford Water Co.; 
treas. Hopedale since its organization as a 
town, 1886; for a time treas. and mgr. Am. 
Architect and for several yrs. auditor Shaw 
Stocking Co., Lowell. Unitarian. Was mgr. 
in two congressional campaigns for Gen. 
Wm. F. Draper, 1892 and 1894. Mason. Ad- 
dress: Hopedale, Mass. 
BANCROFT, Edward E., physician; b. at 
Lancaster, Mass., Sept. 10, 1858; s. Andrew 
J. and Mary A. (Clough) B.; A.B., Amherst 
Coll., 1883, A.M., 1903; M.D., Harvard Univ. 
Med. Sch. 1886; m. New York City, 1890, 
Josephine A. Given. Practiced in Wellesley, 
Mass., since 1887; consulting physician of 
Wellesley Coll. since 1903. Mem. Mass. Med. 
Soc, Am. Med. Assn. Address: Wellesley, 
BANCROFT, Henry H., mfr. ; b. Millbury, 
Mass., Sept. 1, 1847; .y. Henry Lewis and 
Martha A. (Harris) B. ; descendant of Lt. 
Thomas B., Dedham, Mass., 1647; pub. and 
high sch. ed'n; m. Millbury, Mass., Nov. 23, 
1871, Mary F. Warfield. Served in Millbury 
Light Art'y, Civil War; engaged as mfr., at 
Seymour, Conn., since 1893. Mason (32°). 
Address: Seymour, Conn. 
BANCROFT, Hugh, lawyer; b. Cambridge, 
Mass., Sept. 13, 1879; .y. William Amos and 
Mary (Shaw) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 1897, A.M., 
1898; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1901; m. 1st. 
Cambridge, Mass., June 25, 1902, Mary A. 
Cogan (died, Aug. 29, 1903); 2d, Boston, Jan. 
15, 1907, Jane W. Waldron. Asst. dist. atty. 
Middlesex Co., 1902-6 (resigned); dist. atty., 
1907; dir. Central Trust Co., Cambridge, 
Mass. Mem. Mass. Militia since 1894, now 
judge advocate gen. with rank of brig. gen. ; 
adj. 5th Massj Inf., U.S.V., Spanish-Am. 
War. Mem. Boston Bar Assn., Middlesex 
Bar Assn., Spanish Am. War Veterans, Or- 
der of Foreign Wars. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Clubs: Athletic, Union Boat, 
Oakley Country, Colonial; Harvard (New 
York). Residence: 12 Ware St., Cambridge, 
Mass. Office: 910 Barristers Hall, Boston. 
BANCROFT. "Williani Amos, pres. Bos- 
ton Elevated Ry. Co. since Oct., 1899 (con- 
nected with CO., 1885-90, also since March, 
1896); b. Groton, Mass., April 26, 1855; s. 
Charles B. ; ed. Lawrence Acad., Groton, 
Mass., 1867-72; Phillips Exeter Acad., 1873-4; 
grad. Harvard, 1878; studied Harvard Law 
School, 1879-81; admitted to Suffolk bar, 
1881; VI. Boston, 1878, Mary Shaw. Mem. 
Cambridge common council, 1882; Mass. 
legislature, 1883-5; alderman, Cambridge, 
1891-2; mayor of Cambridge, 1893-6; over- 
seer. Harvard, 1893-9; reelected, 1899, for 6 
yrs.; Mass. vol. militia since 1875; private 
to maj.-gen.; apptd. brig.-gen. U. S. vols., 
war with Spain. Dir. U. S. Trust Co., Puri- 
tan Trust Co., Chelsea Trust Co.; trustee 
Norwich Univ., Vt., Lawrence Acad., Gro- 
ton, Mass., Phillips Acad., Exeter, N. H. 
Presided Mass. State Rep. Conv., 1893, 120th 




anniversary Phillips Exeter Acad., 1903; 
chief marshall Harvard Alumni, 1903; grand 
marshal. Veteran's Column, Hooker Monu- 
ment Parade, 1903. Pres. Mayor's Club of 
Mass., Cambridge Club, New England 
Alumni, Phillips Exeter Acad.; mem. Cin- 
cinnati, Order of Foreign Wars, Order of 
Spanish War, etc. Clubs: Union, Commer- 
cial, Exchange, Art, Colonial (Cambridge), 
Middlesex. Kesidence : 12 Ware St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Office: 101 Milk St., Boston. 
BANGS, Alg-ernon Sydney, grand comdr. 
United Order of the Golden Cross of Me. ; b. 
Farmington, Me., July 5, 1837; .y. Josiah Den- 
nis and Paulina Augusta (Brooks) B.; ed. 
pub. schs. New York; m. Augusta, Me., Dec. 
24, 1860, Amelia S. Wight. Enlisted in 3d 
Me. Vols., June, 1861, and assisted in re- 
cruiting the 4th Me. Battery, 1862, serving 
with latter until obliged to retire on account 
of injuries received in the field; mem. firm 
of Bangs Bros., wholesale and retail house 
finish, since 1880; pres. Bath Common Coun- 
cil 3 terms; ex-chmn. Augusta Bd. of Trade; 
pres. Augusta Bd. of Registration for 6 yrs. 
Mem. N.O.G.C. (Grand Comdr. of Me., and 
Nat. Comdr., 1895), G.A.R., (formerly Chief 
of Staff, Dept. Comdr. and a.-d.-c. for 2 nat. 
comdrs.). Address: 49 Oak St., Augusta, Me. 
BANGS, Francis Reginald, lawyer; A.B., 
Harvard Univ., 1891, LL.B., 1894. Admitted 
to bar, 1894, and has since practiced at Bos- 
ton; now mem. firm Hill, Bangs, Barlow & 
Homans. Trustee Commonwealth Bldg. 
Trust, Lenox St. Bldg. Trust, Winthrop 
Bldg. Trust, Met. Associates; mem. Corp'n 
Provident Inst'n for Savings. Residence: 42 
Fairfield St. OfUce: 53 State St., Boston. 
BANGS, John Kendriek, author; b. at 
Yonkers, N. Y., May 27, 1862; s. Francis N. 
B.; Ph.B., Columbia, 1883; studied law, 
1883-4; asso. editor Life, 1884-8; editor Draw- 
er. 1888-99, and Literary Notes, July, 1898- 
Dec, 1899, Harper's Mag.; editor of Litera- 
ture, 1898-9, Harper's Weekly, 1898-1900. Met- 
ropolitan Mag., Dec, 1902, to June, 1903, 
Puck, 1904-5. Democratic candidate for 
mayor, Yonkers, 1894, defeated; v. -p. Yonkers 
Bd. of Ed'n, 1897; pres. Halsted Sch., Yonk- 
ers, 1896-1904. Author: Roger Camerden, 1886 
Ol; Katharine, 1887 XI; The Lorgnette, 1887 
01; Mephistopheles, 1888 XI; New Waggiugs 
of Old Tales, 1888 H5; Tiddledy winks Tales, 
1890 R7; The Tiddledy winks Poetry Book, 
1890 R7; In Camp with a Tin Soldier, 1891 R7; 
Half Hours with Jimmieboy, 1892 R7; Coffee 
and Repartee, 1893, 1899 HI; The Water 
Ghost, 1893 HI; Three Weeks in Politics, 1894 
HI; The Idiot, 1895, 1899 HI; Mr. Bonaparte, 
of Corsica, 1895 HI; A House Boat on the 
Styx, 1895 HI; The Bycyclers and Other 
Farces, 1896 HI; A Rebellious Heroine, 189G 
HI; The Pursuit of the House Boat, 1897 HI; 
Paste Jewels, 1897 HI; A Prophecy and a 
Plea, 1897 XI; The Mantel Piece Minstrels, 
1897 R7; Ghosts I Have Met, 1898 HI; Peeps 
at People, 1898 HI; The Dreamers, 1898 HI; 
The Enchanted Type Writer, 1899 HI; Cob- 
webs from a Library Corner. 1899 HI; The 
Booming of Acre Hill, 1900 HI; Toppleton's 
Client, 1891 F5; The Idiot at Home, 1900 HI; 
Mr. Munchausen, 1901 Nil; Olympian Nights, 
1902 HI; Uncle Sam, Trustee, 1902 R14; Bi- 
key. the Skicycle. 1902 R14; Over the Plum 
Pudding, 1902 HI; Emblemland, 1902 R7; 
Mollie and the Unwise Man, 1902 C4; Pro- 

posal Under Difficulties (farce), 1905 HI; 
Worsted Man (musical play), 1905 HI; Mrs. 
Raffles, 1905 HI; R. Holmes & Co., 1906 HI; 
Alice in Municipaland, 1907; also stories con- 
tributed to syndicates and mags, and Lady 
Teazle, a musical comedy version of The 
School for Scandal, and The Man From Now, 
a musical fantasy. Residence: Ogunquit, Me. 

BANGS, Ontrani, zoologist; b. Watertown, 
Mass., Jan. 12, 1862; s. Edward and Annie 
Outram (Hodgkinson) B.; ed. Noble's Sch., 
Boston, and Lawrence Scientific Sch., har- 
vard. Is curator of mammals, Mus. of Com- 
parative Zoology, Harvard. Mem. A. A. A. 
S., Washington Acad. Sciences, Boston Soc. 
Natural History, Biol. Soc. of Washington. 
Extensive contb'r of papers on birds and 
mammals in The Auk, and proc. of various 
7o61. and biol. socs. Club: Somerset. Resi- 
dence: 555 Huntington Av. Office: 20 Pem- 
berton Sq., Boston. 

BANKS, Edgar James, lecturer, author; 
b. Sunderland, Mass., May 23, 1866; ^. John 
Randolph and Julia Maria (Dunklee) B.; 
grad. Greenfield (Mass.) High Sch., 1886; 
student Amherst, 1886-7; A.B., Harvard, 1893, 
A.M., 1895; post-grad, studies, Univ. of Bres- 
lau, Germany, 1895-7, Ph.D., 1897; m. Wood- 
bury, Vt., July 16, 1893, Emma L. Lyford. 
Am. consul Bagdad, Turkey, 1897-8; organ- 
ized, 1899, expd'n to excavate Babylonian 
city of Ur, but Sultan refused permission 
after 2 yrs. waiting; acting prof, ancient his- 
tory, Robert Coll., Constantinople, 1902-3; 
pvt. sec. to Am. minister to Turkey, 1903; 
excavated Babylonian ruin, Bismya, 1903, for 
Univ. of Chicago, discovering several thou- 
sand inscribed objects from 4500 B. C. to 2800 
B. C. and the white statue of King David, a 
pre-Babylonian king of 4500 B. C. (oldest 
statue in the world) ; also much earlier 
ruins; fi«ld dir. of Babylonian expd'n and 
instr. Turkish and Semitic languages, Univ. 
of Chicago, 1903-6; lecturing upon Babylonia, 
Arabia, Turkey, etc., since 1906. Author: 
Babylonische Hymnen der Berliner Samm- 
lung, 1897 L30; Jonah in Fact and Fancy, 
1899 K5; also several hundred articles on 
archseol. and other subjects. Residence: S. 
Woodbury, Vt. Address: 484 Convent Av., 
New York. 

BANKS, Elmore S.; b. Southport, Conn., 
May 24, 1866; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 1895; m. 
Sebree, Ky., Apr. 4, 1898, Beulah M. Gallo- 
way. Began practicing in Bridgeport, Conn., 
1895; mem. law firm of Davenport & Banks; 
judge of probate, dist. of Fairfield, since 
1896; treas. Fairfield Co.; trustee Southport 
Trust Co.; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1903, 
1905, 1907, and Rep. leader of the House. 
Address: Bridgeport, Conn. 
BANKS, Moses E.. publisher; b. Easton, 
Conn., June 15, 1835; s. William and Ellen 
(Burr) B.; ed. Staples Acad, and New Brit- 
ain (Conn.) Normal Sch.; m. Dec. 24, 1853, 
Amelia Collins, of New York. Taught school 
in Conn, several yrs.; connected with Ivison, 
Blakeman & Taylor, publishers. New York, 
1869-84; actively engaged and dir. Silver, 
Burdett & Co., since "1884. Mem town sch. 
com. of Fairfield, Conn, (now chmn. same); 
mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1905, 1907, 1908. 
Residence: Fairfield, Conn. 
BANTA, Arthur Mangnn, educator; h. at 
Greenwood, Ind., Dee. 31, 1877; s. James 
Henry and Mary (Mangun) B. ; A.B., In- 




diana Univ., 1903, A.M., 1904; post-grad, stu- 
dent, Harvard, 1905-7; m. Bryan, O., July 
26, 1906, Mary Slack. Teacher and prin. 
high sch., 1895-7, 1899-01; asst. in zoology, 
Ind. Univ., 1903-5; same, Harvard, since 
1906. Mem. A.A.A.S., Scientific Soc. of Sig- 
ma Xi. Residence: 125 Mt. Auburn St. Office: 
Museum Comparative Zoology, Cambridge. 

BARBE^R, Daniel Fletclier, mcht. ; b. at 
Antrim, N. H., Aug. 9, 1855; 5. Rev. Daniel 
Webster and Adeline (Haven) B. ; ed. pub. 
schs., N. H.; m. East Saugus, Mass., 1888, 
Artena Olivia Mansfield. Clerk in firm of 
A. M. Gardner & Co., hardware, Boston, 
1869-72, Gardner & Chandler, 1872-88; partner 
Chandler & Barber, wholesale hardware, 
Boston, since 1888; treas., president and 
dir. N. E. Hardware Dealers' Assn.; alder- 
man, Newton, Mass., 1902. 1903, 1904. Pres. 
Newton Y.M.C.A., 1888, 1889, 1890. Mason. 
Residence: Newton, Mass. Office: 124 Summer 
St., Boston. 

BARBEIR, George Danielson; b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Sept. 1, 1864; .y. George and 
Eunice Williams (Buck) B., and descendant 
of Capt. George B., Dedham, Mass., 1640, 
who came from Eng. in 1635; grad. Worces- 
ter High Sch., 1884. Bookkeeper and sales- 
man. New York ofiice, Geo. C. Whitney & 
Co., Christmas and valentine novelties, Wor- 
cester, 1885-87; mem. Arnold & Barber, mfrs. 
bobbins and spools, Killihgly, Conn., 1887- 
1889, Emerson, Low & Barber Co., mfrs. en- 
velopes, Worcester, 1889-93, Worcester En- 
velope Co. (treas.), since 1893. Charter mem. 
Wellington Rifles, Co. H, 2d Regt., M.V.M.; 
mem. Worcester Bd. of Trade, S.A.R. ; Ma- 
son (all degrees in the order up to 33d). 
Clubs: Worcester Congregational, Common- 
wealth, Worcester Golf. Address: care Wor- 
cester Envelope Co., Worcester, Mass. 

BARBBR, Henry H., business. man; b. at 
Nashua, N. H., Dec. 16, 1852; s. Hiram and 
Lucy (Fales) B. ; ed. pub. schs. and Canaan 
Acad.; m. Antrim, N. H., 1873, Fostina M. 
Dodge, Began active career as elk. for Tay- 
lor & Norwell, Nashua; settled in Milford, 
1878, and bought out firm of Gray & How- 
ard, dry goods; now at head of dept. store; 
trustee Milford Savings Bank; v. -p. Souhe- 
gan Nat. Bank; mem. N. H. Ho. of Rep., 
1891-2. Republican. Congregationalist. Scot- 
tish Rite Mason (32°); Odd Fellow. Address: 
Milford, N. H. 

BARBEIR, Herbert Goodell, lawyer; b. 
Wardsboro, Vt, Aug. 14, 1870; s. Daniel M. 
and Lydia (Barnard) B. ; common sch. ed'n; 
studied law; admitted to bar, 1893. In prac- 
tice at Brattleboro since 1896; member firm 
of H. G. & F. E. Barber; state's atty. Wind- 
ham Co., 1898-1900; mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 
1908. Mem. Vt. Bar Assn. Republican. Uni- 
versalist. Mason; Odd Fellow. Address: 
Brattleboro, Vt. 

BARBEiR, Hubert I-., manufacturer; b. at 
Southfield, Mass., Jan. 7, 1841; .y. Levi and 
Rheuma (Thompson) B. ; pub. sch. ed'n; m. 
Southfield, May 31, 1865, Celinda E. Turner. 
Enlisted in Civil War as pvt. Co. A, 10th 
Regt, Mass. Col. Inf.; battles of William- 
burg, Yorktown and Fair Oaks; hon. dis- 
charged as commissary sergt., June, 1864; 
began as peddler of Yankee notions, 1867, 
and later was salesman for Southfield Whip 
Co. and E. R. Lay & Son, Westfield, Mass.; 
became one-fourth owner in same business. 

1884; in business aione since 1886. Repub- 
lican. Address: Southfield, Mass. 

BARBER, Orion M., lawyer; b. Jamaica, 
Vt., July 13, 1857; s. Emmons and Lucia A. 
(Pierce) B. ; ed. Bernardston (Mass.) Acad., 
Inst, of South Woodstock, and Leland and 
Gray Sem., Townshend, Vt. ; studied law un- 
der J. K. Batchelder, Esq., Arlington, Vt. ; 
LL.B., Albany (N. Y.) Law Sch., 1882; tn. 
Bennington, Vt., June 30, 1898, Alice Norton. 
State's atty., Bennington Co., 1886-7; mem. 
com. apptd. to revise Vt. statutes, 1892-4; 
state railroad comm'r, 1894-6; mem. legisla- 
ture, 1892; state senator, 1894; state auditor, 
1898-1902; del. Rep. Nat. Com., 1896; chmn. 
Special Tax Com., 1906-8. Mason, K.T.. 
Shriner. Clubs: Elks, Bennington Social. 
Address: Bennington, Vt. 

BARBER, Tbomas L,., retired mfr. ; b. at 
Framingham, Mass., Dec. 15, 1849; s. Curtis 
H. and Olivia Ann (Eames) B.; ed. pub. 
schs.; m. Andover, Me., Oct. 6, 1874, Sarah 
M. Merrill. Began work in the straw mfg. 
shop of his father, Framingham, 1867, in 
business under name of T. L. Barber & Co., 
over 30 yrs., retiring, 1906; dir. Framingham 
Nat. Bank, Manson and Concord Bldg. Cos. 
Mem. Bd. of Trade, Framingham. Address: 
39 Park St., South Framingham, Mass. 

BARBOUR, Alfred Loring, ins. and 
banking; b. Cambridge, Mass., Apr. 24, 1837; 
J. John Nathaniel and Susan (Sargent) B. ; 
grad. Cambridge High Sch., June, 1854; m. 
1st, Cambridge, Nov. 13, 1861, Mary N. Cros- 
by; m. 2d, Dorchester, Mass., May 13, 1874, 
Josie M. Smith. Began active career as elk., 
1855, in Boston; confidential elk., Peoria, 
111., 1865; removed to Cambridge, 1869; for 4 
yrs. assessor and deputy collector internal 
revenue; connected with Cambridge city 
gov't, 1872-4; mgr. Cambridge Mut. Fire Ins. 
Co., 1873-1903, then retired; now in real es- 
tate and ins. business in own name at W. 
Newton, Mass.; sec. Mass. Mut. Fire Ins. 
Union, Boston; pres. Columbian Cooperative 
Bank, U. S. Electric Signal Co., Northern 
Mut. Relief Assn.; dir. 1st Nat. Bank; trustee 
and elk. W. Newton Savings Bank. Trustee 
Bapt. Old People's Home (elk.), Eckstein 
Norton Univ., Cane Springs, Ky. ; elk. Lin- 
coln Park Bapt. Ch. (chmn. Finance Com.), 
Boston N. Bapt. Assn. Republican. Mem. 
I.O.O.F., Royal Arcanum. Clitb: Big Ten 
Ins. (sec). Address: W. Newton, Mass. 

BARBOUR, Joseph Lane, lawyer; b. at 
Barkhamstead, Conn., Dec. 18, 1846; 5. Judge 
Heman Humphrey and Frances E. (Merrill) 
B.; ed. Hartford High Sch. and Williston 
Sem.; studied law; admitted to Conn, bar, 
1874; tn. Hartford, June 21, 1871, Anne J. 
Woodhouse. Practiced at Hartford since 
1875; elk. Hartford Common Council, 1872-4; 
pros. atty. City of Hartford, 1876-83; elk. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1877-S, Senate, 1879; 
speaker Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1897; Republican. 
Mem. C.N.G., 1866-71. Congregationalist.' 
Mason, K.T. Residence: 81 Gillett St. Office: 
50 State St., Hartford, Conn. 

BARBOUR, Ralph Henry ("Richard 
Stillman Powell"), author; b. Cambridge, 
Mass., Nov. 13, 1870; s. James Henry B. ; 
ed. New Ch. School, Waltham, Mass. ; 
Highland Mil. Acad.. Worcester, Mass.; m. 
Denver, Colo., Sept. 25, 1885, Mabel Latshaw 
King. Contributor of verse and short stories 
to mags, under pen name of "Richard Still- 




man Powell." Author: Phyllis in Bohemia 
(with L. H. Bickford), 1897 SI; The Half- 
back, 1899 A2; For the Honor of the School, 
1900 A2; Captain of the Crew, 1901 A2; Be- 
hind the Line, 1902 A2; The Land of Joy, 

1903 D6; Weatherby's Inning, 1903 A2; The 
Book of School and College Sports, 1904 
A2; On Your Mark, 1904 A2; The Arrival 
of Jimpson, 1904 A2; Kitty of the Roses, 

1904 L5; Four in Camp, 1905 A2; An Orchard 
Princess, 1905 L5; Four Afoot, 1906 A2; The 
Crimson Sweater, 1906 C2; A Maid in Ar- 
cady, 1906 L5; Holly, 1907 L5; Tom, Dick 
and Harriet, 1907 C2; Four Afloat, 1907 A2; 
The Spirit of the School, 1907 A2. Address: 
35 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BARBOUR, Thomas S., clergyman; b. 
Hartford, Conn., July 28. 1853; s. Hon. He- 
man H. and Frances B. (Merrill) B. ; grad. 
Brown Univ., 1874 (D. D., 1895): grad. Roch- 
ester Theol. Sem., 1877; m. Sept. 4, 1877, 
Emma J. White, Providence, R. I. Ordained 
to Bapt. ministry. May, 1877; pastor Brock- 
port, N. Y., 1877-81; Orange, N. J., 1881-3; 
Fall River, Mass., 1883-95; Brookline, Mass., 
1896-8. Corr. sec. Am. Bapt. Missionary 
Union since 1899. Mem. bd. trustees Brown 
Univ., Newton Theol. Inst'n. Residence: 
Wollaston, Mass. Office: Ford Bldg., Boston. 

BARCLAY, Cliarles James, naval of- 
ficer; b. Phila., Sept. 8, 1843; s. William J. 
and Anna (Musgrave) B.; apptd. to U. S. 
Naval Acad, from Pa., 1860, grad. 1863; in. 
New Bedford, Mass., Feb., 1868, Annie T. 
Tobey. Promoted ensign, Oct. 1, 1863; mas- 
ter, May 10, 1866; It., Feb. 21, 1867; It. 
comdr.. Mar. 12, 1868; comdr., Nov. 25. 1881; 
capt., Oct. 1, 1896; rear admiral, Sept. 11, 
1903. On b'd Wachusett, Brazilian Squad- 
ron, 1863-4; participated in capture of Con- 
federate cruiser Florida in harbor of Ba- 
hia, Brazil, Oct. 7, 1864; on b'd Kearsarge, 
European Squadron, 1865-6, Susquehanna, 
1866-7, Minnesota, 1867-8. Michigan. 1868-9, 
Pacific Fleet, 1870-2; ordnance duty, New 
York, 1872-3; Torpedo Sta., 1873; on b'd 
Saugus, 1874, Dictator, 1875-6; comd. Sau- 
gus, 1876, Onward, 1877-9; duty Navy Yard. 
Portsmouth, 1880-2; comd. Alert, 1883-6; 
ordnance duty. Navy Yard. Portsmouth. 
1887-90; light-house insp.. 8th dist., 1890; 
equipment officer. Navy Yard, Portsmouth, 
1891-3; comd. training-ship Portsmouth, 
1893-4; insp. ordnance. Navy Yard, Boston, 
1894-6; comd. Raleigh, Jan. -Mar., 1897. Am- 
phitrite, 1897-9; commandant Naval War 
Coll., 1900; capt. of yard. Navy Yard, Bos- 
ton, 1901-3; commandant. Navy Yard. Pu- 
get Sound, 1903-5; retired, Sept. 8, 1905. 
Home: 1070 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

BARD, George Pereival, physician; b. at 
Norwich, Conn., June 9, 1872; .y. George F. 
and Minerva (Placethus) B. ; M.D., New 
York Homce. Med. Coll., 1900; served as 
interne Rochester (N. Y.) Homoe. Hosp. 
Engaged in practice at Stafford Springs, 
Conn., since May, 1902. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Homoeopathy, Conn. Homoe,. Med. Soc. 
Mass. Homoe. Med. Soc, Homce. Med. Soc. 
of , Western Mass., Alumni Assn. New York 
Homoe. Med. Soc, Alpha Sigma. Mason, 
K.T., Shriner. Republican. Congregation- 
alist. Address: Stafford Springs, Conn. 

BARD WELL, Fred Leslie, chemist; b. at 
Excelsior, Minn., Sept. 2, 1858; .y. Charles S. 

and Eliza (Greene) B. ; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 
1881; B.S., Mass. Inst. Technology, 1884; w. 
Boothbay, Me., June 22, 1886, Lizzie M, 
Hodgdon. Asst. in chemistry, 1884-6, instr., 
1886-94, asst. prof, since 1894, Mass. Inst. 
Technology; has also done much chem. work 
for pvt. corp'ns. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc, 
Soc. Chem. Industry, etc. Residence: 11 
Chamblet St., Dorchester, Boston. 

BARKER, Byron Fuller, physician; b. 
Bath, Me., Nov. 19, 1872; 5. Samuel C. and 
Julia (Fuller) B. ; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 
Brunsvfick, Me., 1893; M.D., Jefferson Med. 
Coll., Phila., 1896. Practiced at Bath, Me., 
since 1896. Mem. Am. Acad. Medicine, Am. 
Med. Assn. Address: Bath, Me. 

BARKER, C. I., mfr. ; b. S. Bridgton, Me., 
Nov. 11, 1827; 6\ Jonathan and Catherine 
(Mitchell) P..; ed. pub. schs., Bridgton; in. 
Stey Falls, Me., 1847, Almira B. Jewett. Be- 
gan active career in employ of York Mfg. 
Co., Saco, Me., 1846; learned cortton mfg. 
business and had charge of the card room 
for the CO. for several yrs. ; took charge of 
the Everett Mill carding room, Lawrence, 
Mass., 1860; became agt. for A. Campbell & 
Co., Phila., 1865; took charge of agency of 
Bates Mfg. Co., 1868; engaged directly in 
mfg. quilts, towels, etc., since 1887; pres. 
and dir. Barker Mills, Avon Mfg. Co., Lewis- 
ton Machine Co., Peoples Savings Bank; 
v.-p. and dir. Lewiston Machine Co.; agt. 
Lewiston Mfg. Co.; has held various pub. 
oftices; mem. com. to build city hall and 
Lev/iston water works. Republican, Uni- 
versalist. Mason; Odd Fellow. Mem. Lew- 
iston Bd. of Trade (1st pres.). Address- Lew- 
iston. Me. 

BARKER, Christopher F., physician; b. 
Middletown, R. I., Oct. 31, 1849; :r. Robinson 
P. and Julia A. (Peckham) B. ; A.B., Brown 
Univ.. 1875, A.M., 1878; M.D., Univ. Med. 
Coll. of New York, 1882; m. Middletown, May 
24, 1881, Helen E. Peckham. Has practiced 
in Newport, R. I., since 1882; visiting phy- 
sician and trustee Newport Hosp.; dir. 
Aquidneck Nat. Bank; maj. and surgeon 
Newport Arty. Co., since 1879; mem. Pub. 
Sch. Com. 18 yrs. (chmn. 12 yrs., to present 
time); mem. Newport Bd. of Health. Mem. 
Newport Med. Soc. (pres.), R. I. Med. Soc. 
(pres.), Am. Med. Assn., Am. Acad, of Med., 
Assn. Mil. Surgeons of U. S. Mason, K.T. 
Club: Miantonomi. Residence: 32 Bull St., 
Newport, R. I. 

BARKER, Elbridge Geri-y, lumber deal- 
er; b. Onondaga, N. Y.. June 5, 1850; s. 
George Humphrey and Eliza (Hayden) B.; 
grad. Commercial Inst., New Haven, Conn., 
1867; in. May 10. 1871, Alice M., d. Dr. J. T. 
and Catherine (Joiner) Schonwald, of Wil- 
mington. N. C. Engaged in cotton, naval 
stores and lumber business, Wilmington, 
N. C, 1868-88; removed to Woburn, Mass., 
and estaolished the Barker Lumber Co., 
1889. Mason, K.T. Unitarian. Address: Wo- 
burn, Mass. 

BARKER, Forrest Edson, lawyer; b. at 
Exeter, N. H., Sept. 29, 1853; .y. Josiah G. 
and Betsey (Kent) B. ; A.B., Wesleyan Univ. 
(Conn.), 1874; student 2 yrs. Boston Univ. 
Law Sch.; m. Aug. 11. 1881. Flora I., d. Eze- 
kiel and Mary (Janes) Hovey, of Worcester. 
Mem. Worcester Sch. Bd. 6 yrs.; representa- 
tive in Gen. Court of Mass., 1883, 1884; chmn. 
Rep. Congressional Dist. Com.; mem. Bd. of 




Gas & Elec. Light Com. since 1885 and chmn. 
since 1894; visited Europe, 1894 and 1896, 
studying lighting problems, by order Gen. 
Court of Mass. Mason of highest degree and 
life mem. Gen. Grand Council of U. S. and 
all the state grand bodies except grand 
commandery. Odd Fellow. Methodist. 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Clubs: Middlesex, Rep. of Mass., University 
(Boston); Wesleyan Univ. Alumni of N. E. 
(ex-pres.). Address: Worcester, Mass. 

BARKEJR, Harry Asaliel, surgeon; b. at 
Cuttingsville, Vt., Mar. 27, 1858; s. William 
Henry Harrison and Caro Frances (Finney) 
B.; A.B., Williams Coll., Wllllamstown, 
Mass., 1876; took one course of medical lec- 
tures in Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt. ; M.D., 
Med. Dept., Univ. City of New York, 1883; 
asst. house surgeon Manhattan Eye & Ear 
Hosp., New York. Asst. to Dr. Edward G. 
Loring, surgeon New York Eye and Ear In- 
firmary, 1884-8; attending surgeon Bellevue 
Hosp., Dept. Out-door Poor; attending sur- 
geon Univ. City of New York, Clinical Dept. ; 
asst. to chair of otology, Univ. City of New 
York; Instr. in ophthalmology. New York 
Polyclinic Med. Sch. and Hosp. ; clin. asst. 
New York Post Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp.; 
for 4 yrs., 1884-8, expert for New York Ele- 
vated Ry. COS.; removed to Burlington, Vt., 
1895; ophthalmologist to Fanny Allen Hosp., 
Winooskl Park, Vt., 1895-7. Mem. Burling- 
ton and Chittenden Co. Clin. Soc, Vt. State 
Med. Soc. Residence: 110 College St., Bur- 
lington, Vt. 

BARKER, Henry Ames, corp'n manager; 
b. Providence, R. I., Apr. 4, 1868; .y. Henry 
Rodman and Annie Cushman (Tripp) B. ; 
grad. Latin Dept., English and Classical 
Sch., Providence, and R. I. Sch. of Design; 
elk. Providence Mut. Ins. Co., 1888-91; Ph.B., 
Brown Univ., 1893. Sec, 1893-5, sec. and 
treas., 1895-7, sec, treas. and gen. mgr. since 
1897, also dlr. since 1901, R. I. Electric Pro- 
tective Co., pub. service electric, fire and 
burglar alarm office and standard time sys- 
tem; started movement for metropolitan 
park system in R. I., designing preliminary 
plans, etc.; sec. "Met. Park Comm'n of 
Providence Plantations" since its establish- 
ment by the state, 1905, also mem. Exec. 
Com.; treas. Pub. Park Assn. of R. I.; del. 
to various civic convs. for Am. Civic Assn., 
State of R. I., Providence Bd. of Trade, etc; 
mem. corp'n R. I. Sch. of Design. Mem. 
Am. Civic Assn., hdqrs. Phila. (v. -p., chmn. 
Dept. of Parks and Reservations, and chmn. 
sp'l com. on Nat. Forests), R. I. League of 
Improvement Socs. (com. chmn.). R. I. State 
Conservation Comm'n (chmn.), R. I. Chap- 
ter Am. Inst, of Architects, Nat. Municipal 
League, Am. Forestry Assn., Am. Geo- 
graphic Soc, Providence Bd. of Trade 
(chmn. publicity com.). Clubs: University, 
Providence Art, Squantum, Brown Union, 
Ninigret Country (pres.), Quacompaug 
Lodge (pres.), Pausacaco Lodge (pres.), 
Swastica Canoe, Providence Economic, R. I. 
Citizens' Hist. Assn., R. I. Business Men's 
Assn., Talma Club (v. -p. and stage dlr.). 
Republican. Recreations (and occasionally 
business): Architecture, especially theatri- 
cal, country house, municipal designing and 
civic art; stage productions and acting 
(about 200 productions, amateur and semi- 
professional); bicycling, canoeing, traveling; 

stereoptlcan discourses on civic art, rural 
improvement, country life, etc.; writing of 
pamphlets, booklets and mag. articles. Resi- 
dence: 93 Melrose St. Office: 32 Custom House 
St., Providence, R. I. 

BARKER, Jolin Marsball, clergyman, 
educator; b. Fredericktown, O., Oct. 1, 1849; 
s. Joseph N. and Nancy J. (Benedict) B. ; 
A. B., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1874, A. M., 
1877; B. D., Sch. Theology, 1877, Ph. D., 
Sch. of All Science, 1891, Boston Univ.; m. 
Wooster, O., July 3, 1877, Alice L. Bixler. 
Ordained to M. E. ministry, 1876; pastor 
Charlestown, Mass., 1876-7, Cambridge, 
Mass., 1877-8; missionary in Pachuca, Mex., 
1878-85; pastor Ellington, N. Y., 1885-7, Fre- 
donla, N. Y., 1887-9; prof, economics, Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ., 1889-99; prof, sociology, 
Boston Univ., since 1899. Club: Winship 
(Boston). Republican. Author: The Uses 
of Wealth, 1893 M4; Colleges In America, 
1895; History of Ohio Methodism, 1898 M4; 
The Saloon Problem and Social Reform, 
1905 E23. Residence: Newton Centre, Mass. 

BARKER, Lewis Appleton, lawyer; b. 
Bangor, Me., Jan. 15, 1878; 5. Lewis A. and 
Margaret Larch (Appleton) B.; student 
Brown Univ. and at Boston Univ. Law Sch., 
1897-8, 1898-9; LL.B., Univ. of Me. Law Sch., 
1900. Began practice at Bangor, 1900; mem. 
State Legislature, 1903, 1904. Republican. 
Mem. Penobscot Bar Assn., Theta Delta Chi, 
Elks (pres. Me. Elks Assn.). Club: Elks. 
Residence: 292 Hammond St. Office: 23 Ham- 
mond St., Bangor, Me. 

BARKER, Orville Anson, druggist and 
stationer; b. Taunton, Mass., June 17, 1840; 
5. Anson Josiah and Abby Taft (Burdon) B. ; 
A.M., Brown Univ., 1861; m. Taunton, Nov. 
27, 1866, Emma Clark Eddy. Served as pvt., 
2d It., 1st It., judge advocate, adj., capt., 
39th Mass. Vol. Inf., Civil War, 1862-5; began 
in druggist and stationery business at Taun- 
ton, June, 1865, firm established by his fa- 
ther, Feb., 1849; pres. A. J. Barker & Co., 
Taunton, Alkalol Co., Taunton, Mt. Hope 
Inn Co., Somerset, Mass.; treas. Morton 
Hosp., Taunton. Republican. Baptist. Mem. 
Loyal Legion, Sons of Revolution, G.A.R., 
AF. & A.M., Delta Kappa Epsilon. Address: 
Taunton, Mass. 

BARLOW, Jolin, educator; b. Amenia, N. 
Y., Nov. 28, 1872; s. Henry and Helen Cyth- 
era (Benton) B. ; B.S., Middlebury (Vt.) 
Coll., 1895; A.M.. Brown Univ., 1896. Prof, 
zoology, R. I. Coll. of Agr., since 1898. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Upsilon. Unitarian. 
Mason. Address: Kingston, R. I. 

BARLOW, Jolin Henry, Grand Sec. Grand 
Lodge of Conn., F. & A.M.; b. Rldgefield, 
Conn., Nov. 7, 1832; s. David Scott and Eliz- 
abeth (Abbott) B. : attended common schs., 
but largely self-educated; m. 1st, Newton, 
Conn., May 13, 1861, Emeline Gilbert Newton 
(died Nov. 1, 1875); in. 2d, Ansonia. Conn., 
May 29. 1877, Lina Ells (died Oct. 7, 1899). 
Was for 37 yrs. supt. of the Shelton Co.'s 
Lock Works, Shelton, Conn. ; resigned, 1891, 
and acted as fire and life ins. agt. 10 yrs. ; 
v.-p. Shelton Savings Bank; Grand Sec. 
Grand Lodge of Conn., F. & A.M., since Oct. 
1, 1894; Past Grand Master Grand Lodge of 
Conn. Republican. Episcopalian; sr. war- 
den Ch. of the Good Shepherd, Shelton. Odd 
Fellow. Residence: 19 Ashley St. Office: Ma- 
sonic Temple, Hartford, Conn. 




BARLOW, Jolm Whitney, soldier; b. at 
Perry, Wyoming Co., N. Y., June 26, 1838; s. 
:Nl'ehemiah and Orinda (Steel) B.; early ed'n 
in pub. schs. and an acad. of Wis. ; grad. U. 
S. Mil. Acad., 1861; m. 1st, Dee. 26, 1861, Hes- 
sie McNaughton Birnie, Washington; m. 2d, 
Sept. 17, 1902, Alice Stanton Turner, New 
London, Conn. Apptd. 2d It., 2d U. S. Art'y, 
May 6, 1861; 1st It., May 15, 1861; transferred 
to topog. eng'rs, July 24, 1862, to eng'rs, Mar. 
3, 1863; capt., July 3, 1863; maj., Apr. 23, 
1869; It. col., Mar. 19, 1884; col., May 10, 1895; 
brig. gen. and chief of eng'rs, U.S.A., May 
2, 1901; retired May 3, 1901, at ov/n request, 
after 40 yrs.' service. Bvtd. for gallant and 
meritorious services: capt.. May 27, 1862, 
battle of Hanover C. H., Va.; maj., July 22, 
1864, Atlanta campaign; It. col.. Mar. 13, 1865, 
battles before Nashville, Tenn. Was with, 
light battery at first Bull Run; with horse 
battery M, in Peninsular campaign; at York^ 
town, Williamsburg, Hanover C. H. (where 
recommended for medal of honor for holding 
in check, with one gun, a div. of the enemy) ; 
iu 7 days' battles before Richmond, notably 
Malvern Hill; afterwards with eng'r battal- 
ion, Army of the Potomac, building bridges, 
making roads, building block houses and 
erecting defensive works; in Ga. campaign, 
July 12- Aug. 27, chief eng'r 17th Army Corps; 
in charge defenses of Nashville, Nov., 1864, 
to Oct., 1865, etc. After war superintending 
eng'r in bldg. of Ft. Clinch, Fla., and Ft. 
Montgomery, N. Y. ; harbor improvements 
on Lake Champlain, and later at Chicago, 
New London, Conn., Milwaukee, Wis., Chat- 
tanooga, Nashville; engaged in original ex- 
plorations at headwaters of Yellowstone and 
Mississippi rivers, now Yellowstone Nat. 
Park; afterward in other important river 
and harbor work. Senior comm'r of U. S. 
in marking boundary between U. S. and 
Mexico, 1892-6; div. eng'r S. W. Div., for 
works of fortification and river improve- 
ment, and afterward of N. W. Div.; mem. of 
Bd. of Fortifications, U. S.; mem. and pres. 
of bds. of eng'rs in connection with various 
surveys and eng'ring operations. Mem. Assn. 
Graduates U. S. Mil. Acad., Mil. Service 
Inst'n of U. S.; Companion Loyal Legion; 
mem. Soc. Army of Potomac, Soc. of the 
Cumberland, Soc. of the Tennessee. Episco- 
palian. Republican. Clubs: New York Ath- 
letic, Nat. Arts, Army and Navy, Address: 
New London, Conn. 

BARNARD, Charles, writer, dramatist; b. 
Boston, Feb. 13, 1838; s. late Rev. Charles 
F. B. ; m. 1881, Mary E. Knight, New York. 
Has filled several editorial positions. Author: 
Knights of To-day; Cooperation as a Busi- 
ness; The Tone Masters; The Soprano; My 
Ten-Rod Farm; Tools and Machines, 1903 
S6; Light (with the late Prof. Meyer); The 
Door in the Book, R3; also The County 
Pair and other plays, contb'r to Century 
Dictionary and to leading mags, upon edn'l 
and scientific subjects; contributing editor 
Woman's Home Companion. Address: Dar- 
ien. Conn. 

BARNARD, Charles Alonzo, physician; 
b. Milledgeville, Ga., Aug. 16, 1S43; ,?. Louis 
W. and Jane (Nelson) Paine, of old Colonial 
stock, and adopted son of William H. and 
Nancy Crandall (Perry) B. ; grad. Provi- 
dence (R. I.) High Sch., 1864; M.D., Univ. 
of City of New York, 1879; m. 1st, Brooklyn, 

N. Y., Nov. 29, 1866, Matilda P. Roberts; m. 
2d, Providence, R, I., Sept. 6, 1881, Elizabeth 
T. Luther: m. 3d, Providence, June 9, 1892, 
Adelaide R. Mowry. In employ Mead, Lacey 
&, Co. (the second wholesale grocery house 
in America), New York, 1864-8; on account 
of health went to Kansas, and for 8 yrs. en- 
gaged successfully in farming and stock 
raising; studied medicine and began practice 
at Centerdale, R. I., 1879; dir. Taviche Gold 
Mining Co., Oaxaca Mines & Exploration 
Co., Don Alphonso Mines Co.; pres. and dir. 
Boston and Cumberland Oil Co.; was 1st It. 
Co. D, 1st Regt. R. I. Militia, 1864; elk. Sch. 
Bd., town of Johnston, 1897, 1898. Homoeo- 
path. Republican. Free Baptist (treas. and 
trustee Johnston Free Bapt. Ch.). Pres. R. 
I. Homoe, Soc, R. I. Medico-Legal Soc, 
Johnston Bd. of Health; mem. New York 
Medico-Legal Soc, Mass. Surg, and Gynecol. 
Soc. Mem. R. I. Sons Am. Revolution. Med. 
examiner 4th Dist., State of R. I.; med. ex- 
aminer United Workmen, etc. Address: Cen- 
terdale, R. I. 

BARNARD, Edward Herbert, artist; b. 
Belmont, Mass., July 10, 1855; j. Samuel and 
Sarah Ann (Crafts) B. ; prep, ed'n in pub. 
and pvt. schs.; student Mass. Inst. Tech., 
1873-4; studied art under John B. Johnson, 
Boston, 1876, Boston Mus. Fine Arts Sch., 
1877-80, Raphael Collin, Paris, France, 1887-8. 
Worked at stained glass (figure work), Bos- 
ton, 1882-5; instr. in drawing, Bradford 
Acad., Mass., 1892-1903; exhibited portraits 
in Salon, Paris, 1888-9, figure picture, Paris 
Exp'n, 1889; medal for portrait, Mass. Char- 
itable Mech. Exp'n, Boston, 1890, Landscape, 
1892, 2d Jordan prize, Boston, 1895; hon. 
mention Miss. Nat. Exp'n, 1897. Chib: St. 
Botolph. Address: Belmont, Mass. 

BARNES, Albert Mallard; A. B., Har- 
vard Univ., 1871. Sec and treas. Cambridge 
Gas Light Co. ; dir. Harvard Trust Co. Trus- 
tee Cambridge Pub. Library; trustee and 

, sec Bd. Dirs., Cambridge Hosp. Address: 
Cambridge, Mass. 

BARNES, Charles Benjamin, Jr., law- 
yer; b. Boston, Nov. 1, 1868; .y. Charles Ben- 
jamin and Clara Louisa (Page) B. ; A.B., 
Harvard, 1890; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1893; m. Phila., Nov. 17, 1897, Josephine Lea 
Low. Dir. Webster «& Atlas Nat. Bank, Bos- 
ton, Hingham Water Co.; referee in bank- 
ruptcy, 1898-1901; instr, in suretyship. Har- 
vard Law Sch., 1897-8; moderator Town of 
Hingham, and for many yrs. mem. Bd. of 
Health. Republican. Unitarian. Residence: 
Hingham, Mass. Office: 334 Tremont Bldg., 

BARNES, Charles P., lawyer; b. Houlton, 
Me., Oct. 12, 1869; .s. Francis and Isa A. 
(Putnam) B.; A.B., Colby Coll., Waterville, 
Me., 1892, A.M., 1893; m. Gorham, N. H., 
Aug. 19, 1896, Annie M. Richardson. Prin. 
schs. of Lisbon and Norway, Me., and Attle- 
boro, Mass., 1892-9; supt. schs. Norway since 
1899; admitted to bar, 1900, and has since 
practiced at Norway; co. atty. Oxford Co. 
since 1904. Republican. Baptist. Mason; 
men. Grange, Knights of Golden Eagle. 
Address: Norway, Me. 

BARNES, Frank Haslehnrst, physician; 
h. Mohawk, N. Y., June 17, 1872; s. Charles 
Tappan and Flora Ann B.; prep, ed'n, San- 
quoit Acad, and Utica Free Acad., to 1892; 
studied medicine under Dr. Aaron Osborne, 
~^2-3; M.D., New York Homoe. Coll., 1896; 




m. Stamford, Conn., Sept. 22, 1897, Ella Betts 
Jerman. Has practiced in Stamford, Conn., 
since 1896; owner since 1898, and physician 
in charge. Dr. Barnes' Sanitarium, for nerv- 
ous diseases and general invalidism; assess- 
or and mem. Seh. Bd., Stamford, Conn.; dir. 
Stamford Y.M.C.A. Republican. Presbyte- 
rian. Mem. Stamford Scientific and Hist, 
socs. Mason; mem. Odd Fellows, Royal Ar- 
canum. Clubs: Suburban, Yacht. Address: 
Stamford, Conn. 
BARNES, Harry Lee, physician; b. at 
Adams, Mass., Aug. 10, 1877; s. Rufus 
Thurston and Rhoda (Burnett) B. ; grad. Ad- 
ams (Mass.) High Sch., June 27, 1895; M.D., 
Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., .June 30, 1898. Asst. 
physician Danvers (Mass.) Insane Hosp., 
1899-1902; resident physician Annex Loomis 
Sanatorium, Liberty, N. Y., 1902-3; med. 
supt. Stony Wold Sanatorium, Kushaqua, 
N. Y., 1903-5; resident physician and supt. 
Rhode Island State Sanatorium since Oct. 1, 
1905. Mem. R. I. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., 
Am. Medico-Psychol. Assn., Am. Sanatorium 
Assn., Am. Climatol. Assn., Nat. Civic Fed- 
eration. Club: University. Contb'r to med. 
jours. Address: Wallum Lake, R. I. 

BARNES, Henry Ja.beK, physician; b. 
Northboro, Mass., Feb. 16, 1848; s. Dr. Hen- 
ry and Elizabeth (Ball) B. ; M.D., Harvard 
Med. Sch., 1872; m. Paris, France, 1880, Au- 
gustine Lelievre. Interne Boston City Hosp. ; 
surgeon Out-patient Dept., Boston City 
Hosp., 1873-4; mem. Internat. Congress of 
Hygiene, Paris, 1889; studied European wa- 
ter supplies and sewerage systems; instru- 
mental in obtaining sp'l comm'n to examine 
water supply of Boston, resulting in exca- 
vation of storage basins; long an advocate 
of utilization of sewage; introduced measure- 
to take street-sprinkling away from pvt. 
contractors and have work done by City of 
Boston. Prof, hygiene. Tufts Coll. Medical 
Sch. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Am. Med. 
Assn., A.P.H. Assn. Contb'r to sanitary and 
med. jours. Office: 429 Beacon St., Boston. 

BARNES, Lemuel Call, Bapt. clergyman; 
b. Kirtland, O., Nov. 6, 1854; s. Lemuel 
Munson and Rachel (Call) B.; grad. Kala- 
mazoo Coll., 1875 (D. D., 1896); grad. New- 
ton Theol. Inst'n, 1878 (D. D., Bucknell 
Univ., 1896); m. Weldon Creek, Mich., Jan. 
2, 1879, Mary Emelia Clark. In Bapt. min- 
istry from 1878; minister 1st Bapt. Ch., St. 
Paul, Minn., 1878-82; 4th Av. Bapt. Ch., 
Pittsburgh, Pa., 1882-7; 1st Bapt. Ch., New- 
ton, Mass., 1887-93; 4th Av. Ch., Pittsburgh, 
1893-1902; since 1902 1st Bapt. Ch., Worces- 
ter, Mass. Elected for. sec. Am. Bapt. Mis- 
sionary Union, 1891; since 1879 mem. bd. 
mgrs. Am. Bapt. Missionary Union. Pres. 
Federation of Churches, Pittsburgh, 1901-2; 
mem. A. A. A. S. ; dept. sec. Religious 
Ed'n Assn.; dir. Northern Bapt. Ed'n Soc; 
drafted const'n of Gen. Conv. of Baptists 
of N. America, organized St. Louis, May 
17, 1905. Author: Two Thousand Years of 
Missions Before Carey, 1901; also mono- 
graphs and rev. articles. Trustee Newton 
Theol. Inst'n. Address: Worcester, Mass. 

BARNES, Noi'man Atlelbert; h. Marion, 
Conn., Aug. 18, 1843; ^. Joel H. and Anna B. 
(Clark) B. ; ed. common schs. and Lewis 
Acad.; m. Southington, Conn., Oct. 9, 1873, 
Alice B. Bradley. Taught sch. for several 

yrs. ; elk. in store of Amon Bradley & Co., 
Southington; mem. M. N. Woodruff & Co., 
1866-8; sec. and treas. Aetna Nut Co., 1868- 
72; engaged in manufacture velocipedes, and 
for 5 yrs. was accountant for firm of Will- 
iam Konold & Bro., Simsbury; in employ of 
George W. M. Reed & Co., New Haven, 
1873-8; sec. and treas. Atwater Mfg. Co., 
Southington, 1878-1907; mem. Bd. of Ed'n, 
1894-8. Democrat. Baptist. Mason. Address: 
Southington, Conn. 
BARNES, Sarah Dyer, educator; b. John- 
ston, R. I.; d. Andrew J. and Lydia B. 
(Dyer) B. Prin. Manton Av. Grammar Sch., 
Providence, R. I., IY2 yrs.; supt. pub. schs., 
Johnston, R. I., 2 yrs.; asst. supt. schs., 
Providence, since 1898. Residence: 204 Green- 
ville Av., Johnston, H. I. 

BARNES, Stephen Goodyear, clergy- 
man; b. Perth Amboy, N. J., Apr. 2, 1853; 5. 
Joshua Edward and Elizabeth (Woodbridge) 
B.; A. B., 1873, Ph. D., 1878, Litt. D., 18y0, 
Lafayette Coll., Pa.; student Andover 
Theol. Sem., 1878-9; grad. Hartford Theol. 
Sem., 1892; (D. D., Iowa Coll., 1896); 
m. Grinnell, la., June 14, 1881, Hannah W. 
Magoun. Prof. English literature, Iowa 
Coll., 1873-91; ordained to Cong'l ministry, 
1881; pastor Longmeadow, Mass., 1891-1900; 
coll. pastor and dean theol. dept., Fisk 
Univ., Tenn., 1900-2; pastor S. Cong'l Ch., 
St. Johnsbury, Vt., since 1902; lecturer on 
theology, Hartford Theol. Sem., 1902. 
Writer of various articles for religious 
periodicals. Address: St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

BARNES, Thomas H., teacher; b. Wal- 
tham, Mass., Aug. 24, 1831; s. Thomas and 
Adaline (Lawrence) B. ; grad. Bridgewater 
Normal Sch., Mass.; (A.M., Tufts College, 
1905); m. Salem, Mass., 1860, Louisa J. Var- 
ney. Began teaching at Lexington, Mass., 
1853; is now master Gaston School, Boston. 
Republican. Universalist. Mem. Boston Mas- 
ters' Assn., Mass. Sch. Masters' Club, Am. 
Inst. Instr'n, N.E.A. Mason. Club: (social) 
Citizens' Assn. Address: 773 Broadway, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

BARNES, William, lawyer; b. Pompey, N. 
Y., May 26, 1824; ed. public school and Man- 
lius Acad.; studied law in various offices; 
admitted to N. Y. bar, 1846, at Utica; m. 
1st, July 10, 1849, Emily P., d. Thurlow 
Weed (died, Feb., 1889); 2nd, June 1, 1891, 
Mrs. Lizzie Balmer Williams, of San Fran- 
cisco. Was long special counsel bank de- 
partment. State of N. Y. ; one of organiz- 
ers Saratoga Springs Conv., held Aug., 1854 
(probably 1st state conv. ever held by Rep. 
party); organized New State Kan. Com., 
1856, and 2 Nat. Kan. convs., at Cleveland 
and Buffalo; first supt. of ins. of N. Y., 
1860-70; apptd. by Pres. Grant, 1872, U. S. 
del. to Internat. Statist. Congress at St. Pet- 
ersburg, Russia; was presented by the Czar, 
Alexander 11, with a diamond ring with the 
imperial monogram as a souvenir of ser- 
vices at this Congress, and was apptd. mem. 
of Permanent Comm'n; hon. fellow Royal 
Statist. Soc, London; 1st pres. Soc of Med- 
ical Jurisprudence, New York: special 
counsel for city of New York in Astor and 
other cases against city for vacation of as- 
sessments, 1874; specialist in ins. law; su- 
perintended compilation sixteen vols, of 
ins. statistics and edited 1st N. Y. State 




life ins. valuation tables and condensed ins. 
reps. Mem. Albany Inst., Law Inst., Am. 
Geog. Soc, State Bar Assn., Am. Soc. In- 
ternat. Law, etc. Address: 0' Conor-Barnes, 
Homestead On-the-Cliff, Nantucket Island, 

BARNES, William Alstine, electrician, 
b. Plainville, Conn., May 31, 1843; .y. William 
Bainbridge and Irene (Sn^ith) B. ; ed. pub. 
schs., Wolcott, Whitneyville, Stafford, and 
Forestville, Conn., and high sch., Bristol, 
Conn.; studied chemistry and science under 
Prof. N. S. Manross, of Amherst; m. Water- 
bury, Conn., Aug. 29, 1869, Elizabeth Or- 
misher. Was with Maxim in his early experi- 
ments and later set up the dynamos on the 
Brooklyn Bridge; wired and set first lighting 
of Jersey City ferry boats; wired capitol at 
Albany, the steamer Guiding Star, at Cincin- 
nati, which conveyed a Congressional com. 
on examination of Mississippi River almost 
its whole length; also wired Cincinnati Com- 
mercial Gazette office and much other pio- 
neer work, Including 1st electric lights in 
Richmond, Va. ; originator of perforated 
sheet music; supt. fire Telegraph, Bridge- 
port, since 1886. Mason; mem. Order of 
Eastern Star, S.A.R. Address: 535 Seaview 
Av., Bridgeport, Conn. 

BARNEY, Charles Neal, lawyer; b. Lynn, 
Mass., June 27, 1875; .y. William M. and 
Mary L. (Neal) B.; A.B., Tufts Coll., 1895; 
LL.B., Boston Univ., 1898; admitted to bar, 
1898; m. Maiden, Mass., June 27, 1901, Maizie 
Blaikie. Practiced in office with F. N. Nay, 
Boston, 1898-1900; formed partnership with 
Henry T. Lummus (now judge Lynn Police 
Court) Lynn, 1900; mem. Lynn City Council, 
1900, 1901, 1903, 1904; receiver Nantucket Gas 
and Electric Co., 1905; mayor of Lynn, 1906, 
1907; trustee Commonwealth Savings Bank; 
trustee Tufts Coll.; lecturer on equity, Bos- 
ton Evening Law Sch., since 1907. Mem. 
Lynn Hist. Soc. (councillor). Phi Beta Kap- 
pa (Tufts Coll.), Theta Delta Chi, A.P. & 
A.M., K. of P. Republican. Universalist. 
Clubs: Boston City (Boston); Oxford (Lynn). 
Address: Lynn, Mass. 

BARNEY, Charles Oscar, editor and pub- 
lisher; b. Orange, N. H., July 21, 1844; s. 
Aaron and Sarah Ann (Chase) B. ; ed. Graf- 
ton Select Sch. and Canaan Union Acad.; m. 
Enfield, N. H., July, 1874. Mary E. Wil- 
marth. Established Canaan Reporter, 1867; 
the oldest publisher in yrs. in service in 
N. H.; elk. and dir. Crystal Lake Water Co.; 
mem. N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1901; sp'l justice, 
Canaan Police Court, for many yrs. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Mem. K. of P. (Grand 
Chancellor, N. H., 1901), Grange. Address: 
Canaan, N. H. 

BARNEY, Milo Wells, banker; b. East 
Brookfield, Mass., Jan. 14, 1866; s. Rev. Miles 
R. and Anne (Lord) B-; removed with par- 
ents to Swanton, Vt., 1872; ed. S wanton 
Acad. ; m. iSwanton, 1893, Clara L. Tupper. 
Mfr. of marble since 1888; treas. Swanton 
Savings Bank & Trust Co. ; selectman since 
1903; mem. Vt. Senate, 190E. Republican. 
Methodist. Address: Swanton, Vt. 

BARNEY, Samuel Eben, college prof.; b. 
New Haven, Conn., Jan. 16, 1859; .y. Samuel 
Eben and Eunice (Whittlesey) B. ; Ph.B., 
Sheffield Scientific Sch., Yale, 1879, C.E., 
1885; m. New Haven. July 8, 1884, Ida E. 
Bushnell. Mem. eng'r corps, Burlington & 

Mo. River R. R., 1879-80; in charge of ex- 
ploration surveys in Rocky Mountains, same 
ry., 1880-1; locating eng'r with eng'ring 
corps. Union Pacific Ry., 1881-3; returned to 
New Haven, 1884, as instr. in civ. eng'ring, 
Sheffield Scientific Sch.; asst. prof., same, 
since 1895. Episcopalian. Mem. A.A.A.S., 
Conn. Civ. Eng'rs, Conn. Acad, of Science, 
Sigma Xi. Clubs: Graduates', Yale. Address: 
346 Whitney Av., New Haven, Conn. 
BARNEY, Walter Hammond, lawyer; b. 
Providence, R. I., Sept. 20, 1855; j?. Josiah 
Kent and Susan Hunt (Hammond) B. ; ed. 
pub. schs.. Providence and Silver City, Nev. ; 
grad. Mowry & Goff English and Classical 
Sch., Providence, 1872; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1876, A.M., 1879; m. Providence, June 21, 1882, 
Sarah L. Walker. Studied law in office of 
Colwell & Colt; admitted to R. I. bar, 1879; 
practiced with Hon. Francis Colwell (Col- 
well & Barney), 1882-95, with Samuel Norris, 
Jr. (Barney & Norris), 1896-9, since with 
Hon. Thomas Z. Lee (Barney & Lee), spe- 
cializing in equity and corp'n law; v. -p. and 
dir. Ring Paper Clip Co. ; sec. and dir. Ready 
Index €o.; dir. R. I. Electric Protective Co.; 
mem. R. I. Legislature, 1888, 1889; mem. 
Common Council, Providence, 1891-7, Sch. 
Com., 1890-1903 (pres., 1891-1903). Republic- 
an. Methodist. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., R. I. 
Bar Assn., Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Theta Pi. 
Beta Theta Pi Alumni Assn. of Providence 
(pres.). Beta Theta Pi Assn., Inc. (pres.). 
Providence. Clubs: University, Pomham, 
Narragansett Whist of Providence (pres.), 
Edgewood Yacht, R. I. Automobile; Am. 
Whist (Boston); The Whist (New York); Al- 
bany Chess and Whist (Albany, N. Y.). 
Recreation: Whist; one of the organizers of 
Am. Whist League, its 1st sec, 1891-5, v.-p. 
1895-6, pres. 1896-7, since mem. Exec. Com. ; 
1st pres. N. E. Whist Assn., 1893-6; hon. 
mem. N. Y. State Whist Assn., Woman's 
Whist League. Residence: 250 Washington 
Av. Office: Industrial Trust Bldg., Provi- 
dence. R. I. 

BARNICOAT, Frederick, sculptor; b. at 
Penryn, Cornwall, Eng., Apr. 7, 1856; s. 
Thomas P. and Emma (Curdew) B.; common 
sch. ed'n; arrived in America, 1880; m. 
Westerly, R. I., May 24, 1881, Mary M. Law- 
ry. Learned trade of granite cutting in Eng. 
and worked as granite carver and statue cut- 
ter in Westerly, R. I., and Cambridge, 
Mass.; located in Quincy, Mass., 1886; in 
granite statuary business since 1888; also 
treas. Crumb Quarry Co., Inc., owners of 
A. G. Crumb Quarry. Mason; mem. Sons 
of St. George. Address: 1 Independence Av., 
Quincy, Mass. 

BARNUM, Charles W., iron manufacturer; 
b. Lime Rock, Conn., Oct. 30, 1853; s. Will- 
iam H. and Charlotte A. (Burrall) B. ; ed. 
pub. and select schs.; m. May 27, 1875, Mary 
Nichols. V.-p. and dir. Barnum, Richardson 
Co.; v.-p. Barnum-Richardson Mfg. Co., 
Chicago; dir. Ry. Steel Spring Co., of New 
" ork, N. E. Lime Co., Canaan Nat. Bank. 
Mem. Conn. Senate, 1907-8. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Address: Lime Rock, Salis- 
bury, Conn. 

BARNUM, Eli C, mgr. Naugatuck Water 
Co.; b. E. Kent, Conn., Dec. 14, 1844; .y. 
Beecher and Sophia (Comes) B.; common 
sch. ed'n; m. Naugatuck, Conn., Dec. 29, 
1868, Eliza J. Ward. Clk. in store, 1861-9; 
associated with C. A. Hotchkiss and bought 




out the business, continuing 1869-73; pur- 
chased interest of partner, 1873, and contin- 
uing in charge until 1893, when sold out and 
has since devoted attention to water busi- 
ness; sec, treas. and gen. mgr. Naugatuck 
Water Co. Address: Naugatuck, Conn. 
BARR, Franlt, ry. official; b. Nashua, N. 
H. ; s. John N. and Mary A. (French) B.; 
pub. sch. ed'n; m. Nov. 11, 1875, Alace J. 
Cooper. In various positions on Worcester 
& Nashua R. R., 1869-92; supt. Worcester, 
Nashua & Portland div., 1893-6, asst. gen. 
mgr., 1896-1903, 3d v. -p. and gen. mgr., since 
1903, B. & M. R. R. Residence: Winchester, 
Mass, Office : B. & M. R. R., Boston. 

BARR, Thomas Francis, brig.-gen. U. 
S. A.; b. W. Cambridge (now Arlington), 
Mass., Nov. 18, 1837; 6-. Thomas and Jean 
B. ; ed. Lowell, Mass. ; studied law, ad- 
mitted to Mass. bar, Oct., 1859; m. Lyme, 
N. H., Sept. 9, 1863, Julia Maria Minot 
Chase. Entered U. S. civil service in Wash- 
ington, June, 1861; resigned Oct., 1864; 
practiced law in D. C. ; apptd. maj. and 
judge advocate vols., Feb. 26, 1865; trans- 
ferred to regular army Feb. 25, 1867; pro- 
moted It. -col. and deputy judge advocate- 
gen. July 5, 1884; promoted col. and asst. 
judge adv.-gen. Aug. 3, 1895; apptd. judge 
adv.-gen. May 21, 1901, with rank of brig.- 
gen.; retired from active service. May 22, 
1901. Comm'r U. S. Mil. prison, Ft. Leav- 
enworth, Kan., 1873-94; mil. sec. to Sees, of 
War, Ramsey, Lincoln, Endicott and Proc- 
tor; judge advocate in many important 
court-martial cases, notably those of Gen. 
Innis N. Palmer; Maj. Marcus A. Reno, 
Maj. Charles B. Throckmorton, and Capt. 
Oberlin M. Carter. Residence: Lyme, N. H. 

BARRELIi, Joseph, geologist; b. at New 
Providence, N. J., Dec. 15, 1869; s. Henry 
Ferdinand and Elizabeth (Wisner) B. ; B.S., 
Lehigh Univ., S. Bethlehem, Pa., 1892, E.M., 

1893, M.S., 1897; Ph.D., Yale, 1900; m. S. 
Bethlehem, Dec. 27, 1902, Lena Hopper Bai- 
ley. Pub. sch. teacher, 1886-7; instr. in min- 
ing and metallurgy, Lehigh Univ., 1893-7; 
asst. mining eng'r, Lehigh Valley (3oal Co., 

1894, Butte & Boston, and Boston & Montana 
Mining cos., Butte, Mont., 1897-8; field asst. 
U. S. Geol. Survey, 1899-01; asst. prof, of 
geology, Lehigh Univ., and in charge of 
Dept. of Natural Sciences, 1900-03; asst. 
prof, geology, 1903-08, prof, structural geol- 
ogy, since 1908, Yale. Fellow A.A.A.S., Geol. 
Soc. of America; mem. Conn. Acad, of Sci- 
ences. Has written numerous papers on 
mine surveying, and reports on geology pub, 
by U. S. Geol. Survey, Am. Jour, of Science, 
Jour, of Geology, etc. Residence: 85 Avon St., 
New Haven, Conn. 

BARRETT, Franklin Ripley, banker, 
retired; b. Portland, Me., Jan. 21, 1835; .y. 
Charles E. and Elizabeth M. (Baker) B., and 
descendant of James B., Charlestown, Mass., 
1643; prep, ed'n, Portland Acad.; A.B., 
Brown Univ., 1857; m. Portland, Aug. 15, 
1872, Mary D. Boyd, who died Mar. 8, 1878; 
again, July 12, 1905, Lucia Wadsworth Long- 
fellow. Began active career as elk in office 
of local treas. Grand Trunk Ry. ; mem. firm 
of Swan & Barrett, 1875-7; elected dir. Port- 
land Savings Bank, 1882, and served as pres., 
1891-1901; dir. Canal Nat'l Bank; sec. and 
treas. Me. Gen. Hosp., 1881-1907. Unitarian. 

Mem. Me. Hist. Soc, Portland Soc. Nat. 
Hist., N. E. Hist.-Geneal. Soc. Clubs: Cum- 
berland, Union (Boston), University (Nev/ 
York). Address: Portland, Me. 

BARRETT, Uarrisoi) D., president Nat. 
Spiritual Assn., since l:-i'j:i; b. Canaan, Me., 
April 26, 1863; s. Levi P. and Lucetta .J. 
(Merrow) B.; attended Bloomfield Acad., 
Lewiston (Me.) High School; grad. Meadville 
Theol. Sem., 1889; m. Oct. 13, 1897, Marguer- 
ite Coffyn. Taught common sch. 12 terms; 
prin. public sch., Spartansburg, Pa., 3 yrs. ; 
7 summers, chmn. Cassadaga Spiritualist 
Camp Assn. Author: Cassadaga, Its History 
and Teaching; Life of Cora L. V. Richmond. 
Lectured throughout U. S. Editor Banner ot 
Light, 1897-1904. Home: Canaan, Me. Ad- 
dress: 600 Pa. Av. S. E., Washington. 

BARRETT, James Timothy, contractor; 
b. Pluckanes, Donoughmore, Co. Cork, Ire- 
land, Feb. 10, 1870; s. Timothy and Julia 
(Sheehan) B. ; ed. National Sch., Ireland; 
arrived in America, 1891; m. Jamaica Plain, 
Mass., Apr. 24, 1905, Mary E. Brady. Has 
been engaged in contracting business at 
Cambridge, Mass., since 1900; mem. Cam- 
bridge Common Council, 1898-1900, Bd. of 
Aldermen, 1901, 1902, 1903; mem. Mass. Ho. 
of Rep., 1905, 1908; traveled through princi- 
pal countries of Europe, 1900, studying poli- 
tical conditions, the result being pub. in 
Cambridge Times and later in book form; 
visited Great Britain and Ireland again in 
1905 for study. Democrat. Roman Catholic. 
Mem. Order of Alhambra, Knights of Colum- 
bus, A.O.H., B.P.O.E., M.C.O.F. I.N.F., U. 
I.L., Cambridge Bd. of Trade. Res-dencc: 97 
Otis St. Office: 619-629 Cambridge St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

BARRETT, Otis \¥arren, agriculturist; 
b. Clarendon, Vt., April 18, 1872; s. James 
and Alice W. (Kelley) B. ; ed. Vt. Acad, and 
Burr and Burton Sem.; entered Vt. Univ., 
1892; certificate of proficiency in modern lan- 
guages, same, June, 1896; m. Albany, N. Y., 
April 27, 1898, Bessie Lou Stearns, Ph.B. In 
Jamaica, 1894, in employ of West India Im- 
provement Co.; traveled in Mexico, 1897; 
lived in Mexico, May, 1898, to Oct., 1900; 
apptd., Oct., 1898, traveling agt. of the 
comm'n for the Mexican exhibit of Paris 
Exp'n of 1900; hon. curator entom. collec- 
tions of the Museo de la Comision Geogra- 
fico-Exploradora at Tacubaya, Federal Dist., 
Mexico, July, 1898, to Oct., 1900; entomolo- 
gist and botanist to P. R. Agr'l Expt. Sta., 
1901-3; plant introducer. Office Seed and 
Plant Introduction and Distribution, U. S. 
Dept. Agr., since July, 1905; specially com- 
m'd by Agr'l Soc. of Trinidad and Tobago, 
B. W. I., to report upon Cacao diseases in 
Trinidad, June-Dec, 1907. Mem. Vt. Bot. 
Club, Washington Bot. Soc, Entomol. Soc. 
of Washington. Collected economic plants 
in Venezuela and British W. I., for P. R. 
Expt. Sta., 1903. Author: The Changa, or 
Mole Cricket in Porto Rico, 1902 US; The 
Yautias, or Taniers, of Porto Rico, 1905 US; 
also numerous scientific articles in entom. 
and bot. mags, and other pubis, of Mexico, 
W. I., and U. S. Home: N. Clarendon, Vt, 
Address: U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington. 

BARRETT, Richard Fay, insurance; b. 
Concord, Mass., Aug. 4, 1848; .y. Richard and 
Lois Jane (Wheeler) B.; ed. Concord pub, 
schs.; m. Cora Belle Rice, of Concord, Dec. 




26, 1872. Pres. and treas. Middlesex Mut. 
Fire Ins. Co.; v. -p. Concord Nat. Bank. 
Chmu. Bd. Dirs. Concord Municipal Light 
Bd. ; trustee Pub. Library, etc. Served pvt. 
to capt. 5th Regt. Mass. Militia.; col. on staff 
Gov. Ames, 1887-9; insp. on staff Gov. Brack- 
ett. Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1891-2. Repub- 
lican. Unitarian. Clubs: Algonquin, Boston 
Athletic. Address: Concord, Mass. 

BARRETT, Thomas, retired contractor; b. 
Castle Island, County Kerry, Ireland, Feb. 
23, 1830; s. Thomas and Johanna (Connors) 
B.; ed. in schs. in Ireland; came to Worces- 
ter, Mass., 1850; m. Johanna, d. Daniel and 
Ellen (Bresnihan) McGillicuddy, of Worces- 
ter. Worked as stonernason, bricklayer and 
plasterer, 1850-56; contractor and builder in 
Worcester and adjoining counties in Mass., 
1856-1905; v. -p. Bay State Savings Bank. 
Mem. Worcester Co. Mechanics' Assn., Wor- 
cester Bd. of Trade, Builders' Exchange. 
Trustee St. Vincent's Hosp. Catholic. Ad- 
dress: 41 Wellington St., Worcester, Mass. 

BARRETT, Thomas James, dental sur- 
geon; b. Hartford, Conn., Nov. 15, 1864; s. 
Thomas and Johanna (McGillicuddy) B.; ed. 
pub. and high schs., Worcester, Mass.; D.D. 
S., Pa. Coll. Dental Surgery, 1885; m. June 
5, 1900, Ellen Mary Kidney, of New York. 
Engaged in practice since 1885; mem. State 
Bd. of Registration of Dentistry, since 1892. 
Trustee Bay State Savings Bank and mem. 
Bd. Investment; trustee and mem. ex. com. 
St. Vincent's Hosp.; dir. Pub. Lib. for 6 yrs. 
and pres. of the bd. most of the time. Mem. 
Nat. Assn. Dental Examiners (pres.), North- 
Eastern Dental Assn. of N. E. (pres.), N. E. 
Assn. of Dental Examiners (ex-pres.), Mass. 
Dental Soc. Mem. at large Dem. State Com.; 
alderman, 1898-1899, minority leader of the 
bd. Mem. St. Paul's R. C. Ch. Clubs: Wa- 
piti Boat (ex-pres.), Washington Social (ex- 

• pres.), Clover (Boston), Elks. Residence: 
Wellington St. Office: 492 Main St., Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

BARROWS, Anna, educator; b. Fryeburg, 
Me. ; d. George Bradley and Georgian? 
(Souther) B.; ed. Fryeburg Acad., Boston 
Cooking Sch., 1886. Was teacher pub. schs. 
in Me. and N. H. ; teacher of cookery North 
Bennet St. Industrial Sch., Boston, 1886-91, 
and Sch. of Domestic Science, Boston, 1891-5, 
Lasell Sem., Auburndale, Mass., 1891-1900, 
Robinson Female Sem., Exeter, N. H., 1895- 
1905; lecturer Coll. of Agr., Ithaca, N. Y., 
1906-7, Chautauqua (N. Y.) Sch. of Domestic 
Science, etc., since 1900; instr. Teachers 
Coll., Columbia Univ., since 1905; has given 
many lectures on cooking and other phases 
of domestic science before women's clubs, 
schools and agr'l socs. Mem. N. B. Wom- 
en's Press Assn., Boston Sch. Bd., 1900-3, 
Mass. Federation Women's Clubs (chmn. 
Household Econs., 1904-7), Gen. Federation 
Women's Clubs (Com. Household Econs., 
1904-6). Congregationalist. Has published 
books on "Eggs," "Principles of Cooking," 
etc. Writes for agr'l, religious and house- 
hold periodicals. Address: Teachers College, 
Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 

BARROWS, Charles Henry, lawyer; b. 
Springfield, Mass.. Aug. 4, 1853; .y. Charles 
and Lydia (Smith) B. ; A. B., Harvard, 
1876; LL. B., Harvard Law Sch., 1878; m. 
Springfield, Sept. 19, 1889, Jeanie Elizabeth 
Rayner. Practiced in Springfield, since 

1879. Pres. Internat. Y. M. C. A. Training 
Sch., Springfield, 1894-8. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa. Author: The Personality of Jesus, 
1906 H5. Address: Springfield, Mass, 

BARROWS, Chester W^illard, lawyer; b. 
Woonsocket, R. I., July 4, 1872; s. William 
G. and Lydia S. (Willard) B. ; A.B., Brown 
Univ., 1895; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1898; 
.admitted to bar, 1898; m. Providence, R. I., 
June 21, 1899, Mary Etta Crossley. Practiced, 
Providence, since 1898; instr. in law. Brown 
Univ., 1899-03; U. S. referee in bankruptcy, 
since 1900; mem.. R. I. State Bd. Bar Exam- 
iners, since 1900; mem. law firm of Little- 
field & Barrows since 1901; pres. Edgewood 
Free Pub. Library Assn. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mason; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 
Upsilon, R. I. and American Bar Assns. 
Clubs: Edgewood Yacht, Edgewood Tennis. 
Residence: 1874 Broad St. Office: 87 Weybosset 
St., Providence, R. I. 

BARROWS, Elmer Ashley, physician; b. 
Hartland, Vt, Dec. 27, 1870; s. Frederick. H. 
and Marrietta (Van Cor) B.; ed. pub. schs., 
Sharon, Vt. ; M.D., Dartmouth Med. Coll., 
1900; m. North Easton, Mass., Dec. 21, 1897, 
Alice M. Litchfield. Head physician for Vt. 
Modern Woodmen of Am., since 1903; health 
oflftcer, Hartford, since 1904; mem. Vt. Ho. 
Rep., 1906. Republican. Mem. White River 
and Vt. State Med. assns. Mason; mem. I. 
0.0. F., Modern Woodmen of America. Ad- 
dress: Hartford, Vt. 

BARROIJV^S, Harold Kilbrith, civ. eng'r; 
b. Melrose, Mass., Nov. 9, 1873; s. Cyrus M. 
and Augusta (Kilbrith) B. ; C.E., Mass. Inst. 
Tech., 1895; m. Oldtown, Me., Feb. 11, 1907, 
Mabel R. Jordan. In city eng'rs office, New- 
ton, Mass., 1895-9; with Metropolitan Water 
Bd., Boston, 1899-1901; asst. and asso. prof, 
civ. eng'ring, Univ. of Vt;, 1901-4; dist. 
eng'r, U. S. Geol. Survey for New England 
and New York, 1904-7; consulting eng'r since 
1907. Mem. Am. Soc. C. E. Residence: Win- 
chester, Mass. Office: 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

BARROW^S, John Stuart, newspaper- 
man; b. Fryeburg, Me., Mar. 31, 1865; s. 
George Bradley and Georgiana (Souther) 
B.; studied at Bowdoin Coll., Brunswick, 
Me., Lowell Sch. of Design, Boston; pupil 
of Tomasso Juglaris in his studio in Boston, 
1887. Learned printer's trade on Oxford Co. 
Record, Fryeburg, 1887; asso. editor Congre- 
gationalist, Boston, 1891; reporter, artist, art 
editor, asst. to mng. editor, Sunday editor, 
news editor, asst. dramatic editor, Boston 
Journal, 1892-1903; became connected with 
Publicity Bureau, Boston, 1903; asst. sec. 
Com. of One Hundred for Reciprocity, 1904; 
asso. editor Boston Transcript since Feb., 

1905. Enlisted in Troop A, 1st Squadron 
Cav., Mass. Vol. Militia, Boston, Apr. 21, 
1896, 2nd It., .May 21, 1905, 1st It., May 22, 

1906. Republican. Congregationalist. Mem. 
Soc. Colonial Wars, S.A.R., S.R., Bowdoin 
Chapter Alpha Delta Phi, A.F. & A.M., Nat. 
Lancers. Clubs: Newspaper, Press Rifle Assn. 
Residence: 98 Gainsborough St. Office: Boston 
Transcript, Boston. 

BARROWS, Mai*y (Miss), publisher; b. at 
Fryeburg, Me., Nov. 22, 1869; d. George 
Bradley and Georgiana (Souther) B.; grad. 
Fryeburg Acad., 1886; A.B., Wellesley Coll., 
1890. Proof reader Riverside Press, 1891-2; 
church news editor The Congregationalist, 




1892-4; asst, editor Am. Kitchen Mag., 1894- 
1904; mem. jRrm of Whitcomb & Barrows, 
pubs, and retail booksellers, specializing in 
home economics, organized, Apr., 1904. Con- 
gregationalist. Residence: 98 Gainsborough 
St. Office: Huntington Chambers, Boston. 

BARROWS, Roswell S., real estate; b. at 
Providence, R. I., June 11, 1848; .y. E. S. and 
Maria (Searls) B. ; ed. pub. and high schs.. 
Providence; m. Providence, 1872, Maria L. 
Baker. In real estate and ins. business, 
Jamaica Plain and Boston, since 1872; propr. 
Jamaica Plain-Roslindale and West Roxbury 
News, 1881-1900; dir. West Roxbury Coop- 
erative Bank, Washingtonian Home; trustee 
Jamaica Plain Real Estate Trust. Repub- 
lican. Mason. Clubs: Eliot, Central. Resi- 
dence: 32 Burroughs St., Jamaica Plain, 
Mass. Office: Jamaica Plain and 258 Wash- 
ington St., Boston. 

BARRtJS, George Hale, mech. eng'r. ; b. 
Goshen, Mass., July 11, 1854; s. Hiram and 
Augusta (Stone) B.; S.B., Mass. Inst. Tech- 
nology, 1874; m. Oct. 2, 1897, Louise C, d. 
Dyer and Louise (Burnett) Williams, of 
Syracuse, N. Y. Asst. in the design and 
constr'n, steam eng'ring laboratory, Mass. 
Inst. Technology, 1874-5; expert and con- 
sulting steam eng'r, Boston, since 1875; in- 
ventor of several forms of steam calori- 
meter, a coal calorimeter, draught gauge 
and steam boiler. Judge of exhibits Mass. 
Charitable Mechanic Assn. ; judge Franklin 
Inst. Elec. Exh'n, Phila., Pa.; Mass. judge 
power exhibits World's Columbian Exp'n. 
Mem. Gov't Advisory Board on Tests of 
Fuels and Structural Materials; mem. Am. 
Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Soc. of Naval Architects 
and Marine Eng'rs; Boston Soc. Civ. Eng'rs; 
N. E. Water Works Assn. C/wfe^; Engineers', 
Technology, Allston Golf. Residence: 180 
Winchester St., Brookline, Mass. Office: 302 
Pemberton Bldg., Boston. 

BARRY, Edward P., lawyer, editor; b. at 
South Boston, Nov. 28, 1864; ed. public and 
high schs. and Boston Univ. Law Sch. Early 
learned newspaper business, and for 20 yrs. 
was reporter and editor, principally Boston 
Herald. Mem. Boston Common Council, 
1889-90; mem. Governor's Council, 1907-1908; 
for many yrs. identified with athletics in 
New England. Residence: 59 Thomas Park. 
Office: 4 P. O. Sq., S. Boston. 

BARRY, Etlieldred Breeze, artist, au- 
thor; b. Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 26, 1870. 
Illustrator children's books and designer 
The Church Kalendar; published yearly by 
Taber Prang Co. since 1889. Author: Little 
Tong's Mission, 1899 E3; The Countess of 
the Tenements, 1900 E3; Miss De Peyster's 
Boy, 1902 C7; Little Dick's Christmas, 1903 
E3; What Paul Did, 1904 E3. Contb'r chil- 
dren's stories to various mags. Address: 
Arlington Heights, Mass. 

BARRY, Fredei'icli, educator, composer: 
b. Lynn, Mass., Feb., 1876; 5. Eugene and 
Lucy A. (Wyman) B. ; grad. Harvard, A. 
B., 1897; sp'l studies in chemistry and in 
music under Dr. J. K. Paine, Harvard; un- 
married. Teacher of chemistry and mathe- 
matics, Mich. Mil. Acad, and Detroit Univ. 
Sch., 1899-1903. Composer: The Alcayde 
(comic opera), first prod. Chicago, 1906. 
Songs: Four Songs for Low Voice, 1898 B22; 

Spring Song, 1900 B22. Club: University (De- 
troit). Address: Ayer, Mass. 

BARSTOW, Jolm L., ex-gov. Vt. ; b. Shel- 
burne, Vt., Feb. 21, 1832; .y. Heman and 
Laura (Lyon) B. ; ed. Shelburne, Vt. ; vt. 
Laura Maeck, 1856. Served in Union army, 
1861-4, rising to rank of maj.; was made 
brig. -gen. State troops at time of St. Albans 
raid. Mem. State legislature, 1864-5; State 
senator, 1866-8; U. S. pension agt., Burling- 
ton, Vt., 1870-8; It.-gov., 1880-2; gov., 1882-4. 
Address: Shelburne, Vt. 

BARSTOW, Jolm Palmer, pres. Barstow 
Stove Co. Address: 224 Angell St., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

BARTH0L,03IEW, James Isaac, clergy- 
man; b. Lodi, Wis., Jan. 24, 1857; s. George 
M. and Catherine (Hefner) B. ; A.B., Law- 
rence Univ., Appleton, Wis., 1881, A.M., 
1884; Ph.D., Wesleyan Univ., 111., 1895; m. 
Lodi, Nov. 18, 1881, Ella A. Taber. Entered 
ministry Methodist Ch., 1881; served at Lis- 
bon, Wis., Black Hills Mission, Sturgis City, 
and Rapid City, S. D.; Whitman, New Bed- 
ford, Mass. ; state organizer Prohibition 
Party of Mass., 1893-4; pastor Stafford 
Springs, Conn., 1894-9, South Manchester, 
1899-1900; presiding elder Norwich Dist., 
1901-6, New Bedford, Mass., 1907-8. Mem. of 
General Conference, 1900, 1904, 1908. Address: 
Willimantic, Conn. 

BARTHOLOMEW, ^William Fayette, 
editor; b. Jersey City, N. J., Oct. 12, 1871; s. 
Charles and Emma Virginia (Becker) B. ; 
pub. sch. ed'n; m. Brooklyn, Oct. 11, 1893, 
Eva Gordon Lain. Began active career at 15 
in employ of Standard Oil Co., at 26, Broad- 
way, New York, continuing 7 yrs. ; has been 
connected with the Boston News Bureau 
(financial journal) since 1S93, now as editor; 
dir. Hyde Park Nat. Bank. Baptist. Organ- 
izer and v.-p. Hyde Park (Mass.) Y.M.C.A. 
Mason (32°), K.T. Clubs: Rocky Mountain 
(New York), Boston City (Boston), Brae 
Burn Country (Newton, Mass.). Residence: 
245 Highland Av., West Newton, Mass. Office: 
21 Exchange PL, Boston. 

BARTLETT, Albert Le Roy, educator, 
author; b. Haverhill, Mass., June 1, 1852; s. 
Thomas and Patience (Hawkins) B. ; grad. 
Dartmouth Coll., 1872, A. M., 1875; unmar- 
ried. Master Sherborn (Mass.) Acad., 1872; 
Bradford, Mass., 1875-82; sub-master, Ha- 
verhill, Mass., High Sch., 1882-8; supt. pub- 
lic instruction, Haverhill, Mass., 1888-97. 
Lecturer on English Language and Litera- 
ture in N. H. Summer Normal Sch., 1895- 
7; Martha's Vineyard, Mass., Summer Nor- 
mal Sch., 1900-1; Va. Summer Normal Sch., 
1901. Author: History of Haverhill Acad- 
emy and High School, 1890 01; First Steps 
in English, 1900 S6; Essentials of Language 
and Grammar, 1900 S6; A Golden Way, 1902 
A8; The Construction of English, 1903; The 
Elements of English Grammar, 1907 S6; con- 
tb'r to mags. Address: Haverhill, Mass. 

BARTLETT, Charles Hammatt, lawyer; 
b. Bangor, Me., Dec. 4, 1858; .y. Ichabod 
Daniel and Elizabeth Farley (Hammatt) B. ; 
grad. Phillips Exeter Acad., 1878; student. 
Harvard, 1878-80, (A.B., June, 1907); studied 
law in office of Wilson & Woodard, Bangor, 
1880-2, Harvard Law Sch., 1882-3; m. Bangor, 
June 3, 1885, Virginia Drummond Hight 
(died, Feb. 3, 1890). Has practiced in Bangor 




since 1883; specializes in law relating to 
estates, corp'ns, and cases involving argu- 
ment of legal questions before courts of last 
resort; elk. and dir., Samuel F. Hersey Land 
Co., P. H. Vose Co.; clerk, treas. and dir. 
Jenness Land Co., The Estate of Abner Tay- 
lor; pres. Citizens' League, Bangor; trustee 
Bangor Children's Home. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mem. Harvard Law Sch. Assn., Am. 
Forestry Assn., Me. Forestry Assn. Chib : 
Tarratine. Residence: 58 Cedar St. Office: 
Morse-Oliver Bldg., Bangor. Me. 

BARTLETT, Chai'les Joseph, physician, 
prof, pathology; b. Sutton, Vt, Dec. 18, 1864; 
s. Joseph and Rachel (Fletcher) B. ; grad. 
St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad., 1887; B.A., Yale, 
1892, M.A., 1894, M.D., 1895; studied Univ. of 
Leipzig, Germany, 1898; m. Ypsilanti, Mich., 
July 6, 1898, Genevieve Kinne. Asst. in path- 
ology and bacteriology, 1896, instr., same, 1 
yr., asst. prof, pathology, 3 yrs., prof, since 
1900, Yale; med. examiner. New Haven (cor- 
oner's physician), since 1900; pathologist and 
attending physician, New Haven Hosp. 
Mem. local. State and Nat. med. assns.. Am. 
Assn. Pathologists and Bacteriologists, Soc. 
Am. Bacteriologists, etc. Club: Graduates'. 
Address: 209 York St., New Haven, Conn. 

BARTLETT, Cliarles W., lawyer; b. Bos- 
ton, Aug. 12, 1845; s. Joseph C. and Kath- 
erine A. B.; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 1869; Al- 
bany Law School, 1871; m. 1st, Franklin, N. 
H., Mary L. Morrison (now deceased); 2nd, 
Acushnet, Aug., 1897, Annie M. White. 
Residence: 39 Melville Av. OHfice: 244 Wash- 
ington St., Boston. 

BARTLETT, Clarence Samuel, physi- 
cian; b. Pittsfield, N. H., July 14, 1868; .v. 
Jonathan and Sarah F. (Emerson) B. ; ed. 
Pittsfield Acad.; taught sch. and was demon- 
strator in bacteriology, anatomy, and histol- 
ogy, Dartmouth Med. Sch.; M.D., Dart- 
mouth, 1892; m. Oct. 22, 1896, Carrie F., d. 
William and Eliza (Pailey) Powell, of Con- 
cord, N. H. Staff physician Mass. State 
Asylum, Tewksbury, Mass., 1892-4, and of 
Insane Asylum, Concord, N. H., 1894-5; ex- 
aminer Concord Life Ins. Co., 1894-5; phy- 
sician Gardner, Mass., since 1895; on med. 
staff Henry Heywood Memorial Hosp., Gard- 
ner. Mem. N. H. Med. Soc, Mass. Med. 
So'C, Am. Med. Assn., Worcester North Dist. 
Med. Soc. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Mem. I.O.R.M., Knights of Malta. Club: 
Gardner Boat. Address: Gardner, Mass. 

BARTLETT, Daiia Prescott, educator; /;. 
Boston, Oct. 4, 1863; 5. Joseph E. and An- 
toinette F. (Carpenter) B. ; ed. Boston Latin 
Sch., 1874-82; Mass. Inst. Tech., 1882-6; S.B., 
in Dept. Electrical Eng'ring, 1886; post-grad, 
study, Univ. of Munich, 1903-4, Technische 
Hochschule, Munich, 1904; m. Boston, June 6, 
1892, Alice G. Brown. Instr. in mathematics, 
Mass. Inst. Tech., 1886-92; asst. Harvard 
Coll. Observatory, 1887; asst. prof, mathe- 
matics, 1892-8, asso. prof, mathematics, 1898- 
1905, prof, since 1905, sec. since 1906, Mass. 
Inst, of Tech. Mem. Am. Math. Soc, 
Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung. Au- 
thor: General Principles of the Method of 
Least Squares. Club: Technology. Address: 
Mass. Inst, of Technology, Boston. 

BARTLETT, Edward Otis, clergyman; b. 
Utica, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1835; s. Joseph and 
Mary Ann (Otis) B. ;' descendant of Robert 
Bartlett, who came to Plymouth in the 2nd 

vessel, Ann; A.B., Union Coll., Schenectady, 
N. Y., 1859 (D.D., 1885); m. Providence, R. I., 
Nov. 28, 1868, Anna J., youngest daughter of 
Hon. Amos C. Barstow. Ordained to minis- 
try by 3d Presbytery, New York City, Sept. 
9, 1863; chaplain 150th N. Y. Vols., Civ. War; 
after battle of Gettysburg marched with 
Sherman to the sea and from Savannah to 
Washington (name is on monument of Regt. 
at Gettysburg); pastor South Deerfield, 
Mass., 1867-8, Providence, 1868-73, Pittsfield, 
Mass., 1873-77, Providence, 1878-90. Repub- 
lican. Mem. G.A.R. (Past Dept. ChapJain, 
Dept. of R. I.), Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta 
Kappa, R. I. Soldiers' and Sailors' Hist. 
Soc, R. I. Cong'l Assn. Author: History of 
150th New York Regiment, and numerous 
sermons and pamphlets, deposited in Cong'l 
Library, Boston. Address: Barrington, R. I. 

BARTLETT, EdTviii Julius, prof, chem- 
istry Dartmouth Coll., since 1883; b. Hud- 
son, O., Feb. 10, 1851; .y. Samuel Colcord B. ; 
grad. Dartmouth, 1872 (A. M.); Rush Med. 
Coll., 1879; m. July 8, 1879, Caroline E. Rice. 
Milwaukee, Wis. Toxicol, expert; fellow A. 
A. A. S. ; mem. American Chemical Soc, 
New York Medico-Legal Soc; hon. mem. 
N. H. Med. Soc Has published many pa- 
pers on chem subjects. Address: Hanover, 
N. H. 

BARTLETT, Elviu M., mcht. ; b. Mor- 
gan, Vt., Nov. 14, 1862; ^. Alvin and Sarah 
(Buchanan) B. ; removed with parents to 
Island Pond, 1866; ed. Island Pond High 
Sch. and Derby Acad.; m. Hyde Park, Vt., 
1890, Sarah E. Felcher. In mercantile and 
mfg. business since 1885; mem. Vt. Ho. of 
Rep., 1894, Senate, 1898; dir. Island Pond 
Nat. Bank; dir. State Prison and House of 
Correction, 1899-1901. Cong'list. Address: 
Island Pond, Vt. 

BARTLETT, Frawcis, lawyer; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1857, A.M., 1870; read law, admitted to 
bar, and engaged in practice at Boston. V.- 
p. Mass. Hospital Life Ins. Co.; also exten- 
sively interested in manufacturing, railroad 
and mining enterprises. Fellow Am. Acad. 
Arts and Sciences, A.A.A.S., etc. Club: St. 
Botolph. Residence: 236 Beacon St. Oflice: 40 
State St., Boston. 

BARTLETT, Frank Valentine, manu- 
facturer; b. Northboro, Mass., Nov. 1, 1856; 
5. William A. and Rebecca (Valentine) B.; 
common sch. ed'n; in. Westboro, Sept. 25, 
1884, Abbie M. Whitney. Began active ca- 
reer in box factory of Christopher Whitney, 
became bookkeeper, 1877, and was admitted 
to firm under title of C. Whitney & Co., 
1882; head of firm under title of F. V. Bart- 
lett & Co., since 1892, mfrs. of lumber, boxes 
and interior finishings; pres. Bartlett Box & 
Lumber Co., since 1903; pres. Westboro Gas 
& Electric Co.; trustee Westboro Savings 
Bank. Republican. Mason (32°), K.T., 
Shriner; mem. Odd Fellows, Red Men, R.A. 
Address: Westboro, Mass. 

BARTLETT, Fredei'ic A., lav>'yer; b. at 
Bridgeport, Conn., Sept. 11, 1868; <r. John 
Francis and Angeline Halstpad (Lewis) B.; 
LL.B., Law Dept., Yale, 1888. Has prac- 
ticed in Bridgeport, Conn., since 1890; comdg. 
officer 3d Div. Naval Battalion, Conn.; pres. 
Common Council, Bridgeport; acting mayor, 
1906, 1907. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Mason (32°). Clubs: Algonquin, Bridgeport 




Yacht, Park City Yacht, Pequonnock Yacht. 
Residence: 858 Park Av. Office: Franklin 
B!dg., Bridgeport, Conn. 
BARTLETT, Fredericli; Orin, journal- 
ist; b. Haverhill, Mass., July 2, 1876; s. 
Daniel C. and Katherine Page (Wilder) B.; 
ed. pub. schs., Haverhill, Mass.; under 
pvt. tutor abroad, 1888-90, Proctor Acad,, 
Andover, N. H., 1891-8, Harvard, 1896-8; 
unmarried. In newspaper work on Boston 
Record, 1900-2, Boston Herald, 1902-6. 
Author: Mistress Dorothy, 1901 D4; Joan of 
the Alley, 1905 H5; also short stories. Resi- 
dence: 8 Felton Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

BARTLETT, George A., newspaper pub- 
lisher; b. Willimantic, Conn., June 1, 1873; 
.y. George A. and Vera A. (Snow) B. ; pub. 
sch. ed'n; m. Willimantic, 1895, Helen M. 
Carpenter. Began active career when a boy 
in employ of The Chronicle Printing Co., 
publishers of Willimantic Daily Chronicle, 
and in now treas., mgr. and dir. of the co. ; 
chmn. Rep. City Com. and for 6 yrs. mem. 
Rep. Town Com.; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 
1907, 1908. Mem. I.O.O.F., Elks, K. of P., 
Royal Arcanum, Willimantic Bd. of Trade. 
Club: Willimantic Golf. Res-dence: 215 Church 
St. Omce: 26 Church St., Willimantic, Conn. 

BARTLETT, George Anson, jeweler; h. 
Berlin, Mass., July 2, 1835; s. William and 
Sally (Lynes) B.; ed. in dist. schs.; m. 1st, 
Jan. 3, 1855, Mary M. Hoffman (now de- 
ceased); m. 2d, Sudbury, Mass., Oct. 7, 1886, 
Leora H. Parmenter. Located in Holliston, 
Mass., 1850; began work, 1850, in comb fac- 
tory; in copper pump business, 1861-3; in 
army 18 mos.; cutter of upper and sole 
leather in boot shop after war; learned 
watchmaking business and after 2 yrs. 
started for self in Providence and since 1880 
in business in Holliston; pres. Holliston 
Savings Bank since 1898. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Mason; mem. O.E.S., G.A.R. 
Address: Holliston, Mass. 

BARTLETT, Hartnell John, clergyman; 
b. London, Eng., Aug. 25, 1864; s. George H. 
and Julia L. (Smith) B. ; student Worcester 
Acad., 1884-7; student Newton Theol. Inst'n, 
1887-9; grad. Crozer Theol. Sem., 1890; in. 
Yonkers, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1890, Emily Harriet 
Bartlett. Asst. in Harvard Coll. Library, 
1879-84; ordained to ministry Bapt. Ch., 1890; 
pastor 1st Bapt. Ch., New Boston, N. H., 
1890-6, 1st Bapt. Ch., Ashland, Mass., 1896-8, 
Central Bapt. Ch., Thompson, Conn., 1898- 
1900, 1st Bapt. Ch., Hampton Falls, N. H., 
and 1st Bapt. Ch., Seabrook, N, H., 1900-6, 
1st Bapt. Ch., Scituate, Mass., since 1906. 
Address: N. Scituate, Mass. 

BARTLETT, Henry, ry. official; b. Lowell, 
Mass., Mar. 29, 1864; 5. Charles Edwin Adams 
and Harriett Maria (Cooper) B. ; grad. Bos- 
ton Latin Sch., 1881; Harvard, 1885; m. 
Lowell, Oct. 28, 1891, Alice Maud Moulton. 
Apprentice in Altoona shops, Penn. R. R., 
1886-9; asst. road foreman of engines, Pitts- 
burg, Midde and Md. divisions, Penn. R. R., 
1889-91; asst. supt. motive power, Penn R. 
R., Altoojia. Pa., 1891-6; supt. motive power 
Boston <?■ M*-. R. R., Boston, 1895-6; gen. 
supt. Mei ii. Dept., Boston &. Me. R. R., since 
Jan. 1, 1907. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, 
Railroad clubs. Republican. Protestant. 
Mason. Residence: Cambridge, Mass. Office: 
Boston & Me. R. R., Boston. 

BARTLETT, James Monroe, chemist; b. 
Litchfield, Me., Sept. 25, 1854; s. James and 
Sarah Jane (Towne) B. ; B.S., Univ. of Me., 
1880, M.S.. 1883; post-grad, work Cornell 
Univ., 1882, 1883; m. Pembroke, Me., Dec. 2, 
1889, Sarah Caroline Pattengall. Chemist to 
fertilizer. Central Pa. State Coll., 1883-4; 
chief chemist Me. Agr'l Expt. Sta. since 
1885. Mem. Am. Assn. Official Agr'l Chem- 
ists. Republican. Universalist. Mem. Phi 
Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. Address: 
Orono, Me. 

BARTLETT, Jobn Henry, lawyer; b. at 
Sunapee, N. H., Mar. 15, 1869; .j. John Z. and 
Sophronia (Sargent) B.; prep, ed'n Colbv 
Acad.; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1894; prin. 
Portsmouth High Sch. 2 yrs. after leaving 
college; studied law with Judge Calvin Page, 
Portsmouth and was admitted to bar, 1898; 
in. Portsmouth, June 1, 1900, Agnes Page, d. 
of Judge Page; one son, Calvin Page Bart- 
lett. Has been associated in practice at 
Portsmouth with Judge Page since 1898 un- 
der the name of Page & Bartlett; postmas- 
ter, Portsmouth, 1899-1908; mem. staff of 
Gov. McLane, with rank of col. ; trustee 
Portsmouth Trust and Guarantee Bank; dir. 
Piscataqua Insurance Co. ; trustee Colby 
Academy; public speaker and republican 
campaigner. Mason (32°), K.T.; mem. K. of 
P., Grange. Methodist. Clubs: Athletic and 
Warwick, Portsmouth. Address: 'Port^va.outh., 
N. H. 

BARTLETT, Jobn Paige, lawyer; b. at 
Weare, N. H., Feb. 4, 1841; .y. John and 
Lurena (Bailey) B., and descendant of Rich- 
ard B., the immigrant, Newbury, Mass., 
about 1637; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1864; read 
law in offices of Morrison, Stanley & Clark, 
Manchester, N. H. ; admitted to bar, 1867; m. 
1st, Manchester, Nov. 29, 1866, Fannie M. 
Harrington (died, 1887); 2d, Lyndonville, Vt., 
Apr., 1888, Mrs. Lucy A. (Knight) Crosby. 
Began practice in Omaha, Neb. ; comm'r U. 
S. Circuit Ct., Cheyenne, Wyo., 1867-8; re- 
turned to Omaha; city solicitor, 1869-71; lo- 
cated in Manchester, 1874; city solicitor, 
1875; judge of police court, 1875-6; chmn. 
State Dem. Com., 1890, 1892, sec, 1904-6; 
mem. N. H. State Senate, 1895, Ho. of Rep.. 
1899. Universalist. Mem. Southern N. H. 
Bar Assn. Mason; mem. B.P.O.E. Club: 
Granite State. Address: Manchester, N. H, 

BARTLETT, John S., capitalist. Vice- 
pres., treas. and dir. The Electric Corpora- 
tion; v.-p. and dir. Lynn (Mass.) Gas & 
Electric Co., Essex Trust Co. -(Lynn, Mass.); 
dir. City Trust Co., United Fruit Co., Ta- 
coma (Wash.) Ry. & Power Co., Nat. Carbon 
Co., Dallas (Tex.) Electric Corp'n, Electric 
Assn., Ltd. Residence: Lynn, Mass. Office: 
53 State St., Boston. 

BARTLETT, Jonathan, business man; b. 
Newry, Me., Jan. 27, 1838; s. Jonathan and 
Triphena (Horr) B. ; common sch. ed'n: rr. 
Portland, Me., Jan. 5, 1867, Fannie Ball. 
Farmer and lumberman since boyhood: mfr. 
shooks, shingles, etc. ; mem. since 1870 of 
firm of Elliott & Bartlett, mfrs. of spools; 
mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1885. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Mason; mem. I.O.O.F.. 
K. of P., Patrons of Husbandry. Mem. Sen- 
ate, 1905. Address: Stoneham, Me. 

BARTLETT, Nathaniel CiHey, lawyer; 
b. Nottingham, N. H., June 22. 1858; .-r. 
Thomas Bradbury and Victoria (Cilley) B.; 




ed. Haverhill, Mass., pub. and high schs.; 
A.B., Harvard, 1880; established Derry (N. 
H.) News, a weekly newspaper, 1880, and 
conducted same a yr. (paper still flourishes) ; 
studied law and admitted to bar, 1882. Has 
practiced in Haverhill, Mass., since Sept., 
1882; has also been largely interested in real 
estate and is extensive owner of city prop- 
erty; treas. Haverhill Storage Co.; mem. 
Haverhill City Council, 1889, 1890; alternate 
del. Rep. Nat. Conv., 1892; mem. and see. 
Rep. City Com., Haverhill, for many yrs. ; 
mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1893. Mem. 1. 0.0. 
F., B.P.O.E., K. of P., I.O.R.M. Clubs: Pen- 
tucket, Wachusett, Lincoln. Address: Acad- 
emy of Music Bldg., Haverhill, Mass. 

BARTIiETT, Ralpli Sylvestei*, lawyer; 
b. Eliot, Me., Apr. 29, 1868; s. Sylvester and 
Clementine (Raitt) B.; grad. Berwick Acad., 
South Berwick, Me., 1885; Dartmouth Coll., 
A.B., 1889, A.M., 1892; Boston Univ. Law 
Sch., LL.B., magna cum laude, 1892. Ad- 
mitted to Suffolk bar, 1892, and has since 
practiced in Boston; admitted to practice in 
U. S. Courts, 1894; active mem. 1st Corps 
Cadets, M.V.M., 1894-1903, now hon. mem. 
same. Republican. Mem. Bar Assn. City of 
Boston. Club: University. Residence: 139 Bea- 
con St. Omce: 53 State St., Boston. 

BARTIiETT, Stephen L.., pres. Stephen L. 
Bartlett Co., Puritan Trust Co. Residence: 
Chestnut Hill. Omce: 68 India St., Boston. 

BARTLETT, Tbomas E(lliott), clergy- 
man ;&. Newburyport, Mass., Sept. 20, 1853; s. 
Jonathan and Sarah (Shute) B.; A.B., Brown 
Univ., 1877; B.D., Newton Theol. Inst'n, 
1880; m. Providence, R. L, May 2, 1882, Isa- 
bella J. Tuthill. Ordained to Bapt. minis- 
try, 1880; pastor South Bapt. Ch., Provi- 
dence, 1880-1902, Pawtucket Bapt. Ch. since 
1902. Pres. R. I. Bapt. Ed'n Soc. ; chmn. 
Finance Com., R. I. Bapt. State Conv. 
Autlwr (booklets): The English Bible in 
American Eloquence; Was There a Second 
Isaiah? Frequent contb'r to religions press. 
Address: Providence, R. I. 

BARTIiETT, Truman Howe, educator, 
sculptor; b. Dorset, Vt., Oct. 25, 1835; ^. 
Buckley Howe and Henriette (Richardson) 
B. ; studied art in Rome, Italy, and Paris, 
France; m. Cheshire, Conn., Dec, 1861, Mary 
Ann White (now deceased). Instr. in Archi- 
tectural Dept., Mass. Inst, of Tech.; father 
of Paul Wayland Bartlett, sculptor, of Paris; 
maintained for 9 yrs., in Boston, a free sch. 
for modeling and drawing, for poor boys and 
girls. Author of bronze statue of Dr. Horace 
Wells, in Bushnell Park, Hartford, Conn., 
of the Benedict Family Monument in Wood- 
land Cemetery, Waterbury, Conn., and of 
The Wounded Drummer Boy of Shiloh, 
many busts in bronze and marble, etc. ; 
brought to America the 1st large bronze fig- 
ures cast in one piece; made the 1st figure 
in terra cotta of any Am. sculptor. Auihot- 
Life of Dr. William Rimmer, The Physiog- 
nomy of Abraham Lincoln, etc.; now writing 
on The Portraits of Abraham Lincoln. Ma- 
son. Residence: 3 Revere St., Jamaica Plain, 
Mass. ; summer, Chocorua, N. -H. 

BARTIiEY, William Tenney, clergy- 
man; b. Concord, N. H., Nov. 7, 1868; .y. 
Joseph Dana (M.A.) and Mary Atwood (Ten- 
ney) B.; A.B., Yale, 1891 (salutarorian) ; Ph. 
D.. Yale, 1S94; S.T.B., Andover Theol. Sem., 

1897; m. Salem, N. H., Feb. 6, 1900, Carrie 
Belle Webster. Ordained to Cong'l minis- 
try, 1897; pastor Salem (N. H.) Cong'l Ch., 
1896-1902, Bennington Cong'l Ch., 1902-7, 
Bethlehem Cong'l Ch., since Jan., 1907. 
Mem. Derry-Hollis Assn. (Cong'l and Presb. 
ministers). Republican. Address: Bethle- 
hem, N. H. 

BARTOIi, Jolin "Waslibam, physician; b. 
Lancaster, Mass., Jan. 10, 1864; s. George M, 
and Elizabeth (Washburn) B.; ed. Phillips 
Exeter Acad.; A.B., Harvard, 1887; M.D., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1891. Engaged in prac- 
tice of medicine at Boston, since 1893; asst. 
in clinical medicine. Harvard Med. Sch. 
since 1905; mem. Mass. State Board of 
Health, 1902-7. Club: St. Botolph. Address: 
1 Chestnut St., Boston. 

BARTON, Charles Clarence, lawyer; b. 
Salisbury, Conn., Sept. 14, 1844; .y. Pliny L. 
and Mary Ann (Lockwood) B.; ed. Amenia 
(N. Y.) Sem., 1863-4; B.A., 1869, Trinity 
Coll., Hartford, Conn.; LL.B., 1873, Boston 
Univ. Law Sch.; m. Boston, Sept. 12, 1899, 
Frances E. Kendall. Admitted to Middlesex 
bar, 1873, and since practiced at Boston; 
mem. law firm of Barton & Barton (father 
and son) since 1900. Mem. Common Council. 
Newton, Mass., 2 yrs. (pres. 1 yr.). Chamber 
of Commerce (Boston). Mem. Epsilon Chap- 
ter Delta Psi, Club: University. Residence: 
Framingham, Mass, Office: 35 Congress St., 

BARTON, Edmund 3Iills, librarian Am. 
Antiquarian Soc. since 1883; b. Worcester, 
Mass., Sept. 27, 1838; ed. public and private 
schools; m. Sept. 6, 1870, Abigail Twycross 
Blake. Mercantile training in Boston, St. 
Louis and New York, 1857-60; relief agt. U. 
S. Sanitary Comm'n for 5th corps. Army 
of the Potomac, 1863-5; asst. librarian Am. 
Antiquarian Soc, 1866-83. Address: Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

BARTON, George Hunt, geologist; b. 
Sudbury, Mass., July 8, 1852; lived on a 
farm there until 21 yrs. old; studied at War- 
ren Scientific Acad., Woburn, Mass., 1874-6;- 
grad. Mass. Inst. Technology, 1880 (S. B.); 
m. Sept. 18, 1884, Eva May Beede, Stow, 
Mass. Asst. in drawing Mass. Inst. Tech- 
nology, 1880-1; asst. on Hawaiian gov't sur- 
vey, Honolulu, 1881-3; asst. in geology, 
Mass. Inst. Technology, 1883-4; asst. prof. 
geology there till 1904, same Boston Univ. 
till 1904; now curator Teachers' Sch. of 
Science; was asst. geologist U. S. Geol. Sur- 
vey; traveled extensively; was mem. 6th 
Peary Exp'n to Greenland, 1896; has written 
many geol. papers; mem. Boston Soc. of 
Natural History, Nat. Geog. Soc, Geol. Soc. 
of America, Boston Scientific Soc, Arctic 
Club, Am. Forestry Assn., Mass. Forestry 
Assn., Appalachian Mountain Club (ex- 
pres.), Alpine Club of America. Author: 
Outline of Elementary Lithology, 1900 XI; 
Outline of Dynamical and Structural Geolo- 
gy. Address: 16 Lexington Av., Cambridge, 

BARTON, Hubbard Alonzo, editor and 
publisher; b. Crovdon, N. H., May 12, 1842; 
s. Caleb L. and Bethiah (Tuck) B., and de- 
scendant of Colonial and Revolutionary an- 
cestry; pub. sch. ed'n; m. Newport, N. H., 
Apr. 27, 1882, Ella L. Wilmarth. Editor New 
Hampshire Argus and Spectator; supt, schs., 




Croydon, 1872-9. Democrat. Mem. N. E. 
Suburban Press Assn. Mason, K.T.; mem. 
K. of P. Address: Newport, N. H. 
BARTON, James L.evi, foreign sec. Am. 
Bd. Comm'rs For. Missions, since 1894; b. 
Chittenden Co., Vt., Sept. 23, 1855; grad. 
Middlebury, Coll., 1881, (A. M., D. D.); 
Hartford Theol. Sem., 1885; w?. Flora E. 
Holmes, West Winfield, N. Y. Missionary 
Am. Bd. F. M., Turkey, 1885-92; prof. Mis- 
sion Theol. Sem., Harpoot, 1888-92; pres. 
Euphrates Coll., Harpoot, 1893; chmn. dep- 
utation to Japan, 1895, to Ceylon and In- 
dia, 1901. Residence: Newton Centre, Mass. 
Office: 14 Beacon St., Boston. 

BARTON, Jesse Morton, lawyer; b. New- 
port, N. H., Jan. 21, 1870; s. Levi Winter 
and Elizabeth F. (Jewett) B. ; prep, ed'n 
Kimball Union Acad.; A.B., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1892; taught sch. for several yrs. ; 
studied law in offce of A. S. Wait, Esq., and 
at the Boston Univ. Law Sch.; was admitted 
to bar, 1899. Mem. N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1901- 
1902; mem. State Const'l Conv., 1903; judge 
of probate Sullivan Co., since Jan., 1906; 
trustee Newport Savings Bank, Richard's 
Free Library. Republican. Methodist. Mem. 
N. H. State Bar Assn. Mason; Odd Fellow. 
Address: Newport, N. H. 

BARTON, Llewellyn, lawyer; b. Naples, 
Me., Nov. 24, 1854; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 
1884; studied law with Nathan and Henry B. 
Cleaves, Portland; prin. Bridgton Acad., 
1887-92; admitted to bar, 1893; m. Portland, 
Sept. 19, 1894, Grace Luette Newman. Began 
practice in Portland, 1893; mem. Me. Ho. of 
Rep., 1884; chmn. Bd. Selectmen, Bridgton, 
1891; mem. Dem. State Com., 1895-1901; es- 
tablished Me. Dem. Club, 1898 (pres. until 
1908); Dem. candidate for mayor of Port- 
land, 1899; elk. of courts, Cumberland Co., 
1907-10. Founded the Portland Weekly Star 
in 1897; bought the Me. Democrat, consoli- 
dated it with the Star; founded the Evening 
Star, which became the Portland Evening 
Courier in 1898. Author of an Algebraic Re- 
• view. Address: Court House, Portland, Me. 

BARTON, Lonis F., shoe manufacturer; b. 
Pittsfield, N. H., Jan. 16, 1852; .y. Louis G. 
and Eliza (Edmunds) B.; common sch. ed'n; 
m. Newburyport, Mass., Nov. 24, 1874, Lizzie 
W. Pike. Began work at shoemaker's bench 
at 14; became mem. Pike & Barton, shoe 
dealers, Amesbury, 1879, and later started 
store in Newburyport; also engaged in real 
estate operations; mfr. of shoes since 1896.' 
Republican. Adventist. Mason, K.T., ; mem. 
I.O.O.F. Address: Newburyport. Mass. 

BARTON, William T., pres. Warren Mfg. 
Co. Address: Warren, R. I. 

BARUS, Annie Howes, writer; b. S. Yar- 
mouth, Cape Cod, Mass. ; d. Osbone and 
Abby Crowell Howes; grad. Vassar, 1874; 
m. 1887, Prof. Carl Barus. Pres. Asso. 
Alumnae of Vassar, 1890-1; pres. Assn. of 
Collegiate Alumnae, 1892-4; sec.-treas. same, 
1895-8. Contributor to newspapers, mag's, 
etc., especially on health of college women 
and child study. Address: 30 Elmgrove Av., 
Providence, R. I. 

BARUS, Carl, physicist; b. Cincinnati, Feb. 
19, 1856; s. Prof. Carl Barus, musician; at- 
tended Columbia, 1874-6; Univ. of Wurz- 
burg, Germany, 1876-80 (Ph. D., 1879); m. 

Jan., 1887, Annie G. Howes. Physicist U. S. 
Geol. Survey, 1880-92; prof, meteorology, U. 
S. Weather Bureau, 1892-3; physicist Smith- 
sonian Inst'n, 1893-5; prof, physics. Brown 
Univ. since 1895; dean graduate dept.. 
Brown Univ., since 1903. Fellow Am. Acad. 
Arts and Sciences of Mass., A. A. A. S. ; 
mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences of U. S., v. -p. 
and chmn. sect, of physics, 1897; corr. 
mem, British Assn. Adv. Science.; hou. 
mem. Royal Inst'n of Great Britain, Am. 
Physical Soc. (pres., 1904), Washington 
Acad. Sciences, Am. Philos. Soc. Speaker 
for Am. Physics, World's Congress, St. 
Louis, 1904; awarded the Rumford Medal 
of American Academy of Sciences for his 
various researches in heat. Member ad- 
visory committee Carnegie Inst'n, 1902. 
Original contributions to science number 
about 240 titles. Author: The Electrical and 
Magnetic Properties of the Non-Carburets, 
1885 U5; Subsidence of Fine Solid Particles 
in Liquids, 1886, U5; Physical Properties of 
the Iron Carburets, 1886, U5; The Measure- 
ment of High Temperatures, 1889, U5; Vis- 
cosity of Solids, 1891, U5; Die Physikalische 
Behandlung Hoher Temperaturen, 1892, F5; 
Compressibility of Liquids, 1892, U5; Mech- 
anism of Solid Viscosity, 1892, U5; Volume 
Thermodynamics of Liquids, 1892, U5; High 
Temperature Work in Igneous Fusion, 1893, 
U5; Condensation of Atmospheric Moisture, 
1895 U8; Experiments with Ionized Air, 1901 
S32; The Structure of the Nucleus, 1902 S32; 
Nucleation of the Atmosphere, 1905 S32; 
Nucleation of the Uncontaminated Air, 190G; 
Condensation Induced by Nuclei and by 
Ions, 1907. Edited: The Laws of Gases, 1899 
HI. Residence: 30 Elmgrove Av., Providence. 

BASCOM, Charles William, printer; b. 
Greenfield, Mass., May 31, 1858; s. Chester A. 
and Minerva S. (Martindale) B. ; ed. dist. 
and high schs., Greenfield, 1862-74; Powers 
Inst., Bernardston, Mass., 1875; m. Boston, 
1897, Agnes J. Smith. Learned printing 
trade of Field & Hall, Greenfield. 1876-9; 
came to Boston and worked as journeyman 
printer and foreman, 1880-5; entered printing 
business (Bascom & Cronin, 62 Sudbury St.). 
succeeding J. A. Butler & Co., 18S5; retired 
from firm, 1889, and purchased printing of- 
fice of Charles W. Symonds, 154 Federal St., 
where has since conducted general printing 
business. Mason. Residence: Winchester, 
Mass. Office: 154 Federal St., Boston. 

BASC03I, Harry Chester; b. at Holden, 
Mass., Dec. 21, 1864; s. Artemas D. and Eme- 
rette F. (Davis) B. ; student Tufts Coll., 
1885-9; Ph.D., 1889; studied Boston Univ. 
Law Sch., and law oflQce in Hudson, Mass.; 
admitted to bar, 1892; m. Leominster, Mass.. 
Jan. 30, 1900, Miss Edith A. Rice. Has prac- 
ticed in Leominster since 1892; trial justice, 
since 1895. Republican. Mason; mem. I.O. 
O.F. Address: Leominster, Mass. 

BASCOM. John, educator; b. Genoa, N. Y., 
May 1, 1827; s. Rev. John and Laura (Wood- 
bridge) B.; grad. Williams Coll., 1849 (LL. 
D., Amherst; D. D., Iowa Coll.; LL. D., 
Williams; LL. D., University of Wiscon- 
sin, 1905); grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 1855; 
m. Jan. 8, 1856, Emma Curtiss, Sheffield, 
Mass. Prof, rhetoric, Willianis Coll., 1855- 
74; pres. Univ. of Wis.. 1874-87; lecturer on 
sociology, Williams, 1887-91, 1901-3, prof. 




polit. science, 1891-1901. Author: Political 
Economy, 1859; .Esthetics, 1862 P2; Philoso- 
phy of Rhetoric, 1865 P2; Principles of Psy- 
chology, 1869 P2; Science, Philosophy and 
Religion, 1871 P2; Philosophy of English 
Literature, 1874 P2; Philosophy of Relig- 
ions, 1876 P2; Growth and Grades of Intel- 
ligence, 1878 P2; Ethics, 1879 P2; Natural 
Theology, 1880 P2; Science of Mind, 1881 
P2; Words of Christ, 1883 P2; Problems in 
Philosophy (a recast of Principles of Psy- 
chology), 1885 P2; Sociology, 1887 P2; The 
New Theology, 1891 P2; Historical Inter- 
pretation of Philosophy, 1893 P2; Social 
Theory, 1895 C7; Evolution and Religion, 
1897 P2; Growth of Nationality in U. S., 
1899 P2; God and His Goodness, 1901 P2. 
Address: Williamstown, Mass. 

BASS, Clare Reynolds, educator; b. at 
Scotland, Conn., July 17, 1878; d. Lucian and 
Mercy (Reynolds) B. ; grad. Windham High 
Sch., Willimantic, Conn., 1896; Ph.B., Brown 
Univ., 1900, A.M., 1907; grad. Willimantic 
Normal Sch., 1901; student in Romance lan- 
guages in Paris, 1905; summer course at 
Univ. of Oxford, Eng., 1905, Univ. of Mo., 
1908; fellow Brown Univ., 1907. Asst. teacher 
of English, State Normal Sch., Willimantic, 
1900-1; prin. Wheeler Sch., North Stoning- 
ton. Conn., 1901-6; instr. in Romance lan- 
guages, Washburn Coll., Topeka, Kas., since 
1907. Congregationalist. Mem. N. E. Modern 
Language Assn., Archeol. Soc, Topeka, 
"Women's Rest Tour Assn., Boston. Home 
Address: Willimantic, Conn. Business Ad- 
dress: Washburn Coll., Topeka, Kas. 

BASS, Edgar Wales, army officer; b. 
Prairie du Chien, Wis., Oct. 30, 1843; a. 
Jacob Wales and Martha D. B.; grad. 
West Point, 1868; studied Post. Grad. Sch. 
for Mil. Eng'rs, Willets Point, N. Y. ; m. 
New York, June 26, 1879, AdSle Smith. En- 
listed Aug. 13, 1862, 8th Minn, vols.; be- 
came q. m.-sergt. Dec, 1862; served against 
Sioux Indians to June 1, 1864; discharged 
June 30, 1864, to^iinter mil. acad. ; bvt. 2d It. 
June 15, 1868, pnlfcooted 2d It. Feb. 15, 1869, 
1st It. Feb. 14, lS71; prof, mathematics, 
West Point, 1878-98; col. U. S. A.; retired 
at own request, after 36 yrs. service, Oct. 
7, 1898. Asst. astronomer, U. S. Transit of 
Venus Expd'n to New Zealand, 1874-5; U. 
S. Expd'n Eclipse of Sun, Colo., 1878. Mem- 
ber Am. Math. Soc, Am. Archseol. Soc, 
Mil. Order Loyal Legion. Clubs: Century 
Assn., Union League. Author: Introduc- 
tion to the Differential Calculus, 1888 01: 
Elements of Trigonometry (Ludlow's), 1888 
W9; Elements of Differential Calculus, 1896- 
1905 W9. Address: Bar Harbor, Me. 

BASS, Edward C, clergyman; b. More- 
town, Vt., Oct. 5, 1836; .y. Alpheus and Sally 
OCopeland) B.; prep, ed'n Washington Co. 
Grammar Sch. and Newbury Sem., Vt. ; A. 
B., Univ. of Vt., 1859 (D.D., 1884); m. Bur- 
lington, Vt., Apr. 9, 1861, Lucia R. Blair 
(now deceased). Ordained to ministry Meth. 
Ch., 1861; pastor Vt., 14 yrs., N. H., 8 yrs., 
Me., 3 yrs., Mass., 6 yrs., R. I., 7 yrs.; 
served 6 yrs. as dist. supt. at Providence, 
R. I.; endowment agt., Univ. of Vt., since 
1906. Address: 16 Colchester Av., Burlington, 

BASS, George Henry, boot and shoe mf r. ; 
b. Wilton, Me., July 22, 1843; s. Seth and 

Nancy Russell B., and in 7th generation 
from Samuel B., Mass. Colony, 1630; pub. 
sch. ed'n; m. 1st, Saybrook, O., 1874, Mary 
Louise .Streeter (now deceased) ; 2d, Wollas- 
ton, Mass., 1897, Mary Ella Barry. Taught 
sch. at 17; served apprenticeship in tanner's 
trade, at Wilton, 18 to 21; commenced in 
business, tanning and finishing upper-leath- 
er and calf skins, at 22, in 1865; bought half 
interest in boot and shoe business with E. P. 
Packard, at Wilton, 1876, and a yr. later 
bought Mr. Packard's interest; continued as 
E. P. Packard & Co. until 1880, when sold 
tannery and remained in shoe business as G. 
H. Bass & Co., which was incorporated in 
1906, of which is pres. ; also pres. Wilton 
Water Co.; v.-p. Wilton Acad. Republican. 
Address: Wilton, Me. 

BASS, Josepb Parker, publisher; b. Ran- 
dolph, Vt., 1835; s. Samuel and Margaret 
(Parker) B. ; ed. common schs. and acad., 
Randolph; m. Bangor, 1866, Mary March (de- 
ceased, 1899). Began active career as clerk 
in dry goods house of Hocum Hosford, Low- 
ell, Mass., 1854, later engaging in same 
business for himself; removed business to 
Bangor, Me., 1863, and continued until 1870, 
after which he engaged extensively in buy- 
ing and selling timber lands and city real 
estate; has devoted attention, since 1879, 
chiefly to pub. Bangor Daily and Weekly 
Commercial (former estab., 1872, and latter, 
1838) ; pres. and treas. J. P. Bass Pub. Co. ; 
mayor of City of Bangor, 1873; representa- 
tive State Legislature, 1876; mem. Bd. of 
World's Fair Comm'rs from Me. to Colum- 
bian Exp'n (chmn. exec, com.); pres. East- 
ern Me. State Fair Assn. for 12 yrs. ; now 
dir. 2nd Nat. Bank, of Bangor. Mem. 1. 0.0. 
F., Soc Mayflower .Descendants of Mass. and 
Me. (being a lineal descendant of Deacon 
Samuel and Anne Bass and John and Pris- 
cilla (Mullins) Alden. Clubs: Tarratine, Mt. 
Desert Reading (Bar Harbor). Address: 43 
High St., Bangor, Me.; Bar Harbor, Me., 
during summer. 

BASS, Robert Perkins, real estate and in- 
vestments; b. Chicago, Sept. 1, 1873; s. Per- 
kins and Clara (Foster) B. ; prepared for 
coll. in Boston; A.B., Harvard, 1896; student 
Harvard Graduate Sch., 1896-7, Harvard Law 
Sch., 1897-8. Has made home in Peterboro, 
N. H., since 1882; mgr. of farm on which he 
lives; has devoted a great deal of attention 
to advancement of forestry in N. H. ; mem. 
N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1905-7, 1907-9; elected to 
N. H. State senate, Nov., 1908; apptd. mem. 
N. H. Forestry Comm'n by Gov. McLane, 
Sept., 1903, term extending to 1910. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Am. Forestry Assn., Nat. 
Geog. Soc, N. H. Forestry Assn. Address: 
Peterboro, N. H. 

BASS, William, surgeon; b. Williamstown, 
Vt, June 22, 1832; s. Joel and Catherine 
Wright (Burnham) B. ; ed. Kimball Union 
Acad., Meriden, N. H. ; studied medicine un- 
der Walter Burnham; M.D., Worcester Med. 
Coll., 1856; post-grad, study in med. schs. of 
New York and hosps. of Paris and London; 
m. Lowell, Mass., Oct. 5, 1857, Elizabeth 
Gates Hunt. Began practice in Lowell in 
1856; has done a large amount of surgery 
and has served either on med. or surg. depts. 
of Lowell Hosp., Lowell, about 20 yrs.; was 
asst. surgeon U.S.A., Civil War; mem. City 
Council, Lowell, 1 yr. Republican. Baptist. 




Mem. Lowell Med. Jour. Soc. Mason; Odd 
Fellow. Residence: 43 Tyler St. Omce : 253 
Central St., Lowell, Mass. 
BASSETT, Austin Bradley, clergyman, 
educator; b. Allegan, Mich., Jan. 23, 1859; s. 
Col. Chauncey J. and Lydia Frances (Brad- 
ley) B.; A. B., Williams Coll., 1881; studied 
Hartford Theol. Sem. ; B. D., Chicago Theol. 
Sem., 1887; studied Univ. of Berlin, 1897; (D. 
D., Williams, 1906); m. Lyme, Conn., July 
30, 1892, Mary Ely. Teacher Latin and 
Greek, Temple Grove Sem. and Saratoga 
Acad., Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1881-2; prof, 
mathematics and physics, Mass. Agr'l Coll., 
1882-4; ordained to Cong'l ministry, 1887; 
pastor Williamstown, Mass., 1887-91, Ware, 
Mass., 1891-1905; stated supply Park Ch., 
Hartford, 1906; asso. prof, experiential the- 
ology and sec. Hartford Theol. Sem., since 
1905. Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Hartford 
Archaeol. Soc, etc. ; mem. Nat. Cong'l 
Councils, 1901, 1904. Clubs: University, Golf, 
Educational. Address: Hartford, Conn. 

BASSETT, Charles, lawyer; b. Chatham, 
Mass., May 31, 1843; .y. Whitman and Eliza 
(Doane) B., and descendant of Enoch B. ; 
com. sch. ed'n; studied law; admitted to 
bar, 1896; m. 1st, Harwich, Mass., 1865, Sarah 
Harwood (now deceased); m. 2d, Dennis, 
1871, Martha Sears (now deceased); m. 3d, 
Harwich, 1891, Mrs. Lucy (Clifford) Bearse. 
Followed deep sea fishing 13 yrs., retiring 
from the business, 1880; has practiced law at 
Harwich and Chatham since 1896; also deal- 
ing in real estate; mem. Bd. of Selectmen, 
Chatham, 9 yrs.; dir. Chatham Branch R. R. 
Co. Address: So. Chatham, Mass. 

BASSETT, Edward Drown, lawyer; b. at 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1852; s. Isaac H. 
and Amey A. (Drown) B. ; direct descendant 
of William B., who settled in Plymouth, 
Mass., 1621; A.B., Brown Univ., 1873; read 
law with Hon. Samuel Curry, Providence, 
R. I.; admitted to bar, 1875; m. Providence, 
R. I., June 6, 1877, Mary A. Slade. Has 
practiced in Providence since 1875; served 
several yrs. in City Council and on Sch. Bd. 
of Providence; comm'r revision R. I. courts, 
1905; dir. Westminster Bank. Republican. 
Mem. Providence Bar Assn. Clubs: Univers- 
ity, Elmwood, Providence Bar. Address: 
1002 Trust Co. Bldg., Providence, R. I. 

BASSETT, Frederick James, clergy- 
man; b. Albany, N. Y., Mar. 9, 1856; s. Dan- 
iel Edson and Harriet (Buxton) B. ; grad. 
Albany High Sch., 1873; A.B., Union Coll., 
Schenectady, N. Y., 1877 (D.D., 18.97). Or- 
dained minister P. E. Ch., 1880; pastor All 
Saints' Ch., Torresdale, Phila., Ch. of the 
Redeemer, Providence, R. I., since May, 
1886; deputy to Gen. Conv., P. E. Ch., 1898, 
1901, 1904; mem. Standing Com. of Diocese, 
Alpha Delta Phi. Address: 166 Prospect St., 
Providence, R. I. 

BASSETT, George Massa, mfr. wool 
spinning machinery; b. Worcester, Mass., 
Nov. 8, 1864; s. Joseph Massa and Elizabeth 
Alden (Kennan) B.; ed. private apd pub. 
schs. to 1878, Worcester High Sch., 1878-82, 
Amherst Coll., 1882-6; m. Worcester, Nov. 7, 
1888, Cora Louise Richards. Became con- 
nected, 1886, with his father's firm, Johnson 
& Bassett (founded 1870), mem. of firm, 1893, 
managing partner, 1896, and in 1906 came 
into control of the business and has since 

been head of the firm which is still con- 
ducted under the original title; dir. Mechan- 
ics' Nat. Bank, Aetna Knitting Co.; trustee 
Mechanics' Savings Bank, Peoples' Savings 
Bank; incorporator Worcester Co. Inst'n for 
Savings. Mem. Nat. Assn. Woolen Mfrs., 
Delta Upsilon. Clubs: Worcester, Common- 
wealth (Worcester), The Strollers (New 
York), Tatnuck Country. Residence: 5 Ripley 
St. omce: 110-114 Foster St., Worcester, 

BASSETT, Henry, clergyman; h. Brooklyn, 
Sept. 25, 1854; s. Isaac Hodges and Amey 
Ann (Drown) B.; ed. pvt. and pub. schs.. 
Providence; attended lectures at Harvard, 
1879; B.D., Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1882; m. Providence, Nov. 15, 
1892, Cora West Mann (now deceased). Or- 
dained priest, P. E. Ch., 1882; rector Ch. of 
Epiphany, Providence, since 1882; examining 
chaplain to the bishop of the diocese; v. -p. 
St. Elizabeth Home, Providence; dir. R. I. 
Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 
and of R. I. Humane Ed'n Soc. Address: 405 
Elmwood Av., Providence, R. I. 

BASSETT, Jolin Spencer, educator; b. 
Tarboro, N. C, Sept. 10, 1867; s. Richard 
Baxter and Mary (Wilson) B. ; grad. Trin- 
ity Coll., N. C, 1888 (Ph. D., Johns Hop- 
kins, 1894); m. Aug. 10, 1892, Jessie Lewel- 
lin, Durham, N. C. Prof, history. Trinity 
Coll., N. C, 1893-1906, Smith Coll., Mass., 
since 1906. Mem. Am. Hist. Assn. Au- 
thor: Constitutional Beginnings of N. C. ; 
Slavery and Servitude in Colony of 
N. C; Anti-Slavery Leaders of N. C. ; 
Slavery in the State of N. C; The War of 
the Regulation; The Federalist System, 
1905 HI. Editor: Writings of "Colonel Wil- 
liam Byrd, of Westover in Virginia, Esq.," 
1901 D6. Editor South Atlantic Quarterly, 
1902-5. Address: Northampton, Mass. 

BASSETT, Josiah W., mcht. ; b. Wins- 
low, Me., Jan. 2, 1843; .y. Williams and Sybil 
(Howard) B.; ed. Oak Grove Sem., Vassal- 
boro. Me., Waterville (Me.) Acad.; m. Bos- 
ton, Jan. 7, 1868, Ella S. Cornish. Lived on 
farm until 22; entered firm of Cornish & 
Bassett, gen. store, 1866, and became propr., 
1875; mem. Bassett & Eaton since July 1, 
1897; trustee Waterville Savings Bank, Wins- 
low Library; co. comm'r, 1901-7. Repub- 
lican. Mason, K.T. Address: Winslow, Me. 

BASSETT, Norman Leslie, lawyer; b. at 
Winslow, Me., June 23, 1869; .y. Josiah Will- 
iams and Ella Susan (Cornish) B. ; grad. 
Coburn Classical Inst., 1887; A.B., Colby 
Coll., 1891; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1898; 
vu Bennington, Vt., June 24, 1903, Lula J. 
Holden. Began practice, 1898, in oflBce of 
Leslie C. Cornish, Augusta; mem. firm of 
Cornish & Bassett, 1901-7, since alone; en- 
forcement comm'r, 1905-7; sec. and trustee 
Coburn Classical Inst.; sec. and dir. Augusta 
City Hosp., trustee Augusta Savings Bank. 
Republican. Unitarian. Sec. and treas. Me. 
State Bar Assn. ; mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. 
Mason, K.T. Address: Augusta, Me. 

BASSETT, Samnel Eliot, educator; b. at 
Wilton, Conn., Aug. 11, 1873; s. Benjamin 
Franklin (M.D.) and Mary Louise (Brush) 
B.; ed, Wilton (Conn.) Acad., 1885-9; Hop- 
kins Gram. Sch., New Haven, Conn., 1893-4; 
A.E., Yale, 1898. Macy and Soldiers' Mem- 
orial fellow, 1898-1901; fellow Am. Sch. of 
Classical Studies, Athens, Greece, 1901-2; 




Ph.D., Yale, 1905; m. New Haven, Conn., 
June 18, 1903, Bertha Raymond. Instr. and 
tutor at Yale, 1902-5; prof. Greek lang. and 
lit., Univ. of Vt., since 1905. Mem. Mng. 
Com., Am. Sch. of Classical Studies, Athens, 
Greece, Archaeol. Inst, of America, Am. 
Philol. Assn., N. E. Classical Assn., Phi 
Beta Kappa and Alpha Delta Phi (Yale). 
Club: Ethan Allen. Republican. Writer of 
articles for Am. Jour, of Archaeology and in 
transactions of Am. Philol. Assn. Address: 
Burlington, Vt. 
BASSETT, Theodore Sheldon, mfr. ; h. 
Birmingham (now Derby), Conn., Apr. 2tj, 
1839; .?. Sheldon and Harriet (Hull) B.; 
common sch. ed'n; m. New York, Apr. 26, 
1860, Caroline Wells, who died Jan., 1907. 
Clk. in New York at 16; entered mfg. busi- 
ness and is now v. -p. Birmingham Iron 
Foundry, of Derby; pres. U. S. Rubber Re- 
claiming Works; postmaster of Derby, 1888- 
1892. Mason (32°). Clubs: Algonquin, Calu- 
met (Bridgeport). Address: Derby, Conn. 

BASSETT, William Garry, lawyer; h. at 
North Haven, Conn., Jan. 31, 1843; s. Man- 
ning B. and Julia Ann (Tyler) B. ; ed. Hop- 
kins Gram. Sch., New Haven, Conn., 1859- 
1861; studied Yale Univ., 2 yrs. ; LL.B., Al- 
bany (N. Y.) Law Sch., 1866; admitted to 
bar, 1866; m. Easthampton, Mass., July 6, 
1881, Mary B. Colton. Began practice at 
Easthampton, 1867; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
1874; judge of Probate Court, Hampshire Co., 
Mass., since 1878; pres. Glendale Elastic 
Fabrics Co.; v. -p. First National Bank; 
dir. Easthampton Rubber Thread Co.; mem. 
Bd. of Visitors, Andover Theol. Sem., since 
1895; trustee Cooley Dickinson Hosp. ; dir. 
Northampton Y.M.C.A. Congregationalist. 
Address: Northampton, Mass. 

BASTON, Fredericlc Orin, banker; b. at 
Bridgton, Me., Jan. 14, 1852; s. Hiram and 
Mary H. (Thompson) B. ; A.B., Bowdoin, 
1875, A.M., 1878; m. July 7, 1884, Mary C, d. 
Foster T. and Mary Ayers (Jones) Hobbs, of 
Gloucester, Mass. Prin. high sch., N. Ber- 
wick, Me., 1875-6, Natick High Sch., 1876-80, 
Wellesley High Sch., 1881-6; employed in 
Natick Nat. Bank, 1887-9; treas. Natick Five 
Cent Savings Bank since .1889. Mem. Natick 
Sch. Bd., 6 yrs.; trustee Morse Inst., since 
1891. C/wi'.y; Appalachian Mountain, Boston; 
Bowdoin Alumni. Address: Natick, Mass. 

BATCHELDER, Charles Clarence, 

lumber merchant; b. Boston, Aug. 15, 1867; 
s. Charles Clarence and Annie Mary (Leath- 
erbee) B. ; grad. Boston Latin Sch., 1885; A. 
B., Harvard, 1889; post-grad, work at Hei- 
delberg, Sorbonne, Paris, and other schs. 
Engaged in lumber business since 1890; 
treas. Boston Lumber Co., business original- 
ly established by grandfather, 1821. Mem. 
Mass. Wholesale Lumber Assn. (formerly 
v.-p. and pres.); has served on Mass. Bd. of 
Trade and now del. Boston Associated Bd. of 
Trade. Republican. Clubs: Exchange, Har- 
vard, Travelers'. Residence: 48 Beacon St. 
Omce: 79 Milk St., Boston. 
BATCHELDER, Charles Foster, or^ 
nithologist; b. Cambridge, Mass., July 20, 
1856; grad. Harvard Univ., A. B., 1878, C. 
E., 1882. Fellow Am. Ornithologists' Union 
(pres.), A. A. A. S.; mem. Washington 
Acad. Sciences. Address: 7 Kirkland St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

BATCHELDER, Clark Asa, lawyer; b. at 
Peru, Vt., Feb. 23, 1848; s. Edmund and So- 
phia (Simonds) B. ; direct descendant of Hon. 
Joseph B., who came from Eng. to Salem. 
Mass., in 1636; ed. State Normal Sch., West- 
field, Mass., Williston Acad., Easthampton, 
Mass.; taught sciences and mathematics in 
Burr & Burton Sem., Manchester, Vt., 4 
yrs.; grad. Boston Univ. Law Sch., 1873; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1873; w. Manchester, May 13, 
1874, Catharine W. Plard. Practiced in Bos- 
ton until 1878, in Ayer, Mass., 1878-97, since 
in Fitchburg; asso. justice Police Court of 
Fitchburg. Chmn. Rep. Town Com. of Ayer, 
several yrs.; also mem. Sch. Bd. of Ayer and 
later of Fitchburg. Mason. Address: Fitch- 
burg, Mass. 

BATCHELDER, Fredericli Prescott, 

physician; b. Stafford, Conn., Oct. 24, 1864; 
s. Rev. Frederick L. and Eliza H. (Willey) 
B.; descendant on father's side of Rev. Ste- 
phen Bachiler, Boston, 1631, and on mother's 
side of Isaac H. Willey, Boston, before 1640; 
ed. in pub. schs. and under father; Ch.B., 
Boston Univ. Sch. of Medicine, 1890, M.D., 
1891; interne Mass. Homoe. Hosp., 1890-1; m. 
Boston, Sept. 25, 1895, Mrs. Florence Emery 
Bliss. Engaged in practice in Boston since 
1891; asst. to Prof. Horace Packard, of Bos- 
ton Univ. Sch. of Medicine, in surg. anaes- 
thetics for many yrs.; asst. physician Mass. 
Homoe. Hosp., 1894-9, and visiting physician 
since; instr. in physiology, 1891-5, asso. prof, 
physiology, 1895-1902, prof, physiology since 
1902, Boston Univ. Sch. of Medicine; lecturer 
Training Sch. for Nurses, Mass. Homoe. 
Hosp. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, Mass. 
Homce. Med. Soc. (corr. sec, 1901-2, v.-p., 
1902-4, pres. 1904-5), Mass. Surg. & Gynecol. 
Soc, Boston Homoe. Med. Soc. Address: 411 
Mass. Av., Boston. 

BATCHELDER, Henry M., banker; b. Sa- 
lem, Mass., Feb. 11, 1852; .?. Samuel Lang 
and Mary (Brown) B.; ed. Salem pub. schs. 
and Classical and High Sch.; m. Salem, June 
5, 1877, Martha O. Horton. Began active ca- 
reer as bank elk., 1870, became cashier, 1883, 
and has been pres. Merchants' Nat. Bank, 
Salem, since 1902; v.-p. Essex Inst.; treas. 
and dir. Salem Electric Lighting Co.; dir. 
Holyoke Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Almy, Bigelow 
& Washburn Co.; mem. Investment Bd., Sa- 
lem F. C. Savings Bank. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mem. Mass. Bankers' Assn. (1st 
pres.). Club: Salem. Residence: 204 Lafayette 
St. Office: Merchants' Nat. Bank, Salem, 

BATCHELDER, James Kendrick, law- 
yer; b. Peru, Vt., Nov. 10, 1842; s. Ira K. and 
Nancy (Barnard) B.; prep, ed'n, Burr and 
Burton Sem.; A.B., Middlebury Coll., 1864; 
studied law at Albany Law Sch. and with 
Judge J. M. Tyler, Wilmington and Brattle- 
boro, Vt. ; admitted to bar, 1866; m. Arling- 
ton, Oct., 1867, Alta Parsons. Practiced at 
Arlington and Bennington, Vt., since 1866; 
state's atty., Bennington Co., 1874-84; mem. 
Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1874, 1876, 1884 (speaker, 
1884); presd'l elector, 1880. Mem. Vt. Bar 
Assn. (elected pres., Oct., 1908). Clubs: Ben- 
nington, Arlington Young Men's. Address: 
Arlington. Vt. 

BATCHELDER, Samuel Francis, law- 
yer; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1893, LL..B., 1898. 
Admitted to bar, 1898, and since practiced at 




Boston. Club: St. Botolph. Residence: Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 0)^(ce; Tremont Bldg., Boston. 

BATCHELLER, Robert, financier. Trus- 
tee Home Savings Bank; dir. Industrial Mut. 
Ins. Co., Rubber Mfrs. Mut. Ins. Co., Cotton 
& Woollen Mfrs. Mut. Ins. Co. Mem. Am. 
Hist. Assn. Club: St. Botolph. Address: 55 
Commonwealth Av., Boston. 

BATCHEL.L.ER, Trypliosa Bates, sing- 
er, author; b. N. Brookfield, Mass., Apr. 14, 
18 — ; d. Hon. Theodore Cornelius and Emma 
Frances (Duncan) Bates; ed. pvt. schs. and 
tutors Radcliffe Coll., class '99; studied 3 
yrs. with Mme. Marehesi, Paris, with Bim- 
boni, Florence, Giraudet, Lang, Henschel, 
etc.; m. Worcester, Mass., Francis Batchel- 
ler. Presented at the Court of England, 
1904; was given a sp'l musicale by President 
and Mrs. Roosevelt, at the White House, 
1904; has sung before members of the royal 
family in England, where conducted large 
charity concert for the League of Mercy, of 
which is a lady-v.-p. ; sung by invitation, 
at the Figaro Five O'clock concerts, Paris; 
presented at the court of Italy, 1906; re- 
ceived by H. M. Queen Elena in private 
audience, who presented her with an auto- 
graphed photograph, and accepted the dedi- 
cation of her book, "Glimpses of Italian 
Court Life"; invited to sing before H. M. 
Queen Margherita, who presented her with 
a diamond pendant in recognition of her 
voice, an autographed photograph; received 
in sp'l audience by Pope Pius X. Mem. In- 
corporated Soc. of Authors, Soc. of Psychi- 
cal Research, Alliance-Franco-Britanique 
(London), Industrie Femminili (Rome), 
Am. Soc. for Psychical Research, Alliance 
Frangaise, Arcolo Italiano, Salon Francais, 
McDowell Musical Club, D. A. R. (Boston), 
etc. Clubs: Lyceum (London); Boston Au- 
thors. Author: Glimpses of Italian Court 
Life (dedicated by permission to H. M. 
Queen Elena, of Italy), 1906 D6. Residence: 
N. Brookfield, Mass. 

BATCHEL.L.OR, Albert Stillman, law- 
yer; b. Bethlehem, N. H., Apr. 22, 1850; s. 
Stillman and Mary Jane (Smith) B.; grad. 
N. H. Conf. Sem., Tilton, N. H., 1868; A.B., 
Dartmouth, 1872, A.M., 1875; studied law; 
admitted to the bat-, 1875; m. Weaver, Minn., 
Aug. 5, 1880, Harriet Anna Copeland. Has 
been engaged in practice at Littleton, N. H., 
since 1875; asst. elk. N. H. Senate, 1875; 
mem. State Legislature, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1905; 
CO. solicitor, Grafton Co., 1880; mem. N. H. 
Exec. Council, 1887-9; trustee State Library; 
mem. Pub. Printing Comm'n. Editor state 
papers for state of N. H. since 1890, also has 
edited 13 vols, of regular series of the State 
Papers and 2 vols, of the Province Laws; 
mem. law firm of Batchellor & Mitchell (es- 
tablished 1846). Mem. Am. Bar Assn., N. H. 
State Bar Assn., Am. Hist. Assn., N. H. 
Hist. Soc, S.A.R. Republican. Scottish Rite 
Mason (32°). Address: Littleton, N. H. 

BATCHEIiOR, Georg-e, editor The Chris- 
tian Register, since 1897; b. Southbury. 
Conn., July 3, 1836; .y. Matthew and Mary 
(Axford) B. ; grad. Divinity School, Mead- 
ville, Pa.; Harvard Coll., 1866 (A. M.); m. 
Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 18, 1866, Priscilla 
C, d. 0. Stearns, D. D. Asst. supt. Sani- 
tary Comm'n, Dept. of W. Va., 1864-5; or- 
dained to Unitarian ministry, 1866; parishes 
in Salem, Mass., 1866-82; Chicago, 1882-5; 

Lowell, Mass., 1889-93; sec. Am. Unitarianl 
Assn., 1893-7; sec. Nat. Conf., 1870-80; chmn.| 
council, 1893-4, 1904-5. Author: Social Equi- 
librium, 1887 El. Has written sermons and I 
articles, published in Monthly Religious 
Mag., Unitarian Review, The Forum, and 
The New World; stories in Dr. Hale's 01d| 
and New, The Independent, The Christian 
Union. Residence: 11 Traill St., Cambridge, 
Mass. Office: 272 Congress St., Boston. 

BATES, Albert Carlos, librarian; b. East 
Granby, Conn., Mar. 12, 1865; s. Carlos and 
Hannah S. (Powers) B.; grad. Conn. Liter- 
ary Inst'n, Suffield, Conn., 1885. Entered 
employ Conn. Hist. Soc, 1892, and became 
its librarian, Jan. 1, 1893, recording sec, 
May, 1896, mem. Pub. Com., May 1897 (chmn. 
since May, 1901) ; represented town of E. 
Granby in Conn. Gen. Assembly, 1905. Mem. 
'Conn. Hist. Soc, Conn. S.A.R., Am. Hist. 
Assn., Bibliog. Soc of America, New Lon- 
don Co. Hist. Soc. Author of Bibliography 
of Connecticut Laws, 1900, Early Conn. En- 
graver, Conn. Gore Land Co. and other hist. 
pamphlets. Editor Conn. Hist. Soc. Collec- 
tions, vols. 8-12, several pubs, of Acorn Club, 
Simsbury Records, Turkey Hills Records, 
vols. 1-3, etc. Address: Hartford, Conn. 

BATES, Arlo, author, prof. English lit- 
erature, Mass. Inst. Technology, since 1893; 
b. East Machias, Me., Dec. 16, 1850: .<r. Dr. 
Niran and Susan (Thaxter) B. ; grad. Bow- 
doin, 1876; m. 1882, Harriet L. Vose (died 
1886). Editor Boston Sunday Courier, 1880- 
93. Mem. American Acad. Arts and Sci- 
ences, Nat. Inst. Arts and Letters. Author: 
Patty's Perversities, 1881 H5; Mr. Jacobs, 
01; The Pagans, 1884 H5; A Wheel of Fire, 
1885 S3; Berries of the Brier, 01; Sonnets 
in Shadow, 01; A Lad's Love, 1887 H5; The 
Philistines, 1889 H5; Albrecht, 01; The Poet 
and His Self, 01; A Book o' Nine Tales, 
01; Told in the Gate, 01; In the Bundle of 
Time, 01; The Torch Bearers, 01; Talks on 
Writing English, 1897 H5; Talks on the 
Study of Literature, 1898 H5; The Puritans, 
1899 H5; Under the Beech Tree, 1899 H5: 
Love in a Cloud, 1900 H5; Talks on Writing 
English (2nd series), 1901 H5; The Diary 
of a Saint, 1902 H5; Talks on Teaching Lit- 
erature, 1906 H5. Club: Tavern. Address: 
4 Otis PL, Boston. 

BATES, Charlotte Fiske (Mme. Roge), 
poet, educator; b. New York, Nov. 30. 
1838; d. Hervey and Eliza (EndicotV) B. ; ed. 
Cambridge, Mass., where for many yrs. she 
had private pupils; m. June, 1891, M. 
Adolphe Roge (died 1896). Author: Risk 
and Other Poems, 1879, Ol. Editor: Long- 
fellow Birthday Book, 1881, H5: Seven 
Voices of Sympathy, 1881, H5; Cambridge 
Book of Poetry and Song, 1882, C7; aided 
Mr. Longfellow in compiling Poems of 
Places. Contb'r to mags. Address: Mme. 
Roge, 304 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BATES, Ed^tvard Leyris, lawyer: b. Ben- 
nington, Vt., Jan. 24. 1859; s. William and 
Melissa (Scribner) B. : acad. ed'n; ;;;. 1st. 
Jennie M. Rcekwood, May, 1882 (died, 1884); 
m. 2d, Estella Elbred, of Hoosick, N. Y., 
May 17, 1887. Admitted to bar, 18S2, and has 
since practiced at Bennington. Has held va- 
rious local offices; state's atty., 1S84-94; sp'l 
prosecutor, 1890-4; corp'n atty. since 1893; 




col. on staff Gov. Fuller, 1892-4, and sec. of 
civil and mil. affairs; apptd. judge advocate 
gen., 1894. Republican. Baptist. Address: 
Bennington, Vt. 
BATES, Geoi'S'e Andrew, educator; b. at 
Boston, Aug. 5, 1847; i. Andrew {b. Ava, N. 
Y.) and Seyeth Ropes (Ames) B. (b. Orford, 
N. H.); grad. pub. schs., Salem, Mass., 
D.D.S., Boston Dental Coll., 1889; D.M.D., 
Tufts Coll. Dental Sch., 1903; M.S., Tufts 
Coll., 1905; m. .Salem, Mass., Dec, 1881, Aro- 
line Elizabeth Hodskinson. Practiced den- 
tistry in Boston for 16 yrs. ; prof, histology, 
Boston Dental 'Coll., 1891-9, Tufts Coll. Med. 
and Dental Schs. since 1899. Mem. Boston 
Soc. Natural History, Naturalists' Club, of 
Boston, Am. Assn. Anatomists. Methodist. 
Mason; mem. I.O.O.F. Residence: 305 Cen- 
tral St., Auburndale, Boston. Office: Tufts 
Coll. Med. Sch., Huntington Av., Boston. 

BATES, Georg-e D., mfr. ; b. S. Deerfield, 

Mass., Apr. 2, 1846; .y. Alonzo W. and Eliza 
(Sheldon) B. ; ed. dist. and high schs.; m. 
1st, Springfield, Mass., .June 10, 1869, Hattie 
M., d. H. W. Warner Greenfield (she died, 
1S76); m. 2d, June 9, 1880, Abbe J. .Sheldon 
(died Mar. 17, 1897); m. 3d, Aug. 31, 1898, 
Anna M. Tenney, of Hanover, N. H. Mem. 
Palmer & Bates, mfrs. of wallets, Montague, 
Mass., 1867-71, Athol, Mass., 1871-9, Bates 
Bros., Athol, since 1879; pres. Athol Cooper- 
ative Bank; dir. Miller's River Nat. Bank, 
Athol & Orange Elec. Ry. Co., Athol Gas & 
Elec. Co.; ex-pres. Athol Bd. of Trade. 
Address: The Island, Athol, Mass. 

BATES, Henry Clay, judge of Court of 
First Instance, Philippine Islands, apptd. 
Feb., 1901; b. Derby, Vt. Jan. 29, 1843; ed. 
Derby Acad.; m. Charleston, Vt., 1866, Laura 
E. Jenness. Enlisted, 1864, in 19th Mass. 
heavy arty., which afterward became Co. C, 
4th regt., Mass. heavy arty.; admitted to Vt. 
bar; practiced at St. Johnsbury; held many 
town and co. offices; del. at large, Nat. Rep. 
Conv., 1900; v.-p. from Vt. Pan-Am. Exp'n; 
It. -gov. Vt., 1890-1900. Home: St. Johnsbury, 
Vt. Address: Iloilo, P. I. 

BATES, Henry Ward, ins. underwriter; 
b. Brookfield, Mass., Feb. 13, 1863; .y. Dr. 
Henry Thomson and Charlotte Howe (Bush) 
B.; ed. pub. schs.; m. Oct. 15, 1895, Mabel 
Washburn, d. James E. and Lizzie Leonard 
(Pierce) Jenkins, of Vernon, N. Y. Entered 
the ins. office of John D. Washburn, 1879, 
and became a partner in the ins. firm of 
Washburn, Willis, Greene & Bates, 1896; 
treas. and elk. Worcester Bd. of Trade; 
:,pres. Worcester Bd. of Underwriters, Wor- 
cester Protective Dept. ; mem. of corp'n, 
Worcester Co. Inst, for Savings; mem. Mass. 
Assn. of Local Fire Ins. Agts., Worcester 
Co. Mechanics' Assn. Clubs: Home Market, 
Automobile, Worcester Congregational. Ad- 
dress: 405 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

BATES, Jacob P., pres. Cobb, Bates & 
Yerxa Co. ; dir. Nat. Bank of the Republic, 
Whitman Nat. Bank, Boston Land Co., Bos- 
ton Y.M.C.A. Address: 222 Summer St., Bos- 

BATES, Jolin Lewis, gov., lawyer; b. N. 
Easton, Mass., Sept. 18, 1859; s. Rev. Lewis 
Benton and Louisa D. (Field) B. ; ed. pub. 
schs. New Bedford, Taunton and Chelsea, 
and Boston Latin Sch.; grad. Boston Univ., 
1882, law dept. same 1885; (LL. D., Wesley- 

an Univ., Conn., 1903); m. July 12, 1887, 
Clara Elizabeth, d. Samuel C. Smith, 
Jamestown, N. Y. Taught pvt. sch., James- 
town, N. Y., 1882-3; admitted to bar, Bos- 
ton, 1885; mem. law firm Bates, Nay & Ab- 
bott, since 1906. Mem. Boston common 
council, 1891-2; mem. Mass. Ho. Reps., 1894- 
9 (speaker, 1897-9); It.-gov. Mass., 1900-1-2; 
gov. Mass., 1903-4; Republican. 33-deg. Ma- 
son. Dir. U. S. Trust Co., Columbia Trust 
Co., Faneuil Hall Nat. Bank, Chelsea Trust 
Co. ; trustee Enterprise Co-operative Bank, 
Wildey Savings Bank. Pres. b'd trustees 
Boston Univ. Clubs: University, City. Resi- 
dence: E. Boston, Mass. OfRce : 73 Tremont 
St., Boston. 

BATES, Katharine Lee, author, educat- 
or; b. Falmouth, Mass., Aug. 12, 1859; d. 
Rev. William and Cornelia Frances (Lee) 
B.; grad. Wellesley Coll., 1880. Taught 
mathematics, classics and English, Natick 
High School; later taught Latin in Dana 
Plali; 1885-8 instr. English literature; 1888-91 
asso. prof., and in 1891 prof, in charge, 
Wellesley Coll. ; mem. Boston Authors' 
Club and Society of American Au- 
thors. Author: College Beautiful and 
Other Poems, 1887 XI; Rose and Thorn 
(prize story), 1889 C6; Sunshine and Other 
Verses for Children, 1890 XI; Hermit Island 
(story), 1891 L9; English Religious Drama 
(lectures), 1893 Ml; American Literature, 
1898 Ml; Spanish Highways and By-ways, 

1900 Ml; also Booklets for children and 
much magazine work. Editor: The Wed- 
ding-Day Book, 1881 L9; Coleridge's An- 
cient Mariner, 1889 L16; Ballad Book, 1890 
L16; Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, 
1894 L16; Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's 
Dream, 1895 L16; Shakespeare's As You 
Like It, 1896 L16. Mabie's Norse Stories, 

1901 Rl; Keats' The Eve of St. Agnes and 
Other Poems, 1902 S6; English History Told 
by English Poets (with Katharine Coman), 

1902 Ml; Lenox Edition of Hawthorne's Ro- 
mances, 1902 C7; Ruskin's King of the 
Golden River, 1903 Rl; Early Poems of 
Alice and Phoebe Gary, 1903 C7; Tennyson's 
Princess, 1904 Al; Selections from Tenny- 
son's Idylls of the King, 1905. Address: 
Wellesley, Mass. 

BATES, Lew^is Benton, clergyman; b. 
Easton, Mass., Nov. 26, 1829; s. Rev. Lewis 
and Eliza (Webster) B. ; academic ed'n; vi. 
Falmouth, Mass., June 12, 1851, Louisa D. 
Field. Licensed exhorter in Methodist Ch. 
at 17; entered local ministry at 19; ordained 
to Methodist ministry at 21 (1851) ; chaplain 
Bristol Co. Prison 1 yr., and of 3d Regt., 
Mass. Vol. Militia, 5 yrs. ; transferred to 
N. E. Conf., 1872; during 60 yrs. of ministry, 
conducted 40,854 religious services, attended 
5,130 funerals, married 1,565 couples, baptized 
4,276 persons, received on probation 6,480 per- 
sons, and into full membership, 3,757 per- 
sons; circulated more than 10,000 Bibles: 
dedicated 410 churches; raised over $1,500,000 
for churches. Conf. evangelist 3 yrs.; del. 
to Gen. Conf. at Los Angeles, 1904; pres. 
Boston Methodist Preachers' Meeting for 2 
yrs. ; pres. Asbury Grove Camp Meeting 
Assn. 5 yrs. ; for 18 yrs. pres. and leader 
Christian Workers' Conf. of New England. 
Mason. Address: 44 Saratoga St., E. Boston, 




BATBS, Mary Russell, cataloguer; b. 
Newbury, Vt., Sept. 9, 1872; d. Samuel Ly- 
sander and Marion Elizabeth (Walker) B. ; 
grad. Burlington (Vt.) High Sch., 1890; Ph. 
B., Univ. of Vt., 1894. Prin. Shelburne (Vt.) 
High Sch., 1895-8; cataloguer Library, Univ. 
of Vt., since Oct., 1898. Mem. Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. Club: Klifa. Resi- 
dence: 31 Loomis St., Burlington, Vt. 

BATES, Oric, archaeologist; b. Boston, Dec. 
5, 1883; 5. Arlo and Harriet (Vose) B. ; ed. 
pvt. schs., Boston; Harvard, 1901-5. Wrote 
baccalaureate hymn at Harvard, 1905; in 
charge Egyptian Dept., Boston Museum Fine 
Arts, 1906-7; Berlin Univ., 1907-8; on Nubian 
Expd'n of Khedivial Govt., Harvard Syrian 
Expd'n, and Harvard Univ. Museum Pine 
Arts Egyptian Expd'n, 1908. Clubs: Stylus, 
Signet. Address: 4 Otis PL, Boston. 

BATES, Samuel IL., lawyer; b. Van Buren, 
Mich., Nov. 14, 1865; .y. Benjamin L. and 
Harriet Ann (Gray) B. ; grad. Eastern State 
Normal Sch., Castine, Me., 1890; studied law; 
admitted to bar, 1894; m. Penobscot, Me., 
Sept. 25, 1907, Anne Earl Leach. Dem. 
writer and speaker, and for several yrs. 
chmn. Co. Dem. Com. Asst. co. atty. of 
Cumberland Co. Address: 45 Exchange St., 
Portland, Me. 

BATES, Hon. Theodore Cornelius, re- 
tired manufacturer; b. N. Brookfield, Mass., 
June 4, 1843; .y. Elijah and Sarah (Fletcher) 
B., and descendant of early Colonial ances- 
try, many of whom occupied important po- 
sitions; ed. N. Brookfie d High Sch. and 
Pinkerton Acad., Derry, N. H.; m. N. Brook- 
field, Dec. 24, 1868, Emma Frances Duncan. 
Connected with wholesale house, Boston, 
1866-76; became identified, 1876, with Wor- 
cester Corset Co., of which for many yrs. 
was sole prop'r and which grew to be one of 
the largest establishments of the kind in the 
world; was the 1st large mfr. of Mass. to 
adopt weekly payment system; one of the 
chief promoters Worcester FJlectric Light 
Co., N. Brookfield R. R., N. Brookfield Free 
Pub. Library, N. Brookfield Water Works 
System, and has served as pres. or dir. in 
many pub. and pvt. organizations; never re- 
ceived any remuneration for service ren- 
dered his native town, and donated money 
received for services in both branches of 
State Legislature of Mass. to purchase of 
books for town library; chmn. com. which 
pub. History of North Brookfield; one of 1st 
organizers of Home Market Club of Mass. ; 
mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1879, Senate, 1883 
(declined unanimous renomination to both 
offices); del. Rep. Nat. Conv., 1884; chmn. 
exec. com. Rep. State Central Com. 10 yrs. ; 
served 5 yrs. as one of state dirs. Boston &. 
Albany R. R. ; has been for 30 yrs. a trustee 
of the Peoples Savings Bank of Worcester; 
served 5 yrs. as mem. State Bd. of Health. 
Congregationalist. Mem. N. E. Historic- 
Geneal. Soc, Mass. Soc. Colonial Wars, 
Mass. Soc. War of 1812, Bunker Hill Monu- 
ment Assn., Mass. Soc. S.A.R., N. Y. Soc. 
Founders and Patriots of America. Mason 
(32°), Past Master, K.T. ; trustee Masonic 
Ed'n and Charity Trust Funds of Grand 
Lodge of Mass. ; for several yrs. eorr. sec. 
Mass. Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M. Address: 
N. Brookfield, Mass. 

BATES, "William Carver, insurance; b. 
Hanover, Mass., May 25, 1838; .9. Rufus and 

Huldah (Keith) B. ; ed. Hanover Acad.; m. 
Hanover, Apr. 14, 1867, Emma Barstow. Has 
engaged in ins. business in Boston since 1887. 
Mem. N. E. Historic-Geneal. Soc, Y.M.C.A., 
etc. Club: Boston Mycological. Author and 
editor. Residence: Newton, Mass. Office: 60 
State St., Boston. 

BATT, Cliarles R., pres. Nat. Security 
Bank, Union Carpet Lining Co. ; trustee Bos- 
ton Five Cents Savings Bank; dir. Davol 
Mills (Fall River), Souther Brewing Co. 
Residence: Newton, Mass. Office: 79 Court St., 

BATT, William James, clergyman; b. 
Fall River, Mass., Oct. 5, 1834; i-. Richard 
Waldron and Laura (Bliss) B.; A.M., Browa 
Univ., 1855; B.D., Andover Theol. Sem., 1858; 
m. Fall River, Mass., Oct. 5, 1859, Mary Dur- 
fee Davol. Ordained to ministry of Cong'l 
Ch., 1859; pastor, Stoneham, Mass., twice, 
1859-61 and 1875-85, Bedford, 1861-5, Leomin- 
ster, 1865-74; chaplain Mass. Reformatory, 
Concord Junction, Mass., since 1885; eorr. 
sec. Ministers' Union since 1895. Address: 
Concord, Mass. 

BATTEY, Charles Heaton, artist; b. 
Burrillville, R. I., Mar. 27, 1868; s. Thomas 
Jesse and Mary Augusta (Heaton) B. ; grad., 
scientific course, Friends Sch. (now Moses 
Brown Sch.), Providence, R. I., 1885; B.S., 
Haverford Coll., Pa., 1888; studied Art 
League, New York, 1888-9, Royal Acad., Ant- 
werp, 1901-2, Paris, 1902-5; vi. Minneapolis, 
Minn., Aug. 14, 1895, S. Edith Thompson. 
Located in Providence, 1890; has exhibited in 
Paris, Providence Art Club, etc.; his por- 
trait of Maj. Nathaniel Greene hangs in 
"Tribune" office. Providence; also has a por- 
trait at Moses Brown Sch. and at Haverford 
Coll. Prohibitionist. Mem. Soc. of Friends. 
Chess player of some note; performer on 
violin. Author: Shorter Poems, 1896, 1898; 
Tales and Sketches. Residence: 284 Lloyd Av. 
Studio: 47 Woods Bldg., Providence, R. I. 

BAUR, Paul Victor Cliristoplier, edu- 
cator; b. Cincinnati, O., Jan. 14, 1872; 5. The- 
odore and Elizabeth (Ihle) B. ; B.L., Univ. 
of Cincinnati, 1894; studied Univ. Tubingen, 
Germany, 1894-5, Univ. of Berlin, 1895-7, Am. 
Sch. at Athens, Greece, 1897-9; M.A., Ph.D., 
Univ. of Heidelberg, 1900. Instr. in classical 
archseol., Univ. of Cincinnati, 1901; acting 
prof, classical archseol., Univ. of Mo., 1901-2; 
asst. prof, classical archseol., Yale, since 
1902. Mem. Mng. Com. Am. Sch. at Athens, 
Greece; mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Consulting 
editor Records of the Past. Club: Graduates' 
(New Haven). Address: 246 Church St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

BAXENDAL.E, Esther Minerva, lectur- 
er; b. Brockton, Mass., Nov. 4, 1846; d. Wes- 
ten and Esther (Hay ward) Simmons; grad. 
Bridgewater (Mass.) State Normal Sch., 
1864; m. Brockton, Mass., Oct. 3, 1871, Thom- 
as A. Baxendale. Taught grammar schs., 
Mass., 7 yrs.; post-grad, course in psychol- 
ogy and metaphysics. Harvard, 1894; re- 
ceived Chautauqua Club diploma for 4 yr. 
reading course, 1895. Extensive traveler and 
lecturer. Pres. Brockton Humane Soc. 
Author: Yours With All My Heart, 1904 P3. 
Address: Brockton, Mass. 

BAXTER, Georgre I-eTris, educator; b. 
Quincy, Mass., Oct. 21, 1842; .y. William Wild 
aud Ann Elizabeth (Weld) B. ; grad. Quincy 
High Sch.; A.B., Harvard, 1863, A.M., 1866 




(Litt. D., Tufts Coll., 1905); m. Somerville, 
Mass., July 18, 1872, Ida P. Paul. Began 
teaching, 1863; prln. Reading High Sch., 
1864, Plymouth High Sch., 1864-7; headmas- 
ter Somerville Latin Sch. since 1867; cor- 
porator and trustee since incorporation, 
Somerville Savings Bank. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mason, K.T. Residence: 27 War- 
ren Av. Office: Central Park, Highland Av., 
Somerville, Mass. 

BAXTER, Gi'eg-ory Paul, educator; b. 
Somerville, Mass., Mar. 3, 1876; .y. George 
Lewis and Ida Florence (Paul) B. ; grad. 
Somerville High Sch., 1892; A.B., Harvard 
Coll., 1896; studied Harvard Grad. Sch., 
1896-9, A.M., 1897, Ph.D., 1899; m. Somerville, 
Mass., June 2, 1906, 'Amy Bailey Sylvester. 
Asst. in chemistry, 1895-7, inst., 1897-9, Har- 
vard; instr. in chemistry, Haverford Coll., 
Pa., 1899-1900; asst. prof, chemistry, Svs^arth- 
more Coll., 1900-2; instr. chemistry, 1902-5, 
asst. prof, since 1905, Harvard; dir. The Syl- 
vester Co. Mem. Am. Acad. Arts and Sci- 
ences, A.A.A.S., Am. Chem. Soc, German 
Chem. Soc. Residence: 26 Summit Av., Som- 
erville, Mass. Office: Bolyston Hall, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

BAXTER, James Pliiiiney, author; b. 
Gorham, Me., March 23, 1831; academic ed'n 
(A. M., Litt. D., Bowdoin); has been 6 times 
mayor of Portland, Me. ; pres. Me. Hist. 
Soc, Portland Public Library, Merchants' 
Nat. Bank, Portland Publishing Co. ana 
New England Hist. Geneal. Soc; v. -p. Port- 
land Trust Co., etc. Author: The Trelaw- 
ney Papers, 1884; George Cleeve and His 
Times, 1885; The British Invasion from the 
North, 1887, M13; Sir Ferdinando Gorges 
and His Province of Maine, 1890; The Pio- 
neers of New France in New England, 1894, 
M13; The Voyages of Jacques Cartier, 1906 
D3; also numerous monographs and papers 
on early Am. history. Edited Vols. 3, 4, 5, 
6 and 9, Documentary History of Maine; etc. 
Address: Portland, Me. 

BAXTER, Percival Proctor, lawyer; b. 
Portland, Me., Nov. 22, 1876; s. James P. and 
Mehetabel Cummings (Proctor) B. ; A.B., 
Bowdoin Coll., 1898; LL.B., Harvard Law 
Sch., 1901. Has practiced in Portland since 
1901; mem. State Legislature, 1905, 1906. Re- 
publican. Residence: 61 Deering St. Office: 57 
Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

BAXTER, Sylvester, author, journalist; b. 
W. Yarmouth, Mass., Feb. 6, 1850; s. Syl- 
vester and Rosella (Ford) B. ; academic ed'n 
Leipzig and Berlin, 1875-7; m., Sept. 24, 1893, 
Lucia Allen Millet, E. Bridgewater, Mass. 
Engaged on reporting and editorial staffs 
Boston Advertiser and Herald; editor Mexi- 
can Financier, and Outing Magazine; sp'l 
corr. Boston Herald and New York Sun in 
Mexico; of Outlook at Pan-Am. Conf., Rio 
de Janiero, and in Argentina and Uruguay, 
1906. First suggested the organization of 
Greater Boston and of Boston Met. park 
system; was sec. of preliminary Met. Park 
Comm'n for Greater Boston; chm'n Mai- 
den park comm'n. Author: Cruise of a 
Land Yacht, L6; Berlin: A Study in Muni- 
cipal Government, 1890; The Boston Park 
Guide, S9; The Old New World, statement of 
the Hemenway Southwestern Archaeol. 
Expd'n, 1888; Greater Boston, monograph, 
1891; Spanish Colonial Architecture in Mex- 

ico, 1902 M35; The Quest of the Holy Grail, ' 
1904 C44; Old Marblehead, 1906; also short 
stories, poems and criticisms in various 
mags. Residence: Maiden, Mass. Office: 126 
State St., Boston. 

BAYL.EY, Edwin Allen, lawyer; b. Ja- 
maica Plain, Mass., July 30, 1862; .y. Edwin 
and Vesta (Capen) B., and descendant of 
Pilgrim ancestry; B.A., Dartmouth Coll., 
1885; LL.B., magna cum laude, Boston Univ. 
Sch. of Law, 1891; in. Newbury, Vt., June 15, 
1892, Lucia A. Watkins. Practices in Boston; 
mem. law firm of Colby & Bayley. Repub- 
lican. Congregationalist. Mem. Bailey- 
Bayley Family Assn. (ex-pres. and ex-sec), 
Middlesex Bar Assn. Club: Old Belfrey. 
Residence: Lexin'gton, Mass. Office: 30 Court 
St., Boston. 

BAYLIES, Walter Cabot, capitalist; A. 
B., Harvard, 1884. Mem. firm Amory, Browne 
& Co., dry goods comm'n; pres. and dir. 
Boston, & Lowell R. R. ; v. -p., chmn. exec, 
com. and dir. Edison Electric Illuminating 
Co. of Boston; v. -p. and dir. N. E. Cotton 
Yarn Co., Wellman Sole Cutting Machine 
Co.; trustee Mass. Gas Companies, N. E. 
Gas & Coke Co., Suffolk Savings Bank for 
Seaman and Others; dir. Boston Consolidated 
Gas Co., Commonwealth Trust Co., N. E. 
Trust Co., Newton & Watertown Gas Light 
Co., Lancaster Mills, Gosnold Mills Co. (New 
Bedford), Taunton-New Bedford Copper Co. 
Residence: 5 Commonwealth Av. Office: 48 
Franklin St., Boston. 

BAYNES, Ernest Harold, writer and lec- 
turer on natural history; b. Calcutta, In- 
dia, May 1, 1868; s. John and Helen Au- 
gusta (Nowill) B.; ed. pvt. schs. in Eng., 
pub. schs., Westchester Co., N. Y., and 
New York city, and 4 yrs. in Coll. City 
of New York; m. Boston, Apr. 24, 1901, 
Louise Birt O'Connell. Left coll., 1891, to 
become reporter on New York Times. 
Asst. to father (inventor of photographic 
modeling), 1893-1900; writing and lecturing 
on natural history since 1900; organized, 
1900, syndicate of newspapers, each one of 
which has printed an article of his, once 
a week, ever since; also series Wild Life in 
the Blue Mountain Forest, Boston Tran- 
script, 1904, and many other contb'ns to 
mags., newspapers, etc In Spanish-Am. 
War service, June-Oct., 1898, in Co. K, 3d 
Conn. Vols. Hon. mem. Hobby Post, G. A. 
R., Stamford, Conn. Mem. Nuttall Urnith. 
Club, Am. Ornithologists' Union, Am. Bison 
Soc. (sec). Harvard Travellers Club. 
[Address: Meriden, N. H. 

BAZELEY, William Alliston Ley, real 
estate broker and trustee; b. Builth, Wales, 
Oct. 7, 1872; s. Augustus Ley and Georgiana 

_ Fanny (Hall) B. ; arrived in America, 1883; 
ed. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H., 1884-8, 
Holderness Sch., Plymouth, N. H., 1888-90; 
m. Uxbridge, Mass., Sept. 14, 1899, Margaret 
Conant Chapin. In real estate business in 
Boston since 1900; treas. N. E. Conservatory 
of Music; mem. Mass. Naval Brigade 4 yrs., 
1st Corps Cadets, M.V.M., 6 yrs. Republic- 
an. Episcopalian. C/m^.?: Union, St. Botolph, 
Union Boat, Brookline Country. Residence: 
116 Commonwealth Av. Office: 935 Exchange 
Bldg., Boston. 

BEACH, Charles Edward, importer; b. 
Hartford, Conn., Sept. 2, 1862; s. Charles 
Mason and Frances Lyman (Belknap) B. ; 



ed. pub. schs., B.S., Mass. Agr'l Coll., Am- 
herst, Mass., 1882; m. W. Hartford, Conn., 
Oct. 8, 1895, Catherine Harriet Coffing. Mem. 
firm of Beach & Co., importers of dyes, 
chemicals, etc., established 183.5; pres. Whit- 
lock Coil Pipe Co.; mem. Conn. Gen. Assem- 
bly, 1907. Clubs: Hartford, Hartford Golf, 
Country. Residence: W. Hartford, Conn. 
■Omce: Beach & Co., Hartford, Conn. 

BEACH, Cliarles JLewis, educator; b. 
Whitewater, Wis., Apr. 6, 1866; .y. Charles 
R. and Mary Janette (Lewis) B. ; B. Agr. and 
B. S., Univ. of Wis., 1886; m. Milwaukee, 
Wis., 1896, Louise C. Crombie. Instr. and 
prof, dairy husbandry. Conn. Agr. Coll., 
1896-1906; prof, dairy husbandry, Univ. of 
Vt. and Vt. Expt. Sta., 1906-8; pres. Conn. 
Agr. Coll., Storrs, Conn., since Sept. 15, 1908. 
Address: Conn. Agr. College, Storrs, Conn. 

BEACH, David Nelson, clergyman, edu- 
cator; b. S. Orange, N. J., Nov. 30, 1848; 
grad. Yale, A. B., 1872; B. D., 1876 (D. D., 
Western Reserve, 1896); m. 1st, Dec. 31, 
1878, Lilian Tappan (died June 30, 1902) ; 2d, 
Dec. 18, 1903, Dora Freeman. Cong'l pastor 
Westerly, R. I., 1876-9; Wakefield, Mass., 
1879-84; Cambridge, Mass., 1884-96; Minne- 
apolis, 1896-8; Denver, Colo., 1899-1902; 
president and professor homiletics, Bangor 
Theological Seminary from 1903. Promi- 
nent in permanently ridding Cambridge, 
Massachusetts, from the saloon; in local 
option and good civics work in Mass. and 
elsewhere; agitator for grafting modified 
Norwegian liquor system on Mass. local op- 
tion laws; also for ch. unity and a better 
theology. Author: Plain Words on Our 
Lord's Work, 1886 01; The Newer Re- 
ligious Thinking, 1893 01; How We Rose (a 
Resurrection parable), 1895 01; The Intent 
of Jesus, 1896 01; Statement of Belief, 1897 
01; The Annie Laurie Mine, 1903 PS; Mean- 
ings of the Battle of Bennington, 1903 XI; 
etc. Address: Bangor, Me. 

BEACH, Frederick Converse, editor; 
b. New York, Mar. 27, 1848; s. Alfred Ely and 
Harriet E. E. ; ed. pub. schs.; grad. Sheffield 
Scientific Sch., Yale, Ph.B., 1868; m. Strat- 
ford, Conn., 1875, Margaret A. Gilbert. In 
1864, as pastime, began practice of photog- 
raphy; suggested, 1866, to U. S. comm'r of 
patents, utility and practicability of photo- 
lithographing U. S. patents, a plan later 
adopted; patent solicitor at Washintgon, 
1868-9; asst. supt. of construction of Beach 
pneumatic tunnel under Broadway, New 
York, 1869; afterward mfr. of elec. instru- 
ments; in 1877 entered office of Scientific 
American, assisting his father, and after lat- 
ter's death became one of editors. Made 
many experiments in photography and wrote 
much on photog. topics. Founded, 1884, Soc. 
Amateur Photographers of New York (now 
Camera Club) ; one of organizers Am. Lan- 
tern Slide Interchange; one of founders of 
mag., Am. Amateur Photographer; editor-in- 
chief Ency. Americana since 1902. Residence: 
Stratford, Conn. Office: 361 Broadway, New 

BEACH, Mrs. H. H. A. (Amy Marcy 
Cheney Beach); b. Henniker, N. H., Sept. 
5, 1867; d. Charles Abbott and Clara Imo- 
gene (Marcy) Cheney; early ed'n under her 
mother; piano and harmony under Junius 
W. Hill, Ernest Perabo and Carl Baer- 

mann; studied fugue, form, counterpoint 
and instrumentation alone with text books; 
played in concerts and recitals from 1883; 
since 1885, work has been in playing and 
composition; m. 1885, Dr. H. H. A. Beach of 
Boston. Publislied Compositioyis : Mass in E 
fiat (sung by Boston Handel and Haydn 
Soc, 1892); The Rose of Avontown, cantata 
for female voices; Gaelic Symphony; Festi- 
val Jubilate, for mixed voices; The Minstrel 
and the King, ballad for male voices; Syl- 
vania, wedding cantata for mixed voices; 
Help Us, O God, motet for mixed voices, 
unaccompanied; Concerto for piano and or- 
chestra (played by Boston Symphony Or- 
chestra); Aria, Jephthah's Daughter; Can- 
tata, The Sea-Fairies; also many songs, 
etc. Hon. mem. Boston Browning Soc, in 
recognition of music written to Browning's 
poetry. Address: 28 Commonwealth Av., 
BEACH, Harlan Page, clergyman, auth- 
or; b. S. Orange, N. J., April 4, 1854; grad. 
Yale, 1878; Andover Theol. Sem., 1883; wi. 
June 29, 1883, Lucy L. Ward. Taught at 
Phillips Andover Acad., 1878-80; mission- 
ary in China, 1883-90; taught and was in 
charge of School for Christian Workers, 
Springfield, Mass., 1892-95; prof, theory and 
practice of missions, Yale Divinity Sch., since 
1895; field dir. Yale Foreign Missionary Soc. 
Mem. Am. Oriental Soc, Phi Beta Kappa; 
fellow Royal Geog. Soc. Author: The Cross 
in the Land of the Trident, 1895 R3; Knights 
of the Labarum, 1896; Dawn on the Hills 
of T'ang, 1898; Geography and Atlas of 
Protestant Missions (2 vols.), 1901, 1903; 
India and Christian Opportunity, 1904; (last 
4 pubis. Student Vol. Movement). Address: 
New Haven, Conn. 

BEACH, Henry Harris Aubrey, M. D. ; 

b. Middletown, Conn., Dec. 18, 1843; s. Eli- 
jah and Lucy S. (Riley) B. ; removed to 
Cambridge, Mass., in childhood; ed. public 
schools; enlisted in U. S. A., 1864, assigned 
to hospital service with rank of sergt. of 
ordnance; served till 1866; apptd. surgical 
house officer Mass. Gen. Hosp.; grad. Med. 
School, Harvard, 1868; m. 1st, 1871, Alice 
C. Mandell, New Bedford, Mass. (died 1880) ; 
2d, 1885, Amy Marcy Cheney. Has practiced 
in Boston since 1868; served as asst. dem- 
onstrator and demonstrator anatomy Har- 
vard Med. School, 15 yrs. ; later instr. and 
now lecturer in surgery, Harvard; now con- 
sulting surgeon, Mass. Gen. Hosp. Asst. ed- 
itor Boston Med. and Surg. Jour., 2 yrs. 
Pres. Boylston Med. Soc, Harvard Univ., 
1873-4; mem. Am. Med. Assn., Am. Social 
Science Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Soc. 
Med. Improvement, Boston Soc. Med. Sci- 
ences, A. A. A. S., Biol. Soc, W'ashington. 
Contb'r many articles and papers to med. 
jours, and trans, of med. socs. Address: 28 
Commonwealth Av., Boston. 

BEACH, Sethi Cnrtis, clergyman, author; 
b. Marion, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1837; s. Luther 
Markham and Angelina Elizabeth (Curtis) 
B.; ed. Antioch Coll., Ohio, 1859-62. Union 
Coll., Schenectady, N. Y., A. B., 1863, Har- 
vard Divinity Sch., 1863-6; (D. D., Union, 
1903) ; m. Boston, Nov. 17, 1869, Frances Hall 
Judd. Ordained Unitarian clergyman, 1867; 
pastor Augusta, Me., 1867-9, Dedham, Mass., 




1875-88, Bangor, Me., 1891-1901, Wayland, 
Mass., since 1901. Supt. Unitarian mission- 
ary work, 1888-90. Dir. Am. Unitarian 
Assn., 1887-90; pres. Unitarian Ministerial 
Union, 1907. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Author: 
Daughters of the Puritans, 1895 A4. Address: 
Wayland, Mass. 

BEALi, Flavins Orlando, business man; 
b. Monmouth, Me., June 2, 1841; ^. Samuel 
and Maria A. (Warren) B. ; left an orphan 
at age of 7; ed. largely through own exer- 
tions, common schs. and Towle Acad. ; m. 
Freeport, Me., Dec. 7, 1865, Lucy Jane Ran- 
dall. Learned trade of brush making, at 
Portland, Me. ; served as pvt. 1st and 13th 
regts.. Me. Vols., 1861-Mar., 1862; discharged 
on account of ill health; in service of Me. 
Central Ry., 1862-74; in livery and hotel 
business at Bangor, Me., 1874-89, and prop'r 
Bangor House, 1881-9; associated with others 
and built the fair grounds at Maplewood 
Park, 1883; was pres. Eastern Me. State Fair 
Assn.; for many yrs. engaged in farming; 
established Bangor Creamery, 1892; was cat- 
tle comm'r for 22 yrs., and still mem. of this 
bd. ; actively interested for a number of yrs. 
in promotion and construction of electrical 
rys. ; mayor of Bangor 8 terms, 1891-1904 (de- 
feated twice). Mem. State Legislature, 1899- 
1903; pres. Eastern Me. Musical Festival 12 
yrs. Republican. Unitarian. Address: 39 
Hammond St., Bangor, Me. 

BEALi, Jolin. Van, lawyer; b. Randolph, 
Mass., July 3, 1842; 5. Col. Eleazer and Mary 
Stetson (Thayer) B. ; grad. Phillips Andover 
Acad., 1863; studied law with Jewell, Gaston 
& Field, Boston; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1872; admitted to Mass. bar, 1873, later to U. 
S. Circuit and Dist. courts. Began practice 
in Randolph; office with Jewell, Field & 
Shepard, Boston, 1876-81; with Shepard & 
Coombs, 1881-91; alone since; elk. and supt. 
Cong'l S. S., Randolph, many yrs.; orator 
at centennial celebration of Randolph, 1893. 
Residence: Randolph, Mass. Office: 53 State 
St., Boston. 

BEAIi, Tlionias Prince, banker; b. 
Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 27, 1849; s. James 
H. and Judith D. (Beal) B.; A.B., Harvard, 
1869, A.M., 1872; m. Baltimore, Md., Oct. 27, 
1881, Ida, d. William Young and Eliza Ann 
(Baker) De Ford, of Baltimore. Traveled in 
Europe, 1869-70; in business in New York, 
1870; employed in 2d Nat. Bank, Boston (of 
which his father was pres.), 1871-3, dir., 1873, 
v.-p., 1878, pres. since 1888. Mem. Com. 
Council, Boston, 1885. Residence: 36 Glouces- 
ter St. Office: 2d Nat. Bank, Sears Bldg., 

BEALiE, Josepli Henry, Jr., lawyer, ed- 
ucator; b. Dorchester, Mass., Oct. 12, 1861; 
s. Joseph H. and Frances E. (Messinger) 
B.; grad. Harvard, 1882, A. M., 1887, LL. 
B., 1887; LL. D., Univ. of Wis.. Univ. of 
Chicago, 1904; m. Barnstable, Mass., Dec. 
23, 1891, Elizabeth C. Day. Was a teacher at 
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, 1 yr. ; practised 
law, Boston, 1888-92; teacher of law. Har- 
vard Law Sch. since 1890, asst. prof., 1892, 
prof, law from 1897; prof, law and dean of 
law sch., Univ. of Chicago, 1902-1904. Mem. 
Mass. State Comm'n for Simplifying Crim- 
inal Pleadings, 1900. Author: Cases on 
Criminal Law, 1894 HIO; Cases on Dam- 
ages, 1895 L6; Cases on Carriers, 1898 HIO; 

Criminal Pleadings and Practice, 1899 L6; 
Cases on the Conflict of Laws, 1902 HIO; 
Cases on Public Service Corporations, 1902 
HIO; Foreign Corporations, 1904; Innkeep- 
ers, 1906; Railroad Rate Regulation (with 
Bruce Wyman), 1906; also various legal arti- 
cles and monographs. Address: 29 Chauncy 
St., Cambridge, Mass. 
BEAIiS, Charles EdTeard, clergyman; b. 
Stoughton, Mass., July 15, 1869; .y. Charles 
Emery and Susan (Fisher) B. ; grad., saluta- 
torian, Stoughton High Sch., 1885; studied 
mech, eng'ring Mass. Inst. Tech., 1885-9; 
grad. Drew Theol. Sem., Madison, N. J., 
1892; m. Stoughton, June 30, 1892, Nellie Ver- 
non Drake. Ordained minister M. E. Ch., 
1894; pastor Emanuel M. E. Ch., Mansfield, 
Mass., 1892-6, and M. B. Ch. at Foxboro, 
Mass., 1894-5, M. E. Ch., Phenix, R. I., Apr.- 
July, 1896, Maverick Ch. Chapel (Cong'l), 
E. Boston, Mass., 1896-7, Cong'l Ch., Stone- 
ham, Mass., 1897-1900, 2d Cong'l Ch., Green- 
field, Mass., 1900-3, Prospect St. Cong'l Ch., 
Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 1, 1903-Jan. 1, 1908; 
field sec. Am. Peace Soc. since Apr. 1, 1908. 
Capt. 1st Co. Inf., Mass. Provisional Militia, 
1898-9; chaplain 5th Inf., Mass. Vol. Militia. 
2 yrs. Mem. N. E. Hist. Geneal. Soc. Home: 
7 Prospect St., Stoughton, Mass. Address: 
31 Beacon St., Boston. 

BEAMAN, Elmer Allen, mfr. tools; b. 
Worcester, Mass., Sept. 2, 1846; .y. Allen Co- 
nant and Sarah Ann (Mason) B. ; pub. sch. 
ed'n; m. Providence, R. I., Jan. 1, 1883, Grace 
C. Bishop. Served in Union Army, 1863, 
1864, as member of €o. F, 42d Regt., Mass. 
V.M.; learned machinist's trade with Wood 
& Light Co., Worcester; removed to Provi- 
dence, 1866; began as treas. Star Tool Co., 
1869; sold out, 1884; started The Beaman & 
Smith Co., 1886, of which is treas. and gen. 
mgr. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. 
Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Providence Soc. Mech. 
En^'rs. Mason (32°); mem. G.A.R. Resi- 
dence: 237 Washington Av. Office: Gordon and 
Reynolds Avs., Providence, R. I. 

BEAMAN, Geor^g-e William, naval of- 
ficer; b. Rutland, Vt, May 7, 1837; .s. George 
Hudson and Eleanor Kettelle (Gookin) B.; 
ed. Rutland High Sch., Troy Conf. Acad.; 
m. Louisville, Ky., May 2, 1866, Rebecca 
Swift Goldsmith. Enlisted as pvt. 3d Regt., 
Mo. U. S. Reserve Corps, May, 1861; was 
war corr. Mo. Democrat, Aug., 1861-Mar., 
1862; was with Grant in battles Ft. Henry 
and Donelson; apptd. acting asst. p.-m., U. 
S. N., Mar., 1862; asst. p.-m., June, 1862; 
promoted p.-m., 1866; pay insp., 1890; pay 
dir., Apr., 1899; retired with rank of rear 
admiral. May 7, 1899. Served in S. Atlantic 
and Gulf Blockading Squadrons, and on 
Miss. River during Civil War; was in vari- 
ous engagements; subsequently served on 
various stas. and as gen. storekeeper at 
Boston and Mare Island navy yards. Clubs: 
St. Botolph (Boston) ; Oakley Country (Wat- 
ertown); Army and Navy (New York). 
Residence: 58 Lake View Av., Cambridge, 

BEAN, George Freemont, lawyer; b. 
Bradford, N. H., Mar. 24, 1857; s. Stephen 
Sibley and Nancy E. (Colby) B. ; A.B., 
Brown Univ., 1881; Litt. B., Boston Univ. 
Law Sch., 1885; m. Sept. 2, 1886, B. Maria, d. 
William A. and Anna (Taggard) Blodgett, 




of Watertown, Mass. In law office of Hon. 
S. C. Eastman, Concord, N. H., 1883-4; ad- 
mitted to bar, Boston, Mass., 1885; general 
practice in Boston. Mayor of Woburn, Mass., 
1890; mem, various municipal comm'ns and 
mem. Sch, Bd., 1896-1908. Clubs: Towanda 
(Woburn), Republican of Mass. (Boston). 
Residence: Woburn. Office: Boston, Mass. 

BEAN, Holly Marsliall, shipbuilder; b. 
Chatham, N. H., July 9, 1837; s. Nathan and 
Phoebe (Dutch) B. ; ed. pub. schs.; m. 1st, 
Emma Pottle; m. 2d, Louise R. Knight. 
Lived on farm until 18 yrs. old; then went to 
work in shipyard until 1867, when began 
building on own acount, building large wood- 
en vessels; has just launched 70th vessel; sr. 
mem. firm H. M. & R. L. Bean, of Camden, 
Me. Built the 2d 3-masted schooner, the 2d 
4-masted schooner, the 2d 5-masted schooner 
and the 1st 6-masted schooner. Address: 
Camden, Me. 

BEANE, Fred Emery, lawyer; b. Read- 
field, Me., May 14, 1853; s. Emery Oliver and 
Elizabeth Hunton (Craig) B. ; prep, ed'n. Me. 
Wesleyan Sem. and Westbrook (Me.) Sem. ; 
student. Tufts Coll.; studied law in office of 
his father; admitted to bar, 1876; m. Belfast, 
Me., Sept. 14, 1876, Orella Griffin McGilvery. 
Admitted to practice in U. S. courts, 1886; 
town elk., Redfield, 1876; city solicitor, Hal- 
lowell, 1879-85, mayor, 1891 and 1907; co. atty. 
Kennebec Co., 1907-8; sec. State Dem. 
Com., 1888-98, chmn. 1908-9. Universalist. 
Mason; Odd Fellow; mem. A.O.U.W. (Grand 
Recorder, 1908), I.O.R.M., I.O.F.; Grand 
Chancellor Grand Lodge, K. of P., 1891, Su- 
preme Representative, 1895-6, Supreme Inner 
Guard, 1898-1900. Address: Hallowell, Me. 

BEARCE, Ralpb King:, educator; b. 
Turner, Me., Apr. 29, 1875; s. Mellen Addi- 
son and Olive (Smith) B.; A. B., Colby 
Coll., 1895, A. M., 1902; m. July 9, 1902, El- 
len Mary Bradford. Taught dist. schs., 
Me., 1890-1, 1894; sub-master Rockland 
(Me.) High Sch., 1895-9; instr. Powder 
Point Sch., Duxbury, Mass., 1900-1; instr., 
1901-4, prin., since July 1, 1904, Conn. Lit. 
Inst'n. Address: Suffield, Conn. 

BEARD, Aag^iistus Field, clergyman; 
b. Norwalk, Conn. ; s. Algernon Edwin and 
Mary E. (Mallory) B. ; grad. Yale, A.M., 1857 
(D.D., Syracuse Univ.); m. 1st. Eliza Payson 
Goddard, Portland, Me. ; m. 2d, Annie Dem- 
ing Barker, Calais, Me. Pastorates: Central 
Ch., Bath, Me., 1862-9; Plymouth Ch., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., 1869-83; Am. Ch., Paris, 1883-6, 
and foreign sec. Am. and Foreign Christian 
Union; sec. Am. Missionary Assn. since 1886, 
and editor Am. Missionary Mag. Written 
upon religious conditions in France and ed'n 
of neglected races. Trustee Fisk Univ. 
(Tenn.), Talladega Coll. (Ala.), Tougaloo 
Univ. (Miss.), Straight Univ. (La.). Home: 
Norwalk, Conn. Office: Cong'l Rooms, 4th 
Av. and 22d St., New York. 

BEARD, Gerald Hamilton, clergyman; 
b. Hammersmith, Eng.,Mar. 20,1862; .?. Rich- 
ard and Anne (Olding) B. ; came to America 
with parents, 1870; B.A., Yale, 1887 (Ph.D., 
1892); B.D., Yale Divinity Sch., 1890; studied 
in Germany, 1891; m. Minneapolis, Minn., 
July 27, 1892, Mary Keyes. Ordained minis- 
ter Cong'l Ch., 1892; pastor 1st Cong'l Ch., 
S. Norwalk, Conn., 1892-1900, College St. 
Ch., Burlington, Vt, 1900-4, Park St. Cong'l 

Ch., Bridgeport, Conn., since 1904. Author: 
Catholic and Protestant Bibles; Schopen- 
hauer's Philosophy and Pessimism. Address: 
319 Barnum Av., Bridgeport, Conn. 

BEARD, Reuben A., pres. Standard Light 
Co., Parmenter Fender & Wheel Guard Co. 
Residence: Cambridge. Office: 27 Doane St., 

BEARDSLEE, Clark Smitli, clergyman, 
educator; b. Coventry, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1850; 
s. Samuel Augustus and Lois Diana (Smith) 
B.; ed. Oxford (N. Y.) Acad., 1870-2, Am- 
herst Coll., A. B., 1876, A. M., 1878; grad. 
Hartford Theol. Sem., 1879; m. Torrington, 
Conn., Dec. 13, 1882, Emma Gilette Al- 
vord. Instr. Hebrew, Hartford Sem., 1879- 
81; pastor Cong'l ehs., Le Mars, la., 1883-5, 
Prescott, Ariz., 1885-6, W. Springfield, 
Mass., 1886-8. Asso. prof, systematic the- 
ology, 1888-90, prof. Biblical dogmatics and 
ethics since 1890, Hartford Theol. Sem. 
Republican. Author: Christ's Estimate of 
Himself, 1899 H30; Teacher-Training with 
the Master Teacher, 1903 S43; Jesus the 
King of Truth, 1904. Residence: Windsor, 
Conn. Office: Hosmer Hall, Hartford, Conn. 

BEARDSIiEY, Edward Watson, fire in- 
surance; b. Winsted, Conn., Jan. 4, 1868; s. 
Edward Rockwell and Adelaide (Watson) 
B.; ed. pub. schs. of Winsted and Hartford, 
Conn., and Hartford High Sch. 2 yrs; m. 
Hartford, Oct. 15, 1889, Ida M. Johnson. Be- 
gan as office boy, Phoenix Ins. Co., Hartford, 
1885; apptd. local agt., same co., 1891; mem. 
agency Beardsley & Beardsley, representing 
both Phoenix and ^tna Ins. cos. for Hart- 
ford, since Mar. 1, 1899; mem. Bd. of Fire 
Comm'rs, Hartford, 1902-5. Pres. Nat. Assn. 
Local Fire Ins. Agts. ; mem. Hartford Busi- 
ness Men's Assn. (dir.). Mason; mem. Royal 
Arcanum, Conn. Soc. S.A.R. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Clubs: Hartford Golf, Re- 
publican. Residence: 69 N. Beacon St. Office: 
670 Main St., Hartford. 

BEARDSLEY, Morris Beaeb, lawyer; b. 
Trumbull, Conn., Aug. 13, 1849; s. Samuel 
Gregory and Mary (Beach) B. ; prep, ed'n, 
Stratford (Conn.) Acad.; A.B., Yale, 1870; m. 
Brooklyn, June 5, 1873, Lucy J. Fayerweath- 
er. Studied law; admitted to bar, 1872; dir. 
Conn. Nat. Bank; trustee Peoples Savings 
Bank; city elk., Bridgeport, 1873-6; judge 
Bridgeport Probate Court, 1877-93; mem. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1903. Congregationalist. 
Mason. Clubs: Seaside, Bridgeport Yacht, 
Brooklawn Country. Residence: 230 Park PI. 
Office: Franklin Blk., Bridgeport, Conn. 

BEARDSLEY, W^illiam Agar, clergy- 
man; b. Monroe, Conn., May 5, 1S65: s. Agur 
and Elizabeth Ann (Lewis) B.; ed. Episcopal 
Acad., Cheshire, Conn., 1881-3: B.A., Trinitv 
Coll., Hartford, Conn., 1887, M.A., 1890; grad. 
Berkeley Divinity Sch., Middletown, Conn., 
1890; m. New Haven, Conn., June 23, 1897, 
Alletta H. Warwick, of Richmond, Va. Or- 
dained deacon Episcopal Ch., 1890, priest, 
1891; asst. in St. Thomas Ch., New Haven, 
1890-2, rector since Apr. 18, 1892. Mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa, Psi Upsilon. Address: 64 Grove 
St., New Haven, Conn. 

BEATL.EY, Clara Bancroft, teacher, lec- 
turer; b Shirley, Mass., Jan. 12. 1858; d. Ed- 
mund Dana and Mary Park (Morse) Ban- 
croft; grad. Ayer (Mass.) High Sch. and 
Bridgewater (Mass.) State Normal Sch.; m. 




Boston, Dec. 27, 1887, James A. Beatley. 
Teacher pub. schs., 1878-87; priu. Disciples 
Sch., Ch. of the Disciples, Boston, since 
1893; dir. Children's Mission, Boston Equal 
Suffrage Assn. Unitarian. Mem. Boston 
Browning Soc. Lecturer and writer on 
edn'l and religious subjects. Author: Joys 
Beyond Joy, 1902 W28. Compiler: Apples of 
Gold, 1903 A4; Forget Me Not, 1906 L6. 
Address: 11 Wabon St., Roxbury, Mass. 

BEATTIE, William Johnston, physi- 
cian; b. Ryegate, Vt., Sept. 6, 1865 ;\y. Rev. 
James Milligan and Margaret S. (Nelson) B. ; 
ed. pub. schs. and St. Johnsbury Acad. ; 
M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med Coll., 1889; m. Lit- 
tleton, N. H., May 29, 1890, Elizabeth Arnold, 
d. Dr. Charles M. Tuttle, of Littleton. Be- 
gan practice at Littleton, 1889; mem. State 
Legislature, 1899, 1900; surgeon-gen. on staff 
of Gov. Jordan, 1901-2; med. referee Grafton 
Co.; founder of Littleton Hosp. and pres. of 
its Bd. of Trustees. Republican. Mem. N. 
H. State Med. Soc, N. Y. and New England 
Assn. of Ry. Med. Surgeons. Address: Lit- 
tleton, N. H. 

BEAUX, Cecilia, artist; b. Phila. ; d. John 
Adolphe and Cecilia Kent (Leavitt) B. ; pu- 
pil of Wm. Sartain, the Julien School, and 
the Lazar School, Paris; awarded the Mary 
Smith Prize, Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, 4 times; 
Phila. Art Club gold medal; the Dodge 
prize, Nat. Acad, of Design; bronze and 
gold medals Carnegie Inst.; gold medal of 
honor, and the Temple gold medal of Pa. 
Acad, of Fine Arts: also gold medal at 
Paris Exp'n, 1900. Exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 
1890; mem. Nat. Acad. Design, 1902, Soc. 
Am. Artists; asso. Societaire des Beaux- 
Arts, ^ddrg^.?; (May-Dec.) Gloucester, Mass. 

BEAVEN, Tliomas Daniel, R. C. bishop 
of Springfield since 1S92; b. Springfield, 
Mass., 1849; grad. Jesuit Coll. of Holy Cross, 
Worcester, Mass., 1870 (D. D., Georgetown, 
1889). Prof. Coll. of Loyola, Baltimore, 
1870-2: went to Coll. of Montreal, 1872*. to 
complete ecclesiastical studies; ordained 
priest, 1873; asst. pastor, 1875-9, pastor. 
1879-89, St. Mary's Ch., Spencer, Mass.; 
pastor Ch. of the Holy Rosary, Holyoke, 
1889-92. Address: Springfield, Mass. 

BECKWITH, Isbon Tliaddeus, clergy- 
man, educator; b. Old Lyme, Conn., 1843; s. 
William and Caroline (Champion) B. ; grad. 
Yale, A. B., 1868, Ph. D., 1872; student 
Univ. of Gottingen and Leipzig, 1872-4; (D. 
D., Trinity Coll., Hartford, 1898); unmar- 
ried. Instr. Greek, Univ. of Tenn., 1868- 
70, Yale Univ., 1870-2 and 1874-9; ordained 
to ministry, P. E. Ch., 1875; prof. Greek, 
Trinity Coll., Hartford, 1879-98; prof, inter- 
pretation of the N. T., Gen. Theol. Sem., 
P. E. Ch.. 1898-1906. Mem. Archaeol. Inst. 
America, Am. Philol. Soc, The Biblical and 
Exegetical Soc. Address: Hartford, Conn. 

BEEBE, ECdTvard) Pierson, capitalist. 
V.-p. and trustee Provident Inst'n for Sav- 
ings; dir. Androscoggin Mills, Chicopee Mfg. 
Co. Pres. and trustee Boston Home for In- 
curables; mem. Bd. Managers, Boston Dis- 
pensary; treas. and trustee Industrial Sch. 
for Crippled and Deformed Children; trustee 
St. Luke's Home for Convalescents, Church 
Home for Orphans and Destitute Children. 

Club: St. Botolph. Residence: 30 Beacon St. 
Omce: 6 Beacon St., Boston. 
BEEBE, Junius, mfr. Mem. firm Lucius 
Beebe & Sons; pres. Am. Chrome Co.; dir. 
Commonwealth Trust Co., Ayer Tanning Co., 
Corona Kid Co. V.-p. N. E. Shoe & Leather 
Assn. Residence : Wsi^eQelA, Mass. Office :12d 
South St., Boston. 
BEEBE, William, mathematician, educa- 
tor; b. Litchfield, Conn., Sept, 4, 1851; s. 
Philip Schuyler and Lucy (Robbins) B. ; 
grad. Yale, 1873, A. M., 1899; m. June 22, 
1881, Elizabeth Febiger, Wilmington, Del. 
Prof, mathematics and instr. astronomy, 
Yale Univ. Mem. Am. Math. Soc. Address: 
262 Bradley St., New Haven, Conn. 
BEEBE, William Asabel, educator; b. 
Malone, N. Y., Apr. 14, 1864; s. Asabel P. and 
Helen M. (Bell) B.; grad. Franklin Acad., 
Malone, 1884; A.B., Univ. of Vt., 1889; m. 
Cambridge, Vt., Aug. 5, 1891, Cora F. Mudg- 
ett. Prin. People's Acad., Morrisville, Vt., 
since Sept., 1889; examiner of teachers for 
Lamoille Co., 1894-8, and since 1902. Mem. 
Vt. State Teachers' Assn. (pres., 1905), N.E. 
A. Republican. Congregationalist. Address: 
Morrisville, Vt. 
BEECHER, L.. Wlieelei*, pres. Geometric 
Tool Co. Address: 986 Whalley Av., New Ha- 
ven, Conn. 
BEEDE, Joslina William, physician; b. 
Fremont, N. H., Apr. 29, 1832; .?. Phineas 
and Hannah L. (Purinton) Beede; A.M., 
Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N. H., 1858; M. 
D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., New York, 
1864; (hon. A.M., Colby Coll., 1893); m. 
Nashua, N. H., 1864, Abby M. Reed. En- 
gaged in practice at Auburn, Me., since 1864; 
on staff of Central Me. General Hosp., Lew- 
iston, Me., since organized, 1892; mem. Au- 
burn Sch. Bd. 8 yrs., Bd. of Health, 9 yrs. ; 
dir. Mechanics Savings Bank; trustee He- 
bron Acad, and Colby Coll. 15 yrs. Mem. Me. 
Med. Soc, Phi Beta Kappa. Address: Au- 
burn, Me. 
BEEMAN, Leonard Lemon; b. N. Fair- 
fax, Vt, Mar. 12, 1849; .y. Hubbard and Rho- 
da (Stratton) B. ; A.B., Wesleyan Univ., 1875 
(Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1878; student Theol. 
Sch., Boston Univ., 1875, 1876; m. Middle- 
town, Conn., June 29, 1876, Phebe A. Stone, 
niece of Lucy Stone and A. B., Wesleyan 
Univ., 1876 (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1879. 
Ordained to ministry M. E. Ch., 1876; pastor, 
Proctorville, W. Fairlee, Bellows Falls, 
Woodstock, St. Johnsbury and Barre, all of 
Vt. ; presiding elder Montpelier Dist., 1892-8; 
transferred to N. E. Conf., 1898, and on ac- 
count of ill health, practically retired from 
the ministry; supplied M. E. Ch., Amherst, 
1908: has engaged extensively in agr. ; trus- 
tee for severals yrs. of Montpelier Sem., and 
of Wesleyan Univ., 1888-93. Republican. 
Mem. Quaboag Hist. Soc, Springfield Dist. 
Methodist Ministers' Assn. Chtb: Farmers'. 
Address: W. Brookfield, Mass. 
BEERS, Alfred Bisliop, lawyer; b. New 
Rochelle, N. Y., Apr. 23, 1845; 5. Alfred and 
Mary Elizabeth (Bishop) B.; ed. pub. and 
grammar schs., Bridgeport, Conn.; m. Vine- 
land, N. J., Feb. 29, 1872, Callie H. House. 
Served as pvt., corporal, orderly sergt., Co. 
I, 6th Conn. Vol. Inf., capt. Co. B, same 
regt.. Civil War; enlisted Aug. 25, 1861, dis- 
charged Aug. 21, 1865; has practiced law in 




Bridgeport since 1871; elk. City Court, 1873; 
asst. city atty., 1875; judge of City Court, 
1877-93; city atty., 1897-1901; mem. firm of 
Lockwood & Beers, 1871-97, Beers & Foster, 
since 1900; v.-p. Standard Assn., pubs. 
Bridgeport Standard; v.-p. The United Illu- 
minating Co.; dir. Bridgeport Pub. Library 
(pres., 1905). Republican. Episcopalian. Ma- 
son (32°); mem. Loyal Legion, G.A.R. 
(comdr. Post No. 3, Bridgeport, 1878-9; 
comdr. Dept. of Conn., 1880-1; judge-advo- 
cate-gen. G.A.R., 1902-3); chmn. Exec. Com. 
Soldiers' Hosp. Bd. of Conn., 1886-1906. Clubs: 
Seaside (pres., 1906-7), Algonquin, Brook- 
lawn Country, Bridgeport Republican (pres., 
1894-5), Army and Navy of Conn, (pres., 
1900). Residence: 753 Fairfield Av. Office: 925 
Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

BEERS, George Emerson, lawyer; b. 
Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. 7, 1865; s. Rev. John 
S. and Maria Josephine (Wakeman) B. ; 
grad. Natick (Mass.) High Sch., 1882; B.A., 
Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., 1886, M.A., 
1889; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 1889, M. L., 1890; 
admitted to bar, 1889; m. Covington, Ky., 
Aug. 17, 1892, Margaret Lowry. Practiced in 
Tenn., principally in land title litigation, 
1889-92, since in New Haven; mem. Common 
Council, New Haven, 1896; mem. Faculty, 
Yale Law Sch., since 1892. Mem. Am. Bar 
Assn., Conn. State Bar Assn., Delta Psi, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Graduates', Union League, Young 
Men's Republican. Editor of Revision of 
Baldwin's Digest of Conn. Reports, 1890; N. 
B. edition Stephens' Digest of the Law of 
Evidence, 1901; Am. edition of Wills' Cir- 
cumstantial Evidence, 1905. Residence: Guil- 
ford, Conn. Office: 42 Church St., New Ha- 
ven, Conn. 

BEERS, Henry Aus'nstin, prof. English 
literature Yale since 1880; b. Buffalo, N. Y., 
July 2, 1847; s. George Webster and Eliza- 
beth Victoria (Clerc) B. ; grad. Yale, 1869; 
m. July 7, 1873, Mary Heaton, Covington, 
Ky. Author: A Century of American Litera- 
ture, 1878 H4; Odds and Ends (verse), 1878 
01; Nathaniel Parker Willis, 1885 H5; Prose 
Writings of N. P. Willis, 1885 S3; The 
Thankless Muse (verse), 1885 H5; From 
Chaucer to Tennyson, 1890 Fl; Initial 
Studies in American Letters, 1891 Fl; Se- 
lectiops from the Prose Writings of S. T. 
Coleridge, 1893 H4; A Suburban Pastoral 
and Other Tales, 1894 PI4; The Ways of 
Yale, 1895 H4; A History of English Ro- 
manticism in the Eighteenth Century, 1899 
H4; A History of English Romanticism in 
the Nineteenth Century, 1901 H4: Points at 
Issue, 1904 Ml. Contb'r to leading mags. 
Address: 65 York Sq., New Haven, Conn. 

BEERS, Robert "tVelsted, clergyman; b. 
Easton, Pa., Dec. 3, 1860; s. Stewart Kennedy 
and Catharine (Pittanger) B.; A.B., Lafay- 
ette (Pa.) Coll., 1880 (A.M., 1884); grad. 
Princeton Theol. Sem., 1884; m. White Ha- 
ven, Pa., Oct. 9, 1884, Virginia Lauer. Or- 
dained Presb. minister, 1884; pastor Presb. 
€h., Elkton, Md., 1884-7, Corry, Pa., 1888, 6th 
Presb. Ch., Cincinnati, 0., 1889-90, 1st Presb. 
Ch., Waterford, N. Y., 1890-5, Broadway 
Cong'l Ch., Somerville, Mass., since Nov. 1, 
1905. Del. Presb. Gen. Assembly, Saratoga, 
1895. Mason; mem. Phi Delta Theta. Club: 
Boston Cong'l. Author: The Mormon Puzzle 

and How to Solve It, 1886. Address: 419 
Broadway, Somerville, Mass. 

BEIL.ER, Samuel LyncU, theologian; b. 
Delphos, O., June 30, 1847; s. John and Mar- 
garet (Cunningham) B.; prep, ed'n in pub. 
schs. ; B.A., Coll. of Liberal Arts, Boston 
Univ., 1877 (Phi Beta Kappa); M.A., Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ., 1882; S.T.B., Sch. of Theol- 
ogy, Boston Univ., 1877 (Ph.D., 1891); Ph.D., 
New York Univ., 1891; m. Middleport^ O., 
June 8, 1875, Anna Fisher, who died, 1904. 
Ordained deacon M. E. Ch., 1873; elder, 1877; 
was pastor in Ohio, 1877-84, Hartford, Conn., 
1884-6, Brooklyn, 1886-92; vice-chancellor, 
American Univ., Washington, D. C, 1892-7; 
pastor, Buffalo, N. Y., 1898-1904; prof, prac- 
tical theology, Sch. of Theology, Boston 
Univ., since Sept., 1905; acting dean, Sch. 
of Theology, 1908. Mem. Delta Tau Delta. 
Residence: 371 Waltham St., W. Newton, 
Mass. Office: 72 Mt. Vernon St., Boston. 

BELCHER, Charles Edwin, publisher; 
b. Chelsea, Mass., July 15, 1871; s. Charles 
B. and Mary Olive (Smith) B. ; ed. Chelsea 
High Sch., 1 yr. ; Mass. Inst, of Technology, 
1 yr. ; m. Washington, D. C, Jan. 1, 1901, 
Florence Eliza Bear. Began active career as 
reporter, for The Standard (ins. jour.), 1892; 
admitted to interest and made business mgr., 
1898; treas. and gen. mgr. Standard Pub. Co. 
since 1903. Served 4 yrs. with Mass. Naval 
Reserve, finishing as q.-m.; trustee pub. 
library, Winthrop, Mass. Mason. Clubs: N. 
E. Press, Cottage Park Yacht, Underwriters' 
(New York). Residence: Winthrop, Mass. 
Office: 93 Broad St., Boston. 

BELCHER, Henry A.^ merchant, retired; 
b. Randolph, Mass., Aug. 6, 1844; j-. Henry and 
Harriet B., and descendant of early Colonial 
ancestry; ed. pub. schs. and Stetson High 
Sch.; m. Sandwich, Mass., 1872, Hannah B. 
Nye. Newsboy from 9 to 12; began active 
career at 13 in gen. mdse. store in Randolph; 
became salesman in store of Jordan, Marsh 
& Co., Boston, at 20 yrs. of age, and buyer 
a»d mgr. dress goods dept. of the house, 
1873-76; mem. firm of R. H. Waite & Co., 
1876-96; dir. Boylston Nat. Bank; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1898, 1899. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mason (33°). Address: Randolph, 

BELCHER, Orlando F., real estate deal- 
er; b. N. Chelsea, Mass., Oct. 15, 1844; s. 
William B. and Esther G. (Fuller) B. ; ed. 
pub. schs., Chelsea, Mass.; m. Winthrop, 
Mass., Oct. 16, 1883, Lizzie D. Lunt, d. Na- 
thaniel Lunt. Entered business life; mfr. 
of boot-heels; patentee and mfr. Belcher 
Automatic Cartridge-loader, which he sold 
in 1886 to U. S. Cartridge Co.; has since 
given attention to development of real es- 
tate on northerly shore of Boston Harbor, 
especially Cottage Park, Winthrop, Mass. 
Address: Winthrop, Mass. 

BELCHER, Samuel Clifford, lawyer; b. 
Farmington. Me., Mar. 20, 1839; ^. Samuel 
B.; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1857, A.M., 1860; 
preceptor Foxcroft Acad. 3 yrs. ; studied law 
with Hon. Nehemiah Abbot, of Belfast, Me. ; 
admitted to bar, 1861; m. Wilton, Me., Jan. 
19, 1869, Ella Olive Smith. Began practice, 
1861; enlisted in Union Army, June. 1S62, and 
was commd. capt. Co. G, 16th Regt. Me. 
Vols., June 4, 1862; was taken prisoner with 
his regt. at Gettysburg, but escaped before 
reaching Va. ; on staff of Gen. Helntzelman, 




commanding defense of Washington, from 
July 15, 1863, to Nov., 1863; returned to his 
regt., Nov., 1863; was severely wounded at 
Spottsylvania, lying in hosp. 17 days with 
bullet in his brain; acting maj. of his regt. 
at battle of Gettysburg; gave command to 
tear up flag and pocket pieces; commd. 
!maj. by Gov. Corey in the recognition of 
gallant services, June 1, 1864; overseer Bow- 
doin Coll. Democrat. Unitarian. Mem. Me. 
Hist. Soc. Mason, K.T. ; mem. Loyal Le- 
gion, Am. Bar Assn. Address: Farmington, 

BELDEN, Charles Francis Dorr, libra- 
rian; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1871; s. 
Francis Crapo and Jennie Maude (Wright) 
B.; A.B., Harvard, 1895; LL.B., Harvard 
Law Sch., 1898; m. Cambridge, Mass., May 
26, 1908, Anna Marian Blackwell. Asst. Li- 
brarian, Harvard Law Library, 1899-1908; 
librarian. Social Law Library, Boston, since 
1908. Address: Cambridge, Mass. 

BELDING, Alvah Norton, silk mfr. ; b. 
Ashfield, Mass., Mar. 27, 1838; s. Hiram and 
Mary (Wilson) B.; ed. pub. schs., Ashland 
and Mich.; m. Shelburne Falls, Mass., Jan. 
6, 1870, Lizzie S. Merrick. Moved with par- 
ents to Mich., 1855, and assisted in clearing 
wild land for a farm where city of Belding 
now stands; began selling silk in a small 
way, 1859; started with brothers, 1st store for 
wholesale silk at 54 Lake St., Chicago, 1863, 
New York, 1884, later Cincinnati, Boston, 
Phila., etc., the co. now operating 7 mills 
and 10 stores for wholesale silk trade, the 
largest of any house in the world; v. -p. and 
sec. Belding Bros. & Co. ; pres. Belding Land 
and Improvement Co. (Belding, Mich.); v. -p. 
and dir. Belding Savings Bank; dir. Belding 
Paul Co., Ltd. (Montreal, Can.), Carlson 
Currier Co. (San Francisco), Rockville Nat. 
Bank, People's Savings Bank, American 
Mills, and James J. Regan Mfg. Co. (all of 
Rockville, Conn.), Spencer Electric Light & 
Power Co., Belding, Mich. Republican. Club: 
New York (New York). (The plant of Bel- 
ding Bros. & Co., at Belding, Mich., is rec- 
ognized as a model establishment, and the 
provisions made for employes — boarding 
places, gymnasium, reading rooms, recrea- 
tions — not surpassed anywhere.) Address: 
Rockville, Conn 

BEIilSLE, Charles Edmond, editor; b. 
Worcester, Mass., Mar. 22, 1869; .y. Alexander 
and Mary (Dorval) B.; ed. pub. schs. and 
Foster Business Coll. ; worked as a printer 
under Charles R. Stobbs and in the printing 
establishment of Martin B. Brown, New 
York; m. July 19, 1897, Josephine M., d. 
Presey Pero, of Worcester, who died Feb. 
3, 1900. With 4 of his brothers, established 
L'Opinion Publique, now a daily Franco- 
American newspaper, of which is mng. ed- 
itor. Address: Worcester, Mass. 

BEIilSIiE, Hector Loais, educator; b. 
Worcester, Mass., Oct. 8, 1873; .y. Alexander 
and Marie (Dorval) B. ; grad. Classical High 
iSch., Worcester, 1892; A.B., Harvard, 1896; 
m. Boston, Mass., June 28, 1905, Grace Mil- 
dred Potter. Teacher French and history, 
high sch., Lawrence, 1896-1900; prin. John R. 
Rollins Grammar Sch., Lawrence, since 1900. 
Mem. Lawrence Bd. of Teachers' Examiners 
since 1905; treas. and councillor Essex Co. 
Teachers' Assn., 1901-3; asst. sec. Franco- 
Am. Hist. Soc; mem. N.E.A., Mass. Teach- 

ers' Assn., Harvard Teachers' Assn., N. E. 
Modern Language Conf., Lawrence Teach- 
ers' Assn., Law Masters' Club. C/w6.y (so- 
cial) : V.-p. Chadwick (musical). Home, Mer- 
rimac Valley Country. Author of "The 
Genealogy of Whittier," and other papers on 
history and ed'n; writer of music. Address: 
Lawrence, Mass. 
BELKNAP, Willis Clayton, editor and 
publisher; b. Berlin, Vt., Apr. 7, 1866; ^. J. 
Q. A. and Susan A. (Richardson) B.; grad. 
Montpelier (Vt.) Sem., 1888; A.B., Dart- 
mouth, 1892; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1893; m. 
Bellows Falls, Vt., Apr. 6, 1898, Katie May 
Carpenter. Reporter Chattanooga Daiiy 
Times, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1893-5; located 
in Bellows Falls, Vt., 1895; purchased Bel- 
ows Falls Times; dir. Bellows Falls Trust 
Co. Episcopalian. Mason; mem. Grange. 
Address: Bellows Falls, Vt. 

BELL., diaries James, farmer, gov. ; b. 
Walden, Vt., Mar. 16, 1845; s. James Dean 
and Caroline (Warner) B. ; ed. dist. sch. 
until 1862; m. Cabot, Vt., 1870, M. Louise 
Perry. Entered Union Army, 1862, pvt. 15th 
Vt. Inf., later corporal Co. C, 1st Vt. Cav. 
Mem. Vt. Ho. Reps., 1882, Senate, 1894; r. 
r. comm'r, 1895-6, Bd. of Agr., 1897-1904; 
sec. of Bd. Agr., 6 yrs. ; cattle comm'r, 
1898-1902; gov. Vt., 1904-6. Master State 
Grange since 1894; on exec. com. Nat. 
Grange. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Address: E. Hardwich, Vt. 

BELL, Charles Uphani, judge; b. Exeter, 
N. H., Feb. 26, 1843; .?. James and Judith A. 
(Upham) B. ; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1863, A.M., 
1866 (LL.B., 1902); pvt. 42d Regt., Mass. Vol. 
Inf., 1864; studied law in office of Charles 
H. Bell. Exeter, and attended Harvard Law 
Sch.; admitted to bar at Exeter, 1866; m. 1st, 
Laconia, N. H., Helen M. Pitman (now de- 
ceased) ; m. 2d, Laconia, Elizabeth W. Pit- 
man. Practiced at Exeter 5 yrs. ; removed to 
Lawrence, Mass., 1871; justice Superior 
Court of Mass. since Sept. 16, 1898. Ortho- 
dox Congregationalist. Mem. Bd. Overseers, 
Bowdoin Coll., Soc. Colonial Wars, S.A.R., 
Soc. of the Cincinnati, G.A.R. (Past Comdr.). 
Residence: Andover, Mass. Office: Court 
Hohse, Pemberton Sq., Boston. 

BELL, Ernest Loi-ne, physician and sur- 
geon; b. Boston, Mar. 16, 1871; s. Samuel and 
Mary E. (Loud) B. ; ed. Riverside Acad., 
Jacksonville, Fla., Whitman (Mass.) High 
Sch.; grad. Thayer Acad., Braintree, Mass., 
1887; studied at Harvard; M.D., Dartmouth 
Med. Coll., 1894; m. Boston, Sept., 1894. 
Maude Coolidge. Demonstrator in anatomy, 
Dartmouth Med. Coll., 1893; post-grad, work 
in Boston; established Lincoln Hosp., Lin- 
coln, N. H., 1897, and sold out, 1906; prop'r 
Mary E. Loud Memorial Hosp., Plymouth, 
N. H., since Nov., 1907; surgeon to B. & M. 
R. R.; surgeon-gen., N. H., 1905-6; mem. 
N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1903-5, Senate, 1905-7; U. 
S. pension examiner; deputy med. referee, 
Grafton Co. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Mem. N. H. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., 
N. Y. & N. E. Assn., R. R. Surgeons, Am. 
Assn. Military Surgeons, N. H. Surg. Club, 
etc. Mason; mem. K. of P., B.P.O.E. Ad- 
dress: Plymouth, N. H. 

BELL, George William, educator; b. 
Buffalo, N. Y., Apr. 8, 1873; s. James S. and 
Mary E. (Brown) B.; grad. Duval High Sch., 




Jacksonville, Fla., 1892; grad. Century Col- 
legiate Inst., Hackettstown, N. J., 1893; stu- 
dent (freshman yr.) Dickinson Coll., Car- 
lisle, Pa.,' 1894; A.B., Boston Univ., 1897, 
studied philosoptiy and literature, 1897-1900, 
A.M., 1900; studied philosophy and history 
at Edinburgh, Scotland, 1900-1, visiting Ab- 
erdeen and St. Andrews, Oxford and Cam- 
bridge; specialized in history at Harvard, 
1901-2, A.M., 1902; m. Stoneham, Mass., July 
12, 1899, Pearl Clinton Chase, Teacher of 
philosophy and history, Lasell Sem., Au- 
burndale, Mass., 1902; prof, history, Olivet 
(Mich.) Coll., 1903. Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., 
Nat. Ed'nl Assn., Beta Theta Pi. Congre- 
gationalist. Address: 37 Lincoln St., Stone- 
ham, Mass. 

BE^LiLi, Louis, consulting elec. eng'r; b. 
Chester, N. H., Dec. 5, 1864; s. Louis (bvt. 
brig. -gen. U. S. A.) and Mary Anne Persis 
(Bouton) B.; grad. Phillips Exeter Acad., 
1880, Dartmouth Coll., A. B., 1884; grad. 
student, 1884, fellow in physics, 1885-8, Ph. 
D., 1888, Johns Hopkins. Prof, applied 
electricity, Purdue Univ., 1888-9, and or- 
ganized elec. course there; editor Elec. 
World, New York, 1890-2; then with Gen. 
Elec. Co. as chief eng'r newly organized 
elec. power transmission dept. Designed 
and installed first polyphase plants used 
in this country, both for power and light- 
ing and for r'y service. Since 1895, con- 
sulting eng'r in gen. practice, engaged 
mainly on work in connection with elec. 
power transmission; was chm'n Incandes- 
cent Lamp Comm'n of Nat. Electric Light 
Assn. for abt. 6 yrs., has taken out 25 
patents, mainly relating to power trans- 
mission apparatus. Lecturer on power 
transmission, Mass. Inst. Technology, 1895- 
1905. Was tech. officer Vol. Elec. Corps, 
1898. Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences; 
mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Illuminating 
Eng'ring Soc. (v.-p.), Internat. Elec. Con- 
gress (sec. Power Transmission Sect.), St. 
Louis, 1904; etc. Unitarian. Republican. 
Clubs: University, Economic, Mathematical 
and Physical. Author: The Electric Railway 
(with O. T. Crosby), 1892 01; Power Distri- 
bution for Electric Railroads, 1896 M38; 
Electric Power Transmission, 1897 M38; 
The Art of Illumination, 1902; Boston Elec- 
trical Handbook (as chmn. Publ'n Com.), 
1904, Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. Also many 
scientific and tech. papers in tech. jours, 
and trans. Residence: Brookline, Mass. 
Offjce: 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

BElIiL, Robert Mowry, educator; b. Chi- 
cago, Nov. 20, 1860; .y. Henry Rutgers and 
Martha Jane (Irwin) B. ; A.B., Univ. of 
Minn., 1883; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1890; 
Ph.D., Univ. of Leipzig, 1907; m. Minneapo- 
lis, 1886, Mary Elizabeth Kennedy. Asst. 
prof. German, Clark Coll. Author (poems): 
Weeds and Wildflowers, 1908. Address: 9 
Downing St., Worcester, Mass. 

BELL,, Samnel N., judge; b. Chester, N. 
H., Mar. 25, 1829; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 
1847; studied law, admitted to bar, and en- 
gaged in practice at Manchester, N. H. Mem. 
42d and 44th Congresses, 1871-3 and 1875-7, 
1-st N. H. Dist. ; later apptd. chief justice 
Supreme Court of N. H. Democrat. Address: 
Manchester, N. H. 

BELL, Tilton S., business man, state sen- 
ator; b. Dedham, Mass., July 27, 1874; ed. 
pub. schs., Sandusky, O., and Roxbury 
(Boston), Mass. With Cong'l S. S. Publish- 
ing Soc. almost continuously since 1889; 
mem. Boston Common Council, 1903-4-5, al- 
derman, 1906-7; mem. Mass. Senate, 1908-9. 
Republican. Mason; mem. Harvard Im- 
provement Assn., 1st Corps of Cadets; 
Schoolhouse comm'r, 1908-9. Clubs: Colonial 
(Dorchester), Press, Boston Advertising 
Men's, City, Young Men's Republican, Epis- 
copalian. Address: 11 Gleason St., Dorches- 
^ ter, Mass. 

BELLAMY, Cliarles Joseph, publisher 
Springfield Daily News; b. Chicopee Falls, 
Mass., May 7, 1852; s. Rufus K. Bellamy, 
and bro. late Edward Bellamy; ed. Williston 
Sem., E. Hampton, Mass., and 1 yr. at Har- 
vard; admitted to bar. May, 1876; m. Oct. 
14, 1879, Imogen A. Cooper; practiced law 5 
yrs.; founded Springfield Daily News, Feb., 
1880. Author: The Breton Mills; An Experi- 
ment in Marriage; Were They Sinners? A 
Moment of Madness; The Way Out (study 
of social and industrial conditions) ; Return 
of the Fairies; The Wonder Children, 1906 
Ml, etc. Address: Springfield, Mass. 

BELLE AU, Francois Xavier, lawyer; b. 
Montreal, Can., Aug. 13, 1859; s. Simeon and 
Eleonore B. ; common sch. ed'n; came to U. 
S., 1876; studied law, and admitted to Me. 
bar, 1S81; tn. St. Hyacinthe, P. Q.. 1883. 
Blanche A. Martel. Engaged in practice at 
Lewiston since 1881; city solicitor, 1885; 
mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1893-9, 1905; U. S. 
consul at Three Rivers, Que., Can., 1893-7. 
Democrat. Catholic. Mem. C.O.F., Arti- 
sans, U. St. J. B. d'A., etc. Address: Lewis- 
ton, Me. 

BELLOWS, Howard P., physician (au- 
rist); b. Fall River, Mass., Apr. 30, 1852; s. 
Albert F. Bellows, N.A., New York; g.s. Al- 
bert J. Bellows, M.D., Boston; B.S., Cornell 
Univ., 1875, M.S., 1878; M.D., Boston Univ. 
Med. Sch., 1877, also med. courses abroad, 
chiefly Leipsic, 1878, Vienna, 1884, and Halle, 
1895; m. Fall River, Mass., June 20, 1880, 
Mary A., d. Dr. John L. Clarke. General 
practitioner of medicine until 1890, since 
then exclusively aural practice; for 7 yrs. 
actively engaged, by experimentation and 
writing, in promoting a more scientific in- 
vestigating of drug action, with particular 
reference to the needs of specialists; occu- 
pied chair of physiology, Boston Univ. Med. 
Sch., for 8 yrs.; chair of otology, same, 
since 1886; consulting aural surgeon, Mass. 
Homoe. Hosp., and mem. of Consulting Ed. 
of Westborough Insane Hosp. Mem. Am. 
Inst. Homoeopathy, Mass. Surg, and Gynecol. 
Soc, Boston Homoe. Med. Soc; ex-pres. of 
Am. Homoe., Ophthal., Otol. and Laryngol. 
Soc. and Mass. Homce. Med. Soc: v.-p. 7th 
Internat. Homoe. Congress, and hon. v.-p. 
British Homoe. Assn. Residence: W. Xewton, 
Mass. Office: 220 Clarendon St., Boston. 
BEMIS, Albion Farewell, mfr. ; h. 
Brookfield, Mass., July 19, 1856; .^. Waldo and 
Adaline A. (Guilford) B.; A.B., Amherst, 
1880; m. Foxborough, Mass., June 14, 1893, 
Ella F. Messenger. Treas. and mgr. Hills 
Co., mfrs. straw goods, Amherst, Mass., 
1880-6, A. F. Bemis & Co., Foxborough. 
1886-9; pres. A. F. Bemis Hat Co., 1889-1900 




(retired); chmn. Foxborough (Mass.) Sch. 
Com., 1887-1893, chmn. Bd. Selectmen, 1889- 
93; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1901-2, Senate, 
1903, 1904; defeated for nomination to Con- 
gress, 1904; mem. Governor's Council, 1907-9. 
Mason (32°); Odd Fellow; mem. Patrons of 
Husbandry, Knights of Honor. Clubs: Uni- 
versity (New York and Boston); Home Mar- 
ket, Mass, Republican, Norfolk, Boston Ath- 
letic. Address: Brookline, Mass. 
BISMIS, Jolm Merrick, physician; b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Feb. 14, 1860; .s. Merrick (M.D.) 
and Caroline A. (Gilmore) B.; ed. pub. schs., 
Worcester, Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; 
M.D., Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., 1893; sp'l 
student, Clark Univ., Worcester and Har- 
vard; m. Hyde Park, Mass., 1887, Fannie 
Bishop Brown. Practiced at Worcester since 
1893; trustee and consulting physician, Hosp. 
Cottages for Children, Baldwinsville, Mass. ; 
supt, and owner Herbert Hall Hosp. for the 
Insane, Worcester. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, 
Worcester Dist. Med. Soc. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Address: Herbert Hall Hospi- 
tal, Worcester, Mass. 
BENDER, (Lionis) Prosper, physician; b. 
Quebec, Can., July 30, 1844; .y. Louis P. and 
Jane (McMillan) B. ; ed. Quebec Sem. ; grad. 
Med. Dept., McGill Univ., 1865; m. 1866, Au- 
relia Scott. Served as acting asst. surgeon, 
U. S. Army, 1864; practiced Quebec, 1865-83, 
since in Boston. Mem. Press Club. Author: 
Literary Sheaves, 1881; Old and New Canada, 
1753-1844, 1882. Contb'r to Mag. Am. His- 
tory, and N. Am. Review. Address: Hotel 
Nottingham, Boston. 
BENEDICT, Francis Gaiio, chemist, ed- 
ucator; b. Milwaukee, Oct. 3, 1870; s. Wash- 
ington Gano and Harriet Emily (Barrett) 
B.; grad. Harvard, 1893, A. M., 1894; Heidel- 
berg Univ., Ph. D., 1895; m. July 28, 1897, 
Cornelia Golay, Brewer, Me. Instr. chem- 
istry, Mass. Coll. of Pharmacy, 1892-4; in- 
str. and asso. prof, chemistry, Wesleyan 
Univ., 1896-1905, prof., 1905-7; chemist Storrs 
Exp't Sta., 1896-1900; physiol. chemist of nu- 
trition investigations of U. S. Dept. Agr., 
1895-1907; dir. nutrition laboratory of Car- 
negie Inst'n, Washington. Mem. Am. 
Chemical Soc, Deutsche Chemische Gesell- 
schaft. Am. Physiol. Soc, Soc. for Experi- 
mental Biology and Medicine. Author: Ele- 
mentary Organic Analysis, 1900 C25; Chemi- 
cal Lecture Experiments, 1901 Ml; exten- 
sive contb'r of chem. papers, principally on 
organic and physiol, chemistry, to tech. 
jours., and procs. Address: Nutrition Lab- 
oratory, Vila St., Boston. 

BENEDICT, Georgre Wyllys, educator; 
b. Burlington, Vt., Jan. 12, 1872; s. George 
Grenville and Katharine Almira (Pease) 
B.; A. B., Univ. Vt., 1893; studied Univ. of 
Freiburg, Germany, 1895-6, Harvard, 1896-9, 
A. M., 1897, Ph. D., 1899; m. Burlington, 
Vt., Dec. 27, 1899, Jane Lois Simpson. Instr. 
in English, Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 
1893-5, Brown Univ., 1899-1901; asst. prof., 
1901-6, asso. prof. English, since 1906, Brown 
Univ. Mem. Sigma Phi (Alpha of Vt.), 
Loyal Legion, Clubs: University, Meta- 
comet Golf. Address: 16 John St., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

BENEDICT, Robert Dewey, retired law- 
yer; b. Burlington, Vt., Oct. 3, 1828; .y. 

George Wyllys and Eliza (Dewey) B.; aca- 
demic ed'n; A.B., Univ. of Vt., 1848, A.M., 
1851, LL.D., 1891; m. Winooski Falls, Vt., 
Mar. 2, 1854, Frances A. Weaver. In prac- 
tice of law 56 yrs. in New York City, 1851- 
1907, retired, 1907; pres. Bd. of Elections, 
Brooklyn, for 2 yrs.; former prize comm'r 
of the Port of New York. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Mem. Sigma Phi (Alpha of 
Vt.). Address: 146 Williams St., Burlington, 

BENHAM, Frank N., banking and mf g. ; 
b. Derby, Conn., 1846; s. Junius N. and Eliz- 
abeth A. B.; ed. pub. and pvt. schs., Bridge- 
port, Conn., and Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; m. 
Bridgeport, Conn., 1876, Annie D. Lord. Be- 
gan as a boy in postoffice in Bridgeport; for 
many yrs. has been cashier Bridgeport Nat. 
Bank; pres. Canfield Rubber Co. (wholesale 
mfrs.); v.-p. West End Lumber Co., Monu- 
mental Bronze Co. ; sec. Benham Bros. 
Corp'n; trustee Bridgeport Savings Bank. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs: Sea- 
side, Republican, Yacht; Metabetchowan 
Country (Can.); Union League, Transporta- 
tion (New York). Residence: 298 Linden Av. 
Office: 946 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

BENJAMIN, Gilbert Giddings, educator; 
b. Fond du Lac, Wis., Dec. 6, 1874; s. Gilbert 
L. and Clara (Lyon) B.; grad. Fond du Lac 
High Sch., 1893; Ph.B., Syracuse Univ., 1899; 
fellow in history, Yale, 1902-5, A.M., 1904, 
Ph.D., 1907. Asst. in history, Yale Univ., 
since 1902; instr. in history. New Haven 
High Sch., since 1903; head of History Dept., 
Syracuse Univ. Summer Sch., 1904, 1906, 1908; 
dir. Reed Electrical Cordage Co., Syracuse, 
1902-7. Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Phi Kappa 
Psi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi Assn., 
New York. Club: University (Syracuse). 
Writer for periodicals on hist, subjects. Ad- 
dress: 391 Temple St., New Haven, Conn. 

BENJAMIN, Samnel Greene Wbeeler, 

author, artist; b. Argos, Greece, Feb. 13, 
1837; s. Nathan B. (Am. missionary) and 
Mary Gladding (Wheeler) B. (poetical writ- 
er), and g. g. s. Capt. Nathan Benjamin and 
Capt. Charles Seymour, who served in Am. 
Revolution; studied at home, and at English 
Coll., Smyrna, Turkey; grad. Williams, 
1859; m. 1st, Oct. 20, 1863, Clara Stowell 
(died Oct. 29, 1880); 2d, Nov. 16, 1882, Fan- 
nie Nichols Weed (author, Sunny Side of 
Shadow). Assistant librarian N. Y. State 
Library, 1861-4; sent 2 cos. of cav. to war; 
served in hosps. ; read law; studied art; at 
sea several years mastering seamanship; 
first U. S. minister to Persia, 1883-5; presi- 
dent Rep. Club, Richmond Co., N. Y., 1892. 
Art editor. Am. dept.. Magazine of Art, 
also New York Mail; contributor to maga- 
zines. Also marine painter and illustrator, 
etc. Sent Crimean War marine drawings 
to London Illustrated News, 1854; opened 
studio in Boston as artist in oil and water 
colors, 1870; hon. mention for exhibit of Per- 
sian products in State Dept. Group, New Or- 
leans Exp'n. V.-p. Soc. Am. Authors; mem. 
S.R., Phi Beta Kappa, Boston Art Club, 
Am. Free Art League, Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. 
Forestry Assn. Author: Constantinople, Isle 
of Pearls and Other Poems, 1861; Ode on 
the Death of Abraham Lincoln, 1865; 
The Turk and the Greek, 1867; Tom Roper, 
A Yarn for Boys, 1868; The Choice of Paris, 
A Romance of the Troad, 1870; Advice of 




Father to Son (transl. from Latin poem), 
1871 M13; Contemporary Art in Europe, 
1877 HI; What Is Art? 1877; The Atlantic 
Islands, 1878 HI; Art in America, 1879 HI; 
Our American Artists (for youth), 1879 L9; 
Our American Artists, 2d series, 1880 L9; 
The Multitudinous Seas, 1879 A2; The 
World's Paradise, 1879 A2; Troy, Its Le- 
gend, Literature and Topography, 1881 S3; 
A Group of Etchers, 1883 D3; Cruise of the 
Alice May, 1884 A2; Persia and the Per- 
sians, 1886 H5; The Story of Persia, 1887 P2; 
Sea Spray, 1888. Address: Burlington, Vt. 
BENNER, Allen Rogers, educator; b. 
Waldoboro, Me., May 30, 1870; s. Edward 
Randall and Sarah Catherine (Allen) B. ; 
grad. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1888; 
A.B., Harvard, 1892. Instr. in Latin, Phil- 
lips Acad., 1892-4, head of Greek Dept. since 
1894, prof. Greek since 1899; conducted course 
in Homer for teachers. Harvard Summer 
Sch., 1903. Author (with Dr. Herbert Weir 
Smyth): Beginner's Greek Book, 1906. Com- 
piler: Selections from Homer's Iliad (with 
notes, etc.), 1903. Address: Andover, Mass. 
BENNER, Edward Augustine, clergy- 
man, educator; b. E. Pittston, Me., Mar. 31, 
1848; 5. Burnham Clark and Frances Maria 
(Talpey) B.; A.B., Amherst Coll., 1869 (Phi 
Beta Kappa); grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 
1874; m. Lowell, Mass., Aug. 31, 1874, Mary 
Susan Carter. Ordained to ministry Cong'l 
Ch., 1874; prof, mathematics, Drury Coll., 
1874-7; prof, history and polit. economy, Col- 
orado Coll., 1878-9; prin. Salt Lake Acad., 
1878-91, Wellesley Sch. for Boys since 1891. 
Mem. Territorial Council, 1890, and promi- 
nent in securing the adoption of the present 
law for unsectarian free pub. schs. Mem. 
of Bd. of Regents of Territorial Univ., 1889- 
90; mem. Bd. of Control of Territorial Re- 
form Sch., 1890-91. Address: Wellesley, 
BENNER, Frank Talpey, lawyer; b. 
Pittston, Me., June 13, 1851; s. Burnham 
Clark and Frances Maria (Talpey) B.; prep, 
ed'n, Lowell High Sch.; A.B., Amherst Coll., 
1873; post-grad, work, Leipzig Univ., Ger- 
many, 1875-6; read law in office of Tappau 
Wentworth and office of D. S. & G. F. Rich- 
ardson, Lowell, Mass.; admitted to bar, 1877; 
m. St. Louis, Feb. 17, 1886, Mary Jane Har- 
ris. Practiced at Boston since 1877; dir. 
Champion Internat. Co., Franklin Co. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mem. Bar Assn. of 
Boston. Mason. C/2<&; University. Residence: 
35 Trowbridge Av., Newtonville, Mass. Office: 
1117 Old South Bldg., Boston. 
BENNESON, Cora Agnes (Miss), lawyer; 
b. Quincy, 111.; d. Robert S. and Electa Ann 
(Park) B. ; grad. Univ. of Mich., A. B.. 
1878, LL. B., 1880, A. M., 1883; took 2 yrs. 
trip around the world, 1883-5; lectured on 
travels, 1885-6. Edited law reports for West 
Pub, Co., St. Paul, 1886; fellow in history, 
Bryn Mawr Coll., 1887-8. Admitted to bar, 
Mich, and 111., 1880, Mass., 1894; appt'd sp'l 
comm'r by Gov. Greenhalge, 1895, and by 
Gov. Douglas, 1905. Fellow A. A. A. S., 
1899; mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Polit. Sci- 
ence Assn. Contb'r to jours, on topics of 
law, ed'n, polit. and social science, etc. 
Trustee Edward Everett Estate. Address: 4 
Mason St., Cambridge, Mass. 
BENNETT, Alberto Adellman, clergy- 
man; b. Bainbridge, N. Y., July 17, 1859; s. 

Rev. Edwin I. and Mary E. B. ; grad. Bain- 
bridge (N. Y.) Acad., 1882; A.B., Colgate 
Univ., 1886 (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1889; 
grad. Hamilton Theol. Sem., 1889; grad. 
Sch. of Expression, Boston, 1893; m. Clinton, 
N. Y., June 12, 1889, Ella M. Stone. Ordained 
to Baptist ministry, 1889; pastor, Whitehall, 
N. Y., 1889-92, Maplewood, Maiden, Mass., 
1893-1902; health failed and located in the 
country; became pastor of ch. at Jefferson, 
Me., and so continues; moderator Damaris- 
cotta Bapt. Assn. Republican. Mem. Delta 
Upsilon, B. B. Club (ministerial). Address: 
Jefferson, Me. 

BENNETT, Edward Brown, lawyer; 5. 
William and Mariana (Brown) B. ; b. Hamp- 
ton, Conn., Apr. 12, 1842; prep, ed'n, Willis- 
ton Sem., Easthampton, Mass.; A.B., Yale, 
1870; studied law in offices of ex-Gov. Chaun- 
cey F. Cleaveland, of Hampton, and Frank- 
lin Chamberlain, of Hartford; admitted to 
bar, 1868; m. Hartford, Apr. 24, 1877, Alice, d. 
Hon. James L. Howard. Began practice at 
Hampton; removed to Hartford, 1869, where 
has since practiced; associated with Geo. 
O. Brott since 1896; representative from 
Hampton in Gen. Asembly, of Conn., 1868; 
asst. elk. of House, 1869, elk. of House, 1870; 
elk. of Senate, 1871; elk. of Police Court, 
City of Hartford, 1871-3; mem. Common 
Council, 1872; judge of City Court, of Hart- 
ford, 1878-91; postmaster, Hartford, 1891-6, 
1900-March 31, 1907; sec. Rep. State Central 
Com., 1870-6; pres. Hartford City Gas Lighc 
Co., Springfield Waste Co.; pres. and treas. 
Farmington River Power Co.; dir. and v. -p. 
James L. Howard Co.; dir. The Travelers 
Ins. Co.,, Am. Sch. for Deaf, Hartford; mem. 
Advisory Bd., Hartford Orphan Asylum. 
Mem. Hartford Yale Alumni Assn. (pres., 
1901-2). C/Hd; Hartford. Residence: Ql CoUins 
St. OiUce: 847 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 

BENNETT, Frank P., journalist, publish- 
er and propr. Oaklandvale Farm, in the 
northern suburbs of Boston; b. North Cam- 
bridge, Mass., May 2, 1853; s. Levi W. and 
Kezia C. B. ; ed. Maiden and Chelsea 
High Schs., m. Everett, Mass., July 12, 1877. 
Miss Nancy L. Clark. Connected with 
newspapers in West and in Boston; mng. 
editor, Boston Commercial Bulletin and Bos- 
ton Daily Advertiser; established American 
Wool and Cotton Reporter, 1887, United 
States Investor, 1891; mem. Mass. Legisla- 
ture, 1891-1903 (chmn. Com. on Taxation, 
1891, mem. Com. on Rules, 1892; chmn. Rap- 
id Transit Com. which reported the railway 
subway system now in use in Boston; chmn. 
Special Com. to consider adoption of Metro- 
politan Park System, which initiated the 
system of Metropolitan parks now surround- 
ing Boston; chmn. Com. on Agr.); has writ- 
ten extensively on tariff and other indus- 
trial and economic questions. Republican. 
Pres., Universalist Gen. Conv. of the United 
States, 1903, 1905, 1907. Clubs: Oxford (Lynn), 
Exchange (Boston), Universalist (New 
York), and 33 other clubs and socs., includ- 
ing S.A.R. Has written monograph "The 
Bennetts of Saugus, Lynn and Groton,' 
covering family history since the arrival of 
Samuel Bennett at Saugus in 1635. Residence. 
Saugus. Mass. Offices: 31 Nassau St., New 
Yoric; also Boston, Phila., Washington, and 
other cities. 




BENNETT, Geoi'ge Stedinaii, clergyman; 
b. Worcester, Mass., July 30, 1866; 5. Gapt. 
Thomas (U. S. Navy) and Sarah M. B. ; 
prep, ed'n, Worcester High Sch. ; entered 
Amherst, 1887 (prizes in athletics, running 
and boxing, 1887, 1889, 1890; Hyde and Hardy 
honors, 1891), A.M., 1891; grad. Newton 
Theol. Inst'n, 1901; m. Providence, R. I., 
Oct, 19, 1895, Georgine M. Blair. Taught sch. 
in Montclair Mil. Acad., N. J., 1891-2; deputy 
elk. U. S. Dist. Court of Mass., Boston, 
1892-7; ordained to ministry Bapt. Ch., 1901; 
pastor, North Easton, Mass., 1900-1, Rock- 
port, Me., 1901-3, Detroit, Mich., 1903-6; tem- 
porarily retired from active work on account 
of health; eastern mgr. Ideal Gold Mining 
Co., of Detroit, Mich., 1907. Republican. 
Mem. Delta Upsilon (Amherst Chapter). 
Address: 420 Newbury St., Boston. 

BENNETT, Jolixi CunninsHam, machin- 
ist; h. Boston, Apr. 2, 1872; ^. Joseph and 
Mary (Cunningham) B.; pub. sch. ed'n; m. 
Springfield, Mass., 1908, Miss Mary Gertrude 
Houlihan. Learned machinist's trade at Ft. 
Gratiot, Mich. ; now foreman Flsk Rubber 
Co. Pres., Wm. L. Douglas Club, 1905; mem. 
Dem. City Committee, 1905-6 (chmn., 1906); 
mem. Mass. House of Representatives, 1907, 
1908. Mem. B.P.O. Elks. Catholic. Address: 
Springfield, Mass. 
BENNETT, Jobn Harrinston, inventor 
and mfr. ; b. Groton, Mass., Dec. 9, 1845; .y. 
Jonathan Smith and Miranda W. (Harring- 
ton) B., and descendant of John B., Charles- 
town, Mass., 1659; ed. pub. schs. and in a 
machine shop; m. Georgiana Wiggins, 1867, 
and for his second wife, Celia E. Doane, of 
Bakersfield, Vt., 1903. Propr., since 1882, of 
the Bay State Stamping Co., Worcester, in- 
venting much of the machinery used in the 
business; enlisted in 6th Mass. Vols, in 
1864 and was actively in service during the 
closing days of the Civil War; mem. Geo. H. 
Ward Post, G.A.R., Improved Order Red 
Men, Knights of Labor, Gen. Assembly, 
Dist. of Mass. and of the U. S., and as mas- 
ter workman of local assembly has to his 
credit the initiation of 300 members in one 
night. Address: Bay State Stamping Co., 
Worcester, Mass. 
BENNETT, Jolin Hillman, physician; b. 
New Bedford, Mass., Dec. 12, 1869; s. Samuel 
Robert and Hannah Adams (Ryder) B.; M. 
D., Boston Univ. Sch. of Medicine, 1891; ni. 
Pawtucket, R. I., 1898, Miss Mary Florence 
McGregor. Republican. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Homoeopathy, Mass. Homoe. Soc, R. I. 
Homoe. Soc, Pawtucket Med. Assn. Clubs: 
To Kolon, Wannamoissett Country. Address: 
30 High St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
BENNETT, Jolm W., merchant and mfr.; 
b. Portsmouth, N. H., Mar. 28, 1847; s. Ste- 
phen A. and Sarah A. (Berry) B.; pub. sch. 
ed'n; m. Manistee, Mien., Aug. 10, 1886, 
Laura J. Nuttall. Began active career as 
mem. firm of Bennett & Jewett, 1872; bought 
■out partner, 1879, and since operated in own 
name as mfg. wholesale dealer in lumber, 
spool lumber and dowell specialties; also 
dealer in gen. mdse. ; postmaster 8 yrs., re- 
signed, 1904; town treas. of Gilead, 2 yrs. 
Republican. Mason; Odd Fellow. Address: 
Gilead, Me. 
BENNETT, Josiali Q,iiiiioy, banker. Mem. 
firm Burnham, Bennett & Co., bankers and 

brokers; pres. and dir. Cambridge Electric 
Light Co., Fresh Pond Ice Co., Traders 
Wharf & Warehouse Co.; v. -p. and dir. S. 
S. McClure Co.; sec, treas. and dir. Boston 
Brick Co. ; sec. and dir. Boston Woven Hose 
& Rubber Co., dir. United Zinc Cos., Central 
Oil Co., Goepper Bros. Co. Residence: Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Omce: 131 State St., Boston. 

BENNETT, Manning- Blackstone, 

clergyman; /;. Lowville, N. Y., Aug. 30, 
1872; s. Henry Ward and Elizabeth (Black- 
stone) B.; grad. Wesleyan Univ., 1897; stu- 
died theology at Auburn Theol. Sem. and St. 
Andrews Divinity Sch. ; m. Alder Creek, N. 
Y., Oct. 22, 1903, Jessie Livingston McClus- 
ky. Ordered deacon, 1899, ordained priest, 
P. E. Ch., 1900; rector St. Mary's Ch., South 
Manchester, Conn., since 1903. Address: 10 
Park St., South Manchester, Conn. 

BENNETT, Martin Toscan, lawyer; b. 
Hartford, Conn., Sept. 10, 1874; s. Martin 
and Frances Woodruff (Green) B. ; grad. 
Hartford High Sch., 1893, Phillips Acad., An- 
dover, Mass., 1894; A.B., Yale, 1898; student, 
Yale Law Sch., 1898-1900; m. Hartford, Nov. 
15, 1990, Josephine Beach Day. Has prac- 
ticed in Hartford since 1900; mem. firm of 
Bennett & Goodwin, since 1904. Republican. 
Clubs: Hartford, Country; Yale (New York). 
Residence: 14 Park Terrace. Office: 36 Pearl 
St., Hartford, Conn. 

BENNETT, Otto Ronald, editor; b. Man- 
chester, Vt., Aug. 14, 1866; .s. George Walter 
and Julia Frances (Ronald) B.; grad. Burr 
& Burton Sem., 1884; m. Bennington, Vt., 
June 1, 1892, Jessie Stewart. Began in print- 
ing business at Bennington, Vt., 1884; re- 
moved to New York, 1888, and was in same 
business there until returned to Manchester, 
1905; has since been editor and propr. Man- 
chester Journal. Served 5 yrs. in Co. K, 
23d Regt. N. G. State of N. Y. Republican. 
Mem. Vt. State Press Assn. Address: Man- 
chester, Vt. 

BENNETT, Samnel Crocker, lawyer; b. 
Taunton, Mass., April 19, 1858; .y. Edmund 
IT. and Sally (Crocker) B. ; grad. Harvard, 
1S79; Boston Univ. Law School, 1882; m. 
Brookline, Mass., Sept. 9, 1885, Amy R. 
Thomas. Prof. Boston Univ. law school, 
1883; Dean same, 1898-1902. One of editors: 
Federal Decisions, Smith's Leading Cases, 
Benjamin on Sales, Cyclopedia of Law and 
Procedure. Residence: Weston, Mass. Office: 
10 Tremont St., Boston. 

BENNETT, T. G., pres. Winchester Repeat- 
ing Arms Co. Address: New Haven, Conn. 

BENNETT, William Henry, physician; 
b. Whiting, Vt., Apr. 1, 1863; .s. Hollis Ken- 
dall and Mary Catherine (Pratt) B.; A.B., 
Brown Univ., 1886, A.M., 1889; M.D., New 
York Homoe. Med. Coll., 1889; m. Whitehall, 
N. Y., Oct. 1, 1890, Martha Cordelia Brough- 
ton. Prof, chemistry and toxicology. Wom- 
an's Med. Coll., New York, 1887-9; began 
practice at Fitchburg, Mass., 1889; pres. and 
physician Fitchburg Home for Aged Ladies; 
mem. Fitchburg Common Council, 1902-1904 
(pres. 1903-4), Bd. of Aldermen, 1905, Bd. of 
St. Comm'rs since 1906. Republican. Bap- 
tist. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, Worces- 
ter Co. Homoe. Med. Soc, Mass. Surg, and 
Genecol. Soc, Mass. State Homoe. Soc. Ma- 
son; mem. K. of H., U.O.P.F., Delta Phi, 




Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Fitchburg Medical, 
Fitchburg Rifle and Gun. Address: 39 Hart- 
well St., Fitcbburg, Mass. 

BENNETT, William Lyon, judge; b. New 
Haven, Conn,, May 19, 1848; ^. Judge Thomas 
and Mary A. (Hull) B. ; grad. Russell's Col- 
legiate and Commercial Inst., New Haven, 
1865; A.B., Yale, 1869; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 
1871; admitted to bar, 1871; m. Brooklyn, N. 
Y., June 5, 1878, Frances T. Welles. Prac- 
ticed law at New Haven, 1871-1905; judge 
Court of Common Pleas, New Haven Co., 
1905-8; judge Superior Court, Conn., since 
1908. Democrat. Episcopalian. Club: Quin- 
nipiac (ex-pres.). Residence: 357 Elm St. 
Office: 179 Church St., New Haven, Conn. 

BENSON, Frank "Weston, artist, painter; 
b. Salem, Mass., March 24, 1862; s. George 
W. and Elizabeth (Poole) B.; tech. ed'n in 
School Drawing and Painting, Museum Fine 
Arts, Boston, 1880-3; Julian Acad., Paris, 
1883-5; instr. drawing and painting Museum 
Fine Arts, Boston, since 1889; w. Salem, 
Mass., Oct., 1888, Ellen Perry Peirson. Re- 
ceived medal, Columbian Exp'n, Chicago, 
1893; Carnegie Inst., Pittsburg, 1899; 2 prizes 
Boston Art Club; 2 prizes Jordan Gallery, 
Boston; prize Cleveland Art Assn.; Shaw 
Fund Prize, Soc. Am. Artists, New York; 
Clark Prize, Hallgarten Prize; Nat. Acad., 
Design, Ellsworth Prize, Chicago, and sil- 
ver medal, Paris Exp'n, 1900; gold medal 
Carnegie Inst., 1903; Lippincott Prize, 
Phila., 1904; 2 gold medals. La. Purchase 
Exp'n, St. Louis, 1904; gold medal, Phila. 
Art Club, 1906; silver medal, Corcoran Gal- 
lery, Washington, 1907. Residence: Salem, 
Mass. Studio: 12 St. Botolph St., Boston. 

BENT, Charles Leslie, chair mf r. ; b. 
Gardner, Mass., Oct. 23, 1860; s. Samuel and 
Mary Louise (Emery) B.; pub. sch. ed'n; m. 
Gardner, Jan. 5, 1888. Emma Fisk Eaton. 
Mem. firm of S. Bent & Bros., established, 
1867; dir. Gardner Theatre Co., 1st Nat. 
Bank; trustee Gardner Savings Bank. Ma- 
son. Club: Gardner Boat. Address: Gardner, 

BENT, Charles Orra, chair mfr.; &. Fitz- 
williams, N. H., June 4, 1835; .?. Hyman and 
Levina (Allen) B.; ed. com. schs.; m. Sept. 
16, 1864, Emeline, d. John Barnhill, of Nova 
Scotia, (now deceased); m. 2d, April 28, 
1895, Angeline Barney, widow of George 
Wetherbee, of Nantucket, Mass. Lived in 
'Calif., 1858-68; returned to Gardner, 1868, 
and organized the mfg, firm of S. Bent & 
Brothers; only surviving member of the 
original firm; dir. Westminster Nat. Bank, 
Gardner Electric Co., Old Peoples' Home. 
Mem. Water Bd. ; sewer comm'r; served as 
chief engr. of Fire Dept. Mason; mem. A.O. 
U.W. Address: Gardner, Mass. 

BENT, George W., pres. G. W, Bent Co., 
Standard Wire Mattress Co., Mattress Tuft- 
ing Machine Co., Liberty Trust Co., W. P. 
B. Brooks & Co. Residence: Hyde Park. Of- 
fice: 93 Causeway, Boston. 

BENT, Samnel Arthur, lawyer, author; 
b. Boston, July 1, 1841; s. Samuel W. and 
Mary N. (Barrett) B.; prep, ed'n Phillips 
Andover Acad.; grad. Yale, 1861, A. M., 
1864; grad. Harvard Law School, 1865; m. 
Boston, Aug. 30, 1890, Mary E. Thompson. 
Admitted to Suffolk bar, 1865; was Am. 
editor Swiss (Geneva) Times, Galignani's 

(Paris) Messenger, 1872-4; supt. schools, 
Nashua, N. H., Clinton, Mass., 1878-86; sec. 
treas. Bostonian Soc, 1890-9; has served on 
Boston sch. com. Author: Familiar Short 
Sayings of Great Men, 1882 H5; Hints on 
Language, 1883 L3; Notes to the Golden Le- 
gend, 1886 H5. Address: Brookline, Mass. 

BENTLEY, Rnfas Clarence, educator; b. 
Clinton, la., Feb. 6, 1868; .y. Charles Eugene 
and Persis Orilla (Freeman) B. ; grad. Adel- 
phi Acad., Brooklyn, 1891; A.B., Univ. of 
Neb., 1894, A.M., 1896; fellow in ed'n, Teach- 
ers Coll., Columbia, 1900-1; fellow in Clark 
Univ., 1901-2; m. Hastings, Neb., Sept. 18, 
1895, Lydia Ellen Hart, A.B., Univ. Neb., 
1896 (Phi Beta Kappa). Began teaching at 
Lincoln, Neb., 1895; prof, pedagogy Clark 
Coll., since 1904, dean since its organization 
in 1902. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Club: Eco- 
nomic (Worcester). Author: On the Ap- 
proach to the Seventh Year of Clark Col- 
lege, Clark College Record, Apr., 1908. Ad- 
dress: 7 Downing St., Worcester. 

BENTLEY, Wilson Alwyn, meteorolo- 
gist; b. Jericho, Vt., Feb. 9, 1865; .r. Thomas 
Edwin and Fanny Eliza (Colton) B.; ed. 
pub. sch. Jericho; unmarried. Taught mu- 
sic, 1885-6; since 1882 a student of snow 
crystals and other meteorol. studies; has 
made 1,200 micro-photographs of snow crys- 
tals, 210 photographs frost crystals and 30 
of ice crystals; made studies of clouds, 
rain-drops, dew, etc., and secured 344 sam- 
ples of raindrop impressions in flour. Mem. 
Nat. Geog. Soc, A. A. A. S. Has written 
various monographs relating to these 
studies, published by U. S. Weather Bureau, 
1902, 1904, 1905; also monograph, Studies of 
Frost and Ice Crystals, 1907 U25, and ar- 
ticles "Snow" and "Frost" in Ency. Amer- 
icana, contb'ns to mags, and lectures on 
similar themes. Republican. Has made 
1,500 photomicrographs of snow crystals, 
350 photographs hoar frost and window 
frost, 200 photographs ice and ice crystals. 
Address: Jericho, Vt. 

BENTON, Jay B(ayard), newspaperman; 
b. Guildhall, Vt., Apr. 10, 1870; s. Charles 
Emerson and Adda (Chamberlin) B. ; grad. 
St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad., 1885; A.B., Dart- 
mouth, 1890, A.M., 1893. Librarian Young 
Men's Inst., New York City, 1885-6; upon 
leaving college began newspaper work as re- 
porter Boston Transcript and became asst. 
city editor; asst. mng. editor Boston Jour- 
nal, 1894-8; city editor, Boston Transcript, 
since; Boston corr. New York Dramatic Mir- 
ror since 1891; press representative Holiis 
St., Colonial, Tremont and Park theatres. 
Republican. Mem. Dartmouth Assn. (Bos- 
ton). 32° Mason, St. Bernard Commandery, 
K.T., Mystic Shrine; mem. Keystone Chap- 
ter, O.E.S. (Past Patron). Theta Delta Chi. 
Clubs: University, The Friars, Newspaper, 
Papyrus, Point Shirley, Winchester Coun- 
try. Residence: 2 Summit Av., Winchester, 
Mass. Office: 324 W^ashington St., Boston. 

BENTON, Josiah Henry, Jr.. lawyer; b. 
Addison, Vt., Aug. 4, 1843; s. Josiah Henry 
and Martha Ellen (Danforth) B. ; ed. pub. 
schs., Bradford, Vt., Acad, and New Lon- 
don, N. H., Lit. and Scientific Inst.; grad. 
Albany Law School, 1866 (A. M., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1869); wi. 1st, Bradford, Vt, 
May 19, 1866, Josephine E. Aldrich; 2d, Con- 




cord, N. H., Sept. 31, 1875, Mary Elizabeth 
Abbott. Pvt. Co. H, 12t]i Vt. vols,, Aug. 15, 
1862, to July, 1863. Admitted to bar May 
5, 1866; practiced law, Lancaster, N. H., 
1867-73; asst. clerk and clerk N. H. Ho. 
Reps. 1868, 1870-2; practiced law, Boston, 
since 1873. Lecturer on corp'ns and rail- 
roads, Boston Univ. Law School, 1894-1906. 
Dir. Northern R. R. since 1879; trustee 
Boston Public Library since 1894. Repub- 
lican-. Mem. New England Hist. Geneal. 
See, Bostonian Soc, Vt. Hist. Soc, Vt. 
Association, Kinsley Post G. A. R. Club: 
Algonquin. Author of monographs, ad- 
dresses, etc., on legal, economic and legis- 
lative subjects; also Samuel Slade Benton, 
His Ancestors and Descendants, 1901 XI; 
A Notable Libel Suit, 1904 Gil; Early Cen- 
sus Making in Massachusetts, 1905 Gil. 
{Residence: 265 Newbury St. Office: Ames 
Bldg., Boston. 
BKRGE^N, Fanny Dickerson, educator; 
b. Mansfield, O., Feb. 4, 1846; d. Thomas and 
Rachel E. Dickerson; grad. Antioch Coll., 
1875. Taught there and later in Chicago. 
Dramatized Longfellow's Miles Standish; m. 
June 28, 1876, to Joseph Y. Bergen. Author: 
(With her husband) The Development 
Theory; Glimpses at the Plant World. 
Editor: Current Superstitions (vol. IV, 
Memoirs of Am. Polk-Lore Soc); Animal 
and Plant Lore (vol. VII, same). Frequent 
contb'r to Journal of American Folk Lore; 
also articles on folk-lore topics in Popular 
Science Monthly and Atlantic Monthly. 
Address: N. Cambridge, Mass. 

BERGEN, Josepb Young, educator; b. 
Red Beach, Me., Feb. 22, 1851; s. Joseph Y. 
and Mary L. B. ; grad. Antioch Coll., 1872; 
m. June 28, 1876, Fanny Dickerson. On Ohio 
geol. survey; teacher of physics, Boston 
Latin School, 1887; master in Boston Eng- 
lish High School. Author: (With his wife) 
The Development Theory; The Study of 
Evolution Simplified for General Readers; 
joint author (with Prof. E. H. Hall); Hall 
& Bergen's Physics; Elements of Botany; 
Foundations of Botany; Principles ol 
Botany and Laboratory and Field Manual 
of Botany (with Dr. Bradley Moore Davis), 
1906 Gl; articles in Bot. Gazette, etc. Ad- 
dress: N. Cambridge, Mass. 

BERGENGREN, Anna, Farquliar, jour- 
nalist, author; b. Brookville, Ind., Dec. 23, 
1865; d. John Hansen and Frances Mary 
Farquhar; ed. Indianapolis, Boston and Eu- 
rope. Left home, Indianapolis, at age of 21 
to study for professional musical stage. Cul- 
tivated voice for grand opera; sang in ch. 
and taught singing at the same time. Lost 
remarkable voice through overwork. Began 
to write for Boston Transcript, Detroit Free 
Press and Springfield Republican during 
musical career. While studying vocal mu- 
sic in London and Paris was employed as 
foreign corr. to Boston Transcript; later 
asst. editor Nat. Mag. until 1902; m. Boston, 
Jan. 26, 1900, Ralph Bergengren. Author: 
The Professor's Daughter, 1899 D6; Her 
Boston Experiences, 1899 P3;- The Devil's 
Plough, 1901 P3; Her Washington Experi- 
ences, 1902 P3; An Evans of Suffolk, 1904 
P3. Contb'r to mags. Address: L. C. Page 
& Co., Boston. 

BERGENGREN, Ralph \¥ilhelm, jour- 
nalist; b. Gloucester, Mass., Mar. 2, 1871; 
s. Frederick William Alexis and Caroline 
Frances (Boynton) B. ; grad. Lynn High 
Sch., 1889, Harvard, 1893; m. Boston, Jan. 
26, 1900, Anna Farquhar. Cartoonist Bos- 
ton Sunday Globe, 1897-9; dramatic critic, 
1899-1900, editorial writer since 1900, Boston 
Budget; asst. editor, Publicity Bureau, 
since 1902; art critic Boston Advertiser, 
1904-1907. Author: In Case of Need, 1900 
S9. Contb'r to leading mags, and news- 
papers. Address: 126 State St., Boston. 

BERGH, Louis De Coppet, architect, 
civ. eng'r; b. New York, Dec. 20, 1856; s. 
Albert W. and Helen M. (Morse) B.; early 
ed n New York pub. sch. ; studied 8 yrs. 
m Europe at Mil. Gymnasium, Ostrowo, 
Prussia; Moravian Inst., Lausanne, Swit- 
zerland; Royal Real-Schule and later in 
Royal Poly., Stuttgart. Was expert archi- 
tectural and sanitary adviser to Mayor 
Strong's com.; has been architect for nu- 
merous pub. and pvt. bldgs. New York and 
elsewhere. Fellow Am. Inst. Architects (del 
nat. convs., etc.); mem. Am. Soc. Civ. 
Eng'rs; past pres. dept. architecture Brook- 
lyn Inst. Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn Chap- 
ter Am. Inst. Architects (founder); asso. 
Soc. Founders and Patriots of America; vet 
13th Regt. Heavy Arty., N.G.N.Y. Mason! 
etc. Author: Safe Building (2 vols.). Ml. 
Residence: Newport, R. I. Omce: 189 Broad- 
way, New York. 

BERKELEY, George Carlton, physi- 
cian; b. Milton, Vt., July 10, 1870; s. Roder- 
ick Hill and Hannah (O'Donnell) B. ; grad. 
Goddard Sem., 1890; student Mills Training 
Sch., Bellevue Hosp., New York, 1890-2; 
M.D., Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., 1894; house 
surgeon,- Mary Fletcher Hosp., Burlington, 
)r>r,'^ I? mos.,; m. Kingston, Ont., June 23, 
1903, Ha A. Miller. Visting surgeon, St. Al- 
bans Hosp. and lecturer on gynecology 
otology and ophthalmology; served as sur- 
geon in army during Spanish-Am. War; 
major and surgeon Vt. N. G. Republican 
Protestant. Mem. St. Albans Med. Soc ' 
Franklin Co. Med. Soc. (ex-pres.), Vt. State 
Med. Soc, Foresters, Sons of Veterans. Elks 
Address: St. Albans, Vt. 

BERNARD Y, Amy Allemand, author- 
b. Florence, Italy, Jan. 16, 1880; d. Hon S 
and Rosine (Allemand) B. ; ed. univs ' of 
Florence and Rome, Italy (Litt. D., i901 
Dr. of Palaeography and Diplomatics, 1902*, 
Univ. of Florence). Prof. Italian, Smith 
Coll., since 1903. Contb'r various news- 
papers and mags., U. S. and Italy and to 
encys. Identified with emigration and im- 
migration study movement in Italy and U 
S. Translator: (Into Italian) Carnegie's 
Gospel of Wealth, 1903; Empire of Business 
1903; author of several books in Italian! 
Address: Northampton, Mass. 

BERNIER, Joseph Edonard, editor and 
publisher; b. P. Q., Can., May 24, 1866; s. 
Evremond and Darie B. ; A.B., Ste. Anne de 
la Pocatiere Coll., 1886; LL.B., Laval Univ 
Quebec, 1889; m. Manchester, N. H., July 17 
1902, Carmeline Cote. Learned newspaper 
business at Manchester, N. H., and in 1895 
became propr. L'Avenir National, a daily 
French newspaper, Manchester, and so con- 
tinues. Pres. The Le Myre Co. ; dir. Canado 




Am. Assn. Independent in politics. Roman 
Catholic. Mem. K. of P., Maccabees, F.F.A, 
Clubs: Jolliet, Cercle National. Residence: 
257 Merrimack St. Office: 70 Merrimack St., 
Manchester, N. H. 

BERRY, John Cutting-, physician; b. 
Sagadahoc Co., Me., Jan. 16, 1847; s. Stephen 
Decatur B.; attended pub. schs. and Mon- 
mouth (Me.) Acad.; student Med. Sch. of 
Me. (Bowdoin), U. S. Marine Hosp., Port- 
land; M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 
1871; post-grad, study. New York, 1885, Vi- 
enna, 1894; m. Bath, Me., Apr. 10, 1872, Maria 
Elizabeth Gove. Apptd. med. missionary by 
Am. Bd. of Foreign Missions, 1871; served in 
Japan, 1872-3; introduced many improve- 
ments in treatment of diseases and in prison 
management, established hosps. and train- 
ing school and was intimately identified with 
religious, humanitarian and edn'l move- 
ments of Japan for 21 yrs. ; resident of Wor- 
cester, Mass., since 1896. Ophthalmic and 
aural surgeon Worcester City Hosp. ; visiting 
ophthalmologist Baldwinville Hosp. Cot- 
tages; pres. Memorial Home for the Blind. 
Mem. N. E. Ophthal. Soc, Mass. Med. Soc, 
Am. Med. Assn., A.B.C.F.M., Y.M.C.A. 
(dir.), S.A.R. (v. -p.), Worcester Economic 
Club (pres.). Club: Congregational . (ex- 
pres.). Address: 7 Highland St., Worcester, 

BERRY, Jolin James, physician; b. Litch- 
field, Conn., Aug. 3, 1858; .y. Rev. Joshua D. 
and Jane (Belden) B.; student Phillips Exe- 
ter Acad, and Dartmouth Coll.; M.D., Med. 
Dept., Univ. of City of New York, 1879; stu- 
died in Italy and Germany; m. New York 
City, Oct. 26, 1881, Fannie E. Crans. Served 
as interne in Hosp. for Ruptured and Crip- 
pled, asst. physician Chambers St. Hosp., 
house surgeon, St. Francis' (German) Hosp., 
all of New York City; has practiced at Ports- 
mouth, N. H.; since 1884; asst. editor N. E. 
Med. Monthly since 1885; mem. State Bd. of 
Health of N. H. since 1887, Bd. of Comm'rs 
of Lunacy since 1889, U. S. Pension Exam- 
ining Bd., Portsmouth, since 1894; visiting 
surgeon Portsmouth Hosp. since 1886. Mem. 
Am. Med. Assn., New Hampshire Med. Soc, 
Rockingham Co. Med. Soc, Portsmouth 
Med. Assn., New York Path. Soc, Internat. 
Med. Congress (sec. Section on Anatomy, 
1887) Am. Pub. Health Assn., Fairfield Co. 
(Conn.) Med. Soc. (hon.). Author: A Life of 
David Belden, 1881; contb'r to various med. 
jours. Address: Portsmouth, N. H. 

BERRY, Louis Pletcliei*, clergyman; b. 
Titusville, Pa., Nov. 24, 1868; s. Gurdon Sill 
and Elizabeth S. (Chase) B. ; grad. Titusville 
High Sch., 1886, Cambridge (Mass.) Latin 
Sch., 1888; A.B., Harvard, 1892; B.D., An- 
dover Theol. Sem., 1894; ni. Montclair, N. J., 
Oct. 10, 1899, Marion Love, d. Dr. J. J. H. 
Love. Ordained minister Cong'l Ch. ; pastor 
Cong'l Ch., Groveland, Mass., 1894-7; asst. 
pastor 1st Cong'l Ch., Montclair, N. J., 
1897-03; pastor 1st Cong'l Ch., 'Stamford, 
Conn., since Dec, 1903. Mem. Fairfield Assn. 
Cong'l Ministers. Clubs: Harvard (New 
York); Stamford Yacht. Address: 59 Pros- 
pect St., Stamford, Conn. 

BERRY, Wilbur Fisk, clergyman, edu- 
cator; b. Camden, Me., Nov. 24, 1851; s. 
Nicholas and Hope Strong (Clark) B.; ed. 
Me. Wesleyan Sem., and Wesleyan Univ. 
3 yrs.; (D.D., Grant Univ., 1906, Wesleyan, 

1907); ni. Solon, Me., July 16, 1878, Livonia 
S. French. Ordained to M. E. ministry, 
1884; pastor Saco, Me., 1881-3, Woodfords, 
1884-6, Lewiston, 1S86-8, Farmington, 1888-9. 
Waterville, 1892-6, Portland, 1897-9; sec. 
Christian Civic League, 1899-1902; pres. Me. 
Wesleyan Sem. and Woman's Coll., since 
1902. Mem. Gen. Conf. M. E. Ch., 1892, 1896, 
1904; mem. Me. State Teachers' Assn. Re- 
publican. Address: Kent's Hill, Me. 
BERRY, William Franklin, ry. official; 
b. Biddeford, Me., Feb. 2, 1844; ^. William 
and Olivia G. B.; grad. Biddeford High 
Sch., 1862; m. Biddeford, 1867, Belinda Tar- 
box. Began ry. service Mar., 1864, freight 
and ticket clerk, becoming sta. agt., 1866, 
asst. gen. freight agt., 1873, gen. freight 
agt., 1874, gen. trafiic mgr., May, 1892, 2d 
v.-p. since Dec. 1, 1895, Boston & Me. sys- 
tem (entire service with what is now Boston 
& Me. R. R.). Clubs: Algonquin, Boston Ath- 
letic, Pine Tree State (Boston), Calumet 
(Winchester). Residence: Winchester, Mass. 
Office: Boston & Maine R. R., Boston. 

BESSE, Irvin, mf r. ; b. Salem, Mass., July 
17, 1855; s. Harlock A. and Eliza (Abbott) 
B. ; ed. pub. schs. of Peabody, Mass. ; m. 
Salem, Jan. 8, 1880, Grace F. Barker. En- 
tered mfg. business at Newburyport, Mass., 
1883; partner Victor Mfg. Co., wholesale and 
retail dealers in hardware and mfrs. fire 
protective devices; mem. firm of Adams- 
Besse Shoe Co., shoe mfrs.; mem. Common 
Council, 5 prs. (pres., 1 yr.), alderman 2 
yrs., water comm'r 5 yrs.; elected mayor, 
Dec, 1907. Mason; Odd Fellow. Clubs: Dal- 
ton. Am. Yacht. Residence: 10 Garden St. 
Office: 57-59 Water St., Newburyport, Mass. 

BEST, William R., cigar mfr. ; b. Dur- 
ham, Eng., Apr. 16, 1836; ^. Robert and 
Sarah (Robinson) B. ; arrived in America, 
1846; common sch. ed'n; m. Windsor, Conn., 
June, 1862, Helen Holcomb. Learned trade 
of cigarmaker; enlisted Oct., 1862, in Co. A, 
27th Conn. Vol. Inf.; was taken prisoner at 
Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863, and confined 
in Libby Prison and at Belle Isle, and later 
parolled; hon. discharged, July 27, 1863; 
worked at cigar making several yrs. and in 
1870 organized the Best Mfg. Co. Repub- 
lican. Mem. G.A.R. Address: Windsor, 

BETTS, Frederic A.; b. New Haven, 
Conn., Aug. 8, 1858; ed. high sch., New 
Haven; m. June 14, 1882, Fannie E. Blakes- 
ley. Mem. Bd. Ed'n, New Haven, since 1893; 
ins. comm'r State of Conn., 1895-9; nat. 
comm'r La. Purchase Exp'n, 1901-5; now 
asst. sec. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., New 
York. Republican. Residence: Heublein Ho- 
tel, Hartford, Conn. 

BETTS, Jobn 3Ielson, educator; b. Ocean 
View, Del., Jan. 6, 1872; .y. Silas James and 
Martha Truitt (Williams)- B. ; prep, ed'n 
Wilmington Conf. Acad.; B.A., Wesleyan 
Univ., Middletown, Conn., 1902; post-grad, 
work, Univ. of Va. ; m. Manchester, Conn., 
1904, Jessie Marion Winans. Teacher of 
English, Anne Arundel Acad., 1902-3, Wil- 
mington Conf. Acad., 1903-4; prin., Stuarts 
Draft High Sch., Va., 1905-7, New Salem 
(Mass.) Acad., since 1907. Methodist. Ad- 
dress: New Salem, Mass. 

BETTS, W^illiani James, educator; b. 
Stamford, Conn., May 19, 1847; s. James and 




Amelia d'Autremont (Lockwood) B.; prep, 
ed'n, Betts Acad., Stamford; A. B., Yale, 
1870, A. M., 1873; m. New Haven, Conn., 
1876, Anna Woods Parish. Prin. Betts 
Acad., since Sept., 1870. Republican. Con- 
g'list. Clubs: Yale, Alpha Delta Phi (New 
York); Stamford Yacht. Address: Stamford, 

BEYER, Henry Gustav, med. Insp. U. S. 
N.; b. in Saxony, Oct. 28, 1850; .?. Carl and 
Wilhelmine (Scheibe) B.; ed. pub. schs., 
Hohenstein Ernstthal, till 1864; pvt. instr'n 
(classical) till 1866, pharmacy till 1869, with 
practical chemistry and botany, medicine, 
New York, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D., 
1876, M.R.C.S., London, 1881, Ph.D., Johns 
Hopkins, 1887; m. Portland, Me., May 6, 
1880, Harriet W. Wescott (died, Jan. 4, 1891). 
Apptd. from N. Y., asst. surgeon, U.S.N., 
May 19, 1876; passed asst. surgeon, Apr. 30, 
1880, surgeon, May 19, 1893, med. insp., 1905. 
Served at Naval Hosp., Brooklyn, 1876-7; on 
monitor Passaic, July- Aug., 1877; training 
ship, Portsmouth, 1877-9, U. S. R. S. Colo- 
rado, New York, 1879-80; sp'l duty, Wash- 
ington, 1881-82, C. S. S. Blake, 1882-4, Smith- 
sonian Inst'n, 1884-7, flagship Trenton, 1887- 
1888, Portsmouth, 1889, Yantic, 1889-91, Na- 
val Acad., 1891-6, Raleigh, June-Dec, 1896, 
Newark, 1896-7, U. S. S. Amphitrite, 1897-9, 
and during Spanish-Am. war, Wabash, Bos- 
ton, 1899-1901, U. S. S. Prairie, 1901-3. Ex- 
tensive contb'r to med. jours, and periodi- 
cals, and Proc. U. S. Naval Inst. Mem. bd. 
on barracks, visiting England and Germany 
(sp'l comm'n), 1903-4. Prof, hygiene. Naval 
Med. Sch., Washington, from 1904; lecturer 
on naval hygiene. War Coll., Newport, R. I. 
Mem. Am. Physiol. Soc. Boston Soc. Med. 
Sciences, Nat. Soc. for Study and Preven- 
tion of Tuberculosis, Am. Pub. Health Assn., 
Am. Assn. Pathologists and Bacteriologists; 
companion Order Foreign Wars. Lutheran. 
Republican. Clubs: Metropolitan, University 
(Washington), St. Botolph (Boston). Home: 
Portland, Me. Address: Navy Dept., Wash- 

BIBBER, Randall Doyle, physician; b. 
Brunswick, Me., Sept. 1, 1845; s. John D. 
and Mehitable Cowan (Hall) Bibber.; ed. 
com. schs.; M.D., Med. Sch. of Me. at Bow- 
doin Coll., 1871; m. Providence, R. L, Feb. 
6, 1873, Sarah Aborn Thornton. Has prac- 
ticed at Bath since 1871; mayor, 1895, 1896, 
1897; pres. and founder Home for Aged 
Couples and Old Men; v. -p. Marine Nat. 
Bank. Republican. Universalist. Mem. Me. 
Med. Assn. (pres., 1906). Mason. Club: 
Yacht. Address: 327 Front St., Bath, Me. 

BICKFORD, Charles Swan, merchant; 
b. Belfast, Me., July 17, 1860; .y. Ezra and 
Lydia Tyler (Swan) B.; ed. pub. and high 
schs. of Belfast until 1875; B.S., Univ. of 
Me., 1882; m. Belfast, Nov. 19, 1907, Hattie 
A. Clark. Taught school to pay way through 
college; entered employ of The Swan & Sib- 
ley Co., wholesale grain, flour and provi- 
sions, 1882; engaged in newspaper work for 
self, 1889-93; reentered employ of The Swan 
& Sibley Co., 1893, and is now sec, dir. and 
stockholder of the co. ; has held various of- 
fices in city gov't; chmn. Bd. of Trustees, 
Belfast Free Library; chmn. Sch. Bd. since 
1900. Republican. Universalist. Mem. Univ. 
of Me. Alumni Assn. (corr. sec, 1888-91, 
pres., 1895), Beta Theta Pi. Residence: 30 

Cedar St. OiUce : 33-39 Front St., Belfast, 

BICKFORD, Clarence Augustus, edi- 
torial writer; b. Saco, Me., July 16, 1849; s. 
James and Sophronia H. (Davis) B.; grad. 
Portland (Me.) High Sch., 1868; A.B., Bates 
Coll., Lewiston, Me., 1872, A.M., 1875 (D.D.. 
1889) ; grad. Cobb Divinity Sch., Lewiston, 
Me., 1875; m. Portland, Dec. 30, 1875, Kate 
W. Nevens. Ordained to ministry Baptist 
Ch., 1875; pastor Providence, R. I., and 
Lawrence, Mass., until 1881; editor The 
Morning Star, a Bapt. religious weekly, 
Boston, 1881-1901; editor Current History, 
1901-3; editorial writer and contb'r to vari- 
ous pubs, since 1903. Address: 104 Hutchings 
St., Boston. 

BICKFORD, Erskine F., retired mfr. ; b. 
Woodstock, Conn., June 4, 1840; .s. Joseph 
and Phebe C. (Hibbard) B.; country sch. 
ed'n; h?. Maiden, Mass., 1868, Julia L. Put- 
nam. Served in Civ. War, 18th Conn. Regt., 
33 mos., 1862-;'); In office service 5 yrs., supt., 
33 yrs., mfg. agt., 5 yrs., Boston Rubber 
Shoe Co., 1865-1907; dir. Boston Rubber 
Shoe Co., Maiden Associated Charities; 
trustee Maiden Savings Bank, Maiden 
Hosp. ; pres. Maiden Industrial Aid Soc. 
Republican. Baptist, ^ddr^?.?^; Maiden, Mass. 

BICKFORD, Faitli (Miss), author; b. 
Cambridge, Mass., July 15, 1882; d. Rev. 
Thomas and Anna Maria (Searl) B.; ed'n 
chiefly private. lAuthor : Daddy Joe's Fid- 
dle, 1903 E3; Gloria, 1904 E3, Address: 
E. Brewster, Mass. 

BICKFORD, Geoi'ge Hamilton, granite 
mfr.; b. Barton, Vt., Oct. 10, 1868; .y. Rev. 
George H. and Abbie B. (Giffin) B.; A.B., 
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., 1891; 
iustr., and in charge of athletics, Haverford 
Coll., Pa., 1 yr. after graduation; m. Ben- 
nington, Vt., Oct. 9, 1894, Alice A., d. John 
S. Holden. Began business career with Ginn 
& Co., pubs., Boston, and was in office of 
Holden, Leonard & Co., Bennington, 2 yrs.; 
with John S. Holden and Charles W. Leon- 
ard acquired control of the Woodbury Gran- 
ite Co., 1896; in 1898 organized firm of Bick- 
ford. More & Co., granite mfrs., which was 
acquired, 1902, by Woodbury Granite Co., of 
which is gen. mgr., treas. and elk; treas. 
and mng. dir. Hardwick and Woodbury R. 
R. Republican. Methodist. Address: Hard- 
wick, Vt. 

BICKFORD, Roljert Sloane, broker; h. 
Danville, Ky., June 9, 1862; ^. Robert and 
Lucy J. (Sloane) B. ; grad. high sch., Seneca 
Falls, N. Y., 1879, Boston (Mass.) Latin 
Sch., 1881; A.B., cum laiidc, Harvard, 1885; 
student. Harvard Law Sch., 1885-6; m. New 
York, Sept. 3, 1894, Ethel Rummell. In busi- 
ness and teaching, Boston, 1886-92; pvt. sec. 
to gov. of Mont., 1893-5; stock and bond 
broker, Boston, since Oct., 1895; dir. Big 
Indian Mining Co.; mem. Governor's Guards, 
State Militia, Mont., 1893-4. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Mem. Ancient and Hon- 

- orable Artillery Co. of Boston, Montana Soc. 
of New York, Soc. of Mayflower Descend- 
ants of Mass., Soc. Colonial Wars, Soc. of 
War of 1812, Soc. Sons of the Revolution, 
Soc Colonial Governors, Delta Upsilon. Ma- 
son (32°), K.T., Shriner. Clubs: Boston City, 
Wellesley, Maugus. Residence: Wellesley 
Hills. Mass. Omce: 53 State St., Boston. 




BICKNELL, Albion Hai-ris, artist; b. 
Turner, Me., Mar. 18, 1837; s. Nehemiah Bos- 
son and Louise (Drew) B.; pub. sch. ed'n 
(A.M., Colby Coll., 1884); m. Somerville, 
Mass., July 20, 1875, Margaret Elizabetli 
Peabody. Began study of art, 1855, at Lowell 
Inst'n, Boston; studied in Paris under 
Thomas Couture and in Bcole des Beaux 
Arts, 1860-3; opened studio in Boston, 1864; 
painter of marine scenes, flowers, still life, 
genre, landscape, cattle, portraits and hist, 
compositions; full length portrait of Lin- 
coln in Boston State House and his large 
painting, "Lincoln at Gettysburg," in Mai- 
den (Mass.) Pub. Library; also painter of 
large canvas, "Battle of Lexington," etc.; 
well known as an etcher and illustrator. 
Club: Alston (charter mem.). Address: 25 
Parker St., Maiden, Mass. 

BICKNELL, Frank Martin, author; b. 
Melrose, Mass., Jan. 24, 1854; grad. English 
High School, Boston, 1872. Went into a 
corporation office on leaving school; then 
into a business counting-room. Gave up 
business, 1888, and visited Europe; has since 
given entire attention to literature, writing 
stories for St. Nicholas, Harper's Young 
People, Youth's Companion, Outing, New 
York Evening Post, etc. Author: The City 
of Stories, 1897 E2; The Apprentice Boy, 
1897 E2; The Bicycle Highwayman, 1900 
E3; The Double Prince. 1901 E3; Amy 
Dora's Amusing Day, 1904 A9; Blitzen the 
Conjurer, 1906 A9. Residence: Maiden, Mass. 

BICKNELL, Pei'cy Favor, journalist, 
literary critic; b. Pembroke, Mass., Dec. 25, 
1860; .y. William Martin and Lydia Maria 
(Tobey) B.; student at V/ililams Coll., 
Mass., 1880-4 (M.A., 1887), Gottingen Univ., 
1886-7, Berlin Univ., 1887-8; m. Apr. 25, 1908, 
Florence Mary, d. Joshua and Sarah Tim- 
berlake (Foster) Constable. . Teacher mod- 
ern langs. and hist., Williston Sem., East- 
hampton, Mass., 1884-5; asst. librarian and 
teacher Latin and Greek, Williams Coll., 
1885-6; prin. Rockland (Mass.) High Sch., 
1888-9; asst. librarian Library Co. of Phila., 
1889-94; librarian Univ. of 111., 1894-7. Trans- 
lator of 18 vols, of The Jesuit Relations, 
1896-9, and 2 novels of Jokai from Hungarian 
— The Baron's Sons, and Manasseh; contb'r 
to Dial since 1896; also to other mags.; on 
editorial staff of Dial since 1906. Address: 
411 Pleasant St., Maiden, Mass. 

BICKNELL, Thomas Williams, teach- 
er, author, editor, publisher; b. Barrington, 
R. I., Sept. 6, 1834; grad. Brown, 1860 (A. 
M.); (hon. A. M., Amherst, 1880; LL. D., 
Drury Coll. and Straight Univ., 1882); m. 
Sept., 1860, Amelia D. Blanding (died Aug., 
1896). Teacher and prin. schools, 1860-9; 
comm'r of ed'n, R. I., 1869-75; founder new 
Normal Sch., R. I., 1871; founder, editor and 
publisher N, B. Jour, of Ed'n, Education, 
and Primary Teacher, 1875-87; founder, N. 
E. Bureau of Ed'n, 1876; mem. R. I. legis- 
lature, 1860, Mass. legislature, 1888-90; 
founder and pres. Am. Inst, for Business, 
Commerce and Finance. Pres. R. I. Inst. 
of Instr'n, 1867; founder (1880) and pres. 
(1880-4) Nat. Council of Ed'n; pres. Am. 
Inst, of Instr'n, 1878, N. E. A., 1884, Inter- 
nat. Sunday School Assn., 1884; founder and 
sec. Municipal League, Providence; mem. 
Am. Hist. Assn., R. I., Hist. Soc, S. A. R., 

Founders and Patriots of America, etc. Re- 
publican, Author: Biography of William L. 
Noyes, 1867 Lll; Reports as School Commis- 
sioner, 1869-75; Annals of Barrington, R. I., 
1870 XI; The Bicknells (4 vols.), 1880-8 XI; 
John Myles and Toleration, 1888 XI; The 
History of Barrington, R. I., 1898 XI; Bar- 
rington in the Revolution, 1898 XI; hist, 
addresses; founder and editor of The Lead- 
er, edn'l mag. Residence: 254 Pleasant St. 
Office: 290 Westminster St., Providence. 

BICKNELL, 'William Harry liVarren, 
artist, etcher; b. Boston, July 12, 1860; s. 
William Emery and Rebecca Jane (Rich- 
mond) B.; grad. Boston Latin Sch., 1878; 
pupil and instr. Sch. of Mus. Fine Arts, 
Boston, 1879-82; m. Old Saybrook, Conn., 
1899, Mary Gove Bacon. Began work in Bos- 
ton, 1881; awarded bronze medal for etching, 
St. Louis Exp'n, 1904. Clubs: Boston City, 
Copley Soc. Address: Winchester, Mass. 

BIDWELL, Cliarles A., civil engineer; b. 
Lee, Mass., Nov. 28, 1842; s. Lawson D. and 
Emeline M. (Bennett) B.; ed. pub. schs. of 
Stockbridge, and Williams Acad.; studied 
eng'ring under E. W. B. Canning, of Stock- 
bridge; m. Stockbridge, 1886, Mary A. Car- 
ter. Engaged in railroad eng'ring for 12 
yrs., and in gen. surveying since 1884. Re- 
publican. Congregationalist. Address: Stock- 
bridge, Mass. 

BIDWELL, Daniel Doane, newspaper- 
man and politician; b. East Hartford, Conn., 
Aug. 7, 1866; s. Charles Marcus and Emma 
W. (Brewer) B., and descendant of John 
Bidwell, the immigrant, Hartford, Conn., 
1636; grad. Hartford High Sch., 1881; student 
Trinity Mil. Inst., 1881-2; A.B., Yale, 1886; 
m. Brooklyn, Apr. 18, 1891, Edith Mary Ross. 
Night Editor Jacksonville Times Union, 
1887; on staff of New York Ledger, 1888-94; 
collaborator with Herbert Ward in publish- 
ing "Five Years With the Congo Canni- 
bals"; representative of Hartford Times 
since 1896; contb'r to mags.; writer on to- 
bacco culture. Mem. Naval Battalion C.N. 
G., since 1899 (pay elk.); sch. visitor East 
Hartford, 1903-6; dir. Raymond Library; v.- 
p. Bidwell Family Assn., mem. Conn. Ho. 
of Rep., 1905, 1907. Republican. Episcopal- 
ian. Mem. I.O.O.F., K. of P., Grange. Club: 
University. Residence: East Hardford, Conn. 
Office: Hartford Times, Hartford, Conn. 

BIGELOW, Abbie Ann, humanitarian; b. 
Marlboro, Mass., Ang. 1, 1837; d. William 
and Eunice (Wilson) Gibson; pub. sch. ed'n; 
m. Marlboro, Mass., May 20, 1858, Walter 
Balfour Bigelow, now deceased. Episcopal- 
ian. Mem. Baldwinville Hosp. for Children, 
W.C.T.U. Clubs: Suffrage, Woman's. Ad- 
dress: 2 King St., Worcester, Mass. 

BIGELOW^, Ed^vard Fuller, nature lec- 
turer, writer of outdoor and scientific lit- 
erature; b. Colchester, Conn., Jan. 14, 1860; 
s. William S. and Mary J. B.; prep, ed'n 
Bacon Acad., Colchester; sp'l student Biol. 
Laboratory, Yale Univ., 1896-7; student Biol. 
Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, L. I., 1899; 
Nature Study School, Coll. of Agr., King- 
ston, R. I., 1899; Nature Study Class, Marine 
Biol. Laboratory, Woods Holl, Mass., 1900-1; 
also studied at Nature Study School, Cor- 
nell Univ. (A. M., Ph. D., Taylor Univ.); 
m. Portland, Conn., July 2, 1882, Mary Au- 
gusta Pelton. Editor "Nature and Science" 




dept., St. Nicholas Mag., 8 yrs. ; past 25 
yrs., has taken yearly, about 4,500 boys and 
girls on natural' history excursions; for 3 
yrs. editor of Popular Science, New York; 
formerly for 8 yrs. editor The Observer, 
naturalist mag.; 10 yrs. prln. pub. sch.; 8 
yrs. editor dailies; 2 yrs. pres. Conn. Edi- 
torial Assn.; nature lecturer for New York 
Bd. of Ed'n and several pvt. and normal 
schs. in N. Y. and elsewhere; nature lec- 
turer Martha's Vineyard Inst, for Teachers; 
has lectured on Nature Study at Cornell 
Univ., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; 
dir. Conn. Summer Sch. of Nature Study 
and Natural Sciences, Conn. Coll. Agr., 
1902, and Conn. Chautauqua Assembly 
Assn., 1903-4; dir. depts. biol. sciences, 
Castle Boarding Sch. for Young Ladies, 
Tarrytown, N. Y., since 1900, and at Mac- 
kenzie Sch. for Boys, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. ; 
Instr. in nature pedagogy at co. teachers' 
insts., Pa. and W. Va. ; instr. nature study 
in univ. summer schs., Ohio, Mich., N. C, 
Ala., Ind., etc.; two lecture tours of Calif., 
1905. Mem. A. A. A. S., Brooklyn Inst. 
Arts and Sciences, N. Y. Micros. Soc, Au- 
dubon Soc. of Conn.; elected pres. Agassiz 
Assn., 1907; inventor chem. tablets for 
artificial nutriment of plants, 1901, Edn'l 
Beehive, 1905. Author: (and designer) 
Bigelow's Descriptive Plant Analysis, W22; 
How Nature Study Should Be Taught, H9; 
Walking, A Fine Art, C12; The Spirit of 
Nature Study, 1907 B5. Editor: Our School 
Out of Doors. Address: Stamford, Conn. 

BIGELOW, Frank Lewis, mf r. ; b. New 

Haven, Conn., Sept. 21, 1862; s. late Gov. 
Hobart B. (gov. of Conn., 1880) and Eleanor 
(Lewis) B.; prep, ed'n Hopkins Grammar 
iSch.; Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific Sch., Yale, 
1881; m. New Haven, Oct. 10, 1883, Miss An- 
nie L. Lewis. Entered shops of the H. B. 
Bigelow Works as apprentice, 1881, becom- 
ing sec, 1883-91, and pres. on the death of 
father, 1891; dir. Merchants' Nat. Bank; 
pres. Nat'l Pipe Bending Co. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Clubs: University (New 
York), Graduates', Quinnipiack, Country. 
Address: 205 Whitney Ave., New Haven, 
BIGELOW, George Alexander, mfr. ; b. 
Worcester, Mass., July 19, 1853; ^. Alexander 
and Adeline (Stockwell) B. ; ed. pub. and 
high schs. of Worcester; clerked in Central 
Nat. Bank 4 yrs.; m. Oct. 10, 1877, Dora L., 
d. James and Ellen (Walbridge) Tucker, of 
Norwich, Conn. Mem. firm of Hyatt, Coombs 
& Co., Worcester, and Coombs & Bigelow, 
Boston, dealers in wool, 1882-92; mgr. Mech. 
Refrigerating Co., Boston, and sold, 1894, to 
Quincy Market Cold Storage Co. ; pres. and 
treas. Hopeville Mfg. Co., Worcester, Mass., 
since 1894, mfrs. of woolen cloth for men's 
clothing. Mem. Worcester Co. Mech. Assn. 
Mem. South Unitarian Ch. Club: Common- 
wealth. Address: Worcester, Mass. 

BIGELOW, John, Jr., soldier, educator; 
b. New York, May 12, 1854; s. John B. ; 
ed. in Paris, Bonn, Berlin, Freiberg and 
Providence, R. I.; grad. West Point, 1877; 
married, 1883. Since 1887 officer in the 
U. S. cav.; adjt.-gen. Dist. of Columbia 
militia, 1887-9; prof. mil. science, Mass. 
Inst. Technology, 1894-8; went to front in 
war against Spain; wounded in attack on 

San Juan, July 1, 1898; promoted maj., 1903; 
retired from active service Sept. 15, 1904. 
Prof. French, Mass. Inst. Technology, since 
Nov. 8, 1904; on duty with organized militia 
of Mass.. since Feb. 10, 1906. Mem. Mil. 
Hist. Soc. of Mass., Mil. Service Inst'n of 
U. S., U. S. Cav. Assn., Technology Club, 
Boston. Author: Mars-la-Tour and Grave- 
lotte, U21; Principles of Strategy, L5; Rem- 
iniscences of the Santiago Campaign, HI. 
\Kesidence: 62 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, 

BIGELOW, Josepli S., banker; b. Boston, 
Oct. 28, 1848; ^. Horatio and Annie (Smith) 
B.; prep, ed'n Boston Pub. Latin Sch., and 
Mr. Dixwell's private sch.; A.B., Harvard, 
1869, A.M., 1872; m. Boston, Apr. 27, 1877, 
Mary C. Bryant. Began active career in of- 
fice of father in Boston; pres. Atlas Nat. 
Bk., 1897 to Apr. 1904; v. -p. Webster and 
Atlas Nat. Bk., since Apr., 1904; dir. Tama- 
rack Mining Co. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Somerset, Algonquin, Tavern, Coun- 
try, E.Y.C., Union Boat; also Harvard (New' 
York). Residence: Cohasset, Mass., and 251 
Com'th Ave. Office: 107 Sears Bldg., Boston. 

BIGELOW^, Lyman Fisher, dentist; b. 
Norwood, Mass., July 11, 1865; .y. Lyman 
Waldo and Catharine Beal B. ; ed. pub. 
schs.; grad. Harvard Dental Sch., 1886; m. 
June 24, 1890, Elizabeth Hartshorn, d. 
Charles H. and Rebecca T. Hartshorn, of 
Walpole, Mass. In practice in Boston since 
1888. Mem. Harvard Odontol. Soc, Am. 
Acad, of Dental Science, Mass. Dental Soc. 
Harvard Dental Alumni Assn. (pres.). Resi- 
dence: Norwood, Mass. Office: 179 Newbury 
St., Boston. 

BIGELOW, Melville Madison, lawyer, 
author, dean Boston Univ. Law Sch.; h. 
Eaton Rapids, Mich., Aug. 2, 1846; grad. 
Univ. of Mich., A. B., 1866, LL. B., 1868; 
Harvard, A. M., Ph. D., 1879; LL. D., 
Northwestern Univ., 1896. Author: The Law 
of Estoppel, 1872-90 L6; Leading Cases in 
the Law of Torts, 1875 L6; The Law of 
Torts, 1878-1901 L6, 8th edit., 1907; Placita 
Anglo-Normannica, 1879 P5; History of 
English Procedure, 1880 Ml; The Law of 
Fraud on its Civil Side, 1888-90 L6; The 
Law of Bills, Notes and Cheques, 1893-1900 
L6; The Law of Wills, 1898 L6. Joint author: 
Centralization and the Law. 1906 L6. Ad- 
dress: Boston Univ. Law Sch., Boston. 

BIGELOW, Robert Payne, instr. biol- 
ogy since 1893 and librarian since 1895, Mass. 
Inst. Technology; b. Baldwinsville, N. Y., 
July 10, 1863; s. Otis B. ; grad. Harvard (S. 
B.), 1887; fellow Johns Hopkins, 1891-3 (Ph. 
D., 1892). Editor American Naturalist, 1897- 
8, and editor Technology Quarterly since 
1895. Author number of papers on zool. sub- 
jects; contb'r series of biol. articles to Ref- 
erence Handbook of the Medical Sciences, 
1900-4 Wll. Not married. Fellow A. A. A. 
S.; mem. Am. Soc Zoologists. Club: St. 
Botolph. Address: Mass. Inst, of Technol- 
ogy, Boston. 

BIGELOTV, Walter J., newspaperman; h. 
Stowe, Vt., Jan. 22, 1865; s. Newell and 
Charlotte E. (Munn) B.; grad. Montpelier 
Sem., 1889; student Univ. of Vt., 1891-4; m. 
Mansonville, 111., Sept. 12, 1895, Florence E. 
Mooney. Became identified with Burlington 
Free Press. 1892, of which is now news edi- 




tor; mem. sp'l State Comm'r on double taxa- 
tion, 1898-1900; elected mayor of Burling- 
ton, Mar. 5, 1907, for term of 2 yrs. Repub- 
lican. Mason. C7»;?: Ethan Allen. Residence: 
135 Loomis St. Office: Mayor's Office, Bur- 
lington, Vt. 

BIGEL.OW, Wai-ren Daniels, clergy- 
man; b. Boston, Mass., Nov. 20, 1875; .s. Cal- 
vin and Lucy Charlotte (Daniels) B. ; grad. 
Roxbury (Mass.) Latin Sch., 1894; A.B., 
Harvard, 1898, A.M., 1899; B.D., Yale Divin- 
ity Sch., 1902. Ordained Cong'l minister, 
1902; pastor 3d Cong'l Ch., Guilford, Conn., 
since Oct. 2, 1902; del. to 3d Internat. Council 
Cong'l Chs., Edinburgh, Scotland, 1908. Re- 
publican. Address: 32 Fair St., Guilford, 

BIGEIiO\¥, •William Pingry, coll. prof.; 
A.B., Amherst Coll., 1889, A.M., 1898. Instr. 
German and music, 1894-1901, asso. prof., 
same, since 1901, Amherst Coll. Address: 
Amherst, Mass. 

BIGELOW, William Sturg-is, physician; 
b. Boston, Apr. 4, 1850; .y. Henry J. and 
Susan (Sturgis) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 1871. 
M.D., 1874. Began practice at Boston, 1878; 
now out of practice; surgeon to out-patients, 
Mass. Gen. Hosp., 1879-81; instr. in surgery. 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1879-81; lecturer on the 
Buddhist Doctrine, Harvard, 1908; trustee 
Museum of Fine Arts; dir. New Boston 
Music Hall. Mem. Soc. Med. Sciences, 'Soc. 
Med. Improvement, Suffolk District Med. 
Soc, Mass. Med. Soc, Asiatic Soc. of Japan, 
Am. Oriental Soc Mem. visiting commit- 
tees to Harvard medical and dental schs., 
and com. on Indie Philology, Mineralogy 
and Petrography, and Philosophy. Clubs: 
Century Assn., University, Knickerbocker 
(New York); St. Botolph, Tavern, Somerset, 
Gauntry (Boston). Address: 56 Beacon 'St., 

BIGNEY, Sidney Osborne, mfr. ; b. 
Wentworth, N. S., Nov. 4, 1854; s. James and 
Sarah Jane (Black) B., and descendant on 
father's side of Jean Henri Merle d' Au- 
bigne, D.D., the eminent Swiss divine and 
ecclesiastical historian; pub. sch. ed'n; be- 
gan active career in employ of Draper, Pate 
& Bailey, mfg. jewelers, Attleboro, Mass. ; 
in 1879, organized firm of Marsh & Bigney, 
since 1894, S. O. Bigney & Co., which has 
become one of the leading jewelry mfg. es- 
tablishments of the U. S.r also pres. Bristol 
Mfg. Co., Attleboro Cooperative Bank, Odd 
Fellows Bldg. Assn., etc.; del. Rep. Nat. 
Conv., 1904, and del.-at-large Rep. Nat. 
Conv., 1908; selected to represent Mass. on 
com. to notify Judge Taft, at Cincinnati, and 
there presented to Judge Taft a life size 
portrait of the president-elect, from friends 
in Mass. ; became prominent in 1906 as ad- 
vocate of tariff for a fixed minimtim rate 
not to be changed except by vote of Con- 
gress, and a maximum rate within power of 
the President to reduce or increase; well 
known as a public speaker; was elected to 
serve on Gov. Guild's Council from 2nd 
Councillor Dist. Mass. Clubs: Republican of 
Mass., Home Market, Middlesex (BostoD); 
Central (Providence); West Side (Attleboro). 
Address: Attleboro, Mass. 

BILiIj, Albert Carroll, lawyer; b. Hart- 
ford, Conn., Sept. 29, 1863; s. Charles C. and 
Julia A. (Emerson) B.; ed. Enfield and 

Hartford pub. high schs.; studied law; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1885; m. Hartford, Oct. 24, 
1889, Bessie M. Collins.- Has practiced at 
Hartford, since May 25, 1885; mem. law firm 
of Bill & Tuttle since 1894; has held offices 
of councilman, elk. Probate Court, elk. City 
Police Court, asso. judge and judge City 
Police Court, police comm'r and pres. of 
Bd. Republican. Mem. Conn. Bar Assn. 
York and Scottish Rite Mason (32°), Shrin- 
er; Odd Fellow. Residence: 27 Annawan St. 
Omce: 50 State St., Hartford, Conn. 

BILL., Nathan D., retired manufacturer; b. 
Springfield, Mass., Oct. 12, 1855; 5. Gendon 
and Emily A. (Denison) B.; ed. pub. and 
high schs., Sprir.gfield, and Eastman's Busi- 
ness Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; m. Spring- 
field, Apr. 22, 1885, Ruth E. Wright. En^ 
tered manufacture of paper and envelopes, 
Springfield, 1875; v.-p. Springfield Knitting 
Co.; treas. and dir.. Union Water Power 
Co.; dir. Union Trust Co.; pres. City Li- 
brary Assn.; dir. City Hosp., Union Relief; 
mem. Finance Com. Old Ladies' Home; ex- 
alderman, park comm'r, bridge comm'r. 
Mem. Economic Club, Civic Relief. Clubs: 
(social); Union (Boston); Aldine, Union 
League, New York Yacht, New York Ath- 
letic (New York); Nayasset (Springfield). 
Address: 284 Maple St., Springfield, Mass. 

BIL.L.ARD, Jobn L,., pres. Lyon & Billard 
Co. Address: Meriden, Conn. 

BILLINGS, Charles, educator; b. Ripton, 
Vt., Apr. 19, 1858; .r. Willard and Hope (Win- 
ters) B.; prep, ed'n, Beeman Acad.; A.B., 
valedictorian, Middlebury (Vt.) Coll., 1886 
(Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1889; m. Valley 
Falls, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1891, Hattie Murdock. 
Teacher of classics and asst. prin., iVIonson 
(Mass.) Acad., 1886-7, Troy Conf. Acad.. 
Poultney, Vt., since 1887. Republican. 
Methodist. Address: Poultney Vt. 

BILLINGS, Charles Ethan, machinist, 
mfr.; b. Weathersfield, Vt., Dec. 5,' 1835; s. 
Ethan Ferdinand and Clarissa (Marsh) B.; 
ed. pub. sch., Windsor, Vt. ; m. 1st, Fran- 
ces M. Heywood; 2d, Hartford, Conn., Sept. 
9, 1874, Evalina Case Holt. Organized, 1869, 
and pres. The Billings & Spencer Co. ; 
pres. Nat. Machine Co., C. E. Billings 
Mfg. Co. Alderman, councilman and prea 
bd. fire comm'rs, Hartford, Conn., 12 yrs 
Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs (ex-pres.) 
Republican. Clubs: Home Market (Boston), 
Hartford (Hartford). Address: 86 Bucking, 
ham St., Hartford, Conn. 

BILLINGS, Charles ToTvne. clergyman; 
b. Fitchburg, Mass., Feb. 27, 1863; 5. Charles 
Jason and Sarah Alice (Towne) B.; grad. 
Fitchburg High Sch.. 1880; A.B., Harvard, 
1884; B.D. and A.M., Harvard Divinity Sch.. 
1890; m. Boston, Oct. 30, 1890, Fanny Aldrich 
Baldwin. Ordained clergyman Unitarian 
Ch., 1890; pastor Unitarian Ch., Hingham, 
Mass., 1890-6, Unitarian Ch., Lowell, Mass., 
since Sept. 17, 1906. Pres. of N. E. Federa- 
tion of Harvard Clubs; v.-p. Lowell Art 
Assn.; pres. Lowell Harvard Club. Address: 
73 Mansur St., Lowell, Mass. 

BILLINGS, Eflmnnd, social worker; b. 
Can., Jan. 14, 1868; s. Edmund and Eliza- 
beth (Sutherland) B. ; ed. pub. schs. of Bos- 
ton; m. Boston, Oct. 1, 1896, Elizabeth Child. 
Supt. Wells Memorial Inst, at age of 21. and 
2 yrs. later elected to similar position for 




Peoples' Inst., holding both positions to 
present time; sec. good Gov't Assn. since 
Apr., 1903; exec. sec. Mass. Chelsea Relief 
Com. ; treas. Wells Memorial Inst. ; dir. 
Working Men's Building Assn., Working 
Men's Loan Assn. Served as 2d It. 5th, Pro- 
visional Militia at time of Spanish-Am. War. 
Mem. Nat. Municipal League, Am. Acad, of 
Science. Chibs: 20th Century, Boston City. 
Residence: 40 St. John St., Jamaica Plain, 
Mass. Office: 11 Pemberton Sq., Boston. 

BILIilNGS, Frank Seaver, pathologist; b. 
Boston, Jan, 15, 1845; s. George and Lucy E. 
B.; ed. in boarding schs. in Mass.; studied 
(and grad.) veterinary sch. and med. dept. 
Univ. of Berlin, 1875-80 (Doctor Veterinary 
Medicine) ; hon, M. D. Medico-Chirurg. 
Coll.. Phila., 1888; m. Boston, Nov. 6, 1873, 
Harriet M. Roulstone. Brought up in Am. 
mcht. service, then went to stock farming; 
studied medicine in Europe, 1875-85. Did 
not practice medicine but became known as 
pathologist and bacteriologist. Pathologist 
to N. Y. Polyclinic Sch. of Medicine; found- 
ed Pathol. Inst., Univ. of Neb., 1886; took 
Newark, N. J., boys over to Pasteur to be 
inoculated for rabies, 1885. Independent in 
politics. Retired as invalid, 1893. Author: 
Relation of Animal Diseases to Public 
Health, 1884 A2; many reports on infectious 
diseases for Univ. of Neb., 1886-92; How 
Shall the Rich Escape? (socialistic study), 
1894 A3. Contb'r on pathol. and bacteriol. 
subjects in med. jours. Address: Sharon, 

BILLINGS, Franklin Swift, dir. and 
treas. of corporations; b. New Bedford, 
Mass., May 11, 1862; s. Franklin Noble and 
Nancy S. (Swift) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 1885; 
m. Woodstock, Vt., July 12, 1892, Bessie 
Hewitt Vail. Engaged in import and export 
business in New York about 17 yrs. ; re- 
moved to Vt., 1903, and has since devoted at- 
tention to corp'n interests; chief of staff 
with rank of col., to Gov. Bell, 1904-6. Re- 
publican. Address: Woodstock, Vt. 

BILLINGS, Frederick Clinrcli, mfr. ma- 
chinery and tools; b. Utica, N. Y., Oct. 21, 
1864; s. Charles Ethan and Frances (Hey- 
wood) B.; ed. pub. and high schs.; m. Hart- 
ford, Mary Elizabeth Parker. V.-p. and 
supt. Billings & Spencer Co., Hartford; 
pres. Canadian Billings & Spencer Co.; 
treas. McCue Co.; supt. E. C. Billings Mfg. 
Co. Former It. and paymaster, 1st Regt., C. 
N.G. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs. Clubs: 
Hartford, Country, Hartford Automobile. 
Residence: 78 Elm St. Office: Russ St., Hart- 
ford, Conn, 

BILLINGS, George Herrick, engineer, 
metallurgist; b. Taunton, Mass., Feb. 8, 1845; 
s. Warren and Mary Frances (Caswell) B.; 
ed. Pittsburgh and Mass. Inst. Technology; 
m. Hallowell, Me., Apr. 24, 1879, Harriet Ann 
Goodwin. Was employed in steel mills as 
roll turner, heater, roller and later as chem- 
ist, mech. eng'r and gen. mgr. ; mfr. cold 
drawn steel since 1889. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Mech. Eng'rs. Inventor of machines for 
drawing iron and steel bars for shafting and 
finishing rods. Contb'r to current periodic- 
als, papers upon chemistry, metallurgy, the 
manufacture of iron and steel, etc. Residence: 
293 Commonwealth Av. Office: 393 Dorches- 
ter Av., Boston. 

BILLINGS, John Davis, educator; b. Can- 
ton, Mass., Dec. 13, 1842; s. Samuel and Dor- 
cas (Clark) B. ; m. 1st, Southboro, Mass., 
Nov. 24, 1870, M. P. C. Whitney (now de- 
ceased); ni. 2d, Cambridge, Mass., June 28, 
1907, Katherine L. Wight. Served in Civil 
War 3 yrs. with 10th Mass. Light Art., un- 
der Gens. French, Hancock, Humphrey, 
Meade and Grant, and participated in 16 
battles; sr. col. and a.-d.-c. on staff of Gov. 
Roger Wolcott, 1897, 1898, 1899; born and 
reared on farm; employed in cotton factory 
and machine shop; studied in winter quar- 
ters while in army; grad. Bridgewater 
(Mass.) State Normal Sch., 1867 (A.M., Tufts 
Coll., 1891); grad. Sloyd Sch. of Manual 
Training, Boston, 1896; began teaching at 
Milton, 1867, and was placed at head of 
school at Jamaica Plain, 1868; called to Cam- 
bridge, 1872, and since continued there; now 
prin. Webster Sch. Republican. Mem 
Mass. State Teachers' Assn., Mass. School- 
masters' Club, Sch. Principals' Club, G.A. 
R. Charter mem. Revere Post No. 94, Can- 
ton, 1869, (State Comdr., 1884), John A, Lo- 
gan Post No. 186, G.A.R. (founder); Sons of 
Colonial Wars, S.A.R. (through 7 lines of 
descent), Sons of War of 1812. Author: His- 
tory of Tenth Massachusetts Battery; Hard 
Tack and Coffee; Recollections of a Can- 
noneer. Residence: 33 Magazine St, Office: 
Webster School, Ca'mbridge, Mass. 

BINGHAM, Albert Lemando, physician; 
b. Fletcher, Vt., June 26, 1853; s. Benjamin 
Franklin and Maria (Smedley) B.; M. D., Vt. 
Coll. of Medicine, Burlington, 1875, Med. 
Dept., Univ. of New York, 1880; m. S. 
Peacham, Vt., Julia McLachlin. Mem. con- 
sulting bd. Mary Fletcher Hosp., Burling- 
ton; mem. Vt. Ho, of Rep., 1888, Senate, 
1908-9; Republican. Methodist, Mem. Chit- 
tenden Co. Med. Soc, Vt. State Med. Soc. 
Mason (32°). Club: Ethan Allen (Burling- 
ton). Address: Williston, Vt, 

BINGHAM, George Hntcliins, jurist; b. 
Littleton, N. H., Aug. 19, 1864; s. George 
Azro and Eliza I, (Woods) B.; grad, St. 
Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad., 1883, Dartmouth 
Coll., 1887, Harvard Law Sch., 1891; ni. 
Chelsea, Mass., Oct. 29, 1891, Cordelia P. 
Hinckley. Admitted to N. H. bar, July, 
1891; apptd., 1902, asso. justice Supreme 
Court, N. H. Address: Manchester, N. H. 

BINGHAM, George TVashington, edu- 
cator; b. Claremont, N. H., Oct. 23, 1838; s. 
Courtney and Lovey Ann (Lebourveau) B.; 
grad. Kimball Union Acad., 1859; A.B., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1863 (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 
1872; m. 1st, Northwood, N. H., Nov. 19, 
1865, Mary Upham Cogswell (now deceased); 
2d, Stratford, Conn., Aug. 3, 1905, Elizabeth 
G. (Cogswell) Prescott. Prin. Gilmanton 
Acad., 1863-5; supt. pub. schs., Sewickley, 
Pa., 1855-7; prin. Sem. for Young Ladies, 
Pittsburg, Pa., 1867-72; mem. firm of Neal- 
ley. Bock & Bingham, nurserymen. Burling, 
ton, la., 1870-5; prin. Denmark (la.) Acad., 
1877-84, Pinkerton Acad., Derry, N. H., since 
1885. Congregationalist. N. H, mem. of 
exec, com. Internat. S. S. Assn. Address: 
Derry, N, H. 

BINGHAM, Henry Stephen, manufac- 
turer; b. Bennington, Vt., Feb, 9, 1850; .y. 
Hiram and Adelaide C. B. ; ed. Bennington 
pub. schs., and high sch., Brattleboro, Vt. ; 
m. Bennington, Jan. 2, 1873, Miss Fannie T. 




Loring. Engaged in mfg. business since 
1871; mem. Vt, Ho. of Rep., 1894; pres. of 
village of Bennington, 1894-5; state railroad 
com'r, Dec. 1, 1900-Dec. 1, 1906. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Mason; Elk. Club: Ben- 
nington. Address: Bennington, Vt. 

BINGHAM, Howard Henry Charles, 

educator; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1862; s. 
Rev. Joel Foote (D.D., L.H.D.) and Susan 
Elizabeth (Grew) B.; A.B., Harvard, 1887; 
m. Stoneham, Mass., Dec. 26, 1893, Ora Bard- 
well Hill. Engaged in banking in Kansas 
City, 1887-9; pvt. teacher, Hartford, Conn., 
1889-93; submaster Hartford Pub. High Sch., 
1893-7; asso. prin. Fitchburg (Mass.) High 
Sch., 1897-9; prin. Lawrence Acad., Gorton, 
Mass., 1899-06; submaster St. Paul's Sch., 
Concord, N. H., since Sept. 26, 1906. Mem. 
Geog. Soc, Washington, D. C, Gov's Foot 
Guard, Hartford, 1890-3; del. Diocesan Conv., 
Mass., 1905-6. Episcopalian. Mason, K. T, ; 
mem. St. Andrew's Brotherhood. Address: 
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H. 
BINGHAM, Joel Foote, clergyman, au- 
thor; b. Andover, Conn., Oct. 11, 1827; s. 
Cyrus and Abigail (Foote) B. ; grad. Yale, 
B. A. (valedictorian), 1852, M. A., 1855; 
student Union Theol. Sem., New York; (D. 
D., Western Reserve Univ., 1867; Litt. D., 
Trinity Coll., Conn., 1898); m. July 14, 1857, 
Susan Grew. Head master, Classical Sch., 
Bible House, New York, 1852-8; pastor 
Cong'l chs., Cleveland, 1860-1, Buffalo, 1861- 
7, Augusta, Me., 1867-71; ordained priest P. 
E. Ch., 1871; rector New Haven, 1871, Ports- 
mouth, N. H., 1872-5, Waterbury, Conn., 
1875-9; in lit. work, 1879-88; rector New 
London, Conn., 1888-90; retired to engage in 
lit. work, 1890; was 10 yrs. lecturer on 
Italian literature. Trinity Coll. Author: Our 
Father's House, 1865 Lll; History of Sun- 
day Schools, 1867 Lll; Christian Marriage 
Ceremony, 1871 R2; Francesca da Rimini 
(transl. in verse), 6 edits, 1897, 1904 L26; 
Twin Sisters of Martigny, 1899 L3; Chris- 
tian Marriage, 1900 D4; Gemme deila Let- 
teratura Italiana (in Italian), 1903 L26; 
Sacred Hymns and Napoleonic Ode of Alex- 
ander Manzoni (transl. in rhyme), 1904 L26. 
Also patriotic discourses, sermons, poems, 
letters of travel and other contb'ns to 
mags., etc. Address: Hartford, Conn. 

BINGHAM, Marcellns A., lawyer; b. 
Fletcher, Vt, Feb. 21, 1846; s. Benjamin F. 
and Maria I. (Smedley) B.; ed. New Hamp- 
ton Inst'n, Fairfax, Vt. ; studied law and ad- 
mitted to bar, 1868; m. Elmore, Vt., Sept. 
28, 1870, Josephine S. Grout. Practiced in 
Hyde Park, Cambridge and Essex, Vt. ; re- 
moved to Burlington, 1898; state's atty., La- 
moille Co., Vt., 1869-72; representative in 
Legislature from Essex, Vt., 1876-8; state's 
atty. Chittenden Co., 1878-80; State senator, 
Chittenden Co., 1880-2; judge of probate, 
Chittenden Co., since 1898. Republican. 
Methodist. Mason; mem. K. of P. Club: 
Ethan Allen. Address: Burlington, Vt. 

BINGHAM, Norman Williams, Jr., law- 
yer; b. Winter Hill, Mass., Aug. 12, 1872; s. 
Norman Williams and Eunice Harriet (Mar- 
tin) B. ; ed. Somerville pub. sehs. ; A.B., 
Harvard, 1895; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1898; m. Bangor, Me., Feb. 23, 1904, Ethel 
Prescott Stetson. Practiced in Boston since 
1898; dir. Morley Button Mfg. Co.; during 

coll. course pres. and mng. editor of "The 
Crimson" (daily paper). Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mem. Bar Assn. of City of Boston, 
Economic Club, Home Market Club. Clubs: 
Boston City; Harvard (New York). Resi- 
dence: Winter Hill, Mass. Office: 35 Congress 
St., Boston. 
BINGHAM, "William Harrison, farming, 
town treas.; b. Cornwall, Vt., Jan. 9, 1813; s. 
Harris and Lucy Ann (Warner) B. ; ed. pub. 
and pvt. schs., Cornwall; m. New Haven, 
Vt., June 16, 1868, Mary Cook (now de- 
ceased); m. 2d, Cornwall, Vt., Jan. 18, 1893, 
Mrs. Anna J. (Stowell) Sunderland. Served 
12 mos. in Co. D, 14th Vt. Regt., Civil War; 
has engaged in farming since 1864; pres. 
Cornwall Telephone Co. ; representative 
Cornwall, in State Legislature, 1880; side 
judge Addison Co. Ct., 1891-2; town treas. 
30 yrs., town agt., 20 yrs., sch. dir., 15 yrs. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Mason. Resi- 
dence: Cornwall, Vt. Office: Middlebury, Vt. 

BINNEY, Jolm, clergyman; educator; b. 
Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 23, 1844; .y. Horace 
(Jr.) and Eliza F. (Johnson) B. ; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1864, A.M., 1867; grad. Berkeley Divin- 
ity Sch., Middletown, Conn., 1868 (S.T.D.. 
Hobart Coll., Geneva, N. Y., 1892, Wesleyan 
Univ., €onn., 1903); m. Brookline, Mass., 
1869, Miss Charlotte B. Bush. Ordered dea- 
con, 1868, ordained priest, 1869, P. E. Ch. ; 
prof. Hebrew, since 1874, prof. Old Testa- 
ment literature and interpretation, since 
1882, Berkeley Divinity Sch. ; dean Berkeley 
Divinity Sch., 1899-1908. Independent in poli- 
tics. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc, Am. Soe. 
Biblical Lit. and Exegesis. Address: Middle- 
town, Conn. 

BIRD, Cliarles S., paper mf r. ; b. E. Wal- 
pole, Mass., 1855; s. Francis William and 
Abby (Newell) B.; A.B., Harvard, 1877; in. 
Worcester, Mass., Oct. 19, 1880, Anna J. 
Child. Has engaged in paper making in E. 
Walpole since beginning of business career; 
owner F. W. Bird & Son, established 1807. 
Address: E. Walpole, Mass. 

BIRD, George Emerson, judge; b. Port- 
land, Me., Sept. 1, 1847; s. Robert Alexander 
and Sarah (Emerson) B. ; grad. Portland 
High Sch., 1865; A.B., Harvard, 1869, A.M., 
1872; read law; admitted to Cumberland Co. 
bar, 1872; m. Yarmouth, Me., July 8, 1890, 
Harriet Leonard Williams. Engaged in 
practice at Portland since 1872; senior 
mem. firm of Bird & Bradley, since 1896; U. 
S. dist. atty.. Me., 1885-90; mem. Me. Ho. of 
Rep., 1893 (received unanimous vote of Dem. 
representatives for speaker) ; candidate for 
Mayor of Portland, 1895, 1896; apptd. by 
Governor Cobb, asso. justice Supreme Court 
of Me., Mar. 26, 1908. Democrat. Mem. 
Portland Bd. of Trade, Me. Bar Assn. Clubs: 
Harvard of Maine, Cumberland. Residence: 
Portland, Me. 

BIRD, Herman, pres. Boston Suburban 
Bd. of Fire Underwriters, Cambridge Bd. of 
Fire Underwriters; v.-p. Reliance Co-opera- 
tive Bank; trustee Cambridgeport Savings 
Bank; dir. Citizens Mut. Ins. Co. Residence: 
Cambridge. Office: 85 Water St., Boston. 

BIRD, "William Warren, mech. eng'r. ; 
b. Somerville, Mass., Apr. 11, 1866; s. Henry 
M. and Sarah A. (Clark) B. ; B.S., Worces- 
ter Poly. Inst., 1887; m. W^ashington, D. C, 
June 12, 1900, Eloise MacNeill. Instr. mech. 




eng'ring, Worcester Poly. Inst., 1887-91; supt. 
Broadway Iron Foundry, Cambridge, Mass., 
1891-6, and pres. and treas., same, 1896-1903; 
prof. mech. eng'ring and dir. Washburn 
Shops, Worcester Poly. Inst., since 1903. 
Mem. Common Council, 1900-1, Bd. of Alder- 
men, 1902, Cambridge. Mem. Am. Soe. Mech. 
Eng'rs. Address: 10 Harvard St., Worcester, 
BIRDSEYE, Arthur Julius, life ins.; /;. 
Waterloo, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1858; .y. Julius 
Hiram and Elizabeth (Kliner) B. ; ed. Water- 
loo Acad.; m. Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1881, 
Clara Matilda Turpin. Engaged in various 
lines of business, as follows: dry goods, 
Rochester, 1879; jewelry, Fairport and Peeks- 
kill, N. Y., 1881, 1887; broker, New York City, 
1891. In life insurance, Rochester, for the 
Nederland Life Ins. Co. of Holland, 1893; 
home office Mutual Benefit Ins. Co., Newark, 
N. J., 1896, supt. agencies, Ohio, 1897, state 
agt., same co., Hartford, Conn., since 1900. 
Mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1907-8. Democrat. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Hartford Scientific Soc, 
Nat. Assn. Life Underwriters (Exec. Com.), 
Ch. Club Diocese Com., Soc. of Founders 
and Patriots of America (elected gov., Apr., 
1908). Mason (32°). Clubs: Hartford (Hart- 
ford); Country (Farmington) ; Home (Meri- 
den); Abagadassett (Waterbury). Residence: 
Farmington, Conn. Office: 1st Nat. Bank 
Bldg., Hartford, Conn. 

BIRDSEYE, Isaac Washins'ton, corset 
mfr. ; b. Huntington, Conn., June 18, 1847; ^. 
Joseph and Caroline (Hubbell) B. ; ed. pub. 
schs.; m. Elizabeth J. Sherwood. Has en- 
gaged in mfr. of corsets since 1869 under title 
of Birdseye Somers Co. (sr.); dir. Pegnon- 
nock Nat. Bank, Bridgeport Savings Bank, 
Bankers' Loan and Trust Co. (New York). 
Pres. Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce; dir. 
Y.M.C.A., Bridgeport Orphans' Asylum; 
treas. Nat. Soc. S.A.R. ; mem. S.R., Soc. Co- 
lonial Wars, Mil. Order Foreign Wars, Bar- 
ons of Runemede. Republican; Roosevelt 
elector, 1904. Congregationalist. Clubs: Sea- 
side, Brooklawn Country, Bridgeport Yacht, 
Lotos (New York). Address: 733 Park Av., 
Bridgeport. Conn. 

BIRDSEYE, Thomas S., banker and 
trustee; b. Huntington, Conn., Oct. 11, 1840; 
s. Thaddeus Gould and Mary Ann (Shelton) 
B.; ed. Derby High Sch. ; m. Derby, 1864, 
Mary A. Smith. Became connected with 
postoffice, 1852, and later was apptd. asst. 
postmaster; was apptd. elk. Derby Savings 
Bank, 1860, treas. and sec, upon death of 
father, 1880, and elected dir., 1893; in ins. 
business, established by father, 1854; dir. 
Oak Cliff Cemetery; trustee of several trusts 
amounting to $166,500. Episcopalian. Club: 
Derby and Shelton Bd. of Trade. Residence: 
32 Minerva St. Office: Main and Caroline 
Sts., Derby, Conn. 

BIRGE, Ella Freeman, physician; b. 
Barnstable, Mass., Jan. 4, 1857; d. Zemira 
and Julia A. (Crocker) Kendrick; M.D., Col- 
lege of Phys. & Surg., Boston, 1891; post- 
grad, study at New York Post-Grad. Coll., 
Phila. Polyclinic, Mass. Eye and Ear Hosp., 
and Dr. Knapp's Pvt. Hosp. for Eye and 
Ear; m. W. Barnstable, May 3, 1882, Dr. 
William S. Birge. Sch. teacher and asst. 
postmaster previous to marriage; resident 
physician. Ocean View Sanitarium. Mem. 

Mass. Med. Soc. Methodist. Address: Prov- 
incetown, Mass. 

BIRGE, William Spafard, physician; b. 
Cooperstown, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1857; .?. Delos 
Luther and Amy A. (Spafard) B. ; ed. pub. 
schs. ; student Univ. of New York 2 yrs. ; 
M.D.. Med. Dept., Univ. of New York, 1881; 
post-grad, study, hosps. of New York and 
Phila.; m. May 12, 1882, Ella Freeman Ken- 
drick, M.D., of W. Barnstable, Mass. Has 
practiced in Provincetown, Mass., since 1884; 
owner Ocean View Sanitarium; specializes 
in treatment of nervous diseases; physician 
St. Peter's Portuguese Soc; acting asst. 
surgeon, U. S. Marine Hosp. Service. Mem. 
Mass. Med. Soc, Mass. Medico-Legal Soc 
Mason. Contb'r to periodicals. Address: 
Provincetown, Mass. 

BIRGHAM, Georgre H., asso. justice Su- 
preme Court of N. H. Address: Capitol, 
Concord, N. H. 

BIRON, Joseph Frederick Rodolphe, 
physician; b. Sherbrooke, P. Q., Can., Jan. 
25, 1866; .y. Raphael A. and Hermeline (Gler- 
mont) B. ; M.D., Montreal Sch. Medicine 
and Surgery, 1890; m. Skowhegan, Me., Feb., 
1892, Mary Clarke Fales. Practiced at Skow- 
hegan, 1890-6, since at Amesbury, Mass. Re- 
publican. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Am. Med. 
Assn., A.O.U.W. Club: Wormesquam. Ad- 
dress: Amesbury, Mass. 

BISBEE, .A.rthur BroTvn, physician; b. 
Waitsfield, Vt., Mar. 22, 1858; ^. Elijah W. 
and Lydia D. (Brown) B.; M.D., Coll. of 
Phys. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.), New 
York, 1882; m. Montpelier, Vt., June 23, 1886, 
Alice M. Putnam. Began practice at S. Roy- 
alton, Vt., 1882; removed to Montpelier, 1887; 
med. dir. Nat. Life Ins. Co. Mem. Assn. 
Life Ins. Med. Dirs., Vt. State Med. Soc. 
Address: Montpelier, Vt. 

BISBEE, Edward Wyatt, lawyer; b. 
Waitsfield, Vt., Feb. 27, 1856; .?. Elijah W. 
and Lydia D. (Brown) B., and descendant 
of Thomas Bisbee (then written Besbedge), 
Plymouth Colony, 1634; grad. Barre Acad., 
1875; studied law in offices of Heath & Carle- 
ton and Joseph A. Wing, Montpelier; admit- 
ted to bar, 1879; m. Montpelier, Jan. 20, 1886, 
Julia B. Snow. Has practiced in Barre since 
1879; state's atty., Washington Co., 1886-90; 
life trustee Aldrich Library; postmaster 
Barre since 1899. Ex-pres. N. E. Postmas- 
ters' Assn. Republican. Universalist. Ma- 
son, K.T., Shriner. Address: Barre, Vt. 

BISBEE, Frederick Adelbert, clergy- 
man, editor; b. Nunda, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1855; 
s. Hiram Alonzo and Mary Jane (Hand) B. ; 
ed. Binghamton (N. Y.) Acad., pvt. study; 
B.D., Tufts Coll. Divinity Sch., 1877, S.T.D., 
1897; m. 1st, Vineyard Haven, Mass., Jan. 1, 
1880, Hannah T. Bradley; m. 2d, San Jose, 
Calif., June 28, 1891, Matty Gaily. Appren- 
tice printer's trade, 1869; newspaper report- 
er, Binghamton, N. Y., 1872; ordained to 
Universalist ministry, 1877; pastor Ch. of 
Our Father, Spencer, Mass., 1877-83, Ch. of 
Restoration, Phila., 1883-98; editor and pub. 
monthly review, To-Day, Phila., 1895; editor- 
in-chief, Universalist Leader, Boston, since 
1898; sec Pa. Universalist State Con v., 1885- 
98. Republican. Mason. Mem. Religious 
Edn'l Assn. Clubs: Phila. Contemporary, 
Boston Press, Nat. Liberal of London (hon.). 
Address: 107 Appleton St., Arlington Heights, 




BISBESE:, George D=, lawyer. Address: 
Rumford Falls, Me. 

BISBEE, Harlan Melville, educator; b. 
W. Sumner, Me., Jan. 1, 1875; .y. Charles 
Melville and Ella Remember (Tucker) B. ; 
A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1898; summer of 1901 
in Europe; post-grad, study in Latin and 
ed'n, sp'l work relating to med. inspection 
of schs, Harvard, 1904-5, A.M., 1905; m. 
Lynn, Mass., Apr. 5, 1900, Maude Arlie 
Wells. Asst. Rumford Falls (Me.) Higli 
Sch., 1898-9; prin. Brewer (Me.) High Sch., 
1899-1904; prin. Robinson Sem., Exeter, N. 
H., since Sept., 1905. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Mem. N.E.A., Am. Inst. In- 
struction, N. E. Assn. Colls, and Prep. Schs., 
Classical Assn. of New England, Rocking- 
ham Co. Teachers' Assn. Mason. Address: 
Exeter, N. H. 

BISBEE, Marvin Davis, educator, li- 
brarian; b. Chester, Vt., June 21, 1845; s. 
Abner and Cynthia (Ralph) B.; prep, ed'n, 
Kimball Union Acad.; A. B., Dartmouth, 
1871; Andover Theol. Sem., 1871-3; B. D., 
Chicago Theol. Sem., 1874; m. Springfield, 
Vt., Aug. 27, 1873, Susan Augusta Silsby. 
Ordained to Cong'l ministry, 1874; pastor 
Fishville (now Penacook), N. H., 1874-7, 
Cambridge, Mass., 1877-81; asso. editor Bos- 
ton Cong'list, 1881-6; prof, divinity and li- 
brarian, 1886-93, prof, bibliography and li- 
brarian, since 1893, -Dartmouth. Mem. Am. 
Hist. Assn., Am. Library Assn., Am. Bibliog. 
Assn., N. H. Hist. Soc. Republican. Ad- 
dress: Hanover, N. H. 

BISBEE, Robert Edgar, clergyman; b. 
Wellington, Me., Oct. 11, 1851; .?. Robert and 
Elvira (Moses) B.; A.B., Wesleyan Univ., 
Middletown, Conn., 1875, A.M., 1878; student 
Boston Univ. Sch. of Theology 1 yr. ; m. 
Portland, Me., July 26, 1875, Ada Mae Graves. 
Taught Greek, Latin and German, Chamber- 
lain Inst, Randolph, N. Y., 1875-7; pres. 
Clark Univ., Atlanta, Ga., 1877-81; field agt. 
Freedman's Aid Soc, 1882; ordained to min- 
istry M. E. Ch., 1882; pastorates in Me., 
Wash., Vt., and Mass.; at Hull, Mass., since 
1908; pres. Spokane (Wash.) Coll., 1887, 1888, 
1891; has traveled and lectured extensively; 
book reviewer and contb'r, Boston Tran- 
script, Springfield Republican, and the Are- 
na. Mem. Phi Nu Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Address: Hull, Mass. 

BISCO, Edward Foster, banker; b. Lei- 
cester, Mass., Feb. 19, 1844; .y. Dwight and 
Ruth (Woodcock) B. ; grad. Leicester High 
Sch,, 1862; m. Nov. 29, 1866, Anna Eliza, d. 
Austin and Laura (Wilson) Sprague. With 
Nat. Park Bank, New York, 1865-72; sec. 
Worcester Safe Deposit & Trust Co., 1872-91 
(pres., 1891-1903), and pres., since consolida- 
tion with the Central Nat., City Nat., 1st 
Nat., and Citizens' Nat. banks, under title 
of the Worcester Trust Co.; pres. Washing- 
ton Trust Co., Boston, since Oct. 1, 1904; 
comm'r Jacques Fund of City Hosp. Repub- 
lican. Universalist. Club: Commonwealth. 
Residence: 11 Irving St., Worcester, Mass. 

BISHOP, Elias B., lawyer; b. Newton, 
Mass., Aug. 2, 1869; s. Robert R. and Mary 
Helen (Bullard) B. ; grad. Phillips Acad., 
Andover, Mass., 1889; A.B., Harvard, 1894; 
LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1897; m. Newton, 
June 28, 1894, Emilie Fanning Hunter (now 
deceased). Has practiced in Boston since 

1897; alderman, Newton, 1904-6; mem. Mas3. 
Ho. of Rep., 1907-8. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Residence: Newton, Mass. Office: 
54 Devonshire St., Boston. 

BISHOP, Ellis, clergyman; b. New Bruns- 
wick, N. J., Mar. 7, 1872; 5. Hon. James and 
Mary Faugeres (Ellis) B.; grad. Princeton 
Prep. Sch., 1888; B.A., Rutgers Coll., New 
Brunswick, N. J., 1892; D.B., Berkeley Di- 
vinity Sch., Middletown, Conn., 1897; m. 
Southboro, Mass., May 21, 1907, Elinor Bur- 
nett, of Boston and Southboro. Ordered dea- 
con, 1897, ordained priest, 1898, Episcopal 
Ch. ; asst. minister Calvary Ch., New York, 
1897-8; rector St. Paul's Ch., Salt Lake City, 
Utah, 1898-1901; asst. minister St. Paul's Ch., 
Boston, 1901-2; minister-in-charge St. Ste- 
phen's Ch., Boston, 1902-7; at present prof, 
pastoral theology, Berkeley Divinity Sch. 
Mem. Delta Phi. Clubs: Boston City, Cler- 
ical, Oakley Country, Longwood Cricket, 
Delta Phi (New York) ; Middletown Country. 
Address: Cor. High and Washington Sis., 
Middletown, Conn. 

BISHOP, Elvrell Alexander, educator; 
b. Wrightstown, N. J., Aug. 24, 1852; s. Sam- 
uel W. and Elizabeth R. (Patterson) B. ; 
A.B., Wesleyan Univ., 1878, A.M., 1881; 
(D.D., Mt. Union Coll., O., 1894); m. Point- 
ville, N. J., Dec. 25, 1878, Clara I. Brown. 
Teacher science and mathematics, Borden- 
town (N. J.) Female Coll., 1878-9; prin. Dur- 
ham (Conn.) Acad., 1879-81; prin. Montpelier 
(Vt.) Sem., 1881-93; pres. Chamberlain Inst., 
Randolph, N. Y., 1893-1902; ordained to min- 
istry M. E. Ch., 1893; pastor, McKean, Pa., 
1902-3; supt. Ferris' Industrial Sch., Wil- 
mington, Del., 1903-4; prin. Montpelier Sem. 
since 1904; pres. Vt. State Teachers' Assn., 
1888; dir. Vt. Bible Soc. Mason; Odd Fellow. 
Address: Montpelier, Vt. 

BISHOP, George Washington, state 
ry. comm'r; b. W. Burke, Vt., Oct. 4, 1849; 
s. Truman Gardner and Harriet Newell 
(Kimball) B. ; ed. pub. and select schs. and 
St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad.; >«. Athol, Mass., 
Sept. 16, 1873, Annie Bell King; one daugh- 
ter, Nellie Maud. In employ of Conn. & 
Passumpsic Rivers R. R. 3 yrs. as fireman, 
brakeman, and sectionman; moved to Mass., 
1870, and took charge of a section for Vt. & 
Mass. R. R. Co.; roadmaster Vt. and Mass. 
Division, Fitchburg Rd., 1874-95; mem. Mass. 
Bd. R. R. Comm'rs since 1895 (under Govs. 
Greenhalge, Wolcott, Crane, Bates and 
Guild). Resided at Athol 25 yrs. and there 
served in various pub. offices. Formerly 
pres. N. E. Roadmasters' Assn. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mason (32°), Past Master Star 
Lodge, Athol; Past Comdr. Athol Command- 
ery; Past Dist. Deputy Grand Master, 12th 
Masonic Dist.; Past Sr. Grand Warden of 
Grand Lodge of Masons of Mass. and Past 
Grand Lecturer of Grand Commandery of 
Mass. and R. I. Residence: Walnut St., New- 
tonville, Mass. Office: 20 Beacon St., Boston. 

BISHOP, Henry Alfred, business man; 
b. Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 4, 1860; s. William 
D. and Julia Ann (Tomlinson) B. ; entered 
Yale with Class of 1884, but did not gradu- 
ate; m. Bridgeport. Feb. 6, 1883, Jessie Al- 
vord Trubee. Gen. ticket agt., 1881-3, pur- 
chasing agt., 1883-5, asst. supt., 1885-6, Nau- 
gatuck R. R. ; served as supt. Housatonic 
Rd. and gen. supt. same, and its branches; 
purchasing agt. N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 




1887-1902; acting v. -p. and v. -p. West Va. 
Central and Pittsburg & Western Md. rds., 
1902-3 (resigned). Mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 
1886; pres. Bd. of Police Comm'rs, Bridge- 
port, 1888-90; Dem. candidate for sec. of 
state. Conn., 1888, and for It.-gov., 1904; pres. 
Bridgeport Pub. Library, Bridgeport Boys' 
Club; dir. Read Carpet Co., Western Union 
Telegraph Co., Am. Dist. Telegraph Co. of 
N. J., Am. Graphophone Co., Conn. Metal 
Co., 'Conn. Nat Bank, Bridgeport Hosp., St. 
Vincent's Hosp., Conn. Humane Soc; trus- 
tee Bridgeport Orphan Asylum; v. -p. Pacific 
Iron Works, Herrick Complete Combination 
Co., Keystone Brake Shoe Co., Clapp Fire 
Resisting Paint Co. Episcopalian. Mem. 
S.A.R., Soc. Colonial Wars, Bridgeport Sci- 
entific and Hist. Soc. Mason (32°), K.T. 
Clubs: Algonquin, Seaside, Brooklawn Coun- 
try, University, Bridgeport Yacht, Park City 
Yacht, Governor's Staff Assn., Metabetchuan 
Fishing and Game, Union, New York Yacht, 
Yale, Strollers', Manhasset Bay Yacht, Old 
Guard, New York Railroad, Transportation 
(New York) ; N. E. Railroad, Bridgeport 
Dem, Assn., Lincoln Farm Assn., Maryland. 
Address: Bridgeport, Conn. 

BISHOP, Jolm Wilson, pres. J. W. Bishop 
Co.; b. Prince Edward Island, May 29, 1846; 
s. William and Sarah (Hooper) B. ; came to 
Lonsdale, R. I., 1857; learned carpenter's 
trade, 1860-4; m. Jan. 4, 1870, Sarah A., d. 
Thomas R. and Sarah Jane (Fales) Foster, 
of Holden, Mass. Supt. bldgs. in Worces- 
ter, Mass., 1867-74; has operated as master 
builder since 1874, alone, 1874-9, as Cutting 
& Bishop, 1879-93, alone as J. W. Bishop & 
Co., 1889-99, since as J. W. Bishop Co., Inc., 
with offices in Worcester, Providence, Boston 
and New York. Mem. Worcester Co. Me- 
chanics' Assn., Worcester Bd. of Trade. 
Mason; Odd Fellow. Address: 107-109 Foster 
St., Worcester, Mass. 

BISHOP, Louis Bennett, physician; b. 
Guilford, Conn., June 5, 18G5; .y. Timothy 
Huggins and Jane Maria (Bennett) B.; B.A., 
Yale, 1886; M.D., Yale Med. Sch., 1888; stud- 
ied at New York Polyclinic, 1888-9, Univ. 
Med. 'Sch., Vienna, Austria, 1891-2. Has 
practiced in New Haven since 1892; instr. in 
pediatrics, Yale Med. Sch., 1899-1908; attend- 
ing physician. New Haven Dispensary, since 
1892. Mem. city, co. and state med. socs., 
Am. Ornithol. Union, A.A.A.S., etc. Clubs: 
Yale (New York); Graduates' (New Haven). 
Author of occasional articles for ornithol. 
mags. Address: 356 Orange St., New Haven, 

BISHOP, Natlian Lee, educator; b. Lisbon 
(now Sprague), Conn., Mar. 6, 1841; .?. Na- 
than Perkins and Nancy (Lee) B. ; ed. dist. 
schs. to 1857; Plainfield (Conn.) Acad., 1857-8; 
New Britain State Normal Sch., 1858-9; 
taught dist. and village schs., 1859-61; stu- 
dent Williston Sem., Easthampton, Mass., 
1861-2; m. Mansfield, Conn., Nov. 15, 1869, 
Julia E. Armstrong. Served in Civil War, 
1862-5; pvt. Go. K, 21st Regt., Conn. Vols.; 
promoted 1st It., Nov., 1863, and assigned to 
service with 1st U.S.C.T.; apptd. adj. of 
regt., summer, 1864, and -so continued until 
discharged; resumed teaching, 1867, at Nor- 
wich, advanced to prin., 1870, and has been 
supt. schs., Norwich, Central Dist., since 
1878; mem. Conn. Pub. Library Com.; dir. 

Conn. Teachers' Annuity Guild (pres. since 
1896). Republican. Deacon Broadway Cong'l 
Ch. Mem. Norwich Round Table (pres. for 
20 yrs., past). Clubs: Norwich Roque (pres. 
for about 15 yrs., past), Nat. Roque Assn. 
of America (sec. for many yrs., past). Resi- 
dence: 7 Huntington PI, Office: 141 Broadway, 
Norwich, Conn. 

BISHOP, Robert R., jurist; b. Medfield, 
Mass., Mar, 31, 1834; s. Jonathan P. and 
Eliza (Harding) B. ; grad. Phillips Andover 
Acad. ; studied law in office of Peleg W. 
Chandler, Boston; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1857; m. Hilliston, Mass., Dec. 24, 1857, Mary 
Helen, d. Elias and Persis D. Bullard. Be- 
gan practice in Boston in office of Hon. John 
Lowell; counsel for profs. In Andover heresy 
case; mem. Mass. Senate, 1878-82 (pres., 1880, 
1881, 1882); nominee for gov. of Mass., 1882 
(defeated by Gen. B. F. Butler); justice of 
the Superior Court of Mass. since 1888. Trus- 
tee Andover Theol. Sem., Phillips Andover 
Acad. Office: Court House, Pemberton Sq., 

BISHOP, Rnssell Tomlinson, physician, 
surgeon; b. Bridgeport, Conn., Apr. 1, 1856; 
s. William D. (U. S. comm'r of patents) and 
Julia A. (Tomlinson) B.; prep, ed'n, Win- 
chester Inst., Conn., and Phillips Acad., An- 
dover, Mass. ; attended med. lectures at Yale 
Med. Sch., 1878-9; engaged in iron and steel 
mfg., 1879-90; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Coll., New York, 1893; m. Feb. 7, 1887, Minnie 
A. Lockwood. Engaged in practice at Bridge- 
port since 1893; visiting surgeon. Emergency 
Hosp.; mem. Bd. Pension Surgeons; mem. 
staff city physicians; surgeon N. Y., N. H. 
& H. R. R. Mem. Conn. State Med. Soc, 
Fairfield Co. Med. Soc, Bridgeport Med. 
Assn. Address: Bridgeport, Conn. 

BISHOP, William Henry, author, con- 
sul; b. Hartford, Conn., Jan. 7, 1847; s. 
Elias and Catherine (Kelly) B. ; ed. prep, 
dept. Holy Cross Coll., Worcester, Mass., 
Hartford High Sch., St. John's Coll., Ford- 
ham, N. Y., 1863-4; Yale, A. B., 1867; m. 
New York, July 29, 1886, Mary Dearborn 
Jackson. After leaving coll. studied archi- 
tecture and was for short time in office of 
supervising architect of the treasury, 
Washington; then editor and prop'r Mil- 
waukee Commercial Times till 1877. First 
short story, "One of the Thirty Pieces," 
Atlantic Monthly, 1876, and contb'r to mags, 
since; instr. modern languages, Yale, 1893- 
1902; resigned and went to live abroad, 1902; 
U. S. consul at Genoa, Italy, Feb., 1903, 
transferred to Palermo, Italy, Jan. 1, 1905. 
Republican. Agnostic. Mem. Soc. Colonial 
Wars. Author: Detmold, 1879 H5; The House 
of a Merchant Prince, 1882 H5; Choy Susan 
and Other Stories, 1884 H5; Old Mexico 
and Her Lost Provinces (8 vols.), 1884 HI; 
Fish and Men in the Maine Islands, 1885 
HI; The Golden Justice, 1887 H5; A House 
Hunter in Furope, 1893 HI; The Brown 
Stone Boy and Other Queer People (reis- 
sued as Queer People), 1902 S28; Sergeant 
Von (issued anonymously), 1889 CI; The 
Yellow Snake (reissued as Tons of Treas- 
ure), 1902 S28; A Pound of Cure, 1894 S3; 
Writing to Rosina, 1894 C2; The Faience 
Violin (transl. from French of Champ- 
fleury), 1893 A2. Address: Am. Consulate, 
Palermo, Italy; or New Haven, Conn. 




BISHOP, William Henry, newspaper 
publisher; b. Margate, Kent, Eng., Aug. 24, 
1851; 5. John Robert and Harriet (Kemp) B. ; 
ed. Margate schs. ; arrived in America, 1868; 
m. Montreal, Can., Sept. 26, 1875, Clara Ma- 
tilda Wyatt. Located in Island Pond, Vt., 
1878; editor and pub. Essex Co. Herald since 
1878; chmn. Essex Co. Rep. Com. 10 yrs. ; 
mem. Rep. State Com. Episcopalian (li- 
censed lay reader). Mason (sec. lodge 10 
yrs.); Odd Fellow (P.D.D.G.M. and P.D.D.G. 
P.). Address: Island Pond, Vt. 

BISSELLi, Charles Chauncey, business 
man; b. Suffield, Conn., Aug. 18, 1867; 5. 
Charles S. and Maria E. (Pomeroy) B.; pub. 
sch. ed'n; m. Suffield, 1889, Clara J. Spencer. 
In office of Travelers Ins. Co., Hartford, 
Conn., until 1891; asst. cashier Suffield Nat. 
Bank, 1891-8; mem. firm of L.. B. Bissell, 
Ero. & Co., dealers in leaf tobacco; now 
pres. Suffield Savings Bank. Republican. 
Baptist. Mason, K.T., Shriner. Club: Hart- 
ford. Address: Suffield, Conn. 

BISSELL,, Frederic Clarence; b. Heb- 
ron, Conn., May 4, 1848; .y. Frederick Phelps 
and Almira Jane (Carver) B.; ed. common 
and pvt. schs.; m. Mansfield, Conn., Jan. 21, 
1875, S. Gertrude Storrs. Business and con- 
fidential elk. for P. W. Turner & Co., silk 
mfrs., Turnerville, Conn., 1873-92; stock elk. 
Natchaug- Silk Co., Willimantic, Conn., 1892- 
1897; chief elk. state comptroller Conn., 
1898-1905, deputy state comptroller since July 
19, 1905. Republican. Episcopalian; elk. St 
Peter's Ch., Hebron, 22 yrs., treas. St. Paul's 
Ch., Willimantic, since 1893, sec. Comm'n 
Parochial Archives, Diocese of Conn. Mem. 
Acorn Club of Conn., Conn. Hist. Soc, Conn. 
Soc. S.A.R., A.O.U.W. (Finance Com., Grand 
Lodge of Conn.), K.O.T.M., Willimantic Bd. 
of Trade. Chib: Hartford Republican. Resi- 
dence: Willimantic, Conn. Office: State Capi- 
tol, Hartford, Conn. 

BISSELL, Hezekiali, chief engineer Bos- 
ton & Me. R. R. ; b. E. Windsor, Conn.; 
grad. Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, 1861; 
civil eng'r on U. P. R. R. during construc- 
tion; also on Puno & Cuzco R. R., Peru, 
S. A.; Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & 
St. Louis Ry. ; Eastern R. R. Address: 
West Medford, Mass. 

BISSELL, Leslie Dayton, educator; b. Do- 
ver, Vt., Feb. 7, 1861; .s. Lucius Warren and 
Abigail Minerva (Howard) B. ; A.B., Yale, 
1887, Ph.D. (physics and mathematics), 1896; 
studied at Berlin Univ., 1899-1900; m. Con- 
cord, N. H., July 10, 1905, Jane Harriet 
White. Instr. mathematics, Siglar's Sch., 
Newburgh, N. Y., 1887-93; asst. in physics, 
Yale, 1896-7, instr., 1897-9; head of Physics 
Dept., Hotchkiss Sch., 1900-4; master in 
physics and chemistry, St. Paul's Sch., Con- 
cord, N. H., since 1904. Mem. A.A.A.S., N. 
E. Assn. of Physics, and N. E. Asso. of 
Chemistry (both for teachers), Sigma Psi, 
Soc. Colonial Wars. Clubs: Litchfield Co. 
(Conn.) Univ., Graduates' (New Haven); 
Golden Gate Golf (Lakeville, Conn.); Keene 
Country (Keene, N. H.). Episcopalian. Ad- 
dress: SL Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H. 

BIXBEE. "IVJlIiam Jolinson, artist; b. 
Manchester, N. H., Aug. 31, 1850; 5. John 
and Elvira (Thompson) B.; ed. pub. schs.; 
began to learn wood engraving, 1870; studied 
drawing at Lowell Inst., Boston, 3 yrs., 1874- 

1876, water color with S. P. R. Triscott, oil 
painting under Tommasso Juglaris, and later 
with Marcus Waterman, Boston; m. Boston, 
June 5, 1878, Elizabeth Rolfe. Painter of 
marine and shore views in oil, water colors 
and pastels; has exhibited work in mo.-;t of 
larger eities of America. Mem. Boston Soc. 
Water Color Painters (sec. and treas.). 
Served in U. S. Navy, 1867-70. Mason; mem. 
K. of P. Club: Boston Art. Address: 126 
Front St., Marblehef,d, Mass. 
BIXBY, Angrnstns Rnfns, business man; 
b. Norridgewock, Me., Dec. 17, 1832; s. Rufus 
and Betsey (Weston) B. ; grad. Bloomfield 
Acad., 1852; m. 1st, Norridgewock, May, 1864, 
Mary Lizzie Hopkins (now deceased); m. 2d, 
Dover, Me., Dec, 1870, Sarah A. Spaulding. 
In mercantile business in Calif., 1856-62, and 
in Minn., 1862-4, since in Skowhegan, Me.; 
mem. Exec. Council, Me., 1885, 1886; nat. 
comm'r to World's Columbian Exp'n, Chi- 
cago, 1893 (chmn. Com. on Fish and Fish- 
eries) ; identified with many business enter- 
prises. Republican. Congregationalist. Ma- 
son; Odd Fellow. Address: Skowhegan, Me. 

BIXBY, Josiah. Peet, physician; b. Ken- 
duskeag. Me., Oct. 1, 1854; s. Solomon and 
Mary H. (Peet) B. ; grad. Phillips Acad., An- 
dover, Mass., 1872; student Portland (Me.) 
Med. Sch.; M.D., Bowdoin Med. Sch., 1876; 
m. Petersham, Mass., Sept. 13, 1876, May C. 
Austin. Began practice at N. Prescott, Mass., 
1876; removed to Warren, Mass., 1878, to Wo- 
burn, Mass., 1884; mem. Woburn Sch. Com. 
for 13 yrs. Mem. Middlesex East Med. Soc, 
Am. Med. Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Woburn 
Bd. of Health. Republican. Congregation- 
alist. Address: 55 Elm St., Woburn, Mass. 

BIXBY, Nelson Henry, lawyer; b. nr. 
Halifax, Vt., Sept. 27, 1840; s. Daniel and Bet- 
sey A. (Jones) B. ; grad. Powers Inst., Ber- 
nardston, Mass., 1860; LL.B., 1867, Albany 
Law Sch.; m. Leyden, Mass., Sept. 23, 1863, 
Sophia A. Newton. Began practice at Graf- 
ton, Vt., but removed to Adams, Mass., 1871, 
where he has since resided; mem. Mass. Ho. 
of Rep., 1880 and 1882; sp'l justice Dist. 
Court of Northern Berkshire, 6 yrs. ; justice 
4th Dist. Court of Berkshire, 1895; trustee 
South Adams Savings Bank; mem. Sch. Bd. 
12 yrs., chmn. Selectmen 10 yrs. Address: 
Adams, Mass. 

BIXLER, James "Wilson, clergyman; b. 
Hanover, Pa., Feb. 28, 1861; .y. David D. and 
Almira (Wilson) B.; A.B., Amherst Coll., 
1882, A.M., 1885; B.D., Yale, 1887, Hooker 
fellow, 1888; (D.D., Roanoke Coll., 1903); m. 
1st, Amherst, Mass., 1891, Elizabeth J. Seelve 
(died, 1894); m. 2d, Amherst, Sept. 2. 1898. 
Mabel Seelye. Ordained to ministry Cong'l 
Ch., 1889; pastor North Ch., Haverhill, 
Mass., 1889-91, 2d Cong'l Ch., New London, 
Conn., since 1891; sec. Manwaring Hosp. for 
Children; overseer Charitable Fund of Am- 
herst Coll. since 1892; corporate mem. A. B.C. 
F.M. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Am. Soc. Sci- 
ence Assn., Nat. Geog. Soc. Clubs: John 
Winthrop, Ariston (New London). Address: 
Second Cong'l Ch., New London, Conn. 

BLACK, Ebenezer Cliarlton. educator; 
b. the Manse, Liddesdale, Scotland. June IS. 
1861; s. Rev. John and Mary (Beattie) B.; 
ed. Edinburgh Univ., 1875-82; Queen's Coll., 
London, 1882-4; Liddelbank, Liddesdale, 
1884-91; hon. LL. D., Glasgow Univ., 1902: 




ttn. Edinburgh, Scotland, July 26, 1893, Agnes 
Knox. Lecturer English literature, Har- 
vard, 1891-3; prin. lang. and lit. dept.. New 
England Conservatory of Music, Boston, 
1893-1900; prof. English literature, Boston 
Univ., since 1900; hon. Phi Beta Kappa, 1905. 
Club: Twentieth Century. Author: Early 
Songs and Lyrics, 1886 F5. Contb'r to Ed- 
inburgh Review, Internat. Quarterly, etc. 
Editor: New Hudson Shakespeare, Merchant 
of Venice, As You Like It, Julius Caesar, 
Macbeth, Henry V, King Lear, Hamlet, 
Tempest, Midsummer Night's Dream, Gl. 
Residence: 50 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BLACK, James William, educator; b. 
Baltimore, Jan. 31, 1866; s. James and Mary 
E. B.; ed. Baltimore City Coll., 1880-5, vale- 
dictorian (1st grade Peabody Prize); A.B., 
Johns Hopkins, 1888, Ph.D., 1891; m. Balti- 
more, Dec. 26, 1889, Jennie Haven Dix. Act- 
ing prof, history and polit. science, George- 
town (Ky.) Coll., 1891-2; asso. prof, econom- 
ics, Oberlin Coll., 1892-4; prof, history and 
polit. economy, Colby Coll., since 1894. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Po- 
lit. Science Assn., Am. Econ. Assn. (Coun- 
cil), Me. Hist. Soc, Md. Hist. Soc, etc. 
Writer upon ed'nl topics. Address: Water- 
ville, Me. 

BLACK, NcTFton Henry, schoolmaster; b. 
Putney, Vt., May 3, 1874; s. Newton Horace 
and Frances (Blanchard) B.; A.B., Harvard, 
1896; student at Harvard Grad. Sch., 1900-6, 
A.M., 1906. Science master St. George's Sch., 
Newport, R. I., 1896-8; sub-master Concord 
(N. H.) High Sch., 1898-1900; science master 
Roxbury Latin Sch., Boston, since 1900. 
Asso. mem. Am. Physical Soc, Am. Inst. 
Elec. Eng'rs. Tariff Reform Republican. 
Cong'list. Residence: 15 Ellery St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

BLACK, Olive Parkei', artist; b. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., July 22, 1872; d. James Wal- 
lace and Frances Georgianna (Sharp) B. ; 
pvt. sch, ed'n; studied at Nat. Acad, of De- 
sign, and Art Students' League, New York; 
pupil of Bolton Jones and William Chase. 
Painter of landscapes; has exhibited in most 
of the large exhb'ns of the country for past 
10 yrs. Mem. Copley Soc. of Boston. Epis- 
copalian. Address: 10 Avon St., Cambridge, 

BLACK, Otis Fisher, chemist; b. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Mar. 11, 1867; .y. James Wal- 
lace and Frances Georgianna (Sharp) B.; 
A.B., Harvard, 1891; A.M., Northwestern 
Univ., 1894; m. Cambridge, Dec. 22, 1906, 
Lucy Orret Tatlock. Asst. in chemistry. 
Harvard, 1895-1901; instr. in chemistry, Har- 
vard Med. Sch., since 1901. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc. Resi- 
dence: 15 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BLACK, Ralpb Waldo, federal official; b. 
Athol, Mass., July 15, 1862; ^. George Wash- 
ington and Diana Mowry (Ballou) B.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1886, A.M., 1904; grad. student, Co- 
lumbia, 1887. In ins. business, Gardner, 
Mass., 1888-93, Boston, 1893-8; apptd. to fed- 
eral P. O. service, June, 1906, departmental 
service, Oct., 1906; served as pvt., K Battery, 
1st Mass. Regt., Heavy Art'y, U.S.V., Apr., 
1908, until discharged, Nov., 1908. Mem. 
Delta Upsilon. Contb'r to Annals of the Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Internat. 
Jour, of Ethics, etc. Address: Boston, Mass. 

BLACK, W^illiam D., Mrs., educator; b. 
New Milford, Conn.; d. David C. Sanford 
(justice Supreme Court, Conn.) and Emily 
(Bull) Sanford; ed. Packer Collegiate Inst., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; m. New Milford, Conn., 
Jan. 12, 1871, William D. Black, of New York 
City (died, 1889). Patroness Ingleside Sch. 
for Girls since 1892. Episcopalian. Address: 
New Milford, Conn. 

BLACKALL, Clarence HoTrard, archi- 
tect; b. New York, Feb. 3, 1857; s. C. R. B. 
(D.D.); grad. Univ. of 111., 1877 (A.M.); stud- 
ied at :6cole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1878-80; 
m. Boston, Dec. 5, 1883, Emma Murray. 1st 
holder Rotch Traveling Scholarship, Boston, 
1884-6; sec. of same since 1891; 1st sec. Archi- 
tectural League of New York, 1880-1; 1st 
pres. Boston Architectural Club, 1889-93; sec, 
Boston Soc. Architects, 1905, Cambridge Mu- 
nicipal Art Soc, 1905; architect of Tremont 
Temple, Boston, 1893, Colonial Theater, Bos- 
ton, 1900, Woman's Club House, Boston, 1900. 
Fellow Am. Inst. Architects; v. -p. Architec- 
tural League of America, 1902; mem. Boston 
Soc. Architects, Library Hall Assn., Cam- 
bridge. Clubs: Boston Architectural, Mass. 
Reform, Economy (Boston). Editorial writer 
The Brick Builder, Boston, since Jan., 1895; 
contb'r to Am. Architect and Building News 
since 1878, also to Architectural Review. 
Mem. Boston and Cambridge Bldg. Law 
comm'ns. Author: Builders' Hardware, 1890 
01. Residence: 16 Chauncy St., Cambridge, 
Mass. Omce: 20 Beacon St., Boston. 

BLACKMAN, Chester Bug^ene, physi- 
cian; b. Danbury, Conn., Feb. 5, 1873; s. Ezra 
S. and Dorcas T. (Donalds) B. ; M.D., L. I. 
Coll. Hosp., 1897 (Dudley Memorial Medal 
for surgical essay). Practiced in Bridge- 
port since 1897; surgeon-in-chief, Conn. 
Commercial Travelers' Mut. Accident Assn.; 
surgeon Iowa State Traveling Men's Assn. 
Mem. Bridgeport Med. Soc, Fairfield Co. 
Med. Soc, Conn. Med. Assn., Am. Med. 
Assn., etc. Address: 1119 Stratford Av., 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

BLACKWELL, Alice Stone (Miss), jour- 
nalist; b. Orange, N. J., Sept. 14, 1857; d. 
Henry B. and Lucy Stone B.; prep, ed'n 
Chauncy Hall Sch., Boston; grad. Boston 
Univ., 1881, and began to help father and 
mother on Woman's Journal, Boston, which 
they edited; since mother's death, 1893, has 
edited it with father. Also, 1888-1905, sole 
editor of paper called The Woman's Col- 
umn. Extensive writer on woman suffrage. 
Has taken deep interest in the Armenians 
and received Order of Melusine from Prince 
Guy de Lusignan. Recording sec Nat. 
Woman Suffrage Assn.; chmn. exec. com. 
New England Woman Suffrage Assn. Au- 
thor: Armenian Poems, 1896 L6; The Yel- 
low Ribbon Speaker (joint author), 1890 
L3; Songs of Russia, 1906 A7. Residence: 
Dorchester, Mass. Office: 3 Park St., Boston. 

BLACKWELL, Henry B(rowne), editor; 
b. Bristol, Eng., May 4, 1825; s. Samuel and 
Hannah (Lane) B-; came to America with 
parents, 1832; ed. pvt. sch. and 1 yr. in Kem- 
per Coll., St. Louis; m. W. Brookfleld, Mass., 
May 1, 1855, Lucy Stone. Bookkeeper and 
accountant, with Rowland Ellis, Cincinnati, 
1838-47; in milling business, sugar refining, 
and traveling man until 1856; pub. agr'l 
books, New York and Chicago, 1856-9, and in 




real estate business, Orange, N. J., 1859-61; 
sugar refining, New York, 1861-6; in real es- 
tate and editing, Boston, since 1869; treas. 
and asso. editor Woman's Jour, since 1871 
(founded by Lucy Stone, 1870). Active for 
many yrs. as speaker and writer in polit. 
and reformatory work, especially emancipa- 
tion, tariff-reform, and woman's-rights 
movements. Republican. Agnostic. Corr. 
sec. Mass. Woman's Suffrage Assn., 1891- 
1906 (chmn. Nat. Presidential Woman Suf- 
frage iCom.). Clubs: Massachusetts (since 
1869), Victorian. Residence: 45 Boutwell Av., 
Dorchester, Mass., summer, Martha's "Vine- 
yard. Office: 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

BLAIR, Henry William, lawyer; ex-U. S. 
senator; b. Campton, N. H., Dec. 6, 1834; 5. 
William Henry and Lois (Baker) B.; aca- 
demic ed'n in N. H. (A.M., Dartmouth); ad- 
mitted to N. H. bar, 1859; m. Dec. 20, 1859, 
Eliza Nelson. ^Served during Civil War, 
capt. to It.-col. 15th N. H. Vols.; twice 
wounded; mem. N. H. Legislature, 1866; Sen- 
ate, 1867-8; mem. Congress from N. H., 
1875-9 and 1893-5; U. S. senator, 3879-91; 
prominent in work and speeches upon finan- 
cial, tariff, commercial and edn'l questions, 
notably in combating "greenback" theories 
in 1876-78; author Blair bill to extend federal 
aid to ed'n in the States, which 3 times 
passed Senate; apptd. and confirmed U. S. 
minister to China, but resigned when Chi- 
nese Govt, objected to him because of his 
opposition to Chinese immigration; Repub- 
lican. Besides the ed'n bill, was author of 
the bills establishing U. S. Labor Dept. ; the 
Sunday Rest bill; School and Temperance 
Constitutional amendments; amendment pro- 
viding for instr'n in non-sectarian Christian 
morality in schs., and guaranty of Rep. form 
of govt, by guaranty of common sch. ed'n to 
the States, when not maintained otherwise; 
amendment conferring suffrage, and repre- 
sentation by voting membership in Senate 
and Ho. of Rep., and in the electoral coll., 
to D. C. ; also originator of the bills under 
which about half of the soldiers' pensions 
are paid; practicing law since leaving Con- 
gress. Author: The Temperance Movement 
—or the Confiict of Man with Alcohol; The 
Future of the Temperance Reform (pam- 
phlet), 1895 A7. Residence: Manchester, N. H. 
Office: Colorado Bldg., Washington. 

BliAISDEIili, Albert Franlclin, physi- 
cian, author; b. S. Hampton, N. H., Aug. 31, 
1847; s. John Harper and Lydia (Tuxbury) 
B.; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 1869 (A. M.), 
Harvard Med. Coll., 1879; m. Chatham, 
Mass., Dec. 17, 1879, Mary Atwood Emery. 
Physician and surgeon, Providence, R. I., 
1879-93; retired from practice. Author: (sch. 
books) First Steps With American and 
British Authors, 1879 Al; Our Bodies and 
How We Live, 1884 Gl; How to Keep Well, 
1885 Gl; Child's Book of Health, 1886 Gl; 
Readings from the Waverly Novels, 1888 L3; 
Stories of the Civil War, 1890 L3; Stories 
from English History, 1897 Gl; Practical 
Physiology, 1897 Gl; The Story of American 
History, 1900 Gl; Life and Health, 1902 Gl; 
Hero Stories from American History, 1902 
Gl; Short Stories from American History, 
1905 Gl; How to Keep Well, 1905 Gl; Simple 
Stories from English History, 1907 Gl. Ad- 
dress: Winchester, Mass, 

BliAISDELL, Bertram, lawyer; b. Mere- 
dith, N. H., Apr. 13, 1869; 5. Philip D. and 
Jane L. B.; A.B., Brown Univ., 1892; read 
law; admitted to bar, 1897; m. Boston, Apr. 
25, 1893, Georgia Moulton. Taught sch., Mer- 
edith, N. H., 1892-5; practiced law at Mere- 
dith since 1897; chmn. Meredith Bd. of Ed'n 
since 1903. Mem. Belknap Co. Bar Assn. 
(sec. since 1903). Address: Meredith, N. H. 

BliAISDELL, Edson George, physician; 
b. Richford, Vt., Dec. 13, 1846; s. Josiah and 
Cleora (Munsell) B.; M.D., Univ. of Vt., 1871; 
m. Bridport, Vt., June 17, 1874, Mary E. 
Eldredge. Practiced at Bridport since 1871; 
mem. Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1908; sec. and treas. 
Champlain Telephone Co. Republican. 
Cong'list. Mem, Vt. State Med. Soc. ; sec. 
and treas. Bridport Cong'l Soc. 30 yrs. Ad- 
dress: Bridport, Vt. 

BLAISDELL, Frank, physician; b. Goffs- 
town, N. H., May 28, 1852; s. Stephen and 
Amanda (Marshall) B.; M.D., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1876; m. Andover, Mass., Aug. 29, 1877, 
Anna I. White. Practiced at Goffstown since 
1876; chmn. Bd. of Ed'n; pres. Bd. of Health 
10 yrs. Mem. Am. Med, Assn., N. H. Med. 
Soc, N. H. Surg. Club (pres.), Manchester 
Acad, of Medicine. Mem. I.O.O.F., K. of P. 
Republican. Cong'list. Address: Goffstown, 
N, H. 

BLAISDELL, George Warren, physi- 
cian; b. S. Hampton, N, H., Mar. 14, 1856; 
s. John H. and Nancy (Gregg) B. ; A.B., 
Dartmouth Coll., 1878, A.M., 1883; studied at 
Dartmouth Med. Sch. 1 yr., 1878-9; M.D., L. 
I. Hosp. Coll., Brooklyn, 1881; m. Manches- 
ter, Mass., Apr. 5, 1883, Mary Ellen Lee. Has 
practiced at Manchester since Oct. 14, 1881. 
Physician to Bd. of Health, Manchester, for 
many yrs. Mem. Mass. State Med. Soc, Am. 
Med. Assn. Mason; mem. I.O.O.F., Work- 
men, Pilgrim Fathers. Club: Manchester. 
Address: Manchester, Mass. 

BLAISDELL, Henri G., music conductor, 
violinist; b. Dorchester, N. H., Oct. 23, 1852; 
s. Pettingill and Eliza Lovett (Lillis) B., and 
descendant on mother's side from Mary 
Queen of Scots; common sch. and academic 
ed'n; studied music under many proniinent 
teachers and composers of America; m. Ca- 
naan, N. H., July 3, 1869, Lillie D. Leonard, 
of Glover, Vt. Began study of violin at 8, 
appeared as soloist at 14, and traveled as solo 
violinist at 20; conductor of opera at 25; has 
been identified with many of America's 
greatest festivals either as concert master or 
conductor; choirmaster St. Paul's Ch. (ca- 
thedral) of N. H.; chosen by P. S. Gilmore 
as asso. conductor on his last trip to Pacific 
Coast; mem. Com, Judges Foreign Music, 
and musician. World's Fair, Chicago. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian, Address: Care of 
Boston Music Co., Boston, 

BLAISDELL, Mary Francis, teacher, 
author; b. Manchester, N, H., Apr. 20, 1874: 
d. Clark and Clara M. B.; grad. Cambridge 
Training Sch., 1895. Taught in Brockton, 
Mass., 1896-1901; prin. Cummings Sch., Med- 
ford, since 1901. Co-author (with sister, Etta 
Austin Blaisdell McDonald): Child Life, 
1899; Child Life in Tale and Fable, 1899; 
Child Life in Many Lands, 1900; Child Life 
in Literature, 1900; The Child Life Primer, 
1901; The Blaisdell Spellers, 1901; The Child 
Life Fifth Reader, 1902:— all Ml; Boy Blue 




and His Friends, 1907 L6. Address: West 
Medford, Mass. 

BLiAKEl, Amos J., lawyer; b. Rindge, N. 
H., Oct. 20, 1836; 5. Bbenezer and Hepzibeth 
(Jewett) B.; grad. Appleton Acad., New Ips- 
wich, N. H., July, 1859; studied law; admit- 
ted to bar, 1862; m. 1st, Jaffrey, N. H., 1865, 
Lizzie A. Howe (now deceased) ; tn. 2d, Fitz- 
william, Jan. 2, 1883, Flora A. Stone. Has 
practiced in Fitzwilliam since 1862; asst. as- 
sesso!* U. S. internal revenue, 1862-72; mem. 
N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1872, 1873, 1901; state bank 
comm'r, 1876-80; mem. State Const'l convs., 
1889, 1902; mem. Sch. Bd. 13 yrs., and super- 
visor town library; former pres. Fitzwilliam 
'Savings Bank; administrator, executor, etc. 
Frequent contb'r to mags, and papers, and 
has delivered many addresses on popular 
subjects. Republican. Cong'list. Mason 
(since 1862). Address: Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

BLAKG, Clarence Eug-ene, teacher; b. 
Cornwall, Vt., Nov. 29, 1847; 5. Myron M. and 
Lucy (Stcne) B.; A.B., Middlebury Coll., 
1873, A.M., 1877; Ph.D., Univ. of Omaha, 
1892; tn. Aug. 22, 1876, Ella L. Pickering. 
Teacher, Winchester, N. H., 1873-5, Eastport, 
Me., 1875-7, W. Brattleboro, Vt., 1877-81, 
Springfield (Mass.) Collegiate Inst., 1881-9; 
prof. Latin and Greek, French Protestant 
Coll., Springfield, 1889-93; acting prof. Greek, 
Pomona (Calif.) Coll., 1895-6; now pvt. tutor. 
Republican. Cong'list. Editor: Blake's Hom- 
eric Lexicon. 1886. Contb'r to mags, and 
newspapers. Address: M G2iY^e\^ St., Spring- 
field, Mass. 

BLAKE!, Clarence Jobn, M, D.; b. Bos- 
ton, Feb. 23, 1843; grad. Harvard Med. 
School, 1865; studied abroad; established in 
Boston, 1869; aural surgeon Mass. Charitable 
Bye and Ear Infirmary, 1871; 1871 instr., 
now prof, otology. Harvard Med. School; 
pres. Am. Otological Soc, 1876-7; editor 
Am. Journal of Otology, 1879-82. Address: 
226 Marlborough St., Boston. 

BliAKE], Ebenezer Nelson, banker; b. 
W. Cambridge (now Arlington), Mass., Feb. 
9, 1831; .y. Ellis Gray and Ann Elisabeth 
(Wyman) B. ; common sch. ed'n to 1848; m. 
1st, W. Cambridge, Sept. 15, 1858, Anna E. 
Whitten (died, 1902); m. 2d, Arlington, Mass., 
Feb. 9, 1905, Lucy Ann Tucker. On farm 
until 1850, excepting 3 yrs. in Calif., 1850-3; 
in flour business, Boston (E. N. Blake & Co., 
then Blake & Page), 1858-69; removed to 
Chicago, 1869, and firm became Blake, Herd- 
man & Co., then Blake, Walker & Co., and 
later Blake, Shaw & Co. ; sold out and re- 
moved to Arlington, Mass., 1890; pres. 1st 
Bd. of Trustees, Univ. of Chicago, 2 yrs., 
and was mem. bd. Bapt. Theol. Sem., Chi- 
cago; pres. Chicago Bd. of Trade 2 yrs., in- 
cluding dedication of bldg. ; for a number of 
yrs. pres. Western Cracker Bakers' Assn. ; 
pres. First Nat. Bank, of Arlington, Mass., 
since opening of bank, 1891. Republican. 
Baptist; pres. Am. Bapt. Home Mission Soc. 
for 2 yrs., and for 2 yrs. mem. bd. Am. Bapt. 
Missionary Union; pres. Mass. Bapt. State 
Missionary Soc. 2 yrs. Was 1st pres. LaSalle 
Club, Chicago. Address: Arlington, Mass. 

BLAKE, Edmund 3Iortimer, civ. eng'r. ; 
b. Taunton, Mass., Aug. 13, 1874; .y. Percy 
Mortimer and Phebe Eliza (Sheffield) B. ; 
B.S., Amherst Coll., 1897; B.S. in civ. 
eng'ring, Lawrence Scientific Sch., Harvard, 

1899; m. Cleveland, 0., Oct. 21, 1902, Clara 
Allen Drake (died Dec. 11, 1907). Instr. in 
Harvard Summer Sch. of Eng'ring, 1899; 
with Percy M. Blake, civ. eng'r, 1899-1900; 
with Eastern Bridge «fe Structural Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass., 1900; asst. eng'r on New York 
Rapid Transit Subway, 1900-2, and with Per- 
cy M. Blake, Newton, Mass., 1902-6; entered 
pvt. practice as sanitary and hydraulic eng'r 
Jan. 1, 1906; mem. eng'ring firm of Blake & 
Symonds since Feb. 1, 1908; pres. Westford 
(Mass.) Water Co.; associated with Pitome- 
ter Co., of Chicago. Mem. Co. K, 7th Regt., 
N.G.S.N.Y., 1901, 1902. Republican. Cong'list. 
Mem. Boston Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, Nat. Geog. 
Soc, N. E. and Am. Water Works assns., 
Amherst Chapter Alpha Delta Phi, Assn. 
Harvard Eng'rs. Residence: 1223 Beacon St., 
Brookline, Mass. Office: 8 Beacon St., Bos- 

BLiAKE, Edvrard H., lawyer, banker; 
pres. Merchants Nat. Bank; engaged in prac- 
tice at Bangor, Me. Address: 28 Main St., 
Bangor, Me. 

BLAKE, Francis, inventor Blake trans- 
mitter; b. Needham, Mass., Dec. 25, 1850; j. 
Francis and Caroline (Trumbull) B. ; ed. 
pub. schs. and Brookline, Mass., High Sch. ; 
(hon. A. M., Harvard, 1902); m. June 24, 
1873, Elizabeth L., d. Charles T. Hubbard, 
of Weston. Served on U. S. Coast Survey 
13 yrs., resigned; during last 2 or 3 yrs. was 
engaged in field work and its reduction to 
determine differences of longitude between 
observatories at Greenwich, Paris, Cam- 
bridge and Washington; devoted leisure to 
experimental physics, and in 1878 invented 
"Blake Transmitter," which has played im- 
portant part in development of telephony 
throughout the world; has since patented 
many other elec. devices. Dir. Am. Tele- 
phone & Telegraph Co.; fellow A. A. A. S., 
Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences; mem. Am, 
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Archaeol. Inst. America, 
Am. Folk-Lore Soc, Am. Forestry Assn., 
National Geog. Soc; member of corpora- 
tion Mass. Inst. Technology; Boston Soc. 
Civ. Eng'rs, Am. Antiquarian Soc. ; trustee 
Mass. Gen. Hosp., and Boston Museum of 
Fine Arts; chmn. Selectmen of Weston; etc. 
Address: Keewaydin, Weston (Auburndale 
P. 0.), Mass. 

BLAKE, Francis Hayes, mining eng'r; 
b. New Haven, Conn., Jan. 3, 1860; .y. William 
Phipps and Charlotte Haven Lord (Hayes) 
B.; Ph.B., Yale, 1882. Engaged in mining, 
1882-1905. Republican. Club: University 
(New York). Address: Litchfield, Conn., and 
601 Madison Av., New York. 

BLAKE, Heni'y Ang-ustas, clergyman; 
b. Cape Elizabeth, Me., Oct. 17, 1849; .y. Ed- 
ward and A. Eliza B. ; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1873; grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 1876; m. 
June 20, 1878, Clara E. Penniman, of Wood- 
stock, Conn. Ordained, Cong'l ministry, 1876; 
pastor, Athol, Mass., 1876-83, Providence, R. 
I., 1884-8, Webster, Mass., 1888-99, Spencer, 
Mass., 1899-1900, Rochester, N. H., 1901-6, 
Stafford Springs, Conn., since 1906. Mem. 
Providence Bd. of Ed'n, 1884-7; trustee and 
sec. bd., Webster Pub. Library, 1889-99. 
Author: Semi-Centennial Plistory of the 
Cong'l Ch. of Athol, 1880. Address: Stafford 
Springs, Conn. 




BLAKE^ Henry Martin, physician; b. 
Monmouth, Me., Nov. 29, 1836; 5. Epaphras 
Kibby and Clarissa (True) B. ; A.B., Wes- 
leyan Univ., Conn., 1862, A.M., 1865; M.D., 
Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., New 
York, 1869; m. Monmouth, Aug. 19, 1863, 
Frances C. Pierce. Practiced in Readfield, 
Me., 1869-75, since at Monmouth; trustee Me. 
Wesleyan Sem. and Coll., Kents Hill, Me. 
Mem, Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1909; Republican. 
Methodist. Mem. Me. Med. Assn. Mason. 
Address: Monmouth, Me. 

BLAKE, Henry Spring", stock broker; b. 
Boston, May 8, 1871; s. James Henry and 
Alice (Spring) B.; ed. pvt. schs., Boston, and 
at Harvard Coll. 1 yr., 1890; elk. N. Y. & 
N. E. R. R., 1891-3; in employ Meredith & 
Grew, real estate, Boston, 1893-8; became 
connected with Curtis & Motley, stock and 
note brokers, Boston, 1898, name changed to 
Curtis & Sanger, 1900 (partner since Jan. 1, 
1902). Republican. Clubs: Somerset, Tennis 
and Racquet (Boston). Residence: 49 Mass. 
At, Oftice: 53 State St., Boston. 

BliAKE, Herbert AVillard, lawyer; b. 
Orford, N. H., Nov. 18, 1876; .y. Manfred W, 
and Rosanna (Bean) B. ; A.B., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1898 (commencement treas. and perma- 
nent sec. of class); m. Norton, Vt., Jan. 1, 
1907, Gertrude E. Nelson. Taught sch, at 
Barton Landing, Vt., 2 terms, after leaving 
coll.; in passenger service B. & M. R. R. 6 
mos.; served as deputy collector and inspect- 
or of customs, Nov. 6, 1899, until resigned. 
Mar. 1, 1906; studied law; admitted to bar, 
1903, and has since practiced at Island Pond; 
chmn. Sch. Bd., town of Brighton; judge of 
Probate Dist. of Essex since 1906. Republic- 
an. Methodist. Mem. Vt. Bar Assn., Island 
Pond Business Men's Assn. Mem. K, of P. 
(Chancellor Comdr., 1905, mem. Grand Lodge, 
1906), I.O.O.F., M.W.A. Address: Island 
Pond, Vt. 

BliAKE, James Henry, naturalist, artist, 
lecturer; b. Boston, July 8, 1845; s. James 
Henry B.; studied Lawrence Scientific 
School, 4 yrs.; m. July 20, 1871, Lucinda S. 
Critchett. Asst, with Prof. Louis Agassiz at 
time of his death, and asst. at Museum of 
Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, 1870-6; 
was with Prof, Agassiz on Hassler Expdn., 
1872; asst. paleontologist, U, S, Geol. Sur- 
vey, for several yrs.; 5 seasons with U. 
S. Fish Comm'n. Pres. Cambridge Art 
Circle; mem. Boston Soc. of Nat. History 
.since 1870. Best known as zool. artist and 
public lecturer. Address: 18 Prentiss St., 
Cambridge. Mass, 

BLAKE, Jobn Bapst, surgeon; b. Boston, 
Apr. 4, 1866; .y. Dr. John George and Mary 
Elizabeth (McGrath) B. ; ed. Chauncy Hall 
Sch., Boston Coll.; A. B., Harvard, 1887, A, 
M., 1890; M. D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1891; m. 
Boston, Oct. 25, 1899, Anne Hastings, Instr. 
surgery, Harvard Med. Sch., since 1906; 
asst. surgeon Boston City Hosp., since 1895; 
visiting surgeon St. Elizabeth's Hosp., since 
1897, L. I. Hosp., since 1905; consulting sur- 
geon Boston Insane Hosp. Fellow Am. 
Surg. Assn., A. A. A. S. ; mem. Med. Im- 
provement Soc, Boston Med. Library Assn., 
Boston Obstet. Soc, Boston Soc. Med. Sci- 
ences, Mass. Med. Soc. Clubs: Tavern, Bow- 
ditch, Doctors, Boston Athletic. Catholic. 
Author: (with H. L. Burrell) Case Teaching 

in Surgery, 1904 B8. Address: 178 Beacon St., 
BLAKE, Jobn George, physician; 6. West 
Meath, Ireland, Aug. 8, 1837; s. John and 
Catherine B. ; arrived in America, 1849; ed. 
pvt. tuition and home study; M.D., Harvard, 
1861; house officer, Mass. Gen. Hosp., 1860-1; 
m. Boston, June 19, 1865, Mary Elizabeth 
McGrath. Has practiced in Boston since 
1861; visiting physician, Boston City , Hosp., 
from beginning; consulting physician, Car- 
ney and St. Elizabeth's hosps. Dir. South 
End Nat. Bank; trustee Union Inst'n for 
Savings. Independent Democrat. Catholic. 
Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Obstet. Soc, 
Boston Soc. for Med. Improvement. Has 
written extensively upon med. topics. Club: 
Boston Athletic Assn. Address: 212 Beacon 
St., Boston. 

BLAKE, Lncien Ira, electrical eng'r; b. 
Mansfield, Mass., Sept. 12, 1854; s. Rev. Mor- 
timer (D.D.) and Harriet Louisa (Daniels) 
B.; A.B., Amherst Coll., 1877, A.M., 1880; 
Ph.D.. Univ. of Berlin, Germany, 1883. Prof, 
physics and elec eng'ring. Rose Poly. Inst., 
Terre Haute, Ind., 1884-7, Univ. of Kas., 
1887-1906; constructing elec. eng'r, U. S. 
Light Bd., 1903-4; chief eng'r. Submarine 
Signal Co., Boston, since 1907; consulting 
eng'r, Electro-Chem. Telegraph Co.; dir. and 
eng'r, Blake-Morscher Electro-Static Ore 
Separating Co. Mem. Am. Physical Soc, 
Electro-Chem. Soc. Cong'list. Club: Uni- 
versity (Boston). Residence: Copley Sq. Ho- 
tel. Office: Submarine Signal Co., 88 Broad 
St., Boston. 

BLAKE, Percy Mortimer, civ. eng'r; b. 
Mansfield, Mass., Apr. 2, 1850; s. Rev. Mor- 
timer (D.D.) and Harriet Louisa (Daniels) 
B.; ed. pub. schs., Taunton, Mass.; m. Oct. 
22, 1873, Phebe Eliza Sheffield, of Lyme, 
Conn. In eng'ring office of Gushing & Far- 
num, Providence, R. I., 1869-71; asst. civ. 
eng'r with Gen. G. K. Warren, U. S. Eng'r 
Corps, river and harbor improvements, 1871- 
1875; practicing and consulting civ. eng'r 
since 1875; specialist in sanitary and hydrau- 
lic eng'ring; designed and constructed over 
20 water works throughout New England. 
Mem. Boston Soc Civ. Eng'rs. Cong'list. 
Residence: 454 Walnut St. Office: 815 Wash- 
ington St., Newtonville, Mass. 

BLAKE, W^ellman Calvin, physician, 
surgeon; b. Wheelock, Vt., Dec. 16, 1858; s. 
Calvin F. and Amanda S. (Richardson) B. ; 
attended pub. schs. and Lyndon Inst.; M.D., 
Dartmouth Coll., 1884; m. Sheffield, Vt., 1S76, 
Sylvia Cordelia Williams. Has practiced in 
Lyndon and Lyndonville since 1884; owned 
drug store at Lyndon, 1887-94; med. exam- 
iner for 8 leading ins. cos. Mem. U. S. Pen- 
sion Examining Bd. (was sec. at St. Johns- 
bury, Vt., for 5 yrs.). Mem. Am., State and 
Co. Med. assns., K. of P., I.O.O.F., M.W.A., 
Mechanics, and Fat Men's Club. IDemocrat. 
Freewill Baptist. Club (social) : Lyndon. 
Address: Lyndonville, Vt. 

BLAKE, "William Payne, lawyer; b. Dor- 
chester, Mass., July 23, 1846; .y. Edward and 
Mary M. J. (Dehon) B. ; ed. E. S. Dixwell's 
and Boston pub. Latin schs.; A.B., Harvard, 
1866; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1868; studied 
with Hutchins & Wheeler and was admitted 
to bar, 1869. Practiced with father until 
death of latter in 1873; made a specialty for- 




merly of conveyancing and, more recently, 
in care of trusts. Republican. Mem. Boston 
Bar Assn. Clubs: Somerset, Tennis and 
Racquet, Tavern, St. Botolph, Athletic, Ex- 
change, Harvard (New York). Residence: 265 
Beacon St. Oifice: 27 Kilby St., Boston. 

BliAKE, 'Williani Phipps, mineralogist; 

b. New York, June 1, 1826, in direct descent 
from William Blake of Dorchester, Mass., 
1630; grad. Yale Scientific School, Ph. B., 
1852 (A. M., Dartmouth; Sc. D., Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, 1906; geologist and 
mineralogist for U. S. Pacific R. R. Expdn., 
1853; m. South Berwick, Me., Dec. 25, 1855, 
Charlotte Haven Lord Hayes. Edited Min- 
ing Mag., 1859-60; has since been engaged 
In mining, eng'ring and explorations; min- 
ing eng'r in service of Japanese Govt., 1862; 
explored the Stickeen River, Alaska, 1863, 
and made report to Sec. of State Seward; 
prof, mineralogy and geology. Coll. of 
Calif., 1864; geologist and mineralogist, U. 
S. Comm'n to Santo Domingo, 1871; exec, 
comm'r Centennial Exp'n, 1876; prof, geolo- 
gy and dir. Sch. of Mines, Univ. of 
Ariz., 1894-1905, emeritus since 1905; also 
territorial geologist. Identified with the 
great internat. expns. since 1853. Fellow 
Geol. Soc. of London; mem. Am. Philos. 
Soc, Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs; pres. Cos- 
mos Club, of Tucson. Author: Geological 
Reconnaissance, California, 1855; Silver 
Ores and Silver Mines; Tombstone and its 
Mines; Ceramic Art and Glass; Life of 
Capt. Jonathan Mix and many papers and 
reports on tech. subjects. Address: Tucson, 
Ariz., and New Haven, Conn. (June to 
BLAKELY, Collins, druggist; b. Pawlet, 
Vt., Mar. 14, 1837; s. Dan and Hannah (Ed- 
gerton) B. ; A.B., Union Coll., 1861; m. 1st, 
Westfield, Vt., Isabelle Cheney (died, 1878); 
m. 2d, Montpelier, Vt., 1884, Florence Wing. 
Taught sch., 1861-5; entered drug business at 
Waterbury, Vt., removing to Montpelier, 
1870. Democrat. Unitarian. Mem. Vt. State 
Pharm. Assn., Am. Pharm. Assn. Mason, 
K.T., Shriner (Grand High Priest of Grand 
Royal Chapter of Vt., 1907-8, Potentate of 
Mount Sinai Temple, A. A. O.N. M.S., 1889-92). 
Address: Montpelier, Vt. 

BLAKEIiY, David Ne-wton, physician; b. 
Campton, N. H., Mar. 3, 1867; .?. Quincy and 
Gertrude (Sykes) B. ; B.A., Dartmouth, 1889; 
M.D., Dartmouth Med. Sch., 1896; m. Brook- 
line, Mass., June 4, 1907, Amy Burrage. Be- 
gan practice in Boston City Hosp., 1896; in 
pvt. practice in Boston since 1900; mem. med. 
staff, Boston Dispensary, since 1903. Mem. 
Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Soc. of Med. Sci- 
ences, N. B. Pediatric Soc. Cong'list. Ad- 
dress: 255 Warren St., Boston. 

BLAKELY, Ctuiiicy, clergyman; b. Camp- 
ton, N. H., Apr. 12, 1872; s. Quincy and Ger- 
trude (Sykes) B. ; A.B., Dartmouth, 1894; 
B.D., Yale Divinity Sch., 1898; m. Northamp- 
ton, Mass., Oct. 10, 1900, Mary Twitchell. 
Ordained and installed as minister Cong'l 
Ch., at South Glastonbury, Conn., Nov. 4, 
1898; pastor Cong'l Ch., Farmington, Conn., 
since Nov. 3, 1905. Mem. Delta Kappa Ep- 
sllon, Casque and Gauntlet. Clubs: Twenti- 
eth Century. Cong'l (Hartford). Address- 
Farmington. Conn. 

BliAKEMORE, Sumner, educator; b. at 
Boston, Apr. 3, 1874; s. John Eli and Amanda 
(Hancock) B.; grad. Boston Latin Sch., 1892; 
A.B., Amherst Coll., 1896, A.M., 1903; m. 
Yonkers, N. Y., July 14, 1904, Jane Olivia, d. 
Alexander and Helen Blauvelt Kirkwood. 
Teacher, Norwalk (Conn.) Mil. Inst., 1896-7, 
Greenwich (Conn.) Acad., 1897-9, Princeton 
(N. J.) Prep. Sch., 1899-1902; prin. Green- 
wich (Conn.) High Sch., 1902-3; teacher, 
Cornwall Heights Sch.. Conn., 1903-6; head- 
master The Choate Sch., Wallingford, Conn., 
since 1906. Republican. Cong'list. Mem. 
Beta Theta Pi. Address: Wallingford, Conn. 

BLAKESL-EE, Albert Francis, botan- 
ist; b. Geneseo, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1874; s. Rev. 
Francis Durbin and Augusta M. (Hubbard) 
B.; A. B., Wesleyan Univ., Conn., 1896; A. 
M., Harvard, 1900, Ph. D., 1904; unmarried. 
Asst. in botany. Harvard, 1899-1900; instr. 
botany, Radcliffe Coll., 1900-2; teaching fel- 
low Harvard, 1901-3; asst. in botany. Sum- 
mer Sch. of Cold Spring Harbor, L. I., 1901- 
2; collector in Venezuela for the Cryptoga- 
mic Herbarium of Harvard, summer of 1903; 
investigator in Europe for Carnegie Inst'n, 
1904-6; instr. botany. Harvard, 1906-7; dir. 
Summer Sch. (1907) and prof, botany, since 
Sept., 1907, Conn. Agr'l Coll. Investigator 
of sex in plant life; contb'r to scientific 
jours. Mem. A. A. A. S., Bot. Soc. of 
America, Am. Soc. Naturalists, N. E. Bot. 
Club, Assn. Internationale des Botanistes, 
Brit. Assn. Adv. Science, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Author: Sexual Reproduction in the Mucori- 
neee, 1904. Address: Storrs, Conn. 

BLAKESLEE, Dennis A., contractor; b. 
New Haven, Conn., Mar. 11, 1856; .y. Charles 
Wells and Martha Jane (Waters) B.; pub. 
sch. ed'n; m. New Haven, Dec. 4, 1878, Lizzie 
Finette Lav/. Began in contracting business, 
1876; mem. Charles W. Blakeslee & Sons; 
pres. Conn. Hassam Paving Co.; dir. Me- 
chanics' Bank, Security Ins. Co.; sec. and 
treas. Seymour Water Co., New Haven St. 
Sprinkling Co.; mem. 2d Co., Governor's 
Horse Guards, for 25 j^rs., and for 8 yrs. 
maj. comdg. ; city councilman. New Haven, 
1878-81; mem. Fire Comm'n, 1885-91. Re- 
publican. Cong'list. Residence: 501 George 
St. Office: 58 Waverly St., New Haven, Conn. 

BLAKESLEE, Fred Gilbert, insurance, 
teaching, writing; b. Hartford, Conn., June 
17, 1868; .y. Harry E. and Helen B. (Butler) 
B.; ed. Hartford pub. and high schs. Has 
been engaged in ins. business since 1884; mil. 
instr. West Middle Dist. Sch. since 1904; 
sergt. Brigade Signal Corps, C.N.G.; It. Gov- 
ernor's Horse Guards; acting gunner's mate, 
U.S.N., Spanish-Am. War. Mem. Nat. Au- 
thors' Guild, S.A.R., United Spanish War 
Veterans. Republican. Cong'list. Has made 
sp'l study of hist, side of art fencing. Author: 
Sword Play for Actors; also articles on 
Fencing, Swords, Military Insignia of Rank, 
in Encyc. Americana, and sp'l articles and 
short stories. Residence: 291 Sargent St. 
Office: 670 Main St., Hartford, Conn, 

BLAKESLEE, George Hubbard, edu- 
cator; b. Geneseo, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1871; .y. 
Rev. Francis Durbin and Augusta M. (Hub- 
bard) B.; A. B., Wesleyan Univ., Conn., 
1893, A. M., 1897; student, Johns Hopkins, 
1893-4; Parker fellow, 1901-2, Ph. D., 1903, 
Harvard; student univs. of Berlin, Leipzig, 




and Oxford, 1901-3; unmarried. Instr. his- 
tory, 1903-4, asst. prof., same, since 1904, 
Clark Coll. Traveled through interior Rus- 
sia, 1906, through Russia, China, P. I. and 
H. I., 1907-8; wrote newspaper and mag. ar- 
ticles and lectured on conditions there. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Internat. Law, Am. Hist. 
Assn. Club: Twentieth Century. Address: 
940 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
BLAKESLEY, Augustas Milo, banker, 
mfr. ; b. Plymouth, Conn., Mar. 4, 1830; s. 
Milo and Dorcas Hine (McKee) B. ; ed. coun- 
try schs. ; w. Sept. 5, 1853, Margaret Orr 
Johnson (died, 1885). Went to Waterbury, 
Conn., 1849, and was employed in mercantile 
house 3 yrs. ; became teller, 1852, cashier 
since 1864, Waterbury Bank. Republican. 
Cong'list. Address: Waterbury, Conn. 

BLANCHARD, Artlinr A(lphonso), 

chemist; b. Boston, May 4, 1876; s. Adolphus 
J. and Louise B. (Rand) B.; grad. Newton 
(Mass.) High Sch., 1894; S.B., Mass. Inst. 
Tech., 1898; studied Univ. of Leipzig, 1900-2, 
Ph.D., 1902; m. Worcester, Mass., Aug. 8, 

1905, Eugenia M. Lord. Asst. instr. in theo- 
retical chemistry, Mass. Inst. Tech., 1898- 
1900; instr. in chemistry, N. H. Coll., 1902-3; 
instr. in Inorganic chemistry, 1903-8, asst. 
prof, since 1908, Mass. Inst. Tech. Mem. 
Am. Chem. Soc, A.A.A.S. Author: The Elec- 
trolytic Dissociation Theory (with Henry P. 
Talbot), 1905; Synthetic Inorganic Chemis- 
try, 1908. Residence: 66 Oxford Rd., Newton 
Center, Mass. 

BLANCHARD, Arthur Horace, educa- 
tor, civil eng'r; b. Providence, R. I., Feb. 10, 
1877; s. Horace Kennedy and Caroline (Pot- 
ter) B.; C.E., Brown Univ., 1899; A.M., Co- 
lumbia, 1902; m. Providence, June 17, 1902, 
Mary Temple Burt. Instr. civ. eng'ring and 
mathematics, 1899-1901; instr., 1902-3, asst. 
prof., 1903-6, asso. prof. civ. eng'ring since 

1906, Brown Univ.; asst., Highway Dept., 
city eng'r's office. Providence, summer, 1897, 
1908; draftsman. Am. Bridge Co., summers, 
1901, 1902; asst. eng'r. State Bd. of Pub. 
Roads of R. I., since May, 1903; consulting 
eng'r on various steel and reinforced con- 
crete bridges since 1905. Fellow, A.A.A.S.; 
mem. Boston Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, Soc. for Pro- 
motion of Eng'ring Ed'n, Am. Soc. Testing 
Materials; asso. mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, 
Sigma Xi, Delta Tau Delta. Club: Univer- 
sity (Providence). Residence: 62 University 
Av., Providence, R. I. 

BLANCHARD, Benjamin Seaver, physi- 
cian; b. Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 22, 1856; s. 
William and Mary Elisabeth (Seaver) B. ; 
A.B., Harvard; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 
1882; m. Boston, Nov. 30, 1887, Clara Fessen- 
den Barnes. Has practiced in Brookline 
since 1883. Republican. Unitarian. Mem. 
Mass. Med. Soc, etc. C/«&.- Country. Address: 
432 Washington St., Brookline, Mass. 

BLANCH ARD, Cyrws Natlian, lawyer; b. 
Wilton, Me., Oct. 6, 1869; 5. Jesse and Phebe 
(Holt) B. ; grad. Anson Acad., N. Anson, 
Me., 1888; A.B., Bates Coll., Lewiston, Me., 
1892; m. Wilton, 'Me., Sept. 19, 1901, Florence 
E. Noyes. Has practiced at Wilton since 
1896; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1897-8, Senate, 
1899-1900; mem. Governor's Council, 1905-6; 
mem. Rep. State Com., 1903-6; co. atty., 
Franklin Co., since 1907; trustee Me. Sch. 
for the Feeble Minded. Mem. Me. Bar Assn., 

Am. Bar Assn. Cong'list. Mason; mem. K. 
of P., Red Men, Grange. Address: Wilton, 

BLANCHARD, Grace, librarian; h. Dun- 
leith. 111. ; d. George Augustus and Frances 
(Sargent) B.; prep, ed'n, pub. schs.. Con- 
cord, N. .H. ; A.B., Smith Coll., 1882. City 
librarian. Concord, N. H., since 1895. Clubs: 
Woman's, College, 3hakespear,e. Contb'r to 
mags, and newspapers. Residence: 64 School 
St. Omce: City Library, Concord, N. H. 

BLANCHARD, Henry, clergyman; b. Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., Aug. 13, 1833; s. Gen. Albert 
Gallatin and Susan (Thompson) B.; A.B., 
Tufts Coll., Mass., 1859, A.M., 1862 (D.D., 
1890); m. Charlestown, Mass., Dec 23, 1857, 
Anne E. Chandler. Ordained Universalist 
minister, 1857; pastor, Brooklyn, 1857, In- 
dianapolis, to Dec, 1870, Lowell, Mass., to 
1873, Worcester, to 1880 (last 3 Unitarian 
churches), Boston, to 1882, Portland, Me., 
1882 to Sept., 1903. Pres. Me. Woman Suf- 
frage Assn. for 6 yrs.; lecturer at Tufts Coll, 
Divinity Sch., Westbrook Sem., Gorham 
(Me.) Normal Sch.; trustee Westbrook Sem. 
Mem. Delta Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa (Tufts 
Coll.); gave Phi Beta Kappa oration at Tufts 
Coll., June, 1905. Address: Portland, Me. 

BLANCHARD, Herbert Hancock, law- 
yer; b. Berlin, Vt., Jan. 22, 1868; s. Watson 
S. and Sarah M. (Hancock) B. ; ed. pub. 
schs. of Brattleboro, Vt,, and Charleston, 
N. H., High Sch,, Windsor, and 3 yrs. at 
Univ. of Vt., to 1898; began study of law 
with Hon. J. C. Enright, of Windsor, and 
was admitted to the Vt. bar, 1895, later to 
U. S. Circuit and Dist. courts in Vt. and 
Supreme Court of U. S.; m. Windsor, Vt., 
June 26, 1895, Clara M. Silver. Began prac- 
tice at Windsor, Oct., 1895; removed to 
Springfield, Vt,, 1898; state's atty., 1902-4; 
sec, treas. and trustee, Springfield ToM-n 
Library; dir. and elk. First Nat. Bank. 
Springfield; dir, and sec. Springfield Gas 
Co.; dir. and treas. People's Lighting, Heat- 
ing and Power Co., Barre, Vt. ; dir. St. 
Johnsbury (Vt.) Gas Co. Mem. Vt, State 
Bar Assn., Vt. Hist. Soc, Vt, State Library 
Assn. Republican. Cong'list; treas. First 
Cong'l Soc Mason, K.T., Shriner; mem. I. 
0.0. F. Address: Springfield, Vt. 

BLANCHARD, James Franlc. physician: 
/'. Pittsburg, N. H., Dec. 8, 1861; .t. David 
and Mary Jane (Barnes) B. : M.D., Univ. of 
Vt. Med. Coll., 1887; m. Burlington, Vt., Jan. 
1, 1890, Carrie Brooks. Began practice at 
Colebrook, N. H., 1887: has been located at 
Newport, Vt., since 1894; sec. U. S. Bd, of 
Pension Examiners; acting asst. surgeon. 
Pub. Health and Marine Hosp. Service. V.-p. 
Vt. State Med, Soc Republican. Mason, 
K.T.; mem. I.O.F. Address: Newport, Vt. 

BLANDING, William O., wholesale drug- 
gist; b. Providence, R, I., Nov. 24, 1852; .?, 
William Bullock and Mary Adelaide (Rem- 
ington) B. ; ed, grammar and high schs.; m. 
Providence, Mar, 17, 1875, Rosella Cornell. 
Has been engaged in wholesale drug busi- 
ness as mem. firm of Blanding and Bland- 
ing since July 1, 1890. Episcopalian, Mem, 
Loyal Legion. Residence: 27 Brown St. Office: 
54 Wevbosset St., Providence, R. I. 

BLANEY, Dwig-lit, artist; b. Brookline, 
Mass., Jan. 24, 1865; s. Henry and Mary F. 
(Wood) B. ; m. Edith W. Hill. Exhibited at 




Carnegie Inst., 1907, Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts, 
1907, 1908, Corcoran Gallery, 1907, 1908, Cin- 
cinnati Museum Assn., 1907, 1908. Mem. New 
York Water Color Club, Boston Water Color 
Club, Boston Art Students' Assn. Clubs: St. 
Botolph, Tavern. Residence: 82 Mt. Vernon 
St. Studio: 308 Fenway Studios, Boston, 

BliANBY, Henry R., artist; b. Dedham, 
Mass., Jan. 29, 1855; self-taught. Exhibited 
at Paris Exp'n, 1900; hon. mention for 
etchings, Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, 1901. 
Lived for 8 yrs. in Algeria, Holy Land 
and W. Indies; specialty oriental and trop- 
ical subjects in water colors, etching and 
pen and ink. Residence: Salem, Mass. 
Studio: 129 Dartmouth St., Boston. 

BLANEY, William Osgood, mcht., bank- 
er; b. Bristol, Me., July 16, 1841; s. Judge Ar- 
nold and Nancy (Hunter) B. ; ed. Lincoln 
Acad., Me.; m. Bristol, Me., May 16, 1867, 
Loella E., d. William and Jane Huston. Clk. 
in mercantile houses, Boston, 1864-9; partner, 
Crosby & Blaney, flour and grain mchts., 
Boston, 1869-79, Blaney, Brown & Co., 1879- 
1905; dir., 1892-1900, pres. since 1900, Com- 
mercial Nat. Bank, Boston; mem., 1869-79, 
dir., 1879-80, v.-p., 1881-2, pres., 1883-4, Bos- 
ton Commercial Exchange; chmn. various 
coms., Boston Chamber of Commerce; v.-p. 
John Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co.; v.-p. As- 
sociated Bd. of Trade, Boston, 1891-3. Pres. 
Am. Cong'l Assn.; trustee Medfield Insane 
Asylum. Clubs: Art, Exchange, Merchants' 
(pres., 1901-2). Residence: 469 Commonwealth 
Av. Office: Commercial Nat. Bank, Boston. 

BLASDAL.E, Henry, banker; b. nr. Paris, 
France, June 18, 1836; jt. William and Eliza- 
beth (Parr) B. ; came to America with par- 
ents in infancy; ed. pub. schs., Cabotville 
(now Chicopee), Mass.; m. 1st, Amherst, 
Mass., 'May 15, 1860, Annette Frances Dickin- 
son (died Nov. 15, 1862) ; m. 2d, Boston, Feb. 
13, 1868, Fannie W. Snow. Began active ca- 
reer at 15 in village bank; removed to Bos- 
ton, 1859, and became clk. in Revere Bank, 
later Nat. Revere Bank of Boston, of which 
he was cashier from 1865 till it was liqui- 
dated, in 1898; treas. Arlington Five Cents 
Savings Bank since Jan. 1, 1900. Residence: 
Arlington, Mass. Office: Arlington Five Cents 
Savings Bank, Boston. 

BLFiAKIB, Robert, woolen mfr. ; b. in 
Scotland, Aug. 1, 1833; .s. John and Mary 
(Maxwell) B. ; ed. in Scotland; came to U. S., 
1847; m. 1st, Dec. 1, 1860, Isabella Henderson 
(died, 1880); m. 2d, Oct. 12, 1882, Mary A. 
Wetherell. Mill hand and mgr., 1847-60; 
owner of cotton batting mill, Tolland, Conn., 
1861-2, Riverside Mill, Providence, R. I., 1862; 
mgr. Hyde Park Mill, 1863-73; pres. and gen. 
mgr. Robert Bleakie & Co. since 1875, and 
Webster Woolen Co. (Sabattus, Me.); pres. 
Hyde Park Savings Bank, Hyde Park Water 
Co. Chmn. Bd. Selectmen, Hyde Park; v.-p. 
Mass. Tariff Reform League; mem. Woolen 
Goods Assn. of New York. Address: Hyde 
Park, Mass. 

BLICKENSDERFER, Georg^e C, pres. 
Blickensderfer Mfg. Co. Address: Stamford, 

BLISS, Charles Bemis, clergyman; b. 
Triangle, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1868; ^. Daniel J. 
and Seraph (Bemis) B. ; B.A., Yale, 1890, 
Ph.D., 1893; B.A., Hartford Theol. Sem., 
1903. Lecturer on experimental psychology, 

Yale, 1893-4; prof, experimental psychology, 
New York Univ., 1894-8; ordained Cong'l 
minister, 1903; pastor Cong'l Ch., Hampden, 
Mass., since Apr. 1, 1903. Fellow and life 
mem. N. Y. Acad, of Sciences; mem. and 
fellow A.A.A.S., Am. Psychol. Assn. Author 
of various articles on psychology and the 
relation between psychoJogy and theology. 
Address: Hampden, Mass. 

BlilSS, Edward Penninian, mfr.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1873, A.M., 1874. Pres. Mass. Mo- 
hair Plush Co. C/mZ) .• St. Botolph. Residence: 
Lexington, Mass. Office: 77 Summer St., Bos- 

BLISS, Elmer J., v.-p., treas. and mng. 
dir. Regal Shoe Co. Address: 109 Summer 
'St., Boston. 

BLISS, George, mcht.; b. Warren, Mass., 
Nov. 20, 1844; s. Samuel Hopkins and Lucy 
(Hitchcock) B. ; pub. sch. ed'n; m. Fitch- 
burg, Mass., Mar. 16, 1871, Esther Jane 
Smith. On farm until 1863; mem. 34th Mass. 
Vol. Inf., 1863-5; wounded, May 15, 1864; 
farmer, 1866; cheese maker for 5 yrs. and clk. 
3 yrs.; mcht. since 1875; now in ice business; 
has held various town offices; mem. Gen. 
Court of (Mass., 1889; postmaster at Warren 
since 1902. Mem. Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Co. of Mass. since 1889, G.A.R., 
Royal Arcanum. Address: W. Warren, Mass. 

BLISS, George Newman, lawyer; b. 
Eagleville, Tiverton, R. I., July 22, 1837; s. 
James L. and Sarah A. (Stafford) B. ; stu- 
dent Brown Univ., 1856-8; A.B., Union Coll., 
Schenectady, N. Y., 1860; LL.B., Albany (N. 
Y.) Law Sch., 1861; admitted to bar, 1861; 
served in Union Army, 1861-5; honorably 
mustered out with rank of capt.. May 15, 
1865; m. Providence, R. I., Jan. 1, 1872, Fan- 
nie A. Carpenter. Practiced at Providence, 
since 1866; mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., 5 yrs., 
1868-73, Senate, 3 yrs., 1883-6; justice 7th 
Jud. Dist., R. I., since 1872; mem. Sch. Com. 
of E. Providence, 25 yrs.; supt. of schs., 12 
yrs. Author of various hist, sketches, etc. 
Residence: East Providence, R. I. Office: 19 
College St., Providence. 

BLISS, George Yemens, clergyman; b. 
Shelbourne, Vt., Mar. 12, 1864; s. George 
and Mary Adelaide (Stevens) B. ; A.B., Univ. 
of Vt, 1889 (D.D., 1904); S.T.B., Gen. Theol. 
Sem., New York, 1892; m. Burlington, Nov. 
15, 1893, Katherine L. Shattuck. Ordered 
deacon, 1892, ordained priest, 1893, P. E. 
Ch.; curate St. Paul's Ch., Burlington, Vt., 
1892-9, rector, since 1899. Sec. Standing Com. 
Diocese of Vt. ; examining chaplain to bishop 
of Vt. ; trustee The Vt. Episcopal Inst.; 
deputv from Vt. to the Gen. Conv. Address: 
108 Bank St., Burlington, Vt. 

BLISS, Leonard C, pres. Regal Shoe Co. 
Address: 109 Summer St., Boston. 

BLISS, Richard, librarian; b. Springfield, 
Mass., -May 26, 1842; .y. Richard and Sarah 
Pyncheon (Eastman) B. ; educated in gram- 
mar and high schs., and prepared for coll., 
but enlistment in Civil War interfered with 
edn'l plans; m. Boston, Oct. 15, 1888, Sarah 
Peters Bowker. Served in Co. A, 46th Mass. 
Regt., 1861-62; student under Prof. L. Agas- 
siz, Cambridge, Mass., 1867-70; asst. in Mus- 
eum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, 
1870-6; bibliographer on U. S. Geol. Survey, 
and Northern Transcontinental Survey, 1881- 
1883; librarian Redwood Library, Newport, 




R. I., since Oct., 1884. Mem. Nat. Geograph- 
ic Soc, Newport Nat. Hist. Soc, Newport 
Hist. Soc. Club: Harvard of R. I. Author: 
Classified index to maps in Petermann's Mit- 
teilungen and in the Royal Geographical So- 
ciety's publications (Harvard Library Bib- 
liog. Contrib. Nos. 16, 17, 1884, 1866) ; and in 
the publications of the Geog. Soc. of London 
(Boston Pub. Library Bibliographies No. 4, 
1887). Residence: 6 Record St., Newport, R. I. 
Office: Redwood Library. 
BLISS, TVilliam Henry, lawyer; b. Royal- 
ton, Vt., Oct. 5, 1847; s. Charles William and 
Henrietta (Whitney) B.; grad. Univ. of Vt., 
1871; law student with Thomas C. Greene, 
Providence, R. I. ; admitted to R. I. bar, 
1873; m. Providence, Sept. 9, 1874, Maria J. 
Mitchell (now deceased) ; m. 2d, Middlebury, 
Vt., Dec. 30, 1902, Mabel A. Kingsley. Prac- 
ticed in Providence, 1873-6, Rochester, Vt., 
1878-86, Middlebury, Vt., 1886-94, Burlington, 
Vt., 1894-7, Middlebury since 1897. Repub- 
lican. State's atty. Addison Co., Vt., 1890; 
judge Court of Probate and Insolvency for 
Dist. of Addison since 1899. Address: Middle- 
bury, Vt. 

BLISS, Zenas W., real estate operator; b. 
Johnston Tp., R. I., Jan. 10, 1867; grad. 
Univ. Grammar Sch., Providence, 1885, Mass. 
Inst, of Tech., Boston, 1889. Engaged in 
real estate operations and as insurance 
broker, Cranston, R. I. Mem. Cranston 
Town Council, since 1901 (pres. since 1905) ; 
mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., since 1903; col. on 
staff Gov. George H. Utter, 1905-6; mem. 
Rep. State Central Com. Address: Cranston, 
Rhode Island. 

BLODGET, 'William, banker; A.B., Brown 
Univ., 1871. Was engaged in banking at Chi- 
cago, 1871-5, Providence, 1875-86, later at 
Boston and New York, and again at Boston 
as senior mem. firm of Blodget, Merritt & 
Co. Dir. State Street Trust Co., Cambridge 
Electric Light Co. Residence: Chestnut Hill, 
Mass. Office: 19 Congress St., Boston. 

BLODGETT, Cliauncey Hayden, clergy- 
man; b. Pawtucket, R. I., Mar. 23, 1870; .y. 
William Winthrop and Salome Wilkinson 
(Kinsley) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 1892; B.D., 
Episcopal Theol. Sch., Cambridge, 1895; m. 
Baltimore, Md., Jan. 16, 1907, Tempe Austin 
Hamilton. Ordered deacon, 1895, ordained 
clergyman P. E. Ch., 1897; has served as 
asst., Grace Ch., New York, asst., St. Paul's 
Ch., Rochester, N. Y. ; now rector St. John's 
Ch., Fall River, Mass. Mem. Sch. Bd., Fall 
River. Mason (14°). Address: 31 South St., 
Fall River, Mass. 

BLODGETT, Edward Everett, lawyer; 
b. Boston, Jan. 22, 1865; ^. Warren Kendall 
and Minerva (Paddock) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 
1887; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1889; ad- 
mitted to Suffolk bar, 1890, and has since 
practiced in Boston; m. Boston, Nov. 17, 
1891, Mabel L. Fuller. Mem. Beta Theta 
Phi, Phi' Delta Phi. Clubs: University, Brae 
Burn Country. Residence: West Newton, 
Mass. Office: 70 State St., Boston. 

BLODGETT, Jolin Tagrirard, jurist; b. 
Belmont, Mass., May 16, 1859; s. William Al- 
fred and Anna Maria (Taggard) B. ; grad. 
Brown Univ., 1880, A. M.. 1883; m. 1st, Mar. 
28, 1883, Amelia Wilson Torrey, Providence 
(since deceased); 2d Richmond, Va., Aug. 

15, 1900, Amy de Lacy Bemiss. Admitted R. I. 
bar, 1883, U. S. Circuit Court, 1885, U. S. 
Circuit Court of Appeals, 1895. U. S. 
comm'r dist. of R. I., 1890; U. S. chief su- 
pervisor elections, dist. R. I., 1892; mem. 
and chmn. bd. canvassers and registration, 
Providence, 1895-1900; mem. gen. assembly, 
R. I., 1898-1900; chmn. comm'n to readjust 
ward lines, Providence, 1900; Republican. 
Elected asso. justice Supreme Court, R. I., 
May 30, 1900. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, R. I. 
Hist. Soc, S. A. R. Pres. R. I. comm'n to 
Jamestown Exp'n, 1907. Clubs: University, 
Hope. Residence: 145 Loyd Av. Office: 
Supreme Court Bldg., Providence. 

BLODGETT, Mabel Louise Fuller, 
author; b. Bangor, Me., Apr. 8, 1869; d. Ran- 
som Burritt and Louisa S. (White) Fuller; 
grad. Elmhurst Acad., Providence, R. I.; m. 
Boston, Nov. 17, 1891, Edward Everett Blod- 
gett. Mem. D. A. R., Soc. Mayflower De- 
scendants. Author: The Aspen Shade, 1889; 
In Poppy Land, 1889; Fairy Tales, 1895; At 
the Queen's Mercy, 1897:— all 01; The Giant's 
Ruby, 1903 L6. Address: Brookline, Mass. 

BLODGETT, Percival, retired business 
man; b. Orange, Mass., July 18, 1841; s. Na- 
thaniel F. and Dolly (Mayo) B.; grad. Phil- 
lips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1863; m. 1st, 
Orange, May 1, 1867, Georgia A. Warrick 
(died, 1878); 2d, Templeton, Mass., Feb. 20, 
1880, S. Isabella Chamberlain. Entered gen. 
mdse. business, 1865, and conducted business 
on own account, 1870-1904; postmaster, Tem- 
pleton, 16 yrs.; selectman and overseer of 
poor, 21 yrs.; mem. Sch. Bd., 21 yrs.; town 
treas., 18 yrs.; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
1889. 1892, Senate, 1895-6. Republican. Con- 
g'list. Address: Templeton, Mass. 

BLODGETT, Sarali Gerould; b. Alstead, 
N. H., Apr. 13, 1839; d. Rev. Moses and 
Cynthia (Locke) Gerould; grad. Mt. Holyoke 
Sem., 1859; m. Canaan, N. H., May 24, 1861, 
Isaac N. Blodgett (deceased, Nov. 17, 1905). 
Cong'list. Trustee N. H. Orphans' Home. 
Mem. State Conf. Charities, N. H. (chmn. 
Exec. Com.), Nat. Conf. Charities and Cor- 
rection, Society for Protection of Forests, 
etc. Clubs: N. H. Federation of Women's 
Clubs (ex-pres.), Franklin Woman's Club. 
Address: Franklin, N. H. 

BLODGETT, Stephen Haskell, physi- 
cian; b. Boston, Aug. 29, 1863; s. Warren K. 
and Minerva (Paddock) B.; ed. Harvard 
Univ., 1884; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1886; 
m. Brookline, Mass., Dec. 13, 1886, Elizabeth 
W. Cummings. Engaged in homoe. prac- 
tice at Cambridge, 1886-98; since 1898 in Bos- 
ton, exclusively renal diseases; lecturer 
renal diseases, Boston Univ. Sch. of Medi 
cine, 1899-1908 (resigned) ; in charge gento- 
urinary dept., Boston Homoe. Dispensary 
since 1895; specialist urinary diseases Mass. 
Homoe. Hosp. since 1904; 1st asst. physician, 
M. H. H., 1887-1907 (resigned); mem. Am. 
Inst. Homoeopathy, Am. Assn. of Med. Ex- 
aminers, Mass. Homoe. Med. Soc, Mass. 
Surg, and Genecal. Soc, Boston Homoe. 
Med. Soc, Boston Soc. of Examining Phys. 
and Surg., Harvard Med. Sch. Alumni Assn., 
etc. ; frequent contb'r to med. jours, on his 
specialty. Residence: Lincoln, Mass. Office: 
419 Boylston St., Boston. 

BLODGETT, Walter H.. produce mer- 
chant; b. Denmark, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1850; j. 




Harrison and Diantha (Dewey) B. ; ed, in the 
pub. schs., Ives Sem. and in business coll.; 
m. Dec, 1873, Lotta J., d. Garrett Boshard. 
Engaged as produce dealer in Lowville, N. 
y., to 1881; mem. firm of Blogett & Boshard, 
Worcester, Mass., 1881-98; pres. W. H. Blod- 
gett Co.; mem. Bd. of Trade (pres., 1902-3); 
mem. Fruit & Produce Exchange (Boston); 
v.-p. Mass. Bd. of Trade, Advisory Bd., 
Phila. Museum; mayor of Worcester, 1904-5; 
speaker before farmer's institute; supt. 
Adams Sq. Ch. S. S. Summer home at Den- 
mark, N. Y, Omce: 65 Park St., Worcester, 

BI.ODGETT, William Wintlirop, law- 
yer; b. Randolph, Vt., July 8, 1824; s. Eli and 
Irene Dickinson B.; grad. Univ. of Vt., 
1847, LL.D., 1906; m. Pawtucket, R. I., Oct. 
9, 1855, Salome Wilkinson Kinsley. Has 
practiced at Pawtucket since 1850. Judge of 
probate 35 yrs. (annual election). Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Address: 71 Park PL, 
Pawtucket, R. I. 

BL.ODGETTE, George Brainard, law- 
yer; b. Georgetown, Mass., Dec. 6, 1845; .y. 
Sherburne Clifford and Mary (Cressey) B.; 
A.B., Brown Univ., 1866, A.M., 1869 (A.M., 
Bowdoin Coll., 1869); LL.B., Harvard Law 
Sch., 1870; m. Rowley, Mass., Feb. 20, 1872, 
Ella Millett. Served as corporal, Co. D, 
48th Regt., Mass. Vols., Aug. 1862-Sept., 
1863; admitted to bar, 1868. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mason, K.T.; mem. G.A.R., Un- 
ion Veterans' Union. Residence: Rowley, 
Mass. Office: 3 State St., Newburyport, 

BliOOD, liorenzo Prentice, surveyor; b. 
Pepperell, Mass., July 25, 1824; .y. Noah and 
Hannah P. (Chase) B.; A.B., Amherst Coll., 
1846; m. Marblehead, Mass., Nov. 29, 1855, 
Margaret G. Thompson. Prin. acad. and 
high schs., Shrewsbury, N. J., 1848-50, Upper 
Marlboro, Md., 1850-1, Pepperell, Mass., 1852- 
1853, Marblehead, 1854, South Braintree, 
1855-6, Baltimore, 1858, Hagerstown, Md., 
1859-68; located in Pepperell, 1868, and con- 
tinued in edn'l work until 1885, since land 
surveyor and conveyancer; has held most of 
the pub. offices at Pepperell. Mason; Odd 
Fellow. Address: Pepperell, Mass. 

BI.UMER, George, physician; b. Darling- 
ton, Co. Durham, Eng., Mar. 16, 1872; s. 
John George and Julia Edith (Walford) 
B.; ed. grammar sch., Eng., 1880-6; came to 
U. S., 1886; ed. pub. sch., Calif., 1886-7; 
M. D., Cooper Med. Coll., San Francisco, 
1891; interne City and Co. Hosp., San Fran- 
cisco, 1892-3; post-grad, student Johns Hop- 
kins Hosp., Feb. -June, 1893; m. San Diego, 
Calif., Aug. 20, 1906, Ann Evans. Asst. 
on surg. staff, 1893-4, med. staff, 1894-5, 
Johns Hopkins Hosp. ; asst. pathology, 
Johns Hopkins Univ., 1895-6; post-grad, 
student Univ. of Munich, summer, 1897; 
dir. Bender Hygienic Laboratory, Albany, 
N. Y., 1896-1903; prof, pathology and bac- 
teriology, Albany Med. Coll., 1900-3; asso. 
prof, pathology. Cooper Med. Coll., 1904-5; 
asst. in medicine, Univ. of Calif., 1905-6; 
prof, theory and practice of medicine, Yale, 
since Aug., 1906. Fellow Am. Acad, Med- 
icine; mem. Assn. Am. Physicians, Am. 
Med. Assn., Assn. Am. Pathologists and 
Bacteriologists. Club: Graduates, Address: 
204 York St.. New Haven, Conn. 

BLUMCR, George Alder, M. D., medical 
supt. of Butler Hospital, Providence, 
R. I,, since Sept., 1899; b. Sunderland, Eng- 
land, May 25, 1857; s. Dr. Luke B. ; ed. at 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, England; at Moravian 
School, Neuwied-on-Rhine, Germany; Ly- 
cee Corneille de Rouen, France; Univ. of 
Durham, England, and Univ. of Edinburgh, 
Scotland; grad. med. dept., Univ. of Pa., 
1879 (Licentiate Royal Coll. Surgeons and 
Royal Coll, Physicians, Edinburgh, 1884; 
Litt. D., Brown Univ., 1905); m. June 23, 
1886, Helen Antoinette, d. late Hon, J, 
Thomas Spriggs. Resident physician Ger- 
man Hosp., Phila, 1879-80; asst. physician 
(18bO-6), and supt. N. Y, State Lunatic 
Asylum, now Utica State Hosp., 1886-99; 
co-editor Am. Journal of Insanity; sec. of 
sect, of Psychol. Medicine, Internat. Med. 
Congress, Washington, 1887; pres. sect, on 
Insanity, World's Congress of Charities, 
Chicago, 1903; late adjunct prof, of in- 
sanity, Albany Med. Coll. Hon. mem Brit- 
ish Medico-psychol. Soc. ; Soc, Mental Med- 
icine of Belgium, Medico-psychol, Soc, of 
Paris; pres. Am. Medico-psychol. Assn., 
1903; pres. Boston Soc. Psychiatry and Neu- 
rology, 1904. Address: Duncan Lodge, Prov- 

BLUNT, Stanliope Englisli, army offi- 
cer; b. Boston, Sept, 29, 1850; .y. Charles 
E. and Penolope Bethune (English) B. ; 
grad. Oswego (N. Y.) High Sch., 1868, U, 
S. Mil. Acad., 1872; m. Clinton, N. Y., Nov. 
18, 1873, Fanny Smyth. Apptd. 2d It. 13th 
Inf., June 14, 1872; 1st It., Mar. 27, 1874; 
transferred to ordnance dept., Nov, 1, 1874; 
capt., Apr. 24, 1880; maj., July 7, 1898; 
It. col., Aug. 1, 1903; col., June 25, 1906. 
Served in Utah, Wyo. and Colo, with 13th 
Inf., 1872-4; It. col. and col. a.-d.-c. to 
Gen, P. H, Sheridan, 1885-8; insp. small 
arms practice, 1885-9; instr, mathematics 
and in science of ordnance and gunnery, 
U. S. Mil. Acad., 1876-80; comdg. Rock 
Island (111.) Arsenal, 1897-1907, Springfield 
Armory, Mass., since Aug., 1907. Mem. 
A. A. A. S., Nat. Geog. Soc, Soc Colonial 
Wars, Soc. Foreign Wars, War of 1812, S, 
R., Loyal Legion. Clubs: Commercial 
(Davenport, la.); Troy (Troy, N, Y.); Uni- 
versity (New York) ; Metropolitan, Army 
and Navy (Washington) ; Nayasset (Spring- 
field, Mass.) Contb'r to Johnson's Ency., 
Farrow's Mil. Ency., etc. Author: Rifle and 
Carbine Firing, 1885 S3; Firing Regulations 
for Small Arms, 1889 S3. Address: Spring- 
field, Mass, 

BOARDMAN, George Nye, clergyman, 
educator; b. Pittsford, Vt., Dec. 23, 1825; 
s. Deacon Samuel W. and Ann (Gilbert) 
B.; grad. Middlebury Coll., Vt., 1847 (A. M., 
1850); Andover Theol. Sem.. 1852; (D. D., 
Univ, Vt, 1867; LL. D., Lafayette Coll.. 
1889); m, 1854, Anne A. Walker, Pittsford. 
Vt. Tutor Middlebury Coll., 1847-9; prof, 
rhetoric, English literature and psychology, 
1853-9; pastor 1st Presby'n Ch., Bingham- 
ton, 1859-71; prof, systematic theology, 
Chicago Theol. Sem. (Cong'l), 1871-93; prof, 
emeritus since 1893. Declined presidency 
Univ, of Vt., 1867, and Middlebury Coll., 
1880. Author: Lectures on Natural Theol- 
ogy; The Will and Virtue (published for his 




students); Congregationalism; A History of 
New England Theology; etc. Address: 18 
W. 55th St., New York. Summer Residence: 
Pittsford, Vt. 

BOARDMAN, Harold Sheilmrn, educa- 
tor, civ. eng'r; b. Bangor, Me., Nov. 31, 
1874; .y. James A. and Morilla M. (Leighton) 
B.; B.C.E., Me. State Coll., 1895; student 
Mass. Inst. Tech., 1 yr. ; C.E., Univ. of Me., 
1898; m. Norridgewock, Me., July 24, 1897, 
Caroline A. Hilton. Instr. Me. State Coll., 
1896-9; in employ of Union Bridge Co., Ath- 
ens, Pa., 1899-1900, Am. Bridge Co., Phila., 
1900-1; instr., 1901-3, asso. prof., 1903-4, prof, 
civ. eng'ring, since 1904, Univ. of Me. ; also 
in pvt. practice; summer of 1903 in charge 
of locating dams on Penobscot River for 
Great Northern Paper Co.; summer 1904, 
storage investigation, Union Water Power 
Co., Lewiston, Me.; summers 1905-8, hy- 
draulic work, U. S. Geol. Survey. Cadet 
maj. Coburn Cadets, Me. State Coll., 1894-5; 
capt. Co. G, N.G.S.M., 1898-9; apptd. but not 
comm'd adj. 2d Regt., N.G.S.M. (left ser- 
vice). Republican. Baptist. Asso. mem. 
Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs; mem. Boston Soc. 
Civ. Eng'rs, Soc. Promotion Eng'ring Ed'n, 
Beta Theta Pi. Mason (32°). Address: Orono, 

BOARDMAN, Samuel Lane, author, jour- 
nalist; b. Bloomfield (now a part of Skow- 
hegan). Me., Mar. 30, 1836; s. Charles 
Franklin and Philena (Russell) B. ; (hon. 
M. S., Univ. of Me., 1899); m. 1st, June 12, 
1860, Ann Bates (died Apr. 30, 1894) ; 2d, Apr. 
19, 1900, Alma Staples. Asst. editor Country 
Gentleman, Albany, N. Y., 1859; editor 
Maine Farmer, Augusta, 1861-78, American 
Cultivator, Boston, 1878-9; editor and pub. 
The Home Farm, Augusta, 1880-8; editor 
Kennebec Journal, 1889-92, Bangor Daily 
Commercial, since 1895. Mem. Me. State B'd 
of Agr., 1872-4, sec. same, and trustee of 
State Coll., 1874-9; mem. b'd of mgrs. Me. 
Exp't Sta., 1885-7. Sec. Me. State Agr'l Soc, 
1865-74, Me. State Pomol. Soc, 1885-6. 
Clubs: Twentieth Century, The De Burians 
(pres.), Book Club (editor of its 3 vols, of 
pubis.) Author: Agricultural Bibliography 
of Maine; Handbook of the Turf; Memoir 
of Peter Edes, Pioneer Printer of Maine; 
The Naturalist of the St. Croix; Year Book 
of The De Burians. Edited 7 vols, on the 
agr. and pomology of Me. Address: Bangor, 

BOARDMAN, Waldo Elias, ex-pres. Nat. 
Dental Assn.; b. Saco, Me., Sept. 1, 1851; s. 
Elias and Sarah Hartshorn (Hopkins) B. ; 
D.M.D., Harvard, 1886; m. June 15, 1882, 
Margaret Elizabeth Brown, of Boston, En- 
gaged in business, 1869-83; began the prac- 
tice of dentistry, 1886; instructor operative 
dentistry. Harvard, 1890-1900; curator Dental 
Museum, Harvard, since 1891; librarian. 
Dental Library, Harvard, since 1897; editor 
Quinquesimal catalogue. Dental Dept., Har- 
vard, since 1896; mem. Administrative Bd., 
Dental Dept., Harvard, since 1899. Mem. 
since 1887, v. -p., 1894-5, pres. 1896 and on 
Exec Com. since 1897, Mass. Dental Soc; 
v.-p. for the East, 1903-4, mem. Exec Coun- 
cil, 1902-3, 1908-9, pres., 1904-5, Nat. Dental 
Assn. ; treas. Met. Dist. Dental Soc ; mem. 
Harvard Odontol. Soc, Am. Acad. Dental 
Science, Northeastern Dental Assn., Am. 

Med. Assn., New York Inst, of Stomatology, 
Interstate Dental Fraternity, Dental Protec- 
tive Assn., Internat. Dental Federation 
(Federation Dentaire Internationale); sec 
Harvard Dental Alumni Assn., since 1905; 
del. World's Columbian Dental Congress, 
1893, Foui^th Internat. Dental Congress, St. 
Louis, 1904 (mem. Organization Com., chmn. 
Com. on Printing and Publication, etc.j, 
Lewis & Ciark Dental Congress, Portland, 
Ore., 1905 (hon. chmn. for State of Mass. 
and pres. of Congress). Notary pub. for 
Mass., since 1871; justice of the peace, since 
1874. Mem. Sons Am. Rev., Mass. Charita- 
ble Mechanic Assn., Boston Young Men's 
• Christian Union. Clubs: Boston Art, Boston 
City, Bostonian Soc. Residence: 25 Summit 
Av., Winthrop Highlands, Mass. Office: 419 
Boylston St., Boston. 

BOARDMAN, William Bradford, law- 
yer; b. Brimfield, Mass., Aug. 22, 1871; s. 
Moses Bradford and Ellen Emeline (Barber) 
B.; B.A., Yale, 1893; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 
1898; m. Bridgeport, Conn., Feb, 22, 1901, 
Alice Burr Hall. Teacher, University Sch., 
Bridgeport, 1893-6; associated with Goodwin 
Stoddard, Bridgeport, in practice, 1898-1907; 
asst. atty. for N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Co. 
and associated co's, in charge of tort litiga- 
tion in Conn, with oflGice at New Haven; 
mem. firm of Hill & Boardman, Bridgeport, 
since Nov., 1907. Republican. Cong'list. 
Clubs: University (Bridgeport), Mill Hill 
Golf. Residence: 303 Mill Hill Av. Onice: 
1051 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

BOARD3IAN, William Francis Joseph. 
retired merchant and mfr. ; b. Wethersfield. 
Conn., Dec 12, 1828; s. William and Mary 
(Francis) B.; early colonial ancestry; grad. 
Wethersfield Acad., 1846; m. Jan. 7, 1852, 
Jane M. Greenleaf (died, Aug. 20, 1899). En- 
tered father's spice and coffee business, 
Wethersfield, 1846; business was removed to 
Hartford, 1850, under firm name of Wm. 
Boardman & Son, 1850-3, Wm. Boardman & 
Sons, 1853-97, The Wm. Boardman & Sons 
Co., Inc., since 1897; elected dir. State Bank 
of Hartford, 1861; elected mem. Court of 
Common Council, Hartford, 1863. Mem. 
(since organization, 1859) Putnam Phalanx, 
Conn. Hist. Soc. (life), N. E. Historic- 
Geneal. Soc. (life), Topsfield Hist. Soc, Ips- 
wich Hist. Soc, S.A.R., S.R., Conn. Soc. 
Order Founders and Patriots of America 
(genealogist), Wethersfield Soc. Library 
(life). Conn. Humane Soc. Author: Francis- 
Goodrich-Boardman Genealogy, 1898; Mem- 
orial of Mary Francis and William Board- 
man, 1899; Ancestral Records of William 
Francis Joseph Boardman, 1906; Ancestry of 
Jane Maria Greenleaf, 1906. Published 
Boardman Genealogy, 1525-1895, 1895; Weth- 
ersfield Inscriptions, 1899. Address: Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

BOARDMAN, William Sidney, physi- 
cian; b. Newburrport, Mass., Nov. 15, 185S; 
.V. Wm. B. and Martha Willard (Pierce) B. ; 
A:B., Amherst Coll., 1881, A.M., 1886; M.D.. 
H:arvard Med. Sch., 1886; house officer, Car- 
ney Hosp., 1885-6; m. Boston, July 20, 1897. 
Mrs. Anna (Brown) Hamman. In practice 
at Boston, since 1886; physician (diseases of 
nose and throat) Boston Dispensary, since 
1893; instr. and lecturer laryngologj-, Med. 
Dept., Tufts Coll., 1896-02; med. inspr., Bos- 
ton pub. schs., since 1894. Mem. Am. Clima- 




tol. Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Med. 
Assn., etc. Address: 63 Mt. Vernon St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
JOARDMAN, William Young Addoms, 

Christian Science practitioner; b. Platts- 
burgh, N. Y., July 9, 1837; s. Horace and 
Harriet (Addoms) B. ; student Plattsburgh 
Acad., from 11 to 18; m. 1st, South Boston, 
Mass., Aug. 9, 1861, Mary Elizabeth Crane 
(now deceased); m. 2d, Franklin, Mass., 
Sept. 10, 1876, Adelaide L. Clark. Began 
practice as healer, at Boston, Apr., 1893; 
has taken out 12 patents upon inventions; 
mem. Quilted Brush Co., Hyde Park, Mass., 
mfrs. of flesh brushes. First reader in First 
Ch., Scientist, Hyde Park, 1901-04. Mason. 
Address: Hyde Park, Mass. 

BOCHER, Maxime, educator; b. Boston, 
Aug. 28, 1867; 5. Ferdinand and Caroline 
(Little) B.; grad. Harvard, 1888, studied 
mathematics, Gottingen, 1888-91 (Ph. D.); 
m. July, 1891, Marie Niemann, Gottingen. 
Asst. prof, mathematics. Harvard Univ., 
1894-1904, prof, same since 1904. Fellow Am. 
Acad. Arts and Sciences. One of editors 
Annals of Mathematics, 1896-1900 and 1901-7; 
one of editors Trans. Am. Math. Soc, since 
1907. Author: Uber die Reihenentwicklun- 
gen der Potentialtheorie, 1894 L30. Contb'r 
to math, jours.; collaborator Encyclopaie 
der mathematischen Wissenschaften. Resi- 
dence: 48 Buckingham St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BODENWEIN, Theodore, newspaper 
pub.; b. Dusseldorf, Prussia, Jan. 25, 1864; s. 
Anton and Agnes (Bornes) B.; came to 
America with parents, 1869; ed. pub. schs. 
Groton, Conn.; m. New London, Conn., Feb. 
21, 1889, Jennie Muir. Apprentice in printing 
office of New London Day, 1881; one of the 
founders of the Morning Telegraph, 1885; 
propr. New London Day, since 1891; sec. of 
State of Conn., since 1905, reelected, 1906, for 
term extending to 1909. Republican. Mem. 
Odd Fellows, Elks. Chibs: Thames (New 
London); Union League (New Haven); Co- 
lonial (Meriden). Address: New London, 

BODLEY, Harry Innes, clergyman; b. at 
Lexington, Ky., Apr. 10, 1852; 5. Charles 
Scott Todd and Frances Price (Curd) B. ; 
A.B., Columbia, 1875; student Gen. Theol. 
Sem., 2 yrs. ; m. New York, Sept. 13, 1877, 
'Mary Anna Gillespie. Ordered deacon, 1877, 
ordained priest, 1878, Episcopal Ch. ; rector 
Christ Ch., Canaan, Conn., 1877-82, St. 
John's Ch., N. Adams, Mass., 1882-90; dean, 
Grace Cathedral, Topeka, Kan., 1895-7; rec- 
tor St. Mark's Ch., New Britain, Conn., 
since 1899 and Archdeacon of Hartford since 
1903. Mugwump. Clubs: Hartford Clericus, 
Hartford University, New Britain Saturday 
Night. Residence: 18 Lexington St. Office: 21 
Washington St., New Britain, Conn. 

BODWELL, Charles Allen, business 
man; b. Sanford, Me., Sept. 4, 1857; .?. Will- 
iam and Eliza (Bennett) B. ; pub. sch. ed'n; 
m. Sanford, Aug. 21, 1878, Annette Libby. 
Block printer until May, 1894; supt. Mousam 
River R. R. until 1903; now pres. and gen. 
mgr. Sanford Light & Power Co.; also pres. 
Bridgton Water & Electric Co., Berwick 
Water Co.; dir. Sanford Loan & Bldg. Assn. 
Republican. Address: Sanford, Me. 

BOGGS, Sara E., author, translator; b. 
Lewistown, Pa., Nov. 27, 1843; d. George 

and Magdalene Siegrist; ed. Lewistown pub. 
sch. and acad. ; m. Sewickley, Pa., Mar. 6, 
1865, Leander R, Boggs (died April, 1904). 
Translations: Told by the Deaths Head 
(Jokai), 1902 S22; The Nameless Castle 
(Jokai), 1898 D6; India and Ceylon (Ernest 
Haeckel), 1883 U9; Invisible Hands (Zobel- 
titz), 1894; Little Countess (E. Vely), 1891, 
The Mistress of Ibichstein (Henkel), 1884 
H4; The Hungarian Girl (Mariam Tenger), 
1892; etc. Author: Sandpeep, 1906 L6. 
Address: Seal Harbor, Me. 
BOIT, Elizabeth Eaton, mfr. ; b. New- 
ton, Mass., July 9. 1849; d. James Henry and 
Amanda Church (Berry) Boit; ed. pub. schs. 
and Lasell Sem., Auburndale, Mass. Began' 
business career at 18 as timekeeper in the 
Dudley Hosiery Knitting Mill, Newton; be- 
came asst. forewoman and at end of 5 yrs. 
was placed in charge of finishing dept. ; for 

5 yrs. filled position of supt. Allston Mills, 
Allston, Mass., until mills changed owner- 
ship; formed partnership with C. N. Win- 
ship and established the Harvard Knitting 
Mill, later establishing in Wakefield and 
since 1897 has operated a fully equipped 
plant, employing over 600 persons; probably 
the only woman in U. S. actively engaged in 
charge of a textile fabric manufactory. 
Chmn. Exec. Com. Aged Woman's Home; 
mem. Ladies' Aid Soc. of Mass. Club: Kos- 
mos (local). Address: Wakefield, Mass. 

BOIT, Robert Apthorp, insurance and 
trusts; b. Boston, Apr. 29, 1846; s. Edward 
Darley and Jane Parkinson (Hubbard) B. 
(both natives of Boston); prep, ed'n in pvt. 
and high schs.; A.B., Harvard, 1868; m. 1st, 
Savannah, Ga., Jan. 15, 1874, Georgia An- 
derson, d. Gen. Hugh Weedon Mercer, of 
Va. ; m. 2d, New Bedford, Mass., May 20, 
1886, Lilian, d. Nathaniel P. Willis, of "Idle- 
wild," on Hudson River, N. Y. In business 
in Savannah, 1868-76; in real estate and ins. 
business in New York, 1876-8; removed to 
Boston, Sept., 1878, as local agt. Commercial 
Union Assn. of London;' began for self in 
ins., 1882, and now head of Robert A. Boit 

6 Co.; dir. Chicopee Mfg. Co., Old Boston 
Nat. Bank, Commercial Union Fire Ins. Co. ; 
trustee Cushing Real Estate Trust. Mem. 
exec, com.. Met. Improvement League (ex- 
pres.), pres. Boston Dispensary; ex-pres. 
Boston Bd. of Underwriters, Boston Asso- 
ciated Bd. of Trade. Clubs: Somerset, B.A. 
A., Tennis and Racquet, University, City 
Club Corp'n, St. Botolph (ex-pres.), Har- 
vard Musical Assn., Longwood Cricket, Bos- 
tonian Soc, Harvard Union, Harvard Club 
of New York, Papyrus (ex-pres.). Residence: 
19 Colchester St., Brookline, Masp. Office: 40 
Kilby St., Boston. 

BOLANDE, Frank W., editor; b. Plym- 
outh, Conn., Mar. 28, 1865; s. Wesley F. and 
Angeline (Warner) B.; ed. Bridgeport 
(Conn.) High Sch.; studied architecture for 
2 yrs. ; reporter on staff of Bridgeport Farm- 
er, 1884; local editor Bridgeport Post, 1885, 
and with Meriden Republican; became re- 
porter Bridgeport S-tandard, 1886, city editor, 
1890; assisted in organizing the Post Pub. 
Co., 1891 (pres. since 1906), mng. editor; 
pres. Bridgeport Business Men's Assn. Mem. 
S.A.R. Clubs: Seaside, Press, Automobile 
(ex-pres. and now sec). Residence: 208 Bar- 
num Av. Office: Bridgeport Post, Bridge- 
port, Conn. 




BOLE, Andrew Symington, clergyman; 
b. Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 23, 1862; s. Rev. 
John and Marion (Brown) B. ; arrived in 
America, 1869; ed. Peacham (Vt.) Acad., 
Boston Night Sch., Bangor Theol. Sem., 
1895; m. Monticello, 111., Apr. 26, 1887, Lena 
M. Watts. Editor Saturday Evening News, 
St. Paul, Minn., 1887-90; ordained to minis- 
try Cong'l Ch., 1895; pastor. Turner, Me., 
1895-9, 'Coventry, Vt., since Apr., 1899; mem. 
Vt. Ho. of Rep., 1906, 1907 (ed'n com.); del. 
to Nat. Triennial Council of Cong'l Chs., Des 
Moines, la., Oct., 1904, also same at Cleve- 
land, O., Oct., 1907; del. by app'mt, Gov. 
Proctor, representing Vt. at Nat. Conf. on 
Trusts and Combinations, Chicago, 111., Oct. 
22-25, 1907, under auspices of Nat. Civic Fed- 
eration. Republican, Address: Coventry, Vt. 

BOIjIjES, Cliax-lton Burgess, clergyman, 
editor; b. New Bedford, Mass., Aug. 23, 
1868; jr. Abram Nye and Mary Jane (Chace) 
B. ; grad. Newton Theol. Inst'n, Newton 
■Centre, Mass., 1895; m. Rockport, Mass., 
Apr. 5, 1905, Harriet E. Lane (died, May 14, 
1907). Ordained Bapt. minister, 1895; pastor 
Rockport, Mass., 1895-1902, Brockton, Mass., 
1902-4, Danbury, Conn., 1904-7; pub. and edi- 
tor The Bar Harbor Record, and Life, Bar 
Harbor, Me., since Oct., 1907. Address: Bar. 
Harbor, Me. 

BOLjLiES, Edwin Cortlandt, microscop- 
ist, clergyman; b. Hartford, Conn., Sept. 19, 
1836; grad. Trinity Coll., Hartford, 1855; 
studied theology and beoame Universalist 
clergyman (Ph. D., St. Lawrence Univ., 
1860; S. T. D., Tufts. 1881; LL. D., Trinity, 
1905) ; made a specialty of microscopy, and, 
1870-3, was prof. of microscopy, St. 
Lawrence Univ., Canton, N. Y. ; lectured 
on same subject for yrs. at Tufts Coll.; pas- 
tor Portland, Me., 1861, Salem, Mass., 1871, 
New York, 1887; Dickson prof, of English 
and Am. history, Tufts Coll. Address: Tufts 
College, Mass. 

BOLLES, Tl^illiam Palmer, physician 
and surgeon; b. New London, Conn., June 
14, 1845; s. William and Cornelia (Palmer) 
B. ; prep, ed'n at New London; M.D., Har- 
vard Med. Sch., 1871; house officer Boston 
City Hosp., 1870-1; m. Boston, June 12, 1882, 
Martha B. Sumner. Practiced in Boston 
since 1872: visiting surgeon Boston City 
Hosp., 1885-1908, now consulting surgeon 
there; formerly prof, materia medica Mass. 
Coll. of Pharmacy, and instr. in materia 
medica, Harvard Univ. Sch. Mem. Am. 
Med. Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Soc. 
Med. Sciences, Boston Soc. Med. Improve- 
ment, Boston Med. Library Soc, Dorchester 
Med. Club, etc. Mem. Mass. Hist. Soc, 
Mass, Rifle Assn., Appalachian Club. Author: 
New Surgical Apparatus; also Some New 
Asceptic Apparatus, in medicine and sur- 
gery, reports of Boston City Hosp., etc. Ad- 
dress: 466 Warren St., Boston. 

BOLSTER, Norris Dayton, merchant; b. 
Rumford, Me., May 22, 1850; ^. Otis O. and 
Maria (Virgin) B. ; ed. pub. schs. and Paris 
High Sch.; m. South Paris, Me., Oct. 25, 
1883, Ada May Morton. Began active career, 
1867, as elk. in father's general store, suc- 
ceeding father in the business; took charge 
of the grange store, 1878, which he pur- 
chased, in company with C. A. Robinson; 
bought interest of partner and conducted 

business alone until 1893, since as N. D, Bol- 
ster & Co. ; pres. Paris Savings Bank. Re- 
publican. Cong'list. Odd Fellow. Address: 
South Paris, Me. 

BOLSTER, Wilfred, judge; b. Roxbury, 
Mass., Sept. 13, 1866; s. Solomon Alonzo and 
Sarah Jane (Gardner) B.; A.B., Harvard, 
1888, A.M., 1891; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch.. 
1891; tn. Roxbury, Oct. 4, 1893, Jeanie Tol- 
man Pond. Began practice in Boston, 1891. 
Mem. Boston Sch. Bd., 1901, 1902, 1903; chief 
justice. Municipal Court of City of Boston, 
since Sept., 1906; trustee Inst'n for Savings 
in Roxbury and Its Vicinity; dir. J. G. & B. 
S. Ferguson Co.; pres. Henry O. Peabody 
Sch. for Girls. Republican. Club: Boston 
City. Residence: 137 Ruthven St. Oifice: 
Court House, Boston. 

BOLSTER, William AVheeler, lawyer; 
b. Rumford, Me., July 6, 1823; .y. Alvan and 
Cynthia (Wheeler) B. ; grad. Harvard Law 
Sch., 1847; m. 1st, Oct. 15, 1848, Martha Hall 
Adams (died Aug. 20, 1866); vi. 2d, Aug. 17, 

1868, Florence Josephine Reed, Mexico, Me. 
(died Nov. 21, 1894). Practiced law in Me. 
since 1847; co. atty., 1864-70; state senator, 

1869, 1870; pres. Senate, 1870; state bank ex- 
aminer, 1873-9; mem. Exec. Council, 1883-5; 
div. advocate, 6th div. Me. Militia, 1864; trus- 
tee State Reform. School, 1885-93; mayor Au- 
burn, 1893-4; Republican. Is pres. Little An- 
droscoggin Water Power Co. ; owner cotton 
mill of 23,000 spindles, etc. Author: Tax Col- 
lector and Form Book; Digest of the Law of 
Tax Titles; Tax Collector and Town Officer; 
etc. Address: Auburn, Me. 

BOLTON, Charles Knowles, librarian 
of Boston Athenaeum Library since 1898; b. 
Cleveland, O., Nov. 14, 1867; s. Charles Ed- 
ward and Sarah (Knowles) B. ; grad. Har- 
vard, 1890; m. 1897, Ethel, d. Edward Stan- 
wood. Asst. Harvard Library, 1890-3; li- 
brarian, Brookline, 1894-8; mem. Mass. 
Hist. Soc, Colonial Soc. of Mass., Me. 
Hist. Soc. Author: Saskia, the Wife of 
Rembrandt, 1893 C7; On the Wooing of 
Martha Pitkin, 1894 C5; The Love Story of 
Ursula Wolcott, 1895 L2; Brookline, His- 
tory of a Favored Town, 1897; The Private 
Soldier Under Washington, 1902 S3; Circu- 
lating Libraries in Boston, 1765-1865, 1907 
XI; and articles on library administration. 
tditor: Letters of Hugh, Earl Percy, from 
Boston and New York, 1774-1776, 1902 Gil; 
The Athenaeum Centenary, 1907. Kesideuce: 
Brookline and Shirley, Mass. Ufhce: lO^i 
Beacon St., Boston. 

BOLTWOOD, Bertram Borden, educa- 
tor, scientist; b. Amherst, Mass., July 27, 
1870; s. Thomas Kast and Matilda (Van 
Hoesen) B. ; prep, ed'n, Albany Acad., Al- 
bany, N. Y., 1879-89; student Sheffield Scien- 
tific Sch., Yale, 1889-92, Ph.B., 1892; student 
Ludwig-Maximillian Univ., Munich, Ger- 
many, 1892-4, Yale, 1894-6, Univ. of Leipzig, 
1896, Yale, 1896-7, Ph.D., Yale, 1897. Asst. in 
chemistry, 1894-7, instr. in physical chemis- 
try, 1897-1900 Sheffield Scientific Sch. ; asso- 
ciated with Dr. Joseph Hyde Pratt of Chapel 
Hill, N. C. (Pratt & Boltwood, mining eng'rs 
and chemists), and engaged in scientific re- 
search, 1900-6; asst. prof, physics Yale since 
1906. Mem. Am. Physical Soc, Am. Chem. 
Soc, German Chem. Soc, Conn. Acad, of 
Arts and Sciences. Episcopalian. Clubs: 




Graduates' (New Haven, Conn.). Contb'r of 
articles to scientific jours., particularly on 
topic of radioactivity. Residence: 43 Livings- 
ton St. OiTice: Sloane Physical Laboratory, 
New Haven, Conn. 

OND, Aai'on Jolm, physician; h. Dalton, 
N H May 7, 1857; s. Lucius and Laura 
(Bailou) B.; M.D., New York Homce. Med. 
Coll., 1883; m. Adams, Mass., June 21, 1893, 
Alice Eva Bixby. Engaged in practice at 
Adams, Mass., since 1886. Mason; mem. A. 
U.W., Royal Arcanum. Residence: 34 Sum- 
mer St. Office: 25 Park St., Adams, Mass. 
OND, Cliarles H., cigar mfr. ; h. Saugus, 
Mass.; .y. Charles M. and Mary (Amerige) 
B.; ed. Saugus schs. and Speare and San- 
ger's Business Coll.; m. Washington, D. C, 
1883, Isabella Bacon. Began n^fr. of cigars 
in Saugus, at 17 yrs. of age; later organized 
firm of Waitt & Bond, Boston, of which is 
pres. and gen. mgr.; also largely interested 
in bldg. Republican. Mem. Standing Com., 
Second Unitarian Ch., Soc. Colonial Wars. 
Club: Boston Art (Bd. of Mgrs.). Residence: 
128 Commonwealth Av. Office: 67 Endicott 
St., Boston. 

BOND, Charles P., lawyer, editor; b. 
Brooklyn, July 24, 1855; s. Edward G. and 
Pamelia (Rogers) B.; A.B., Amherst Coll., 
1877; LL.B., Boston Univ. Law Sch., 1880; 
m. Waltham, Mass., Sept., 1880, Carrie M. 
Fuller. Practiced law, 1880-2; entered jour- 
nalism and for a number of yrs. was con- 
nected with editorial staff of Boston Herald, 
Traveler and Globe; financial editor Boston 
Journal, since 1898; dir. Waltham Nat. 
Bank; del. Mex. Nat. Exp'n, City of Mexico, 
1897; mayor of Waltham, 1897. Republican. 
Mason, K.T.; mem. I.O.O.F. Cluhs: Middle- 
sex; Massachusetts, Newton. Residence: 
Waltham, Mass. Office: Boston Journal, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

BOND, Daniel 'White, judge; b. Canter- 
bury, Conn., Apr. 29, 1838; s. Daniel H. and 
Deborah (White) B.; descendant of William 
B., Watertown, Mass., 1630; ed. Plainfield 
Acad, and New Britain Normal Sch., studied 
law in Canterbury and Florence, Mass. ; LL. 
B., Columbia Law Sch., 1862; admitted to 
bar, 1862; m. Canterbury, May 20, 1863, Susan 
J. Dyer. Practiced in Providence, R. I., a 
short time; removed to Florence, Mass., 
1863; atty. Florence Sewing Machine Co., 
several yrs. ; opened office in Northampton, 
Mass., with brother and Judge William Al- 
len, 1871; dist. atty. Northwestern Judicial 
Dist., 1877-89; justice Superior Court of 
Mass. since 1890. Republican. Residence: 
Waltham, Mass. Office: Court House, Pem- 
berton Sq., Boston. 

BOND, Frank Stuart, ry. official; b. Stur- 
bridge, Mass., Feb. 1, 1830; s. Rev. Alvan 
and Sarah (Richardson) B. ; ed. Norwich 
Acad, and Hopkinton High Sch.; not mar- 
ried. Entered ry. service, 1849, clerk N. & 
W. R. R. Co.; sec. C, H. ;& D. Ry. Co., 
1850-6; v.-p. M., K. & T. R. R., 1868-73, 
Texas & Pacific R. R., 1873-81; pres. Phila. 
& Reading Rd., 1882-3; pres. 5 asso. rys., 
1884-6; v.-p. C, M. & St. P. Ry., 1886-1900; 
dir. New Orleans ,& Northwestern R. R., 
Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pac. R. R. Mem. 
Loyal Legion, S. A. R., Army of Cumber- 
land, Met. Mus. of Art, Am. Mus. Natural 
History, Nat. Acad. Design, etc. Cluhs: 

Metropolitan, Union, Union League, Cen- 
tury, Jekyl Island. Residence: New London, 

BOND, George Meade, mech. eng'r; b. 
Newburyport, Mass., July 17, 1852; M.E., 
Stevens Inst., Hoboken, N. J., 1880. Mgr. 
standards and gauge dept., Pratt & Whitney 
Co., Hartford, Conn., 1880-1902. Address: 141 
Washington St., Hartford, Conn. 

BOND, George Sumner, mfr., banker; b. 
Charlestown, N. H., Mar. 2, 1837; s. Silas 
and Alice (Abbott) B.; common sch. ed'n; 
m. Charlestown, N. H., Oct. 9, 1860, Maj-y M. 
Way. Learned tinsmith trade in which en- 
gaged at Putney, Vt., 3 yrs. and for 17 yrs. 
at Charlestown; supt. Pargitized Can Co., 1 
yr., since engaged in manufacture of musical 
instrument cases; pres. Conn. River Nat. 
Bank; mem. N. H. State Const'l Conv., 
1889. Republican. Mem. Am. Bankers' Assn. 
(ex-v.-p.). Mason. Address: Charlestown, 
New Hampshire. 

BOND, Henry, retired manufacturer; b. 
Ware, Mass., July 7, 1856; .s. Benjamin and 
Louisa (Baton) B. ; prep, ed'n Ware (Mass.) 
High Sch.; grad. Mass. Agr'i Coll., 1876; m. 
1st, Waltham, Mass., Oct. 5, 1881, Emma A. 
Hardy; m. 2d, Gait, Ont., Feb. 22, 1900, Ali- 
son E. Cant. Purchasing agt.. Am. Waltham 
Watch Co., Waltham, Mass., 1881-91; asst. 
mgr. Pierce Plant, Am. Radiator Co., Buf- 
falo, N. Y., 1891-1900; chmn. operating bd. 
Am. Radiator Co., Chicago, 1901-5; retired 
from active business, 1905, but continued as 
dir. Am. Radiator Co. Republican. Baptist 
(ex-pres. Chicago Baptist Social Union). 
Club: Greenfield. Address: Greenfield, Mass. 

BOND, Herbert Warren, banker; h. 
Charlestown, N. H., July 31;, 1861; s. George 
Sumner and Mary M. (Way) B., and de- 
scendant in 6th generation of Bond family 
of Watertown, Mass.; grad. Vt. Episcopal 
Inst., Burlington, 1880; m. Charlestown, N. 
H., Feb. 17, 1892, Susie R. Dickinson. Clk., 
1882-93, asst. cashier, 1893-5, cashier, since 
1895, Conn. River Nat. Bank. Episcopalian; 
treas. Diocese of N. H. Mason (32°), K.T., 
Shriner. C/i(&; Lambs (New York). Address: 
Charlestown, N. H. 

BOND, La-wrence, lawyer; b. Hawaiian 
Islands, of Am. parentage, Feb. 4, 1853; .y. 
Edward Pearson and Sarah (Wight) B.; A. 
B., Harvard, 1877; studied law; was admitted 
to bar, 1884. Has practiced in Boston since 
1884. Mem. Bar Assn. of City of Boston, 
Middlesex Co. Bar Assn. Unitarian. Mem. 
Dante Soc, Phi Beta Kappa. Club: Union. 
Residence: 13 Elm St., W. Newton, Mass. 
OfUce: Old South Bldg., Boston. 

BONNEAU, Alfred, editor and publisher; 
b. St. John's, P. Q., Can., Oct. 14, 1862; .y. 
Alfred and Philomene (Lussier) B.; prep, 
ed'n. Christian Brothers' Acad., St. John's; 
grad. Sem. of St. Therese, St. Hyacinth, P. 
Q., 1881; m. Biddeford, Oct. 20, 1895, Anna 
Tetrault. Began active career as editor 
L' Etoile, Lowell, Mass., then becoming edi- 
tor of L' Observateur, Biddeford; started La 
Justice de Biddeford, 1896, and continues as 
its head; mem. Sch. Com. 3 yrs., 1898-1901; 
justice of the peace; comm'r of Supreme Ct., 
for Province of Quebec. Republican. Catho- 
lic. Mem. Societe Historique Franco-Am6ri- 
caine. St. John's Soc, L'Union St. J. Bd. A 




and Les Artisans C. F. Residence: 334 Elm 
St. Office: 9 Adams St., Biddeford, Me. 

BONNET, Frederic, Jr., educator; h. St. 
Louis, Mo., Feb. 28, 1878; s. Frederick and 
Phillinpine (Dirlam) B. ; prep, ed'n, St. 
Louis^ Central High Sch., 1893-96; Washing- 
ton Univ., St. Louis, 1896-9, B.S., cum laude 
in chemistry, 1899; Harvard Grad. Sch., 1899- 
1903, M.S., 1902, Ph.D., in chemistry, 1903. 
Instr. in chemistry, Iowa State Univ., 1903-4, 
Worcester (Mass.) Poly. Inst., since 1904. 
Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Ceramic Soc, Am. 
Chem. Soc, Sigma XL Address: Worcester 
Polytechnic Inst., Worcester, Mass. 

BONNE Y, Percival, judge; h. Minot, Me., 
Sept. 24, 1842; 5. William Lowell and Adeline 
Lois (French) B.; A.B., Waterville (now 
■Colby) Coll., 1863; elk. U. S. Treas. Dept., 

• Washington, 1863-5; m. Turner, Me., Aug. 5, 
1864, Elizabeth H. Bray. Admitted to bar, 
1866; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1870, 1871; judge 
Superior Court of Cumberland Co. since Oct. 
7, 1878. Trustee Colby Coll. (sec, 1878-93, 
treas. from 1881), Hebron Acad. Pres. Me. 
Bapt. Missionary Conv., 1892-4; metn. Bd. 
Mgrs., Am. Bapt. Missionary Union. Repub- 
lican. Address: Portland, Me. 

BOOKER, Ira Peirce, retired mcht. ; h. 
Lisbon, Me., Nov. 28, 1832; 5. James and Em- 
ily (Peirce) B. ; ed. common schs. and Litch- 
field Liberal Inst., Litchfield, Me.; m. 1st, 
Lisbon, 1855, Clara W. Whittemore (now de- 
ceased) ; m. 2d, Brunswick, Me., 1890, Nellie 
Dennett. Mem. Metcalf & Booker, dry goods, 
Brunswick, Me., 1854-88; sec. Bd. of Over- 
seers, 1869-91, asst. treas., 1890-5, treas. since 
1895, Bowdoin Coll.; dir. Brunswick Library 
Assn. Mason (Chapter, Council, Command- 
ery). Republican. Cong'list. Address: 
Brunswick, Me. 

BOOKWALTER, Alfred Guetner, su- 
pervisor industrial ed'n; b. Cedar Rapids, 
la., Oct. 26, 1873; s. Lewis (LL.D., pres. Ot- 
terbein Univ., Ohio) and Emma (Guetner) 
B. ; prep, ed'n, Dayton (O.) High Sch., Ot- 
terbein Univ. 1 yr. ; A.B., Clark Coll., la., 
1896; A.B., Yale, 1897, A.M., 1901; studied 
industrial ed'n in Germany; w. Apr, 21. 1908, 
Amy Mitchell Shuey, d. E. L. Shuey, of Day- 
ton, O. Master St. Paul's Sch., 1898-1903, 
with 1 year's absence, 1900-01, when edn'l 
sec Internat. Com. Y.M.C.A. of N. Y. ; sec. 
Dept. of Industrial Ed'n, Mass. and R. I. 
Y.M.C.A. since June, 1903; represents com. 
of 25 leading mfrs. and employees of labor 
in extending industrial ed'n in Mass. and 
R. I. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Gamma 
Delta, Soc. for Promotion of Industrial Ed'n, 
Soc. for Promotion of Social Service, N.E.A., 
Religious Ed'n Assn. Served 1 yr. as pvt. 
Iowa N.G., 1 yr. as sergt. Yale Mil. Co. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Boston City. Yale (Bos- 
ton). Residence: Springdale, N. Wilmington, 
Mass. Office: 167 Tremont St., Boston. 

BOORAEM, J. Francis, mech. and elec. 
Swiss V. -consul. Apprentice with Henry R. 
eng'r; b. Jersey City, N. J., 1869; .y. John Van 
Vorst and Elizabeth (Wreaks) B.; M.E. and 
E.E., Sibley Coll., Cornell Univ., 1891; in. 
New York, Mar. 15, 1899, Alice A. Robert, d. 
Worthington Co., 1891; in eng'ring dept. Am. 
Sugar Refining Co.'s Havemeyer & Elders 
Refinery, and asst. to supt., 1892-5; built 
factory of Am. Enameled Brick and Tile Co., 
South River, N. J., 1895, with assistance of 

Bernard Jacquart as supt., and increased ca- 
pacity tenfold by 1906 (mgr., treas. and 
eng'r). Veteran of squadron A, N.Y.N.G., 7 
yrs. Roosevelt Democrat. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Eng'rs, Psi Upsilon. Residence: Shore 
Rd., Greenwich, Conn. Office: 1 Madison Av., 
New York. 

BOOTH, Ag'nes, actress; b. (Marion Agnes 
Land Rookes) Sydney, Australia, Oct. 4, 
1846; d. Capt. Land and Sara Rookes; made 
debut as a dancer when a child, and later 
was with COS. playing in Calif. First ap- 
pearance in New York, 1865; soon after be- 
came leading lady with Edwin Forrest; has 
taken leading roles in drama with numer- 
ous COS.; m. at 16, Harry Perry, Am. actor 
(died 1863); 2d, 1867, Junius Booth (died 
1883); 3d, 1885, John B. Shoeffel. Address: 
Manchester-by-the Sea, Mass. 

BOOTH, E. J., head of Booth Lumber Co.; 
pres. Chittenden County Trust Co. Address: 
Burlington, Vt. 

BOOTH, Mary Ann, microscopist; h. 
Longmeadow, Mass., Sept. 8, 1843; d. Samuel 
Colton and Rhoda (Colton) B. Fellow A.A. 
A.S., Royal Micros. Soc, of London, Eng. ; 
mem. Am. Micros. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc. 
Cong'list. C/z<6.- Women's. Recreations: Pho- 
tography, Photo-micography. Address: 60 
Dartmouth St., Springfield, Mass. 

BOOTH, William Stone, publisher; b. 
Gloucester, Eng., Jan. 20, 1864; s. Abraham 
and Elizabeth Ann (Watts) B. ; ed. Cathedral 
Coll. Sch., Gloucester; m. 1st. 1897, Mary M. 
Brewster (died, 1901) ; m. 2d, Cambridge, 
Mass., Nov. 29, 1904, Leonora Howe. In lum- 
ber business in Eng., 1880-5, Australia, 1S85: 
in Brazil investigating the fibre industry for 
Star Brush Co. of London and Kew Bulletin, 
1887-8, Mex. and U. S., 1888-9, Bahamas. 1S89- 
90; in London in lumber business, 1890-3, 
Calif., 1893-4; engaged as librarian in New 
York, 1894-7; with G. P. Putnam & Sons, 
pubs.. New York, 1897, The Macmillan Co., 
1898-1903, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Bo.stou, 
1894-8. Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Modern Lan- 
guage Assn., Mass. Civil Service Reform 
Assn. Clubs: The Players (New York); St. 
Botolph, Papyrus (Boston). Author: A Prac- 
tical Guide for Authors. Editor: On Many 
Seas. Residence: 19 Berkeley St., Cambridge, 

BOOTHBY, Adelaide Endora. philan- 
thropist; b. Waterville, Me.. June 3, 1849; d. 
Charles H. and Vesta Bailey (Thayer) 
Smith; ed. Oak Grove Sem.. Vassalboro, Me., 
and Bloomfield Acad.; in. Waterville, Oct. 25. 
1871, Frederic Eleazer Boothby, ry. official. 
V.-p. State of Me. branch Am. Nat. Red 
Cross; chmn. Workroom Com. Associated 
Charities, Portland; mem. Sch. Bd., Port- 
land (elected by practically unanimous vote 
of both parties) ; dir. Me. Home for Friend- 
less Boys, Temporary Home for Women and 
Children, The Mary Brown Home, Fresh Air 
Soc. C/!(/'.- Civic (pres.). Episcopalian. Ad- 
dress: Falmouth Hotel, Portland, Me. 

BOOTHBY, Frederic Eleazer, ry. of- 
ficial; b. Norway. Me., Dec. 3, 1845; <r. Levi 
Thompson and Sophia Packard (Brett) B. 
ed. Oxford Normal Inst., S. Paris, Me. 
grammar and high schs., Waterville. Me. 
Waterville (Me.) Acad, (now Coburn Classic- 
al Inst.): m. Waterville, Oct. 25, 1871, Ade- 
laide Endora Smith. Asst. postmaster, Wa- 




terville, 1861-4; apptd. gen. ticket agt. Me. 
Central R, R., 1864, and on consolidation of 
Me. Central and Portland & Kennebec rds., 
1871, took charge of freight accounting dept., 
also pay master; gen. pass, and ticket agt. 
Me. Central Rd. since removal of offices to 
Portland, 1875, also has acted in similar ca- 
pacity for other lines; dir. Union Safe De- 
posit & Trust Co. (Portland), N. B. Summer 
Resort Assn.; treas. and trustee Me. Bye 
and Ear Infirmary (Portland) ; pres. Forest 
City Loan & Bldg. Assn. Republican; del.- 
at-large from Me. to Nat. Rep. Conv., Chi- 
cago, 1904 (chmn. Me. delegation). Mem. 
Am. Assn. Gen. Passenger and Ticket Agts. 
(pres., 1905), Me. Hist. Soc. Mem. Portland 
Prison Com. (treas.). Me. branch Am. Nat. 
Red Cross Assn. (treas.), Portland Civic Club, 
Bath Com. (treas.). Me. Soc. Prevention 
Cruelty to Animals (dir.). Me. branch S.A.R. 
(pres.), Soc. of Mayflower (capt.); trustee 
Me. Home for Friendless Boys, Coburn 
Classical Inst. Mem. staffs of Govs. Bodwell, 
Marble and Burleigh; pres. Portland Bd. of 
Trade, 5 terms, 1897-1901; mayor of Portland 
3 terms, 1901, 1902, 1903. Episcopalian (war- 
den St. Stephen's Ch.). Mason, K.T. Clubs: 
Cumberland, Portland Athletic. Residence: 
Falmouth Hotel. Office: 238 St. John St., 
Portland, Me. 
JORDEIV, Henry Francis, physician; b. 
N. Bridgewater (now Brockton) Mass., Dec. 
15. 1844; s. Adolphus Kinsman (M.D.) and 
Lucy Ann Lazelle (Brown) B.; S.B., Har- 
vard, 1865; M.D., Harvard, 1869; house phy- 
sician, Boston City Hosp., 1868-9; studied at 
Paris, France, 1869-70; m. 1875, Frances I. 
Cousens. Engaged in practice at Brockton 
since 1870; had charge of smallpox patients 
during epidemic of 1873, at Brockton. Fellow 
Mass. Med. Soc. ; mem. Plymouth Dist. Med. 
Soc. (pres., 1889), Boston City Hosp. Club, 
etc. Author various med. papers. Address: 
Brockton, Mass. 

BORDEN, Jerome C, pres. Tecumseh 
Mills, Union Savings Bank, Troy Coopera- 
tive Bank; mem. firm Cook & Borden. Ad- 
dress: Fall River, Mass. 

BORDEN, Matthew Chaloner Durfee, 
manufacturer; A.B., Yale Univ., 1864, A.M., 
1867. Pres. Fall River Iron Works Co. Ad- 
dress: Fall River, Mass. 

BORDEN, Richard Plumer, lawyer; b. 
Fall River, Mass., Apr. 6, 1865; 5. Richard 
B. and Ellen F. B.; student Mass. Inst, of 
Tech., 1882-6, Harvard Law Sch., 1891. 
Abroad, 1886-7; machinist, eng'r and asst. in 
cotton mill, 1887-9; began practice of law, 
1891, as mem. firm of Jackson, Slade & Bor- 
den, Fall River, now Slade & Borden; dir. 
Richard Borden Mfg. Co., Am. Linen Co.; 
pres. Union Hosp., Fall River. Ensign Mass. 
Naval Brigade; ensign U.S.N., May 20-Sept. 
29, 1898; It. Mass. Naval Brigade. Republic- 
an. Clubs: Tavern, Quequechan, Coffee (Fall 
River) ; St. Botolph, Technology, Papyrus 
Wardroom, Boston Athletic Assn., Mass. 
Auto. Club. Residence: 511 Rock St. Office: 
57 N. Main St., Fall River, Mass. 

BORDEN, Spencer, mfr. ; b. Fall River, 
Mass., June 10, 1849; s. Jefferson and Susan 
Elizabeth (Easton) B. ; grad. Poly. Inst., 
Brooklyn, 1868, Conservatoire des Arts et 
Metiers and the Sorbonne, Paris, France, 
1870; m. Aug. 8, 1871, Bffie A. Brooks, of Sa- 
lem, O. Chemist, Am. Print Works. FaU 

River, Mass., 1871; established the Fall River 
Bleachery, 1872; asso, with Thomas Edison 
in his early work and organized his New 
England business; a.-d.-c. with rank of col., 
staff of Gov. W. E. Russell, of Mass., 1890-3; 
mem. Sch. Com., Fall River; trustee Fall 
River Pub. Library. Inventor of mech., 
elec. and chem. appliances, etc.; contb'r to 
scientific and agr'l mags. Address: "Inter- 
lachen," Fall River, Mass. 

BORDEN, Thomas J., pres. State Mut. 
Fire Ins. Co. ; pres. and treas. Fall River 
Mfrs. Mut. Ins. Co. Address: Providence, 
R. I. 

BOSSIDY, John Collins, M. D.; b. Mon- 
terey, Mass., June 17, 1860; grad. Lee High 
School, class 1877, and Holy Cross Coll., 
1881; M. D., Georgetown Univ., 1885; clerk 
in the Interior Dept., 1882, and successive- 
ly, law examiner, legal reviev/er and med. 
examiner, U. S. pension office until 1886; 
chief of pension ofiice, St. Paul, 1886-91; 
detailed to duty on Sioux Indian Com'n, 
with Maj.-Gen. Crook and Gov. Foster, 1889; 
resigned, 1891, and spent following year in 
London eye hosps. ; located in Boston, 1893; 
now U. S. expert examining surgeon; oph- 
thalmic surgeon to St. Elizabeth's Hosp., 
and ophthal. surgeon, Boston City Hosp. 
Address: 419 Boylston St., Boston. 

BOSSON, Alhert Davis, lawyer; b. Chel- 
sea, Mass., Nov. 8, 1853; .y. George C. and 
Mary Jane (Hood) B.; A.B., 1875, A.M., 1878, 
Brown Univ.; studied law in ofilces of 
Brooks, Ball & Storey, Boston, and in Bos- 
ton Univ. Law Sch. ; admitted to Suffolk bar, 
1878; m. Chelsea, May 18, 1887, Alice Lavinia 
Campbell. Associated in practice with 
Charles B. Grinnell, 1878-91; sp'l justice' Po- 
lice Court of Chelsea, 1882-92, justice since 
1892; mayor of Chelsea, 1891. Mem. Boston 
Bar Assn., N. E. Historic-Geneal. Soc, S.R. 
Clubs: University, Mass. Reform. Residence: 
Chelsea, Mass. Office: 722 Tremont Bldg., 

BOSWORTH, Charles W., lawyer; b. 
Springfield, Mass., Aug. 28, 1871; .y. Henry 
W. and Mary E. (Hall) B. ; A.B., Yale, 1893. 
Studied law; admitted to bar, 1894: pres. 
Union Trust Co. Republican. Address: 
Spriiigfleld, Mass. 

BOSWORTH, Edmund B., jewelers' ma- 
chinery mfr.; b. Warren, R. I., Dec. 9, 1844; 
s. Benjamin M. and Elizabeth (Luther) B.; 
pub. sch. ed'n; m. Warren, Sarah E. Glad- 
ding. Learned the trade of machinist in his 
father's machine shop and brass foundry; 
employed by Household Sewing Machine Co., 
Providence, R. I., 1875-82; worked in jewelry 
shop as tool maker. Providence, 1882-6; re- 
moved to Warren and engaged in mfr. of 
small lathes of his own invention. In part- 
nership with his son, Charles E., for the 
mfr. of presses, milling lathes for jewelry 
mfrs. and other machinery, since 1898. Ad- 
dress: Manning St., Warren, R. I. 

BOSWORTH, Henry Hall, lawyer; b. 
Springfield, Mass., Mar. 16, 1868; s. Henry W. 
and Mary Elizabeth (Hall) B.; grad. Am- 
herst Coll., 1889; studied law with father; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1892; m. Springfield, 1898, Grace 
T., d. of Andrew J. Wright. Republican. 
Mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1897, 1898. Address. 
31 Elm St., Springfield, Mass. 




BOSWORTH, Henry Wilder, judge; b. 
Otis, Mass., Apr. 2, 1832; s. Lyman and Sarah 
(Waite) B.; ed. dist. schs.. Normal Sell., 
Westfield, Mass., New York Conf. Sem., 
Charlottesville, N. Y. ; taught sch. at Otis, 
Hadley and Ware, Mass. ; mem. Mass. Ho. of 
Rep., 18G0; inspector in Boston custom 
house, 1861-4; studied law; admitted to bar, 
1866; m. Otis, Mar. 8, 1865, Mary Elizabeth 
Hall. In practice in Springfield, Mass., 1866- 
89; sp'l justice, 1885-9, justice since 1889, Po- 
lice Court, Springfield. Address: 31 Elm St., 
Springfield, Mass. 

BOSWORTH, Orrln Lutlier, judge; b. 
Warren, R. I., Apr. 19, 1849; s. Benjamin 
Miller and Elizabeth (Luther) B. ; ed. pub. 
schs., Warren; LL.B., Law Dept., Union 
Univ.. New York, 1875; m. Warren, Jan. 16, 
1878, Isabella J. Essex. Began practice Bris- 
tol, R. I., 1876; judge Dist. Court, 5th 
Judicial Dist. of R. I., since 1897. Republic- 
an. Past Master St. Albans Lodge, A.F. & 
A.M., and Past High Priest, Hope Chapter, 
both of Bristol, R. I. Offices: Industrial Trust 
Bldg., Providence, R. I., and Bristol, R. I, 

BOTHFELD, Henry Edmund; b. New 
York, Mar. 4, 1859; s. Herman P. and Julia 
(Ferguson) B.; ed. Newton (Mass.) High 
Sch. ; m. Newton, June 18, 1885, Haidee Soule. 
Entered employ of R. H. Stearns Co., 
comm'n dry goods at 19; with Lewis, Brown 
& Co., importers, at 20; admitted as partner, 
J. A. & N. Harwood, mfrs., mill at Leomin- 
ster, Mass., at 25; withdrew at 38 to take up 
management of estates. Trustee Newton 
Savings Bank; dir. Newton Cooperative 
Bank; trustee Newton Hosp.; treas. Chan- 
ning Religious Soc. of Newton. Republican. 
Unitarian. Served 3 yrs. in Claflin Guard, 
€o. C, 5th Regt., M.V.M.; mem. Common 
Council, Newton, 1891-2, Bd. of Aldermen, 
1893-4 (pres.), mayor, 1895; mem. Sch. Com. 
since 1901 (chmn., 1909). Residence: 91 Hun- 
newell Av., Newton, Mass. Office: 101 Tre- 
mont St., Boston. 

BOTTOMLEY, Jolin Taylor, surgeon; b. 
Lee, Mass., Sept. 24, 1869; s. John and Ellen 
(Ryan) B. ; ed. Lee High Sch.; A.B., Holy 
Cross. Coll., Worcester, Mass., 1889; M.D., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1894; m. Boston, June 3, 
1908, Mary Agnes Kenney, of Roxbury. Be- 
gan practice at Boston, 1897; 1st asst. sur- 
geon, Mass. Hosp. ship, Bay State, Spanish- 
Am. War, 1898; asst. visiting surgeon, Boston 
City Hosp., 1899-1903; asst. in surgery. Har- 
vard Med. Sch., 1901-3; supervising surgeon, 
Boston City Hosp. Relief Sta., 1901-3; sur- 
geon to Carney Hosp., Boston, since 1903; 
consulting surgeon. City, Hosp., Haverhill, 
Mass., since 1906, and to Josiah B. Thomas 
Hosp., Peabody, Mass., since 1907. Roman 
Catholic. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Am. Med. 
Assn., etc., Boston Soc. Med. Sciences, Bos- 
ton Soc. Med. Improvement. Chib: Univer- 
sity. Address: 165 Beacon St., Boston. 

BOUCHER, Jobn Bernard, surgeon; b. 
E. Windsor, Conn., July 18, 1864; .y. John M. 
and Mary (Halloran) B. ; grad. Enfield High 
Sch. ; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., Baltimore, 
1894; won 2d prize for highest standing in 
coll. for 4 yrs. ; post-grad, work, Berlin, 
Vienna, and Berne, Switzerland, 1899; m. 
New Haven, Conn., June 20, 190O, Marie 
Louise Kennedy, who died May 8, 1902. Has 
practiced in Hartford, Conn., since 1894; sur- 
geon on staff St. Francis Hosp. since 1897; 

consulting surgeon, Middlesex Hosp., Mid- 
dletown, and St. Mary's Hosp., Waterbury. 
Democrat. Roman Catholic, Fellow N. Y. 
Acad, of Medicine; mem. Hartford City and 
Co. Med. socs. (chmn. Surg. Section, Hart- 
ford Med. Soc), Conn. State Med. Soc, Am. 
Med. Assn., Am. Urol. Soc. Address: 25 
Charter Oak Av., Hartford, Conn. 
BOURN, Angnstus Osborn, mfr. ; b. 
Providence, R. I., Oct. 1, 1834; s. George 
O. and Huldah B. (Eddy) B. ; ed. Brown 
Univ., A. M., 1855; m. Providence, R. I., 
Feb. 24, 1863, Elizabeth R., d. David C. and 
Mary (Wentworth) Morrill. Engaged as 
mfr. rubber goods in Providence; founded, 
1867, and became pres. Nat. Rubber Co., 
of Bristol, R. I.; removed to Bristol, 1873; 
State senator, 1876-83, and 1886-8; gov. R. I., 
1883-5; served in State militia, private to 
It. -col.; was consul-gen. to Italy, 1889-93. 
Ex-pres. New England Rubber Club (Bos- 
ton); mem. University Club (Providence). 
Author Bourn Amendment to Constitution 
of R. I. extending to foreign born citizens 
same rights of voting as enjoyed by native 
born. Residence: Bristol, R. I. Office: Provi- 
dence. R. I. 
BOURNE, Alexander Phoenix, clergy- 
man; b. New York, Jan. 7, 1866; 5. Rev. 
Shearjaskub and Susan (Ketchum) B. ; prep, 
ed'n, Paterson (N. J.) Sem.; A.B., Brown 
Univ., 1890; student N. Y. Univ. Law Sch. 
1 yr., 1890-1; grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 
1894; A.M., Harvard, 1895. Ordained Cong'l 
minister, Dec. 5, 1895; asst. pastor Phillips 
Ch., Exeter, N. H., 1895-1900, pastor, 1900-2; 
asst. pastor First Ch. (Cong'l), Cambridge, 
Mass., since May 1, 1904; dir. Associated 
Charities, Cambridge. Mem. Delta Phi. 
Club: Harvard Union. Address: 375 Harvard 
St., Cambridge, Mass. 
BOURNE, Edward Gaylord, prof, his- 
tory, Yale, since 1895; b. Strykersville, N. 
Y., June 24, 1860; grad. Yale, 1883 (Ph. D., 
1892); m. July 17, 1895, Annie Nettleton 
Bourne, Stockbridge, Mass. Instr. history 
and lecturer on polit. science, Yale, 1886-8; 
instr. history, Adelbert Coll., 1888-90; prof, 
history same, 1890-5; chmn. Hist. MSS. 
Com., Am. Hist. Assn.; corr. mem. Mass. 
Hist. Soc. ; mem. Am. Antiquarian Sc. 
Author: The History of the Surplus Reve- 
nue of 1837, 1885 P2; Essays in Historical 
criticism, 1901 S3; Historical Introduction 
to the Philippine Islands, 1903 C42; Spain 
in America, 1904 HI, Editor: Wolley's A two 
Years' Journal in New York, 1902; Four- 
nier's Napoleon I, 1903 H4; Roscher's 
Spanish Colonial System, 1904 H4; The 
Chase Papers, 1903; editor and translator: 
The Narrative of De Soto, 1904 B5; The 
Voyages of Champlain, 1905 B5; Narratives 
of Columbus and Cabot, 1906 S3. Co-Editor 
Yale Review. Address: 73 Mansfield St., 
New Haven, Conn. 
BOUTELLE, George K., pres. Ticonic 
Nat. Bank, Waterville & Fairfield Ry. & 
Light Co.; treas. Colby Coll. Address: Wa- 
terville. Me. 
BOUTON, Charles Leonard, mathemati- 
cian; b. St. Louis, Apr. 25, 1869; s. William 
and Mary R. (Conklin) B. ; grad. Wash- 
ington Univ., M. Sc, 1891, A. M., Harvard, 
1896, Ph. D., Leipzig, 1898; unmarried. 
Instr. Smith Acad., St Louis, 1891-4, Wash- 




Ington Univ., 1893-4; student Harvard Grad- 
uate Sch., 1894-6, Leipzig Univ., 1896-8; 
instr. mathematics Harvard, 1898-1904; asst. 
prof, same since 1904. One of editors Bull, 
of Am. Math. Soc, 1900-2; asso. editor 
Trans. Am. Math. Soc. since 1902. Mem. 
Am. Math. Soc, Deutsche Mathematiker 
Vereinigung; fellow A. A. A. S. Contb'r 
to math, jours. Residence: 507 Craigie Hall, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

lOUTON, Tilton Clark Hall, clergy- 
man; b. Chicago, Nov. 2, 1856; ^. Samuel 
Fletcher and Ann Louisa (Hall) B. ; student 
Pennacook Acad. 2 yrs.; grad. Kimball Union 
Acad., Menchen, Vt, 1874; A.B., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1878; B.D., Andover Theol. Sem., 1881; 
m. Boston, June 30, 1881, Annie S. White- 
house. Ordained to ministry Cong'l Ch., 
1881; pastor, Dunbarton, N. H., 1881-8, Hop- 
kinton, 1888-94, Deerfield, 1894-6, Henniker, 
1896-1900, Chelmsford, Mass., since 1908. Mem. 
N. H. Antiquarian Soc. Address: Chelmsford, 

lOUTWEIiL, Harvey L-incoln, lawyer; 
fr.Meredosia, 111., Apr. 5, 1860; .y. Eli Allen and 
Harriet W. (Weeks) B.; ed. Hopkinton and 
Contoocook acads. ; grad. N. H. Coll., 1882; 
taught sch., 1882-4; studied law in Concord, 
N. H., and in Boston; LL.B. cum laude, Bos- 
ton Univ. Law Sch., 1886; admitted to bar, 
1886; m. Norwich, Vt., Dec. 28, 1886, Nellie C. 
Booth. Has practiced in Boston since 1886. 
Mem. Common Council, Maiden, Mass., 1893, 
1894, Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898; 
city solicitor of City of Maiden, 1897, 1898. 
Mem. Maiden Deliberative Assembly (pres., 
1890), Golden Cross (representative to Su- 
preme Commandery, 1891, 1892), Sons of Vet- 
erans, A.O.U.W. ; hon. v. -p. Convocation of 
Boston Uni^. Republican. Mem. I.O.O.F. 
Clubs: Maiden, Middlesex. Residence: Mai- 
den, Mass. Office: 209 Washington St., Bos- 
BOUTWEL.L., Henry Thatcher, surgeon; 
b. Hancock, N. H., Aug. 20, 1844; .?. Clark C. 
and Asenath (Bradford) B. ; prep, ed'n, Phil- 
lips Exeter Acad.; A. B., Harvard, 1866; M.D., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1870; house surgeon, 
Mass. Gen. Hosp., 1869; m. St. Louis, Mo., 
Dec. 25, 1872, Helen Grace Willis. Practiced 
in St. Louis, 1870-9, since at Manchester, N. 
H.; was lecturer on anatomy, St. Louis Med. 
Coll., surgeon, St. Louis. Eye & Ear Infirm- 
ary, Veterinary Coll. Mem. N. H. Med. Soc, 
Harvard Med. Alumni Assn. Address: Man- 
chester, N. H. 
BOUTWEIiL,, James M., ex-r.r. comm'r 
of Vt.; h. Montpelier, Vt., May 16, 1856; acad. 
ed'n. Engaged in granite business; mayor 
of Montpelier, 1902; state r. r. comm'r, 1902-4. 
Republican. Address: Montpelier, Vt. 
BOUTWEIiL,, Roland Hill, manufacturer; 
b. Lyndeborough, N. H., May 2, 1853; .y. Rod- 
ney C. and Nancy J. (Barnes) B., and de- 
scendant of James Boutwell, Salem, and 
Lynn, Mass., 1635; pub. sch. ed'n; m. 1st, 
Medford, Mass., Oct. 29, 1879, Minnie E. But- 
ters (died Oct 1, 1883); m. 2d, Belmont, Mass., 
Oct. 28, 1885, Sarah Blake (died Feb. 27, 
1891); m. 3d, Exeter, N. H., Nov. 16, 1904. 
Jennie Crosbie Oilman. Pres. Portland (Me.) 
Iron & Steel Co., Standard Horse Shoe Co. 
OfUce: 131 State St., Boston. 
BOUVfi, Pauline Carrington, author; 
b. at Little Rock, Ark.; d. Gen. Albert 

Rust, C. S. A., and Anne Cabell (both p^,- 
rents Virginians) ; reared at Luray, Va. ; 
ed. under private governesses and tutors 
in Va. ; m. Boston, July 14, 1898, Thomas 
Tracy Bouve. Was corr. Baltimore Amer- 
ican. Went to Boston, 1894; since then in 
newspaper work. there. Sp'l writer to Bos- 
ton Transcript and Boston Globe; contribu- 
tor to New England Mag., Donahoe's, 
Youth's Companion, Churchman, Criterion, 
etc. Author: The Legend of the Luray 
Caverns, a poem, Phila., 1887 01; Their 
Shadows Before (novel), 1900 S9. Translator: 
La Toison D'Or (The Golden Fleece), from 
French of Amedee Achard, 1900 P3. Serials: 
"Ole Miss," Sunday Mercury, Phila., 1890; 
Stories of American Heroes for Boys and 
Girls, Brown Book, 1902; Miracle Stories of 
Science, 1903 C9; Brunetiere versus Real- 
ism, 1904; Pilate's Wife, Congregationalist, 
1907. Wrote History of Pottery, Porcelain 
and Glass, in History of Am. Manufactures; 
also short stories, sketches, etc Address: 
5 Park Vale, Brookline, Mass. 

BOUVfi, "Walter Liincoln, lawyer and jus- 
tice; b. Boston, Oct. 28, 1849; s. Thomas T. 
and Emily G. (Lincoln) B.; ed. Mass. Inst. 
Tech.; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1879; m. 
Hingham, Sept. 25, 1885, Charlotte B. Har- 
den, of Hingham, Mass. Civ. eng'r for 8 
yrs. ; admitted to bar, 1880, and engaged in 
gen. practice of law; sp'l justice of 2d Dist. 
Court of Plymouth, Mass.; asst. dist. atty.. 
Southeastern Dist. Mass., 1890; treas. Rock- 
land Hotel Co. Mem. Boston Bar Assn. 
Mem. Ho. of Rep., 3d Plymouth Dist., 1896-7, 
Senate, 1898-9. Capt. and A.A.G., U.S.V., 
1898; capt. Co. K, 5th Inf., M.V.M. Clubs: 
Wompatuck, Hingham. Republican. Resi- 
dence: Hingham, Mass. Office: 113 Devon- 
shire St., Boston. 

BOWDEN, Henry Mountfort, clergyman, 
educator; b. Walden, N. Y., Feb., 1861; 5. 
John A. and Matilda J. (Beatty) B. ; ed. 
Phila. pub. schs., Univ. of Pa.; B.D., Yale 
Divinity Sch., 1886; m. Phila., July, 1884, 
Mary I. Campbell. Ordained to ministry 
Cong'l Ch., 1886; pastor. Putney, Vt., 1886-8, 
Portland, Conn., 1888-93, Braddock Pa., 1893- 
1897; editor, Boston, 1897-8; pastor, Middle- 
field, Mass., 1899-1902, South Egremont, 
Mass., 1902-8; prof. English, and registrar. 
Am. Internat. Coll., Springfield, since 1908. 
Club: Biblical, Conn. Valley Cong'l. Resi- 
dence: 192 Wilbraham Rd. Office: Am. Inter- 
nat. Coll., Springfield, Mass. 

BOWDITCH, Alfred, trustee; A.B., Har- 
vard Univ., 1876. Trustee Brimmer Cham- 
bers Trust, Devonshire Bldg. Trust, Dwell- 
ing House Associates, Hotel Bellevue Trust, 
Jamaica Plain Associates, Real Estate Asso- 
ciates, Real Estate Improvement Trust, Uni- 
versity Associates, Provident Institution for 
Savings ;'dir. Webster and Atlas Nat. Bank, 
N. E. Trust Co., The Lawrence Gas Co., 
Bellevue Hotel Co. One of trustees of per- 
manent funds Am. Humane Ed'n Soc and 
Mass. Soc. for the Prevention of Cruelty to 
Animals. Residence: 75 Bay State Rd. Office: 
28 State St., Boston. 

BOWDITCH, Charles Pickering-, trus- 
tee, archaeol. student; b. Boston, Sept. 30, 
1842; s. Jonathan Ingersoll and Lucy Orne 
(Nichols) B.; ed. pvt. schs. and Harvard, 
A. B., 1863, A. M.; m. Lenox, Mass., June 




7, 1866, Cornelia L. Rockwell. Director 
Massachusetts Cotton Mills, Massachusetts 
Mills in Ga., Pepperell Mfg. Co., Saco Water 
Power Co., Salmon Falls Mfg. Co., Mass. 
Hosp. Life Ins. Co. Served 2d It., 1st It., 
and capt. 53d Mass Vol. Inf., May, 1863, to 
Feb., 1864; capt. 5th Mass. Vol. Cav., Feb.- 
Aug., 1864. Mem. Bostonian Soc, Faculty 
of Peabody Museum of Archaeology and 
Ethnology (Harvard Univ.), Travelers' 
Club, Am. Anthropol. Assn., Dept. of Arch- 
aeology of Univ. of Pa., Mass. Hist. Soc, 
Colonial Soc. of Mass., New England Hist.- 
Geneal. Soc, Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences 
(treas.); v. -p. Archgeol. Inst. America, Bos- 
ton Soc. Natural Hist.; mem. Internat. Soc 
Amercanists, Societe des Americanistes de 
Paris, Am. Geog. Soc. ; fellow A. A. A. S. ; 
mem. Economic Club of Boston, Unitarian 
Club, Eliot Club. Republican. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Harvard Union, Union, Country 
(Boston), Harvard (New York). Author of 10 
pamphlets on Central Am. archeology, and 
on History of the Trustees of the Charity 
of Edward Hopkins. Kesidence: Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. Omce : 28 State St., Boston. 

BOWDITCH, Frederick C, pres. Con- 
veyancers Title Ins. Co.; trustee Commercial 
•St. Trust, Trimountain Trust. Residence: 
Brookline. Office: 28 State St., Boston. 

BOWDITCH, Henry Piclieriiig, physi- 
ologist; b. Boston, April 4, 1840; grad. 
Harvard, 1861; Harvard Med. School, 186S 
(D. Sc, Cambridge, Eng., 1898; LL. D., 
Edinburgh, 1898, Toronto, 1903, Univ. of 
Pa., 1904); OT. 1871, Selma Knauth, Leipzig. 
Lt., capt. and maj. U. S. Vol. Cav.. 1861-5; 
studied physiology in France and Germany, 
1868-71; asst. prof., 1871-6, and 1876-1906, 
prof, physiology. Harvard Med. Sch. ; trus- 
tee Boston Public Library, 1895-1902. Has 
published many papers on physiol. sub- 
jects. Home: Jamaica Plain, Mass. Office: 
Harvard Med. School, Boston. 

BOWDITCH, Vincent Yardley, physi- 
cian; b. Weston, Mass., July 7, 1852; .y. Dr. 
Henry I. and Olivia (Yardley) B. ; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1875; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch. Address: 
506 Beacon St., Boston. 

BOWEN, Henry James, real estate; b. 
Boston, Sept. 11, 1853; s. Hosea Ballou and 
Mary Dana (James) B. ; ed. pub. schs., Eng- 
lish High Sch., Boston; m. Boston, May 13, 
1880, Sarah Elizabeth Dean. Clk. wholesale 
lumber office, 1869; bookkeeper for 13 yrs. in 
lumber business, and later wholesale grain, 
flour and hay and real estate; trustee S. 
Boston Savings Bank. Republican. Unita- 
rian. Mem. Boston Real Estate Exchange 
(dir. 3 yrs.), Boston Chamber of Commerce, 
Soc. Mayflower Descendants, Bostonian Soc. 
Residence: 517 Broadway. Office: 469 Broad- 
way, S. Boston, Mass. 

BOWEN, Herbert W^olcott, E. E. & M. P. 
to Venezuela, June, 1901-1905; b. Brooklyn, 
Feb. 29, 1856; studied at Brooklyn Polytech- 
nic and in Europe; mem. class 1878, Yale 
(hon. M. A., 1903): Columbia Law School, 
LL. B. cum laude, 1881; practiced law, New 
York; apptd. consul, 1890, and consul-gen., 
1895, at Barcelona; later, was U. S. minister 
and consul-gen. to Persia. Author: Verses; 
Losing Ground; In Divers Tones; De 
Genere Humano; International Law. Ad- 
dress: Woodstock, Conn. 

BOWEN, John T., physican; b. Boston, 
July 8, 1857; A.B., Harvard, 1879, M.D., 1884. 
Has practiced in Boston since 1884; Edward 
Wigglesworth prof, of dermatology, Har- 
vard. Address: 14 Marlborough St., Boston. 

BOWEN, William Manuel Perez, law- 
yer; b. Attleboro, Mass.; s. Amos Miller and 
Caroline Mary (Perez) B. ; A.B., Brown 
Univ., 1884, A.M., 1887; studied law; admit- 
ted to bar, 1900; m. New York, Aug. 4, 1900, 
Lucie M. Carpenter. Served as asst. clk. 
Court of Common Pleas and later Common 
Pleas Div. of Supreme Court, Providence 
Co., R. I., 1884-1900; mem. Providence Sch. 
Com., 1889, R. I. Gen. Assembly, 1902, 1905, 
1906; author of good roads legislation in R. 
I.; dir. Pascoag Water Co., Seashore Realty 
Co. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. R. I. 
Bar Assn., Commercial Law League of 
America, United Train of Arty., Loyal Le- 
gion, S.A.R. ; q.-m. 1st Light Inf. Regt. Ma- 
son (32°). Clubs: University, Quarter Cen- 
tury, Providence Economic. Residence: 34 
Humboldt Av. Office: 941 Banigan Bldg., 
Providence, R. I. 

BOWERS, Edward Angustns, lawyer; 

b. Hartford, Conn., Aug. 2, 1857; s. Caleb 
Bailey and Fanny M. (Cutler) B. ; grad. 
Hopkins Grammar Sch., New Haven, Conn., 
1875, Yale, A. B., 1879, Yale Law Sch., LL. 
B., 1881; unmarried. Practiced law in Da- 
kota, 1882-6, engaging also in banking and 
farming; city judge, Groton, Dak., 1884-5; 
apptd. U, S. insp. public land service in 
law matters pertaining to pub. lands, 1886-9; 
practiced law in Washington, 1889-93; asst. 
comm'r Gen. Land Office, 1893-5; asst. comp- 
troller U. S. Treasury, 1895-8; since then 
practicing law at New Haven, Conn. Trus- 
tee and formerly v. -p. for 4 yrs. New Haven 
Trust Co. Lecturer on forest law and ad- 
ministration, Yale Forest Sch., since 1901. 
Independent in politics. Mem. Am. Forestry 
Assn. (dir. since 1889, twice sec), S. A. R.. 
Am. Geog. Soc. Writer on forestry and 
legal topics. Clubs: Graduates, New Haven 
Country, (New Haven), University (New- 
York), Metropolitan, Cosmos, Alibi (Wash- 
ington). Residence: 209 Crown St. Office: 
410 Exchange Bldg., New Haven, Conn. 

BOWERS, Jolin Wilder, physician; b. at 
Saco, Me., July -16, 1861; .y. Roscoe L. and 
Sarah Abbie (Berry) B. ; grad. Saco High 
Sch., 1879; M.D., Coll. of Phys. and Surg, 
Baltimore, Md., 1882, Minn. Hosp. Coll. 
(Univ. of Minn.), 1886; studied ophthalmol- i 
ogy at Univ. of Berlin, Germany, Oct., 1888- I 
Apr., 1890; m. Portland, Me., Nov. 28, 1894. ' 
Alice Maude Allen. In gen. practice until | 
1891, when located in Portland, specializing ; 
since in diseases of the ej^e. Unitarian. | 
Clubs: Cumberland, Country, Yacht, Frater- 
nity, Lister. Address: 732 Congress St., Port- ( 
land. Me. 

BOWERS, Walter Prentice, physician; j 
b. Clinton, Mass., ilar 19, 1855; 5. Charles | 
Manning and Ellen A. (Damon) B. : grad. j 
Clinton High Sch., 1872: M.D., Harvard 
Med. Sch., 1879; m. Clinton, Jan. 28. ISSO, I 
Helen M. Burditt. In practice at Clinton ; 
since 1879; selectman, Town of Clinton. 18S9. ^ 
Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., 
Mass. Bd. of Registration in Medicine. Club: \ 
Boston City. Address: Clinton, Mass. 




BOIVKER, Cliarles Harvey, surgeon; b. 
Lisbon, N. H., Mar. 20, 1870; i". Mitchell H. 
and Laura P. (Brooks) B.; descendant on 
father's side of Edmund B., Dorchester, 
Mass., 1646, and on mother's side of Gov. 
William Bradford, of Plymouth Colony; ed. 
pub. and high schs., Lisbon, and New Hamp- 
ton Acad. ; student New York Homoe. Coll. ; 
M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Phila., 1892; 
M.D., Nat. Univ., Washington, D. C, 1900; 
A.B., George Washington Univ., 1908; post- 
grad, work. New York Post-Grad. Coll. and 
Univ. of New York; resident surgeon, 
Ward's Island Hosp. (now Metropolitan 
Hosp.); m. Washington, D. C, 1903, Eleanor 
A. Thompson-Dyer. Began practice at Ber- 
lin, N. H., 1893; formerly health officer, Ber- 
lin; CO. physician, Coos Co., N. H. ; surgeon, 
Androscoggin Hosp., Berlin, B. & M. R. R., 
Internat. Paper Co. ; asso. prof, bacteriology, 
Howard Univ. ; prof, physiology, U. S. Coll. 
of Veterinary Surgeons; med. examiner, U. 
■S. Pension Bureau; pres. Berlin Cooperative 
Store, Whitefield (N. H.) Pub. Co., Berlin 
Pharmacy Co.; sec.-treas. Androscoggin 
Hosp. Assn.; prof, pathology, Nat. Univ., 
Washington, D. €. ; surgeon, U. S. Coast & 
Geodetic Survey and D. C. Nat. Guard. Re- 
publican. Mem. Coos Co. Med. Soc, Berlin 
Med. Soc. (sec), N. H. Med. Soc, Am. Med. 
Assn., Assn. Mil. Surgeons of U. S., Nat. 
Geographic Soc, Nat. Acad. Science, A. A. A. 
S., Internat. Congress of Tuberculosis, S.A. 
R., etc. Mason; mem. Order of Washington, 
I.O.O.F., Elks, etc. Clubs: Bannockburn 
Golf, Corinthian Yacht, George Washington 
Univ. Canoe. Mem. Winning team Intercol- 
legiate Rifle Match, 1906, 1908. Legal Residence: 
Berlin, N. H. Oflice: 1310 Vermont Av., 
Washington, D. C. 

BOWKER, Joliu C, oculist and aurist; b. 
Lawrence, Mass., June, 1865; s. John C. and 
Flora W. (Scammon) 3.; ed. Bowdoin and 
Harvard, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, 
Polyclinic, Post-Grad. Sch., and in hosps. of 
Europe and Cairo, Egypt. Began practice in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1886; removed to Lawrence, 
Mass., 1889; chief ophthalmic and aural sur- 
geon to Lawrence Gen. Hosp. and Lowell 
Hosp.; has visited every country of impor- 
tance; widely known for travel lectures. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Nat. Geo- 
graphit Soc, United Order of Pilgrim Fa- 
thers. Clubs: Monday Night, Harvard. Ad- 
dress: Lawrence, Mass. 

BOWKER, William Henry, manufac- 
turer; h. Natick, Mass., July 3, 1850; j. Hor- 
ace and Anna (Smith) B. ; ed. Templeton 
(Mass.) High Sch.; B.S., Mass. Agr'l Coll., 
1871; in. Barre, Mass., Sept. 7, 1875, Miss 
Ryder. Pres. and dir. Bowker Fertilizer Co. 
since 1873; dir. Am. Agr'l Chem. Co., Ash- 
land Water Co., Knoxville Water Co., Put- 
nam Water Co., Palatka Water Works; trus- 
tee Lewiston-Clarkston Co., Mass Agr'l 
Coll. Clubs: St. Botolph, Country, Exchange. 
Residence: Concord, Mass. Office: 43 Chatham 
St., Boston. 

BOWLER, Ernest C, editor and publish- 
er; b. Palermo, Me., May 6, 1870; .?. Silas H. 
and Mary M. (Farrow) B. ; grad. Castine 
Normal Sch., 1890; m. Palermo, Me., Jan. 31, 
1891, Mabel Dingley. Supt. Palermo schs. 4 
yrs., Bethel schs. 2 yrs., and pres. Waldo 
Co. Teachers' Assn.; purchased Bethel News, 
1897; established Rumford Citizen, 1906, and 

consolidated News and Citizen, 1908; dir. 
Bethel Nat. Bank; mem. Rep. Co. Com. and 
chmn. Town Com. Cong'list. Mason; Odd 
Fellow. Address: Bethel, Me. 

BOW^L-ES, Francis TiflEany, chief con- 
structor U. S. N. with rank of rear admiral 
1901-1903; b. Springfield, Mass., October 
7, 1858; s. Benjamin F. and Mary E. (Bail- 
ey) B.; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1879 (post- 
graduate degree of Naval Architect from 
Royal Naval Coll., Greenwich, England); m. 
Nov. 17, 1886, Adelaide Hay Savage, Boston. 
Associated with building of the new navy 
from its beginning; in the naval advisory 
board of 1882; 14 yrs. head of construction 
and repair in navy-yards at Norfolk, Va., 
and New York; active in introduction of 
civ. service reform in employment of labor 
at navy yards. Pres. Fore River Shipbuild- 
ing Co., Quincy, Mass. Mem. Inst'n Naval 
Architects, London; pres. Soc. Naval Archi- 
tects and Maririe Eng'rs, New York. Clubs: 
University (New York) ; Metropolitan 
(Washington). Residence: 148 Marlborough 
St., Boston. Office: Quincy, Mass. 

BOWLES, Frank Herbert, comm'n mer- 
chant; b. Webster, Me., Oct. 7, 1856; s. Will- 
iam P. and Charlotte R. (Haskell) B. ; ed. 
"Little Blue" (Abbott Sch.), Farmington, 
Me., high sch., Lewiston, Me.; ni. Brookline, 
Mass., June 6, 1902, Marguerite H. Brownell. 
Entered comm'n busines in Boston, 1878; dir. 
Quincy Market Cold Storage & Warehouse 
Co.; pres., treas. and dir. F. H. Bowles 
Co. (founded, 1878, F. H. Bowles & Co., inc., 
1906) ; pres. Boston Fire and Police Notifica- 
tion Co. Republican. Mason; Odd Fellow. 
Clubs: Boston Athletic Assn., Calumet, Win- 
chester Country. Residence: Winchester, 
Mass. Office: 23-25 Commercial St., Boston. 

BOWLES, Samnel, editor and publisher 
Springfield (Mass.) Republican; b. Spring- 
field, Mass., Oct. 15, 1851; studied in pub- 
lic and private schools at home and 2 yrs. 
in Europe; took 2 yrs'. sp'l course Yale (A. 
M., Amherst). Asst. in editorial dept.. Re- 
publican, 1873-5; business mgr., 1875-8; pub- 
lisher and editor-in-chief since 1878; m. 
June 12, 1884, at Concord, Mass., Elizabeth, 
d. Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar. Address: 
Springfield, Mass. 

BOWMAN, Dennis Evarts, lawyer; b. at 
Sidney, Me., Nov., 1871; s. Frank and Caro- 
line Augusta (Heath) B. ; grad. Coburn 
Classical Inst., Waterville, Me., 1899; A.B., 
Colby Coll., 1893, A.M., 1896; studied law at 
Columbia, Univ. of Pa. and with Heath & 
Andrews, Augusta, Me. Prin. High Sch., 
Waterville, 1893-8; Latin master, William 
Penn Charter Sch., Phila., 1900-3; supt. 
schs., Waterville, since 1905; sec. Dem. State 
Com., State of Me. Mem. Nat. Geographic 
Soc. Publication: Course of Study for Com- 
mon Schs. Address: 173 Main St., Water- 
ville, Me 

BOTVMAN, H. H., pres. Springfield Nat. 
Bank. Address: Springfield, Mass, 

BOW^MAN, Selwyn Zadock, lawyer; b. at 
Charlestown, Mass., May 11, 1840; .y. Zadock 
and Rosetta (Cram) B. ; descendant of Na- 
thaniel B., Watertown, Mass., 4631; A.B., 
Harvard, 1860; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 
1863; studied law with Hon. David Haven 
Mason, Boston, 1861; admitted to Mass. bar. 




1862, later to U. S. Supreme Court; m. Lex- 
ington, Mass., June 20, 1866, Martha B. Tufts. 
Practiced in Boston since 1862; now trustee 
large trust estates; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 
1870, 1871, 1875, Senate, 1876-7; mem. Con- 
gress from 5th Mass. Dist., 1880-4; 1st city 
solicitor, and again, 1888-97, Somerville, 
Mass. Republican. Mason. Mem. Boston 
Bar Assn. Club: Central (Somerville). Resi- 
dence: Somerville, Mass. Office: 18 Tremont 
St., Boston. 

BOWNE, Borden Parker, educator; b. 
Leonardville, N. J., Jan. 14, 1847; s. Joseph 
and Margaret (Parker) B. ; A. B., 1871, A. 
M., 1876, Univ. City of New York; studied 
univs. of Halle, Paris and Gottingen, 1873- 
5; (LL. D., Ohio Wesleyan, 1881). Asst. prof, 
modern languages, Univ. City of New York, 
1875-6; on staff New York Independent, 
1875-6; prof, philosophy and dean Graduate 
Sch. Arts and Sciences, Boston Univ., since 
1876. Author: The Philosophy of Herbert 
Spencer, 1874 M25; Studies in Theism, 1879 
M25; Metaphysics, 1882 Al"; Introduction to 
Psychological Theory, 1887 Al; Philosophy 
of Theism, 1888 Al; The Principles of 
Ethics, 1892 Al; Theory of Thought and 
Knowledge, Al; The Christian Revelation, 
1898 M25; The Christian Life, 1899 
M25; The Atonement, 1900 M25; The Im- 
manence of God, 1905 H5; Personalism, 1907. 
Contb'r philos. and theol. articles to revs. 
and newspapers. Address: 380 Longwood 
Av., Boston. 

BOYD, Arcliitoald Campbell, educator; 
b. St. Stephen, N. B., June 24, 1866; s. John 
and Janet (Campbell) B.; A.B., Dartmouth, 
1889; LL.B., Univ. of Minn., 1897; LL.M., 
Boston Univ., 1906; m. Chicago, June 7, 1899, 
Annie Frances Kenny. Mem. editorial stafC 
West Pub. Co., St. Paul, Minn., 1892-7; prof, 
of law, Boston Univ. Law Sch., since Oct., 
1904. Mason; mem. I.O.O.F., Royal Arca- 
num, Phi Delta Phi, Theta Delta Chi, Clubs: 
Boston City, State of Me. Author: Abatement 
and Revival; Aliens; Annuities; Case, Ac- 
tion on; Cemeteries, etc., in Cyclo. of Law. 
Residence: 2 Brown PI., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 
Office: 11 Ashburton PL, Boston. 

BOYD, Byron; b. Wakefield, N. B., Aug. 
31, 1864; ^. Robert and Eliza J. (Savage) B. ; 
prep, ed'n, Houlton (Me.) Acad.; A.B., Col- 
by Univ., Waterville, Me., 1886; m. Augusta, 
Me., Jan. 9, 1895, Lucy E., d. ex-Gov. E. C. 
Burleigh. Clk. and chief elk. in office of sec. 
of state, Augusta, Me., 1889-95; deputy sec. 
of state, 1895-7, then sec. of state to Jan., 
1908; chmn. Rep. State Com. since June, 1908. 
Address: Augusta, Me. 

BOYD, Cliai'les Harrod, officer U. S. 
Coast and Geod. Survey; b. Portland, Me., 
July 4, 1833, of the Boyd family of Kilmar- 
nock, Scotland; 5. William and Susan Day- 
ton (Harrod) B., great g. d. Gen. Elias Day- 
ton of Revolutionary Army; prep, ed'n, 
Portland (Me.) Acad.; Ph.B., Brown Univ., 
1854; m. Portland, Sept. 1, 1858, Annette M. 
Dearborn, d. Col. G. Dearborn, U. S. Army, 
and great g. d. Maj.-Gen. H. Dearborn. 
Served in astron. triangulation and topog. 
duty in Gulf and Atlantic states, 1855-61; in 
various localities during 4 yrs. of Civil War, 
advancing to rank of maj. topog. eng'rs on 
staff of Maj.-Gen. Thomas; in charge of the 
surveys of the delta of Miss. R. (located and 

named Errol Isd., Gulf of Mexico, in 1869), 
Mexican border, surveys of Miss. R., trian- 
gulation W. of St. Louis, North Eastern 
boundary, etc. ; on duty at New Orleans Cot- 
ton Exp'n, 1884; more recently, eng'r Chicka- 
mauga Battlefield Comm'n, and in charge of 
many other works. Mem. Nat. Geographic 
Soc, Me. Hist. Soc, Portland Soc. Natural 
Hist., Order of Colonial Governors, S.A.R., 
Soc. Colonial Wars (deputy gov.), G.A.R., 
Military Order Loyal Legion of U. S., Real 
Estate Owners Assn. (pres., 1908). Repub- 
lican. Unitarian. Residence: 64 Gray St., 
Portland, Me. 

BOYDEN, Albert Gardner, educator; b. 
S. Walpole, Mass., Feb. 5, 1827; s. Phineas 
and Harriet (Carroll) B. ; grad. Bridge- 
water (Mass.) State Normal Sch., 1849; 
studied under pvt. tutors several yrs.; (A, 
M., Amherst, 1861); m. 1st, Nov. 18, 1851, 
Isabella Whitten Clarke (died 1895); 2d, 
Nashua, N. H., Aug. 24, 1898, Clara Adelia 
Armes (died 1906). Asst. teacher Bridge- 
water State Normal Sch., 1850-3; prin. Eng- 
lish High Sch. for Boys, Salem, Mass., 
1853-6; sub-master Chapman Grammar Sch., 
Boston, 1856-7; 1st asst., 1857-60, prin., 1860- 
1906, prin. emeritus, since Aug., 1906, 
Bridgewater (Mass.) State Normal Sch. Ex- 
pres. Plymouth Co. Teachers' Assn., Ma^s. 
Teachers' Assn., Mass. Schoolmasters' 
Club, N. E. Normal Council, Old Colony 
Cong'l Club; ex-v.-p. Am. Inst. Instr'n; ex- 
sec. Nat. Council of Ed'n, etc. Address: 
Bridgewater, Mass. 

BOYDEN, Clarence Fuller, .educator ; b. 
Attleboro, Mass., Mar. 5, 1846; s. Alexander 
Andrews and Harriet Goward (Fuller) B.; 
prep, ed'n, Stoughtonham Inst., Sharon, 
Mass.; A.B., Amherst, 1869; m. Taunton, 
Mass., July 4, 1876, Isabel Hellena Anthony. 
Submaster High Sch., 1872-5, grammar mas- 
ter, 1875-90, supt. schs., Taunton, Mass., 
1890-5. Republican. Mem. N. E. Assn. of 
Supts., Bristol Co. Sch. Masters' Club, 
Taunton Sch. Masters' Club, Taunton Mi- 
cros. Soc. (pres.), Mass. Hort. Soc, Bibli- 
ophic Soc, University Alliance; dir. Mass. 
Soc. S.A.R. (pres. Robert Treat Paine Chap- 
ter). Mason; Odd Fellow. Clubs: Taunton 
Yacht, N. Bristol Cong'l. Address: 27 Sum- 
mer St., Taunton, Mass. 

BOYDEN, Roland William, lawyer; A. 
B., Harvard Univ., 1885, LL.B., 1888. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1888; now mem. firm Ropes, 
Gray & Gorham; dir. First Nat. Bank. Resi- 
dence: Beverly, Mass. Office: 60 State St., 

BOYDEN, Sarab J., business woman and 
philanthropist; b. Chelsea, Mass., July 17, 
1842; d. Darius Allen and Sarah Jane (Han- 
son) Martin; ed. pub. schs. of Chelsea and 
Boston, Quincy High Sch., Capt. Hayden's 
Pvt. Sch., Braintree, Bradford Acad., Mass.; 
m. 1st, Chelsea, Aug. 18, 1862, Robert C. 
Davidson (died July, 1864); m. 2d, Roxbury, 
Mass., Dec. 31, 1872, Walter W. Boyden (died 
July 26, 1907). Pres. The Woman's Pub. Co., 
Independent Women Voters of Boston (since 
Sept., 1906), Woman's Auxiliary of Cullis 
Consumptives' Home; sec Bd. of Mgrs., 
Mass. Home for Intemperate Women, N. E. 
Helping Hand Soc. ; auditor Daughters of 
Mass. ; dir. N. E. Convalescent Home. 
Cong'list. Mem. Boston W.C.T.U. Club: 




Woman's Charity. Residence: 9 Rockland Av., 
Roxbury. Office: 36 Bromfield St., Boston. 

BOYDEN, Wallace Clai'ke, educator; b. 
Bridgewater, Mass., Nov. 22, 1858; s. Albert 
Gardner and Isabelle Whitten (Clarke) B.; 
ed. Bridgewater pub. and high schs.; grad. 
Bridgewater State Normal Sch., 1879; A.B-, 
Amherst Coll., 1883, A.M., 1886; m. Marsh - 
field, Mass., July 8, 1885, Mabel R. Wether- 
bee. Prin. Stoughton (Mass.) High Sch., 
1883-4; head of Math. Dept., Williston Sem., 
Easthampton, Mass., 1884-9; master, 1889- 
1900, head master since 1900, Boston Normal 
Sch. Mem. Sch. Com., Easthampton, 1888-90 
(chmn., 1890), Newton, Mass., 1892-5; Newton 
Masonic Hall Assn. (dir. since 1895, elk., 
1902), N.E.A., Mass. Schoolmasters' Club, 
Mass. Teachers' Assn., Mass. Council of 
Ed'n (sec), Boston Masters' Assn., Alpha 
Delta Phi. Republican. Cong'list. Mason. 
Clubs: Twentieth Century (Boston); Every 
■Saturday (Newtonville). Residence: Newton- 
ville, Mass. Office: Boston Normal Sch., 

BOYNTON, Fred James, auditor; b. at 
Lowell, Mass., May 10, 1855; .s. James War- 
ren and Mary Ann (Graves) B.; descendant 
of ancestors who came to America in May- 
flower, and family traced in England to 100 
yrs. before the Norman conquest; grad. High 
Sch., Lowell; m. Lowell, Sept. 26, 1883, Annie 
C. Foster. Entered Prescott Nat. Bank, 
Lowell, as elk. and messenger and continued 
about 10 yrs., becoming head bookkeeper 
and at times acting as teller and cashier; left 
bank to take position of auditor in following 
COS.: Nat. Bell Telephone Co. of Me., Boston 
& Northern Telephone Co., Bay State Tele- 
phone Co., Suburban Telephone Co., Granite 
State Telephone Co., and later the Erie Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Co.; was elected sec. 
and auditor, 1884, and has been traveling 
auditor, since 1890, of N. E. Telephone & 
Telegraph Co., the Telephone Despatch Co. 
of Boston, and all above named cos. except 
the Erie Co.; was auditor Telephone Em- 
ployes' Mut. Benefit Assn.; was for yrs. 
mem. of many clubs and organizations, 
which he relinquished on account of business 
duties; justice of the peace for Middlesex Co. 
Republican. Mem. of all Masonic bodies up 
to and including the 32d Scottish Rite de- 
gree, Shriner; mem. Masonic body of Red 
Men, Boston, Masonic Mutual Benefit Assn., 
Lowell. Residence: 1117 Middlesex St., Lowell, 
Mass. Office: 125 Milk St., Boston. 

BOYNTON, Henry Walcott, educator, 
author; b. Guilford, Conn., Apr. 22, 1869; 5. 
George Mills and Julia (Holmes) B. ; prep, 
ed'n Roxbury Latin Sch., 1881-7; grad. Am- 
herst, 1891, A. M., 1893; head dept. of Eng- 
lish lit., Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 
1892-1901; since then devoted to authorship. 
Regular reviewer for Atlantic Monthly, and 
contb'r of essays and criticism to other peri- 
odicals. Author: Life of Washington Irving, 
1901 H5; The Golfer's Rubaiyat, 1901 SI; 
Bret Harte, 1903 M16; (with T. W. Higgin- 
son) A Reader's History of American Lit- 
erature, 1903 H5; Journalism and Literature, 
1904 H5. Edited Texts with introduction 
and notes: Selections from Carlyle, 1895 
A5; Tennyson's The Princess, 1896 818; 
Milton's Paradise Lost, 1897 A5; Goldsmith's 
The Vicar of Wakefield, 1899 Ml; Pope's The 
Rape of the Lock, etc., 1901 H5; Mrs. 

Ewing's Jackanapes, etc., 1902 H5; Miss 
Martineau's The Prince and the Peasant, 
1902 H5; Pope's Complete Poetical Works 
(Cambridge edition), 1902 H5; Tennyson's 
Idyls of the King, 1903 A5; also a play: 
Guenever, prod, by Sothern and Marlowe, 
1907. Address: Andover, Mass. 

BRACKETT, Cliarles Albert, dentist; b. 
Lempster, N. H., Jan. 2, 1850; .y. Joseph and 
Lydia Lucretia (Hunt) Brackett, and de- 
scendant of Capt. Richard B., Braintree, 
Mass., 1629; ed. pub. schs. and under tutelage 
of parents; D.M.D., Harvard Dental Sch., 
1873; m. Newport, R. I., Feb. 3, 1886, Mary 
Irish Spencer. Practiced at Newport since 
1873; continuously a teacher in Harvard Den- 
tal Sch. since 1874; present position, prof, 
of dental pathology; mem. of the Faculty of 
Medicine, Harvard; pres. R. I. State Bd.' of 
Registration in Dentistry, 9 yrs. ; chmn. com. 
for drafting new city charter, 1906; mem. 
Representative Council; mem. corp'n New- 
port Hosp.; trustee People's Free Pub. Li- 
brary: del. 7th Internat. Med. Congress, Lon- 
don, 1881, 9th Internat. Med. Congress, 
Washington, 1887, World's Columbian Dental 
Congress, Chicago, 1893; sometime dir. First 
Nat. Bank, Aquidneck Nat. Bank, Codding- 
ton Savings Bank, Newport Trust Co., New- 
port & Fall River St. Ry. Co., and other 
corp'ns. Mem. R. I., Mass. and N. H. Den- 
tal socs., New York Odontol. Soc, New York 
Inst, of Stomatology, Am. Dental Assn., N. 
E. Dental Soc. (ex-pres.). Am. Acad. Dental 
Science (ex-pres.), etc. Unitarian; 9 yrs. 
pres. Bd. of Trustees, Channing Memorial 
Ch. Address: 102 Touro St., Newport, R. I. 

BRACKETT, Elliott Gray, physician; b. 
Newton, Mass., Apr. 6, 1860; .?. Nathaniel and 
Abigail (Wilder) B., and descendant of Capt. 
Richard Brackett, Boston, 1630; grad. New- 
ton High Sch., 1878; M.D., Harvard Med. 
Sch., 1886; m. Marblehead, Mass., Jan. 17, 
1901, Katharine F. Pedrick. Surgeon Ortho- 
pedic Dept., Mass. Gen. Hosp., since 1907; 
instr. in orthopedics. Harvard Med. Sch., 
1898-1908. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Boston 
Soc. for Med. Improvement, Psychol. Soc, 
Boston Soc. Med. Science, Am. Orthopedic 
Soc. Club: University. Address: 166 New- 
bury St., Boston. 

BRACKETT, Haven Darling, educator; 
b. Southbridge, Mass., Sept. 16, 1876; s. 
George and Frances Louisa (Darling) B. ; 
grad. Southbridge High Sch., 1894; A.B., Ajn- 
herst Coll., 1898; Ph.D., Harvard, 1904. Instr. 
Greek and Latin, 1904-6, asst. prof, since 1906, 
Clark Coll. Mem. Am. Philol. Assn., Delta 
Upsilon, I.O.O.F. Residence: 6 Birch St., 
Worcester, Mass. 

BRACKETT, James Wood, editor and 
publisher; b. Phillips, Me., June 30, 1867; .<r. 
Nathaniel Cook and Louise (Wood) B.; ed. 
Storer Coll., Harper's Ferry, W. Va. ; m. 
Avon, Me., Aug., 1889, Lucy Estelle Bean. 
Began active career as editor and mgr. Phil- 
lips Phonograph, which grew into Maine 
Woods, a weekly fish and game paper, and 
Maine Woodsman; pres. J. W. Brackett Co., 
printers and pubs.; treas. Rangeley Cottage 
Co.; mem. Me. Ho. of Rep., 1901, 1902; apptd. 
comm'r inland fisheries and game, Jan. 24, 
1905, and re-appointed, Jan. 24, 1908. Repub- 
lican. Mason; mem. I.O.O.F., K. of P. Ad- 
dress: Phillips, Me. 




BRACKETT, JeflErey Richardson, edu- 
cator, social worker; b. Quincy, Mass., Oct. 
20, 1860; ^. Jeffrey Richardson and Sarah C. 
(Richardson) B. ; prep, ed'n, Adams Acad., 
Quincy, 1875-9; A.B., Harvard, 1883; Ph.D., 
Johns Hopkins, 1889; m. Baltimore, Md., 1886, 
Susan K. J. Brackett. Lecturer on philan- 
thropic and social work, at Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1900; dir. since 1904, of Sch. for Social 
Workers, Boston, maintained by Simmons 
Coll. and Harvard Univ.; pres. Dept. of 
Charities and Corrections of Baltimore, 1900- 
1904. Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Nat. Conf. 
Charities and Corrections (pres., 1904). Clubs: 
Union and City (Boston); University (New 
York). Residence : 4:1 MsLTlhovough St. Office: 
9 Hamilton PL, Boston. 

BRACKETT, Jolin Q,uincy Adams, 

lawyer, ex-gov. Mass.; b. Bradford, N. H., 
June 8, 1842; s. Ambrose S. and Nancy 
(Brown) B. ; grad. Harvard (class orator), 
1865; Harvard Law School, 1868; since then 
practiced in Boston; m. June 20, 1878, An- 
gle M. Peck of Arlington. Pres. Mercan- 
tile Library Assn., Boston, 1871, and 1882; 
judge advocate 1st brigade, Mass. militia, 
1874-6; mem. Boston common council, 1873-7; 
pres. same, 1876-7; mem. Mass. Ho. Reps., 
1877-82, and 1884-7; speaker, 1885-7; It.-gov., 
1887-90; gov. Mass., 1890-1; delegate-at-large 
from Mass. and mem. com. on resolutions. 
Rep. Nat. Conv., Minneapolis, 1892; presi- 
dential elector-at-large, 1896 and 1900; chmn. 
Mass. electoral college, 1896; Republican. 
Chibs: Boston Art, Boston, Middlesex (pres. 
1893-1901), Massachusetts, Republican (Bos- 
ton), Arlington Boat, Arlington Golf, Uni- 
tarian (Arlington). Residence: Arlington, 
Mass. Office: 15 Beacon St., Boston. 

BRACKETT, S(idney) Lawrence, art- 
ist; b. Newton, Mass., Oct. 11, 1852; s. Charles 
Newell (of Newton) and Sarah Francis (Fos- 
ter) B., of Bangor, Me.; ed. Newton pub. 
schs., Bryant & Stratton Sch., Boston, Har- 
vard Dental Sch., 1876; studied art in Boston 
Art Museum Art Sch. ; m. Newton, June 24, 
1879, Hattie Boyd McMaster. Began as por- 
trait and animal painter, 1883; has exhibited 
in Boston, New York, Providence, and in 
the West. Republican. Mem. Soc. Colonial 
Wars, S.A.R. Club: Boston Art. Residence: 
Watertown, Mass. Studio: 192 Boylston St., 

BRACKETT, W. D., sr. mem. W. D. 
Brackett & Co. ; pres. Batchelder & Lincoln 
Co. Residence: Stoneham, Mass. Office: 82 
Lincoln St., Boston. 

BRACKETT, Walter M., painter; b. 
Unity, Me., June 14, 1823; self-taught; be- 
gan painting in 1843, and attained consid- 
erable celebrity as a portrait painter, but 
later took to the painting of game fish, es- 
pecially of salmon and trout; one of found- 
ers and ex-pres. Boston Art Club; for 50 
yrs. exhibitor in Boston, New York, Phila., 
Vienna, London, etc. ; medals from Univer- 
sal Exp'n, Vienna, Centennial Exp'n, 
Phila.; medal and diploma, Fishery Exp'n, 
London, etc. ; works hung in Crystal Pal- 
ace, London, Queen's Corridor, Buckingham 
Palace, War Dept., Washington, and in col- 
lections of Lord Dufferin, Sir Richard Pot- 
ter, Liverpool Art Assn., etc. Address: 154 
Boylston St., Boston. 

BRADBURY, Albert Williams, lawyer; 

b. Calais, Me,, 1840; grad. Bowdoin, 1860; 
served 1st It. to maj. and bvt. It.-col. 1st Me. 
Mounted Arty., 1861; served in Dept. Gulf in 
19th Army Corps, of which he became chief 
of arty., Sept., 1864; chief of arty., Army of 
the Shenandoah, under Sheridan, Dec, 1864; 
took part in many battles until mustered out. 
July 24, 1865. Admitted to bar, 1867; since 
then has practiced in Portland; has been city 
solicitor of Portland and, 1894-8, U. S. dist. 
atty. for Me.; Democrat. Address: Portland, 

BRADBURY, William Frotliingham, 
head master Cambridge Latin School since 
1886; b. V/estminster, Mass., May 17, 1829: 
grad. Amherst, 1856 (A. M., 1859; L. H. D., 
1900); m. Aug. 27, 1857, Margaret Jones, 
Templeton, Mass. Teacher, 1856-81, and head 
master, 1881-86, Cambridge High School. 
Has published 24 math, text-books, arithme- 
tic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, log- 
arithms, and other works, and patented de- 
vices for teaching the metric system. Sec. 
Handel and Haydn Soc. since 1899. Address: 
Cambridge, Mass. 

BRADBURY, W^oodman, clergyman; b. 
Bangor, Me., Apr. 9, 1866; s. Benjamin F. 
and Sarah Horton (Woodman) B.; A.B. (Phi 
Beta Kappa), Colby Coll., 1887 (D.D., 1907); 
grad. Newton Theol. Inst'n, 1891; m. Water- 
ville, Me., July 9, 1895, Mary E. Farr. Or- 
dained to ministry Bapt. Ch., 1891; pastor 
First Bapt. Ch., Laconia, N. H., 1891-7, 
Pleasant St. Bapt. Ch., Worcester, Mass., 
1897-1901, Old Cambridge Bapt. Ch., Cam- 
bridge, Mass., since 1901; trustee Colby Coll. 
since 1907; pres. Alumni Newton Theol. 
Inst'n, 1908-9. Mem. Phi Delta Theta, Bos- 
ton Browning Soc. Club : Twentieth Century. 
Residence: 127 Upland Rd. Office: Old Cam- 
bridge Bapt. Ch., Cambridge, Mass. 

BRADFORD, Edward Hickling, physi- 
cian; b. Boston, 1848; s. Charles F. and 
Eliza E. B.; grad. Harvard, 1869; Harvard 
Med. Sch., 1872; m. June 20, 1900, Edith 
Fiske. Mem. A. A. A. S., Am. Surg. Assn., 
Am. Orthopedic Assn., Am. Med. Assn 
Mass. Med. Soc. AntJior: Treatise on Or 
thopedic Surgery, Wll. Contb'r to cur 
rent med. jours. Residence: 220 Beacon St 
Office: 133 Newbury St., Boston. 

BRADFORD, Edward Standish, retire 
mfr.; b. N. Providence, R. I., Dec. 1, 1842; s. 
S. Standish and Dorcas Brown (Lockwood; 
B.; ed. Univ. Grammar Sch., Providence; wt 
Apr. 28, 1868, Mary Slater. Begkn active ca 
reer in employ of Bradford, Taft & Co. 
Providence; with Samuel Slater & Sons, 
Webster, Mass., 1870-6; treas. Hampden Cot 
ton Mills, 1878-85; retired, 1885. Chmn. Bd 
Selectmen, Webster, Mass., 1871-4; mem. 
Springfield (Mass.) Common Council, 1886-9; 
mayor of Springfield, 1889, 1890, 1891. Re- 
publican. Baptist. Mem. (jonn. Valley Hist. 
Assn., Hampden Co. Musical Assn,, Union 
Relief Assn. (pres.). Mem. Mass. Ho. of 
Rep., 1894, Senate, 1895, 1S96, 1S97; mem 
State Bd. of Insanity, 1899; state treas 
Mass., 1900, 1901, 19u2. 1903, 1904; pres. Hamp 
den Trust Co., 1905. Clubs: Winthrop, Nayas 
set. Country, Economic (pres.). Address 
Springfield, Mass. 

BRADFORD, Gamaliel, retired banker 
b. Boston, Jan. 15, 1831; s. Gamaliel B., and 





5th of that name, 8tli generation from Wil- 
liam Bradford, gov. Plymouth Colony; grad. 
Harvard, 1849; m. Newburyport, Mass., 
Oct. 30, 1861, Clara Kinsman (died 1866). 
Was in banking firm Blake Bros. & Co., 
Boston, 1858-68; since then at leisure. Mem. 
Mass. Hist. Soc, Mass.; Soc. of the Cin- 
cinnati; 1st gov. Mass. Soc. of May- 
flower Descendants; independent in politics. 
Author: Lesson of Popular Government, 2 
vols., 1898 Ml. Has written numerous con- 
tributions and monographs. Address: 502 
Beacon St., Boston. 
BRADFORD, Gamaliel, Jr., author; b. 
Boston, Oct. 9, 1863; .<r. Gamaliel and Clara 
Crowninshield (Kinsman) B.; ed. Mass. 
pub. schs. until 1878, then abroad for a 
year, privately tutored until 1882, entered 
Harvard Coll., 1882, but obliged to leave 
almost immediately on account of ill health; 
m. Wellesley Hills, Mass., Oct. 30, 1886, 
Helen Hubbard Ford. With exception of a 
little tutoring and lecturing has confined 
attention to literature since 1886. Democrat. 
Author: Types of American Character (es- 
says), 1895 Ml; A Pageant of Life, 1905 BU; 
The Private Tutor, 1904 H5; Between Two 
Masters, 1906 H5. Address: Wellesley Hills, 
BRADFORD, \¥illiain Herbert, sur- 
geon; b. Lewiston, Me., Jan. 1, 1866; s. Her- 
bert Cary and Julia (Fales) B. ; A.B., Bow- 
doin Coll., Brunswick, Me., 1888; M. D., Med 
Dept., same, 1891; m. Portland, Me., 1901 
Marcia Bowman Knight. Engaged in prac 
tice at Portland since 1893; surgeon. Me. Gen 
Hosp.r " *e 1901; instr. in surgery and clin 
ical stii^ry, Med. Sch. of Me. Mem. Am 
Acad, of Medicine, Me. Med. Assn., etc. Ad- 
dress: 208 State St., Portland, Me., Henry G., elec. eng'r. Pres. 
and dir. Stone & Webster Management 
Assn., Houghton Co. (Mich.) Electric Light 
Co.; v.-p. and dir. Houghton Co. (Mich.) St. 
Ry. Co., Houston (Tex.) Electric Co., Jack- 
sonville (Fla.) Electric Co., Minneapolis 
(Minn.) Gen. Electric Co., Savannah (Ga.) 
Electric Co.; 2d v.-p. and dir. Tampa (Fla.) 
Electric Co. ; dir. Stone & Webster Eng'ring 
Corp'n, Blue Hill St. Ry. Co., Puget Soun(=i 
(Wash.) Internat. Ry. & Power Co., What- 
com Co. (Wash.) Ry. & Light Co., Edison 
Electric Illuminating Co. (Brockton, Mass.), 
Electric Light & Power Co. (Abington and 
Rockland, Mass.), Cape Breton Electric Co., 
Ltd., Columbus (O.) Electric Co., Key West 
(Fla.) Electric Co., Pensacola (Fla.) Electric 
Co. Residence: Brookline, Mass. Office: 84 
State St., Boston. 
BRADLEY, Artliur Crosmaii, lawyer, 
retired; b. Brattleborough, Vt., Sept. 13, 1849; 
s. Jonathan Dorr and Susan Mina (Cros- 
man) B.; prep, ed'n, Miles Mil. Acad., Brat- 
tleborough; B. A., Amherst, 1870, M.A., 1872; 
LL.B., Columbia, 1872; in. Newport, N. H., 
Apr. 12, 1S81, Lucy Elizabeth Nettleton. 
Practiced at New York and Newport, N. H., 
1872-82; mem. N. H. Const'l Conv., 1903; dir. 
First Nat. Bank, Newport. Fellow Am. Geog. 
Soc; life mem. A.A.A.S., Brooklyn Inst. 
Arts and Sciences, London Soc. for Psychic- 
al Research; mem. Boston Soc. Natural 
Hist, N. H. Hist. Soc, Bibliophile Soc, En- 
tomol. Soc. of Ont., S.A.R. (v.-p. of N. H.). 
Clubs: University (New York); Osceola (St. 
Augufftine, Fla.). Address: Newport, N. H. 

BRADLEY, Cliarles H., educator; b. at 
Johnson, Vt., Feb. 13, 1860; .y. Harmon H. 
Bradley and Sarah G. Ferguson B. ; ed. 
Johnson pub. schs. and Johnson State Nor- 
mal Sch.; m. Palmer, Mass., 1883, Mary 
Chilton Brewster. Supt. The Farm and 
Trades Sch. since 1888. Republican. Bap- 
tist. Mason (32°), K.T. ; mem. Mass. Char- 
itable Mechanics Assn., Am. Prison Reform 
Assn., Nat. Conf. of Charities and Correc- 
tion, Vt. Hist. Soc, Vt. Assn. of Boston. 
Clubs: Twentieth Century, Monda;y Evening, 
S. Boston Yacht. Address: The Far*m and 
Trades Sch., Thompson's Island, Mass. 

BRADLEY, Daniel Ed-ward, engineer; b. 
E. Jaffrey, N. H., May 16, 1861; B. S., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1883, C.E., 1885. Pres. Berlin 
Construction Co. Address: Berlin, Conn. 

BRADLEY, Edward Elias, retired man- 
ufacturer; b. New Haven, Conn., Jan. 5, 1845; 
s. Isaac and Abigail Knowles (Hervey) B., 
both born in New Haven; ed. pub. schs. of 
New Haven and W. Haven, to 1857, Brown's 
Acad., 1857-9, Robbin's Commercial Sch., 
1859-60; m. New Haven, Apr. 26, 1871, Mary 
Elizabeth Kimberly. Began active career as 
shipping elk. New Haven Wheel Co., Apr. 5, 
1860; bookkeeper, 1861-5, sec. <ind treas., 1866- 
87, pres. since 1887; also dir. New Haven Co. 
Nat. Bank, Red -River Valley Cattle Co., of 
New Mexico. Was formerly pres. of the fol- 
lowing: Buckboard Carriage Co. of New Ha- 
ven, News Pub. Co., Chas. W. Scranton Co. 
(bankers), N, E. Dairy Co., New Haven 
Chamber of Commerce. Formerly treas. 
Fort Bascom Cattle Raising Co. of New Mex- 
ico; formerly dir. of Quinnipiack Fire Ins, 
Co. of N. H. ; formerly comm'r pub. parks 
of New Haven. Apptd. capt. Co. F, 2d Regt., 
C.N.G., 1865, col., 2d Regt., 1869, paymaster- 
gen, of Conn., 1877, adj. -gen. of Conn., 1893. 
Mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1882-3, Senate, 1886; 
pres. New Haven Grays Veteran Assn. ; trus- 
tee Episcopal Acad.; dir. Missionary Soc. 
Diocese of Conn.; pres. Young Men's Inst. 
Pres. Defenders' Monument Assn. of New 
Haven; v.-p. State Bd. of Trade of Conn. 
Independent in politics. Episcopalian. Mem. 
New Haven Colonial Hist. Soc. (dir.), Gov- 
ernors' Staff Assn. of Conn. (pres.). Treas. 
Army and Navy Club (New York). Address: 
212 York St. New Haven, Conn. 

BRADLEY, Harry Cyrus, coll. prof.; b. 
Plaistow, N. H., July 7, 1871; ^. Shepard 
Harriman and Imogene (Emery) B. ; S.B., 
civ. eng'ring, Mass. Inst. Tech., 1891. En- 
gaged in civ. eng'ring, 1891-6; instr. in draw- 
ing and descriptive geometry, 1897-1908, asst. 
prof., since 1908, Mass. Inst. Tech.; engaged 
as expert, irrigation investigations, U. S. 
Dept. of Agr., 1901, Cong'l Unitarian. Royal 
Arch Mason. Chib: Technology. Residence: 
67 Moi-eland St., Roxbury, Mass, 

BRADLEY, J(erx'y) Payson, soldier, me- 
chanical engineer, merchant; b. Methuen, 
Mass., June 7, 1848; .y. Capt. Leverett and 
Catherine Charlotte (Frye) B. ; g.g.s. of 
Enoch B., and g. g.g.s. of Col. Frye, soldiers 
of the Revolutionary War; ed. pub. schs. of 
Methuen and Lawrence, Mass. ; m. Boston, 
Feb. 27, 1872, Emma Frances James. En- 
listed as drummer, at 13, in Co. B, 14th Mass, 
Inf., 1861; changed to 1st Mass. Heavy Arty., 
1862, and became bugler of the regt.; hon. 
discharged, Nov. 15, 1864; served in forts 
around Washington, at Harper's Ferry, bat- 




ties of the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, siege of 
Petersburg, etc.; on the day of the "crater" 
disaster, distinguished himself by carrying 
water through a hailstorm of bullets to the 
wounded. Entered employ of Downer Kero- 
sene Oil Co., 1868; designer and eng'r of 
N. E. Liquid Fuel Co., 1869, constructed the 
1st successful apparatus for burning crude 
oil as fuel; returned to Downer Kerosene 
Oil Co., 1870, and continued for 20 yrs. ; en- 
gaged in production of crude petroleum since 
1890; pres. The Boston Oil Co. (Ohio); dir. 
and elk. The Kehew-Bradley Co., mfrs. of 
oils, curriers, supplies and starch; trustee 
S. Boston Savings Bank. Chmn. Sch. House 
■Comm'n City of Boston, 1900. Joined M.V.M. 
1st Battalion, It. arty.. May 1, 1873; promoted 
serg't maj. Dec. 4, 1875; discharged. May 15, 
1876; enlisted as sergt. maj. 1st Battalion 
€av., M.V.M., Aug. 31, 1876; commd. adj. 
with rank of 1st It., Jan. 27, 1877; resigned, 
May 17, 1877; appt. asst. adj. gen. with rank 
of col. on staff of Gov. Wolcott, Jan. 7, 1897, 
and served 3 yrs.; joined Ancient and Hon- 
orable Artillery Co. of Mass., 1877; sergt., 
1880; adj., 1888; comdr., 1897; color bearer 
Nat. Standard during visit to England, 1896; 
comdr. Dahlgren Post, 2, G.A.R., 1882; act- 
ing asst. adj. -gen. Dept. of Mass., 1890; mem. 
Nat. Council of Administration, 1891; comdr. 
Dept. of Mass., 1906-7. Republican. Trini- 
tarian Cong'list. Mem. Y.M.C.A., Am. Hist. 
Assn., B.Y.M.C.U., Mil. Hist. Soc. of Mass., 
Nat. Geographic Soc, Bostonian Soc, Soc. 
Army of Potomac. Mason. Clubs: Algon- 
quin, Cong'l, Exchange. Residence: 460 Au- 
dubon Rd. Office: 24 Purchase St., Boston. 

BRADLEY, Jolin Edwin, educator; b. 
Lee, Mass.; s. Stephen and Hannah (Aus- 
tin) B. ; grad. Williams College, 1865 (A. 
M., 1868; LL. D., 1893; Ph. D., Univ. of N. 
Y., 1879); m. 1870, Martha J. Gould, Albany, 
N. Y. Prin high school, Pittsfield, Mass., 
1865-8; same, Albany, N. Y., 1868-86; commr. 
State of N. Y. to Paris Exp'n, 1878; supt. 
city schools, Minneapolis, 1886-92; pres. 111. 
Coll., 1892-1900; mem. Nat. Council of Ed'n 
since 1889. Corporate mem. A. B. C. F. 
M.; mem. Nat. Cong'l Council, Chicago, 
1886, Des Moines, la., 1904, Internat. Cong'l 
Council, Boston, 1899; v. -p. Ecumenical 
Internat. Council, New York, 1900, Author. 
Science and Industry; School Incentives; 
Healthfulness of Intellectual Pursuits; Un- 
conscious Education; Work and Play; 
Talks with Students. Address: Randolph, 

BRADLEY, Joliii Erving-, mfr. ; b. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Feb. 26, 1860; .?. Henry Osgood 
and Sarah L. (Stockbridge) B., and descend- 
ant of Daniel B., Haverhill, Mass., 1635; ed. 
high sch. of Worcester and 1 yr. at Amherst 
Coll., elk. in store of Jerome Marble Co., 
Worcester, mfrs. paints, oils and mill sup- 
plies, 1878-82; m. Oct., 1887, Emma L. D. 
Dingley, d. Hon. John B. and Maria M. 
(Kinney) D., of Gardiner, Me. Was in em- 
ploy of Osgood Bradley & Sons, mfrs. of 
railroad cars, and on the death of his uncle, 
Osgood Bradley, 1896, became gen. mgr. and 
since death of his father, in Oct., 1901, has 
been owner of the Bradley Works, with 350 
operatives. Mem. Rj'. Business Assn., Mas- 
ter Car Builders' Assn. of America, Am. R. 
R. Appliance Assn., N. E, St. Ry. Club, N. 

E. Steam R. R. Club. Mem. Mass, Militia, 
Worcester Light Infantry and its Veteran 
Assn, ^Clubs: Up Town (pres.); Tatassit 
Canoe '(commodore) ; Tatnuck Country Golf 
and Tennis; Worcester (Membership Com.). 
Residence: 21 Richards St. Office: Bradley 
Car Shops, Worcester, Mass. 
BRADLEY, Milton, mfr.; b. Vienna, Me., 
Nov. 8, 1836; s. Lewis B. ; ed. grammar 
and high schools, Lowell, Mass., and Law- 
rence Scientific School, Cambridge, Mass., 
1854-5; sp'l studies in eng'ring. Began active 
life as civil and mech. eng'r. Became in- 
terested in lithography and through that 
in the publishing of home amusements. 
Organized the Milton Bradley Co. at 
Springfield, Mass., for the mfr. and publi- 
cation of Home Amusements and Kinder- 
garten and School Material and Supplies 
in 1863. In 1868 published Paradise of Child- 
hood, by Prof. Edward Wiebe, then of 
Springfield, first authentic presentation of 
the subject of kindergarten instruction in 
U. S. ; soon after undertook preparation of 
the line of material necessary for the in- 
troduction of kindergartens in this country. 
Necessity for a newer and closer classifica- 
tion and improvement of colors in kinder- 
garten material became apparent, and from 
this has developed what is known as the 
Bradley system of color instruction, based 
on spectrum standard colors with a com- 
plete and definite color nomenclature. At 
an early day he published Work and Play, 
children's mag. ; now publisher The Kinder- 
garten Rev. Author and Publisher: Color 
in the School Room, a manual for teachers, 
1890; Color in the Kindergarten, 1893; Ele- 
mentary Color, 1895; Water Colors in the 
Schoolroom, 1900. Address: Springfield, 

BRADLEY, Peter Butler, mfr. ; sr. mem. 
firm of Peter B, & Robert S. Bradley (Bos- 
ton); pres. and chmn. exec. com. Am. Agr'l 
Chem. Co. (New York); pres. Bradley Pul- 
verizer Co. (Boston); treas. and dir. Ashe- 
poo Fertilizer Co. (Charleston, S. C). 
Clubs: Manhattan, Union League (New 
York), Country (Brookline), Gentlemen's 
Driving, Boston Athletic. Residence: Hing- 
ham, Mass. Office: 92 State St., Boston. 

BRADLEY, Ricliard Merry, trustee and 
mgr. real estate; b. Brattleboro, Vt., Feb. 
10, 1851; .y. Richard and Sarah Ann Will- 
iams (Merry) B. ; prep, ed'n, St. Paul's 
Sch., Concord, N. H. ; A.B., Harvard, 1882; 
student Harvard Law Sch., 1 yr. ; m. Wash- 
ington, D. C, Mar., 1892, Amy Owen Aldis. 
In real estate business 10 j^rs. with John H. 
Stover, Boston, later alone; mem. firm of 
Bradley & Tyson since 1900, real estate 
trusts in Boston, Chicago, St. Paul, etc. 
Residence: 36 Browne St., Brookline, Mass. 
Office: 50 State St., Boston. 

BRADLEY, Robert Stow, manufacturer; 
ed. Harvard; m. Leslie Newell. Mem. firm 
P. B. and R. S. Bradley; chmn. bd. of dirs. 
Am. Agr'l Chemical Co. ; dir. Columbia 
Trust Co. (New York) ; pres. Ashepoo Fer- 
tilizer Co., Charleston, S. C; v. -p. and dir. 
Bradley Pulverizer Co. ; dir. Charlotte Har- 
bor & Northern Ry. Co., Fidelity Develop- 
ment Co., Jacksonville Electric Co. Clubs: 
Union, Myopia Hunt, New Riding, Country, 
Essex Co., Eastern Yacht; University (New 




York). Residence: 411 Commouwealth Av. 
Omce: 92 State St., Boston. 

BRADLEY, Walter Parke, educator; b. 
Lee, Mass., July 7, 1862; s. George Franklin 
and Mary Alverson (Freeman) B.; grad. 

.. Lee High Sch., 1880; A.B., Williams Coll., 
1884; post-grad, study Gottingen, Germany, 
1884-6, 1888-9, A.M. and Ph.D., 1889; m. 
Bridge Hampton, N. Y., June 26, 1888, Ade- 
laide Bartlett Huntting. Prof, chemistry, 
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., since 
1893; dir. 1st laboratory in U. S. for re- 
search at extreme low temperatures. Fel- 
low A.A.A.S.; mem. German Chem. Soc, 
Am. Chem, Soc, Zeta Psi. Cong'list. Con- 
tb'r to various scientific mags, on problems 
connected with liquefaction of permanent 
gases, critical temperature, etc. Address: 
256 College St., Middletown, Conn. 

BRADLEY, William Mason, U. S. com- 
m'r; A.B., Harvard, 1876, LL.B., 1878. Ad- 
dress: 118 William St., Portland, Me. 

BRADNER, Lester, Jr., clergyman; b. at 
Chicago, March 9, 1867; s. Lester and Lucy 
A. (Charnley) B. ; prep, ed'n Hopkins Gram. 
Sch., New Haven, Conn., 1881-5; B.A., Yale, 
1889, Ph.D., 1891; B.D., Gen. Theol. Sem., 
New York, 1894; m. Flushing, N. Y., 1895, 
Edith M. Murray. Ordered deacon, 1894, or- 
dained priest, 1894, P. E. Ch. ; asst. minister 
Ch. of the Ascension, New York, 1894-01; 
rector St, John's Ch., Providence, R. I., 
since 1901. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Clubs: 
University, Agawam Hunt. Address: 144 
Benefit St., Providence, R. I, 

BRADSTREET, George Flint; b. Brad- 
ford, Mass., Apr. 3, 1854; .y. Justin Edward 
and Almira (Ellis) B. ; ed. common schs., 1 
yr, in high sch. and evening business 
course; m. Bradford, Dec. 23, 1874, Julia 
Gertrude Kimball. Began active career at 
14 in packing house business with father; 
went to New York, 1885, as mgr. of branch 
houses of G. H. Hammond Co. ; organized 
the Wheeler-Bradstreet Co. ; removed to 
Boston, 1895; became gen. Eastern supt. 
Armour & Co.; resigned on account of ill- 
health, 1898; organized, 1899, the George F. 
Bradstreet Co., stocks and bonds, of which 
is pres. ; pres. New Era Machinery Co.; 
sec. and treas. N. E. Gold & Copper Mining 
Co., Aztec Gold & Copper Mining Co.; dir. 
James Donovan Slipper Co., Ellis Machin- 
ery Co. Republican. Cong'list. Mason, K. 
T., Shriner; mem. United Order of Pilgrim 
Fathers (dir. and supreme It. -gov.). Clubs: 
Cong'l, Metaphysical, Art Collectors. Resi- 
dence: Fellsway East, Maiden, Mass. Office: 
Equitable Bldg., 67 Milk St., Boston. 

BRADSTREET, Thomas Dudley, mfr. ; 
b. Thomaston, Conn., Aug. 1, 1841; .?. Rev. 
Thomas J. and Amanda (Thomas) B. ; com- 
mon sch. ed'n; served as 1st sergt. Co. D, 
19th Conn. Vols., Aug., 18r)2-Mar., 1863; in. 
Waterbury, Conn., Mar. 23, 1864, Sarah M. 
Perry. Entered service of Seth Thomas 
Clock Co., 1873, as a bench hand; became 
sec. of the company, 1890, v.-p., dir. and 
mgr., since 189G; pres. Thomaston Water 
Co.; dir. Thomaston Nat. Bank. Mem. 
Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1886, Conn. Senate, 1903, 
1905; comptroller state of Conn., 1907-8, 
1908-9, reelected, 1909. Republican. Cong'l- 
ist. Mason, K.T. Mem. S.R., G.A.R., N. E. 
Soc. (New York). Clubs: Army and Navy of 

Conn., Hartford, Thomaston, Union League, 
New Haven. Address: Thomaston, Conn. 

BRADY, John, R, C. bishop; b. County 
Cavan, Ireland, 1842; studied at All Hallows 
Coll., Ireland; ordained priest, 1864; asst. 
pastor Newburyport, Mass., 1864-8; since 
1868 pastor St. Joseph's Ch., Amesbury. To 
relieve Archbishop Williams of many epis- 
copal labors was apptd., 1891, auxiliary 
bishop of Boston and consecrated titular 
bishop of Alabanda, but continuing also his 
parochial work. Address: 55 Broadway, S. 
Boston, Mass. 

BRADY, John Everett, educator; b. Dav- 
idson, N. C, July 22, 1860; .y. Rufus Archi- 
bald and Martha Jane (Hart) B. ; Univ. of 
N. C, 1878-81, B.A., 1881; Univ. of Leipzig, 
1882-3; univs. of Gottingen, Paris, Athens, 
1883-7; Univ. of Heidelberg, 1887-8; Ph.D., 
1888; m. Amherst, Mass., Aug. 20, 1889, Mary 
Taylor Seelye. Prof. Latin lang. and lit.. 
Smith Coll., Northampton, Mass., since 

. Sept., 1888. Mem. Am, Philol. Assn., Arch- 
aeol. Inst, of America, Am. Sch. of Classical 
Studies in Rome (Managing Com.). Author: 
Sound Changes in Modern Greek; Studies in 
Quintus Curtius Rufus; Woman in Roman 
Literature. Presbyterian. Independent Re- 
publican. Address: 5 Crescent St., North- 
ampton, Mass. 

BRAGDON, Charles Cnshman, educa- 
tor; b. Auburn, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1847; .y. 
Charles P. and Sarah (Cushman) B.; ed. 
Springfield (Mass.) pub. sch.; prepared for 
coll. at Evanston, 111. ; grad. Northwestern 
Univ., A. B., 1865, A. M., 1868 (LL. D., 
1900) ; student Univ. of Tubingen, Germany, 
1872-3; m. Williamsport, Pa., June 30, 1869, 
Kate E. Ransom. Taught in Elgin (111.) 
Acad., 1862-3; served in Co. F, 134th 111. Inf. 
Vols., as pvt. and co. clerk; taught in 
Dickinson Sem., 1865-7; asst. editor Little 
Corporal, Chicago, 1867-8; prof. Latin and 
Greek, Wesleyan Coll. for Women, Cincin- 
nati, 1868-72, Jennings Sem., Aurora, 111., 
1873-4; prin. Lasell Sem. for Young Women, 
Auburndale, Mass., since 1874 (1st sch. in 
U. S. to teach domestic science on scien- 
tific basis). Methodist Episcopalian; dir. 
Wesleyan Assn., Boston; trustee Boston 
Univ.; v.-p. New England Deaconess Assn. 
Home: Pasadena, Calif. Address: Auburn- 
dale, Mass. 

BRAGDON, Frederick Elias, educator; 
b. Brewer, Me., June 29, 1870; s. Rev. Fred- 
erick Augustus (Methodist clergyman) and 
Sarah Dorinda (Boden) B. ; grad. Gorham 
(Me.) High Sch., 1887; student Bowdoin 
Coll., 2 yrs., 1887-8; A.B., Wesleyan Univ., 
Middletown, Conn., 1891; A.M. in pedagogy 
and philosophy. Brown Univ., 1905; m. 
Brunswick, Me., Aug. 7, 1896, Sarah Evelina, 
d. Rev. Ezekiel and Clara A. (Cooper) 
Smith. Teacher Dayton, Me., 1887, 1888, N. 
Conway, N. H., 1889, Cutler and Millbridge, 
Me., 1891-2, N. Berwick (Me.) High Sch., 
1892-3; teacher Greek and Latin, Borden- 
town (N. J.) Mil. Inst., 1894-5; prin. E. 
Bridgewater (Mass.) High Sch., 1896-1900; 
supt. schools, Lincoln, R. I., 1900-5; pres. E. 
Me. Oonf. Sem., Bucksport, Me., since 
1905. Methodist. Mem, Theta Delta Chi. 
Address: Bucksport, Me. 

BRAGG. Charles F., merchant and mfr. ; b. 
Dixmont, Me., June 22, 1850; 5. Norris Hub- 




bard and Sophia Goddard (Crocker) B.; pub. 
sch. ed'n; m. Bangor, 1871, Florence E. 
Wingate. Began active career in employ of 
N. H. Bragg & Sons, 1868, and became mem. 
of firm, 1871; business incorporated, 1905, 
and has since been pres. of co, iron and 
steel heavy hardware; also pres. Orono 
Pulp & Paper Co. ; mem. Bangor. City Coun- 
cil, 1884-6; mayor of Bangor, 1887-9; pres. 
Old Ladies' Home Corp'n; mem. Bd. of 
Mgrs. Pub. Library, and of Water Bd. Re- 
publican. Mem. Nat. Hardware Jobbers' 
Assn., N. E. Iron & Hardware Assn. (pres., 
190-1-5, now dir.). Mem. K. of P. Clubs: 
Tarratine, Madocowanda (Bangor), Union 
(San Juan, Porto Rico). Residence: 91 Grove 
St. Office: 74-78 Broad St., Bangor, Me. 

BRAGG, Henry Willard, lawyer; b.. Hol- 
liston, Mass., Dec. 11, 1841; s. Willard and 
Mary Matilda (Claflin) B.; A.B., Tufts Coll., 
1861 (LL.D., Tufts Coll., 1905); read law in 
Natick, Mass.; admitted to bar, 1864; m. 
Milford, Mass., Jan. 11, 1866, Ellen Frances 
Haven. Began practice in Charlestown; 
1865; opened Boston office, 1868; city solici- 
tor, Charlestown, 1867-70; master in chan- 
cery for Middlesex Co., 1869-74; sp'l justice 
Charlestown Municipal Court, 1870-86, jus- 
tice, since 1886; master in chancery for Suf- 
folk Co., since 1874; mem. 6 yrs., chmn. 2 
yrs., Bd. of Examiners, applicants for ad- 
mission to bar for Suffolk Co. ; solicitor 
Warren Inst'n for Savings, Charlestown, 
since 1867. Republican. Mason. Mem. Nine 
Hundred and Ninety-Ninth Arty. Co., 
Charlestown; hon. mem. Boston Bar Assn. 
Clubs: University, Curtis, Taylor, Abstract, 
Oakley Country. Residence: 29 Common- 
wealth Av. Office: 18 Tremont Bldg., Boston. 

BRAGG, Liaui'a Mai'y, librarian; b. North- 
bridge, Mass., Oct. 9, 1881; d. Rev. Lyman 
Daniel and Sara Julia (Klotz) B. ; ed. Man- 
chester (N. H.) High Sch., 1895-6, Amesbury 
(Mass.) High Sch., 1896-9, Lisbon (N.H.) 
High Sch., 1899-1900, grad., 1900; student 
Simmons Coll., Sch. of Library Science, 
Boston, 1902-6, B.S., 1906. Librarian, 1906-7, 
supt. since 1907, Orr's Island Library and 
the four branches of work of which the 
library is a part; work largely social. Ad- 
dress: Greenland, N. H. 

BRAINERD, Elzra, pres. Middlebury Coll. 
since 1885; b. St. Albans, Vt., Dec. 17, 1844; 
5. Lawrence Robbins B. ; grad. Middlebury 
Coll., 1864; tutor there, 1864-6; grad. An- 
dover Theol. Sem., 1868, (LL. D.. 1888, Rip- 
on Coll., Wis., and Univ. of Vt.; D. D., 
Harvard, 1900). Prof, rhetoric and English 
literature, 1868-80; prof, physics and ap- 
plied mathematics, 1880-5, Middlebury Coll. ; 
has made important contb'ns to the botany 
and geology of Vt. ; one of 3 comm'rs ap- 
ptd., 1887, to revise school laws of Vt. 
Address f Middlebury, Vt. 

BRAINERD, Pi-aiik, pres. Brainerd, Sha- 
ler & Hall Quarry Co. Address: Portland, 

BRAINERD, Lyman Bnslinell, ins. 
pres.; b. Colchester, Conn., Mar. 27, 1856; s. 
Asa and Susan E. B. ; ed. Wesleyan Acad., 
Wilbraham, Mass.; m. Lucy Morgan, Oct. 
23, 1903. Fire ins. solicitor, gen. agt. and 
adjuster, 1876-86; negotiator of bonds, 1886-7, 
sec, 1887-90, mgr. bond dept., 1890-4, Equit- 
able Mortgage Co. of New York; asst. treas., 

1894-9, treas., 1899-1904, dir. since 1903, pres. 
since 1904, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspec- 
tion & Ins. Co. ; dir. Case, Lockwood & 
Brainerd Co., Security Co. (mem. financial 
com); trustee Society for Savings; trustee 
and mem. exec. com. Hartford Theol. Sem. 
Mem. First Ch. of Christ. Republican. 
Clubs: Hartford, Hartford Golf. Residence: 
114 Washington St., Hartford, Conn. 
BRAINERD, William Hungertorti, 
architect; b. Halifax, Mass., Apr. 1, 1862; s. 
Timothy Green and Lucinda Rebecca (Dew- 
ey) B.; prep, ed'n, Acad, of Iowa College; B. 
A., Iowa College, 1883 (Phi Beta Kappa, 1908). 
Studied architecture, Minneapolis, Minn., 
1883-5, Mass. Inst. Tech., 1885-6; m. Boston, 
Aug. 2, 1889, Harriet Seaver Curtis (died, 
July 27, 1902); m. 2d, Mary Bowen, Sept. 22, 
1906. Student in Boston, 1886-91, in the ofBce 
of Edmund M. Wheelwright, and Shepley, 
Rutan & Coolidge; in charge branch office 
Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, St. Louis, Mo., 
1891-4; in practice in Boston since 1894; in 
Sept., 1900; with Edmund I. Leeds and 
Arthur J. Russell, formed the firm mem. of 
Brainerd, Deeds & Russell; since May, 1905, 
Brainerd & Leeds. Mem. Public School 
Assn, Good Government Assn. ; trustee Bos- 
ton Floating Hosp. Residence: Wellesley, 
Mass. OfRce: 89 Franklin St., Boston. 

BRAISLIN, Gibbs, clergyman; b. Burling- 
ton, N. J., July 29, 1850; s. Patrick and 
Tamar (Gibbs) B. ; grad. Hightstown (N. J.) 
Acad., 1875; A.B., Brown Univ., 1880, D.D., 
1905; grad. Crozer Theol. Sem., 1S82; m. 1st, 
Providence, R. I., Oct. 23, 1886, Jennie C. 
Pyke (now deceased) : m. 2d, Gloucester, 
Mass., May 21, 1907, Edith R. Follansbee. 
Ordained Bapt. minister, Keeseville, N. Y., 
1886; pastor Bapt. Ch., Keeseville, 1886-91, 
First Bapt. Ch., Rutland, Vt., 1891-06, First 
Bapt. Ch., Gloucester, Mass., since 1906; 
pres. Vt. Bapt. S. S. Conv., 1900, 1901; v.-p. 
Northern Bapt. Ed'n Soc, 1901-6; pres. Vt. 
Bapt. State Conv., 1902-6; del. to World's 
Bapt. Congress, London, 1905; chaplain 
Delta Upsilon Nat. Conv., 1906 (mem. of the 
fraternity) ; chmn. Examining Com. Newton 
Theol. Sem., 1907-8; mem. Bd. Mass. Bapt. 
Mission Soc. since 1907; mem. Nat. Civic 
Federation since 1906. Address: 18 Addison 
St., Gloucester, Mass. 

BRAITHWAITE, Edwai'd Ernest, cler- 
gytaian; b. Unionville, Oht., Can., Mar. 14, 
1865; .y. Mark Mell-and Elizabeth (Eckardt) 
B.; student Univ. of Toronto, 1882-4; A.B., 
McGill Univ., Montreal, 1886; D.B., Oberlin 
(0.) Theol. Sem., 1890; post-grad, student 
Univ. of Chicago, 1896-7, Harvard Univ., 
1900-1, A.M., 1901, 1902-4, Ph.D., 1904; m. 
Cleveland, O., Nov. 10, 1892, Ida M. Van 
Camp. Ordained Cong'l minister, 1S90; pas- 
tor Fountain Park Cong'l Ch., St. Louis, 
1890-5. Tabernacle Cong'l Ch.. Yarmouth. N. 
S., 1897-1900, West Somerville Cong'l Ch., 
Somerville, Mass., since 1903; chmn. Cong"l 
Union of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 
1899-1900; acting prof, of 0. T. languages 
and literature, Oberlin Coll., Ohio, 1901-2.; 
Address: 44 Russell St., W. Somerville^ 

BRALEY, Henry King", jurist; .''. Roch- 
ester, Mass., Mar. 17, 1S50; 5. Samuel Tripp 
and Mary A. (King) B.; ed. pub. schs., 
Rochester (Mass.) Acad., Pierce Acad., Mid- 
dleboro, Mass.; hon. A. M., Dartmouth, 







1902; m. Bridgewater, Mass., Apr. 26, 1875, 

Caroline Ward Leach. Engaged in prac- 
tice of law at Fall River, Mass., 1873-91; 

city solicitor, 1874, mayor, 1882-3, Fall River; 

bar examiner Bristol Co., by appmt. of Su- 
preme Jud. Court, 1890-91; asso. justice Su- 
perior Court of Mass. until 1902; asso. jus- 
tice Supreme Jud. Court of Mass. since 

1902. Trustee Fall River Savings Bank. 
' Mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science. 

Unitarian. Democrat. Clubs: Union, Univer- 
sity (Boston); Quequechan (Fall River). 

Address: Fall River, Mass. 
BRAMAN, Francis Nelson, physician; b. _„,„„.__ _-^ 

Belchertown, Mass., May 18, 1836; ^. Nathan- BRANCH,_01iver Ernesto, lawyer 

iel Park and Lucy Ann (Crocker) B. ; ed. in 

schs. of Belchertown, Palmer and Wilbra- 

ham, Mass.; studied medicine in Palmer 

and New London, Conn., and for 2 yrs. un- 
der Drs, Mott, Moseley and Austin Flint, 

Sr., New York; grad. Univ. of New York 

and Bellevue Hosp. Med, Coll.; in. 1st, Sal- 
em, Conn., Nov. 26, 1868, Jennie B. Loomis 

(died. May 2, 1895); m. 2d, Chicago, Dec. 15, 

1897, Lulu M. Tobias. Practiced in Salem, 

Conn., 1866-8, since in New London; pres. 

med. staff New London Memorial Hdfep.; 

physician Smith Memorial Home for Elderly 

Ladies, New London; ex-pres. New London 

Bd. of Ed'n. Republican. Cong'list. Mem. 

Am. Med. Assn., Conn. State Med. Soc. (ex- 
pres.), New London County and City Med. 

socs. Address: 38 Alger PI., New London, 

BRANCH, Anna Hempstead, author; b. 

New London, Conn.; d. John L. and Mary 

(Bolles) B.; grad. Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, 

1893; Smith Coll., 1897; Am. Acad. Dramat- 
ic Art, New York, 1900. Won the first of 

the Century prizes awarded to coll. grad- 
uates for the best poem with "The Road 

'Twixt Heaven and Hell" (Century Mag., 

Dec, 1898). Contb'r verse and prose to 

leading mags. Author: The Heart of the 

Road, 1901 H5; The Shoes That Danced, 1905 

H5. Address: New London. Conn. 
BRANCH, George Harvey, physician and 

surgeon; b. Potsdam, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1870; s. 

Walter C. and Eunice (Monroe) B. ; lit. ed'n, 

Potsdam State Normal Sch. ; M.D., Iowa 

State Univ., 1896; m. N. Hero, Vt., June 4, 

1902, Mattie B. Hazen. Has practiced at 

Grand Isle, Vt., since June 1, 1896; health 

officer Grand Isle for 9 yrs. ; dist. surgeon 

Rutland R. R. Mem. Chittenden Co. Clini- 
cal Soc, Am. Med. Assn., N. Y. and N. E. 

R. R. Surgeons Soc. Republican. Mason 

(Master Isle of Patmos Lodge, No. 17). Ad- 

dress: Grand Isle, Vt. 
BRANCH, J. B., ins. pres.; b. Brooklyn, 

Feb. 18, 1851; ^. Wm. L. and Catharine T. 

B.; ed. pub. and high schs., Providence, R. 

I.; m. Providence, 1879, Fannie W. Mowry. 

In employ Am. Ins. Co. until 1871; with 

Newport Fire & Marine Ins. Co., successor 

to Am. Ins. Co., 1871-5, asst. sec, 1874-5; 

asst. sec. Providence Washington Ins. Co., 

successor to Newport Fire & Marine Ins. Co., 

1875-81, sec, 1881-9, v.-p., 1889-1904, pres., 

same, since Jan. 1904. Clubs: Agawam Hunt, 

Hope, Squantum. Address: Providence, R. I. 
BRANCH, Mary L,ydia Bolles, author; 

b. New London, Conn., June 13, 1840; d. 

John Rogers and Mary (Hempstead) Bolles; 

ed. common and high schools and school of 

Lincoln F. Emerson, Boston; m. 1870, John 
L. Branch, lawyer. Has lived in Paines- 
ville, O., New York, Brooklyn and New 
London; best known as writer of stories 
for children. Mem. Froebel Soc. of Brook- 
lyn, Soc. Mayflower Descendants in Conn., 
D. A. R. Club: Saturday (New London). 
Author: The Kanter Girls. 1893 S3; The Old 
Hempstead House, the Home of Eight Gen- 
erations, 1896 A7; A Visit to Newfoundland. 
1901 A7; The Manner of Life of Nancy 
Hempstead, 1902 A7. Address: Hempstead 
House. New London, Conn. 

Madison, O., July 19, 1847; s. William Witter 
and Lucy J. (Bartram) B. ; lineal descendant 
of John B., who came to America from Eng. 
and settled at Scituate, Mass., 1638; grad. 
(with highest honors) Hamilton Coll., N. Y., 
1873, A.M., 1876 (LL.D., 1908); A.M., Dart- 
mouth, 1896; LL.B., Columbia Coll. Law 
Sch., 1877; m. V/eare, N. H., Oct. 17, 1878, 
'Sarah M. Chase. Admitted to bar in New 
York, 1877, and practiced with his brother, 
John L., until 1883, when he moved to 
Weare; has resided in Manchester, N. H., 
since 1894; gen. counsel, B. & M. R. R. ; 
mem. N. H. Legislature, 1887, 1889; chmn. 
Dem. State Conv., 1892, 1902; has made spec- 
ialty of corp'n law; U. S. dist. atty. for 
Dist. of N. H., 1894-1898; declined appoint- 
ment as asso, justice Supreme Court of N. 
H., 1898; pres. N. H. Bar Assn., 1904. Mem. 
Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Der- 
ryfield. Country. Residence: 229 Prospect St. 
Office: Pembroke Blk., Manchester, N. H. 

BRANDEGEE, Frank Boswortli, U. S. 

senator, lawyer; b. New London, Conn., 
July 8, 1864; s. Augustus and Nancy Chris- 
tina (Bosworth) B.; grad. Yale, 1885; un- 
married. Admitted to bar, 1888; speaker 
Conn. Ho. of Reps., 1899; mem. Congress, 
3d Conn, dist., 1903-5; re-elected to 59th 
Congress, 1904; elected U. S. senator, Conn., 
May 5, 1905, to succeed late O. H. Piatt; re- 
elected for term, 1909-15; Republican. Clubs: 
University (New York), Metropolitan (Wash- 
ington), Hartford (Hartford), Union League 
(New Haven), Thames (New London). Ad- 
^dress: New London, Conn. 

BRANDEGEE, Robert B., painter; b. Ber- 
lin, Conn.; s. Elishama and Florence (Stith) 
B.; dist. sch. ed'n; studied art in Paris, 
pupil M. Jasquesson de La Cheveriuse; m. 
Northampton, Mass., Mar. 17, 1898, Susan 
Lord. Painter of portraits, landscapes and 
mural decorations. Address: Farmington, 

BRANDEIS, Lonis Dembitz, lawyer; b. 
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 13, 1856; s. Adolph 
and Fredericka (Dembitz) B.; ed. Louis- 
ville pub. and high schs.; Annen Real- 
schule, Dresden, 1873-5; grad. Harvard Law 
Sch., 1877 (hon. A. M., Harvard); m. Mar. 
23, 1891, Alice Goldmark, New York. Ad- 
mitted to bar Nov., 1878; has practiced in 
Boston since July, 1879, of firm. Warren & 
Brandeis, 1879-97; since 1897 of Brandeis, 
Dunbar & Nutter. Contb'r to legal revs. 
Hon. mem. Phi Beta Kappa (Harvard). 
Clubs: Union, Exchange (Boston), Harvard, 
City (New York), Dedham (Mass.), Polo 
Club. Author of articles on pub. franchises, 
in Mass., life ins., wage-earners' life ins. 




(saving bank Ins.), etc. Kesidence: 6 Otis 
PI. Office: 161 Devonstiire St., Boston. 

BRANDES, Henry, slioe mfr. ; h. Germany, 
Jan. 23, 1848; .y. Frederick and Sophia May 
(Boton) B.; ed. in Germany, and became 
master meclianic in the mfr. of boots and 
shoes; m. Laura Ann Klebart. Came to Amer- 
ica; enlisted, 1864, for service in Civil War; 
was attached to 4th Mass. Heavy Artillery, 
served till the close of the war in Va., and 
was dicharged in 1865, when 17 yrs. of age; 
foreman Corbin Shoe factory, Webster, 
Mass., 1865-1905; selectman and chmn. of 
bd., assessor, constable, police comm'r, 
trustee of town property, and incorporated 
Five Cent Savings Bank; representative in 
Gen. Court of Mass., 1887, 1902. Mem. G.A. 
R., and for three terms comdr. of Post No. 
61; chmn. com. to erect Soldiers Monument 
in Webster at cost of $15,000, which project 
he inaugurated and carried out; mem. An- 
cient Order United Workmen and mem. 
Grand Lodge of Mass. Address: Webster, 

BRANIGAN, Edward Walter, prof. clin. 
dentistry, Tufts Coll. Dental Sch.; D.D.S., 
Tufts, 1883 (hon. A.M., 1905). Address: 2 
Commonwealth Av., Boston, 

BRANNAN, Joseph Doddridg,'e, educa- 
tor; b. Circleville, O., Jan. 6, 1848; s. Ben- 
jamin Franklin and Mary (Doddridge) B. ; 
A. B., Harvard, 1869, A. M., and LL. B., 
1872; studied Univ. of Munich, Germany, 
1869-70; admitted to Ohio bar, 1873; m. Bos- 
ton, Sept. 18, 1875, Julia Gardiner Gorham. 
Tutor in German, Harvard, 1871-2, Roman 
law, 1872-3; practiced at Cincinnati, 1873-98; 
mem. State B'd of Examiners for admission 
to bar; trustee Cincinnati Hosp., 1885-93; 
prof, law, Univ. of Cincinnati, 1896-8, Har- 
vard Law Sch., since 1898. Clubs: Colonial 
(Cambridge); Oakley Co. (Watertown, 
Mass.) Kesidence: 3 Berkeley St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

BRANNON, Henry, mfr.; h. Nottingham, 
Eng., Mar. 7, 1850; 5. John and Margaret E. 
B. ; came to Boston, with parents, 1851, and 
to Princeton, Mass., 1857; attended sch. and 
worked on father's farm, in the Crompton 
Loom Wks. and in Taylor & Forley's Organ 
factory up to 1874; m. Feb. 14, 1878, Gertrude, 
d. Dorrance S. Goddard. Propr. of turning 
and cabinet business in Worcester since 
1874; dir. Worcester Cooperative Bk. ; alder- 
man four terms, and pres. Bd. last term; 
mem. Worcester City Guard 4 yrs.; trustee 
City Hosp., Mechanics' Assn.; treas. Y.M. 
C.A. ; treas. Cong'l Ch. Mem. Worcester 
Bd. of Trade, Worcester Soc. of Antiquity. 
Mason (v. -p. Masonic Charity -and Edn'l 
Soc); Odd Fellow. Clubs: Cong'l, Home 
Market. Address: Worcester, Mass. 

BRASTOW, Lewis Orsniond, theologian; 
b. Brewer, Me., Mar. 23, 1834; 5. Deodat and 
Eliza (Blake) B. ; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 
1857; studied divinity, Bangor Theol. Sem.; 
(M. A., Yale; D. D., Bowdoin, 1880); or- 
dained to ministry, Cong'l Ch., 1861; chap- 
lain 12th Regt. Vt. Vol. Inf. ; m. May 15, 
1872, Martha Brewster Ladd. Pastor St. 
Johnsbury, Vt., 1861-73, Burlington, Vt., 
1873-84; prof, practical theology, Yale Div- 
inity Sch., since 1885. Author: Represen- 
tative Modern Preachers, 1904; The Modern 
Pulpit, 1906 Ml; also various published ser- 

mons,- mag. and newspaper articles, etc. 
Address: 146 Cottage St., New Haven, Conn. 

BRAY, Charles Durlin, mech. eng'r. ; h. 
Valley Falls, R. I., Mar. L", 1844; s. Chris- 
topher Gore and Emily (Jeuks) B. ; B.S., 
Brown, 1863 (A.M., 1873); grad. eng'r, U. S. 
Naval Acad., 1868; m. July 24, 1870, Josephine 
Compton, of West River, Md. Mech. engr. 
Providence (R. I.) Steam Engine Works, 
1863; pvt. 9th R. I. Vols., 1863; eng'r constm. 
dept. Union Pa. R. R., 1864; naval eng'r Pa- 
cific Squadron, 1868; resigned from navy, 
1869; prof. civ. and mech. eng'ring, Tufts 
Coll., since 1869; Mass. grade crossing com- 
m'r, 1890-4. Mem. Boston Soc. €iv. Eng'rs; 
A.A.A.S. N. B. Naval Eng'rs (pres.). Am. 
Soc. Naval Eng'rs, Soc. Naval Architects 
and Marine Eng'rs. Address: Tufts College, 

BRAY, Charles W., physician and sur- 
geon; b. Naples, Me., Aug. 5, 1850; s. Wash- 
ington and Catherine (Jordan) B. ; ed. Na- 
ples High Sch., Westbrook Sem., Portland, 
Me.; M.D., Coll. of Phys. and Surg., New 
York, 1874; m. Portland, Sept. 10, 1876, Ade- 
laide M. Brewer. Has practiced at Portland, 
since 1874; consulting surgeon Me. Eye and 
Ear Infirmary; surgeon St. Barnabas Hosp. 
Democrat. Universalist. Mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., Me. Med. Assn., Co. Med. Assn., Me. 
Acad, of Medicine, Portland Med. Club. 
Odd Fellow. Clubs: Cumberland, Athletic, 
Portland Yacht, Nat. History, Camera. Ad- 
dress: 81 Free St., Portland, Me. 

BRAYTON, Charles E., physician; b. at 
Stonington, Conn., Feb. 11, 1851; s. Atwood 
Randall and Sally Maria (Davis) B.; M.D., 
Med. Dept., Columbia Coll., 1873; Began in 
practice at Stonington, as successor to pre- 
ceptor. Dr. William Hyde who died, 1873, 
and in 1880 erected the Braylon Blk. ; en- 
tered drug business in same bldg., 1881, of 
which is still owner; burgess and mem. Bd. 
of Health, Stonington, 1889-95; med. exam- 
iner for Stonington. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., 
Conn. Med. Soc. (1st v.-p., 1907), New Lon- 
don Co. Med. Soc. (pres., 1907), S.A.R., 
Royal Arcanum (past grand regent). Demo- 
crat. Cong'list. Address: Stonington, Conn. 

BRAYTON, Charles Ray, lawyer; b. 
Warwick, R. I., Aug. 16, 1840; s. William 
Daniel and Anna Maud (Clarke) B. ; ed. 
Brown Univ., 1859-61; enlisted as 1st It., 
3d R. I. Vols., subsequently heavy art'y, 
Aug. 27, 1861; capt., Nov. 28, 1862; It. col., 
Nov. 17, 1863; col., Apr. 1, 1864; hon. mus- 
tered out of vol. service, Oct. 5, 1864; bvtd. 
brig. gen. U. S. V., Mar. 13, 1865, for faith- 
ful and meritorious services during the 
war; apptd. capt. 17th U. S. Inf., Mar. 7, 
1867; resigned, July 6, 1867; ;;;. Mar. 13, 
1865, Antoinette Percival Belden. Studied 
law, and admitted to bar, 1891; postmaster. 
Providence, 1874-80; mem. Rep. Nat. Com., 
since 1904. Kesidence: Warwick, R. I. 
OfRce: 1036 Banigan Bldg., Providence, R. I. 

BRAYTON, John Snnimerfleld, pres. 
First Nat. Bank, B. M. C. Durfee Safe De- 
posit & Trust Co. Trustee Amherst Coll., 
1882-1900 (LL.D.). Address: 80 N. Main St., 
Fall River, Mass. 

BRAYTON, Thomas E., pres. Pocasset 
Mfg. Co.; treas. Union Mfg. Co. Residence: 
394 Prospect St., Fall River, Mass. 




BRAZIEiR, Marion Ho^jvard, journalist, 
lecturer; b. Boston, Sept. 6, 1850; d. William 
Henry and Sarah Jane (Sargent) B.; ed. 
Boston pub. and pvt. schs. Society editor 
Boston Post, 1890-8; publisher and editor 
The Patriotic Review, 1898-1904; sp'l corr. 
Army and Navy Journal, 1899-1902; society 
editor Boston Journal, 1903. Lecturer; 
contb'r to mags, and newspapers. Mem. 
Soc. Am. Authors, Lyceum Club (London), 
Woman's Charity Club, N. E. Woman's 
Press Ass'n, D. A. R., etc.; founder. Pro- 
fessional Women's Club, 1907; founder of 
2 D. A. R. chapters; placed 1st memorial 
to Paul Jones, E. Boston, 1904. Residence: 
Hotel Oxford, Boston. 

BRECK, Samuel, army officer; b. Middle- 
borough, Mass., Feb. 25, 1834; grad. U. S. 
Mil. Acad., 1855; m. 1857, Caroline J. Bar- 
rett (died Dec. 6, 1900). Bvtd. and 
comm'd 2d It. 1st Art'y, July 1, 1855; 1st 
It., Apr. 11, 1861; capt. asst, adj. gen., Nov. 
29, 1861; maj. asst. a.-d.-c. vols.. May 23- 
July 17, 1862; maj. asst. adj. gen., July 17, 
1862; It. col., Feb. 28, 1887; col. asst. adj. 
gen., Aug. 31, 1893; brig. gen. adj. gen. U. 
S. A., Sept, 11, 1897; retired by operation 
of law, Feb. 25, 1898. Bvtd. It. col., Sept. 
24, 1864, for services during the war; col. 
and brig, gen., Mar. 13, 1865, for services 
in adj. gen. dept. during the war. Mem. 
N. E. Hist. Geneal. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc. 
'Author: Genealogy of the Breck Family, 
1887 A7; Magoun Memorial, 1891 A7. Resi- 
dence: 1651 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

BREEN, Solomon Edmnnd, clergyman, 
lecturer; b. Sackets Harbor, N. Y., Feb. 6, 
1850; s. Nathaniel and Eleanor (Smith) 
B.; Watertown Acad., Cazenovia Sem., Ob- 
erlin Theol. Sem.; A.B., Baldwin Univ., O., 
1882, A.M., 1885; S.T.B., Boston Univ. Sch. 
of Theology, 1882; m. Carthage, N. Y., Oct. 
13, 1878, Jennie Elizabeth Draper. Ordained 
to ministry by N. E. Conf. M. E. Ch., 1885, 
and became mem. of conf.; preached some 
20 years in Boston and Cambridge; at Fath- 
er Taylor's Bethel Ch., 7 yrs., Trinity and 
Grace M. B. chs., Cambridge, 2 yrs.; dis- 
satisfied with the itinerant system of the M 
E. Ch., he requested from his conf. officials 
the privilege of establishing a non-itinerant 
ch. for the masses at Cambridge; request 
was refused and he independently estab- 
lished a ch. which he conducted 9 yrs.; was 
excommunicated by the M. E. Ch. on charge 
of insubordination; installed pastor of the 
Calvary Cong'l Ch., Danbury, Conn., 1902. 
Made a tour of the world, 1887-8, collecting 
material for lectures on ethnology and an- 
cient religions. Address: 27 6th St., Weehau- 
ken, N. J. 

BREITLING, Josepli Cusliman, physi- 
cian; h. Randolph, Mass., Dec. 9, 1874; 5. 
Gottlieb Truman and Katharine Elizabeth 
(Cushman) B.; grad. Stetson High Sch., 
Randolph, 1892; student Thayer Acad., 
Braintree, Mass., class of 1894; M.D., Bow- 
doin Med. Coll., 1897. Has practiced at Lun- 
enburg, Vt., since 1897. Mem. Caledonia Co. 
and Vt. State Med. socs.. Am. Med. Assn. 
Mason. Address: Lunenburg, Vt. 

BREMER, Jolin Lewis, physician; b. New 
York, Nov. 3, 1874; .?. John Lewis and Mary 
(Farnsworth) B.; A.B., Harvard, 1896; post- 
grad, work, Oxford, 1896-7; M.D., Harvard 

Med. Sch., 1901; m. Cohasset, Mass., Sept. 
29, 1906, Mary Cleveland Bigelow. Has 
never practiced medicine; asst. in histology 
and embryology, 1902, instr. 1903-6, demon- 
strator in histology, since 1906, Harvard 
Med. Sch. Mem. Am. Assn. of Anatomists, 
Boston Soc. Nat. History. Club: St. Botolph, 
Union. Address: 10 Fairfield St., Boston. 

BREMER, Samuel Parker, merchant, 
mfr.; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1872; s. 
John L. and Mary R. (Farnsworth) B. ; ed. 
pvt. schs.; m. Boston, Nov. 4, 1896, Mabel R. 
Burrage, of Jamaica Plain. Mem. Parker, 
Wilder & Co., dry goods, since 1896; pres. 
and dir. Cocheco Woolen Mfg. Co.; treas. 
and dir. Union Mfg. Co.; dir. Belvidere 
Woolen Mfg. Co., Stirling Mills, Gonic Mfg. 
Co., Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co., State Nat. 
Bank. Clubs: Commercial, Exchange, Bos- 
ton Art, Puritan, Eastern Yacht, Boston 
Yacht, Manchester Yacht. Residence: Man- 
chester, Mass. Office: 4 Winthrop Sq., Bos- 

BRENNAN, Alfred Laurens, artist; b. 
Louisville, Ky., Feb. 14, 1853; s. Joseph 
Fletcher and Evangeline (Williamson) B.; 
ed. pvt. sch. and bt. Dunstan's Coll., Prince 
Edward Island, 1861-5, pvt. tutors, 1865-71; 
student McMicken Sch. of Design, Cincin- 
nati, 1872-4, receiving gold medal; m. New- 
York, Feb. 14, 1883, Lucy Lee. Pen-name 
"Dirk Laurens." Address: 112 Winthrop Rd., 
Brookline, Mass. 

BRENjVAN, James Francis, lawyer; b. at 
Peterboro, N. H., Mar. 31, 1853; s. Hubert 
and Mary (Mahoney) B. ; ed. common schs. 
and acad., Peterboro; A.B., Univ. of Md., 
Baltimore, 1884; studied law; admitted to 
bar, 1884. Has practiced at Peterboro since 
1884; mem. State Bd. of Charities and Cor- 
rection, N. H.; chmn. Exec. Com., Bd. of 
Trade, Peterboro; was for many yrs. trus- 
tee of N. H. State Library; officer and dir. 
in a number of corp'ns. Democrat. Catho- 
lic. Mem. N. H. Hist. Soc. Address: Peter- 
boro, N. H. 

BRENNER, Reinliold, 'manufacturer; b. 
Germany, May 12, 1868; .y. Julius and Alber- 
tina (Zemke) B.; educated in Germany; ar- 
rived in America, 1884; m. Meriden, Conn., 
Aug. 3, 1890, Ida Kann. Learned trade of 
tool mfr. in Germany; worked at trade in 
Meriden, Conn., 1884-9; removed to Water- 
bury and was in employ of Mathews & Will- 
ard Mfg. Co., 1889-92, since mem. R. Bren- 
ner Mfg. Co., mfrs. wrought-iron and brass 
work. Lutheran. /4£frfr^.y.y; Waterbury, Conn. 

BRENTON, Cranston, clergyman, educa- 
tor; b. Jamaica, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1874; .?. Ben- 
jamin Jahleel and Orvetta (Hall) B.; stud- 
ent Brooklyn Poly. Inst.; B.S., Trinity 
Coll., Hartford^ Conn., 1899, M.S., 1902; grad. 
Berkeley Divinity Sch., Middletown, Conn., 
1901; m. Hartford, June 19, 1901, Elizabeth 
Alden Curtis. Supt. for 5 yrs. before enter- 
ing coll., of Gardiner-Lucas Co.'s mfg. 
plant, New York; ordered deacon 1901, or- 
dained priest. Episcopal Ch., 1902; pastor 
All Saints' Memorial Ch., New Milford, 
Conn., 1901-4; asst. prof. English, 1904-6, 
prof. Eng. lang. and lit. Trinity Coll., since 
1906. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, Actors' Ch. 
Alliance (chaplain). Delta Psi. Club: Uni- 
versity. Residence: 73 Vernon St., Hartford, 




BRETT, Victor, city official; b. Old Town, 
Me., Oct. 17, 1851; .y. Ezra C. and Jane (Nor- 
ton) B.; grad. Westbrook Sem., 1868; student 
Tufts Coll., 2^^ yrs. ; LL.B., Albany Law 
Sch., 1874; m. Dec. 29, 1875, Lilian Ames. 
'Clk. City of Bangor since Jan., 1876; col. 2d 
Regt., Me. Vol. Militia, 1887-93. Republican. 
Address: Bangor, Me. 

BREULi, Hugo August Bernliard, art- 
ist; b. Saalfeld, ThiJringen, Germany, May 
27, 1854; s. Gunther Martin and Cecilia (Mull- 
er) B.; came to America, 1872; studied 
Acad, of Design and Art Students' League, 
New York, Royal Acad., Munich, and Ju- 
lian's Acad., Paris; m. Lou Metcalf An- 
drews, July 2, 1888. Mem. Providence Water 
Color Soc. Mason. Clubs: University, Art, 
New England, Chess, Whist. Residence: N. 
Providence, R. I. Studio: 355 Benefit St., 
Providence, R. I. 

BREWER, Daniel Cliaamcey, lawyer; 
b. Boston, Sept. 14, 1861; s. Daniel Chauncey 
and Mary Ada (Turpin) B. ; prep, ed'n Wil- 
liston Seminary, Easthampton, Mass.; grad. 
Williams, 1886; Boston Univ. Law School, 
1883; (post grad. Princeton, 1887); m. Chi- 
cago, Oct. 18, 1888, Genevieve, d. Rev. John 
L. Withrow, D. D. Admitted to Suffolk bar, 
1888. Is trustee, dir, or officer in public 
service, religious (and edn'l) corp'ns; chmn. 
State bd., Y. M. C. A., Mass. and R. I. Clubs: 
University, Commonwealth Country, Long- 
wood Tennis, Alston. Author: Madeleine 
(poems), 1888. Writer on Internat. Law In 
various revs. Residence: 41 Bay State Rd. 
Office: 113 Devonshire St., Boston. 

BREWER, Francis Heman, broker; b. 
Wilbraham, Mass., July 11, 1849; ^. William 
Ely and Eliza T. (Griswold) B. ; prep, ed'n 
Wesleyan Acad., Wilbraham, Mass.; A.B., 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ., Delaware, O., 1874 
(Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1877; m. Windsor, 
€onn., Apr. 27, 1876, Mary S. Clapp. Prin. 
Enfield (Conn.) High Sch., Glastonbury 
Acad., Litchfield High Sch., Fairfield Acad, 
and Fairfield Home Sch. for Boys, 1874-1903; 
representative of Securities Corp'n, Ltd., 
New York, since July, 1903. Republican. 
Cong'list. Mem. Fairfield Hist. Soc. Resi- 
dence: Fairfield, Conn. Office: 1051 Main St., 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

BREW^ER, W^illiam Henry, prof. agr. 
Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, since 18i)4; 
b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1828; s. 
Henry B. ; grad. Yale (now Sheflield) Sci- 
entific School, 1852; studied at Heidelberg, 
Munich and Paris; m. 1st, Aug. 15, 1858. An- 
gelina Jameson (died June 5, 1860) ; 2d, Sept. 
1, 1868, Georgiana Robinson (died Jan. 3, 
1889). Prof, chemistry and geology, Wash- 
ington Coll., Pa., 1858-60; 1st asst. on geol. 
survey of Calif., 1860-4; prof, chemistry, 
Univ. of Calif., 1863-4. Mem. Nat. Acad. 
Sciences since 1880; pres. Conn. bd. of 
health since 1892; pres. Arctic Club of 
America. Has served important gov't com- 
m'ns, such as topog. survey of Conn., on 
cereal production in U. S. (10th census) ; 
U. S. Forestry Comm., 1896; Scientific Sur- 
vey of the Philippine Islands, 1903; etc. 
Author: Botany of California; etc. Address: 
418 Orange St., New Haven, Conn. 

BREWSTER, Clianneey Bnnce, P. E. 

bishop of Conn, since Feb. 7, 1899; b. Wind- 

ham, Conn., Sept. 5, 1848; s. Rev. Joseph 
and Sarah Jane (Bunce) B. ; grad. Yale, 
1868; (D. D., Trinity, 1897; Yale, 1898; Wes- 
leyan, 1903). Ordered deacon, 1872; ordained 
priest, 1873; rector Christ Ch., Rye, N. Y., 
1873-81; Christ Ch., Detroit, 1881-5; Grace 
Ch., Baltimore, 1885-8; Grace Ch., Brooklyn, 
1888-97; bishop coadjutor of Conn., 1897-9. 
Author: Key of Life: Good Friday Ad- 
dresses, 1894 W3; Aspects of Revelation, 1901 
L4; The Catholic Ideal of the Church, 1905 
W3. Address: 98 Woodland St., Hartford, 

BREWSTER, Edwin Tenney, writer and 
teacher; b. Lawrence, Mass., Oct. 11, 1866; s. 
Leander and Ada Augusta (Tenney) B. ; A. 
B., Harvard, 1890, A.M., 1891; student of 
zoology. Harvard Grad. Sch., 1893-5; m. 
W. Roxbury, Mass., Aug. 30, 1893, Alice S. 
Rollins. Teacher of sciences in Brewster 
Free Acad., Wolfeborough, N. H., 1891-3, 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1897-03; 
teacher physics, same, 1907-8. Mem. Boston 
Sec. Nat. Hist., A.A.A.S., Am. Soc. for 
Psychical Research. Writer of articles upon 
scientific topics for Atlantic Monthly, 
World's Work, St. Nicholas, etc. Address: 
Andover, Mass. 

BREWSTER, Elislia Hume, lawyer; b. 
Worthington, Mass., Sept. 10, 1871; s. 
Charles K. and Selina C. (Baldwin) B.; 
grad. Williston Sem., Easthampton, Mass., 
1893; LL.B., Boston Univ. Law Sch., 1896; 
m. 1st, Springfield, Mass., June 20, 1900. 
Alice M. Thompson; m. 2d, Greenfield, 
Mass., June 28, 1906, Jessie W. Cook. Prac- 
ticed law at Springfield, since 1896; chmn. 
Rep. City Com., since 1900; unsuccessful 
candidate for Rep. nomination for state 
treas. and receiver gen., 1904; mem. Mass. 
Ho. of Rep., 1902-4. Mason. C/wb; Winthrop. 
Address :500 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

BREWSTER, Frank, lawyer; b. Montreal, 
Can. ; .y. Benjamin and Annie W. (Emmons) 
B. ; grad. Roxbury (Mass.) Latin Sch., 1875; 
A.B., Harvard, 1879; LL.B., Harvard Law 
Sch., 1883; m. Bermuda, Feb. 24, 1903, Marie 
F. Sharp. Has practiced in Boston since 
1884; mem. firm of Rackemann & Brewster. 
Mem. Boston Bar Assn. Club: Union. Ad- 
dress: A.mes Bldg., Boston. 

BREWSTER, James Bartlett, physi- 
cian; b. Plymouth, Mass., Apr. 4, 1842; 5. 
Isaac and Sarah J. (Bartlett) B.; A.B., 
Tufts Coll., 1863; studied Harvard Med. 
Sch.; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., New 
York, 1866; M.A.O., Univ. of Vienna, 1867; 
m. Plymouth, Nov. 18, 1870, Martha Stod- 
dard. Interne Rainsford Island Hosp., 1865; 
acting asst. surgeon, U. S. Vols., 1864; prac- 
ticed at Plymouth since 1868; house surgeon 
Boston City Hosp., 1866; acting asst. surg. 
Marine Hosp. "Service; state med. examiner, 
14 yrs. ; mem. firm of Brewster & Brown, 
1892-1900; trustee Plymouth Savings Bank. 
Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, 
Pilgrim Soc. (trustee), Theta Delta Xi. Phi 
Beta Kappa, 44th Regt. U. S. Vols. Assn. 
Address :Q2 Warren Av., Plymouth, Mass. 

BREWSTER, James Henry, insurance 
mgr. ; b. Coventry, Conn., Dec. 24, 1845; 5. 
Henry A. and Fannie A. (Badger) B.; pub. 
sch. ed'n; taught sch. short time; m. Brook- 
lyn, Dec. 9, 1879, Mary E. Folts. Entered 
ins. business as clk. for Conn. Fire Ins. 




Co., 1867, asst. sec, same, 1873-80; asst. 
mgr., 1880-1899, mgr. since Jan. 1, 1900, U, S. 
branch of Scottish Union and Nat. Ins. Co., 
of London. Republican. Cong'list. Mason. 
Residence: 36 Gillett St. OfUce: 36 Pearl St.. 
Hartford, Conn. 
BREWSTER, Joliii Densmore, physi- 
cian; b. Hartland, Vt., Apr. 19, 1850; .y. Seth 
and Eliza (Densmore) B.; ed. Perkins Acad., 
Green Mountain, Vt., 1874; M.D., Med. 
Dept., Univ. of Vt., 1879; post-grad, study at 
Univ. of New York Med. Coll., 1880; m. Au- 
burndale, Mass., May 31, 1894, Carrie L. 
Bourn. Has practiced at Windsor, Vt., since 
1880. Republican. Cong'list. Mem. Vt. Med. 
Soc, Am. Med. Assn. Mason. Club: Runne- 
mede. Address: Windsor, Vt. 
BREWSTER, LeTvis "Waterbury, editor 
and publisher, retired; h. Portsmouth, N. 
H., June 30, 1830; .y. Charles Warren and 
Mary (Oilman) B.; grad. Portsmouth High 
Sch., 1846; student Rockingham Acad., 
Hampton Falls, N. H., 1849-50; m. Hampton 
Falls, Aug. 14, 1855, Annie B. Greene, who 
died Nov. 18, 1895. Entered office of Ports- 
mouth Journal as apprentice, 1846, became 
partner, 1852, and sole owner, upon death of 
father, Aug. 4, 1868; sold the Journal to 
New Hampshire Gazette, May, 1903, after 
having been connected with the office 57 
yrs.; retained the printing office and passed 
it to his son, Arthur Gilman Brewster; 
mem. N. H. Ho. of Rep., 1865-6. Republican. 
Cong'list. Mason; Odd Fellow. Club: War- 
wick. Address: 21 Islington St., Portsmouth. 
New Hampshire. 
BREW^STER, William, ornithologist; 6. 
Wakefield, Mass., July 5, 1851; grad. Cam- 
bridge High Schoi)l, 1869; (hon. A. B., Am- 
herst, 1880; hon. A. M., Harvard, 1899; m. 
Feb. 9, 1878, Caroline P., d. John Kettell, 
Boston. Asst. in charge of collection birds 
and mammals, Boston Soc. Natural History, 
1880-7; in charge dept. of mammals and 
birds, Cambridge Museum Comparative Zo- 
ology, 1885-1900, asst. in charge ,of birds 
since 1900; most of his time devoted to 
managing private museum of ornithology at 
his place in Cambridge. Is one of 3 trustees 
of an estate in Boston, and one of 11 trustees 
of the Brewster Free Acad, (endowed by his 
father) at Wolfeboro, N. H.; ex-pres. Am. 
Ornithologists' Union; pres. Nuttall Orni- 
thol. Club: Mass. Audubon Soc; fellow A. 
A. A. S., and mem. various other scientific 
socs. in this country and Europe. Address: 
145 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BRIDGES, Fidelia (Miss), artist; h. Sa- 
lem, Mass., May 19, 1835; removed to Brook- 
lyn, 1854, and to Phila., 1859, where she 
studied art under Wm. T. Richards: asso. 
Nat. Acad. Design, since 1869, and Am. Wa- 
ter Color Soc, 1870; has painted and ex- 
hibited many noteworthy landscapes; earlier 
work principally in oil, later work mostly 
in water colors. Address: Canaan, Conn. 

BRIDGHAM, Percy Albert, lawyer and 
newspaper corr. ; b. E. Eddington, Me., Nov. 
5, 1850; .?. Albert and Martha Campbell 
(Maddocks) B. ; ed. pub. schs. of Bangor, 
Me.; m. Somerville, Mass., Oct. 9, 1901, Lil- 
ian P. Clisby. Asst. register of deeds Penob- 
scot Co., Me., 1869-72; elk. com. council, 
Bangor, 1871-2; studied law and was ad- 

mitted to bar in Boston, 1875; mem. com. 
council, Somerville, Mass., 1879-80. €apt. 
col., brig, gen., maj. gen. United Boys Bri- 
gade of America since 1893, and now comdg. 
Dept. of New England. Republican. Con- 
g'list. Residence: Somerville, Mass. Ofdce: 
39 Court St., Boston. 
BRIDGMAN, Arthur Milnor, editor and 
publisher; b. Amherst, Mass., Jan. 2, 1851; 
s. Richard Baxter and Mary (Nutting) B. ; 
graduate Amherst High Sch., 1869, Amherst 
Coll., 1873; m. Stoughton, Mass., Nov. 12, 
1879, Miriam Gay. Began active career as 
Amherst town and college correspondent of 
the Springfield (Mass.) Republican, 1872; 
local and legislative reporter on Springfield 
Union, July, 1873-Nov., 1874; similar posi- 
tions on Springfield Republican, 1875-77. 
Bought Valley Index, Waterbury, Conn., 
continuing until Apr., 1879, when he pur- 
chased Haverhill (Mass.) Gazette; founded 
Evening Telephone, 1880 (first paper to adopt 
that name) and was the first to receive and 
send news by telephone; purchased Lynn 
(Mass.) Union, Dec, 1882, and published 
same until selling it the next spring; pur- 
chased Holyoke (Mass.) Herald (weekly), 
founded Weekly Herald, Northampton, 
Mass., 1883, and published dailies at both 
offices, 1883, making four papers under one 
management; closed out those interests and 
bought the Brockton Daily and Weekly Ga- 
zette, which he edited and published, 1884- 
1891; has been owner and publisher of the 
Stoughton Record (weekly) since 1895. Leg- 
islative reporter for various newspapers 
(Springfield, Worcester and Boston) since 
1874, and had full charge of State House 
work for Boston Herald, 1879-91; owner and 
publisher Legislative Souvenir (first book of 
the kind in U. S.) since 1892; also, since 

1897, publisher Brief Outline Sketches of 
Members-elect of Legislature; founder and 
editor of Legislative Bulletin, published by 
authority of the Legislature since 1886. 
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa (Amherst), Stoughton 
Grange, Chemung Lodge of Knights of 
Pythias. Address: Stoughton, Mass. 

BRIDGMAN, HoTvard Allen, journalist, 
clergyman; b. Northampton, Mass., Aug. 
20, 1860; J. Sidney E. and Harriet (Phelps) 
B. ; grad. high sch., Northampton, 1878, Am- 
herst Coll., A. B., 1883; student Hartford 
Theol. Sem., 1884-5, Yale Divinity Sch., 
B. D., 1887; m. Witherbee, N. Y., July 27, 

1898, Helen North Bryant. Prin. high sch., 
Granby, Mass., 1883-4; asso. editor, 1887-9, 
m'ng editor since 1889, Congregationalist. 
Ordained to Cong'l ministry, Nov. 19, 1890. 
Dir. South End House Social Settlement; 
trustee Talladega Coll., Ala. Republican. 
Clubs: 20th Century, Monday. Author: Steps 
Christward, 1903 P8; contb'r to various revs., 
etc. Residence: Brookline, Mass. Office: 14 
Beacon St., Boston. 

BRIDGMAN, Isaac, retired teacher; b. at 
Hanover, N. H., Oct. 2, 1833; .?. Isaac and 
Lucy (Chandler) B.; prep, ed'n, Kimball 
Union Acad., Meriden, N. H. ; A.B., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1856 (Phi Beta Kappa). Ph.D., 
1886; m. Mclndoe Falls, Vt., 1860, Mary E. 
Gleason. Teacher, Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Mass., 1858-65; prin. Classical Sch., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., 1866-75; traveled and studied 
abroad, 1876-7; teacher, Cleveland, C, 1877- 
1887, Northampton, Mass., 1887, until re- 




tired; trustee and mem. Investment Com., 
Nanotuck Savings Bank. Anti-Imperialist 
Republican. Cong'list. Mem. Psi Upsilon. 
Address: Northampton, Mass. 

BRIDGMAN, Lie^vis Jesse, illustrator, au- 
thor; b. Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 17, 1857; s. 
William Hall and Martha Hannah (Neal) 
B.; grad. Harvard, 1881; m. 1st, Lucy Stan- 
wood Blanchard, N. Andover, Mass., Nov. 
8, 1883 (died Jan. 26, 1892); 2nd, Plymouth, 
Mass., June 7, 1893, Annie Page Campbell. 
Pres. First Nationalist Club of Boston, 1892- 
3; del. to Nat. Conv. People's Party, Oma- 
ha, 1892; now Republican. Mem. sch. bd. 
of Salem, 1901-7. Author and Illustrator: Odd 
Business, 1893 L9; Mother Wild Goose, 1900 
C35; Guess', 1901 C35; Gulliver's Bird Book, 
1902 P3; Guess Again, 1902 C35; Bridgman's 
Kewts, 1902 C35; Lawsonized Lyrics, 1905 
C35; Seem-So's, 1906 C35; The Santa Glaus 
Club, 1907 C35; contb'r to juvenile mags., 
and illustrator of books for publishers. Ad- 
dress: 42 Summit Av., Salem, Mass. 

BRIDGMAN, Raymond Landon, jour- 
nalist; b. Amherst, Mass., Sept. 26, 1848; s. 
Richard Baxter and Mary (Nutting) B.; 
grad. Amherst Coll., 1871; graduate course 
Yale, 2 yrs. ; m. Amherst, Mass., Jan. 6, 1880, 
Mary A. M. Williams. Newspaper corr. 
since 1871. Mem. Psi Upsilon., Mass. Civ. 
Service Reform Assn.; Am. Free Trade 
League; American Anti-Imperalist League, 
etc. Contb'r to mags.; lecturer. Author: 
Ten Years of Massachusetts, 1888 H2; Bi- 
ennial Elections, 1896 H2; The Master Idea, 
1899 P8; Loyal Traitors, 1903 W28; World 
Organization, 1905 Gl. Residence: Auburn- 
dale, Mass. 

BRIDGMAN, William H., retired; b. at 
Northampton, Mass., Feb. 7, 1830; ^. Charles 
and Juliana (Warren) B. ; ed. pub. schs., 
Huntsburg, O.; m, 1st, New Haven, Conn., 
Sept. 23, 1857, Miss Sarah A. Smith; m. 2d, 
Cincinnati, May 13, 1875, Ellen D. Campbell. 
Went to Ohio with parents, 1834, returning 
to Mass., 1850; resided in Chicago, New 
York, Conn., and spent 6 yrs. in Lausanne, 
Switzerland; engaged in ins. business many 
yrs. and was pres. Guaranty Fire Ins. Co. 
of New York; dir. Hanover Fire Ins. Co. of 
New York; apptd. railroad comm'r by Pres- 
ident Arthur, 1882. Republican. Clubs: Un- 
ion League, Lawyers' (New York). Address: 
35 Suburban Av., Stamford, Conn. 

BRIBRLY, John T., mfr. ; b. at Millbury, 
Mass., Apr. 21, 1854; .y. James and Hannah 
(Barrett) B.; ed. pub. sch.; worked in his 
father's cotton mill; m. Millbury, 1874, Julia 
E. Pierce. Learned the business of mfg. 
woolen goods in the mills of Ashworth & 
Jones, Valley Falls; became supt. Brick 
City Mill (Edward D. Thayer), Cherry Val- 
ley, Mass. ; 2 yrs. later engaged in the ma- 
chinery and supply business with Sumner 
Pratt & Co., and has since been identified 
with that line, the firm name becoming 
Crawford & Co., in 1898; also pres. Whitaker 
Reed Co. ; dir. Worcester Collateral Loan 
Assn. Odd Fellow; mem. K. of P. Con- 
g'list. Kcs'dence: Holden, Mass. Office: 663 
Main St., Vv^orcester, Mass. 

BRIGGS, Albert Simmons, physician; h. 
Dighton, Mass., Dec. 30, 1871; .s. Albert and 
Sarah Jane B.; grad. Bristol Acad., Taun- 
ton, Mass., 1890; A.B., Yale, 1894; M.D., 

Boston Univ. Sch. of Medicine, 1902; interne 
Mass. Homoe. Hosp., 1 yr. Engaged in prac- 
tice at Boston since 1903; instr. in the ele- 
ments of medicine, Boston Univ. Sch. of 
Medicine. Republican. Address: 661 Boyls- 
ton St., Boston, 

BRIGGS, Alexander Burdielc, physi- 
cian; b. Hopkinton, R. I., Nov. 12, 1850; s. 
Asa Sheldon and Mary Caroline (Burdick) 
B.; ed. pub. schs., Hopkinton Acad.; M.D., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1872; m. Ashaway, R. I., 
May 18, 1874, Elia Maria Wells. Practiced 
at Ashaway since 1872^; mem. Gen. Assem- 
bly 2 yrs., 1887, 1888; mem. R. I. State Bd. 
of Health since 1892; pres. Ashaway Woolen 
Co., Ashaway Savings Bank, Tsiantic Men- 
haden Oil & Guano Co.; pres. Ashaway & 
Westerly Railway Co.; v.-p. Tennessee Line 
& Twine Co., R. I. Elec. Protective Co.; dir. 
Tennessee Cotton Mills Co., Ashaway Clay 
Co., Ashaway Line & Twine Co., Ashaway 
Nat. Bank. Republican. Seventh Day Bap- 
tist. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Am. Pub. 
Health Assn., R. I. State Med. Soc, Wash- 
ington Co. Med. Soc. Odd Fellow. Club: 
Ashaway. Address: Ashaway, R. I. 

BRIGGS, diaries Cornelins, pres. Briggs 
Piano Co.; b. Boston, Feb. 2, 1856; s. Charles 
Cornelius and Lucretia (Jackson) B.; ed. 
pub. schs.; m. Newtonville, Feb. 8, 1883, 
Lillie P. Gould. Apprentice G. M. Guild & 
Co., Boston, 1S76; became partner C. C. 
Briggs & Co., piano mfrs., Boston, 1878, in- 
corporated, 1893, as Briggs Piano Co., of 
which was v.-p. and pres. to 1899. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Nat. Piano Makers' Assn. 
Residence: Newtonville, Mass. Office: 10 
Thatcher St., Boston. 

BRIGGS, D. Lnther, merchant; b. Sack- 
ville. New Brunswick, Can., Jan. 12, 1849; 
.s. Edward and Elizabeth (Quinlin) B.; pub. 
sch. ed'n; «;. Cromwell, Conn., June 27, 
1877. Elizabeth L. Hayes. Engaged in whole- 
sale beef business, since 1874; pres. Briggs 
Mfg. Co., of Portland, Conn., since 1903; 
dir. City Savings Bank, since 1902; alder- 
man of Middletown, Conn., 1888-90, mayor, 
1890-4; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1897, Sen- 
ate, 33d dist., 1907-8; chmn. com. on erect- 
ing municipal bldg. of Middletown, 1894; 
pres. Rep. State League, of Conn., 2 yrs., 
1890-2; chmn. Rep. Town Com., 8 yrs.; dir. 
Middletown Bd. of Trade; agt. Middletown 
Humane Soc, 25 yrs. Baptist. Mem. Red 
Men, K.P, Address: Middletown, Conn. 

BRIGGS, Edg-ar M., lawyer; b. Parkman, 
Me., May 28, 1856; .?. Orlando M, and Mary 
Caswell B.; grad. Me. Central Inst., Pitts- 
field, 1875; A.B., Bates Coll., 1879; connected 
with the Lewiston Gazette for 3 yrs. ; taught 
school in Menominee, Wis., 1 yr. ; studied 
law with A. R. Savage, now of Me. Supreme 
Judicial Court; admitted to bar, in Wis. 
and Me., 1883; ;;;. Lewiston, 1879, Annie 
Moore, who died Sept., 1901. In practice at 
Lewiston, Me. ; was in partnership with 
Hon. John P. Swasey, now member of Con- 
gress from Me., 10 yrs.; city solicitor, 1889 
Republican. Universalist. Club: Calumet. 
Address: 165 Main St., Lewiston, Me. 

BRIGGS, Edward Cornelins, physician. 
b. Lawrence, Mass., Sept. 6, 1S56: .?. Caleb 
Tucker and Emily Gray (Poore) B.; prep. 
ed'n Lawrence pub. schs.; D.M.D.. Harvard 
Dental Sch., 1878; M.D.. Harvard Med. Sch., 
1880; m. 1st, Utica, N. Y., Nov. 17. 18S5, 




Louise Lord; m. 2d, Gerrish Island, Me., 
July 26, 1905, Ethel McClure. Engaged in 
practice of dentistry at Boston, since 1878; 
clin. instr., 1880-83, materia medica and 
therapeutics, 1880-3, asst. prof., same, 1889- 
1895, prof., same, since 1885, Harvard Dental 
■Sch. Fellow Mass. Med. Soc. ; mem. Am. 
Med. Assn., A.A.A.S., Am. Acad. Dental 
Science, Harvard Odontological Soc. (pres., 
1889-90), Harvard Dental Alumni Assn. 
(pres., 1882-3), etc. Author various papers 
and monographs on odontology and stomat- 
ology. C"/M6.y; University, Country. Residence: 
Chestnut Hill, Mass. Oflicc: 129 Marlboro 
St., Boston. 

BRIGGS, Frederic M(elaiictlion), sur- 
geon; b. Longwood, Brookline, Mass., Nov. 
23, 1857; s. Richard and Mary Frances 
(Towne) B.; ed. pub. and high schs., 
Brookline, Mass.; A.B., Harvard, 1879; M. 
D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1883; m. Pocasset, 
Mass., Sept. 26, 1893, Grace Stickney Wood. 
For some time surg. house officer, Mass. 
Gen. Hosp., and then went abroad; engaged 
in practice at Boston since 1886; surgeon to 
Boston Dispensary, 1890; prof, clinical sur- 

- gery Tufts Med. Sch. Mem. Mass. Med. 
Soc, Boston Soc. for Med. Improvement, 
Boston Med. Library Assn. Address: 31 
Mass. Av., Boston. 

BRIGGS, Georgre, lawyer and insp. ins. 
loans; b. Brandon, Vt., Apr. 26, 1844; s. 
Ebenezer N. and Louisa (Witherell) B. ; A. 
B., Hobart Coll., Geneva, N. Y., 1866, A.M., 
1869; read law in office of Hon. George F. 
Edmunds, Burlington; admitted to bar, 
1868; m. Brandon, Vt., Oct. 6, 1881, Anna S. 
Higgins. Practiced in partnership with Gov. 
E. J. Ormsbee, 1886-1907; dir. Vt. Mut. Fire 
Ins. Co. since 1876 (except for 1 yr.); dir. 
Nat. Life Ins. Co. since 1889, devoting large 
part of time to inspection of city loans and 
supervising repairs and sale of real estate 
for the CO. Pres. Trustees of Diocese of Vt. 
Address: Montpelier, Vt. 

BRIGGS, J(osepli) Eimmons, surgeon; b. 
Dighton, Mass., Mar. 13, 1869; s. Albert and 
Sarah Jane (Simmons) B. ; ed. pub. schs. 
and Bristol Acad., Taunton, Mass.; M.D., 
Boston Univ. Sch. of Medicine, 1890; post- 
grad, work, Univ. of Vienna; m. 1st, Nor- 
folk, Mass., Sept. 20, 1893, Carrie A. Moore 
(died, 1900); m. 2d, Maiden, Mass., Sept. 10, 
1903, Flora L. Toulmin. Began practice at 
Boston, 1890; prof, clinical surgery, Boston 
Univ. Sch. of Medicine; surgeon Mass. 
Homoe. Hosp., and consulting obstetrician 
Maternity dept. ; consulting surgeon Rufus 
Frost Hosp., Chelsea, and Whidden Memor- 
ial Hosp., Everett, Mass. Republican. Mem. 
Am. Homoe. Soc, Mass. Homoe. Med. Soc. 
Boston Homoe. Med. Soc. (ex-pres.), Mass. 
Surg, and Gynecol. Soc, Homoe. Med. Soc 
of Western Mass., Worcester Co. Homoe. 
Med. Soc. Mason, Shriner. Clubs: Boston 
City, Boston Art. Address: 382 Common- 
wealth Av., Boston. 

BRIGGS, Le Baron Ru.s.sell, educator; 
b. Salem, Mass., Dec. 11, 1855; grad. Har- 
vard, 1875 (A. M., 1882; hon. LL. D., Har- 
vard, 1900, Western Reserve, 1906); m. Sept. 
5, 1883, Mary Frances De Quedville. Asst. 
prof. English, 1885-90, prof. English since 
1890, dean of Coll., 1891-1902, dean faculty of 
Arts and Sciences since 1902, Boylston prof. 

rhetoric and oratory since 1904, Harvard; 
pres. Radcliffe Coll. since 1903. Residence: 
140 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BRIGGS, Lloyd Vernon, physician; b. at 
Boston, Aug. 13, 1863; .s-. Lloyd and Sarah 
Elizabeth E. (Kent) Briggs; attended Boston 
Latin Sch., Chauncy Hall Sch., Tufts Med. 
Coll., Dartmouth Med. Coll.; M.D., Med. 
Coll. of Va., 1899; m. Brookline, Mass., 
June, 1905, Mary T. Cabot. Practiced in 
Boston since 1899; mem. staff, and physi- 
cian to mental dept. Boston Dispensary; dir. 
Puritan Trust Co., Boston; treas. Tyler St. 
Day Nursery; served 6 yrs. in 1st corps 
cadets, M.V.M. Mem. Am. Medico-Phychol. 
Soc, Suffolk Med. Soc, Mass. Med. Soc, 
Am. Med. Assn., Boston Med. Library Assn., 
N. E. Historic-Geneal. Soc, Bostonian Soc, 
Old Colony Hist. Soc, of Taunton, Mass., 
Essex Inst., of Salem, Mass., Pilgrim Soc. 
(trustee). Mo. Hist. Soc. (hon.), Hancock 
N. H. Hist. Soc (v.-p.), Alpha Kappa Kap- 
pa, etc. Episcopalian. Mason (32°). Clubs: 
St. Botolph (Boston); Nat. Arts (New 
York); Eastern Yacht (Marblehead, Mass.), 
Author of several books on hist, and geneal. 
subjects and articles on auto-intoxication as 
cause of insanity, and one of the pioneers 
advocating hosps. or wards for incipient 
cases of insanity. Residence: 64 Beacon St. 
Office: 208 Beacon St., Boston. 

BRIGGS, Warren Ricliard, architect; b. 
Maiden, Mass., June 6, 1850; s. Evans E. 
and Mary Georgianna B.; educated private 
schs. in vicinity of Boston; tech. ed'n ficole 
des Beaux Arts, Paris; m. Bridgeport, 
Conn., Feb. 7, 1882, Eliza H. Beach. Engaged 
in architectural practice since 1869. Fellow 
Am. Inst. Architects (pres. Conn., chapter), 
Architectural League of New York, Societ6 
Anciens filSves du Jules Andre; Republican. 
Clubs: Seaside, Seaside Outing, Brooklawn 
Country (Bridgeport) ; Metabetchouan Fish- 
ing and Game (Canada). Author: Modern 
American School Buildings, W9. Contb'r to 
tech. jours. Residence: Stratford, Conn. Office. 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

BRIGHAM, Caleb L., banker; b. Marlboro, 
Mass., Mar. 12, 1858; s. Tileston and Maria 
L. (Russell) B.; ed. pub. schs.; grad. N. E, 
Conservatory of Music, 1876; post-grad, 
work, Boston Univ. Coll. of Music; m. Annie 
E. Robinson. Began active career as teach- 
er of music and organ but was obliged to 
abandon the profession on account of trou- 
ble with his wrist; elk. Hudson Savings 
Bank, 1868-82; elk. Hudson Nat. Bank, 1882- 
1883, since cashier. Pres. Hudson Bd. Trade, 
Hudson Choral Union". Address: Hudson, 

BRIGHAM, Clarence Saunders, libra- 
rian, author; b. Providence, R. I., Aug. 5, 
1877; s. John Olin and Alice (Saunders) B. ; 
grad. Brown Univ., 1899; unmarried. Asst. 
Brown Univ. library, 1899-1900; librarian 
R. I. Hist. Soc. since 1900. Author: Memorial 
of Amos Perry, 1900; History of Rhode 
Island, 1902 M34; Bibliography of R. I. His- 
tory, 1902 M34; Seventeenth Century Place- 
names of Providence, 1903; Report on the 
Archives of Rhode Island, 1904 S32; The 
Narragansett Indians, 1905 XI. Editor: Rec- 
ords of the Town of Portsmouth, 1901 S30; 
The Harris Papers, 1902; Major Butler's 
Fourth Paper, 1903 XI; Roger Williams' 




Fourth Paper, 1903. Occasional contb'r to 
hist, and geneal. mags. Address: 68 Water- 
man St., Providence. 

BRIGHAM, Edwin Davenpoi-t, mcht. ; b. 
Marlboro, Mass., Nov. 13, 1850; s. Levi Sam- 
uel and Elizabeth Davenport B.; pub. sch. 
ed'n; m. E. Providence, R. I., Aug. 23, 1876, 
Elis Wanstrom. In charge of stock for 
Rumford Chem. Co., E. Providence, 5 yrs., 
and connected with Seekonk Ice Co., See- 
konk, Mass., for 5 yrs.; entered ice business 
at Ashburnham, Mass., 1882, and added coal, 
1886; overseer of poor, 3 yrs.; supt. water 
works, 6 yrs. Republican. Cong'list. Odd 
Fellow (rep. Grand Lodge, 1905). Club: Ash- 
burnham Farmers'. Address: Ashburnham, 

BRIGHAM, Edwin Howard, librarian; b. 
Boston, Mass., Sept. 27, 1840; s. Elijah Spar- 
hawk and Sarah Jane B. ; prep, ed'n, high 
sch., Watertown, Mass.; M.D., Harvard 
Med. Sch., 1868; m. Watertown, Mass., Oct. 
24, 1871, Jane Spring Pierce. Enlisted as 
pvt. Co. A, 4th Battalion, Rifles, M.V.M., 
May 1, 1861; pvt. Co. A, 13th Mass. Vol. 
Inf., July 20, 1861; hosp. steward, U.S.A., 
Feb. 24, 1864-75; asst. librarian Boston Med. 
Library since 1875; librarian Mass. Med. 
■Soc. Unitarian. Mem. Mil. Hist. Soc. of 
Mass., S.A.R. Mason. Residence: 72 Walnut 
St., Brookline, Mass. Office: 8 The Fenway, 

BRIGHAM, Herbert Olin, librarian; b. 
Providence, R. I., Dec. 15, 1875; s. John 
Olin and Alice (Saunders) B. ; ed. pvt. sch. 
and Brown Univ. ; unmarried. Asst. li- 
brarian. Brown Univ., 1898-1903; state li- 
brarian of R. I., since 1903. Mem. Am. Hist. 
Assn., Am. Library Assn., Nat. Assn. of 
State Libraries. Congregationalist. Resi- 
dence: 95 Westminster St. Office: State 
House, Providence, R. I. 

BRIGHAM, Horace Eugene, boot and 
shoe mfr. ; b. Westboro, Mass., Aug. 27, 
1862; .?. George Ball and Mary Phipps 
(Homer) B. ; ed. pub. schs., Westboro, Wor- 
cester Acad., Brown Univ.; m. Brewster, 
Mass., Oct. 20, 1885, Sadie Crocker. Identi- 
fied with mfr. of boots and shoes since 1885; 
succeeded to George B. Brigham & Sons, 
established by his father, 1859. Republican. 
Baptist. Mem. Delta Upsilon. Address: 
Westboro, Mass. 

BRIGHAM, Jolin Leland, mfr., banker; 
b. Westboro, Mass., Sept. 11, 1855; .y. George 
Ball and Caroline (Jones) B.; ed. pub. schs.; 
m. Westboro, Mass., Dec. 25, 1884, Sarah A. 
Harding. Worked as a boy in his father's 
shoe factory, Westboro; partner, same, 1872- 
1891, head of the firm since 1891; dir. West- 
boro Savings Bank; pres. Westboro Nat. 
Bank since 1895; selectman, 2 yrs., and 
sewer and water comm'r, 9 yrs. Address: 
Westboro, Mass. 

BRIGHAM, "WiHiam E., journalist; b. at 
Boston, Feb. 16, 1865; 5. Moses Bartlett and 
Almira Elizabeth (Fillebrown) B. ; grad. 
Somerville (Mass.) High Sch., 1884; m. 1st, 
Somerville, Sept. 8, 1888, Lettie Jane Mitch- 
ell; m. 2d, Jan. 21, 1899, Carrie Emerson 
Brown. On editorial staff Boston Globe, 
1884-91; mng. editor Lynn (Mass.) Daily 
Press, 1891-4; mgr. Somerville Citizen, 1895- 
1898; polit. and legislative writer Boston 
Evening Transcript, 1898-1902; pvt. sec, Eu- 

gene N. Foss, 1902-7; asst., 1907-8, since 
1908 regular Washington corr. Boston Even- 
ing Transcript. Asso. editor History of the 
Brigham Family, 1902-7; writer on economic 
topics, chiefly tariff. Republican. Mason. 
Home: Boston. Address: 45 Wyatt Bldg., 
Washington, D, C. 

BRIGHAM, William Hartwell, shoe 
mfr. and adjutant general; b. Feltonville 
(now Hudson), Mass., Feb. 1, 1863; s. Rufus 
Hartv/ell and Bashua A. (Mossman) B. ; de- 
scendant on father's side of Thomas B., 
Watertown, Mass., 1635, and on mother's 
side from James Mossman, who came from 
Scotland, prior to 1680; pub. sch. ed'n; m. 
Hudson, Nov. 25, 1884, Cora Belle Dearborn. 
Began active career at 19, as paymaster F. 
Brigham & Co., established by grandfather, 
1834; admitted as partner, 1885, and became 
mng. partner, 1892; pres. F. Brigham & 
Gregory Co., successors to F. Brigham & 
Co., since 1901; pres. Hudson Real Estate 
Co.; v.-p. Hudson Savings Bank; dir. Hud- 
son Nat. Bank, N. E. Shoe and Leather 
Assn.; selectman Hudson, 1890-6; mem. 
Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1892, 1893, Senate, 1897, 
1898; 1st It. Co. M, 5th Regt. Inf., Nov. 16, 
1887; maj. and asst. inspr. gen. of rifle prac- 
tice, Sept. 27, 1897; It.-col. and asst. inspr. 
gen., Jan. 4, 1900; col. and inspr. gen. of 
rifle practice. May 15, 1900; brig. -gen. and 
inspr. gen.. May 24, 1901; on staffs of Govs. 
Crane, Bates and Guild; brig.-gen. and adj. 
gen. since Jan. 1, 1908, also chmn. Armory 
Comm'n and chmn. Comm'n on Rewriting 
of War Records; commandant of Service 
Sch., M.V.M. Republican. Methodist. Ma- 
son, K.T., shriner; mem. Elks, Red Men, 
Royal Arcanum, S.A.R. Clubs: Puritan, 
Middlesex (Boston) ; Army and Navy (New 
York). Residence: Hudson, Mass. Office: 93 
Lincoln St., Boston. 

BRIGHAM, William M., lawyer; b. Marl- 
boro, Mass., Jan. 23, 1864; s. Addington M. 
and Mary (Estabrook) B. ; prep, ed'n Marl- 
boro High Sch.; A.B., Boston Univ. Coll. of 
Liberal Arts, 1887; LL.B., Boston Sch. of 
Law, 1889; admitted to Middlesex Co. bar, 
1889; m. Palmer, Mass., June 20, 1889, Flor- 
ence R. Eyers. Asso. justice Police Ct., 
Marlboro; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1899- 
1907; served on all principal coms. : Judi- 
ciary, Cities (chmn. 7 yrs.). Election Laws, 
Rules, sp'l com. on Revision of Ry. and St. 
Ry. Laws, Com. on Revision of Pub. Sta- 
tutes and Ins. Laws, Com. on Reception to 
Pres. McKinley. Republican. Mem. I.O.F., 
S. of v., P. of H. Address: Marlboro, Mass. 

BRIGHT, Elmer H., pres. Central Trust 
Co. Address: Cambridge, Mass. 

BRIGHTBlIiL,, Edwin Funk, lecturer; b. 
Palmyra, Pa., Aug. 28, 1S62; ed. Lebanon 
(Pa.) High Sch., Pa. State Normal Sch., 
Lock Haven, Pa., Palatinate Coll., Myers- 
town, Pa., Univ. of Minn.; LL.B., Dickinson 
Coll., Carlisle, Pa.; also student Sch. of Ex- 
pression, Boston. Supt. pub. schs. in vari- 
ous states for a number of yrs. ; admitted to 
bar, 1896; began as lecturer before teachers' 
insts., 1882; lectures upon humanitarian, lit. 
and humorous subs. Episcopalian. Address: 
12 Huntington Av., Boston. 

BRINLEY, Godfrey Malbone, clergy- 
man, educator; b. Perth Amboy, N. J., Nov. 
22 1864; 5. Edward and Andrewetta Sims 
(Rowlett) B.; A.B., Trinity Coll., Hartford, 




Conn., 1888, A.M., 1895; studied divinity un- 
der Bishop Parker, Dr. I. H. Colt and Rev. 
Frederick Kinsman, of Oxford Univ., Eng., 
with work under Prof. Harper of Yale and 
at summer session, Cambridge Theol. Sch. ; 
w. Morristown, N. J., June 17, 1902, Eliza- 
beth Agnes Miller. Ordered deacon, 1893, or- 
dained priest, 1897; P. E. Ch. ; master in 
charge of Lower Sch., St. Paul's Sch., since 
1902. Mem. Psi Upsilon. Clubs: University 
(New York), Morris Co. Golf, Morristown 
Field. Address: Concord, N. H. 

BRINSMADB, Jolin Cliapin, educator; 
h. Springfield, Mass., Apr. 24, 1852; s. Wil- 
liam Bartlett and Charlotte Blake (Chapin) 
B.; A. B., Harvard, 1874; m. Oct. 4, 1876, 
Mary Gold Gunn. Teacher Gunnery Sch., 
Washington, Conn., 1874-81, prin. since 1881. 
Mem. Conn, legislature, 1893, Conn. Const'l 

. Con v., 1902. Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Social Science, S. A. R., 
Conn. Civil Service Reform Assn., Litchfield 
Co, University Club. Address: Washington, 

BRINSMADE, ^Villiam Gold, educator; 
h. Springfield, Mass., Jan. 21, 1858; .y. Will- 
iam Bartlett and Charlotte Blake (Chapin) 
B., and descendant of John B., Charlestown, 
Mass., before 1638; prep, ed'n Springfield 
High Sch.; A.B., Harvard, 1881; vu Warren, 
Conn., Dec. 23, 18S5, Ada Gibson Colton, 
Instr. The Gunnery Sch., Washington, 
Conn., 1881-94; established the Ridge Sch, 
for boys, 1894, of which has since been the 
head; active in religious and edn'l work; 
chmn. Sch. Com., Washington; chmn. Com, 
1st Ecclesiastical Soc. ; conductor Washing- 
ton Glee Club for several yrs. Cong'list 
(Unitarian). Mem. Harvard Union, Har- 
vard Teachers' Assn., Conn. Assn. High and 
Classical Sch. Teachers, Civ. Service Re- 
form Assn., Pi Eta Soc. (Harvard). Clubs: 
Harvard Club of Conn , Litchfield Co. Uni- 
versity. Address: Ridge School, Washing- 

- ton. Conn, 

BRISCOE, Cliarles Henry, lawyer; b. at 
Newtown, Conn., Dec. 20, 1831; ^. Charles B. 
and Mary (Davidson) B. ; pub. sch. ed'n; 
admitted to bar, 1854; m. 1st, Newark, N. J., 
Nov. 14, 1855, Anna J. Traver (died. Mar., 
1875); m. 2d, Newtown, June, 1878, Alice E. 
Bradley. Began practice in Enfield, 1854; 
removed office to Hartford, 1868; mem. Conn. 
Ho. of Rep., 1857, 1864, 1878 (speaker, 1878), 
Senate, 1861; judge of Court of Common 
Pleas, Hartford Co., 1869-75. Residc-.tcc: En- 
field, Conn. Ofike: 50 State St., Hartford, 

BRISTOL, Benjamin Hiel, mfr. ; b. Nau- 
gatuck, Conn., June 19, 1837; s. Hiel and 
Anna C. (Potter) B. ; pub. sch. ed'n; m. 1st, 
1858, Pauline S. Phelps (died, 1877); m. 2d, 
1878, Mary E. Russell (died, 1897); m. 3d, 
June 11, 1902, Sarah J. Milligan. Mechanic 
and foreman, Piatt's Mills, 1860-1900; as- 
sisted in organizing, 1889, pres. since 1906, 
The Bristol Co., mfrs. electrical recording 
meters, etc. Republican. Cong'list. Mason; 
mem. S.A.R. Address: Waterbury, Conn. 

BRITAN, Halbert Hains, educator; h. at 
Bethlehem, Ind., Oct. 8, 1874; ^. George 
Whitney and Mary Arbella (Taylor) B. ; A. 
B., Hanover (lud.) Coll., 1898, A.M., 1902; 
Ph.D., Yale Univ. Grad. Sch., 1899-1902; m. 
Aug. 1, 1907, Mary Edith Fisher. Prof, phi- 
losophy. Bates Coll., since 1905, Mem. Am. 

Philos. Assn., Phi Gamma Delta. Edited 
Spinoza's Descarte's Principles of Philoso- 
phy; contb'r articles to philos, mags. Ad- 
dress: Lewiston, Me, 

BRITTEN, Flora Plielps Harley, lec- 
turer; h. Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 2, 1864; 
ed, Manistee High Sch., and Univ. of Mich.; 
m. Manistee, Mich,, Apr. 29, 1886, Rev, Fred 
E, Britten. Preached in Neb, and Mich. ; 
taught in pub. schs, and in Central Univ. 
of Iowa; office mgr, of State Prohibition 
Party of Mich., 1898-1901; nat, prohibition 
lecturer of Nat. Prohibition Party, 1906; 
W. C. T, U. worker, since 1893; gen. sec. 
Gospel Prohibition Assn., Boston, 1903-5; 
state supt. Christian Citizenship of the 
Mass. W, C, T, U,, since 1903; pres. Boston 
W. C, T, U,, since 1904, Residence: 86 EUery 
St., Cambridge, Mass. OfEce: 927 Old South 
Bldg., Boston. 

BRITTEN, Fred Ernest, clergyman, lec- 
turer; b. Livingston Co., Mich., Apr, 4, 
1860; s. Augustus Wadsworth and Samantha 
(Potter) B.; grad. Univ. of Mich,, 1884; m. 
Manistee, Mich., Apr. 29, 1886, Flora P. Har- 
ley. Began preaching at 20; ordained to 
Bapt. ministry, Oct., 1884; pastor Bapt, ch., 
Faribault, Minn., 1884-6; prof, psychology 
and ethics and pastor coll, ch,, Central 
Univ. of Iowa, 1886-9; pastor and mission- 
ary in Neb., 1889-93; pastor Bapt, ch,, Al- 
bion, Mich., 1893-8. Nat. lecturer Prohibi- 
tion party; mem. Nat. Prohib. Com, from 
Mich., 1896-1904; chm'n State Prohib, Com. 
of Mich., 1898-1902; lecturer at Chautauquas, 
etc. Prohibition candidate for mayor of De- 
troit, 1902. Founder and preacher of Gospel 
Prohibition Assn., Boston, 1903. Pres. Bos- 
ton Development Co. since 1905, Residence: 
Cambridge, Mass. Office: Old South Bldg., 

BRITTON, Wilton Everett, entomolo- 
gist; b. Marlboro, Mass., Sept. 18, 1868; .y. 
Benjamin Howard and Emma Eliza (Wright) 
B. ; student N, H. Coll. Agr, and Mech. Arts, 
1889-93, B.S., 1893; grad. student, Cornell, 
1893-4, Yale, 1899-03, Ph.D., 1903; m. Surry, 
N. H., Apr. 30, 1895, Bertha Madeline Per- 
kins. Asst., May 1, 1894, horticulturist, Oct, 
1, 1894, entomologist. Conn, Agr'l Expt, Sta., 
and state entomologist since July, 1901. Fel- 
low A.A.A.S.; mem. Am, Assn, Econ, En- 
tomologists, Entomol, Soc, of America, Conn. 
Acad. Arts and Sciences, Conn, Bot, Soc, 
Sigma Xi, Patrons of Husbandry, Residence: 
296 McKinley Av, Office: Agr'l Expt. Sta., 
New Haven, Conn. 

BROCK, George E., pres, and trustee 
Home Savings Bank; dir. Nat, Market Bank 
(Brighton), Mem. Sch. €om.. City of Bos- 
ton. Residence: 68 Surrey St., Brighton, 
Office: 75 Tremont St., Boston, 

BROCK, Henry Herbert, physician; b. 
Portland, Me., May 30, 1864; .y. George and 
Alice H. (Lowe) B. ; A.B., Amherst Coll., 
1886; M.D.,Bowdoin Med. Sch., 1890; m. Port- 
land, Aug. 5, 1891, Mary L. Rounds. Has 
practiced at Portland since 1890; surgeon in 
Me. Gen. Hosp.; asst. prof, clinical surgery, 
Bowdoin Coll.; city physician, 1891, 1892. Re- 
publican, Cong'list, Mem. Am. Acad, of 
Medicine, Me, Med. Assn., Lister Club, In- 
nominate Club, Am. Soc. Ornithology. Club: 
Portland. Address: 687 Congress St,, Port- 
land, Me, 




BROCK, James W., banker; b. Barnet, Vt., 
May 11, 1839; common sch. ed'n. Pres. Am. 
Fidelity Co., Union Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Mont- 
pelier Savings Bank & Trust Co. Mem. Vt. 
Ho. of Rep., 1884, Senate, 1892; sergt.-at- 
arms, 1902; mem. Rep. Nat. Conv., Chicago, 
1908. Cong'list. Address: Montpelier, Vt. 

BROCKLESBY, John Henry, lawyer; h. 
Hartford, Conn., July 23, 1844; s. John (LL. 
D.) and Mary Louisa (Kain) B. ; grad. Hart- 
ford High Sch., 1862; A.B., Trinity 'Coll., 
Hartford, 1865, A.M., 1868; admitted to N. Y. 
bar, 1867, Conn, bar, 1868; m. New York, 
Sept. 19, 1898, Dorothea L. Muhleib. Began 
practice In New York, 1867; asso. judge Hart- 
ford City Court, 1870-1; supt. Hartford pub. 
schs., 1876-85, 1891-5; town atty., 1883-96; 
park comm'r, 1884-9; U. S. collector of cus- 
toms, 1896-1900. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Mem. I.K.A. (Trinity), Phi Beta Kappa. 
Residence: 21 Preston St. Office: 756 Main St., 
Hartford, Conn. 

BRODE3UR, Clarence Arthur, educator; 
b. Colchester, Vt., Sept. 25, 1865; s. Charles 
and Priscilla (Marsh) B. ; grad. high sch., 
Franklin, N. H., 1882; A.B., Harvard, 1887; 
Boston Univ. Sch. of Law; m. Maiden, Mass., 
June 24, 1887, Mary Latta. Prin. State Nor- 
mal Sch., Westfield, Mass., since Sept. 1, 
1901. Republican. Cong'list. Mason (Past 
Master, Past High Priest, Dist. Deputy 
Grand Master for 16th Mass. Dist.). Address: 
Westfield, Mass. 

BRODIE, James Fairhairn, clergyman; 
b. Hammond, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1854; .y. Will- 
iam and Elizabeth (Fairbairn) B. ; prep, 
ed'n, Gouverneur Wesleyan Sem. ; A.B., val- 
edictorian, Hamilton Coll., Clinton, N. Y., 
1876 (D.D., 1901); m. Gouverneur, Feb. 2, 
1882, Helena Gleason. Teacher, S. Williams- 
town, Mass., 1876-8; grad. Union Theol. 
Sem., 1881; ordained to ministry Cong'l Ch., 
1882; pastor Cong'l Ch., Woodstock, Vt., 
1881-9, South Cong'l Ch., Salem, Mass., 1889- 
1904; treas. Fisk Univ., Nashville, Tenn., 
1904-6; acting editor Missionary Herald since 
April, 1908. Republican. Mem. Delta Up- 
silon, Phi Beta Kappa. Chib: Newton Golf. 
Address: 14 Beacon St., Boston. 

BROMBERG, Etlward Jnstin, lawyer; Z^. 
Roxbury, Mass., July 20, 1864; .y. Levi and 
Bertha (Macowsky) B. ; ed. Roxbury High 
Sch., Boston Latin Sch., Harvard, to 1884, 
student Boston Univ. Law Sch., 1896; m. 
Boston, Sept. 12, 1886, Henrietta Livingston. 
Has practiced in Boston in partnership with 
William M. Blatt, since Sept., 1896; mem. 
Rep. Com. of Ward 23, 1899, 1900; mem. Bos- 
ton Common Council, 1901, 1902, alderman, 
1903-6; senator, 9th Suffolk Mass. Dist., 1907 
Jewish religion. Mason; Odd Fellow (Past 
Grand); mem. K. of P. (Past Chancellor 
Commander), Y.M.H.A. (dir.), R.A., A.O.U 
W., -Sons of Veterans, etc. Clubs: New Cen- 
tury, Boston City, Boston Press, Orpheus, 

-Roslindale (Mass.) Republican, Apollo Or- 
chestral. Residence: 12 Florence St., Roslin- 
dale, Mass. OfTKe: 829-831 Old South Bldg., 

BRONSON, Caroline A., teacher; h. Hyan- 
nis, Mass., Apr. 2. 1861; d. Rev. Samuel and 
Mary Lincoln (Chaplin) B. ; grad. Abbott 
Acad., 1883; student Berlitz Sch. of Lan- 
guages, Boston, 1886, 1887, Wellesley €oll., 
1387, 1888; studied and traveled in Europe, 

summers of 1890, 1896, 1904. Preceptress, Gil- 
bertsville (N. Y.) Acad., 1883-6; prin. asst. 
Detroit Home and Day Sch., 1888-90, Miss 
Wesselhorft's Sch., Boston, 1890-3, Miss 
Wheeler's Sch., Providence, R. I., 1893-7; 
one of the founders of Bronson Sch. for 
Boys and Girls, Providence, 1897, which still 
continues. Baptist. Mem. Wellesley Club 
of R. I, Address: 313 Hope St., Providence, 
R. L 
BRONSON, Clarence Whittlesey, law- 
yer; b. Washington, Conn., June 13, 1880; s. 
Walter W. and Helen M. (Logan) W. ; B.A., 
Yale, 1900; B.L., Yale Law Sch., 1903. In 
law oflace of Ernest L. Isbell, New Haven, 
Conn., 1903-4; asst. elk. Probate Court, Dist. 
of New Haven, 1904-6; now practicing alone; 
dir. The Bronson & Townsend Co. Repub- 
lican. Cong'list. Mem. Phi Delta Phi, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Residence: 1233 Chaplet St. 
Office: 828 Chaplet St., New Haven, Conn. 

BRONSON, Cornelia Conan, teacher; b. 
Hyannis, Mass., June 13, 1856; d. Rev. Sam- 
uel Jennings and Mary Lincoln (Chaplin) 
B.; grad. State Normal Sch., Framingham, 
Mass., 1877; student Wellesley Coll., 1884, 
1885, Brown Univ., 1893-4; spent 14 mos. in 
travel and study in Europe. Teacher, 
Thompson, Conn., 1878, 1879, W. Woodstock, 
Conn., 1879-80, Bucknell Inst., Lewisburg, 
Pa., 1885-93, also taught German to freshman 
class in Bucknell Coll., 1892-3; teacher Froe- 
bel Sch., Providence, R. I., 1893-5, and 4 
mos. in high sch., Lynn, Mass., 1896; found- 
ed, with sister. The Bronson Sch., Provi- 
dence, 1897, which still continues. Baptist. 
Mem. Wellesley Club of R. I. Address: 313 
Hope St., Providence, R. I. 

BRONSON, Dillon, clergyman; b. Wyo- 
ming, la., Aug. 27, 1863; s. James Anson and 
Jennie (Van Bewschoten) B. ; A.B., Cornell 
Coll., Mt. Vernon, la., 1884, A.M., 1887 (D.D., 
1900); S.T.B., Boston Univ., 1888; studied Ber- 
lin Univ., 1900-1; m. Boston, Nov. 21, 1894, 
Susan Hall Peirce. Ordained to ministry 
M. E. Ch., 1892; pastor, Newton, Mass., 1892- 
1897, Salem, 1897-1900, St. Mark's Ch., Brook- 
line, 1900-6; supt. Boston Missionary and 
Ch. Extension Soc, since 1906; trustee Bos- 
ton Univ.; dir. Florence Crittenden League 
of Compassion, Mass. Home. Has traveled 
extensively in Europe, including Russia, 
Spitzbergen and Iceland, also Alaska, Lab- 
rador and the usual tourist resorts in U. S.; 
visited mission fields in Asia, Palestine, 
Egypt, spent 2 winters in India and went 
around the world twice. Club: Twentieth 
Century (Boston). Residence: 25 Park St., 
Brookline. Office: 36 Bromfield St., Boston. 

BRONSON, Samuel L.., jurist; b. Water- 
bury, Conn., 1834; s. Dr. Henry B.; moved 
to New Haven, Jan., 1845; grad. Yale, 1855; 
studied law; admitted to Conn, bar, 1857; 
practiced Seymour, Conn., 1857-60; mem. 
Conn, legislature from Seymour, 1859; re- 
tired to New Haven, 1860; recorder city 
court. New Haven, 1866-9; mem. Conn, leg- 
islature from New Haven, 1869, 1876 and 
1877; 1st judge New Haven Co. court of 
common pleas, 1 yr; refused re-election be- 
cause of illness; spent 2 yrs. in Europe; 
returned to practice in New Haven; cor- 
poration counsel, 1873-8; retired and man- 
aged his father's large interests until lat- 
ter's death, 1893, wiien he succeeded to fam- 




ily estates. Democratic nominee for gov., 
Conn., 1900. Address: 58 Dwight St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

BRONSOIV, Samuel M., mfr., merchant; b. 
WaterburJ^ Conn., Apr. 1, 1832; s. Julius G. 
and Julia (Newton) B.; common sell, ed'n; 
m. Waterbury, June 20, 1853, Harriet A. 
Burnham. Pres. The Bronson & Robinson 
Co., Inc., mfrs. cigar boxes and printing, 
The Collum Mfg. Co., mfrs. of confection- 
ers' tools; treas. and gen, mgr. The Nat. 
Machine Co., mfrs. printing presses, ma- 
chine tools and sp'l machinery; mem. firm 
of Bronson & Fitzgerald, wholesale grocers; 
trustee State Savings Bank of Hartford; 
mem. Bd. of Trade, Hartford, and veteran 
mem. Putnam Pharlanx; trustee Masonic Ins. 
Co.; served 2 terms in city gov't; state fish 
comm'r for Conn. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Mason (33°), Past Grand Comdr. K.T. of 
Conn. Residence: 28 Charter Oak Av. Office: 
111-135 Shelden St., Hartford, Conn. 

BRONSON, Walter Coclirane, educator; 
b. Roxbury, Mass., 1862; s. Rev. Benj. F. 
and Annie (Chaplin) B. ; graduate Brown 
Univ., 1887, A. M., Cornell Univ., 1890; Litt. 
D., Colby Coll., 1904; prof. English, De 
Pauw Univ., 1890-2; asso. prof. English 
literature, 1892-5, prof, since 1895, Brown 
Univ. Editor: Poems of William Collins, 
1898 Gl; English Essays, 1905 H4. Author: 
Short History of American Literature, 1900 
H2. Residence: 232 Brown St., Providence, 
R. I. 

BROOKER, diaries Frederlclv, Conn, 
mem. Nat. Rep. Com., 1900-4; b. Litchfield, 
Conn., March 4, 1847; s. Martin Cook and 
Sarah Maria (Seymour) B. ; ed. Litchfield 
and Torrington, Conn.; m. London, Eng- 
land, Oct. 30, 1894, Julia E. Clarke Farrel. 
Engaged as mfr., 1864; now in mfg., bank- 
ing and ry. business. Mem. Conn. State leg- 
islature, 1875; senate, 1893; Conn. mem. 
World's Columbian Comm'n, 1893; delegate- 
at-large from Conn., Rep. Nat. Conv., 1900, 
1904; mem. Nat. Rep. Com., 1900, 1904 (mem. 
exec, com.); N. Y. Chamber of Commerce. 
V.-p. bd. N. Y., New Haven &. Hartford R. 
R. Co. Clubs: Union League, N. Y. Yacht. 
Address: Ansonia, Conn. 

BROOKS, Alfred 3Iansfielcl, educator, 
author; b. Saginaw, Mich., July 19, 1870; .y. 

- George Byron and Abby (Mansfield) B. ; A. 
B., Harvard, 1894, A. M., 1896; studied Mass. 
Inst. Technology, Sch. of Architecture; un- 
married. Prof, art, Ind. Univ., since 1898. 
Club: Harvard (New York). Author: The 
Newell Fortune, 1906 L22; contb'r articles on 
architecture, painting, etc., to various mags. 
Residence: Bloomington, Ind. Address: Glou- 
cester, Mass. 

BROOKS, Amy (Miss), author, artist, illus- 
trator; b. Chelsea, Mass.; d. Alfred H. and 
Hannah B. ; ed. pub. schs., Hyde Park, 
Mass.; grad. Mus. of Fine Arts, Boston. 
First picture exhibited, 1895; entered lit. 
field, 1900. Author: Randy's Summer, 1900; 
Randy's Winter, 1901; A Jolly Cat Tale, 1901; 
Randy and Her Friends, 1902; Dorothy Dain- 
ty, 1902; Randy and Prue, 1903; Dorothy's 
Playmate, 1903; Randy's Good Times, 1904; 
Dorothy Dainty at School, 1904; Randy's 
Luck, 1905; Dorothy Dainty at the Shore, 
1905; Randy's Loyalty, 1906; Dorothy Dainty 

in the City, 1906; Randy's Prince, 1907; Dor- 
othy Dainty at Home, 1907:— ail L3. Address: 
Hyde Park, Mass. 

BROOKS, Bartlett, lawyer; b. Orrington, 
Me., Feb. 1, 1875; .y. George and Priscilla 
(Nash) B.; A.B., Harvard, 1900; LL.B., Har- 
vard Law Sch., 1902; admitted to bar, 1902; 
m. Addison, Me., June 6, 1904, Anna L. Nash. 
Began practice at Bangor, Me., Oct., 1902; 
instr, in contracts, Univ. of Me. Sch. of Law, 
since Sept., 1904. Republican. Methodist. 
Clubs: "The De Burians," Bangor Chess. 
Residence: 16 N. Park St. Office: 14 Columbia 
Bldg., Bangor, Me. 

BROOKS, Christoplier Parkinson, 

prof, of textile mfg.; b. Blackburn, Eng- 
land, April 17, 1866; s. Thomas and Fran- 
ces (Parkinson) B.; ed. Queen Elizabeth 
Sch., Blackburn; m. Blackburn, Eng., Sept., 
1888, Emma Higson, Organized textile dept. 
Blackburn, science and technical schools, 
1884; supt. and managing director English 
cotton mills, 1886-95; examiner in cotton 
mfg. all English Tech. Schools, 1890-5; or- 
ganized and was dir. Lowell (Mass.) Tex- 
tile School, 1896-8; organized, 1898, and un- 
til 1904 was managing dir. New Bedford 
(Mass.) Textile School; prin. Textile dept., 
Internat. Correspondence Sch.; established 
Am. Correspondence Sch. of Textiles, 1898; 
lectured in course of municipal lectures. 
City of Boston, 1899; mem. Soc. of Arts, 
Loudon; honor medallist City and Guilds of 
Loudon Inst., London; mem. and dir. 
Nat. Assn. of Cotton Mfrs., International 
Congress of Tech. Ed'n and of Internat. 
Organizing Com. as U. S. representative. 
Author: Cotton Manufacturing, 1888 S16; 
Weaving Calculations, 1889 S16; Cotton, Its 
Uses, Varieties, Fibre Structure and Culti- 
vation, 1898 S16; Instruction Papers of the 
American Correspondence School of Tex- 
tiles, 1898-1901; Textile text-books of In- 
ternat. Correspondence Schools, 1902-1905; 
and several smaller pubis. Has written 
many tech. articles on textiles. Clubs: St. 
Botolph (Boston), Wamsutta, New Bedford 
Yacht (New Bedford), Scranton (Scranton, 
Pa.), Quequechan (Fall River, Mass.) Ad- 
dress: New Bedford, Mass. 

BROOKS, Frank Hllliard. capitalist; b. 
St. Johnsbury, Vt., Nov. 24, 1868; s. Samuel 
Towle and Lucy Clark (Mills) B. ; grad. St. 
Johnsbury Acad., 1889; m. Springfield, Mass., 
Jan. 29, 1896, Ellen Henrietta Fairbanks. En- 
tered employ of E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., 
scale mfrs., 1886, passing through various 
depts. to directorship, 1897; founded The 
Brooks-Tyler Dry Goods Co., 1899, name la- 
ter changed to The Berry-Ball Dry Goods 
Co.; also dir. E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., E. 
& T, Fairbanks Co., Ltd. (Canada), First 
Nat. Bank (St. Johnsbury) ; trustee St. 
Johnsbury Acad., St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, 
Vt. Sanatorium (Pittsford, Vt.). Pres. Y.M. 
C.A. (St. Johnsbury). Republican. Cong'list. 
Mem. Bibliophile Soc, Nat. Geographic Soc, 
Nat. Tuberculosis Assn. Address: St. Johns- 
bury, Vt. 

BROOKS, Isaac Watts, banker; b. Gosh- 
en, Conn., Nov. 8, 1838; .9. Watts H. and 
Mary (Wadhams) B. ; Goshen Acad., 1851-7; 
A.M., Brown Univ., 1862. Engaged as mcht, 
in Goshen, 1860-71; removed to Torrington, 




Conn., 1872; mem. firm of Brooks Bros., 
bankers, Torrington, 1872-99. Pres. Brooks 
Nat. Bank, Torrington, since 1899; treas. 
Torrington Savings Bank since 1873; dir. 

"^ First Nat. Bank, Litciifield, Colonial Trust 
Co., Waterbury, Phoenix Mut. Life Ins. Co., 
Hartford, Turner & Seymour Mfg. Co., Tor- 
rington Water Co. (pres.). Representative 
Gen. Assembly, Conn., 1884; speaker, Ho. of 
Rep., 1893; state senator, 1907. Republican. 
Mem. S.A.R., Soc. Colonial Wars, Order of 
Founders and Patriots of America. Club: 
Torrington. Address: Torrington, Conn. 

BROOKS, J. Ansel, educator; b. Worces- 
ter, Mass., Apr., 1876; s. James Weston and 
Sarah Esther (Piatt) B. ; ed. Derby (Conn.) 
High Sch. until 1893; Ph.B., Sheffield Scien- 
tific Sch., Yale, 1898, M.E., 1901. Asst. prof, 
mechanics and mech. drawing. Brown Univ., 
since 1903. Jr. mem. Am. Soc. M. E. ; mem. 
Boston Soc. C.E., A.A.A.S., Soc. Promotion 
Eng'ring Ed'n, Sigma Xi. Club: University 
(Providence). Address: Brown Univ., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

BROOKS, James, educator; b. Orrington, 
Me., Feb. 13, 1872; s. George and Priscilla 
(Nash) B. ; ed. Bucksport Sem., 1879-93, Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ., Delav/are, 0., 1894-6, Har- 
vard Univ., 1895-6, 1899-1900; traveled abroad 
to Germany and Italy; m. Orrington, Me., 
Rubina A. G. Ravi, of Rome, Italy. Prin. 
schs. in Me. and for 1 yr. during coll. course, 
prin. E. Hampton (Conn.) High and Gram- 
mar Sch.; head of Math. Dept., Bangor 
(Me.) High Sch., 3 yrs. ; prin. Hampden 
Acad, since 1906. Republican. Cong'list. 
Mem. De Buryan Literary Soc. (Bangor, 
Me.). Address: Hampden, Me. 

BROOKS, James Willson; b. Petersham, 
Mass., Aug. 7, 1833; s. Aaron, Jr., and Mar- 
tha Amelia (Willson) B.; ed. pub. schs., 
Leicester (Mass.) Acad., Lawrence Acad., 
Groton, Mass.; A.M., Brown Univ., 1855; LL. 
B., Harvard Law Sch., 1858. V.-consul at 
Paris, France, during the Civil War; for 
more than 25 yrs. trustee, pres. and mgr. 
shoe machinery assns. ; now retired. Mem. 
Psi Upsilon. Club: Union (Boston). Address: 
Petersham, Mass. 

BROOKS, Joliu Graham, lecturer on 
economics; b. Acworth, N. H., July 19, 1846; 
s. Chapin Kidden and Parmelia (Graham) 
B. ; grad. Harvard Div. School, 1875; studied 
3 yrs. at univs. of Berlin, Jena and Frei- 
burg; became lecturer on economic subjects; 
2 yrs. instr. Harvard Univ. ; several yrs. 
lecturer, extension dept., Univ. of Chicago; 
2 yrs. expert U. S. Dept. Labor at Wash- 
ington, making report of 1893 upon Work- 
ingmen's Insurance in Germany. Pres. Nat. 
Consumers' League, Am. Social Science 
Assn. Author: The Social Unrest, 1903 Ml. 
Address: 8 Francis Av., Cambridge, Mass. 

BROOKS, Peter Cliardon; b. Watertown, 
Mass., May 8, 1831; s. Gorham and Ellen 
(Shepherd) B. ; A.B., Harvard, 1852, A.M., 
1871; 111. Oct. 4, 1866, Sarah, d. Amos Adams 
and Sarah Elizabeth (Appleton) Lawrence. 
Trustee of estates. Devoted to agr'l pur- 
suits, forestry, art and travel. Residence: 
W. Medford, Mass. Office: 2 Deerfield, cor. 
Bay State Rd., Boston. 

BROOKS, Reuben, mfr. ; b. at Rockport, 
Mass., Jan. 29, 1843; 5. Reuben and Nancy 
(Eames) B.; ed. pub. schs. and Pierce Acad., 

Middleboro, Mass. ; m. Rockport, Nov. 29, 
1866, Martha A. Lakeman, of Hallowell, Me. 
Succeeded to ownership and management of 
his father's dry goods store, Rockport; sold 
out, 1880, and entered liquid glue business; 
removed to Gloucester, 1883; treas., sec. and 
dir. Russia Cement Co., Gloucester. Repub- 
lican. Cong'list. Pres. and trustee Y.M.C. 
A., Gloucester. Address: Gloucester, Mass. 

BROOKS, Stratton D., educator; b. Ever- 
ett, Mo., Sept. 10, 1869; s. Charles Myers and 
Marian (McClure) B.; grad. Mich. State 
Normal Coll., 1890 (B. Pd., 1892, M. Pd., 
1899), Univ. of Mich., A. B., 1896, Harvard, 
A. M., 1904; m. Sept. 3, 1890, Marcia Stuart, 
of Port Hope, Mich. Prin. high sch., Dan- 
ville, 111., 1890-2, Adrian, Mich.. 1896-8, La 
Salle, 111., 1898-9; v. -p. Mt. Pleasant (Mich.) 
Normal Sch., 1893; asst. prof, ed'n and high 
sch. insp., Univ. of 111., 1899-1902; asst. supt. 
schs., Boston, 1902-6; supt. of schs., Cleve- 
land, Jan. -Mar., 1906; supt. of schs., Bos- 
ton, since Mar., 1906. Asso. editor School 
Review and Journal of Pedagogy. Mem. 
nat. council, N. E. A., Nat. Soc. for Scien- 
tific Study of Ed'n, etc.; mem. b'd visitors 
Harvard Univ. and Boston Univ. ; trustee 
Mass. Mus. of Fine Arts, etc. Author: Com- 
position and Rhetoric, and a series of school 
readers. Contb'r to edn'l mags. Residence: 
Brighton, Mass. Office: School Committee 
Bldg., Boston. 

BROOKS, Walter Frederic, banker and 
treas.; b. Worcester, Mass., Jan. 13, 1859; s. 
Charles Edwin and Elizabeth Capron (Fan- 
ning) B., and descendant of Thomas B., 
Watertown, Mass., 1631; ed. Worcester schs., 
grad. high sch., 1877.' In employ of George 
Crompton Loom Works 2 yrs. ;, with William 
H. Morse in banking business in Worcester, 
1880-91; lessee (with J. F. Rock) of Worces- 
ter Theatre, 1891-4; treas. Worcester Corset 
Co., and Royal Worcester Corset Co. since 
1895. Republican. Cong'list. Mem. Worces-. 
ter County Commandery, K.T., Worcester 
Soc. of Antiquity, N. E. Historic-Geneal. 
Soc. Author of History of the Fanning 
Family, 1905. Residence: (with his aged 
mother, Elizabeth Fanning B.) 54 Queen St. 
Office: Royal Worcester Corset Co., Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

BROOKS, William Allen, surgeon; h. at 

Haverhill, Mass., Aug. 15, 1864; 5. William 
Allen B.; A.B., Harvard, 1887, A.M., 1890; 
M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1891; ;;;. New Ha- 
ven, Conn., Nov. 15, 1892, He'.en Winchell. 
Asst. in anatomy, 1893-5, demonstrator, same, 
1895-1901, asst. surgery, 1903-5, Harvard Med. 
Sch.; asst. visiting surgeon, 1903-5, surgeon 
since 1905, Mass. Gen. Hosp. ; surgeon St. 
Elizabeth's Hosp., 1894-7. Mem. Mass. Med. 
Soc, etc. Address: 167 Beacon St., Boston. 

BROOKS, William Henry, lawyer; h. at 
Schuyler's Lake, N. Y.. Jan. 5, 1855; .y. Reu- 
ben P. and Margaret (Eliot) B. ; A.B., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1876; studied law in office of 
Warren C. French, Woodstock, Vt. ; admit- 
ted to bar; married, 1st, Woodstock, Oct., 
1877, Mary French (died June, 1882); m. 2d, 
Jennie Chase. City solicitor, Holyoke. Mass., 
1881-3; Rep. candidate for mayor of Holyoke, 
1884; honorary v.-chmn. Rep. Nat. Conv., 
Chicago, 1908. Address: 32 Main St., Hol- 
yoke, Mass. 




BROOKS, William Penn. agriculturist, 
educator; b. S, Scituate, Mass., Nov. 19, 
1851; ed. pub. schs., Assinippi Inst., Han- 
over Acad.; taught dist. sch., Hanover, 
1870-1, grammar sch., E. Abington, 1871-2; 
grad. Mass. Agr'l Coll., B. Sc. (valedicto- 
rian), 1875; grad. student same (chemistry 
and botany), 1876; Ph. D., Halle, 1897; m. 
Revere, Mass., Mar. 29, 1882, Eva Bancroft 
Hall. Prof, agr.. Imperial Coll. Agr., Japan, 
1877-88, prof, botany, same, 1880-8, pres. 
ad interim, same, 1880-3 and 1886-7; prof, 
agr. and agriculturalist, Mass. Agr'l Expt. 
Sta., Mass. Agr'l Coll., since Jan. 1, 1889; 
pres. ad interim Mass. Agr'l Coll., Jan. -Apr., 
1903, and Jan., 1905- July, 1906; dir. Mass. 
Agr'l Expt. Sta. since Jan., 1906. Decorated 
4th Order of the Rising Sun, Japan, 1888. 
Mem. A. A, A. S., Assn. Agr'l Colls, and 
Expt. Stas.; hon. mem. Edn'l Soc. of Hok- 
kaide, Japan. Contb'r to 2d, 3d and 4th and 
editor 5th and 6th ann. reports, Imperial 
Coll. Agr. of Japan; contb'r to trans. Mass. 
Hort. Soc, and to agr'l reports of U. S. and 
Mass. Author: Agriculture (3 vols.), 1901; 
General Agriculture, Dairying and Poultry 
Farming, K9. Address: Amherst, Mass. 

BROTT, George Olney, lawyer; b. Cal- 
houn, Miss., Mar. 4, 1867; ,y. George F. and 
Lucy E. (Olney) B. ; grad. Dean Acad., 
Franklin, Mass., 1884; B.A., Yale, 1888; stud- 
ied law at Columbia Law Sch.; admitted to 
bar, 1890; m. Thompson, Conn., Dec. 23, 1896, 
Carrie M. Mills. Practiced in New York, 
1890-4, since at Hartford; mem. law firm of 
Bennett & Brott; sec. and dir. O'Connor 
Coal & Supply Co., City Plate Ice Co.; coun- 
cilman, Hartford, 1896-7, alderman, 1897-8. 
Republican. Cong'list. Mason (32°), K.T., 
Shriner; mem. K. of P. Chibs: Republican, 
Oasis. Residence: 117 Washington St. Office: 
847 Hain St., Hartford, Conn. 

BROUGHTOBf, Arthur Nicholson, phy- 
sician; b. Jamaica Plain, Mass., Dec. 20, 

» 1870; s. Nicholson and Aravesta Susan 
(White) B.; prep, ed'n, Roxbury and Boston 
Latin schs.; A.B., Harvard, 1893; M.D., cum 
laude, Harvard, 1897; house surgeon, Mass. 
Gen. Hosp., 1897-8; m. Jamaica Plain, Dec. 
21, 1898, Lillian De Wolfe Pingree. Asst. 
surgeon, Faulkner Hosp. ; visiting physician, 
Mass. Infant Asylum, and dir. corp'n; dir. 
Jamaica Plain Dispensary. Mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, Boston Soc. Med. 
Sciences, Boston Med. Library Soc. Repub- 
lican. Cong'list. Address: 10 Roanoke Av., 
Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

BROUGHTON, Henry White, physician; 
b. Boston, Oct. 10, 1851; .?. Nicholson and 
Aravesta (White) B.; A.B., Harvard, 1875; 
M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 1879; house offi- 
cer, Boston City Hosp., 1878-9; m. Boston, 
Oct. 28, 1880, Jennie S. F. Folsom. Address: 
2 Lakeville PL, Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass. 

BROWN, Ahhie Parwell (Miss), author; 
b. Boston; d. Benjamin P. and Clara (Neal) 
B.; ed. Girls. Latin Sch. and Radcliffe Coll.; 
traveled abroad, 1899, 1906. Acted as editor 
and written for mags, and papers in prose 
and verse, chiefly juvenile in character. One 
of editors Young Folks' Library, 1902. 
Club: Boston Authors. Author: The Book of 
Saints and Friendly Beasts, 1900 H5; The 
Lonesomest Doll, 1901 H5; In the Days of 
Giants, 1902 H5; A Pocketful of Posies 

(verse), 1902 H5; The Curious Book of 
Birds, 1903 H5; The Flower Princess, 1904 
H5; The Star Jewels, and Other Wonders, 
1905 H5; The Story of St. Christopher, 1905 
XI; Brothers and Sisters, 1906 H5; Friends 
and Cousins, 1907 H5; all juveniles. Editor: 
Library for Young People, 1903 C41. Ad- 
dress: 41 W. Cedar St., Boston. 

BROW^N, Ahram Sng^lish, author; b. 
Bedford, Mass., Jan. 21, 1849; s. Moses Fitch 
and Elizabeth (Smith) B. ; ed. Cambridge 
and private study; m. Shrewsbury, Mass., 
1877, Sarah J. Flint. Mem. Mass. Ho. of 
Reps., 1902-1903. Author: Beneath Old Roof 
Trees, 1896; Beside Old Hearthstones, 1897; 
History of Bedford, 1892; Bedford Old Fami- 
lies, 1893; Glimpses of New England, 1894 
L3; Flag of the Minute Men, 1894; John 
Hancock, His Book, 1898; Faneuil Hall and 
Market, or, Peter Faneuil and His Gift, 
1900:— all L3. Address: Bedford, Mass. 

BROWN, Adams Franklin, lawyer; b. at 
Littleton, Mass., Feb. 4, 1857; s. James Mad- 
ison and Amanda Melvina (Pingrey) B. ; ed. 
dist. sch.; studied law; admitted to Wor- 
cester bar, 1891; tn. Houlton, Me., May 8, 
1894, Mahalah Annie Adams. Practiced at 
Westboro since 1891. Republican. Baptist. 
Mason (32°), K.T., Shriner; mem. O.E.S. 
(Past Grand Patron of Mass.), I.O.O.F., 
Grange, G.A.R. Address: Westboro, Mass. 

BROWN, Agnes, artist; b. Newburyport, 
Mass.; widow of J. Appleton Brown; paints 
landscapes, flowers and animals in oils; also 
successful specialist in pictures of cats. 
Address: Newburyport, Mass. 

BROWN, Albert Frederic, architect; b. 
Southold, L. I., N. Y., Aug. 8, 1862; .s.. Albert 
and Mary (Beebe) B.; ed. pub. sch., Southold 
(N. Y.) High Sch., Pawtucket, R. I.; m. 
Providence, R. I., Oct. 16, 1884, Esther P. 
Von Gottschalck. Engaged in practice as 
architect in Providence since Sept. 1, 1880. 
Capt., retired, brigade R. I. Militia; sec. 1st 
Light Regt. of Providence; mem. S.A.R. 
Baptist. Republican. Mem. Citizens' Club, 
E. Providence. Joint author: Early Rhode 
Island Houses, 1895 01; Early Connecticut 
Houses, 1900. Address: E. Providence, R. I. 

BROWN, Albert Oscar, lawyer, banker; 
b. Northwood, N. H., July 18, 1853; .y. Charles 
Osgood and Elizabeth (Langmaid) B. ; grad. 
Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N. H., 1878; LL. 
B., Boston Univ. Law Sch., 1884; admitted to 
bar, 1884; m. Ayer, Mass., Dec. 20, 1888, Susie 
J. Clarke. Engaged in practice at Manches- 
ter, N. H., since 1884; pres. Amoskeag Sav- 
ings Bank since 1905. Republican. Address: 
The Kennard, 1008 Elm St., Manchester,N.H. 

BROWN, Alice, author; b. Hampton Falls, 
N. H., Dec. 5, 1857; grad. Robinson Sem., 
Exeter, N. H., 1876. Author: Fools of Na- 
ture; Meadow-Grass (New England stories); 
By Oak and Thorn (English travels) ; Life 
of Mercy Otis Warren; The Road to Castaly 
(poems); The Day of His Youth (a story); 
Robert Louis Stevenson: a Study (with 
Louise Imogen Guiney) ; Tiverton Tales 
(stories); King's End, 1901 H5; Margaret 
Warrener, 1901 H5; The Mannerings; High 
Noon; Paradise; The Country Road, 1906 
H5; The Court of Love, 1906 H5. Address: 




BROWN, Alice Van Vecliten, prof, art, 
Wellesley, since 1897; b. Hanover, N. H., 
June 7, 1862; d. Prof. Samuel Oilman and 
Sarah (Van Vechten) B. ; ed. private tutors 
and schools, Clinton and Utica, N. Y. ; 
studied at Art Students' League, New York, 
1881-5; later with various artists, and trav- 
eled abroad. Dir. Norwich (Conn.) Art 
School, 1894-7; asst.. dir. same, 18S2-3. 
Mem. Nat. Arts Club, Am. Fine Arts Soc, 
Art Students' League, Archseol. Inst, of 
America, etc. Address: Wellesley Coll., 
Wellesley, Mass. 

BRO'WN, Ai'tliui* Eugene, real estate; b. 
Warwick, Mass., May 1, 1871; 5. Israel Cur- 
ley and Zorada B. ; ed. Colby Acad., New 
London, N. H., 1897-9; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1903; m. Orange, Mass., Dec. 25, 1893, Annie 
L. Hamlen. Owner Arthur E. Brown Realty 
Co., organized July, 1904; treas. and dir. In- 
ternat. Hat Co.; sec. and treas. Buffalo- 
Arizona Gold Mines Co. Republican. Bap- 
tist. Mason. Residence: 43 Charles Field St. 
Ofilces: 86 Weybosset St., Providence, R. I., 
and 45 Milk St., Boston. 

BROWN, Arthur Lewis, U. S. judge, dist. 
of R. I., since Oct. 24, 1896; b. Providence, 
R. I., Nov. 28, 1854; grad. Brown Univ., 
1876 (A. M.); Boston Univ. Law School, 1878 
(LL. B.). Practiced law in Providence until 
apptd judge. Address: Providence, R. I. 

BROWN, Artliur Morton, lawyer; b. at 
Jewett City, Conn., Sept. 24, 1877; .y. George 
W. and Sarah F. (Young) B. ; ed. pub. sch. 
and Norwich Free Acad.; seaman and q.-m. 
on a pvt. yacht cruising around the world, 
2 yrs. ; read law; admitted to bar, 1901; m. 
Oct. 1, 1901, Gertrude E. Sanderson. Prac- 
ticed at Norwich, Conn., since 1901; treas. 
New London Co. since 1901; mem. Conn. Ho. 
of Rep., 1901, Senate, 1903; counsel for Bor- 
ough of Jewett City since 1902, Tov/n of 
Griswold since 1904; health officer New Lon- 
don Co. since 1905; del. Conn. Const'l Conv., 
1902; Republican. Baptist. Mason. Residence: 
Jewett City, Conn. Office: Norwich, Conn. 

BROWN, Benjamin F., mf r. ; b. Lowell, 
Vt., Dec. 8, 1849; s. Joseph and Katharine 
(Scott) B.; grad. Fitchburg High Sch,, 1871; 
A.B., Amherst Coll., 1874; m. Blackstone, 
Mass., July 12, 1880, Zephirine Normandin. 
Teacher, Fitchburg High Sch., 1874-81, Athol 
High Sch., 1881-3, Montpelier (Vt.) High 
Sch., 1883-5, Gibson Sch., Boston, 1885-90; 

' engaged since 1890 in developing automatic 
machinery for filling and sealing flat paper 
bags and seed packets, machines for apply- 
ing franks and labels to envelopes, waxing 
machines and bag making machines; pres. 
and mgr. The Brown Bag Filling Machine 
Co. Republican. Mem. I.O.O.F., K. of P. 
Address: Fitchburg, Mass. 

BROWN, Cliarles Henry, physician; b. at 
Bridgewater, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1866; ^•. William 
H. and Hannah (Penney) B. ; ed. Bridge- 
water dist. schs., West Winfield Acad., 
Cazenovia Sem., N. Y. ; grad. New York Coll. 
of Pharmacy, 1890; M.D., Med. Dept., Univ. 
of City of New York, 1893; m. Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y., July 17, 1894, Emily Stansbury Rich. 
Republican. Cong'list. Residence: Columbia 
Blvd. Office: 57 N. Me. St., Waterbury.Conn. 

BROW^N, Charles Rnfns, prof. Hebrew, 
etc., Newton Theol. lustn., since 1886; b. E. 

Kingston, N. H., Feb. 22. 1849; grad. U. S. 
Naval Acad., 1869; Harvard, 1877; Union 
Theol. Sem., 1879; Newton Theol. Instn., 
1879; studied Univ. Berlin, 1879-80; Leipzig. 
1880-1; (Ph. D., Colby Univ., 1887; D. D., 
Colgate Univ., 1892); m. Nov. 27, 1884, Clar- 
issa Locke Dodge, Hampton Falls, N. H. 
Remained in navy until 1875; ensign, 1870- 
1; master, 1871-5. Ordained Bapt. minister, 
Dec. 30, 1881; pastor Franklin Falls, 1881-3; 
asso. prof. Biblical Interpretation, Newton 
Theol. Instn., 1883-6; supplied 1st Bapt. Ch., 
Salem, Mass., 1885; acting pastor, Main St. 
Bapt. Ch., Worcester, Mass., 1886-7; acting 
prof. Hebrew and O. T. exegesis, Sch. of 
Theology of Boston Univ., 1905-6. Mem. 
Soc. Bibl. Literature and Exegesis. Author: 
An Aramaic Method, 1884, 1893 S3; The Book 
of the Prophet Jeremiah (new translation), 
1906; Commentary on Jeremiah, 1907; con- 
tb'r to reviews. Address: 73 Parker St., 
Newton Centre, Mass. 

BROW^N, Charles Samuel, collector of 
taxes; b. Bath, Me., Dec. 14, 1880; s. John H. 
and Sarah (Whalen) B.; grad. Bliss Busi- 
ness Coll., 1899; m. Bath, Apr. 20, 1908, Eliza- 
beth R. Gibson. In employ of F. V. Moody, 
photographer, 1897-9, Hyde Windlass Co., 
1900-3; pvt. sec. to E. W. Hyde, mayor, 1903- 
1904; treas. and dir. New Meadows Steamboat 
Co., New Meadows Land & Improvement 
Co.; treas., mgr. and dir., Anvil Newspaper 
Co. Episcopalian. Mem. Me. Press Assn.. 
Sons of Veterans. Clubs: Colonial (ex-pres. 
and treas.), Kennebec Yacht (ex-treas.). 
Residence: 682 Washington St. Office: City 
Hall, Bath, Me. 

BROW^N, Charles Wilson, educator; b. 
Overton, Neb., Aug. 11, 1874; s. Rev. Henry 
Wheaton and Abbie B. (Wilson) B. ; student 
Boston Univ., 1896-7; Ph.B., Brown Univ., 
1900, A.M., 1901; student, Grad. Sch., Har- 
vard, 1903-4; m. Providence, June 10. 1908, 
Anne Taft Peirce. Mem. U. S. Geol. Survey 
since 1901; prin. High Sch., Warren, R. l', 
1901-3; instr. Dept. Geology, Lehigh Univ., 
S. Bethlehem, Pa., 1904-5; prof, and head 
Dept. Geology, Brown Univ., since 1905. 
Mem. Harvard Travelers' Club, Nat. Geog. 
Soc, Phila. Geog. Soc, A.A.A.S., Sigma Xi. 
Clubs: University, Metacomet (Providence, 
R. I.). Joint author of U. S. Geol. Survey, 
"Penobscot Bay (Me.) Folio," 1907, and geol. 
articles and reviews. Address: 19 Diman PI., 
Providence, R. I. 

BROW^N, Clayton Allan, physician and 
surgeon; b. Fulton, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1870; s. 
John Duncan and Lotisa Debora (Cox) B. : 
ed. Montpelier (Vt.) High Sch., to 1886; M.D., 
Baltimore (Md.) Med. Coll., 1897; vi. Balti- 
more, Oct. 21, 1897, Madeleine E. Beck. 
Phys. and surg., Heaton Hosp., Montpelier, 
Vt., 1897-1900, and lectured on bacteriology 
in nurses sch. at hosp. during same period; 
examining physician leading life ins. cos. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. Vt. and 
Washington Co. Med. socs. Address: Red 
Gate, St. Mary's Co., Md. 

BROWN, Daniel Russell, ex-gov. R, I. ; 
b. Bolton, Conn., March 28, 1848; s. Arba 
Harrison and Harriet M. (Dart) B.; acad- 
emical ed'n; engaged in business, Rock- 
ville and Hartford, Conn.; settled in Provi- 
dence and became mem. firm Butler, Brown 
& Co., 1870 (now Brown Bros. Co.); m. Prov- 




idence, Oct. 14, 1874, Isabel Barrows; mem. 
common council, 1880-4; presidential elector, 
1888; gov. R. I.. 1893-5; Republican. Address: 

BROWN, Editli (Miss), art teacher, illus- 
trator; b. Wolfville, Nova Scotia, 1874; d. 
John Lothrop and Elizabeth (Whidden) B.; 
ed. Acadia Sem. to 1890; grad. Boston Mus. 
of Fine Arts Sch., 1895. Teacher of clay 
modeling and drav/ing in Miss Pierce's pvt. 
sch., Brookline, Mass., Miss Hazard's pvt. 
sch., Boston, and N. Bennet St. Industrial 
Sch., Boston. First illustrating done for 
The Churchnjan about 1899. Mem. Copley 
Soc, Boston. Illustrator: Folk-lore Stories 
and Proverbs (Miss S. E. Wiltse), 1900 Gl; 
Wonderfolk in Wonderland (Edith Guer- 
rier), 1903 S9; Stella's Adventures In Star- 
land (Elbridge H. Sabin), 1907; The Cheer- 
ful Cricket (Jeanette Marks), 1907. Address: 
Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

BROWN, Edward Angustus; b. Royal- 
ston, Mass., Aug. 7, 1827; s. Col. Benjamin 
and Betsy Reed B. ; ed. pub. schs. and Roy- 
alston Acad. ; m. Sept. 15, 1869, Bessie Maria, 
d. Theodore and Nancy (Clark) Harding, of 
E. Medway. Engaged in furniture business, 
Beloit, Wis., 1855-9; elk. in Fitchburg, Mass., 
1859-61; served in Civil War, 1861-5, and was 
mustered out with brevet rank of major, Oct. 
2, 1865; in railroad business, 1865-76; co. 
treas. Worcester Co. . since Jan. 20, 1876. 
Comrade E. B. Sumner Post, G.A.R., Fitch- 
burg. Residence: 31 Harvard St., Worcester. 

BROWN, Edward Tracy, mfr. ; b. Macon, 
Ga., July 20, 1839; 5. Israel F. and Ann 
(Smith) B.; ed. pub. schs. of Ga. and at Al- 
bany (N. Y.) Business Coll.; m. Sarah Lee. 
Removed to New London, Conn., 1858, and 
became connected with cotton gin factory 
established by his father; was made sec. 
and treas. of the co., 1869, and since death 

* of father has been pres. Brown Cotton Gin 
Co.; formerly see. and treas. Albertson & 
Douglas Machine Co. and Wilson Mfg. Co.; 
dir. Union Bank, New London, Lyceum The- 
atre Co.; mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1873; 
mem. New London Bd. of Water Comm'rs, 
1887-1902. Democrat. Cong'list. Knight 
Templar. Club: Thames. Address: New Lon- 
don, Conn. 

BROWN, Edwin, mfr.; b. at Worcester, 
Mass., Mar. 24, 1844; s. Albert and Mary 
Blair (Eaton) B. ; ed. pub. grammar and 
high schs., Worcester; served in 51st Mass. 
Vols., 1862-3; m. June 12, 1872, Mariana Mif- 
flin, d. Timothy K. and Nancy (Hacker) 
Earle. Bookkeeper City Nat. Bank, Wor- 
cester, 1833-5; teller Worcester Nat. Bank, 
3865; teller and asst. cashier City Nat. Bank, 
1866-71; mem. firm T. K. Earle & Co., 1871- 
80; treas. and mgr. T. K. Earle Mfg. Co., 
1881-90; treas. Am. Card Clothing Co.. 1890- 
1905; v.-p. Worcester Five Cents Savings 
Bank. Life mem. Worcester Co. Mechanics' 
Assn.; mem. Worcester Natural History 
Soc, Worcester Soc. of Antiquity, Worces- 
ter Co. Musical Assn., G.A.R., Old Worces- 
ter Fire Soc. Clubs: Quinsigamond Boat 
(founder, 1857), Worcester Tatnuck Country, 
Commonwealth, Grafton Country. Unitarian. 
Address: Worcester, Mass. 

BROWN, Edwin Merriman, physician; 

b. Sheldon, Vt., Dec. 5, 1855; .?. Amasa Mer- 
riman and Abby (Keith) B. ; grad. Burr & 

Burton Sem., Manchester, Vt., 1875; M.D., 
Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., 1879; sp'l studies. 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch., New York, 1892; ni. 
E. Berkshire, Vt., Oct., 1882, Fannie L. Com- 
mings. Succeeded his father, 1879, who had 
practiced in Slieldon for 40 yrs. ; dir. Enos- 
burg Falls Savings Bank & Trust Co., St. 
Albans Hosp. (sec. bd.); mem. U. S. Pen- 
sion Examining Bd., St. Albans; town elk. 
since 1885; representative. State Legislature, 
1890; State senator, 1902; del. Rep. Nat. 
Conv., 1900. Mem. Co. and State Med. socs., 
Am. Med. Assn. Cong'list. Address: Shel- 

_ don, Vt. 

BROWN, Elislia Rhodes, banker; b. at 
Providence, R. I., Mar. -28, 1847; s. Colville 
Dana and Eliza (Rhodes) B., and descendant 
on mother's side of Roger Williams and on 
father's side of Rev. Chad Brown, who ar- 
rived in New England in the ship Martin, 
1638; ed. pub. schs. of Dover, N. H. ; m. Do- 
ver, N. H., Oct. 18, 1870, Frances Bickford. 
Began active career as elk. in dry goods 
store, 4 yrs. ; entered Stratford Nat. Bank as 
teller, 1867, became cashier, 1876, and has 
been pres. since 1897; was elected trustee 
Stratford Savings Bank, 1883, and has been 
pres. since 1891; dir. Cocheco Mfg. Co., Con- 
cord & Portsmouth R. R. ; one of comm'rs 
of N. H. at celebration of centennial of in- 
auguration of George Washington, at New 
York, 1889. Republican. Cong'list. Mem. 
A.A.A.S. Mason (32°), K.T.; Odd Fellow. 
Address: 50 Silver St., Dover, N. H. 

BROW^N, Emma Elizabetli ("B. E. E. '), 

author, artist; b. Concord, N. H., Oct. 18, 
1847; d. John Frost and Elizabeth (Evans) 
B. ; ed. Concord schools, with home instruc- 
tion; writer and illustrator. Author of 
Lives of Washington, Grant, Garfield, Oliver 
Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, 
and others, biog. series (5 vols.) ; Spare 
Moment Series (6 vols.); From Night to 
Light; . The Child Toilers of the Boston 
Streets; Huldah (verse); and many Sunday 
School and other books; mag. contributor. 
Residence: 32 Linnaean St., Cambridge, 
Mass. Studio: 14 Copley Hall, Boston. 

BROWN, Ernest William, educator; b. 
Hull, Eng., Nov. 29, 1866; s. William B. ; ed. 
Christ's Coll., Cambridge, Eng. (M. A., Sc. 
D.); fellow Christ's Coll., 1889-95. Prof, 
mathematics, Haverford Coll., 1891-1907, Yale 
since 1907. Fellow Royal Soc. Eng., Royal 
Astron. Soc. (gold medal, 1907) ; London 
Math. Society, Am. Philos. Society, Am. 
Math. Soc. (v.-p.) Author: Treatise on the 
Lunar Theory, 1896 L26; A New Theory of 
the Moon's Motion, 1897-1905 L26; also many 
papers on lunar theory and on celestial and 
general mechanics. Formerly editor of 
Transactions Am. Math. Soc. Address: New 
Haven, Conn. 

BROliVN, Eva Maria, temperance worker; 
b. Camden, Me., Dec. 27, 1856; d. John (2d) 
and Matilda Jane (Mathews) B.; moved with 
parents to Liberty, Me., at 2 yrs. of age; 

. grad. Augusta High Sch. Became mem. 
Cold Water Temple, Augusta, while a child; 
removed with mother to Mass. after leaving 
high sch. ; has been identified with temper- 
ance work in Mass. since 1878, when she en- 
tered employ of Henry H. Faxon, the noted 
temperance reformer; became chief elk., and 
since 1884 has been pvt. sec; mgr. Faxon 




Political Temperance Bureau since Mar. 22, 
1902, and pvt. sec. to Henry M. Faxon, son 
of Henry H. F. ; the only woman in New 
England registered as legislative agt. and 
counsel, entitling her to conduct hearings 
before committees and cross examine wit- 
nesses; dir. Mass. Total Abstinence Soc. ; 
trustee Mass. Anti-Saloon League; has 
served as officer in the leading temperance 
socs. Christian Scientist. Residence: Quincy, 
Mass. Office: 36 Bromfield St., Boston, and 
17 Granite St., Quincy, Mass. 
BROWN, Francis Henry, physician; b. 
Boston, Aug. 8, 1835; s. Francis and Caro- 
line Matilda (Kuhn) B. ; grad. Harvard, 
1857, A. M., M. D., 1861; m. 1st, 1861, Louisa 
Beckford Eaton, Salem, Mass; 2d, 1871, 
Mary Sherwood Wood, Auburn, N. Y. 
Founder, sec, surgeon. The Children's 
Hosp., 'Boston; passed asst. surgeon, U. S. 
Marine Hosp. Service; house physician, 
Mass. Gen. Hosp. ; Aural surgeon Boston 
City Hosp.; actg. asst. surgeon, U. S. A., 
1862-4; surgeon Boston Dispensary, 1866-72; 
asst, chemistry Harvard Coll., 1857-9; sur- 
geon St. Joseph's Home, 1869-70; physician 
St. Elizabeth's Hosp., 1880-2. Pres. Suf- 
folk Dist. Med. Soc; mem. Obstet. Soc of 
Boston; sec. Class 1857, Harvard Coll.; 
mem. Am. Acad. Medicine, Am. Public 
Health Assn., Am. Library Assn., Mass. 
Med. Soc, Mass. Med. Benevolent Soc, Bos- 
ton Med. Assn., S. A. R. Clubs: St. Botolph, 
Unitarian, Boston City. Editor Boston Med. 
and Surg. Jour. Author: Harvard University 
in the War of 1861-1865, 1886; The Second 
Church in Boston, 1900. Residence: Hotel 
Buckminster. Office: 28 State St., Boston. 

BROWN, Frank Byron, physician; b. at 
Chichester, N. H., Sept. 3, 1863; s. David T. 
and Julia Clark (Prescott) B. ; ed. pub. schs., 
Chichester, Pittsfleld Acad., Pembroke 
Acad.; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1886; M.D., 
Med. Sch. of Me., Bowdoin Coll., 1887; post- 
grad, study, Univ. of Berlin, 1896. Practiced 
at Salina, Kan., 1887-92, since at Dorchester; 
instr. bacteriology and pathology. Tufts 
Coll., 1894-9. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, Nor- 
folk Co. Med. Soc. Clnb: Colonial (Dorches- 
ter). Address: 501 Washington St., Dorches- 
ter, Boston, 

BRO"WN, Frank Cliontean, architect; b. 
Minneapolis, Minn., Jan., 1876; .y. Frank 
Buckman and Emma Clara (Hollidge) B.; 
studied Minneapolis Sch. of. Pine Arts, Bos- 
ton Art Club, and in Europe. Located in 
Boston, 1902; specializes in residence and 
suburban architecture, including gardens 
and country estates; has written extensively 
for mags, upon architectural and kindred 
subjects; editor The Architectural Review; 
designer of book plates, book covers and 
stage settings for Shakespearian plays. Fel- 
low Boston Soc. of Architects; mem. Boston 
Architectural Club, Soc. of Arts and Crafts 
(Boston); Studio Club (Minneapolis). Clubs: 
Twentieth Century, Boston City. Author: 
Letters and Lettering, 1902; The Orders of 
Architecture, 1904. Address: 9 Park St., 

BROWN, Frank H., mfr. ; b. Weston, 
Mass., Aug. 15, 1853; s. George W. and Irene 
(Woodbury) B., and descendant of early 
New England ancestry; grad. Waltham High 
Sch., 1868; m. Waltham, 1878, Henrietta E. 

Farnum. Began active career as elk. in 
drug store and later traveled extensively in 
the West; returned to Waltham, 1877, and 
entered service of Davis and Faruham Mfg. 
Co., of v/hich became supt., 1882; also treas. 
of corp'n since 1894. Republican. Mason 
(32°). Club: Boston Art. Address: Waltham, 

BROWN, Frank Irving, surgeon; b. at 
Bethel, Me., Oct. 27, 1861; s. Robbins Brown 
and Ausina (Barker) B. ; A.M., Bowdoin 
Coll., Brunswick, Me., 1885; M.D., Med. 
Dept., same, 1891; m. Bethel, Me., 1895. En- 
gaged in practice of medicine and surgery at 
S. Portland, Me., since 1893. Address: S. 
Portland, Me. 

BROWN, Franklin Henry, lawyer; b. at 
Colchester, Conn., Sept. 24, 1851; s. John and 
Martha Spicer (Stoddard) B. ; prep, ed'n. Ba- 
con Acad., Colchester, and Conn. Literary 
Inst'n, Suffield, Conn.; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1875; studied law; admitted to bar, 1877; 
practiced at Norwich; m. Norwich, Conn., 
Apr. 30, 1889, Lillian A. Phillips. Chmn. 
Bd. Sch. Visitors for 8 yrs. ; coroner, New 
London Co., since 1895. Democrat. Baptist. 
Residence: 124 Laurel Hill Av. Office: 49 
Shetucket St., Norwich, Conn. 

BROWN, Frederick, clergyman; b. New 
York, Sept. 27, 1835; A.B., Union Coll., 
Schnectady, N. Y., 1860 (D.D., 1880); grad. 
Union Theol. Sem., 1863. Ordained to min- 
istry Presb. Ch., May 15, 1864; stated supply 
and pastor, Parsippany, N. J., 1863-6; pastor, 
Delhi, N. Y., 1866-82, Little Falls, N. Y., 
1882-7, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1887-9, First 
Presb. Ch., New Haven, Conn., since 1890. 
Address: New Haven, Conn. 

BROWN, George Artenins, physician; b. 
Barre, Mass., Apr. 18, 1858; .y. Dr. George and 
Catherine (Wood) B., and descendant of 
Thomas B., Concord, Mass., 1638; prep, ed'n^ 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; A.B., Yale, 
1880; M.D., Coll. of Phys. & Surg. (Colum- 
bia), 1883; m. Bethel, Conn., May 18, 1887, 
Susan E. Barnum; 4 children. Associated 
at beginning of professional career with 
father in management of pvt. sch. for the 
feeble minded, at Barre, one of the pioneer 
inst'ns of the kind in America; has held 
many town offices; del. Rep. state convs. at 
various times. Cong'list. Mem. N. E. Psy- 
chol. Soc, Assn. of Supts. of Inst'ns for 
Feeble Minded, state and co. med. socs. 
Address: Barre, Mass. 

BROWN, Georg-e Tilden, judge; b. West 
Greenwich, R. I., June 29, 1848; s. Peter T. 
and Roxalana (Potter) B. ; A.B., Brown 
Univ., Providence, R. I., 1873; LL.B., Albany 
(N. Y.) Law Sch., 1875; admitted to bar. 
1875; m. Providence, Aug. 29, 1876, Ida Re- 
- bekah Williams. Mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., 
1877-8, 1887-8, 1893-4, Senate, 1889-91; asso. 
justice R. I. Superior Court since 1905. Dem- 
ocrat. Address: Providence, R. I. 

BROWN, George W^asliington, mgr. 
United Shoe Machinery Co., Boston; b. at 
Northfield, Vt., Aug. 30, 1841; .j. Isaac Wash- 
ington and Sylvia Elvira (Partridge) B.: 
g.g.s. of Jonathan Brown, who was captured 
at burning of Royalton, Vt., 1782, and car- 
ried a captive to Montreal; ed. Northfield 
Acad., Orange Co. Grammar Sch., Randolph, 
N. H., and Newbury (Vt.) Sem.; in. May 5, 
1863, Addie E., d. Edwin F. and Eliza (May- 




nard) Perkins, of St. Albans, Vt., who died 
June, 1900. Timekeeper in machine shops, 
Vt. Central R. R., Northfield and St. Albans, 
Vt., 1859-65; mem. firm of Hyde & Brown, 
grocers, St. Albans, 1865-7; mem. firm of 
McGowan & Brown, hardware and house 
furnishings, St. Albans, 1867-9; auditor mo- 
tive power, Central Pacific R. R., Sacramen- 
to. Calif., 1869-70; established agencies for 
Wheeler & Wilson Mfg. Co., 1871-6; New 
England mgr. Wheeler & Wilson (sewing 
machine) Mfg. Co., Boston, 1876-92; mgr. 
and treas.. Consolidated Hand Method Last- 
ing Machine Co., Boston, 1892-6; mgr. and 
treas. Consolidated & McKay Lasting Ma- 
chine Co., Boston, 1896-9; mgr. and treas. 
United Shoe Machinery Co. since organiza- 
tion, 1899; dir. First Nat. Bank, Boston. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Boston Chamber of 
Commerce, Boston Merchants' Assn., N. E. 
Shoe & Leather Assn., Boston Boot & Shoe 
Club, Nat. Civic Federation (Exec. Com., 
Welfare Dept.), Sons of Vt., Bostonian Soc. 
Clubs: New Algonquin, Mass. Automobile, 
Brookline Country; Tedesco (Swampscott, 
Mass.). Address: 205 Lincoln St., Boston. 

BROWN, Harry James, lawyer; b. Went- 
worth, N. H., Mar. 2, 1873; .y. James B. and 
Eva M. (Merrill) B., and descendant of John 
B., Hampton, N. H., 1639; grad. Concord 
(N. H.) High Sch., 1891; B.S., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1895; read law in office of Leach & 
Stevens, Concord; LL.B., Law Dept., Colum- 
bian Univ., 1897, LL.M., 1899. Mem. Com- 
mon Council, Concord, 1904. Mason (32°). 
Address: 65 N. Main St., Concord, N. H. 

BROWN, Henry Basconi, machinery 
mfr. ; b. Middleborough, Mass., July 5, 
1833; ed. Wesleyan Acad., Wilbraham, 
Mass., and Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, 
Conn.; engaged in journalism, beginning 
1857 on Middlesex Republican, Middletown, 
Conn.; later in St. Louis; local editor, 1861- 
2, Hartford Evening Press; asst. editor New 
Haven Daily Palladium, 1862-3; acting asst. 
paymaster U. S. N., 1863-5; honorably dis- 
charged Oct., 1865; on editorial staff 
Boston Journal short time; since then mfr. 
Sec. Rep. State Central Com., 1869; helped 
organize Prohibition party in Conn., 1871; 
chmn. Prohibition State Central Com., 6 
yrs. following; editor and prop'r State 
Temperance Journal, 1871-4; mem. since 1866 
and later 6 yrs. grand treas. Order of Good 
Templars; candidate for state senate, 1888; 
ordained minister Advent denomination and 
one of the editors The Herald of Life, of 
Springfield, Mass.; chmn. Prohibition State 
Central Com., 1896-1903; Prohibition candi- 
date for congressman-at-large, 1904; editor 
and publisher The Christian Inquirer. Ad- 
dress: East Hampton, Conn. 

BROWN, Henry Rolf, surgeon; b. Calif., 
1865; ^. Henry Rolf and Jessie Ellen (An- 
drews) B.; M.D., Univ. City of New York, 
1889; m. San Francisco, 1891, Ida Letitia 
Kanzee. Began practice at San Francisco, 
1889; removed to Providence, R. I., 1896; sur- 
geon Woonsocket Hosp. Mem. Am. Med. 
Assn., R. I. and Providence Med. socs. Ma- 
son, K.T., Shriner. Residence: 275 Olney St. 
Office: 128 Broad St., Providence, R. I. 

BROWN, Henry W.. agt. woolen mills; b. 
Croydon, N. H., Oct. 29, 1875; s. Henry W. 
and Caroline N. (Barton) B. ; grad. Newport 

(N. H.) High Sch., 1892, Phillips Andover 
Acad., 1896, Lowell Textile Sch., 1900; m. 
Newport, June 4, 1902, Emily Richards Cof- 
fin. Clk. in bank, 1897-8; supt, 1900-7, 
woolen mill. Dexter Richards & Sons Co., 
agt. since 1907, and dir. and asst. treas., 
same; prop'r since 1907, Dudley Shoe Co.; 
clk. Newport Electric Light Co. Cong'list. 
Address: Newport, N. H. 
BROW^N, Hiram Chellis, author; b. An- 
dover, N. H., June 29, 1844; s. Simeon R. and 
Louisa J. (Judkins) B.; ed. com. sch. and 
acad. ; m. Ludlow, Vt., Dec. 26, 1867, Jennie 
L. Worthen. Author: The Historical Bases 
of Religions, Primitive, Babylonian and Jew- 
ish, 1906 TIO. Address: Tilton, N. H. 

BRO\l^N, Howard Nicholson, clergy- 
man; b. Columbia, N. Y., May 11, 1849; s. 
Rev. M. C. and Sarah A. (Nicholson) B., 
m. 1872, Inez A. Wicks, Trenton, N. Y. En- 
tered Unitarian ministry, 1872; minister 1st 
parish, Brookline, Mass., 1873-95; King's 
Chapel, Boston, since 1895. Author: Sunday 
Stories; Life of Jesus for Young People; 
Sermons in King's Chapel. Address: 295 
Beacon St., Boston. 

BROWN, J Eldred, clergyman; b. New- 
port, R. I., Jan. 4, 1861; s. James Boone and 
Mary Ann (Handy) B., and g.g.g-s. Col. 
Christopher Greene, of R. I., Revolutionary 
patriot; B.A. (salutatorian), Trinity Coll., 
Hartford, 1883, M.A., 1886; grad. Berkeley 
Divinity Sch., Middletown, Conn., 1886; m. 
Middletown, June 22, 1887, Charlotte Mudge 
Elmer, d. Judge William T. Elmer. Ordered 
deacon and ordained priest, Episcopal Ch., 
1886; prin. Jarvis Hall and curate St. John's 
Cathedral, Denver, Colo., 1886-7; curate All 
Saints' Ch., Providence, R. I., Aug.-Nov., 
1887; rector Ch. of Reconciliation, Webster, 
Mass., 1887-96, Trinity Ch., Norwich, Conn., 
since Aug., 1896. Pres. The Clericus of the 
New London Archdeaconry since its founda- 
tion, 1897; dir. and gen. mgr. Eliza Hunting- 
ton Memorial Home, Norwich, Conn., since 
1897; advisorial asst. The Conn. Churchman; 
mem. Bd. of Ed'n, Central Sch. Dist., Nor- 
wich, 1897-1902; archdeacon of New London 
since Dec. 6, 1907. Mem. Psi Upsilon, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Address: 28 Otis St., Norwich, 

BROW^N, Jacol> Frederick, wool mcht. ; 
b. Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 30, 1862; .?. Ja- 
cob Bartlett and Anna Augusta (Fitch) B.; 
grad. Brown High Sch., Newburyport; nt. 
Boston, Apr. 28, 1892, Mariette Starr Seeley. 
Office boy A. M. Howland & Co., wool mer- 
chants, 1879-83; 1884-92, business for himself 
as wool broker; connected with Brown & 
Adams, wool comm'n mchts., Boston, since 
1892; dir. Nat. Exchange Bank, 1898-9, Nat. 
Bank of the Republic since 1904, Nat. Shaw- 
mut Bank, 1908. Clubs: Algonquin, Boston 
Yacht, Eastern Yacht. Residence: 330 Dart- 
mouth St. Office: 274 Summer St., Boston. 

BROWN, James Franklin, soldier; b. N. 
Stonington, Conn., Jan. 10, 1836; s. George 
Coggeshall and Sarah Ann (Stanton) B. ; 
A.B., Yale, 1862, A.M., 1865; m. Portsmouth, 
R. I., Oct. 1, 1868, Harriet Almy Greene. 
Commd. capt., 21st Conn. Vol. Inf., 1862, 
and advanced as maj., It. -col. and col, of 
regt. to close of war; in wholesale grocery 
business. Savannah, Ga., 1865-78, since re- 
tired from active btisiness at old homestead. 





Mem. Couu. Legislature, 1886-9; mem. State 
Bd. of Agr. since 1895, sec. since 1900. Re- 
publican. Cong'list. Address: N. Stoning- 
ton, Conn. 

BROWN, James StcTvart, banker; b. at 
Worcester, Mass., Sept. 12, 1837; s. Albert 
and Mary Blair (Eaton) B., and descendant 
of John B., Salem, Mass., 1629; ed. pub. and 
high schs. of Worcester; m. Sept. 26, 1872, E. 
Fannie, d. Gardner and Fannie (Goulding) 
Childs. Conducted a house furnishing busi- 
ness in Worcester up to the time of the 
Civil War; sergt. of the Worcester Light 
Inf., which belonged to the 6th Mass. Vols, 
that marched through Baltimore in 1861; he 
was mustered out with the regt. at the ex- 
piration of 3 months' service, Aug. 2, 1861; 
adjt. 51st Mass. Vols., Nov., 1862-July, 1863; 
in Commissary Dept.,. 9th Army Corps, up 
to time of discharge, Apr. 16, 1865; mfr. 
braid and shoe laces, Worcester, 1867-71; wa- 
ter registrar of Worcester, 1871-83; treas. 
and executive head Worcester Five Cent 
Savings Bank since 1883; dir. Merchants' & 
Farmers' Fire Ins. Co. Mem. G.A.R. and 
adjt. of the Post; "Drummer Boy" or Frank 
Rutledge, in popular play of the G. A. Post, 
as annually performed in Worcester Theatre. 
Republican. Unitarian. Address: Worcester, 

BROWN, Joliii Augustus, educator and 
business man; b. Exeter, N. H., Sept. 15, 
1857; s. Sebastian Augustus and Abby Rowe 
(Hook) B.; grad. Phillips Acad., Exeter, 
1875; A.B., Harvard, 1879 (Phi Beta Kappa); 
m. Exeter, June 26, 1900, Lillian Frances 
Perkins. Pvt. tutor for pupils of Phillips 
Acad, since 1879; has conducted large ins. 
agency since 1893; sec. and treas. Exeter 
Cooperative Bank; mem. Sch. Bd., Exeter, 
1886-1907 (chmn. 7 yrs.); trustee Robinson 
Female Sem. since 1889, and of Exeter Pub. 
Library at times for 20 yrs.; mem. Bd. of 
■Selectmen, Exeter, since Mar., 1907. Mem. 
N.E.A., N. H. State Teachers' Assn., N. E. 
Assn. Math. Teachers. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Mem. K. of P., Red Men. Club: 
Harvard of N. H. Author: Handbook of 
Exeter, N. H., 1888. Residence: 33 Pine St., 
Exeter, N. H. 

BROW^N, Jolin Freeman, judge; b. at E. 
Douglas, Mass., Mar. 20, 1848; 5. Adolphus 
Frederick and Mary Eliza (Johnson) B. ; 
grad. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1868; 
A.B., Harvard, 1872; LL.B., Harvard Law 
Sch., 1874; m. Millbury, Mass., Oct. 31, 1878, 
Alice Augusta Rogerson. Has practiced in 
Boston since 1874; asst. atty.-gen. Mass.; 
1878; mem. Common Council, Boston, 1885, 
1886; mem. Mass. Ho. of Rep., 1887, 1888; 
elk.. 1888-95, asso. justice, 1895-1902, chief 
justice, 1902-6, Municipal Court of Boston; 
asso. justice Superior Court of Mass. since 
Aug. 30, 1906. Residence: Readville, Mass. 
Office: Court House, Boston. 

BROWN, Joliu HoTvaiMl, editor, author; 
b. Rhinebeck, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1840; ,c. Will- 
iam Howard and Eliarrbeth (Conklin) B. ; 
ed. Rhinebeck Acad., Ft. Edward Inst, and 
Eastman Coll. ; taught sch. ; was clerk and 
student in law office. New York; news corr., 
Washington, 1864-7; removed South, edited 
a newspaper and engaged in real estate 
business, Augusta, Ga. ; m. 1872, Jeannie 
Hamilton, d. J. C. Derby, New York pub- 

lisher. Removed to New York, 1872; en- 
gaged in editing and publishing subscrip- 
tion books. Mem. Soc. Am. Authors; Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Soc. Science; Am. Social 
Science Assn. Planned and passed through 
the press. Around 'the World with General 
Grant (2 vols.), 1879-80. Editor: (6 vols.) 
Nat. Cyclopedia Am. Biography, 1890-5; 
Lamb's Biographical Dictionary of the 
United States (7 vols.), 1897-1903 (names 
changed by publishers to Notable Ameri- 
cans, 10 vols.), 1903, and to American Bio- 
graphical Dictionary, 1906; Lamb's Series of 
Industrial Histories of the United States, 
Lamb's Cotton Industries of the United 
States, 2 vols., 1907-8. Author: American 
Naval Heroes, 1899. Address: 50 Delaware St., 
Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 

BROWN, Kate Louise (Miss), teacher, 
author; b. Adams, Mass., May 9, 1857; d. 
Edgar M. and Mary T. B.; ed. Reading 
high sch., Bridgewater, Mass., Normal Sch., 
Kindergarten Training Class of -Miss Anne 
Page. Teacher in Reading, Wakefield and 
Milton, Mass., until 1896; since then in Bos- 
ton. Contb'r to mags, and juvenile publ'ns; 
has written many children's songs, music 
for kindergarten marching plays, etc. Club: 
Boston Authors. Author: Little People, 1886 
L9; Interstate Second Reader, 1889; S+xjries 
in Song (with Elizabeth U. Emerson), 1890 
D2; The Plant Baby and Its Friends, 1897 
S6; Alice and Tom, 1899 H2; Second and 
Third Readers, Heath Series. Address 163 
Mass. Av., Boston. 

BROW^N, Laura Auianda, artist; b. Lit- 
tleton, Mass., Feb. 17, 1852; d. James Madi- 
son and Amanda Melvina (Pingrey) B., and 
descended from Colonial ancestry; studied 
water color at Lowell Sch. of Design, Bos- 
ton, oils under J. J. Enneking, china paint- 
ing under Jarvie Nagle, tapestry painting 
under Henry E. Root. Began painting in 
Central City, Colo., 1884. Has written many 
poems and short stories for papers and mags. 
Baptist. Residence: Still River, Mass. Studio: 
W. Acton, Mass. 

BROWN, Leonard Boardman, editor, 
lawyer; b. Stark, Me., Feb. 25, 1844; s. John 
G. and Mary B. (Remick) B.; ed. N. Anson 
Acad., Farmington Acad., Norwich (Vt.) 
Univ.; m. Mercer, Me., Oct. 30, 1863, Nettie 
A. Higgins. Editor Maine Standard, Au- 
gusta, Me., 1868-73, Concord (N. H.) Patriot,- 
1874-83; admitted to bar, 1866; elk. Boston i 
Custom House, 1886-9; has practiced at 
Farmington since 1897. Democrat. Address: 
Farmington, Me. 

BROWN, Lucius, lawyer: b. at Griswold, 
Conn., May 5, 1846; .y. Daniel and Mary 
(Stanton) B.; prep, ed'n. Providence High 
Sch.; Ph.B., Brown Univ., 1866: LL.B., Al- 
bany Law Sch., 1868; m. Windham, Conn., 
June 11, 1878, Hannah M. Larrabee. Mem. 
law firm of Brown & Perkins since 1878; 
judge of City Court of Norwich since 1S94;- 
v.-p. Norwich Savings Soc; mem. Conn. 
Senate, 1872, 1877, 1878, 1897. Republican. 
Baptist. Address: Norwich, Conn. 

BROWN. Maurice Fritcliley, civ. eng'r; 
b. New York, May 21, 1873; .t. Richard and 
Thalia F. (Newton) B. ; B.S., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1897, C.E., Thayer Sch. of Civ. Engi- 
neering, Dartmouth, 1898; f;;. Milford, N. H., 
Sept. 16, 1903, Ethlyn F. Barber. Eng'r 




Boston Bridge Works, 1889-92, 1894-5, 1898- 
1900, chief eng'r since 1900. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Civ. Bng'rs, Am. Ry. Eng'ring and Mainte- 
nance of Way Assn. Residence: Wincliester, 
Mass. Office: 4.1 Winter St., Boston. 

BROWN, Natlian ClifEoril, ornitliologist; 
b. Portland, Me., Oct. 13, 1856; s. Pliilip 
Henry and Fanny (Clifford) B. ; prep, ed'n, 
pvt. schs., Portland; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 
1883; m. 1st, Paris, France, June 25, 1887, 
Florence Cornelia Pell; m. 2d, New York, 
Oct. 8, 1898, Susanne' Cutler Rice. Has 
made extensive studies on distribution and 
habits of N. A. birds, having prepared near- 
ly 5,000 specimens. Republican. . Fellow 
Am. Ornithol. Union; mem. Portland Soc. 
Natural History, Me. Geneal. Soc, Me. Or- 
nithol. Soc. (honorary), Nuttall Ornithol. 
Club, Cambridge (corr. mem.). Contb'r to 
The Auk, Bird-Lore, Outing, Lippincott's 
'Mag., The Independent, N. Y. Evening Post, 
etc. Dir. P. A. & J. M. Brown Co. Address: 
218 Middle St., Portland, Me. 

BROWN, Nelson P., lawyer; b. Cambridge, 
Mass., May 13, 1878; s. George Addison and 
Flora Eugenia (Pierce) B. ; grad. Everett 
High Sch,, 1895; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1899; 
LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1904; m. Hanover, 
N. H., June 11, 1903, Margaret Tucker, 2d 
daughter of Pres. W. J. Tucker, of Dart- 
mouth Coll. Admitted to bar, 1903, and has 
since practiced at Boston; mem. law firm of 
George A. & Nelson P. Brown; mem. corp'n 
Everett Savings Bank; dir. J. G. Blount Co.; 
pres. Everett Bd. of Trade, 1907; candidate 
for dist. atty., Middlesex Co., 1907; city so- 
licitor, Everett, 1908-9. Republican. Con- 
g'list. Mem. Am. Econ. Assn. Mason. Club: 
Middlesex. Residence: 186 Linden St., Ever- 
ett, Mass. Office: Everett, and 34 School St., 

BROWN, Orland J., physician, surgeon; b. 
Whitingham, Vt., Feb. 2, 1848; .y. Harvey and 
Lucina (Fuller) B. ; ed. pub. schs., Vt., and 
Powers Inst., Bernardston, Mass.; student 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., New York, Rush 
Med. Coll., Chicago; M.D., Med. Coll. Univ. 
of Vt., 1870; last marriage, N. Adams, Mass., 
Dec. 16, 1884, Alice T. -Stowell. Practicing 
physician since 1870; asst. surg. and surg. 
2d Regt., Mass. Vol. Militia, 1878-89, retiring 
as It.-col.; mem. Mass. Legislature, 1st 
Berkshire Dist., 1889; health officer N. Ad- 
ams many yrs. Republican. Universalist; 
supt. S. S. 26 yrs., now church deacon. Mem. 
Mass. State Med. Soc, Med. Assn. of North- 
ern Berkshire, Am. Med. Assn., Assn. Mili- 
tary Surgeons of U. S., etc. Mason. Address: 
N. Adams, Mass. 

BROWN, Ora Aldeii, mcht. ; b. Bridge- 
water, N. H., Mar. 4, 1864; .y. Horace and 
Mary Augusta (Fletcher) B. ; ed. Ashland 
(N. H.) pub. schs. and Bryant & Stratton 
Commercial Sch., Boston; m. Ashland, N. 
H., June 1, 1893, Sarah Addie Cheney. Clk. 
in gen. store in Ashland, 1882; began retail 
gen. store business under firm name of 
Hughes & Brown, 1889, becoming O. A. 
Brown, Oct. 1, 1906; dir., gen. mgr. and 
treas. Asquam Transportation Co. ; dir. 
White Mountain Telephone and Telegraph 
Co.; trustee Ashland Savings Bank. Town 
elk., 1888-1900, town treas. since 1890; treas. 
Grafton Co., N. H., 1903-9; comm'r Grafton 
Co., N. H.; pres. Ashland Bd. of Trade. 
Mason, Granger. Address: Ashland, N. H. 

BROWN, Pliilip Greoly, bankirfg and real 
estate; b. Portland, Me., June 24, 1855; .y. 
Philip Henry and Fanny (Clifford) B. ; A.B., 
Bowdoin €oll., 1877, A.M., 1880. Entered 
banking business at Portland, 1877; treas. 
and dir. J. B. Brown & Sons, P. H. & J. M. 
Brown Co., Portland Savings Bank; pres. 
Atwood Lead Co. ; dir. Atlantic & St. Law- 
rence R. R., First Nat. Bank, Portland, In- 
ternat. Telegraph Co. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Mem. Me. Hist. Soc, Biblio- 
phile Soc, Prince Soc. (Boston), Elks, Soc. 
Colonial Wars, S.A.R., Soc. of Mayflower 
Descendants of the State of Me. Clubs: Cal- 
umet (New York) ; Cumberland, Country, 
Athletic, Yacht (Portland). Residence: 85 
Vaughan St. Office: 218 Middle St., Portland, 

BROWN, Pliilip Marshall, diplomat; b. 
Hampden, Me., July 31, 1875; s. David Wil- 
bur and Clara Herrick (Hill) B. ; grad. Wo- 
burn High Sch., 1894; B.A., Williams Coll., 
1898. Pvt. sec. to Hon. Lloyd C. Griscom, 
charge d' affaires, Am. legation, Constanti- 
nople, 1900-1; 2d sec. Constantinople, 1901-3; 
sec. legation to Guatemala and Honduras 
and several times charge d' affaires, 1903-7; 
sec. of Embassy, Constantinople, since July 
20, 1907, charge d' affaires ad interim, Oct. 10, 
1907-Feb. 1, 1908. Cong'list. Mem. Am. Soc 
Internat. Law, Kappa Alpha (Williams, 
1898). Clubs: Boston City; Cercle d' Orient 
(Constantinople). Home: Boston City Club, 
Boston. Address: Am. Embassy, Constanti- 
nople, Turkey. 

BROi;VN, Plumb, physician; b. Norfolk, 
Conn., Nov. 15, 1868; .y. Plumb, Sr., and 
Olive E. (Crissey) B., and descendant of 
Richard B., the immigrant, 1643, and Peter 
Brown of the Mayflower; prep, ed'n, Great 
Barrington High Sch., Mass.; studied medi- 
cine, Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., and Hahne- 
mann Med. Coll. and Hosp., Chicago; m. 
Norfolk, Conn., Oct. 26, 1892, Rebecca Aiken 
Bassett. Began practice at Norfolk, Conn., 
1892, later removing to .Springfield, Mass.; 
visiting physician, Hampden Homoe. Hosp. 
Cong'list. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoe., Conn., 
Mass. State and Western Mass. Homoe. Med, 
socs., Allen Materia Medica Club, of Spring- 
field. Address: 503 State St., Springfield, 

BROWN, Ralph. Henry, civil and mech. 
eng'r; b. Canfield, O., Aug. 1, 1860; s. Rich- 
ard and Thalia F. (Newton) B. ; grad. Thay- 
er Sch. of Civ. Eng'ring, Dartmouth Coll., 
Hanover, N. H., 1885; m. Brockton, Mass., 
Aug. 21, 1889, Ella Gardner. Chief eng'r 
Boston Bridge Works, 1890-1900; chief eng'r 
Eastern Bridge & Structural Co., Worcester, 
Mass., since 1900. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil 
Eng'rs. Residence: 178 Lincoln St. Office: 88 
Crescent St., Worcester, Mass. 

BROWN, Robert, architect; b. Edinburgh, 
Scotland, Nov. 24, 1845; .y. Robert and Mar- 
garet (Kellock) B. ; ed. Free Church Normal 
Sem., Glasgow, high sch., and Gov't Sch. 
of Art, 1850-60; student Mechanics' Inst'n; 
studied architecture under Angus Kennedy, 
Glasgow, and asst. in various architects' of- 
fices, Great Britain and Ireland; arrived in 
America, 1876; m. 1st, Miss H. V. Daly (now 
deceased); m. 2d, New York, Nov. 10, 1906, 
Mary E. Stuart. Began work in America at 
St. John, N. B., 1877; employed in ry. oflace 
at Pittsburg, Pa., 1879; asst. in office of 




Sturgis & Brigham, Boston, 1880-3; entered 
designing dept. of A. H. Davenport, 1883, 
continuing until July, 1908; now practicing 
architectural work and allied decorative 
arts; lectures on Scotch and English archi- 
tecture and on the Garden City Movement; 
has contributed many articles on art and 
architecture to mags. ; has exhibited at Bos- 
ton Art Club (water colors) for 20 yrs. Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Copley Soc, Sou. of Arts 
and Crafts, Wood Workers' Guild, Scots 
Charitable Soc. of Boston, Garden City Assn. 
of England; asso. mem. Boston Soc. Archi- 
tects. Club: Boston Art. Residence: Wash- 
ington Av., Winthrop, Mass. Oifice: 2A Park 
St., Boston. 

BROWN, Robert Elliott, clergyman; b. 
Middleville, Ont., Can., Dec. 17, 1873; ^. Rev. 
Robert and Anna H. (Unsworth) B. ; ed. 
Can. pub. schs., 1878-88, pub. schs, of State 
of Wash., 1888-9, Tacoma Business Coll., 
1889-93, Oberlin (O.) Acad., 1895-7, Oberlin 
Coll., 1897-1901, A.B., 1901; Yale, 1901-4, B.D., 
1904; m. Chicago, June 23, 1904, Mabel A. 
Millikan. Ordained Cong'l minister, 1904; 
pastor Pilgrim Cong'l Ch., New Haven, 
since 1904. Mem. Pastors' Union, New Ha- 
ven (sec), Book and Bond (coll. fraternity). 
Alumni Assn. Yale Divinity Sch. (sec). 
Address: 303 Lexington Av., New Haven, 

BRO\¥]V, Robert Marshall, teacher; b. at 
Fisherville, Mass., Mar. 11, 1870; s. George 
Roberts and Emily (Waters) B.; A. B., Brown 
Univ., 1893; grad. student Harvard, 1900-2, 
A.M., 1902; m. Florence, Mass., Sept. 5, 1905, 
Fannie L. Plimpton. Instr. sciences, high 
sch., Portsmouth, N. H., 1894-8, prin. same, 
1898-1900; asst. in geology. Harvard, 1901-2; 
instr. sciences and mathematics, high sch.. 
New Bedford, Mass., 1902-4; instr. geography, 
Mass. State Normal 'Sch., Worcester, sinca 
1904; lecturer in geography, Univ. of N. C, 
summer session, 1903; instr. in geography, 
Martha's Vineyard Summer Inst., 1904. Au- 
thor various articles in geog. jours. Mem. 
A.A.A.S. Address: 24 Windsor St., Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

BROWN, Robert P., mcht. ; h. Providence. 
R. I., June 14, 1850; s. William Whipple and 
Maria (Perkins) B.; prep, ed'n. Providence 
Classical High Sch.; A.B., Brown Univ., 1871 
(Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1874; m. Providence, 
June 10, 1897, Elizabeth G. Ray, of E. Provi- 
dence. Began active career with Angell & 
Lansing, lumber dealers, 1871; with Provi- 
dence & New York .Steam Ship Co., 1872-8; 
with C. H. Carpenter, lumber, 1878-9; with 
Kendall Mfg. Co., soaps, since June, 1879; 
incorporator and treas. R. I. Warehouse Co.; 
dir. Clinton Realty Co., New York; dir. Pu- 
ritan Life Ins. Co. ; treas. Brown Alumni 
Magazine Co.; mem. City Council, Provi- 
dence, 1 yr. ; aide on staff of Gov. Garvin 2 
yrs. (chief aide 1 yr.); pres. Municipal 
League of Providence. Republican. Unita- 
rian. Mem. Am. Civic Assn., R. I. Hist. 
Soc. (treas.), Providence Chapter S.A.R. 
(pres.), Mayflower Soc, Beta Chapter Delta 
Phi, Sch. of Design (Providence). Mem, 
A. E. Club, Art Club; also Brown Univ. 
Club (New York); Wannamoisett Country. 
Residence: 13 Charles Field St. OfRce: Ken- 
dall Mfg. Co., Providence, R. I. 

BROWN, Rnfas Everson, lawyer; b. at 
Dickinson, N. Y., Dec. 3, 1854; s. John T. 

and Margaret Brown; ed. Lawrenceville (N, 
Y.)Acad. ; grad. Amsterdam (N. Y.) Acad., 
1876; taught sch. several yrs.; studied law 
with Wales & Taft, Burlington, Vt. ; m. Will- 
iston, Vt., Sept. 2, 1877, Delia F. Wood. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1880; engaged in agr. till 1891, 
when be opened an office in Burlington; in 
active practice since. Republican; elected 
state's atty., 1894; reelected, 1896, 1898; elect- 
ed state senator, 1900; city atty'., 1902, 1903. 
Address: 203 Main St., Burlington, Vt. 

BROWN, Rutb Mowry (Mrs.), writer; &, 
Providence, R. I., June 16, 1867; d. William 
Augustus and Caroline E. (Aldrich) Mowry; 
ed. Fielding and Chase (pvt.) Sch., Provi- 
dence, and at Providence and Boston high 
schs. ; m. Boston, 1889, Edward Waters 
Brown. Contb'r to Congregationalist, 
Child's Hour, and to several children's 
papers. Author: The Bible in Lessons and 
Story, 1899 E9; Corner Stones of America, 
12. Address: 17 Riverside Sq., Hyde Park, 

BROW^N, Samuel Newell, mcht. and 
mfr. ; b. Boston, Apr. 23, 1827; s. Samuel 
Newell and Lydia B.; grad. English Higb 
Sch., Boston (Franklin silver medal), 1843; 
m. Marblehead, Mass., Oct. 7, 1856, Ruth C. 
Haskell. Identified since 1843 with E. and T. 
Fairbanks and Co., mfrs. of scales, etc. (es- 
tablished, 1830, inc., 1874); now pres. E. and 
T. Fairbanks and Co., and v. -p. and dir. 
The Fairbanks Co.; dir. Metropolitan Stor- 
age Warehouse Co., St. Mary's Canal, Min. 
& Land Co., and St. Mary-s Mineral Land 
Co., Pacific Copper Co.; dir. and v. -p. North 
Nat. Bank, 1884-98; pres. and dir. Miles 
Alarm Till Mfg. Co., 1868-92; dir. Cambridge 
Field Co., 1889-1905; justice of the peace. 
Republican. Baptist; trustee Boston Bapt. 
Social Union. Clubs: Algonquin, Athletic, 
Country, Swampscott, Exchange, Eastern 
Yacht, Tedesco, Art. Residence: 119 Com- 
monwealth Av. Oifice: 42 Pearl St., Boston. 

BROWN, Theodore Parker, inventor and 
mfr. Simplex Piano Player; h. Maiden, Mass., 
Oct. 2, 1860; s. Aaron and Ellen M. (Rad- 
cliffe) B., and descendant of James B., who 
came from Scotland to Dunstable, Mass., 
and married Hannah Blanchard, g.d. Thom- 
as Blanchard, Braintree, Mass., 1639; ed. in 
Lisbon, N. H. ; m. Jan. 13, 1881, Alice J., d. 
Horace and Ann M. (Inman) Daniels, of 
Paxton, Mass. At 13 came to Worcester, 
Mass., and worked in shoe factory of Joseph 
H. Walker, 1873-82; started in business for 
himself in 1883 as mfr. of pianos; during yrs. 
1894-9 he perfected his Simplex Piano Play- 
er; began in 1899 mfg. his piano player on a 
large scale. Mem. City Council, 1892-3 (pres., 
1893). Mason (32°). Club: Commonwealth 
(pres.). Residence: 12 Regent St. Ofhce: 10 
Blackstone St., Worcester, Mass. 

BROTVN, Theron, editor, author; h. Wil- 
limantic. Conn., April 29, 1832; s. Eliphalel 
and Ermina (Preston) B. ; ed. Suffield, 
Conn., Lit. Inst., Yale Coll. and Hartford 
Theol. Sem. ; ordained to Bapt. ministry; 
was 10 yrs. in pastorates at S. Framing- 
ham and Canton, INIass. Since 1870 has been 
one of editors of Youth's Companion; m. 
Willington, Conn., Nov. 30, 1S59, Helen M. 
Preston. Author: The Red Shanty Series, 
1875-80 01; The Blount Family, 1876 L9; 
Walter Neil's Example, 1876 L9; Stories for 




Sunday, 1877 A14; Life Songs (poems), 1894 
L3; Nameless Women of the Bible, 1904 A14; 
The Story of the Hymns and Tunes, 1907 
A14. Residence: Newtonville, Mass. Office'. 
201 Columbus Av., Boston. 
BROWN, T(Iioinas) EdTviii, clergyman; 
b. Washington, D. C, Sept. 26, 1841; s. Elea- 
zer and Margaret Cole (Coote) B. ; student 
Columbian Coll., Washington, 1857-61, A.B., 
1861, A.M., 1862; (D.D., Univ. of Rochester, 
1875); m. Brooklyn, Apr. 19, 1864, Elisabeth 
Campbell Samson. Tutor in Latin and 
Greek, Columbian Coll., 1861-2; ordained 
Bapt. minister, 1862; pastor Tabernacle Bapt. 
Ch., Brooklyn, 1862-9, Second Bapt. Ch., 
Rochester, N. Y., 1869-82, First Bapt. Ch., 
Providence, R. I., 1882-90, Memorial Bapt. 
Ch., Phila., 1890-6, First Bapt. Ch., Franklin, 
Pa., 1896-1902, First Bapt. Ch., New Britain, 
Conn., since Apr., 1904. Mem. Am. Econom- 
ic Assn., Religious Ed'n Assn., Alpha Delta 
Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. Address: 31 High St., 
New Britain, Conn. 

BROWN, Thomas H., lawyer; mem. Dem. 
Nat. Com., 1908-12. Address: Rutland, Vt, 

BROWN, TV. Robinson, mfr. ; b. Portland, 
Me., 1875; 5. William W. and Emily Hart 
(Jenkins) B. ; grad. Phillips Andover Acad., 
1893; B.A., Williams Coll., 1897. Dir. and 
mgr. Woods Dept., Berlin Mills Co., mfrs. 
newspaper, sulphite fiber and lumber, and of 
Burgess Sulphite Fiber Co., both of Port- 
land, and The Quebec & St. Maurice Indus- 
trial Co., Quebec, P. Q. ; pres. Brown Me- 
morial Library, Clinton, Mass. Mem. Kappa 
Alpha (Williams Coll.). Address: Berlin, 
N. H. 

BROWN, William, clergyman; b. Concord, 
Mass., Sept. 10, 1838; s. James Potter and 
Susan (Baker) B.; ed. pub. schs.. Concord, 
until 17; prep, ed'n. Hunt's Acad., N. Bridge- 
water (now Brockton), Mass., 1 yr. ; A.B., 
Amherst Coll., 1860; grad. Harvard Divinity 
Sch., 1863; m. Taunton, Mass., June 15, 1865, 
Salome Stephens Williams. Ordained Uni- 
tarian minister, 1863; pastor, Sherborn, 
Mass., 1863-72, Walpole, N. H., 1873-83, W. 
Bridgewater, Mass., 1883-8, Tyngsboro, Mass., 
1890-1902, retired since 1902. Served 20 yrs. 
on sch. coms. in various places; now chmn. 
Library Trustees, Tyngsboro, Mass. Address: 
Tyngsboro, Mass. 

BROWN, William Garrott, author; b. 
Marion, Ala., Apr. 24, 1868; s. Wilson Rich- 
ard and Mary Cogswell (Parish) B. ; grad. 
Howard Coll. (Ala.), 1886, Instr. Marion 
Mil. Inst. (Ala.), 2 yrs.; entered Harvard 
as junior, 1889, to study history; A. B., 
Harvard, 1891, (highest honors in history) ; 
A. M., Harvard, 1892. Pres. Harvard Dem. 
Club, 1892, stumping Mass. for Cleveland; 
active in Dem. party, serving on various 
coms. until 1896: then went into Gold Dem. 
movement and on State com. Asst. Har- 
vard Library, 1892-1900; lecturer on Am. 
history, 1901-2. Author: Official Guide to 
Harvard Univ., 1899; A History of Ala- 
bama, 1900; Andrew Jackson, 1900 H5; 
Stephen Arnold Douglas, 1902 H5; The Low- 
er South in American History, 1902 Ml; 
Golf, 1902 H5; A Gentleman of the South, 
1903 Ml? The Foe of Compromise, and Other 
Essays, 1903 Ml; Life of Oliver Ellsworth, 
1905 Ml; contb'r to Atlantic Monthly, Am, 

Hist. Review, N. Am. Review, Youth's Com- 
panion, etc. Address: Colonial Club, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. ■ 
BROWN, William Judson, lawyer; A.B., 
Brown Univ., 1893; LL.B., Boston Univ., 1895; 
admitted to bar, 1895, and has since practiced 
at Providence. Address: 336 Butler Ex- 
change, Providence, 

BROWN, W^illiam M., ry. official; b. Bath, 
Me., Sept. 30, 1859; .y. Arthur and Martha J. 
B.; grad. Bath High -Sch., 1877; M.S., Bow- 
doin Coll., 1881. Clk. Bangor & Piscataqua 
R. R., 1884-92, Bangor & Aroostook R. R., 
1892-5; asst. supt., 1895-8, supt., 1898-1095, 
gen. supt. since Jan. 25, 1905, Bangor & 
Aroostook R. R. Republican. Clubs: Ma- 
dockawando, Tarratine, Address: Bangor, 

BROW^N, William Maxwell, civil eng'r; 
b. Warwick, R. I., 1853; s. William M. and 
Susan A. (Clapp) B. ; Ph.B., Brown Univ., 
1873; m. Boston, 1884, Mrs. Julia Ida Daniels. 
Asst. eng'r, Mass. State Bd. of Health, 1884- 
1886; chief eng'r, Mass. Met. Sewerage Com- 
mission, 1894-1901; chief eng'r sewerage 
work, Mass. Met. Water and Sewerage Bd., 
since 1901; mem. Chelsea (Mass.) Sch. Bd., 
1899-1901. Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Bng'rs, Bos- 
ton Soc. Civ. Eng'rs (dir., 1901-3). Author 
of reports relating to met. sewerage works. 
Republican. Address: 1 Ashburton PI., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

BROWNE, Abel Parkei-, wholesale coal 
dealer; b. Salem, Mass., July 27, 1835; s. 
Parker and Lydia Waters (Richardson) B.; 
ed, Salem pub. schs.; m. 1st, Maiden, Mass., 
Dec. 2, 1868, Sarah S. Putnam (now de- 
ceased) ; m. 2d, Boston, June 1, 1882, Rebecca 
Morrison (now deceased). Followed sea- 
faring life, 1850-3; accountant in various of- 
fices, 1853-71; mem. firm of F. H. Odiorne & 
Co., wholesale coal, since 1871; dir. Ex- 
change Trust Co. ; treas. and dir. Plymouth 
Gas Light Co., Exeter Gas Light Co.; served 
in 40th Mass. Vols., adj. to maj., Civil War; 
maj., Mass. Vol. Militia; It.-col., 2d Corps 
Cadets. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Handel and Haydn Soc, "Cecilia," Apollo 
Club, Loyal Legion, G.A.R., Post No. 113. 
Club: St. Botolph (Boston). Residence: Mai- 
den, Mass. Office: 141 Milk St., Boston. 

BROWNE, Alexander Porter, lawyer; b. 
Washington, D. C, June 11, 1853; 5. Causten 
and Katherine Eveleth (Maynadier) B. ; ed. 
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H., 1865-9, E. S. 
Dixwell's Sch., Boston, 1869-70; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1874; LL.B., Harvard Law Sch., 1876; 
m. Newcastle, N. H., Aug. 2, 1902, Ella 
Louise Dinsmore (now deceased). Practiced 
in Boston since 1876, being associated with 
father in practice more than 30 yrs., until 
his retirement; specializes in patent, trade- 
mark and copyright cases; acted as Am. 
legal representative in America for Gilbert 
& Sullivan, R. D'Oyley Carte, Matthew Ar- 
nold and others; also has acted as counsel 
for Nat. Music Pub. Assn., Nat. Assn. of 
Directory Pubs., etc.; standing master in 
chancery, U. S. Circuit Court for 1st Circuit, 
since 1898; ex-pres. Stone Telegraph & Tele- 
phone Co. Formerly active worker in Dem. 
party and candidate for state senator; now 
independent in politics. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Boston Bar Assn., Soc. Wireless Telegraph 
Eng'rs, Club: St. Botolph. Residence: 15 




Babcock St., Brookline, Mass. Office: 60 Con- 
gress St., Boston. 
BROWNE, Causteii, lawyer, author; b. 
Washington, Oct. 9, 1828; ed. Columbian 
Univ., Washington; M. A., Trinity Coll., 
1856; practices law in Boston. Author: 
Treatise on the Construction of the Statue 
of Frauds. Residence: 434 Marlborough St. 
Office: 31 State St., Boston. 

BROWNE, George Waldo C'Victor St. 
Clair"), author; b. Deerfield, N. H., Oct.. 
8, 1851; s. John C. and Martha L. B. ; 
ed. Deerfield High School; v,i. Townsend, 
Mass., Jan. 8, 1891, Nellie M, Barber. Was 
editor of the American Young Folks 5 yrs. ; 
also lecturer and pub. speaker. Author: A 
Daughter of Maryland, 1895 S28; The Wood- 
ranger, 1899 P3; The Young Gunbearer, 1900 
P3; The Hero of the Hills, 1901 P3; Two 
American Boys in Hawaii, 1899 E3; Para- 
dise of the Pacific, 1900 E3; Pearl of the 
Orient, 1900 E3; The Far East and the New 
America, 1900-1 E3; Records of Tyng Town- 
ship, 1901 XI; Life of Hon. Samuel Blodget, 
1901 XI; Japan— the Place and the People, 
1904 E3; Norman Howard Bartlett, 1904 XI; 
The St. Lawrence River— Historical, Legen- 
dary, Picturesque, 1905 P2; With Rogers' 
Rangers (in Woodranger series), 1905 P3. 
Also under pseudonym, "Victor St. Clair," 
For Home and Honor, 1902 S28; From Switch 
to Lever, 1902 S28; Zip, the Acrobat, 1902 
S28; Cast Away in the Jungle, 1902 S28; 
Post-Boy of the Kanawha, 1902 S28; The 
Boy Magician, S28; Comrades Under Castro. 
1903 S28; Blue Water Rovers; Forge and 
Furnace, 1903 S22; Break o' Day Boys, 1903 
S22; With Axe and Flintlock, 1907. Con- 
tb'r of serials and short stories to juvenile 
and lit. mags. Compiled and edited Early 
Records of Manchester, N. H. (4 vols.), 
1905-7 XI; editor Granite State Mag. Address: 
Manchester, N. H. 

BROWNE, Herbert W. C, architect; 
mem. firm Little & Browne. Address: 70 
Kilby St., Boston. 

BROWNE, Joliii D., ins. pres. ; b. Plain- 
field, Conn., 1836; ed. pub. schs. Sp'l agt. 
and sec, 1870-80, Hartford Fire Ins. Co.; 
pres. Conn. Fire Ins. Co. since 1880. Address: 
Hartford, Conn. 

BROWNE, Nina Eliza, librarian; b. Erv- 
ing, Mass., Oct. 6, 1860; d. Charles Theodore 
and Nancy Smith (Chapman) B. ; A. B., 
Smith Coll., 1882, A. M., 1885, post-grad, 
course, 1882-3; grad. Columbia Coll. -Li- 
brary Sch., 1889; B. L. S., Univ. State of 
N. Y., 1891. Asst. Columbia Coll. Library, 
1888-9, N. Y. State Library, 1889-92; li- 
brarian. Library Bureau, Boston, 1893-6; 
asst. sec, 1896-1900, sec since 1901, publish- 
ing b'd Am. Library Assn. ; registrar Am. 
Library Assn., since 1889; mem. Assn. Col- 
legiate Alumnae. Clubs: 20th Century, Col- 
lege. Compiler: Bibliography of Hawthorne, 
1905 H5. Editor: Catalog of Officers, Grad- 
uates and Nongraduates of Smith Coll., 
1875-1905, 1906; (joint editor), A. L. A. Index 
to Portraits, 1906. Address: 34 Newbury St., 
BRO\¥NE, T(liomas) Q^tiincy, mcht.; A. 
B., Harvard Univ., 1888. Mem. firm R. B. 
Storer & Co. ; treas. Concord School Co. ; 
dir. Boston & Chelsea R. R. Co., China 

Mut. Ins. Co. Vice-consul of Russia at Bos- 
ton. Residence: 212 Common-wealth Av. Office: 
27 Kilby St., Boston. 
BROWNELL,, Cliauncey Wells, lawyer; 
b. Williston, Vt., Oct. 7, 1847; s. Chauncey 
Wells and Laura (Higbee) B. ; A.B., Univ. 
of Vt., 1870, A.M., 1873; LL.B., Albany Law 
Sch., 1873; m. Elva M. Brigham, of West- 
ford, Vt., Oct. 12, 1875. Practiced law at 
Burlington, Vt., since 1873; state's atty., 
Chittenden Co., 2 yrs.; asst. sec, 1874-80, 
sec, 1880-90, Vt. Senate; sec. of state, Vt., 
1890-4. Republican. /3dc/r^.y^; Burlington, Vt. 

BROWNELIi, Ernest Henry, civil engi- 
neer, U.S.N. ; b. Bristol, R. I., Sept. 19, 1867; 
.?. Charles De Wolf and Henrietta Knowlton 
(Angell) B.; grad. Bristol High Sch., 1884; 
A.B., Brown Univ., 1888; S.B., Mass. Inst. 
Tech., 1890; m. Providence, R. I., Feb. 10, 
1891, Annie May Angell. Engaged in civ. 
eng'ring work with U. S. eng'rs and in work 
at Inst, of Tech., 1890-2; instr. in civil engi- 
neering. Brown Univ., 1892-4; with Samuel 
M. Gray, Providence, U. S. Army eng'rs and 
in pvt. practice, 1894-1902; comm'd civ. eng'r, 
U.S.N., Oct. 24, 1902; served as asst. at 
Portsmouth (N. H.) Navy Yard, and New 
York Navy Yard; now head Dept. of Yards 
and Docks, Naval Sta., Cavite, P. I. (rank 
of It.). Mem. Am. Soc Civ. Eng'rs. Clubs: 
Bristol Yacht; University (Providence). 
Home: Bristol, R. I. Office: Naval Station, 
Cavite, R. I. 
BROWNING, Pliilip Embnry, educator, 
chemist; b. Rhinebeck, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1866; 
s. William Garretson and Susanna Rebecca 
(Webb) B. ; attended Adelphi Acad., Brook- 
lyn, Grammar Sch., No. 64, Fordham, New 
York; prep, ed'n, Poughkeepsie and Rhine- 
beck, N. Y. ; grad. Eastman Business Coll., 
Poughkeepsie, 1885, Yale Coll., A. B., 1889, 
and Ph. D. after graduate work, 1892; stu- 
dent under Prof. Gerhard Kriiss, Munich, 
1893-4; m. New Haven, Conn., Dec 12, 1899, 
Elizabeth Sophia Bradley. Asst. in chem- 
istry, 1889-93, instr. in chemistry, 1894-8, 
asst. prof, chemistry since Sept., 1898, Yale 
Univ. Mem. New Haven city council, 1900- 
2, New Haven bd. park comm'rs, 1901-2. 
Fellow A. A. A. S. ; mem. German and Am. 
Chem. socs. ; pres. Yale chapter Soc. of the 
Sigma Xi, 1903-4. Congregationalist. Repub- 
lican. Club: Graduates. Author: Notes on. 
Qualitative Analysis (with Prof. F. A. 
Gooch), 1898 XI; An Introduction to the 
Rarer Elements, 1903 W9; Outlines of Qual- 
itative Chemical Analysis (with Prof. F. A. 
Gooch), 1906 W9; also papers on analyt. sub- 
jects to tech. jours. Residence: 23 Edgehill 
Rd. Office: Kent Chemical Laboratory, New 
Haven, Conn. 

BROWNRIGG. Albert Edward, physi- 
cian; b. Pictou, N. S., Sept. 28, 1872; .?. Wil- 
liam and Lydia (Gary) B.; ed. Pictou Acad, 
and Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, N. S.; M.D., 
Baltimore Med. Coll., 1877; post-grad, study, 
New York Polyclinic, 1897, Harvard Med. 
Sch., 1898; m. Boston, 1901, Mrs. Amelia P. 
Brownrigg. Began practice in Boston, 1897; 
asst. physician N. H. State Hosp., Concord, 
N. H., 1898-1901; med. supt. Highland Spring 
Sanitarium Co. since 1901. Republican. 
Methodist. Mem. N. H. State Med. Soc, 
Mass. State Med. Assn., Am. Med. Assn., 
Am. Medico-Psychol. Assn., N. E. Psychol. 




Assn., Boston Soc. of Neurology and Psy- 
chiatry, etc. Odd Fellow. Address: Nashua, 
New Hampshire. 

BROWNSON, William Henry, educator; 
b. Norridgewock, Me., Nov. 5, 1854; s. Squire 
S. and Cornelia A. (Chapman) B.; A.B., 
Colby Coll., Waterville, Me., 1877 (A.M., 
1906); m. Portland, 1887, Annie L. -Scott. 
City editor Portland Daily Advertiser, 1878- 
1905; supt. schs., Portland, since June, 1905; 
pres. of Trustees, Me. Sch. for Deaf; mem. 
Portland Sch. Bd., 1892-1905. Ornithologist; 
has contributed weekly bird articles to Port- 
land Daily Advertiser since 1902. Mem. Am. 
Ornithologists' Union, Me. Ornithol. Soc. 
Editor Journal Me. Ornithol. Soc. since 1905. 
Address: Portland, Me. 

BRIJCE, Alexandei' Bern, mcht., mfr. ; b. 
■Sept. 15, 1853; s. David and Jemima (Bern) 
B.; common sch. ed'n; m. Lawrence, Mass., 
Sept. 24, 1870, Mary Mitchell. Entered em- 
ploy of a cracker bakery, 1868, and is now 
mem. firm of Kent & Bruce; pres. Merri- 
mac Valley Felt & Wool Co.; v.-p. and dir. 
Wildey Savings Bank; dir. N. E. North- 
western Investment Co., Merchants Nat. 
Bank. Alderman, Lawrence, Mass., 1884, 
mayor, 1886, 1887. Democrat. Mason, K.T., 
Shriner; mem. B.P.O.E., I.O.O.F., etc. 
Clubs: Alma, Home. Address: Lawrence, 

BRUCE, Geopg-e Anson, lawyer; b. at Mt. 
Vernon, N. H., Nov. 19, 1839; s. Nathaniel 
and Lucy (Butterfield) B. ; A.B., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1861; served It. and capt., 13th N. H. 
v., 1862-5; bvtd. It.-col. for gallant and mer- 
itorious services; m. Clara M. Hall, of Gro- 
ton, Mass., 1870. Admitted to bar, 1866; 
practiced at Lowell, Mass., 1866-70, Boston, 
since 1870. Mayor of Somerville, Mass., 
1877, 1880, 1881; mem. Mass. Senate, 1882-5 
(pres. 1884-5). Residence: Brookline, Mass. 
OMce: 53 State St., Boston. 

BRUCE, Martin Lnther, physician; b. at 
Payston, Vt., Mar. 17, 1845; .?. Rev. Joseph 
and Melissa (Maxham) B. ; prep, ed'n, Ran- 
dolph (Vt.) State Normal Sch. and Kimball 
Union Acad., Meriden, N. H. ; studied Dart- 
mouth Med. Coll., Coll. of Phys. and Surg., 
New York; M.D., Univ. of Vt. Med. Coll., 
1872; m. Braintree, Vt., Jan. 1, 1874, Nancy 
J, Tilson. Served during Civ. War, pvt. to 
1st It., Co. G, 8th Vt. Vols.; wounded at bat- 
tle of Cedar Creek, Va. Address: Brattle- 
boro, Vt. 

BRUFF, William J., mfr.; b. New York, 
Nov. 21, 1854; ed. Brooklyn, N. Y. Pres. 
Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Bridgeport, 
•Conn. Oflice: 315 Broadway, New York. 

BRUSH, George Jai'vis, mineralogist; b. 
Brooklyn, Dec. 15, 1831; private school ed'n; 
studied chemistry and mineralogy at New 
Haven; in Oct., 1850, went to Louisville as 
asst. to Prof. Silliman in univ. there; re- 
ceived after exam., newly created degree 

. of Ph. B., Yale, 1852 (LL. D., Harvard. 
1886); m. Harriet Silliman Trumbull. Asst. 
in chemistry, Univ. of Va.. 1852-3; studied 
in Europe, 1853-6; prof, metallurgy, 1855-64, 
Yale (now Sheffield) Scientific School; prof, 
mineralogy same since 1864; dir. Sheffield 
Scientific School, 1872-98; mem. Nat. Acad. 
Sciences since 1868; foreign mem. Geol. Soc. 
of London; pres. A. A. A. S., 1880; mem. of 
many other scientific socs. at home and 

abroad. Has written extensively on mineral 
topics. Address: 14 Trumbull St., New 
Haven, Conn. 
BRYAN, Burton G., banker; b. Water- 
town, Conn., -Sept. 27, 1846; s. Edward and 
Mary (Turney) B. ; ed. pub. schs. and Bry- 
ant & Stratton Business Coll., Poughkeep- 
sie, -N. Y. ; m. Watertown, Apr. 14, 1868, 
Fannie M. Peck. Bookkeeper in office of A. 
F. Abbott, investments and ins., 1867-8; sec; 
Naugatuck Woolen Co., 1868-9; cashier 
branch of Freedman's Savings & Trust Co., 
1869-71; assisted in organizing Manufactur- 
ers Nat. Bank, Waterbury, 1880 (teller until 
1887); organized 4th Nat. Bank, Waterbury, 
and was cashier, 1887-99, pres., 1899-Nov., 
1907, when bank was consolidated with Co- 
lonial Trust Co. (sec); treas. West Side 
Savings Bank. Mason (32°). Residence: 
Watertown, Conn, Office: Waterbury, Conn. 

BRYAN, George Andrew, clergyman; b. 
Waterbury, Conn., Dec. 15, 1819; s. Andrew 
and Roxana (Peck) B.; ed. Waterbury pub. 
schs. and acad., and Bacon Acad., Colches- 
ter; A.B., Yale, 1843; m. 1st, New York 
May 7, 1852, Mary Edwards Robbins (now 
deceased); m. 2d, Norwich, Conn., May 8, 
1877, Elizabeth Hull Browning. Ordained to 
ministry Cong'l Ch., 1849; pastor Cromwell, 
Conn., 1849-57, West Haven, 1858-69, West- 
brook, QVs yrs., Preston 8 yrs., Wapping, 
21/2 yrs., Scotland, Conn., 4 yrs. Address: 
29 Otis St., Norwich, Conn. 

BRYAN, Gregory Seeley, mfr.; b. at 
Washington, Conn., Dec. 2, 1868; .y. Richard 
Alexander and Sarah Elizabeth (Seeley) B.; 
ed. The Gunnery, Washington, Conn., 1880- 
1884, Harry Hillman Acad., Wilkes Barre, 
Pa., 1884-5, Harvard, 1886-7. Treas. and gen 
mgr. Bridgeport (Conn.) Chain Co.; also op- 
erates dairy farm at Washington, Conn. 
Clubs: Seaside, Algonquin, Country, Yacht; 
New York Athletic, Automobile Club of 
America. Address: Bridgeport, Conn. 

BRYANT, Anna M.', see Dorr-Bryant, An- 
na M. 

BRY^ANT, Bertram L., physician; b. Beth- 
el, Me., May 28, 1872; s. Benjamin R. and 
Ellen F. (Davis) B. ; A.B., Bowdoin Col., 
1895, A.M., 1899; M.D., Me. Med. Sch., 1898; 
m. Bethel, Aug. 3, 1899, Lilian F. True. 
Asst. in chemistry, Bowdoin Coll., 1895-8; 
began practice at Bangor, 1898; pathologist. 
Eastern Me. Gen. Hosp., 1899-1903; apptd. 
visiting physician, same, 1903; apptd. physi- 
cian to Children's Home, 1900. Cong'list. 
Mem. Am. Med. Assn. (mem. Auxiliary Bd. 
Med. Legislation), Me. Med. Assn. (chmn. 
Bd. of Censors, 1907), Penobscot Co. Med. 
Soc. (sec. since 1899), Phi Beta Kappa. 
Chib: Conduskeag Canoe. Address: 265 Ham- 
mond St., Bangor, Me. 

BRYANT, Edmnnd Cliancey, dentist; h. 
N. Anson, Me., Jan. 8, 1852; s. Elias and Al- 
mira (Gamage) B.; ed. pub. schs., Anson 
Acad., Farmington (Me.) Normal Sch. and 
under pvt. tutors; D.D.-S., Baltimore Coll. 
of Dental Surgery, 1879; m. Pittsfield, Me., 
Jan. 23, 1878, Eva R. Woods. Began prac- 
tice in Pittsfield, 1875; trustee since 1881, 
treas. since 1891, Me. Central Inst.; mem. 
Me. Ho. of Rep., 1887, Senate, 1901, 1903; 
mem. Bd. of Dental Examiners State of Me. 
since 1900: dir. Pittsfield Nat. Bank; v.-p. 
Pittsfield Bd. of Trade. Republican. Free 




Baptist. Mem. Me. Dental Soc. (ex-pres. 
and sec. and now chmn. Ex. Com.). Odd 
Fellow. Address: Pittsfield, Me. 

BRYANT, Ernest Calvin, educator; b. at 
Manchester, N. H., Apr. 22, 1867; s. Edmund 
Lewis and Annie Rollins (Weeks) B.; prep, 
ed'n, Manchester (N. H.) High Sch. ; B.S., 
Middlebury (Vt.) Coll.. 1891; B.S., Mass. 
Inst. Tech., 1893; m. Plaistow, N.H., Mar. 
30, 1895, Sarah Blossom Palmer. Civ. eng'r 
with Canadian Bridge and Iron Co., at 
Montreal, P. Q., 1893-4; prof, physics and 
mathematics, Middlebury Coll., since Jan. 1, 
1895. Mem. Am. Physical Soc, Assn. of 
Math. Teachers of New England, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Chi Psi. Address: Middlebury, Vt. 

BRYANT, Jolin Duncan, lawyer; b. at 
Meriden, N. H., Oct. 21, 1829; s. John and 
Mary A. (Duncan) B.; A.B., Harvard, 1853; 
student Harvard Law Sch. ; m. Ellen Rey- 
nolds, of Boston. Admitted, to bar, 1857; 
since practiced at Boston. Pres. Ames 
Sword Co. ; pres. and treas. Frederic E. 
Weber Charities Corp'n; trustee Haymarket 
Trust, Reynolds Building Trust, Pairlion 
Assn. Dir. Mass. Soc. for Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals. Residence: 356 Common- 
wealth Av. Office: 53 State St., Boston. 

BRYANT, Sainnel Joslina, lawyer; b. at 
W. Stockbridge, Mass., June 26, 1851; 5. 
Rev. Sidney and Harriet (Warner) B. ; A.B., 
Oberlin Coll., 1873; grad. Yale Divinity Sch., 
1876; studied law; admitted to bar, 1895; m. 
New Haven, Conn., May 23, 1876, Ellen 
Elizabeth Tyler. Ordained to ministry of 
Cong'l Ch., 1876; pastor Cong'l Ch., S. Brit- 
ain, Conn., 1876-84; resigned and retired 
from ministry; sec. and treas. Maltby, Stev- 
ens & Curtiss Co., Wallingford, Conn., 1884- 
1891; has practiced law in New Haven since 
1895; judge Orange Town Ct. since 1895; 
mem. Conn. Ho. of Rep., 1890. Republican. 
Mason, K.T. Clubs: Young Men's Repub- 
lican, K.T., Adirondack League. Address: 
New Haven, Conn. 

BRYANT, Sara Cone, lecturer, author; b. 
Melrose, Mass., Jan. 4, 1873; d. Dexter and 
Dorcas Anne (Hancock) B. ; A. B., Boston 
Univ., 1895; diplomas from Frau Doktor 
Hempel Normal Sem., Berlin, and Am. 
Home Sch. of Berlin, 1896. Engaged in 
Journalism and writing short stories for 
mags., 1897-1900; teacher of English and 
lecturer on poetry, Simmons Coll., Bos- 
ton, 1904-6; lecturer on story telling in 
Lucy Wheelock Kindergarten, Boston, 1907; 
also has lectured on same subject in prin. 
cities of U. S. Author: How to Tell Stories 
to Children, 1905 H5; Stories to Tell to 
Children, 1907 H5. Residence: Hopkinton, 

BRYANT, Seelye, clergyman; b. Sivas, 
Turkey-in-Asia, Dec. 11, 1866; s. Albert and 
Mary Emmons Torrey B. (Am. missionar- 
ies); grad. Cambridge (Mass.) High Sch., 
1881; A.B., Amherst Coll., 1887; grad. Prince- 
Theol. Sem., 1890; m. Scituate, Mass., Aug. 
26, 1897, Kate Wheeler Skeele. Ordained to 
ministry Cong'l Ch., 1890; pastor Lancaster, 
Mass., 1890-6, .Scituate. Mass., 1896-9, Canton, 
Mass., 1899-1903, Middlefleld, Mass., 1903-7, 
Olivet Cong'l Ch., Springfield, Mass., since 
May 1, 1907. Republican, Cong'l. Mem. 

Hamden Assn. Cong'l Ministers, Mason, K. 
of P. Address: 146 Bay St., Springfield, 

BRYANT, Waldo Calvin, elec. eng'r. 
mfr. ; b. Winchendon, Mass., Dec. 17, 1863; 
s. Calvin Turner and Amelia (Dexter) B.; 
ed. Gushing Acad., Ashburnham, Mass.; B. 
S., Worcester Poly. Inst., 1884; m. Apr. 6, 
1887, Ida Gerald, of New London, Conn. 
Began active career with Thomson-Houston 
Electric Co., Lynn, Mass., 1884; asst. supt. 
electric light co., Bridgeport, Conn., 1884-5, 
supt., Waterbury, Conn., 1885-8; established 
Bryant Electric Co., Bridgeport, Conn., to 
supply Bryant Push and Pull Switches in- . 
vented by him, Oct., 1888, of which has since 
been pres., treas. and gen. mgr. ; also treas. 
and gen. mgr. Perkins Electric Switch Mfg. 
Co.; dir. Bridgeport Hydraulic Co., dir. 
Bridgeport Nat. Bank, Siemon Hard Rub- 
ber Co.; trustee People's Savings Bank. 
Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. Clubs: Union 
League, Lawyers (New York), Seaside, 
Bridgeport Yacht, Brooklawn Country. Ad- 
dress: Bridgeport, Conn. 

BRYANT, William Henry Harrison, 
sch. and coll. text books; b. Paris, Me., Nov. 
19, 1853; s. Moses Woodward and Elveci (An- 
drews) B.; Gould's Acad., Oxford Normal 
Inst., Hebron Acad., Mechanic Falls High 
Sch. and State Normal Sch., all of Me.; 
studied French and German under native 
teachers; A.M., Bates Coll.; m. Jackson, N. 
H., Aug. 4, 1887, Anna M. Dorr, M.D 
Taught school 11 yrs. and retired from 
teaching when supt. schs., Gorham, Me., 
1882; since acted as commercial traveler for 
sch. book publishers; now head traveling 
man and asst. supt. of agency force in New 
England for Ginn & Co., Boston. Mem. N. 
E. A., Am. Inst, of Instr., Am. Peace Soc, 
Am^ Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Nat. 
Geographic Soc. Mem. M. E. Ch. ; treas. 
Evangelical Alliance of Greater Boston; 
pres. Boston Methodist Union Evangelistic 
Assn.; dir. and v. -p. N. E. Evangelistic 
Assn. ; dir. Boston Methodist Social Union. 
Mason; Odd Fellow. Club: Twentieth Cen- 
tury. Residence: 10 Berwick Park. Office: 29 
Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

BRYANT, William Nelson, physician; b. 
Weston, Vt., Sept. 26, 1852; s. William A. 
and Marv L. (Gale) B. ; ed. pub. schs. and- 
Vt. Methodist Sem.; Harvard Med. Coll.; 
M.D., Med. Dept., Univ. of Vt., 1873; in. 
Lemington, Vt., Sept. 19, 1871, S. Angelia 
Holbrook. Began practice at Northfield, Vt., 
1873; removed to Chester, Vt., 1880, and to 
Ludlow, 1888; mem. U. S. Bd. of Pension 
Examiners. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Vt. 
State Med. Assn. (ex-pres.). Conn. River 
Valley Med. Soc, Vt. State Anti-Tubercu- 
losis Soc, N. Y., and N. E. Assn. Ry. Sur- 
geons, State Tuberculosis Comm'n (pres.), 
etc. Republican. Cong'list. 32° Mason, Odd 
Fellov/. Address: Ludlow, Vt. 

BUCHANAN, Jolin, journalist; b. In Ed- 
inburgh, Scotland. July 17, 1871; s. Archi- 
bald and Jessie (McRostie) B. ; descended 
from old Covenanter stock; prep, ed'n, St. 
Andrew's and Ashford House schs., Che- 
shire, Eng. ; arrived in America, 1896; tn. 
Boston, Aug. 11, 1897, Alexie Jeannie For- 
rest. Ins. editor Boston Globe. Boston 
Commercial Bulletin; corr. New York Jour, 
of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin, Ins. 




Press, Ins. Times, Ins. Index, New York, 
Ins. Journal, Hartford, etc. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Mason. ■Clubs: Exchange, 
Boston Athletic Assn., Boston Press, HooR 
and Ladder Co., Newspaper. Residence: 133 
Grand View Av., Wollaston, Mass. Office: 
176 Federal St., Boston. 
BUCHANAN, liconard Brown, elec. 
eng'r; b. Woburn, Mass., Mar. 2, 1873; s. 
George and Olive Jane (Lowell) B.; grad. 
Woburn High Sch., 1889; S.B., Mass. Inst. 
Tech., 1893. Has been connected with Stone 
& Webster since 1893, as elec. and chem. 
eng'r and in charge of laboratory and re- 
search work; since 1899, identified more par- 
ticularly with industrial enterprises of the 
firm; pres. Gen. Electro-chem. Co.; v.-p, 
Chase-Shawmut Co.; treas. and dir.. Cell 
Drier Machine Co., Port Hill Chem. Co., 
R. I. Fiber Spool Co., Tudor Mfg. Co. 
Cleveland Democrat. Mem. Am. Electrochem. 
Soc. Clubs: Towanda, Innitou Canoe. Resi- 
dence: 16 Church Av., Woburn, Mass. Office: 
147 Milk St., Boston. 
BUCHER, Jolm Emery, chemist; b. Han- 
over, Pa., Aug. 17, 1872; A.C., Lehigh Univ., 
1891; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1894. Instr. 
chemistry. Tufts Coll., 1894-7; asso. prof, 
chemistry, R. I. Agr'l Coll., 1897-1900; asso. 
prof, chemistry, 1901-2. organic chemistry, 
since 1902, Brown Univ. Mem. Am. Chem. 
Soc, Soc. Chem. Industry, Deutsche Chem- 
ische Gesellschaft. Address: Brown Univ., 
Providence, R. I. 
BUCK, Ausastns Wallcer, physician; b. 
. Slatersville, R. I., Feb. 7, 1866; s. Edwin A. 
and Elmira (Walker) B. ; prep, ed'n, Fall 
River pub. and high schs. ; A.B., Williams 
Coll., 1888; M.D., Med. Dept., Univ. of Pa., 
1892; m. Beverly, Mass., Apr. 7, 1896, Jennie 
H. Lanphear. Has practiced at Fall River, 
Mass., since 1893; city physician, 1894-6; 
med. examiner, Bristol Co., 1898-1905; mem. 
sch. com., 1907-10. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc, 
Mass. Medico-Legal Soc, Am. Med. Assn., 
K. of P. Republican. Cong'list. Club: Fall 
River Golf. Address: 252 Pine St., Fall 
River, Mass. 
BUCK, Charles Wentwortli, clergyman; 
b. Hampden, Me., Aug. 19, 1833; .y. Charles 
and Sophronia Preston (Herrick) B.; ed. 
Boston Latin Sch., 1847-9; Williston Sem., 
Easthampton, Mass., 1849-51, Harvard Univ., 
1851-3, Amherst Coll., 1853-5, A.B., 1855 r m. 
Cambridge, Mass., 1863, Mary E. Stearns, d. 
Prof. Oliver Stearns, of Harvard Univ. Or- 
dained minister Unitarian Ch., 1862; tem- 
porary pastor Plymouth, Mass., 1862; pastor 
Fall River, Mass., 1863-8, Portland, Me., 
1868-79; on account of loss of voice obliged 
to abandon the pulpit, and became a correc- 
tor of proofs, Univ. Press, Cambridge. 
Mem. Pi Kappa Tau, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Address: 8 Mason St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 
BUCK, Edgar Eagene, mfr. ; b. Putnam, 
Conn., Feb. 10, 1860; .y. William L. and 
Martha (Maddox) B.; ed. Woodstock, Dan- 
ielson and Woodstock schs. ; learned trade of 
cutter in shoe factories; w. .Apr, 17, 1883, 
Addie Josephine, d. Capt. James and Emily 
(Chamberlain) Herindene. Was shoe cutter 
in Grafton, Nashua and Worcester; fore- 
man S. R. Heywood's factory and , later in 
factory of Whitcomb & Miles; began mfg. 

leather novelties, 1896, became dealer in 
leather, 1898, and organized the E. E. Buck 
Leather Co., with Arthur Davis and his son 
as partners. Mem. United Am. Mechanics, 
Knights of Honor, Christian Commercial 
Travelers Gideons. Mem. Dewey St. Bapt. 
Ch. Residence: 169 Austin St. Office: Frank- 
lin Sq., Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

BUCK, Jobn Ransom, lawyer; b. Glaston- 
bury, Conn., Dec. 6, 1836; s. Halsey B.; ed. 
acads. and 1 yr. Wesleyan Univ. (hon. A.M., 
1877) ; taught sch. several yrs. ; studied law, 
Hartford, 1859-62; admitted to bar, 1862; m. 
Apr. 12, 1865, Mary A. Keeney, of Manches- 
ter, Conn. Asst. elk., 1864, elk., 1865, Conn. 
Ho. of Rep.; elk. Conn. Senate, 1866; pres. 
Hartford Common Council, 1868-9; city atty., 
Hartford, 1871-3; treas. Harford Co., 1873-81; 
mem. Conn. Senate, 1879; mem. 47th Con- 
gress, 1881-3 and 49th Congress, 1885-7. Re- 
publican. Legal adviser of gov. of Conn, 
during Spanish-Am. War, 1898. Dir. Nat. 
Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, Hartford Co. Mut. 
Fire Ins. Co., State Bank of Hartford; trus- 
tee Wesleyan Acad., Wilbraham, Mass. Ad- 
dress: 50 State St., Hartford, Conn. 

BUCK, Jonathan Irving, educator; b. at 
Harwich, Mass., Oct. 9, 1864; 5. Jonathan 
and Keziah (Nickerson) B.; A.B., Dart- 
mouth, 1889, A.M., 1892; sp'l student peda- 
gogy, Clark Univ., 1895-7; m. Harwich, 
MasB., Jan. 8, 1890, Ellen Kate Jerauld. 
Prin. High Sch., Hanover, N. H., 1889-92; 
Bupt. schs. and prin. High Sch., Warren, 
Mass., 1892-3, Webster, Mass., 1893-7, Lex- 
ington, Mass., 1897-02; submaster Lincoln 
Sch., S. Boston, since 1902. Cong'list. Resi- 
dtnce: 20 Forest St., Lexington, Mass. 

BUCK, TValter Perley, clergyman; h. Le 
Raysville, Pa., Jan. 13, 1858; s. Perley Han- 
ford and Elizabeth (Northrop) B.; A.B., 
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., 1886, 
M.A., 1889; four year course, 1887-91, in 
earlier yrs. of ministry; m. Herrick, Pa., 
June 28, 1888, Frank P. Landon. Ordained 
minister M. E. Ch., 1891; pastor M. E. Ch., 
Jewett City, Conn., 1886-8, Mystic, Conn., 
1888-92, Providence, R. I., 1892-5, Province- 
town, Mass., 1895-8, Taunton, Mass., 1898- 
1902, Rockville, Conn., 1902-6, New London. 
Conn., since Apr., 1906. Mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa. Republican. Address: 193 Hemp- 
stead St., New London, Conn. 

BUCKHAM, James, author; b. Burlington, 
Vt.. Nov. 25, 1858; s. M. H. (pres. Univ. of 
Vt.) and Elizabeth (Wright) B.; grad. 
Univ. of Vt., 1881, A. M., 1884; sp'l courses. 
English, Johns Hopkins, 1888, religious 
journalism, Andover Theol. Sem., 1891-2; 
m. Hyde Park, Vt., Aug. 28, 1895, Mary 
Brlgham. In lit. work since 1882. Club: 
Boston Authors. Author: The Heart of 
Life (poems), 1897 S9; Where Town and 
Country Meet, 1903 M25; A Wayside Altar 
(poems), 1905 M25; Afield with the Seasons, 
1907 C7; The Heritage of Life, 1907 M25; 
contb'r to mags. Address: Melrose, Mass. 

BUCKHAM, Matthew Henry, pres. Univ. 
of Vt. since 1871; h. Leicestershire, Eng., 
1832; came to U. S. In infancy: grad. 
Univ. of Vt., 1851 (D. D., LL. D.); prin. 
Lenox (Mass.) Acad.; traveled and studied 
In Europe; became prof. Greek, Univ. of 




Vt., until elected pres. Author of numerous 
sermons, addresses and rev. Address: Bur- 
lington, Vt. 

BUCKINGHAM, Charles Bootli, bus. 
man; b. Bridgeport, Conn., Sept. 20, 1847; s. 
Nathan and Mary A. (Booth) B. ; ed. Col. 
Strong's Mil. Sch., Bridgeport; w. 1st, 
Bridgeport, Mar. 24, 1875, Justine H. Bellows 
(died, Sept. 15, 1905) ; m. 2d, Jan. 1, 1908, S. 
Christine Gillette, of Milford, Conn. Pres. 
and treas. N. Buckingham & Co., Inc., fur- 
niture, carpets, etc. ; dir. City Savings Bank. 
Mem, S.A.R., I.O.O.P. Club: Seaside. Resi- 
dence: 895 Fairfield Av. Office: 111 State St., 
Bridgeport, Conn, 

BUCKINGHAM, Edward Marshall, 
physician; b. Boston, Mass.; s. Charles E. 
and Mary E. (Marshall) B. ; m. Montclair, N. 
J., Alice D. Nason. Asst. diseases of chil- 
dren, 1888-90, instr., same, 1890-1900, clinical 
instr., same, 1900-2, Harvard Med, Sch. ; 
visiting physician Children's Hosp., and 
Boston City Hosp. Mem, Boston Soc, Med. 
Observation, Boston Soc. Med. Improve- 
ment, Am. Pediatric Soc, Harvard Med. 
Alumni Assn., Mass. Med. Soc, (treas.). 
Address: 342 Marlborough St., Boston. 

BUCKINGHAM, Edward T., lawyer; h. at 
Metuchen, N. J., May 12, 1874; s. Walter 
Taylor and Helen Emeline (Tolles) B., and 
direct descendant of William A. B., war 
gov. of Conn.; grad. Bridgeport (Conn.) 
High Sch., 1891; B.A., Yale, 1895; LL.B., 
Yale Law Sch., 1897; m. Bridgeport, June 3, 
1903, Bessie Louise Russell Budau, Asst. 
librarian Y, L. S., 1896, 1897; began practice 
at Bridgeport, 1898; elected justice of the 
peace, 1898, 1900, 1904; city elk. since 1901 
(elected at head of ticket, 1903, 1905, 1907); 
v.-p. and dir. Bridgeport Real Estate In- 
vestment Co.; dir, Bridgeport Steeplechase 
Island Co. Democrat. Cong'list. Mem. 
Fairfield County Bar Assn. Mason; mem. I. 
0.0. F,, Elks, O.U.A.M., K. of P., Red Men. 
Clubs: Arions, Germania, Bridgeport Club, 
Triple Link Club, Y.M.C.A., Yale (New 
York), Recreations: Baseball and tennis; 
pitcher Yale Law Sch. B, B. Team, 1896; has 
won a number of tennis cups at Bridgeport. 
Residence: 2255 Main St, Office: City Hall, 
Bridgeport, Conn, 

BUCKINGHAM, Scovill McLean, lav/- 
yer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1876; 5. 
John A. and Annie (McLean) B.; prep, ed'n, 
Watertown High Sch. and Taft's Sch,, Wat- 
ertown, Conn.; A.B., Yale, 1899; LL.B., Har- 
vard Law Sch., 1902; m. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
Sept. 4, 1906, Margaret McConway, Has 
practiced at Watertown, Conn., since Jan., 
1903; mem. Conn. Gen. Assembly, 1903; town 
clerk, justice of the peace, grand juror 
(prosecuting atty.), chief of Fire Dept. (vol- 
unteer); receiver Watertown Savings Bank 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mason; mem. K. 
of P., Alpha Delta Phi. Clubs: Waterbury, 
Graduates' (New Haven), Yale (New York). 
Address: Watertown, Conn, 

BUCKINGHAM, William "Wooster, 
merchant; b. New Haven, Conn,, Apr, 4, 
1863; s. Henry and Abbie Ogden (Phillips) 
Curtis B.; pub. sch. ed'n; m. Sept. 24, 1888, 
Laura Stevens Morey, of Mayville, N, Y. 
Engaged in manganese mining at Carters- 
ville, Ga., for 2 yrs. ; returned to New Haven 
and became connected with F. S. Bradley, 

wholesale hardware, later Buckingham 
Clark & Jackson, and Buckingham Hard 
ware Co., 1900 (treas. and gen. mgr.); mem 
New Haven Grays, 1885-90, and 2d Co., Gov 
ernor's Foot Guards, 1893-1900. Republican 
Address: 232 State St., New Haven, Conn. 

BUCKLAND, Edward Grant, lawyer, ry 
official; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1866; ^ 
Andrew Jackson and Julia (Turner) B. 
student Washburn Coll., Topeka, Kan. 
1883-7, B.A., 1887; Yale Univ., Law Dept. 
1887-9, LL.B., 1889, M.A., 1895; admitted t 
bar, 1889; m. New Haven, Conn., June 21 
1898, Sally Tyler Clark. Clk. in law offic 
of Townsend and Watrous, New Haven 
1888-90; mem. of firm, 1890-2; firm nam 
changed to Watrous & Buckland, 1892; dis 
solved partnership to become atty, for NeA 
York, New Haven & Hartford R. R., 1898 
v.-p. since Jan. 1, 1907; also v.-p. R. I. Co 
Instr. Yale Law Sch., 1889-95; asst. prof 
law Yale Coll. and Yale Law Sch., 1895-8 
one of the organizers of Naval Battalion o 
Conn, and its comdr., 1896-8. Mem. Conn 
and R. I. Bar Assns., Phi Beta Kappa, Ph 
Delta Phi, Corbey Court (all of Yale). Re 
publican. Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: Uni 
versity (New York), Graduates' (New Hav 
en). University, Hope (Providence), Metro 
politan (Washington). Address: Providence 
Rhode Island. 

BUCKLEY, Frederick Dashields, clei 
gyman; b. Fishkill, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1855; i 
Philip and B. (Gilbert) B.; student Trinit 
Coll., Hartford, Conn., 1880-4, A.B., 1884 
Berkeley Divinity Sch., Middletown, Conn. 
1884-7, B.D., 1887; m. Providence, R. I., Jun 
16, 1887, Nellie A. Partridge. Ordered deacor 
1887, ordained priest, 1888, P. E. Ch. ; recto 
Grace Ch., Stafford Springs, Conn., 1887-8J 
St. Andrew's Ch., St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1889 
1892, Trinity Ch., Waterbury, Conn., sine 
1892. Mason (Grand Chaplain Grand Lodg 
of Conn.). Address: 35 Prospect St., Water 
bury, Conn. 

BUDLONG, Milton J., pres. Electric Vehi 
cle Co. Address: Hartford, Conn. 

BUEHLER, Hnber Gray, clergyman, ed 
ucator; b. Gettysburg, Pa,, Dec. 3, 1864 
grad. Pa, Coll., 1883, (A. M.), Gettysburi 
Theol, Sem., 1889; (hon. A. M., Yale, 1905) 
w. June 14, 1893, Roberta Wolf, Gettysburg 
Pa. Now headmaster, Hotchkiss Sch., Lake 
ville, Conn, Author: Practical Exercises 1 
English, 1895 Al; A Modern English Gram 
mar, 1900; Modern English Lessons, 190i 
Editor Macaulay's Life of Samuel Johnsor 
1896 L4. Address: Lakeville, Conn. 

BUELL, Andrew A., lumberman; membe 
Hickok Box Co. Address: Burlington, Vt. 

BUELLi, Caroline Brow^n, writer, lee 
turer; b. Marlboro, Mass., Oct. 24, 1843; i 
Rev, Thomas Gibson Brown of New Eng 
land Conf, M. E. Ch. ; of Mayflower stoc 
on mother's side; ed, public and privat 
schools; m. East Hampton, Conn., Aug. 2; 
1862, Lt. F. W, H. Buell (died in war: 
Mem. quorum pub, com. "Our Union," 1876 
83; corr. sec. Conn, W, C. T. U., 1875-8 
(pres. 1904) ; assistant recording secretary 
1878-80, sec. Nat. W. C. T. U., 1880-93 
originated the plan of the Loyal Temperane 
Legion (children's soc. of W. C. T. U.). Ha 
written extensively for temperance publica 




tions and other papers; as sec, systematized 
the work of the Nat. W. C. T. U. Mem. 
Woman's Relief CJorps, Nat. Suffrage Assn., 
Nat. Purity League. Clubs: Sorosis, Cen- 

' tury Study. Address: East Hampton, Conn. 

BUBLiIi, Colin Sherman, educator; &. Kil- 
lingworth, Conn., Jan. 3, 1861; s. J. Sherman 
and Frances J. (Hull) B.; A.B., Yale, 1885, 
A.M., 1889; m. Madison, July 3, 1888, Char- 
lotte A. Baldwin. Teacher, Sch. of the 
Lackawanna, Scranton, Pa., 1885-6; studied 
law, 1886-7; teacher. Harvard Sch., Chicago, 
1887-8, Bulkeley High Sch., New London, 
Conn., 1888-91; organized Williams Memorial 
Inst., 1891, and has since heen its principal; 
organized and managed for several yrs. a 
novel readers' union of 250 members for 
study of best fiction; dir. Y.M.C.A. 17 yrs.; 
served 3 yrs. on Bd. of Ed'n. Republican. 
Cong'list (chmn. Bd. of Trustees Second 
Cong'l Ch.). C/m& .• Ariston. ^M^/tor.- "Essen- 
tials of Psychology, 1898; contb'r to educa- 
tional periodicals. Residence: 52 Vauxhall 
St., New London, Conn. 

BUELiLi, Harley P., druggist; b. at Gilead, 
Conn., Nov. 6, 1851; s. John W. and Mary 
Ann (Post) B. ; ed. country schools; m. June 
7, 1877, L. Lorett Tew. Engaged as elk. in 
uncle's gen. store at Hebron Green, 1870-2; 
went to Colchester, Conn., and clerked there 
1872-4; purchased drug store, 1874, and has 
since been engaged in that business; dir. 
Colchester Savings Bank; treas. Linwood 
Cemetery Assn. Chmn. Bd. of Selectmen, 
Colchester; mem. sch. bd., 25 yrs.; judge of 
probate, since 1889, excepting 2 yrs.; del. 
Conn. Const'l Conv., 1902; mem. Conn. Sen- 
ate, 1907-8. Republican. Trustee Bacon 
Acad. Mason (Past Master), etc. Address: 
Colchester, Conn. 

BUELIi, LiCTvin Frank, clergyman; b. Kil- 
lingworth, Conn., Sept. 21, 1863; s. J. Sher- 
man and Frances J. B. ; B.A., Yale, 1885; B. 
D., Yale Divinity Sch., 1888 (D.D., Syracuse 
Univ., 1903); m. Phila., July 30, 1888, Helen 
M. Westervelt, Ordained Cong'l minister, 
1888; pastor Smyrna, N. Y., 1888-92, First 
Cong'l Ch., Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 1892-8, Good 
Will Ch., Syracuse, N. Y., 1898-1904, First 
Cong'l Ch., S. Norwalk, Conn., 1904-5, Wood- 
ford Cong'l Ch., Portland, Me., since 1905. 
Republican, Royal Arch Mason. Address: 
36 Beacon St., Portland, Me. 

BUE]LIi, Marcus Darius, theologian; b. at 
Wayland, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1851; s. Rev. E. G. 
and Maria (Brownson) B.; grad. Rochester 
(N. Y.) Free Acad,, 1868; grad. New York 
Univ., 1872; fellow same, 1872-3 (A. M., D. 
p.); grad. Boston Univ. School of Theology, 
S. T. B., 1875; studied at Cambridge (Eng.), 
Berlin and Heidelberg univs, ; m. Welling- 
ton. O., Dec. 31, 1875, Edith V. Houghton. 
Entered ministry of M. E. Ch., 1875; pas- 
tor chs. in Portchester, N. Y., Brooklyn, 
and Hartford, Conn., 1875-84; asst. dean, 
1885-9, dean, 1889-1904, prof. N. T. Greek 
and exegesis, since 1884, Boston Univ. Sch. 
of Theology. Mem. Soc. Bibl. Literature 
and Exegesis, Harvard Bibl. Club. Author: 
Studies in the Greek Text of the Gospel of 
Mark, 1890; many articles in periodical press 
on travel, edn'l and religious subjects. Ad- 
dress: 72 Mt. Vernon St., Boston. 

BIJPPUM, Charles Albert, teacher; &. at 
'Salem, Mass., Feb. 12, 1853; s. Charles 

Chase and Mary Abigail (Richardson) B.; 
A.B., Amherst Coll., 1875, A.M., 1878; stud- 
ied Berlin Univ., 1894-5; m. Templeton, 
Mass., July 6, 1882, Martha P. Cutting. 
Prin. Oxford (Mass.) High Sch., 1875-6; in 
charge Dept. of Hist., Worcester (Mass.) 
High Sch., 1876-8; in charge Latin Dept., 
Willlston (Mass.) Sem., since 1878, acting 
prin., 1904; dir. Easthampton Savings Bank; 
mem. Easthampton Sch. Com., 1889-94. Has 
traveled extensively in U. S., Mex., Central 
America and made 5 voyages to Europe. 
Cong'list. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Clubs: 
Pascommuck (Easthampton), Canoe (Hol- 
yoke). Address: 210 Main St., Easthampton, 
BUFPUM, "William Potter, civ. eng'r; b. 
Middletown, R. I., Aug. 29, 1858; 5. Thomas 
B. and Lydia R. (Potter) B.; grad. Friends' 
Boarding Sch. (now Moses Brown Sch.), 
Providence, R. I., 1875; A.B., Brown Univ., 
1879; m. Phila., Apr. 5, 1883, Joanna Sophia 
Kimber. Practiced at Newport, R. I,, since 
1886; not in active practice at present; mem. 
R, I. Ho. of Rep., 1894-8; trustee since 1896, 
pres. since 1902, Newport Hosp.; dir. Red- 
wood Library. Address: 28 Greenough PL, 
Newport, R. I. 
BUGBFF, Marion L.., physician; b. Hart- 
ford, Vt., Sept. 2, 1871; d. Jonathan and 
Ellen (Lewis) B. ; ed. Tilton Sem,, N. H.; 
M.D., Woman's Med. Coll. of New York In- 
firmary, 1897; post-grad, study at Post-Grad. 
Hosp., New York, Began practice at White 
River, Vt., 1899; physician in charge New 
Hampshire Memorial Hosp. for Woman and 
Children, Concord, N. H., since 1907. Con- 
g'list. Mem, White River Med., N. H. Med. 
and Dist. Med. socs., and Am. Med. Assn. 
Address: 17 Merrimac St,, Concord, N. H, 
BUKER, Prank Emery, lecturer; b. at 
Richmond, Me., Aug. 23, 1857; s. Franklin 
F. and Eunice Jane (Purington) B.; ed, pub, 
schs., Litchfield Acad, and 3 yrs. pvt. in- 
str'n; m. Claremont, N. H., Jan. 18, 1900, 
Addle G, M, Walker. Began active career 
at 13 on farm; entered service of B. & M. 
R. R., at Swampscott Sta., Mass., 1882, and 
later engaged in life ins. business; has been 
in lecture field since 1890; now delivering 
illustrated lectures of travel, upon Egypt 
and Palestine, Address: Plymouth Co., Ab- 
ington, Mass. 
BULKELEY, Morgan Gardiner, U. S. 
senator; b. E. Haddam, Conn., Dec. 26, 1838; 
s. Eliphalet Adams B. (1st pres. Aetna Life 
Ins. Co.); family removed to Hartford, 
Conn., 1846; ed. high sch., Hartford; (A. 
M., Yale, 1890); was mcht. in Brooklyn; 
served in 13th N. Y, Regt. during Civil 
War; returned to Hartford, 1872; m. San 
Francisco, Feb. 11, 1885, Fannie B, Hough- 
ton. Organized and was 1st pres. U. S. 
Bank of Hartford; pres. Aetna Life Ins. 
Co., since 1879. Councilman, 1875, alder- 
man, 1876, mayor, 1880-8, of Hartford; 
elected gov. Conn., 1888, for term 1889-91 
and as no candidate for election in 1890 
received const'l majority of votes cast, he 
retained office as gov. for term 1891-3; can- 
didate for U. S. senator, 1891; elected U. 
S. senator, 1905 for term 1905-11; Republi- 
can. Address: Hartford, Conn. 
BULKELEY, William, pres. Berlin Sav- 
ings Bank. Address: Berlin, Conn. 




BUIiKLEY, George Edward, ins. official; 
b. N. Granville, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1873; s. 
George L. and Mary (Salisbury) B.; prep. 
ed'n, Hartford pub. and high schs. ; B.A., 
Yale, 1896. Became connected with Conn. 
Gen. Life Ins. Co., "1897; actuary, 1904-5, 
sec, since May, 1905. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Asso. mem. Actuarial Soc. of Amer- 
ica. Clubs: Hartford Golf, University. Resi- 
dence: 943 Asylum Av. Office: 64 Pearl St., 
Hartford, Conn. 

BULL, Henry, Jr., pres. Newport National 
Bank. Residence: Middletown, R. I. Office: 
183 Thames St., Newport, R. I. 

BULL, Sara Cliapman; b. Oxford, N. Y., 
1850; d. Joseph G. and Amelia (Chapman) 
Thorp; m. 1870, Ole Bull, the famous violin- 
ist (died, Aug. 17, 1880). Clubs: Barnard 
(New York), Sesame (London). Author: Ole 
Bull— A Memoir, 1882 H5. Address :1QS Brat- 
tle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

BULL, Melville, congressman, farmer; b. 
Newport, R. L, 1854; prepared at Phillips 
Acad., Exeter, N. H. ; grad. Harvard, 1877; 
since then engaged in farming; mem. State 
legislature, 1883-5; State senator, 1885-92; 
It.-gov., 1892-4; mem. Rep. State Central 
Com., 1885-95; delegate to Rep. Nat. Con v., 
1888; one of bd. of mgrs., R. I. Coll. Agr. 
and Mech. Arts since 1888; mem. Congress, 
1st R. I. Dist., 1895-1903; Rep. candidate 
for Congress, 1902, defeated. Address: Mid- 
dletown, R. I. 

BULLARD, Bertrand E., lawyer; b. Eden, 
Vt., Mar. 16, 1860; s. Edwin and Olive (Har- 
rington) B. ; grad. State Normal Sch., John- 
son, Vt., 1880; elk. and bookkeeper for sev- 
eral years; studied Boston Univ. Law Sch., 
1 yr. and admitted to bar, 1889; m. St. Johns- 
bury, Vt., Jan. 1, 1890, Ida C. Patch. Prac- 
ticed 1 yr. at Hyde Park, Vt., and at Hard- 
wick, Vt., since 1890; pres. Bd. Trustees, 
Hardwick, for 3 yrs. Democrat. Univer- 
salist. Mason, R.A.M., K.T. ; mem. K. of 
P., 1. 0.0. P., M.W.A. Address: Hardwick, 

BULLARD, Ernest Calvin, physician; b. 
Bethel, Vt., Apr. 6, 1871; .y. Calvin G. and 
Mary E. (Morse) B. ; prep, ed'n, Randolph 
(Vt.) High Sch.; M.D., Univ. of Vt. Med. 
Dept., 1896; post-grad, study. New York 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch., 1900; m. Washington, 
D. €., June 1, 1897, Clara J. Belt. Began 
practice at Randolph, Vt., 1896; removed to 
Warren, 1898, and to Jamestown, R. I., 1901; 
health officer, Jamestown, since 1905. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Mem. Newport 
Med. Soc, R. I. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. 
Assn. Address: Jamestown, R. I. 

BULLARD, George E., agt. and attorney 
Brown Brothers & Co., of New York; b. 
Boston, Mar. 4, 18.39; .y. Francis and Harriet 
Daggett (Monson) B. ; ed. Quincy Sch., Bos- 
ton; in. Roxbury, Mass., Oct. 6, 1881, Jose- 
phine H. (Hayward) Binney. Began active 
career, 1853, in employ of Ide & Dutton, 
pubs, and booksellers, Boston, continuing 
about 3 yrs.; then became connected with 
Brown Brothers & Co., New York, bankers, 
and is agt. and atty. for same and for 
Brown, Shipley & Co., London; also dir. 
Am. Woolen Co., Arlington Mills, Wood 
Worsted Mills, Nat. & Providence Worsted 
Mills, 'Cocheco Mfg. Co.; trustee and mem. 

Com. of Investment, Eliot Five Cents Sav- 
ings Bank. Cleveland Democrat. Unitarian. 
Clubs: Union, Country. Residence: 23 Pres- 
cott St., Brookline, Mass. Office: 60 State 
St., Boston. 

BULLARD, George Partridge, mcht. 
and mfr. ; b. W. Medway, Mass., June 25, 
1857; s. Emerson Newell and Susan (Part- 
ridge) B. ; ed. pub. schs. ; m. at Franklin, 
Mass., May 3, 1881, Nina F., d. Henry Ray 
and Clara (Menthew) Jenks. Engaged in 
hardware business, Boston, 1875; became 
bookkeeper. Bacon & Co., iron and steel 
mchts., Boston, and partner same, 1886-96; 
head of G. P. Bullard & Co., iron and steel, 
1896-1902; pres. and treas. Eastern Expanded 
Metal Co., Boston; pres. and treas. Eastern 
Concrete Construction Co.; pres. W. Newton 
Savings Bank; representative Mass. Legis- 
lature, from Newton, Mass., 1901-2. Mason. 
Clubs: Exchange, Atlantic (Boston); Brae 
Burn and Newton (Newton). Residence: 86 
Temple St., W. Newton, Mass. Office: 101 
Tremont St., Boston. 

BULLARD, Harry Gates, physician; b. St. 
Johnsbury, Vt., Jan. 22, 1866; s. Gates B. 
and Lefie Permelia (Wheeler) B.; A.B., 
Univ. of Vt., 1889; M.D., Dartmouth Med. 
Coll., 1891; Boston hosps., 1891-2. Practiced 
at Idaho Springs, Colo., 1892-5, at St. Johns- 
bury since; lecturer on chemistry and uri- 
nalysis, Brightlook Hosp., St. Johnsbury. 
Republican. Protestant. Mem. Lamba Iota, 
Red Men. Address: St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

BULLARD, Herbert Cutler, physician; b. 
W. Medway, Mass., Mar. 25, 1843; s. Joseph 
N. and Sarah (Cutler) B. ; A.B., Brown 
Univ., Providence, R. I., 1866, A.M., 1871; 
M.D., Coll. Phys. & Surg., Columbia Univ., 
New York, 1871; m. Milford, MaSs., July 18, 
1871, Anna L. Hayward. Asst. prof, ethics, 
U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md., 1866-8; 
mem. N. Attleboro Bd. of Health, since 
1889. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, etc. Address: 
N. Attleboro, Mass. 

BULLARD, Jolin Thornton, physician; 
b. Boston, Mar. 31, 1864; 5. John Lincoln and 
Sarah Walter (Spooner) B.; prep, ed'n, 
Friends' Acad., New -Bedford, Mass.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1884; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 
1887; post-grad, work, Heidelberg and Vi- 
enna; m. New Bedford, Mass., June 18, 
1889, Emily Morgan Rotch. Practiced in 
New Bedford since 1889; surgeon St. Luke's 
Hosp., since 1890; acting asst. surgeon, U. S. 
Marine Hosp., since 1892; asso. med. exam- 
iner, Bristol Co., since 1896; dir. Pierce Mfg. 
Co., Podmuska Mills, Pairpoint Mfg. Co. 
Republican. Unitarian. Mem. Mass. Med. 
Soc. Clubs: Somerset (Boston), Wamsutta 
and Country, of New Bedford (pres. Country 
Club, 1902-6). Address: 428 County St., New 
Bedford, Mass. 

BULLARD, llVillard A., banker. Pres. 
and trustee Harvard Trust Co. ; trustee 
Cambridgeport Savings Bank; pres. and dir. 
Cambridge Gas Light Co.; treas., sec and 
dir. Allen & Endicott Bldg. Co.; dir. Boston 
Woven Hose & Rubbe'r Co., Cambridge Mut. 
Fire Ins. Co., Riverdale Cotton Mills, West 
Point Mfg. Co. Treas. and trustee Cam- 
bridge Hosp. : dir. Home for Aged People. 
Address: 689 Mass. Av., Cambridge, Mass. 

BULLEN. George, clergyman, theologian; 
b. New Sharon, Me., Nov. S, 1833; 5. Joseph 




and Frances Green (Boardman) B.; A.B., 
Colby Coll., Waterville, Me., 1853, A.M., 
1856; (A.M., Brown Univ., 1880; D.D., Colby 
Coll., 1880); grad. Newton Theol. Inst'n, 
Newton Centre, Mass., 1858; studied Halle 
and Gottingen, Germany, 1858-9; m. Newton 
Centre, Mass., Mar. 28, 1860, Maria Jane 
Ripley. Ordained Bapt. Minister, 1860; pas- 
tor Skowhegan, Me., 1860-2; chaplain 16th 
Me. Vols., 1862-3; pastor, Wakefield, Mass., 
1864-6, Pawtucket, R. I., 1868-91; prof. Chris- 
tian missions and theology, Newton Theol. 
Inst., 1891-7; sec. Northern Bapt. Ed'n Soc, 
1891-6; pastor New London, N. H., 1900-6. 
Pres. R. I. Bapt. Conv., 1875-91; trustee 
Colby Coll. Republican. Residence: New 
London, N. H. 

BULiIiOCK, Alexander Hamilton, law- 
yer; b. Worcester, Mass., Nov. 7, 1875; s. A. 
George and Mary (Chandler) B. ; g. s. Gov. 
Alexander Hamilton B.; A.B., Harvard, 
1896; studied law, admitted to bar, and since 
engaged in practice at Worcester; m. Flor« 
ence (Armsby) McClellan, June, 1902. Ad- 
dress: 340 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

BUIiLOCK, A(ngnstus) George, lawyer, 
capitalist; h. Enfield, Conn., June 2, 1847; .y. 
Gov. Alexander Hamilton and Elvira (Haz- 
ard) B.; A.B., 1868, A.M., 1871, Harvard; m. 
Oct. 4, 1871, Mary, d. George and Josephine 
(Rose) Chandler, of Worcester, Mass. Stud- 
ied law; admitted to bar, 1875; practiced law 
until 1883; was elected pres. State Mutual 
Ins. Co. ; pres. Norwich & Worcester R. R. 
Co., Worcester Rys. and Investment Co., 
State 'Safe Deposit Co.; v.-p. Worcester 
Consolidated St. Ry. Co. ; trustee Worcester 
Inst'n for Savings; dir. Providence & Wor- 
cester R. R. Co., Boston & Albany R. R. 
Co., Worcester Nat. Bank, Worcester Trust 
Co., State St. Trust Co., Am. Loan & Trust 
Co. (Boston). Comm'r World's Columbian 
Exp'n, 1893. Pres. Worcester Music Hall 
Assn.; mem. Am. Antiquarian Soc, Wor- 
cester Soc. of Antiquity. Clubs: 'Common- 
wealth, Tatnuck Country (Worcester), Har- 
vard, University (New York), Somerset, Un- 
ion (Boston). Address: 48 Elm St., Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

BULLOCK, Chandler, lawyer; b. Worces- 
ter, Mass., Aug.- 24, 1872; .y. A. George and 
Mary (Chandler) B. ; g. s. Gov. Alexander 
Hamilton B. ; A.B., Harvard, 1894, LL.B., 
1897; m. Mabel Richardson, of Worcester, 
Oct., 1900. Admitted to bar, 1897, and since 
engaged in practice at Worcester. Address: 
340 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

BULLOCK, Charles, dentist, retired; b. at 
Providence, R. I., Mar. 16, 1836; .t. Cyril 
and Betsey (Perry) B., and descendant of 
Richard B., who died at Rehoboth, Mass., 
1667; pub. sch. ed'n; studied dentistry in of- 
fice of his brother. Dr. Cyril, Hartford, 
Conn.; m. Stafford, Conn., 1859, Mary A. 
Squires. Practiced in Cambridge, 1859-91, 
re-entered practice, 1895; dir. Cambridge- 
port Nat. Bank for many yrs. ; also was 
pres. Cambridge Electric Light Co., treas. 
Allston Car Wheel Co., and officer in other 
socs.; inventor nitrous oxide gas inhaler 
and a process for oxidizing alcoholic liquors. 
Republican. Universalist. Mason, K.T. Chib : 
New Towne. Address: Cambridge, Mass. 

BULLOCK, Charles Jesse, prof, econom- 
ics, Harvard Univ., author; b. Boston, May 

21, 1869; grad. Boston Univ., 1889 (Ph. D., 
Univ. of Wis., 1895); m. June 22, 1895, 
Helena M. Smith, Washington. Author: The 
Finances of the United States, 1775-89, 1895; 
Introduction to the Study of Economics, 
1900 S6; Essays on the Monetary History of 
the United States, 1900 Ml; Finances of 
Massachusetts, 1780-1905, 1907 Ml. Editor: 
A Discourse Concerning the Currencies of 
the British Plantations in North America, 
by William Douglass, 1897 Ml; Selected 
Readings in Public Finance, 1906 Gl, Ad- 
dress: Cambridge, Mass. 

BULLOCK, William Dexter, civil eng'r; 
b. Rehoboth, Mass., Apr. 17, 1850; .y. William 
K. and Hannah G. (Carpenter) B.; grad. 
Warren (R. I.) High Sch., 1869; grad. Union 
Coll., 1871; m. Pawtucket, R. I., Oct. 15, 
1879, Anna A. Taft. On survey of D., L. & 
W. Ry., 1871; with city eng'r, Lowell, Mass., 
1871-2; on Northern Pacific Ry. surveys in 
W^ash., 1872; with city eng'r, Providence, R. 
I., in charge of bridges and harbors, since 
1873. Mem. R. I. Ho. of Rep., 1886. Mem. 
Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs, Boston Soc. Civ. 
Eng'rs, Nat. Geographic Soc. Address: 76 
Keene St., Providence, R. I. 

BUMPUS, Everett Cephas, lawyer; h. at 
Plympton, Mass., Nov. 28, 1844; .y. Capt. 
Cephas C. B.; grad. Braintree (Mass.) High 
Sch., 1861; served pvt. to capt. in Mass. 
Vols., 1861-5; studied at Harvard Law Sch. 
and under Edward Avery and George M. 
Hobbs, of Bos